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personal ads kansas city

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Looking for alternatives to Craigslist for your personal needs? Look no further! Here are some great options:

- Everyone has personal needs, whether it's finding a roommate or falling in love.

- Craigslist has been the go-to for years, but it's starting to feel outdated and potentially dangerous.

- So where can you go for Craigslist services that aren't Craigslist?


- Craigslist's housing section is great, but spare room offers a similar service with speed roomating.

- Rooster makes finding potential roommates easy with filtering options.

Selling items:

- Amazon offers a simple and cost-effective selling option with two subscription plans.

- Facebook marketplace allows for buying and selling items locally.

Finding love:

- Craigslist's personal ads are gone, but Happen offers a similar missed connections service.

- Dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Grindr, and Bumble are also great options.

- With these alternatives, you can have a safer and more efficient experience for all your personal needs.

- Good luck out there!

Personal Ads What you will FIND on dating sites

Hello everybody, it's me, Pacific. Today I wanted to talk about what you're going to get on Craigslist personals. I've talked about this before, but I just wanted to say a few things. It's very interesting what you will get on Craigslist.

What You Will Get on Craigslist Personals:

- Experimenting with ads and finding that only users respond

- Women sending topless pictures without caution

- Women seeking men on Craigslist being mostly overweight and not attractive

- People with fishhooks in their mouth and piercings

- Men showing pictures of their penis and having an attitude

- Homosexuals having a lot of options

- Women playing picky Annie on dating sites to bolster their ego

- Rude overweight people on Craigslist

- People playing games on dating sites and not yielding

- Sincere people on Craigslist

In conclusion, Craigslist can be a sewer, but there are also sincere people out there. It's important to be cautious when using Craigslist personals and not to get too caught up in the picky Annie game. As always, be careful when interacting with strangers on the internet.

Best Craigslist Alternative for Kansas City Real Estate Classified Ads

Looking for a great alternative to Craigslist for your classified ad needs? Look no further than the Free Ad Forum! Here are just a few reasons why this site is worth checking out:

- The Free Ad Forum is a free classified ads site that allows you to place ads for 30 days with no problem.

- You can place as many ads as you want in as many cities as you want.

- For just $5, your ad can remain alive on the site for an entire year.

- The site is constantly promoted through email, video promotions, and SEO, so you're sure to get plenty of traffic to your ad.

Advantages of the Free Ad Forum:

- You can be featured on the site for an entire year for just $5.

- You can be featured on the homepage for an additional $5.

- You can put cool YouTube videos right on the website.

- You can share the website on social media.

- You can be featured on the hottest listings section for ads that are getting the most traffic.

- You can be listed at the top of your category for all regions for an additional $5.

- The Free Ad Forum is a great alternative to Craigslist for your online classified ad needs.

- With affordable prices and plenty of opportunities to be featured, you're sure to get plenty of traffic to your ad.

- Click the link in the description to register and start placing ads for your products and services today!

VLOG 00001 Sevi James Kansas City Vegan Personal Trainer Ad

Are you in the Kansas City area and looking for a high-end personal trainer to help you get in shape for the fall and winter season? Look no further than Sunny Havens! As an experienced personal trainer, Sunny offers in-home training that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. In this article, we'll go over the benefits of working with Sunny, her special offer for new clients, and how to get started.

Benefits of Working with Sunny Havens:

- Methodical approach to workouts that encourages active participation

- Aggressive assistant study pace that produces results quickly

- Nutritional guidance to help you achieve your health goals

- Fine-honed system of over 20 years of personal training experience

- Motivation tailored to your individual needs and goals

Special Offer for New Clients:

From now until late November, take advantage of Sunny's special offer for new clients. Her rates are currently very affordable, and you can lock in this price by signing up for a package before December 1st. In addition to her regular training services, Sunny also offers a free first class, a 30-minute consultation, and a 7-point fat caliper test to help you track your progress.

Getting Started:

To start working with Sunny, simply call or text her at 913-489-9589. She offers both in-home training and sessions at her private personal training studio. Don't let the cold weather keep you from achieving your health goals this fall and winter. Take the initiative and improve yourself with the help of Sunny Havens.

If you're in the Kansas City area and looking for a high-end personal trainer to help you get in shape, look no further than Sunny Havens. With her fine-honed system and personalized approach, she can help you achieve your health goals quickly and effectively. Take advantage of her special offer for new clients and start your fitness journey today!

Craziest Kansas City Real Estate Classified Ads

Hi, this is Matt from the Free Ad Forum com classifieds. If you're a real estate professional, I'd like to invite you to place your free and upgraded ad on our site. We have a special section just for real estate agents, and I'm going to show you how it works.

