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pay for instagram ads

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

The BEST Way To Advertise On Instagram In 2022 (SECRET)

there are three things you need to know,if you want to create effective high,converting and profitable instagram ads,first you need to be using the right,kind of ad format you see instagram has,changed a lot over the past few months,and there's one kind of ad format that's,working better than pretty much any,other kind of instagram ad right now if,you choose the wrong ad format or worse,just go along with the default settings,and leave it up to instagram to decide,where to show your ad it doesn't matter,how smart or funny or creative your,instagram ads are they're just not gonna,work next you need to script your ad in,a very specific way known as p-a-s-o or,paso this is going to hook your viewer,right from the start keep them engaged,throughout your ad and get them to take,action at the end but don't worry if,you've never heard of this before most,people haven't so i'm going to show you,exactly what it means and how you can,incorporate it into your instagram ads,and lastly you need to use something,called sequencing sequencing is an,advertising strategy that not a lot of,people know about but it's been proven,to increase your ads consumption by 87,and the amount of conversions you get by,56 or more understanding how sequencing,works won't just make your instagram ads,more effective but you'll see how you,can apply this to any and all marketing,and advertising you create from today,forward sequencing really is the closest,thing to a marketing magic bullet that,i've ever found,so let me show you how it's done,starting with the all-important ad,format fun fact you probably already,knew this but instagram is no longer a,photo sharing app now they all about,that video life the head of instagram,adam massari said this last year but,they backed it up by changing the,algorithm and pretty much wiping out any,hopes of organic reach from photos and,replacing everybody's feeds with video,but not just any kinds of videos a very,specific and very familiar looking kind,of video known as the instagram reel a,short form vertikal video with all the,makings of its competitor tiktok in fact,it's pretty obvious that instagram reels,is a direct copy of tiktok but all is,fair in love and war and this is war,anyway i guess instagram figured if you,can't beat tiktok you might as well join,them or at least copy exactly what,they're doing and so instagram hopped on,the tiktok bandwagon essentially,leveraging the popularity of this new,format and did everything they could to,get their existing users to adopt this,new reels feature now this next part's,worth paying extra attention to because,it's going to serve you for many years,to come anytime an app like instagram or,facebook or tiktok or whatever,launches a new feature they give that,feature a bit of a head start a little,extra push and some algorithmic support,in order to try to get it to catch on a,little faster essentially the way it,works is that they reward the creators,and advertisers who use their new,features by giving them a,disproportionate amount of new reach in,order to help them get this new feature,in front of as many people as possible,and that's what happened with reels,exactly like what happened with lives,and stories and carousels and well,anything and everything they ever,launched this is why while you want to,be careful to not chase after too many,different shiny objects you also want to,be able to capitalize on new trends,because they often offer these massive,first mover advantages to the people,that adopt those early tiknologies and,early tools long story short people like,reels and instagram wants you to use,reels and not just organically either,but is a powerful advertising tool that,right now is getting better results than,pretty much any other placement on,instagram and you can safely test out,story placements alongside your reels,placements with just the click of a,button and creating an instagram reels,only ad is really pretty simple now if,this is your first instagram ad ever,then it's important to understand that,facebook owns instagram so the way that,you create instagram ads is actually,through the facebook ads manager so in,order to run instagram ads the first,thing you need to do is sign up for a,facebook ads manager account once that's,done you're pretty much off to the races,so to set up an instagram reels ad all,you need to do is first log into your,facebook ads manager account and once,inside choose your objective and,targeting options i'll tok about that,more in just a minute and then choose,manual placements and select reels you,can upload an existing reel that you,already have or you can create a brand,new reel