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personal ads pittsburgh

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Most effective Pittsburgh Real Estate Classified Ads

hi, this is matt from the free ad forum, com classifieds, and if you are real estate professional, I'd like to invite you to place your free and or upgraded ad on our site. we have a special section just for real estate agents and i'm going to show you here the site. we're getting people signing up and placing ads every few minutes, the sites getting thousands of visitors and what we offer is a free app for 30 days in the real estate section, or you can choose for five dollars to upgrade your ad to have it featured on the homepage. as you can see here. we have one ad here for a Soho New York duplex featured right on our featured section of our home page. this is the busiest page on our website. that costs five dollars to do that. you can take a look at the ad here you have. we just put this add up. you can put videos on your ad. you could put pictures here on your ad in full description with HTML. you can add as much as you'd like. my place is here for 24 people to share your ad on social media. so for five dollars you can have your ad featured on the front page of our website and in addition, if you want to spend another five dollars. we're getting expensive down here. fifteen dollars you can have your ad featured at the top of the real estate section, and also four or five dollars you can have your ad stay on our whole site for an entire year. so for fifteen dollars you can have your ad featured on the front page, rotated here, on the busiest part of our website. as you see, we're getting thousands of ads all the time, thousands of visitors, and you can also have it featured in a similar section at the top of your real estate section, also for an entire year. now if you just got one inquiry which led to possible sale you in a rental, it would be well worth it is such an expensive advertising more constantly promoting the site and we're putting a special emphasis now on the real estate section, so we're going to spending a lot of time promoting it. you can take advantage of this. it's very simple to place an ad on our site. all you do is go right here, click register. the only information we're looking for is email address key. pick your own username and password will send you a confirmation email. then, once you have it, you login, just doing this in real time. then you have your account and you just click place free ad. it's very simple. you pick your category, you pick your sub category, then you fill in your information on the listing. you have 30 days free, no cost. if you want, if you don't want to bother reposting your ad, you just pay just two dollars and for 90 days your ad will stay live on our site. five dollars. your ad will stay in entire year. you put your title, you put your description, you can add HTML to make it look very attractive, to put the price, your methods of payment. a lot of this information is optional. you can add images, up to 7 images, three videos. here are some upgrade options. you can have the title bolded for two dollars. you can have your ads display at the top of your category for two dollars. you have a featured listing, which is in the featured table, like I've showed you before, at the top of your category. five dollars, featured listing at the top of your homepage, which is our busiest part of our website. five dollars. you can add one of these. a little attention to get our images. for just one dollar. it's very inexpensive for just a year, you know, 20 bucks or so. you can have all the upgrades and you know your your ad is going to be on our site for an entire year, featured in every area, so it's well worth it. so I'd like to she to come on over to the free ad forum, com- classified sets. the free ad forum, com / classifieds. you can click the link in the description of this video below. it will take you directly to the real estate section and we'd like to invite you to come on and place your ad for both your real estate listings and also for your real estate brokerage or your independent real estate agent business. thank you very much, where we can, for doing business with you. this is matt from the free ad forum. free classified ads.