Features and Upgrades:

- Free ad for 30 days in the real estate section

- Upgrade your ad to be featured on the homepage for $5

- Have your ad featured at the top of the real estate section for $5

- Keep your ad on our site for an entire year for $5

- For $15, have your ad featured on the front page and at the top of the real estate section for an entire year

- Add videos, pictures, and HTML to your ad

- Share your ad on social media

How to Place an Ad:

- Register with your email, username, and password

- Pick your category and subcategory

- Fill in your information on the listing, including title, description, and payment method

- Add optional upgrades for a small fee


- Thousands of visitors to our site

- Busy homepage and real estate section

- Inexpensive upgrades and ad features

- Constant promotion of the site and real estate section

Come on over to the Free Ad Forum com classifieds and place your ad in our real estate section. With our free and upgraded ad options, as well as our constant promotion of the site, you can't go wrong. Thank you for doing business with us!

Best Hookup Sites and Apps to get down with [Get Laid!]

Online for Love: Best Dating Websites for Hookups

Are you tired of traditional dating and looking for a hookup? Look no further than Online for Love, your ultimate resource for dating by the numbers. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best online dating websites for hookups.

1. Ashley Madison:

- User demographics: popular casual and hookup dating website for discreet dating

- Great for those who want to have fun without bragging about it

- Majority of users from the US, Brazil, and Canada

- Majority of users aged 25-44, but many men aged 55+ use this site

- Ease of use: user-friendly interface with simple signup process

- Discreet: no photos of yourself allowed, and you can blur your photos to avoid recognition

- Contacting people requires payment, but women can contact users for free

2. OkCupid:

- User demographics: inclusive dating app with options for all genders and dating structures

- Great for finding like-minded users looking for hookups

- Over 50 million users worldwide, with most from the US

- 65% of members are men, and the largest age group is 25-34

- Ease of use: matchmaking algorithm based on a detailed questionnaire

- You can set your profile to be geared towards different sexualities and dating types

- Messaging requires mutual liking before being able to message

3. BeNaughty:

- User demographics: for those looking to explore casual dating and embrace sensuality

- Majority of users aged 25-34, but also many users aged 35-44

- Majority of users from the US, Canada, and Japan

- Ease of use: user-friendly website with quick registration process

- Verification processes to minimize fake profiles

- Users can set their own criteria and preferences for what they're looking for in a hookup

If you're looking for a hookup, these three online dating websites are great options. Ashley Madison is perfect for discreet dating, OkCupid is inclusive and great for finding like-minded users, and BeNaughty is for those looking to explore casual dating and sensuality. Give them a try and see which one works best for you!

Pawn Stars Chumlee Sentenced To Life In Prison After This

Pawn Stars is a popular TV show about a family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas. However, the show has had its fair share of controversy and legal issues. In this article, we will explore some of the dark antiks of the Pawn Stars cast, including Chumlee's legal troubles, Corey Harrison's bar fight and public urination charge, and Rick Harrison's diamond scam.

1. Chumlee's legal troubles:

- Chumlee was charged with attempted possession of a controlled substance after his home was raided by Las Vegas police officers.

- He also had an unlicensed firearm in his possession.

- Chumlee avoided jail time and was given probation and counseling.

- The incident caused stress on the set and strained the relationship between Chumlee and Rick Harrison.

2. Corey Harrison's bar fight:

- Corey Harrison was arrested on suspicion of battery with serious bodily injury and resisting the law after getting into a verbal dispute at a bar.

- He pushed a security guard and slightly pushed an officer before being arrested.

- Harrison's lawyers stated that he refused to apologize for the verbal spat.

- Corey has since purchased his own bar to avoid future incidents.

3. Corey Harrison's public urination charge:

- Corey Harrison relieved himself in front of everyone at a bar in Missouri during a sponsored motorcycle cruise.

- He even posed for a photo without pants.

- Harrison later made a public apology for his actions.

4. Rick and Corey's littering:

- Rick and Corey were fined in California for littering on a campground.

- They left behind trash bags full of garbage, including cans, garbage, and a barbecue grill.

- Rick and Corey were each fined a thousand dollars.

5. Rick's diamond scam:

- Rick was scammed in a stolen item situation that cost the pawn shop a lot of money.

- A man in a sharp suit sold Rick what appeared to be valuable diamonds.

- Rick asked all the right questions but was still fooled.

Despite the success of Pawn Stars, the cast members have had their fair share of legal troubles and controversies. From Chumlee's legal troubles to Corey Harrison's bar fight and public urination charge, and Rick Harrison's diamond scam, the Pawn Stars cast is not immune to dark antiks.

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