from scratch which is usually,what i recommend this is because when,you're upgrading your marketing strategy,from free organic traffic to paid online,advertising and real money is on the,line you want to make sure that you're,doing everything in your power to,optimize this ad for the highest,likelihood of success okay next up let's,tok about how to script your ad for,maximum impact because make no mistake,the advertisers that are getting the,best results with their instagram ads,right now are thoughtful and strategic,and very careful about what they say and,how they're saying it if you're the kind,of person who's comfortable just getting,in front of the camera hitting record,and trying to nail it in your first shot,that's awesome you have a gift my friend,most people though myself included are,gonna benefit by just a little bit of,prep work and some planning to make sure,that we say the right things in the,right way at the right time in fact even,after having created thousands of ads,over the past 10 years for brands and,businesses of all shapes and sizes i,still spend most of my advertising time,on writing and editing my ads in order,to make them as powerful and impactful,as possible and over the years i've,found that whenever i get stuck or just,can't seem to get inspired or come up,with anything new all i need to do is go,back to one of my favorite copywriting,frameworks of all time paso so let me,show you what that looks like now vaso,or paso stands for pain agitate solution,and outcome this is a proven formula,because it gets right to the core of,what's really important with your,message which is your customer and their,problems you then agitate the problem by,showing them just how bad it is before,moving on to the solution your solution,and then wrapping it all up with the,outcome and the results that they'll,experience now obviously you're going to,want to jazz it up just a little bit,more and make it specific to your,business and your market in your,industry but to show you what this might,look like in the real world here's an,example of a grizzly bear self-defense,course known as bare jitsu a popular and,practikal martial art up here in canada,there's nothing worse than going for a,nice walk in the woods only to be,confronted by an angry bear face to face,with this 800 pound giant of the forest,your options are extremely limited you,can't outrun it outclimb it or out fight,it that is unless you're armed with the,skills of bare jitsu a non-lethal,martial art crafted in the back country,of canada's most remote wilderness that,can help you defend yourself against one,of the forest's most dangerous predators,after you learn the art of bare jitsu,you can walk freely safely and,confidently knowing that you have the,skills and experience to conquer,anything that nature can throw at you,[Music],okay now that we've got that covered,next sequence a strategy that's been,proven to increase the consumption of,your ads by 87 and your conversions by,56 or more there was a us-based,advertising research study done by,adaptly facebook and refinery29 their,goal was to try to find out what,advertising strategy worked best option,a was to create a single ad with a,single call to action essentially one ad,one call to action which is pretty,standard in how most people do their,advertising

How To Successfully Pay For Instagram Ads in Nigeria [2022 Guide]

okay guys so in this video i'm going to,be showing you how to,pay for your instagram at using the,prepaid option and also your local card,so,one of the advantages of this partikular,option is you don't have to save your,debits card on instagram you can,add fonts,whenever you want to run your ads and,all that so um let's just get straight,to this,so before you before you,use this option you're going to make,sure that your,your instagram,at the account your instagram account is,connected to the facebook accounts where,you have your ad account even if it's,your business other council or the,personal facebook ad account you're,going to connect,that partikular facebook account to your,instagram if it's not connected so i'm,going to show you how you can do that,so you simply come to this place um,simply come to here click on this place,and,once it comes to this place then the,next place you're going to,is to go to this place,and click on this place then,go to settings,come down to account center you know i,said you you,add your facebook account that's that's,is this that your other account is on,you your facebook account that is,connected to the other accounts you want,to use to set up your ad so you go to,account center,so,once you get to account center you're,going to see your the profile so,the facebook profile you can see is,already connected the facebook account,is already connected so this is the,account that i'm going to be