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personal ads atlanta

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Inside Burna Boy's Lagos Mansion | Open Door | Architectural Digest

yeah, what's up, ad, welcome to my crew, come here. [Music]. we're going to start with the waiting area right here. this is where, away from me, when you pull up as a visitor like you, the painters are done by my little sister, missy. shout out to her here, moving on. [Music]. yeah, man, so this is my favorite room, so this is where i come to get my inspiration and get my head right. so a lot of special things here. see all the old records and finals. most of them give me to me by my granddad. that's him when he was fellaini's manager. this is the benezel b. obviously we've got bob marley going. the barista legend. got me the young legend. yeah, got the little family wall. it's my mom and dad, grandma, all that. yeah, man, so this is where the vibe is, living room downstairs, obviously, just to see what's going on outside. you know, bar. very important, very important. [Music]. the first floor. my little sister vanished. he has this weird ass ceiling. i don't know why she did that. she's kind of cool. my little sister, niece, is wrong. you see the paintboard, because all the paintings in my house she does so again. she's probably about to pick something up. move along up. [Music]. my little spots. this is kind of like as many awards as i could fit, because this whole place would look like a shrine if you put all of them. little bar again. i told you i fought with the bars. gotta get lit. [Music] it's the top of the world, on top of my world. welcome to the garden of bernard. let's try to make a little island and stuff. you know a little vibe? oh, look at the jungle that. look this way. i come to pray every morning as well. [Music]. we go to the cinema. when it's movie time, shoes go off. it's all my favorite movies on the wall. if you don't know stranger things, we have issues. boys in the hood need no explanation. i think this war just shows you how to win my heart. you know that's my little movie time. you get me popcorn maker, snacks, fridge, all of that. now we're going to the magic spot. [Music]. it's time to get fly. you know i'm your guy. [Music]. this is the action right here. yeah, man. [Music]. come on, let's leave the genius. [Music]. yeah, man, obviously we got the pool, as you can see. come over here, me show you something. see that right there. yeah. so basically the idea for this was i wanted it to feel like the pool was going in the house. that's my little idea, just a second lounge. so obviously you know i love fireplaces and stuff, but that's not practikal in nigerian sculpture. it's kind of improvised. i have little night parties, barbecues. so my beautiful ad people showed you to create, showed you how to live in my little space. last time you won't have to go home. [Music] you.