The wild world of lawyers' TV ads

time was if you needed an attorney you'd check the yellow pages. no longer, as connor knighton tells us, for the nation's attorneys these days it pays to advertise. at hyatt legal services we took the fear out of legal fees. i've decided to call a lawyer. if you've turned on a television in the past four decades, they called me the car wreck cowboy because i last so big insurance companies you've seen attorneys call me. it's just that easy: advertising ad nauseam, dui, dui, traffic citation. let the lawman take care of that situation. given just how prevalent they are, it's hard to imagine that there was a time when legal ads were illegal: 459 cash. in the old days it was unethical to advertise. the bar could come after you and take away your law license, and it was also a crime. when texas attorney jim adler opened up his own firm in 1973, he wasn't allowed to advertise for new clients. but that all changed. four years later. nearing the end of its term, the supreme court today issued a number of major decisions. it ruled that lawyers may advertise. in 1977, the landmark bates versus state bar of arizona case involved a small print ad that a phoenix firm had dared to place in the local newspaper. it opened the floodgates for a big shift in the legal profession. i'm better than a mean lawyer. i'm jim adler the tough, smart lawyer. attorneys like adler began making commercials, explosions, fires and electrocutions. it wasn't a decision he made lightly, would it be proper? what would my friends say? did you get some pushback from your colleagues? oh yeah, i was a pariah. people couldn't believe that i advertised. tough texas lawyers, investigators, high tik, but other couldn't believe whatever. how well, it is the money you deserve, the money you need. it was amazing. i went on one channel and the phone started ringing off the hook. i'm jim adler, the texas hammer. today, jim adler and associates has more than 300 employees across texas. most insurance companies won't pay without a fight. what do i do? his advertising budget has grown as well. i hit hard. adler's texas hammer ads are big productions. don't let them tok. he creates versions that are in english. we stand tough and carry a big, big hammer call. now listen, friends. cargo and martial tv advertising in the united states for lawyers is a billion dollar a year. industry alone and i will work for you. attorney tricia rich works with law firms to ensure their advertisements meet ethics requirements. i'll fight for you. she sees the ads as providing a service for most americans who are just hiring a lawyer once or twice in their life. they often don't know lawyers, and so lawyer advertising has helped connect a whole lot of americans to legal help when they need it in a wreck. and thinking about dealing with the insurance company itself- stop people, there's plenty of help to choose from. i'll always be here to protect this land from the insurance giants. winter is over, competition for clients has gotten more and more fierce over the years, and so it really uh incentivizes a lot of lawyers to get flashier and flashier with their advertising. brian wilson, aka the texas law hawk towns of justike, was born in 1986. someone just called me, which means he grew up in a world in which legal advertising was commonplace. jim adler be uh standing on a semi and he'd have a hammer- he'd break something. the more and more amped up he got, the more and more i liked it, and so that's kind of what i was thinking. what if i go way over the top with a video? thanks, santa wilson's over-the-top ads feature jet skis and motorcycles, but- the most notable difference from his predecessors- he's never paid a cent for a television commercial. his ads are all online. happy holidays. most of my clients are my age or younger. i will usually not get somebody in their 60s. they usually have not seen my videos, but millions of people have. wilson's ads went viral on youtube. it's funny what people want an attorney. i think that they're gonna get that. they're two sides to me and that's why i include in my videos at least one segment, usually where i'm toking normally. so call brian wilson. all legal advertising, whether it's online or on air- don't take a chance with your future- has to comply with restrictions put in place by individual state bar associations. in the land of kentucky, daryl isaacs, the hammer, makes the fight for justike. the kentucky bar deals with their hammer, while the alabama bar regulates. i'm mike slocum, alabama hammer. there's a weird amount of hammers, including a second one. i'm jim adler, the texas ham, and i'm phil adler, the texas hammer. if you're the same family, sell the hammers, double the justike. to date, adler says his firm has spent more than a hundred million dollars on advertising. it works, which means these types of ads aren't slowing down anytime soon. i thought so you.

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How to Treat Escorts, According to an Escort

don't send us photos of your dick. we don't want to see that unless we're getting paid, that is non-consensual and no one cares. do read people's ad copy or websites. almost all of the answers to your questions will be there and if someone says no to you, let's know. do not speak explicitly via email or text. obviously that's not a smart idea when you're doing an activity that is a frowned upon by the law, definitely not the how much for a and blah, blah, blah, like just basically spelling out illegal activities. that is so sketchy. it's always best to provide all the information that's asked for in the first email. that would be your name. if that person screens, which I do, I definitely have like code of conduct. that worked for me. then I do not speak for other sex workers for sure. do not negotiate or rates. cash is always green, cash is always king. get it together. go to the bank. we've taken the time to get ready for you and to set up time for you, and it takes a lot of time to do this. you should take the time to go to the bank like a big boy. I've had people show up just assuming that I took PayPal payments. PayPal is notorious for shutting down sex workers and you can cancel a payment and right after not paying a sex worker is rape. you've tricked someone into having sex with you. that is not a true consent. a lot of us will offer you a shower and you come in. don't decline. that's so rude. we shower, then like our about to get really intimate with you. that's like the least you can do. don't make dead hooker jokes. if you're interested in any kind of BDSM, you must tok about this before communicate. do not make assumptions. very long time ago had someone like hit me in the face in the middle of session, you know, and like everything stopped. he's like: oh, I thought you do this in movies so I thought it was okay. and I'm like: guess what? not the point stars. they won't necessarily do everything that they do in the movies. that is a whole other situation, not the same thing. we're also not mind reader's. so if you have a specific idea and mind and you come in and we don't fulfill it because you didn't say anything, that's on you. you are not buying a person. you are not buying a body, you're buying a service. there's this like selling your body thing that really irritates the out of me. I take my body home. at the end of the day, I do have not given it to anybody. I have not sold my autonomy. it is still there. you're paying for a service, but it does not an all-access pass. do whatever you want, you're still interacting with human being. [Music].