using to,set up my ads my instagram is really is,connected to my facebook ad account and,i've linked it to also my instagram,account so even if yours is not here all,you need to do is to add accounts you,click on this place where they say add,um,add accounts then go ahead and,go ahead and,set up just go ahead and set up and,connect your,your facebook,account which you which also um listing,houses your ad account then after that,we're going to go straight to,then you come back to,settings you come back to settings,once you go back to settings you click,on,take this,business you click on business and,on business you go to the first this is,the add payments let me,go to this place the ads payment,then you click on it,okay payment method you're going to have,your,since you've already connected your,facebook uh to your facebook account to,your instagram account it's going to,show your payments method so you click,on payments method click on payments,method so if you see i,let me show you this account let me,click here,let me click on this place and,i've already connected my facebook,account to this instagram account and,i've been using it to set up ads and,i've already added,fonts to it too so you if you see,these are my other accounts,you have the first one the facebook,business ad accounts under the second,one which is the pesnar ad account which,is also linked to this,facebook,facebook account,so the one i'm using is my,business ad account which is the first,one so i'll select it but for if you're,doing it for the first time all you need,to do is to,click on add payments method,click on add payment method so it's,going to show you you have the first,option the debits are created a credit,card that is the second one is nara,payments with mastercard and,or visa card so,since you all since you're i'm in,nigeria so that's why i'm going to be,using this second option,i'm going to be using the second option,so i'm going to be using the second,option instead of going for the first,one which is to add my debit on my,credit card i'm going to be using that,second option to make my payments,so,and all to fund my,instagram ad account so click on nest,it's going to amount to add so let's,we i don't want to add this thing let's,say i want to add 1000 there,1000,okay click on nest,okay once you click on next it's going,to,take you to the pay you payments portal,for you to fill up the details and,continue with your payments i will just,click on continue,and,[Music],say i'm,going i want to pay i'll just simply,select the card,yeah,and i'm paying 1000 errors so i'm going,to fill in,fill in my,card details,i'm going to fill in my casualties and,once i'm done with filling in my card,details i simply,click here,simply click here to continue,so i'm just going to fill that i'm just,going to,fill that i'm going to pause this to,fill that and click on,um pay the amount,so i've,i've distilled filled in the details and,it's going to take me to,the option where i have to verify my,card and,distance approve the,the payments from my bank,so it's processing,i filled in the details my card it is to,make the payment and i'm going to verify,all of this from my bank and,just go ahead continue,and,my bank will normally send me a code,okay so it's,it's going to ask me to enter the code,so i can continue with this part so,i'll just do that and come back after,that i just click on submit for the,transaction to,continue so i'm just going to do that if,i come back and i'll submit it and show,you what next,okay say after that i,you just tell me your transaction was,successful,okay so i will go back to my,instagram account to,check if,the,transaction although,you've seen it the transaction was,successful so i'll go back to check,if the money is already in my instagram,ad accounts you know before now we had,about one thousand something i added,extra 1000 so let's quickly check that,now go to settings go to business and,add payments,then you select again,and yeah,it has been added so,it has been added to,this,um,the balance our prepaid balance so,anytime i want to add money to this i,will,just click on add fonts,since i've already done it before just,click simply click on add phone so,so guys that is that's it's how to,pay for your instagram ads using your,nara card or your naira,from your nara account without having to,save your card on instagram and all that,so it's it's super easy and simple to do,once you follow this step so that's it,for today and each time you you're,setting up your ads make sure your your,other account is,is is the partikular and if this is this,partikular account that was funded so,when you're running ads instagram can,easily deduct the money from there so,guys that's it for for this video and,see you in the next video thank you


Do You Pay For Instagram Ads To Promote Your Brand?