CJA Experts Atlanta Private Investigators

my crack, neo hi, here, and in this video I'm going to show you three things that you can do today to help you bring in more clients for your business. got an email from Francine here from your Atlanta office saying to send this video to you as the overseer of CGA, and you know you might be thinking why am i doing this and what's in it for me, and you know it's a good question. but what I find is oftentimes, when it comes to the internet, most local business owners are too busy to learn how the Internet can actually benefit them and their company, and sometimes the only has hesitation that they have is, you know, finding out if somebody is an expert or not before they hire them. and what I find is when I give this free action plan to people of actual things that they can do to help benefit their business, and some say, hey, that sounds good. I like your, Neal, and you know, please do this for me. so at the end of this video, if you like the information that you've heard, and you see there have a few tricks up my sleeve that can help you and your business get ranked online and you want me to, you know, help you do this for you. just shoot me a quick email back and we can set a time to tok. and if no, if you just want to take this information and run with it and implement it yourself, then that is fine too. anyway, I want to share with you three things that you can do to set your company up for success above the competition. first of all, let me have a look right here for criminal justike associates, which is your business name. unfortunately, with that business name, you are finding people do who are looking to get a degree online, so your business isn't really showing up at all on that search, which is unfortunate because people are really they do search for your business name and they're not really coming up with anything. but what I really want to share is the OSI, private investigator Atlanta, which gets the most searches in a month, as you can see here get 1,600 searches a month and that is across the board, month after month after month. that's about the same, so it doesn't really go up or down any, which you know. having a consistent amount of people searching for service like that is always a great thing and as it has a cost per click of 1623, that means there's some decent competition. all these people that are paying for advertising, at the top here as well as at the bottom. all these people are paying for advertising and you usually takes quite a few clicks in order to get somebody on the phone and most people kind of gloss over the ads when they're doing a search because they don't trust the ads as much as an organic search. so you'll find that ahead of the 1,600 searches, only about a hundred and sixty or ten percent are actually gonna click on the ads in a month. so you know and you've, then you've got all these companies competing to get these ad space because you know it's maybe one of the only ways that they can get on the front page, but it ends up becoming pretty expensive and, like I said, because people don't necessarily trust the ads that much, the conversion rate is not very good at all when it comes to paid ads. so where does the actual volume of traffic and calls come from? it comes from this three pack Mac map section. right here. studies show that about 50% to 55% are clicking on one of these three positions, based on everything that they could click on on the whole page, and that the most calls and like webform fills are coming from the map. so it is really important to get on the map and to do that as best as you possibly can, and I will tok about that in a minute. also, down here this is the organic section, but you'll see when we look at this organic section you go big brand companies like expertise, comm, thumbtack, you got yellow pages and Yelp and things like that. that take up usually about five of those ten spots available. and then you've got the other companies in Atlanta that have done a good job with their SEO. they generally put a lot of money and effort into ranking for all these search terms. you've got a bunch of links to their page and they are getting traffic because of that. but again you've got Angie's List and Yelp and Yellow Pages right here that take up a lot of that search real estate. so there's three things really that I like to see. when I look at a business and Google wants to see content on the home page as well as any of your main pages that you are trying to rank for. so they like to see about 1500 words. and looking at your website, here you've got some decent content on here. I'd say it's short of 1500 and we've also got a look to see what you are ranking for and if the major search term is private investigator, Atlanta, those are, you know, the words that you really want to have on your website. so what I can do is just type that in and I'll go private. it shows up twice. let's see if I can get investigator. okay, it doesn't show up at all. so the odds of you actually showing up for a private investigator search are pretty slim because you don't even have those words on your front page. so that word, dad, you know you've got professional investigators, but Private Investigators is actually the search term that most people are searching when they are looking for somebody to handle their problems. now, the good thing about the website is you've got all these pages right here that have a decent amount of content on them. the only thing that I see about this- and, like I said, are you still with these pages? you still want about 1,500 words and this looks closer to 1500. so this is a good piece of content. there's lots of Education. there's lots of keywords that come up here that you know might trigger a map listing, but there's. there's definitely things that you could do to make this more effective. however, you know, the most important thing is about 1500 words in the page and also how many links that you have coming to this page and based on- let me see if I can get this one to work right now it says you have no links coming to this exact page, so this page is unlikely to rank at all, even though you've got, you know, some good content on it. unfortunately it's just not being seen by anybody. so the first thing with all your page is especial, your homepage. you need at least 1500 words and then, if these are the main things that you're trying to rank for, you need about 1500 words, and each one of these pages as well. like I said, you've done a pretty decent job here of writing the content for your website. so that is the first thing is about 1500 words on your important pages. that's gonna help a lot. the second thing is how many links that you have pointing to these individual pages. if you want them to rank, you need to have some anchor text links coming in to your site with your most important phrase might be asset investigations- Atlanta. if you can get some links pointing to your site that says ask to asset investigations Atlanta, there's a good chance of this page well rank. let me do a quick search of- I'm going to look at density here- on this tool. it's called SEO quake and it shows how, what words show up on your website the most often and this pretty much tells me what you would have a chance to rank for. so you've got companies, investigation services, investigative, Atlanta and criminal and any combination of these things that you have an opportunity to like to rank for. what I don't see is private and investigator, and that is the main search term that people are looking for. so you you'd want to include those words in in your writing of the content on the page, and here these are to add two keywords and we go: criminal, justike, justike, associate. so these things you have an opportunity to to rank for. I just don't know if these are things that people are actually searching or not. let's look at these ones. okay, criminal justike associates- that's maybe somebody searching your name, but that gives me an idea of really what it is that your, your business, could be ranking for. let me check your anchor text right here. it says your t.