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10 Places in PENNSYLVANIA You Should NEVER Move To

if you were gonna make a list of places to not move to in Pennsylvania, you'd have a lot to choose from. a lot of people wouldn't want to live on a farm or in a smallish community where there is an electricity, or in a beat-up former coal mining town where the local economies horrible. a lot of us wouldn't want to live in a big inner city where violence and homelessness and drugs rule the day. you could actually choose many, many places in Pennsylvania that would be a bad choice for a newcomer. longtime Pennsylvania residents could rattle off at least 20 places they wouldn't want to live in themselves. and, in case you didn't know, migration to the Keystone State stopped being positive a long while ago. anyways, because everybody likes lists and tents, I did a lot of homework to bring you the top ten places in Pennsylvania. you should never move, even though there's way more than that. let's begin picton didn't, dan? okay, this will be controversial. our first worst city for you to move to is Pittsburgh. of course Pittsburgh natives and enthusiasts are gonna say our city's growing and getting better and has really approved economically and I'd agree kinda that when you're struggling, any improvements better right. I've been a Pittsburgh. there are some neighborhoods towards the east side, which are very nice places like Squirrel Hill and shady side, but a mile from there are some terrible places. Pittsburgh's bad neighborhoods are some of the worst in the country. Homewood and Larimer are practikally abandoned and her very sad places, homestead and other communities just across them on like Duquesne and Aliquippa, are crumbling. North side's dangerous too, and downtown itself isn't very exciting. there's a few smallish blocks where you can grab a nice meal or a beer, but that's just about it. it's pretty basic, its unimpressive and outside of the Pittsburgh metro areas, lame face it. Pittsburgh has a a long way to go before it's worth moving to. you wouldn't be happy living there. a place for you to move to is wilkes-barre, aka Dodge City. this place is along i-80, one just south of Scranton. locals say it's the outsiders moving into town which are a big part of the problem. other residents have called this a rotting cesspool of drugs, corruption and violence, and that is just crazy. the WB, as it's called, has a population of about forty thousand people, but used to have about 90,000 people. of course, like many other cities in PA, a loss of energy jobs has created an employment and positive energy void here. it's turned into a ghetto, dangerous area, and there's no doubt about it. it's a small city size-wise, so you have a bunch of people crammed in here, which makes things worse. gun violence is so bad that the federal government had to step in and help combat the crime, and the WB is not very accepting of diversity in terms of race or gender. at least in Pittsburgh you can be comfortable and feel comfortable about yourself. the question isn't: how bad is wilkes-barre? the question is: how bad will wilkes-barre get? of course, with every bad, you have to have some good. I tried to find some good things about this place. this person said wilkes-barre is an excellent area to live and grow as a family. I truly admire it. no, you don't. that is fake news. moving on, we come to the teeny-tiny, forgotten town of Brownsville, PA, way out in the far corner of the state, right in the middle of the Mon Valley. this used to be a strategic location- get coal out of the area- but not anymore. look this place. does that look like fun? it's eerie. you could say this is a ghost town. every buildings been abandoned. Main Street used to be filled with crowds and parades and thriving businesses, but no longer. why would anyone ever want to live here is something I cannot answer. it can't be for fun. hey, there's a pizza restaurant here that's still open. let's call them and get their perspective. hey, there, I'm doing a YouTube video on the worst places to live in Pennsylvania and Brownsville is on the list and