[Music],setting everybody,boy big brando and we'll consider this,one a part two to the social media,marketing video that i posted,last week or the week before that since,i posted that video,i got a lot of questions and concerns,about my marketing strategy now if you,haven't watched that video,i'll try to link it here somewhere on,this screen or it'll be linked in the,description box if you haven't watched,it already,or just go on my channel and i think,it's titled social media marketing i,haven't figured this whole youtube thing,out yet so,i'll try to put the link somewhere on,this video or around this video,but click off of this one and go watch,that one now if you already watched that,video then you already know that,i like to use social media to drive all,of my traffic to my website i use,shopify to host my website and then i,use,instagram to drive the traffic and send,everybody,to my online store to purchase my,products,now i do this completely for free and if,you watch that video then you know that,i like to hand pick,my customers i like to engage with,actual paying customers and people that,are basically potential customers that,would be interested in my products,because i know by doing my research,there is some common interest,between my products and that person now,some of the comments that i was getting,was why don't i just pay,for instagram advertising i could reach,way more people that way,seems more beneficial to pay for,advertising my method,takes a lot of work or i feel weird,creating conversations with strangers,these are all good,questions these are all good concerns,now the whole instagram or facebook,advertising thing where you can do,sponsored ads and promote your posts and,all that stuff it's cool i've tested it,out but it just wasn't for me here's why,with my method,i'm hand picking the people that i want,to actually purchase my products,takes a lot more work but it's free when,you pay for the advertising,money is the name of the game now a lot,of people might look at that facebook ad,manager and say oh i could just put five,dollars a week,20 a week towards my advertising i'll,reach,thousands of people but what you have to,remember is those thousands of people,aren't potentially paying customers a,lot of them could be mean pages a lot of,them,can be spam pages burner pages and it,could just be you could share the,similar interests,but the pages that those ads might be,landing on aren't potential customers,now there are potential customers that,it will land on but like i said in my,past video a lot of,us are programmed to ignore when we're,being sold something so a lot of times,when we're,looking on instagram or facebook and we,see an ad we scroll right past it right,we don't even bother to look at it or if,it's on the stories,we're just clicking through to get,through the story so we could see,what our friends were eating for dinner,what our friends were doing last week,see what our friends are posting about,it's not necessarily,there to look for ads you know what i,mean don't get me wrong there are times,where some ads will catch your attention,but what a lot of people don't tell you,is the money that they're putting behind,those ads so if you're putting five,dollars,20 a week towards your ads,and you're saying all right i wanted to,hit these people that are interested in,this this and this,age groups from this this and this,genders from this and this and then you,press,publish they're taking your twenty,dollars and they're like all right we're,gonna spend four to five dollars a day,and you're going to be reaching this,many people a day from my understanding,every time somebody looks at that ad and,clicks the ad it charges you and it,could be like two cents,six cents whatever the case is but,there's a lot of sleazeballs out here,that have,bots and stuff like that that'll just,keep clicking the ad and it's made to,bury the small businesses like ourself,so it runs your budget,on top of that those ads are landing on,whatever you,listed in the categories of interest are,so if somebody has a meme page about,those,interests that's where it's going to,land on not necessarily a customers page,but somebody that just posts,memes inspirational quotes and like,that,so it's making it to a bunch of pages,you just don't know,how many of those pages are actually,paying customers now let's say that you,have,more than twenty dollars a week and you,could afford you know two,three hundred dollars a week that's cool,i'm pretty sure you could dial in more,reach more and actually find more paying,customers that way,but we're toking three hundred dollars,a week twelve hundred dollars a month,that's a big marketing budget for a,startup that's just doing it out the,house,now i've seen some really really,successful people,cash in on some of these niche shirts,running ads on instagram and facebook,and clocking you know 15 20k a month so,the works,i know it does i just know that it takes,money to back those ads up to really get,it,in front of the people you have to put a,really decent sized budget on there so,if you're just a startup,or you're just trying to get some sales,right now you could pay for ads there's,nothing wrong with it i'm not against it,it's just not for me that's just not,something that i do so as most you guys,know if i don't do it i don't