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peter whitlock amazon dropshipping reviews

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Walmart or Amazon DropShipping Business - Don't Buy A Course - dropshipping for beginners

hey i'm gonna tell you guys something,i'm not making any money nope not making,any money well an affiliate offers on,this very video and i'll explain more,why a little bit later on this video but,we're toking all about amazon stores,walmart stores you've heard about it you,see it all online but how do you,actually profit from them yourself and,do it where you know what's actually,going to get done let's get into this,[Music],so one of the things that i see a lot in,the online space and toking with a lot,of people that have come to me seeking,advice and information on how to become,a reseller on amazon and start up their,own amazon e-commerce business is the,fact that there's a lot of people giving,advice like myself who's telling you my,experience but what you're going to find,a huge amount of is people just giving,their ideas or their thoughts or their,regurgitated information on something,they saw online so everyone's toking,about this new way to sell online called,amazon automation step one is to become,an amazon seller next you're gonna check,a retailer like walmart for on sale,products you're gonna find very few,people that are actually doing their own,amazon store they're actually doing this,stuff that they're toking about now,you're gonna see a lot of people selling,courses about amazon sales and stores,and doing the whole amazon arbitrage or,amazon drop shipping method and even,that you know,you want to pay for a course that's,going to teach you how you're going to,do it and then you've got to do all the,work for it or would you rather take,that money and invest into a team and,somebody that's already been doing it,for many years that knows the ups and,the downs the pitfalls the things that,you will come across it's inevitable you,will come across issues,when starting up your amazon store,whether it's from your suppliers whether,it's from the retail stores that you're,purchasing the products from,but most importantly compliance issues,with amazon over the years since i,started into the amazon e-commerce world,with my partner doing all the work for,me it was inevitable that i was going to,run into problems and he warned me of,that up front he says look every store,is different especially a brand new,store starting out,a lot of things can change and then over,the years things have changed even more,amazon has gotten harder and harder and,stricter and stricter when it comes to,their policies so i don't i don't want,anybody to to listen to me and then jump,into this blindly and say hey it's going,to be smooth sailing all the way because,amazon if anything has proven itself to,be a very unpredictable beast but,knowing that up front makes it a lot,easier,to overcome the hurdles that they most,likely will throw your way when doing it,and on top of that when you have a team,that is handling all the work for you,that can adjust they can take a look at,the data that's coming in and look at,the refund rates or the return rates or,the products that are being sold and,adjust based on that information,that's really critikal that's the stuff,that's going to help you be able to just,go on about your day and be happy,without you know sitting there worrying,and stressing about what's going to,happen with your amazon store because,you've got a team of guys doing it for,you so with that being said if if you're,still watching this if you're still here,then let me share with you guys how,incredibly impressed i am with sergi and,his team and the whole digital global,nomads company that handles all of my,amazon drop shipping it handles tons of,my friends drop shipping and let me also,put out a disclaimer here first and,foremost i do not earn,anything from you starting an amazon,store with sergi let me put that out,there point blank it's in the,description of this video as well i do,not earn any kind of affiliate,commission now i'm i'm a huge affiliate,marketer i've been doing that for years,online so this is very different for me,i want to do this because i want you,guys to actually be led and steered in,the right direction because there is so,much misinformation out there online,whether it's on tiktok on youtube,just on google about how to properly set,up and start a profitable amazon store,and sergi's got the happy customers the,track record and the proof to show you,that not only does he create and help,people set up and manage and run,fully automated profitable amazon stores,he's got the testimonials to prove it as,well hi my name is tim i just want to do,a quick video for digital global nomads,i started out with surgery and digital,global nomads back in july of this year,and my first month we did over a hundred,thousand in sales,um,we got to august over 230 000 so if,you're on the fence,you think you want to get into,e-commerce now's the time this is the,fourth quarter,and digit global nomads is definitely a,legitimate company,and they know how to get it done they're,just,plain and simple,they know what they're doing and if this,this store i'm telling you is just like,a money machine and i'm so grateful that,i came across their website and signed,up with them back,back in late june so,thanks a lot sergey for everything that,you've done so,to me that