I'm wondering: is Brownsville that bad? okay, well, that's good. what's good about Brownsville? okay, like is it? it looks abandoned, is that true? okay, would you recommend people move there? okay, well, she was not very happy to tok to me, although she said there's nice people and that's good and it's not that bad. so maybe Brownsville doesn't deserve to be on this list, but it is. want to get away. how about Centralia? JK, don't go to Centralia. please don't move to Centralia. tok about a ghost town. this place used to have 2,700 residents and now it has five. that's right, five people live here. why? there's a coal mine fire that's been burning here since 1962, spewing toxic gases. it's literally hell on earth. if you look at Centralia from a map, it says closed, as in the whole cities. closed temporarily anyway, I guess, until the fire goes out, maybe, and that might be never. who knows how much coal is under here, but at least 58 years worth. there's two cemeteries here and two churches and a fire department, so you can pray that they put out the fire and if they don't, you die. according to Wikipedia, there were 27 saloons here in 1894- 2700 people sounds like it was a lot of fun. nearby is the town of ERISA, which has 300 people, and they're not on fire. so if you have to live in PA and must reside in the middle of nowhere in eastern nish PA, picker estes- oh wait, update- i just learned that the people who live here were told by state officials that they could live out their lives in Centralia if they wish, and after they die their homes would be taken through eminent domain. so don't move here. I don't think you even can. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]: Amerika, Amerika, Amerika stops here. did you guys notike? I got a new TV. I like it. state capital of Harrisburg is not very desirable, despite being the capital of the Commonwealth. the population is only 49,000 ish and slowly shrinking. me. the natives claim to absolutely hate it here, but nobody seems to want to leave. part of that is just grumbling which is built in the state's personality. I guess. the dropout rate in Harrisburg is the state's 10th highest and the violent crime rate is the state's ninth highest for a state capital. it's very sleepy after hours, except for when the criminals wake up. there's hardly anywhere shop. there's hardly any place to fly out of, there's no real diversity, traffic's terrible. there's a lot of pollution, making it a dirty, dingy place too many. it's a city that got left behind and for a state capital that is a shame. shame on you, Harrisburg. just about 12 miles southeast of Pittsburgh is the rundown and partly abandoned city of McKeesport. don't get it confused with McKees Rocks. another terrible place outside of Pittsburgh which gets an honorable mention as a place to avoid moving to this is McKeesport, where there's barely a single decent home and nearly every other building is a crack den or just empty. there's a reason people call it diseased. port homes are the fifth cheapest in the entire state, where you can get a place for about 46,000 dollars, although in some of these streets I bet you could offer $4,000 and be taken seriously. there's housing projects everywhere and downtown, if you can call it, that, lacks anything desirable for most people looking for quality life. even the elementary schools have metal detectors in them, which is a shame, and if you don't like gangs, then you wouldn't like McKeesport, because there's rival gangs here. it's very poor and there's very little opportunities for work and the drive to Pittsburgh is bleak, sad and depressing. do not move to McKeesport. there was about 19,000 people here. don't make it nineteen thousand, and one York is way down near Lancaster. it ranks in the bottom ten in four different categories: people, dropout rates, home prices and median incomes. there's rednecks and Amish all over the place, which isn't a bad thing, but unless you're a redneck or you're Amish, you probably won't fit in very well. the place smells like cow poop. all spring outside of a somewhat downtown --is-- area. it's pretty ghetto here. fo.