really,tok about it in my videos,now the freeway that i drive traffic to,my site and how i get my customers,100 free it just takes a little time to,engage with customers,that's what works for me so it's not,that i'm against paying for ads it's not,that i'm against facebook and the way,that they set up their,ad system it's just not for me that's,not something i do so i don't tok about,it but if you wanted to do it in your,startup and you got a marketing budget,or you have some money to play with and,you want to test it out by all means go,for it because it does work for some,people but on the other hand you cannot,be mad,when there's no return on that,investment say you ran,twenty dollars a week for like two,months straight or say you did you know,say you just put,a hundred dollars a week towards running,some ads and you said all right i'm,gonna give myself three months,twelve hundred dollars let's go and out,of those twelve hundred dollars,in those three months you get ten sales,if you're selling shirts for twenty,dollars,made a cool two hundred dollars but you,spent twelve hundred dollars,on these ads and then the following,three months you're like all right you,know what i need to,increase the budget because i need to,reach more people so i could get more,sales do you see how,that could snowball into something a lot,bigger now like i said i don't know all,the ins and outs of social media,marketing when it comes to paying for,ads and all that stuff there might be,certain keywords that you need to use,there might be some certain,little groups that you have to hit and,certain niches that you have to live in,but i don't know nothing about that you,would have to hit the professionals up,about that,maybe take some courses or pay for some,of these classes or whatever you have to,do,to learn that style of marketing but i'm,toking to the people that don't got a,budget for that,i'm toking to the people that just want,to get into this for free test it out,and pick some customers try to make some,sales like i said this is all i do,that's just how i run all my businesses,this is how i make all my sales i don't,drive,any sort of traffic through youtube i,have a big following on youtube,but i don't promote any t-shirts on,youtube so that right there should tell,you something,all my social media pages are under i,think,9 000 followers i don't have a lot of,followers,but followers does not equal dollars,just because i have a little bit of,followers does not,mean i'm not making a lot of sales like,i said i make all my money,slinging t-shirts i'm not a youtube,personality i'm not one of those,influencers that's living

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How To Pay For Instagram Ads Successfully In Nigeria (2022)

let's quickly look at how to pay for,your Instagram ads successfully in,Nigeria,[Music],hi guys welcome to,to this video in this video I want to,show you how you can pay for your,adverts successfully if you're in,Nigeria or you're a Nigerian or you live,in Nigeria this video is for you now,there's been a lot of issues with paying,for Instagram ads as a Nigerian now the,issue has majorly been because of our,banks yes Nigerian banks have majorly,been the issue why there's been,difficulties with paying for our,Instagram ads now if you're a Nigerian,there are certain things that you can do,to improve how you can pay and reduce,the frustration of pain for your,Instagram ads number one you need to,have a dollar account a domiciliary,account and have a dollar card now this,is important because you want to reduce,the frustration of course it is,important for you to get this now before,now you can own a prepaid account or a,postpaid account and there's no issue,especially with the postpaid account but,now if you have a postpaid account and,you're trying to use a naira account to,pay for dollars it won't work it will,get declined so what do you do they want,us to actually own domiciliary account,so go to any bank I mean for me I'm not,trying to Hype any bank but I'm going to,leave you're going to see the logo of,the bank I use right here so I use this,bank right so I go I walked into the,bank I created a domiciliary account I,opened the domiciliary account and I got,my dollar card and I use it to pay for,anything I use postpaid anything I used,to pay for it now the only downside is,that the dollar rate is really going up,too much in Nigeria and that is not,favorable for you if you're running ads,actually if you're making money in in,naira and then you're running out in,dollars doesn't make any sense make,money in naira run ads in naira okay so,now if you're running a prepaid ad,account what you need to have is you,need to have a narrow account any narrow,card account will work for prepaid,accounts because of course all you have,to do is to load the money there's a,platform called pay you that platform is,a Nigerian platform that allows us to,add money to Facebook so that we can run,our ads without issues and this platform,has been working for a long time it's,actually been for a long time but we are,now using it more because of the um the,issues we've had in the past with,Facebook so now if you use pay you here,are the following banks that you can use,I'll just leave their logos I won't,mention their name so you see their,logos right on my screen use