goes a lot further than,seeing some kind of flashy ad or,somebody on tiktok just you know,regurgitating information saying you,know hey this is what you guys should do,because chances are they're getting an,affiliate commission so that was one,thing i wanted you know sergio offered,me affiliate commissions say like if you,refer somebody you know i'll give you a,piece of the sales and i was like no i,wanted to be a very unbiased,straightforward me helping you guys now,if you're watching this video on youtube,you know youtube does pay me for video,content that i create but that's really,my focus these days is creating good,content for youtube that viewers want to,watch so if you're here and you're,watching this chances are you're,interested in amazon drop shipping or,walmart store setup so,with that being said i want you guys to,get a little taste and a little insight,into what sergey is like,[Music],[Music],so,this is a quick little update about my,walmart store so you can see here i made,50k,in sales from 17,to 23,september right so very updated,[Music],i've been doing amazon since uh,2017 but i was the first mo one to do,walmart automation i know what i'm doing,i have million dollar stores i've been,doing well i i'm basically the only one,who can show walmart source uh operating,for more than a year and obviously we,also know how to do amazon drop shipping,we do drop shipping on amazon we do drop,shipping on walmart but we also,obviously uh are doing wholesale fba for,amazon and wfs for uh walmart which,basically you can get in one package all,right so book a call with my team go to,digitalglobalnomads.com,[Music],all right there you have it so,that's sergi i've known this guy i've,worked with him personally like i said,he's handled my amazon store as well uh,we've we've done business together for,many years now i've really grown to,trust this guy he he has faced some huge,obstacles in his own life that he has,overcome whether it was you know a,financial,wrench that life has thrown at him or it,was some type of economical thing or,government thing because he's traveling,all around the world all the time and,then kovid hit last year and and you,know made travel very very difficult he,got stuck in japan which is not a bad,place to get stuck by the way i grew up,in japan i was very jealous that he got,stuck in japan but he got stuck there,with his wife and his and his son and um,you know he he still kept everything,running he still kept in contact with,his teams he still kept going and to me,that is the most important you want to,partner up and you want to pay somebody,to run your amazon stores for you,that is not afraid,to,get rough when the road gets rough,meaning that they they're not they're,not afraid to do wha

Biggest eCommerce SCAM of 2020 and 2021 | SAMIR CHIBANE

okay so the biggest e-commerce scam in,2020,and probably will be in 2021,i'm gonna get a few people mad from uh,from recording this video or posting,this video but it honestly i think,uh it's only fair for,a lot of you guys that are either just,getting started with e-commerce or maybe,you're curious about it and you're,trying to get your feet in the door,i mean you already know it's not just,the future but it's actually,now all right so my name is sami shaban,by the way i'm here in uh,my place in in miami and i'm also the,co-founder of,modern garden uh seven-figure brand that,we launched in 2020,and you know my goal is to to uh my,personal goal just to share that with,you guys hopefully,you might share it um my goal is to,start and scale and e-commerce,conglomerate to a billion dollars okay,so just,more e-commerce brands like modern,garden uh in the future,uh if you wanna stay tuned for that,journey or you want to tap in like,you know i'm saying subscribe leave a,thumbs up turn on bell notification and,i'll be sharing,um you know what we're working on and,documenting the journey but if you want,to learn how we're doing it how we build,you know seven figure brands like modern,garden check out my only fans okay,so here's the deal here's the deal okay,the biggest e-commerce scam in 2020 in,2021,was the e-commerce was like the,pre-built stores okay the shopify or the,amazon pre-built stores i'm gonna tell,you why right now,okay i'm not telling this not an opinion,it's because actually a lot of people in,my only fans or,in our mentorship and coaching programs,have come,from um having purchased one of those,e-commerce stores that are pre-built or,pre-built brands that they thought,they're just gonna buy and,you know there's people selling it from,like 20,there's some people selling them for 10,000 right,so you know i i've heard of people,buying them again from anywhere from 20,bucks to 10,000 or even 15 000 and they get burned,all right and so then they realize oh, you know what man you know oh man,like,if i'm actually if i'm gonna want to do,this e-commerce thing i might actually,have to learn how to do it myself i'm,not going to be able to pay my way,out of it and and that's that's like the,easy way out in the sense of hey,if you want to build an e-commerce,business you know it might be,uh definitely isn't easy but,that doesn't mean that you could just,pay for it again twenty dollars or,ten thousand dollars is not enough to,for somebody to build you and manage and,run your seven,figure e-commerce brand it just doesn't,make sense now what they're doing there,though is they're preying on your,weakness,right they're