Pawn Stars Chumlee Sentenced To Life In Prison After This

pawn stars is a very interesting show when you think about it, because it's honestly a show about grown men running a pawn shop trying to do all they can to get both interesting items and items that can make them a lot of money. plus, since it's a family, plus chum li, it adds an extra dynamic that has kept it on for over 11 years. but if you look at the true history of the shop, you'll find yourself looking at some bad beats and bad breaks that don't paint the pawn stars in the best of light. allow us to show you them, but first be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel. do you want to win a brand new iphone or a brand new macbook pro? maybe you'd prefer a 500 amazon gift card? well, comment the hidden message in this video for a chance to enter to win number eight: chumley's legal troubles. let's start out with arguably the worst the bunch, shall we? we say that because of the nature of the crime and all that had happened to make it lesser. as anyone who's watched pawn stars will tell you, chumly is something of a character. he's a bit of a joke to the other main cast members, but he does good work. for the most part, he has made smart decisions and big deals, despite the constant mocking from rick harrison. that being said, chumley got into some serious trouble when his home was raided, as las vegas police officers served a warrant in relation to a case. no matter what way you look at it, that's not good. while searching his home, they found several illegal substances as well as an unlicensed firearm. the illegal substances was one thing, but having a gun that isn't registered to you, they take that kind of thing very seriously, especially in las vegas. he was charged with at least one misdemeanor in a felony, but pled down the charges to attempted possession of a controlled substance. he was able to avoid jail time in lieu of probation and counseling, which, if we're being honest here, is a really big break that you have to wonder if something happened behind the scenes to make that happen. the news of chumley's arrest made the headlines, but it's not something anyone was going to bring up on the show. his work on the series wasn't interrupted, so it didn't make history's airwaves in any fashion, which is very telling when you think about it. without chumly pawn stars just isn't the same in the eyes of the channel. but just as important as this is the fact that this incident really caused a lot of stress on set. chumly already wasn't popular with rick harrison, and this pushed that into even deeper levels of dislike. yet because history channel felt no need to intervene as he didn't actually go to jail, rick got stuck with him, which, again, is a very telling kind of thing. there's a difference between antiks on tv shows and antiks in real life. if chumley keeps making these kinds of mistakes, he's to pay for it in more than just fines and counselling, not to mention that he hasn't exactly done himself any favors in the eyes of the harrisons. it's known that without the history channel, chumley would have gotten fired a lot sooner because of his antiks, but because he makes the money, they're willing to look the other way, which shows the priority of the channel in the worst way. but we'll be fair to chum lee. he has been relatively good since this incident and he's not the only pawn star with a certain history with the law number seven, corey harrison's bar fight. in march 2011, corey harrison was placed behind bars on suspicion of battery. with this serious bodily injury and resisting the law, which is pretty bad and not something you'd expect from a harrison. the police were initially flagged down by a security guard at a bar after cory had gotten into a verbal dispute with another patron. however, once law enforcement arrived on scene and spoke to both harrison and the other guy involved, corey pushed one of the security guards and slightly pushed an officer. harrison was then arrested and held in custody for several hours until he was sober enough to leave. yeah, did we mention he was basically drunk. not a good look there. harrison's lawyers reportedly stated that the police wanted harrison to apologize for the verbal spat, but corey refused as he felt he had done nothing wrong and maintains that he did not get physical with anyone, which is an odd stance to take, considering that there were multiple witnesses to this account. plus, he had to be arrested for something right in what we can only assume is an attempt to avoid any future situations like this. corey has since purchased his very own bar instead. what this shows off in quite a sad fashion is that, while the guys of pawn stars are quite the characters in front of the camera, they're still human beings, and ones who are quite capable of getting into trouble, proving that often proven adage that how you are in front of the camera is your best version compared to what you are behind it now. sure, cory wasn't arrested for too long, but it's something that people find out about and thus paint a very different picture of the guys when things like this happen. add to that, people like the pawn stars because they think they're stand up guys, but this kind of shows otherwise. as if that wasn't bad enough, this wasn't the only time he's gotten in trouble with the law. the other time was much weirder. number six: the public urination charge. in 