this um,this different banks they are the banks,that I know that I've tried that I've,used that has worked in time pass so try,them out let me know how that works for,you now this is an advice I want to give,you do not I repeat do not leave money,in your prepaid ad account load the,money that you need per time do not load,so much money in your prepaid ad account,and expect that oh um it's going to be,there anything can happen to the account,it's better to be safe so when you want,to run ad for example you want to run an,ad for 50 000 load 30. when the ad is,running when the money is done or almost,done add more money it is better that,way it's safer that way so that your,your money would not go away when your,ad account gets disabled or any issue,okay so I hope this video helps you I,hope you've seen how you can pay,successfully or you have the options you,have and how you can get it check some,of my videos on my page you'll see a lot,of other videos on how you can pay,successfully for your Instagram ads in,Nigeria thank you so much remember to,subscribe turn on the Bell notification,and like this video comment and let me,know this video helps you thank you so,much I'll see you in another video


are you tired of all your instagram and,i'm gonna say you die i mean are you,frustrated because you've tried every,single method on the internet on how to,pay for your sponsored ads and you still,haven't been able to pay for it because,most people are always telling you to go,and open a prepaid account,hello,i'm on instagram already i cannot leave,the account because they're gonna block,me,if you are in that shoe then,welcome to my channel,my name is anaka sassi and that's all,period if you're not subscribed please,click the subscribe button below and,let's get into the video,[Music],so unfortunately bata has been closed,and our nigerian naira cars they don't,work on instagram anymore i don't know,why i think it's a new cbn policy but,they're not working anymore what do we,do that's the question so i went ahead,to go and do some research on what is,working and what is not working so first,off what is not working,almost everything almost all the virtual,dollar cards are not working and i found,out from a banker like luckygist,that it's a new cbn policy,they are making it so difficult and,right now a lot of them are not working,including batter that's flutter waves,app,so,there is still a few that are working,and that's two i've seen just two,working and i've tried them both so ever,since i was,e-v-e-r-s-e-n-d is working and then the,one i currently use which is a visa card,is,called,cheaper cash that one is currently,working it's amazing it is the rates are,amazing and if you are a business owner,you can use cheaper sizes,and butter actually i didn't even know,if i had no not just stay tuned,and then if you are tired of these,people with your online problem if they,are protected come on bring the,accordion to us,don't be crying it's okay what you have,to do is just go to your back and get a,domiciliary account this is my dog's,account from access bank and it is,amazing it's working just fine you don't,actually have to have a hundred dollars,to open one,you can actually open it with as low as,five dollars just make sure you have,enough for your you know card because,they're going to cost money,because i think it's kind of this use,okay,this can actually cost about ten point,something dollars,and,you know and they're gonna still charge,you about five thousand in naira for,a year so,this comes with a lot of charges well,let me just say i'm just you know,someone that doesn't like spending so,much money but,it does the same work and then the,problem with this that i feel like is a,problem for me is that you have to go,and actually buy a dollar and deposit,into your account because,they can't you can't just send naira to,this account it doesn't work if that's,sent to an error account can only send,to usd accounts so that is the problem,with this partikular,you know,solution,so what we can do is that,if you don't mind all these go to a book,you can say is,dollar how much these these that that if,you don't mind then go ahead this is a,very great option it's so fast super,efficient and you don't have problems,with all this online people saying damn,it's not working it's working etc,so thank you so much for watching and,for stay tuned,don't get anywhere don't forget to,subscribe to my youtube channel i hope,you found this helpful leave a comment,if i answered your question if i did not,answer your questions,tell me what is going on and i will most,likely help you thank you guys and don't,stop listening

Easiest Payment Method To Pay For Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads In Nigeria