preying on your weakness,why is that because you know there was a,point in time where,e-commerce was pretty easy and we can,call that like a,there was an arbitrage window where,let's just say i mean a few different,reasons,one consumers weren't really aware that,there was such a thing as drop shipping,stores that were targeting them on,facebook and instagram,right so you know they're just making,purchases but then it got to a point,where,they're like hey wait a minute all these,little dinky shopify stores,are just getting these products from,amazon i mean from from aliexpress out,in china and then sending them to us,in chinese courier mail that takes like,a month or,or two sometimes you know so that was,the first,you know kind of uh really one of the,rain,main reasons why it was pretty easy the,second reason was because facebook ads,were cheap okay i mean they still,are relatively cheap to the amount of,value and the quality of data and,accessibility that data that,we get as you know average day um,average,joes right like you can't run a,billboard for that cheap when,you can run ads for like 10 or something,like that again i'll show you how to do,that my only fans but,you know those were two main reasons but,as facebook ads started becoming a,little bit more expensive start going up,a little bit,and as this is the more important one as,consumer awareness,started getting higher and higher and,they're becoming more aware of,what it is um that these e-commerce,brands,or e-commerce stores are doing again,shipping stuff from china,they started becoming more careful so,before nowadays in 2020 2021,when people are trying to make a,purchase online they're not idiots all,right they're going to go on google,and they're going to look for similar,products to see if they can get it from,either somewhere cheaper or this is the,more important one from somebody they,already trust,like and have done business with okay,so if they don't trust your brand or,they don't trust your site guess what,they're going to do they're going to go,and find somebody else all right they're,not going to tell you about it they're,just going to go and buy from somebody,else and you're not going to know,and you're going to start blaming,yourself so if you buy some of these,pre-built e-commerce stores or pre-built,you know brands or whatever they're,calling them,and you launch right you might think,that it's you,that's doing something wrong but in,reality it's just how you're going about,it that's not the right way,so again i mean i can't stress this,enough at how much of a,of a scam that is because people they're,literally taking people's money,and especially when hits the fan,let's say like your payment processor,you know the average fires that happen,in the business right let's say your,payment processor goes down or,you get a strike on your advertising,account your facebook account or,let's say you know you get chargebacks,let's say you,you know bad customer service whatever,is bad reviews,like they're not gonna put your business,in front of theirs they're not gonna,stop,everything they're doing with their,family and they got going on to come and,save your business,only you can do that so if you,got burned right if you already bought,some of these stores or,whatever and you got burned you got,scammed i'm sorry to hear that but just,use it as a learning lesson okay,everybody gets scammed every now and,then okay even i did everybody does,all right and probably will again in the,near future but here's the thing things,you got to learn from it right you got,to understand that if you want to build,an e-commerce brand a sustainable,business,and you want to be able to manage it and,not have to depend on anybody else to,run it,you got to learn how to do it the real,way all right and again one of the best,ways you could do that is by tapping,into,my only fans literally for less than a,dollar a day i'll show you exactly,how we go about building e-commerce,brand and finding real,uh opportunity zones and how we go about,creating brands that people like trust,and want to buy from and,brag about and share on their instagram,and influencers want to be a part,all that good stuff all right all this,stuff that you aim to achieve,i'm sharing in my only fans but more,important i mean even if you're not my,only fans just make that your goal the,goal is not to get some to pay your way,out of,having a business be careful you will,get burned,you will get burned now if you're,thinking about buying one of those,stores,i'm telling you right now to save your,money sure there could be somebody,honest out there that will put you know,you in front of,uh your business in front of their own,or whatever it is but,it's going to be very unlikely that's,who you're getting it from all right and,at least if you're don't want to listen,to that piece of advice at least ask,them to see their brain their business,or tok to their clients directly,okay at least tell them to show you,proof and bank statements and all that,good stuff,all right results that they generated so,with that being said ladies and,gentlemen i'll leave this video short,here again i,feel like i'm upset a few people with,this here um,maybe the people that are selling these,stores or whatever but i don't really,give a all right honestly,you know i come fr

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THE PASSIVE INCOME SCAM - The only way e-commerce & dropshipping makes you wealthy!!!