2014, corey harrison and a group of friends took a sponsored motorcycle cruise through missouri before ending up in the spectators bar in jefferson city. naturally, harrison and his crew got super messed up during this trip. however, harrison's inebriated state led to some bad decisions and one very awkward photo op. at one point during the evening, harrison pulled down his pants and began to reveal himself publicly. he relieved himself in front of everyone, right in the middle of the bar. harrison wasn't embarrassed by his actions, however. he took the opportunity to pose for a photo sans pants. a few weeks after the incident, harrison did finally realize the error of his ways and made a public apology for the ill-advised act, and once again, it paints a certain picture for how the pawn stars act outside of the show and their shot. cory clearly has problems with drinking and doing bad things once he's under the influence. if that doesn't change, bad things will continue to happen to him. there hasn't been a known incident involving his drinking habit since 2014, so perhaps he's turned things around, but we can't say for sure. number 5: littering: alright, this one may seem petty, but it's honestly kind of funny to tok about. both. rick and cory were fined in california after littering on a campground. tmz reported that the harrisons were camping in glamis, california, over the weekend of thanksgiving when they left behind trash bags full of garbage. they were with friends and the garbage included cans, garbage and a barbecue grill, and the trash was enough to fill up 10 trash bags, which means they had quite the camping outing. rick and corey were each fined a thousand dollars, according to corey. harrison, however, said to tmz, we left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn't follow through. my father nor i were sighted. that may be true, but you're still a part of the act. plus, it's just your word that this was supposed to be a group effort to clean up and not litter. so yeah, who knows what really happened on that campground. number four: rick and the diamonds: you might think that all of their dark antiks happen outside of the golden silver pawn shop, but in fact many happen inside of it, whether they want to acknowledge it or not. rick harrison toked about one time he was scammed in a stolen item situation that cost the shot big. a man in a sharp suit walked into the pawn shop looking to sell a bunch of what appeared to be valuable diamonds. harrison stated that he asked the seller all the right questions, including the date, how he got them, etc. this is standard procedure to ensure that they're not buying stolen items from someone who ripped.

Twitch's Wife Finally Reveals What Really Happened

Stephen twitch boss- dancer, choreographer, actor and long time DJ for The Ellen Degeneres Show- took his own life just days after he celebrated a nine-year anniversary with his wife, Allison. the shocking news of twitch's death has left fans wondering what happened, because twitch was known for always spreading positivity and he seemingly had it all: a beautiful family, a successful career, friends and fans who adored him, which his wife, Allison, is now speaking out on losing her husband. and this story is getting more heartbreaking by the day. I have the sweetest husband that anybody could ever ask for. be Tuesday, December 13th. Stephen twitchboss took his own life at the age of 40 and the tragic news has left the world in complete shock. if you ever watch Twitch on So You Think You Can Dance or The Ellen Show, then you know he always seemed like the most positive person in the room, who lived his life to the fullest and thrived in the spotlight. on top of that, twitch and his wife Allison's love story was straight out of a romance novel and for so many people, they were the ultimate family goals. twitch and Allison met back in 2010 when they were both contestants in season seven of So You Think You Can Dance, and they both knew right then and there they'd found a partner for life. I remember watching. I just like walked in, I sat down and the way he was addressing his partner. he was so kind and he was so helpful with her and I just thought he was like such a gentleman. so for me, I immediately had a crush on him. we shared a dance at the rap party of that season of So You Think You Can Dance, and we have been together ever since. there was like no dialogue. there was no like conversation or like a first hangout. literally, we danced and we were together like holding hands the very next day and never looked back. absolutely. in June 2013, after two and a half years of dating, twitch surprised Allison while filming a television commercial and popped the question in front of Allison's parents who flew in for the special occasion. [Music]: I'll be here, please. [Music]. easily My Greatest Inspiration and I will be honored if I could spend, if I could spend the rest of my life with you. so, Alison Hopper, will you marry me? twitch and Allison got married in December 2013 and twitch adopted Allison's daughter, Wesley, from a previous relationship. they also went on to have two more children: a son, Maddox, in 2016, and a daughter, ziya, in 2019.. ziya celebrated her third birthday on November 6 and just two weeks later, twitch and Allison appeared on the Jennifer Hudson show and revealed they had been toking about having more babies. our youngest turned three. I mean, and