we are welcome back to this video so in,this video I'm going to be sharing with,you easiest method to make payments for,your Facebook ads most necessarily in,Nigeria so there has been a lot of,updates going on about the payments,issue in Nigeria right from the time,where we are using um flutter weave and,flutter we have to like,um go down because of some laws by the,CBN government so in this way I'm going,to be sharing with you the easiest way,to make payments on Facebook without no,issue so if this is your first time,coming across my Channel I want you to,smash that like button smash the,Subscribe button so you can get updated,whenever I drop new video and also when,you smash the like button YouTube shows,the video to a lot more people and,that's a way of opening this channel to,grow for my existing subscriber don't,forget to like this video as we go on,and also let me know how you feel about,this video in the comment section and if,there are other things you want me to,discuss about Facebook advertising about,digital marketing Post in the comment,section and I will look into it and I'll,give more insight about it so guys let's,go on now,so I'm going to be showing you methods,which you can use to make payments on,Facebook now um we all know that Bata is,not working anymore due to some issue,and I got an update that one of the,um payment system in Nigeria which is,clasher is just um they have um they've,started working again yeah that was the,update they started working again so if,you're making use of clasher then that's,fine but if you're not making use of,clash there is a way you can,um go about it because I don't want a,situation whereby when you start making,use of clash and at the end of the day,clasher goes down again you have to,start looking for another payments,method and this is something you need to,take note avoid field transaction,whenever you're trying to fund your ad,account I will show you what that means,like when I try to follow your ad,accounts and the same field avoid it if,it happens frequently frequently,frequently then that account is going to,get banned you know it's going to it's,going to get disabled I get my point now,so you want to avoid such I get to my,point now or let's assume um you're,using a payment system and that payment,system was unable to fund your account,anymore or you're unable to use it to,fund your account anymore make sure you,get a solution within the next seven,days I get my point now so Facebook I,know that okay this person is actually,looking for other means to actually make,payments for their ads on Facebook so,with that they give you a space of seven,days to get a solution so now what are,the options you can use,and I'm going to be showing you the,options you can use to set up I'm coming,okay so I'm going to be showing you the,options you can use to make payments in,Nigeria now this is it we are in Nigeria,I don't think you actually need a dollar,account except if there are some couple,of reasons why you think you need a,dollar account I get my point now but if,there are no strong reason to the to,that I suggest you create an error,account a narrow ad account and I've,recorded a couple of videos on how you,can create a narrow ad account for,yourself for your business on Facebook,so once you create an error ad account,then what you will do is I'm going to be,showing you a premium system you can use,which I also use as well which is I call,it good money so go money to an app on,play store and but to get a card on good,morning it's kind of is very,straightforward though or let me show,you the site,so it's very straightforward but this is,it when you create an account it's not,very easy to verify your bvn what you,are going to do is chart up the support,I get my point now so what I'm going to,do now is,um go to Play Store then download the,good money app create an account once,you're done creating an account if you,are trying to verify your bvn and it's,not doing all you just have to do is,start the support up and they're going,to help you out to verify your bvn I,want to verify your BP and they're going,to give you a network,um card for free that you can,and I can tell you I've never faced,issue making news of this mirror and,making use of this narrow card to make,my ads and that's what I do I have an,error and I make use of a Narada account,I get to my point now and also if you,think you are making sure,um dollar account then I suggest you go,ahead and check out clasha yeah clasher,app and also another app is out you know,500 naira per dollar uh that's cash and,body have high demand so they will not,be able to like get to the card as fast,as possible and also the other stuff I,will ask you to check out your make use,of a dollar account it's cheaper cash as,well cheaper cash cheaper cash gives you,dollar card but if they're going to give,you dollar card you need to wait for,five days for verification and some,stuff that takes longer time I get my,phone number you shouldn't exceed five,to seven days before it could get you a,dollar card on cheaper cash so guys,check all of this info out I just um,said that you could update you about,this info so check them out so you don't,have issue while making payment for your,art if there's any question you'd like,to ask put it in the comment section,below then I'm going to walk you through,I'm going to guide you on how you can,solve the issue and if there's any other,thing you want me to record about then,let me know and also the link to our,telegram channel is also in the,description it's free for now so go,ahead join the telegram Channel and a,lot of bonuses I'm going to be there to,answer your question at every point in,time so if you haven't subscribed to,this Channel smash the Subscribe button,now and don't forget to like this video,so YouTube can show it to a lot more,people as well I'm going to see you in,my next video,peace