so guys let's try something else today,because uh usually we tok about,or usually in this space people tok,about hey you want to have the passive,income and you want to quit your job,that you hate so much and you want to,have the freedom to travel and the,freedom to spend time with your family,and the freedom to work from home and,laptop lifestyle right everyone,toks about that and we as,marketers we tok about this in a,certain way because we know this is what,you want we know how much hate you hate,your job we know how much you want to,change your situation,and we we know the exact keywords and,key phrases we need to we need to pitch,you,in order for you to make a buying,decision right and and so i'm just,i'm just a bit sick of this whole online,marketing e-commerce,passive income world because i,want to be honest,right and and i want to reveal in this,video a little bit behind the scenes,what that actually means what's the,passive income why is it a scam,um especially toking about e-commerce,look we've been building,multiple seven-figure businesses uh,we've been we've been helping people,grow their e-commerce business we've,seen tremendous success,and uh i'm still not against selling,courses or programs because it can help,you know,our program is amazing it helps people,there's so much value in it,but it's just about the whole industry,how it's pitched and how it's marketed,and and this whole passive income, right so,um let me just let me just uh,tok about that for a second and if you,stik to the end of this video,this will open your eyes and will help,you tremendously to to to see,who you're following online and to maybe,see through some of the people and,what they pitch and what they offer,right because i can tell you if you have,a,million dollar amazon bill if you have a,million dollar yeah it could be an,amazon business or if you have a million,dollar,e-commerce business on your own shopify,store and,you know you see all the people toking,about this on youtube here you see all,the people toking,you know you see all their all their,rented lamborghinis and all this crap,and it's just such a horrible example to,set right they do all of this because it,shows hey,look uh because of the e-commerce i can,afford all of this and i have this,lifestyle i can travel and i have this,house and and you know like all of this,all of this crap it seems it's so,decisive,it is so dishonest because um if you,have a seven-figure,e-commerce business you're probably,taking home about,10 grand a month okay that's,120 000 a year which is a lot of money,but there's also a lot of work,associated with it there's a lot of,there are years of going through,failures to to achieve that,and it's just it just seems like,something something completely different,the 10 grand you take out a month,i made a video about that by the way i,will link that in the description where,i where where i break down a,seven-figure business,all the costs that they're having and,that's that's how i come up with this,with this 10 grand that people pay,themselves,so the the the picture that people give,you of this passive income,is completely they they say,look you can have the drop shipping,things you don't even need your own,products you don't need to worry about,uh you don't need to worry about the the,the shipping you don't need to worry,about storing it you're going to worry,about,buying inventory and all of that no,that's true but that doesn't make it a,passive income business,okay it makes it it's it's so hard to,make that work,and you can make that work and you can,make money with it but it's so hard to,make that a long-lasting,business and then if you finally make,the jump to your own e-commerce business,where you buy your own inventory,there's so much money involved into,inventory right so you you pay yourself,a hundred thousand,uh you make a hundred thousand dollar,months right and you say look i have a,i have a 30 profit margin so now i have,30 grand in the account but no you don't,because you take the majority of that,money and you put it back into buying,new inventory,because you need to pay that now to have,it 60 days in the future,right so and then there's christmas and,there's chinese new year then there are,all of these things where you need to,plan 90 days ahead and put your money in,90 days ahead where you haven't even,made the profits back,to finance that right so there's a lot,of lot a lot of,um cost associated with with inventory,and all of that,and that's why this is not a passive,income business,okay let me say that again an e-commerce,business is not a,passive income business well newstim why,do you own an e-commerce business why do,you teach people to do ecommerce because,it's great,it's an awesome awesome model it's an,awesome awesome business but,oops but it is not,a passive income business it's just not,that if you want a passive income,business,sell some some digital products make 20,grand of that a month,net half of that and and pay yourself,that because you don't have anything,associated with that,that's something where you could,actually you know be home alone on