it's just, and you know, I know, I know, she's so cute, oh, so cute. oh, my god, do you miss having a newborn in the house? I sure do. oh, I think I think we would love to start trying for another one. oh, yeah, yeah, wait, what, how you feel? look, she, she said she missed it. well, you, how you feel? no, listen, we love, listen, I, I, I, I don't know, um, no, but we really do, we? I mean, I love the little babies, I love them. and um, to be quiet, yeah, it's, it's a constant conversation like. what's also incredibly sad is that just four days before twitch took his own life, he celebrated his ninth anniversary with Allison and shared a sweet tribute on her Instagram. as you can see, there was absolutely nothing about twitch's behavior that gave any signs he was struggling or in pain. family, friends, fans and fellow celebs were all left completely shocked by the news of twitch's death, and everyone is trying to make sense of this tragedy. twitch's co-workers at The Ellen Show are said to be shaken, and one of his colleagues said that twitch's suicide has left everyone lost for words. this is a shock. one former colleague said he was a massive part of Ellen's team. he was part of the family. no one can ever understand why someone would do this, but this is completely out of character for him. I'm at a loss for words. Ellen and twitch were very close and everyone who watched The Ellen Show could tell their friendship was genuine. following the news of twitch's death, Ellen shared a tribute to him on Instagram and said she was heartbroken about losing someone who was like family to her. I'm heartbroken. twitch was pure love and light. Ellen wrote. he was my family and I loved him with all my heart. I will miss him. please send your love and support to Allison and his beautiful children, Wesley, Maddox and ziya. as for the circumstances of twitch's death, the police confirmed he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. however, fans are still wondering if anyone in twitch's Inner Circle knew about the emotional anguish that led him to make this decision. on Tuesday, December 13th, twitch's body was discovered in Oak Tree Inn motel in Encino, Los Angeles, by a maid who entered his room to see why he hadn't checked out. the day before twitch walked into the motel and booked a room for one night using his own name. the manager at Oak Tree Inn towed radar online that his staff didn't notike anything unusual when twitch checked in and he didn't appear to be in any sort of distress and wasn't visibly upset about anything. according to the manager, no visible suicide note was left and twitch only arrived with a small bag to the motel which was found in his room at his time of death. sadly, the motel is located just a 15-minute walk from twitch and Allison's Family Home, and Allison realized something was wrong when she notiked twitch left the house without his car. Allison reportedly went to LAPD on Tuesday to tell them something was off because twitch would never go anywhere without his car. around the same time, police received a phone call from the Oak Tree Inn. the LA County Medical Examiner coroner subsequently confirmed that there were no signs of Foul Play and while this news came as a complete shock to most people, many fans have pointed out that twitch's wife, Allison, probably knew he was struggling with something, because she ran to the police as soon as she notiked he left their home without his car and although Allison has asked for privacy during this unimaginable difficult time for her and her three children, she did release a statement to e-news to reflect on her husband's Legacy. Steven lit up every room he stepped into. Allison said he valued family, friends and Community Above All Else, and leading with love and light was everything to him. he was the backbone of our family, the best husband and father and an inspiration to his fans. Allison said it would be an understatement to say that her husband left a legacy, adding that his positive impact will continue to be felt. I'm certain there won't be a day that goes by that we won't honor his memory. Allison added and concluded with a message to her husband saying: Stephen, we love you, we miss you and I will always Save the Last Dance For You. as for fans on social media, everyone is saying they're completely stunned by the fact that twitch took his own life because he really seemed to have it all. however, this goes to show that many people suffer in silence and we as a society need to do much more when it comes to mental health, especially men's men mental health, because studies show that men are less likely to ask for help when it comes to depression and anxiety. sad stories like Steven twitch boss always hit different. one Twitter user wrote: it's true when they say people with the biggest smiles have the saddest hearts. these are always reminders to check on your people. we work on our physical appearances more than our mental health as a society. and another person wrote: I Am devastated by the suicide of twitch. I've been a fan since season four of So You Think You Can Dance. can we please normalize depression in men? we've lost too many men to this. stop toxic masculinity and allow men to be human beings. RIP Stephen. if you'd like to share your thoughts on mental health and ways we can prevent these types of tragedies from happening, let us know in the comments, and if you or anyone you know is strugglin.