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Atlanta Video Ads vs Image Ads | CALL TODAY! +1.678.855.8897

this means that the consumer purchase process is changed forever and your company needs to be visible every step of the way. before the internet, we relied on flyers and brochures to get details about businesses. now we can visit their websites to get the information we need. back then, we had to use phone books and classified ads to find local businesses. now we can do a quick online search and get a list of businesses instantly. back then, we had to check our mailboxes to receive coupons and other offers. now we can check our email for instant access to special offers. back then, we would learn about local companies by word of mouth. now we can spread the word a lot faster to a lot more people on social media. and back then we had to ask people we knew for their opinions on local businesses. now we can check online review sites to size up a company's reputation. back then, TV commercials were the only video type of advertising. now we can watch multiple types of online videos to learn more about businesses. are you finally ready to capitalize on the power of internet marketing? contact us today to learn how. [Music]. hello and welcome to autopilot profits for the local business. in this video, we're going to cover a powerful strategy you can use to dramatikally reduce your current marketing cost while at the same time bring in more customers to your business, and you'll be able to do it in a way that is easy, inexpensive and proven to work for any business in any industry. being a local business where a constant flow of customers is your lifeline, chances are you've realized how traditional marketing methods are simply no longer working like they used to. you can no longer throw a ton of money at various marketing activities just hoping something will stik. let's be honest: most traditional advertising methods are not as effective as they once were. and even if something is working, you have two big problems. first, traditional marketing methods are expensive. you can spend a fortune on something and it may or may not work for your business. second, they are very, very difficult to track ROI return on investment. so even if you feel something may be working, it's hard to figure out exactly what it is. so you end up doing several different things at once because you're too scared to stop them, because you don't know which one is working and which ones not. now this is very common for most small businesses, but it's not the best way to do your marketing. fortunately, we're going to show you a better, less expensive way that is proven to work and one that is trackable, so that you'll always know your ROI. if you're like most businesses who have a limited marketing budget, you no longer want to waste it on marketing methods and tactiks that don't produce the results you need. you want something that will bring in a flood of customers to your business, that you can turn on or off whenever you want. now imagine for a second. it's a typical slow time on a typical slow day, but instead of having no customers, you have more than you can handle, and what we're going to show you is a strategy that will actually reduce your marketing cost, allow you to generate more business whenever you want, have the ability to turn it on or off whenever you need, and able to do all of this on autopilot. if you're not excited, or at least a little intrigued, with what we've toked about so far, then you can stop watching right now, but my guess is you at least want to see for yourself what this solution is and to see if it's a good fit for your business. the solution we're toking about is using an online lead capture tool, also known as an autoresponder. now you can use this autoresponder to market to your customers and prospects anytime you want, while doing it in a set it and forget it. environment and yes, we're toking about.

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Quick List Personals - Free Personals Platform - Replaces Doublelist and Craigslist Personals