your,computer and and do some things and work,with a va,and that's it if you're serious about,making an e-commerce business work,you need to have a customer support,people that that work with you,eventually you you need to work with,programmers we're hiring one right now,eventually you need to have all you need,to you need to work with a sourcing,company you need to work with your,suppliers,you need to make sure that you're that,your cash flow is in on in order you,make,you need to make sure that your,inventory management is on point these,are all things that take time,and they take focus and they take,efforts this is not passive income if,you want to make,something real out of it if you say oh i,just want to have 10 grand over the,months,drop shipping some products well great,but that's nothing where you can,quit your job on not at all okay you,cannot quit your job,on on a thousand dollars that come from,that after all the refunds and taxes and,everything that that's processed,okay so this is not a passive income,business let me tell you,how you can actually do that though how,we do,do we use e-commerce business to build,passive income,okay because it is possible and this is,what we do um,we don't see this so short-term,minded i think a lot of people see this,too,they're selfish they're like look i want,to make a couple of grand now,so i can quit my job and that's a very,selfish approach,that's not how this works the way that,this works is you build a major brand,you you take your products in you build,a major brand,you create that income and then from,that income you have to,reinvest that income into something that,then is,uh tangible so let me let me tell you,like this for example all the gurus that,take out,two grand a month to to borrow their,lamborghinis let me tell you what's the,actual costs of those two grand a month,because,if you create a business and you're able,to take money out of it,and you take two grand months out that,is fatal,that is completely fatal because here,it's what it does to you,and and all these gurus who are setting,these wrong examples it's horrible,because this is how to actually see this,okay,let's say you take two grand out every,month,right you take two grand out that you,cannot reinvest into advertisement,if we invest two grand in advertising we,make four back,okay now let's roll this over let's say,month number one you take out two,thousand dollar,and you put them into advertisements so,you don't take them out and pay them,yourself no,you take them out you put them into,advertisement that's,month number one you made four grand,extra because you take two out you make,four back that's one's number one,one month number two you put four in you,make eight back,right now eight goes to 16 that goes to,32,that goes to 64. that goes to more than,a hundred thousand let's say you ca

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Is This E-commerce Business a Good Idea?

alex is in los angeles hi alex welcome,to the ramsey show,hi dave it's an honor to tok to you i,appreciate you taking my call sure,what's up so i'm just,looking for some general advice here on,starting an e-commerce business,specifically white labeling products on,amazon and i'll just give you a little,background on my situation,so i currently run an auto detailing,business,but i broke my foot and i luckily just,finished baby step three,and this month i'm able to get by,without dipping into my emergency fund,and still having a little bit of money,to invest in amazon,and i'm allocating exactly a thousand,dollars,to get this business going and i do have,good guidance around me i have some,mentors,therapists facebook group uh you know i,definitely have good guidance around me,but,really i'm just wondering if there's any,general advice you can lend me to,uh you know so i can have my best chance,at succeeding,so what is it um where did you discover,the idea of doing this,about a year ago i actually stumbled,across a youtube video that,it was marketing a software and uh,the guy that makes the software was you,know just toking about the amazon,experience and what it really entailed,and it really interested me so i've,actually,it wasn't just because i broke my foot i,wanted to get it started i've been,wanting to do this for a while,with that guy's software,yes so he sold you,a business idea,um well it's this so the software,is something that you you do the product,research and you do accounting and,it helps you run the business um but,really what sold me was you know him,toking about what,the you know just what white labeling,entails and,uh so uh yeah i mean the basically it,was it was kind of the culture,of this you know his company and the,software and,you know the the facebook group that i'm,involved in,also is a group of these people,that are you know they also use that,software too,but there's just you know different,amazon sellers on there and uh,so um but yeah i mean i can't really,pinpoint exactly,you know anything that sold me on it it,just sounded like uh it was just an,opportunity i got,excited about once you started,explaining it and uh you know