with the shutdown of Craigslist personals, everybody's been using double lists and said as a replacement, and while this platform is great, it's got a lot of problems. for one thing, a lot of posts get censored for no reason, and another thing is you have to type around their filters for certain words, which gets really annoying, and there's no reason for that. we're adults here and we're trying to run a personal section. that's like Craigslist and we don't want to be censored or filtered by some kind of AI or other type of mechanism. so this double list won't fix this problem. I've created quick lists. personals and quick list works basically the same way. it allows you to post personals, except without. we don't filter, it's free and you won't have to type around any type of filters to get your posts online. so you can say pretty much whatever you want to say, as long as it's legal and doesn't cause harm to anybody and as long as everything is consensual between adults. so let me show you a little bit on quick lists and how it works. so on quick lists, you first pick a state they are interested in, then you can pick a city and then you can pick a category and here you'll see posts other users have made, and you can also do a search, and you can also change the display method between a symbol list and a table, and so I'm gonna go ahead and create a post since there aren't any. and this platform even allows you to put in some nice formatting, which a lot of platforms don't, because they just want you to have simple text. well, you can do some fancy things here if you want, and then you could fill out these optional fields and you can even that tag it a certain way, and then you go ahead and save your post. your post has been created and now you can add images if you'd like, and it's the drag-and-drop interface, really simple. you can click on it and it'll open the dialog. so once the image has been saved, you can click on finish with post and your post is already live and you can edit your post, your post, at any time. you can renew a post after 2 days. you can do your own posts. if you click on your post, it's already live. you see everything that you put in is there and it's been posted in the pueblo category for this purpose in this demo. so if you look, there's your post and it gives you a view count to it just kind of night. it's just a little indicator for you, and then you can even favorite posts that aren't your own, which currently this is my own post, since the only one, so I can't- I can't- favorite it, but you can also look at all the posts. images will show up in this nice clean interface. so it's a real simple platform, but it allows you to get your posts online really quick, which is why it's called quick list, and we don't filter anything that you put in. however, users can flag abusive posts and post that don't follow our Terms of Service and a moderator will take a look at it and possibly leave it, flag it or even remove the users account. but again, we don't want anything that's illegal. so this is an experiment, really to see if we can replace double lists, which has become corrupted by its own management, and when you look at somebody else's post, you can send them a message, you can report it or you could add or remove the post from your favorites and your favorites to show posts that you favorited in a list, and so if you wanted to contact the author of this post, you would click on send message and then you would see the send email dialog and this will send a message to the author and it will show the author your email address so you can have direct correspondence between the user and the person you've contacted, depending on whether or not the author of the post wants to respond to you- which they have no obligations here if they don't want to. so, anyways, how you would contact the user if you're interested in one of their toasts, and then you can also report the post and give us a reason as to why you're reporting a case. it breaks our terms and conditions, and so that's basically what posts will look like that aren't yours. if you're looking at somebody else's post and then your favorites again just has your favorites posts here and you can click on it and go and view it. so essentially, that's quick list, and so we're in beta right now. so if you find any bugs or problems, please report them to us and we can change anything to make it better and hopefully get back to where we were with another personals type site that actually doesn't filter what we post and allows us to be adults.

Jenna Ortega Spills On How She Came Up with Her Viral Dance in Wednesday [Extended] | Tonight Show

-Jenna Ortega, Welcome to the show. -Thank you very much, Jimmy Fallon. -Thanks for being here. I appreciate this. It's good to have. --. Before we go into "Wednesday", which I can't wait to rave about, right now you're in a trailer for the new "Scream" movie. -Yes, I am. -And it broke records -- it started, -- it went viral, I think. It came out and it did 3 million views in the first day. This is your second "Scream" movie. Do you like doing these movies? -I love horror films. I don't know what it is about, you know having blood thrown on your face and running around screaming bloody murder, but it really is so therapeutik, so much fun. Everyone who works on horror sets loves horror. You know people do special effects because they grew up loving gore. The best part about the "Scream" films is it really is such a great community That cast and crew- they're my family And we can never take anything seriously. So Ghostface could literally be in the middle of their monologue and we're having to restart takes because we're laughing so hard. -Oh, really. -Yeah, It's a mess. -On one of the scariest movies ever you're laughing? -Yeah, we could be. --. In the fifth one I was like army crawling in the hospital and I just would -- I wouldn't lift my face 'cause I was laughing in my hands. [ Laughter ]. -Do you feel like you're being kind of typecast because you're in that and you're in "Wednesday"? They're kind of dark. -It's something about my face? -No, [ Laughter ]. -Yeah, I don't know what it is. People love seeing me scared. -No, -Yeah, I don't know. -You are --. Not only are you stunning, but you can't take your eyes off of you when I see you. I watch "Wednesday" and I told you this backstage. I go: "Oh my gosh, You're crushing this". You're phenomenal. It is the second-most watched series in Netflix history. [ Cheers and applause ]. One of only three shows to be streamed over a billion times, Over a billion. Can you even understand that? -No, I try not to actually. -Yeah, -It's too weird. -But I mean, you nail every joke, every delivery. You're so funny. This is before you even did the dance scene. I mean the dan--. Can we tok about the dance, The Wednesday dance? -Yeah, if you want to. -Yeah, I mean going into it. what happened? Did Tim Burton go: "Okay, I got an idea. You do this, you do that"? -Well, I read episode 104 pretty early on And we didn't know what song we were gonna be using. we didn't know what the situation was Initially. they wanted a flash mob, but I thought, no, there's no way. Wednesday would be cool with dancing and encouraging a bunch of people. So Tim and I -- the director, Tim Burton and I- toked about it a little bit and he said, "Yeah, let's not do a circle, Let's have it be her own thing". And I remember about a week before we started -- a week before we shot the dance- he chose the song "Goo Goo Muck" by The Cramps, And The Cramps is one of my favorite bands ever. So I was super excited, super pumped. It was on my episode 4 playlist And he came to my trailer about two days before we shot it and said: "Hey, Jenna, so I know you said that you wanted to choreograph this yourself --". Because I refused to see a choreographer. He was like: "I know you've got it, You've been working on it, I'm not even worried about it, I trust you" And I said, "Oh yeah, you know, it's all so good". And I had not gone over it at all. [ Laughter ]. -You had no plan. -No, I mean, I was doing cello that week, fencing that week. I just didn't have time. -You do a lot in the show. -There's a lot going on. -Yes, You work hard on this show and, like, on top of that, you're like gonna choreograph your own dance. -Yeah, Oh, my God, I was kicking myself. I felt like such a fool. I was like -- I'm not a dancer, I don't do any of that, I have no experience in that field. And then, yeah, I didn't sleep for two days. I watched videos of Siouxsie and the Banshees -Really. -Denis Lavant in "Beau Travail". I found archival footage of goth kids dancing in clubs in the '80s. -Yeah, [ Laughter ]. -Lene Lovich, Nina Hagen, just anything that I could get my hands on. And then on the day, I thought: "Well, all right". -"I'm just gonna do it". -"Let's just see what happens". -Did you just go super long? Did you do it like a 20-minute dance Or is this the step by step? this was exactly what you planned. -No, I knew there were certain things that I wanted to do. I paid homage to Lisa Loring the first Wednesday Addams. I did a little bit of her shuffle that she does, And of course they cut out of camera when I did do it. but it's there, I know it is [ Laughs ]. -'Cause you did it, yeah. -Yeah, -Yeah, of course That's wild. Did you understand that it would go this viral? It's everything on TikTok right now. Right now, if you go on TikTok, it's you dancing, It is? -No, I didn't, I didn't. And Netflix, they were telling me "Oh, you know, Jenna, this is gonna be a thing on TikTok" And I thought "Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, whatever", Because I figured, you know, "They're excited, They're getting hyped up". and then they were right. -Yeah, sometimes people are right. -Yeah, they know what they're doing over there, or something. -You're mesmerizing, You're dazzling to look at. I just go, "Oh my God" And you're doing that, and you're just doing the Wednesday stare and you're kind of doing that. But then that, and it's kind of --, You make it cool And it's one of the kind of geekiest songs: "Goo Goo Muck". ♪, Wah, wah, wah ♪. You know The Cramps. and I go, "How did you do this" And it's just -- I don't know. I think we all agree. it's just well done, You just crushed it. -Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]. -Jenna Ortega. I want to show a clip. Here's Jenna Ortega in "Wednesday". Take a look at this. -Winner draws first blood. [ Suspenseful music ]. -[ Scoffs ]. -It's your decision, Bianca. ♪♪. -Let's see if you bleed in black and white. ♪♪, ♪♪, ♪♪. [ Blade slices ]. ♪♪, [ Cheers and applause ]. -Jenna Ortega, "Wednesday" is streaming right now on Netflix. We'll be right back with stand-up from Mike Feeney. everybody, Come on back.

The Snow Globe | Stories of Evergreen Hills | Created by Chick-fil-A

(gentle music): (Sam laughs). (Sam gasps). (window taps) - Sam, Sam, Sam. (Sam gasps). (Mr Cho clears throat). Let me guess another daydream. - It was that village, again Cece with snow, and that old man and- - Shh People will think that's weird. - You don't, You've been there. - We were six Sam Kids. imagine things. - Oh, (sighs). (pens and pencils rattling). (gentle music). (Sam sighs). Hmm - Hey, Nice, Quite the little village you've got here. - Zack, have you ever had a dream that felt real? - Sure, Last night I dreamed I gave a book report and forgot my pants. That was too real. - I mean a dream that feels real even after you wake up, Like a memory. - That's what this is. - I haven't thought about this place in forever. Now, every time I close my eyes, I'm there. - Ugh, Freaky. - You'd think, but actually it's nice. I feel peaceful there, Like I'm supposed to be there. - Wait, so it's a happy place you can go to. in your head That's a problem because - You don't think I'm weird? - Oh, you're definitely weird, but not because of this. (Sam chuckles). - Thanks. (door thuds). (door creaks). (Sam grunts). What, Hey, Wait. (cat mews). (Sam gasps). (gears tiking). Whoa. (door opens). (bell jingles). - Hello, Sam, Glad you made it. (Sam gasps) - You, I keep seeing you in my head. - Oh, you're seeing glimpses through time. We call it time sight, A very unique gift - You mean like seeing the future - Or the past. It requires a lot of concentration, but the right tools can help. (Sam gasps) - That's me. - Yes, the last time you were here You needed help, And that's what time sight can show us - It shows us people in need. But I keep seeing you. So you need help. - You're quick, But before you help me, I'd like to see how you do with a few others. (gentle music). (gentle music) - Oh, Ms Hernandez. (Ms Hernandez grunts). (Ms Hernandez sighs). (skateboard whirring). Wait, Ms Hernandez. - Oh, - I can help you with this from now on. (Ms Hernandez, speaking in foreign language) - My pleasure, Hey, Mr Burnback. - Kids - Mm, okay. (door closes). (bag zips). Mom and Dad, What do they need? - [Time Keeper]. It requires a lot of concentration. (Sam inhales). (Sam exhales). (both sighing) - Rough day - Awful. (doorbell chimes) - Wait, what day is it? - Thursday. - [Both] The Berrys are coming for dinner. - We haven't made anything. - Relax, I got this. (Mom gasps) - You made pancakes. - Works for me. (doorbell chimes) - I'll get the door. (people chattering). (gentle music). Mr Burnback, Oh no. (Sam sighs). (door knocking): Hi, I'm from down the street. I wanted to see if you needed anything. - Not interested. (door slams) - Aww. (mailbox squeaks). (Sam humming). (curtains rattling). Oh hey. (chuckles). (curtains rattling). Okay. (Sam sighing). Come on, Mr Burnback, what do you need? (people murmuring): What, Who is that with you? No, Oh, Wait. (Zack grunting). (controller clicking): Hey, Wanna snoop around in someone's house. (Zack chuckles) - Yeah. (Mr Burnback grunts) - Hi, Mr Burnback. - Huh, - Let us help you. - No, no, no, I can. All right, fine, Okay, put them on the counter. - Huh - Not that counter. Fine, fine, fine. (gentle music). I don't care what your friend's parents said. They are not your father. - Are you finished now? Are you finished? This is my life, Dad. - You obey my rules. - Forget about it. - What are you doing? Don't walk away from me. (Sam gasps). - [Sam]. Hmm. (telephone ringing). (employees murmuring): - Hello, sorry to keep you waiting. - Hi - Oh, Aren't you a little young to ask for a bank loan? - I'm not here for a loan, I'm here to meet you - And you are - Sam. - Okay, Sam, how can I help you? - Actually, I think I'm supposed to help you. (door knocking). (door opens). (Mr Burnback exhales). - Hello, Dad. (Mr Burnback inhales). This is Emma. Can you say hello, sweetie? This is your grandpa. - Hello, My name's Emma. - Hello, You look just like your mom when she was your age. - Can we come in? - Yes, yes, come in. come in. (Mr Burnback sniffles). (Mr Burnback inhales). (Mr Burnback exhales). (Emma laughs). (Mr Burnback laughs) - Yes. (beautiful music). (gentle music). (door opens). (bell jingles). (cat mews). (Sam chuckles). (Time Keeper chuckles). - You did well, Sam. - Thanks. - It takes a special kind of gift to use one of those And a special kind of person to make things right. - But I'm seeing you again. So what do you need? - An apprentike, for starters. - An apprentike - Well, I help people make the most of their time with those they love, But I can't do it alone. What do you say? Hmm? (cat mews). It's a lot of fun. (Time Keeper laughs). Ready to get to work? (Sam laughs). (triumphant music). (triumphant music continues).