in the,youtube video,okay well um,is white label labeling on amazon real,is drop shipping on ebay,real yes they're real there are real,ways to do that,um but more people make money doing what,he's doing than what you're toking,about doing,right um right yeah and so i worry about,how you got into this and what it's,really led you to,uh it's not to say the whole concept is,invalid,uh but uh,you know i i would not end up i would,not want to end up paying him more than,you are making and you're really going,to be close to that if you're not,careful so,uh and here's what's happening is you,you found a concept,and now you're backing into it and,really the only passion you have for,this is,making money yeah you've already paid,him more well,alex oh i'm sorry uh what'd you say,anthony you already paid him more,so actually so basically what i paid for,was,the subscription for the software and,if he sells a curriculum that,i had bought a year ago and you have,lifetime access to the curriculum that,teaches you the ins and outs like a to z,what it takes to do it and um so i,already i i already paid,a year ago for the curriculum and then,it's a yearly subscription for the,software,well here's the thing i i am not an,expert on,white labeling on amazon i mean we sell,a,ton of product uh on on,all kinds of web based things and,amazon's one of them,so uh our marketing team does a lot of,that we don't do any white label on,amazon today,uh we haven't we produce our own,products so we don't need to,but the uh but they're products we're,passionate about and so forth and,uh so so what i would,the only thing i can counsel you to do,is is this smells like a get rich quick,business in a box thing that somebody,has promised you a bunch of stuff and it,just scares me the way it feels,i'm not a hundred percent so to where,i'm ready to just slam my fist down the,table and go,you've been had uh but but i'm worried,about you,uh and so if i'm in your shoes based on,that,if i get that feeling and i'm in a,situation what do i do i get some more,information,yes about this and i'm not anthony i,don't know enough about the actual,subject to advise you,but what i can advise you is the life,and business acumen part of this is you,need some input from someone outside of,people dealing with this guy yeah you,need to find someone outside of this guy,i was hopeful when you said the facebook,group that wasn't his facebook group but,it's his face,yeah so you're not got anybody outside,of,this uh guy,and his influence that's telling you,that this can be done,and telling you where the holes are and,the upside is,and the downside is the pros and cons of,what you're looking at doing,so you need to get with some e-commerce,people that uh,that know more than i know yeah uh but,also are not,in his camp and that's before you give,him,another dime yeah absolutely so uh um,yeah we need to go make some money now,so uh,yeah so the i'll tell you what alex let,me tell you what this lines up with the,reason i'm,when i was your age um,i went to a weekend or to a one night,seminar on how to get rich in real,estate,and this guy it was 25 it wasn't free,and um he their main pitch at that,seminar was not,how to do real estate their main pitch,was that,everybody's doing it it can be done and,for three thousand dollars this weekend,at our boot camp,we will show you how to do it and then,when you went to the boot camp,i didn't go but i know the guy that was,running it years later,i got to know him and basically what he,sold was,when you went to the boot camp the next,thing they sold you was well get in our,subscribe to our thing and,when you find a property we will buy it,and we'll go in partners with you and uh,and but you have to cut us in and so it,just kept going on and going and going,and going in layers,instead of ever really just saying hey,i'm going to learn how to buy,foreclosure real estate and i'm going to,do it right which is actually what i,ended up doing,right uh aside from this but and the guy,got me started to his credit like this,guy could get you started alex,in e-commerce or white label uh with,amazon that are very real things buying,foreclosure real estate's a very real,thing,running it through that system where i,paid twenty five dollars to get to pay,three thousand dollars to get to bring,him in on all my deals,yeah that i find for him yeah,and he puts up the money ha ha um,which never really happened it never did,i never found anybody who ever did a,deal,wow i know lots of people went to the,boot camp and lots of people signed up,but i never found anybody who actually,got hit the guy to put money into it,and um you know and then later on in,nothing down real estate he went broke,like i did i went broke too,sorry both of us went from but you know,that you so,the thing is you just you need to get,something other than this guy's system,because this feels kind of like that,yeah i don't know if that makes sense or,not i'm not saying the guy's bad but it,just feels like that

Learn 6 Figure Scaling w/ Funnels Taught By Peter Pru @ the eCom Sellers Summit

hey this is the co Whitlock with the,econ seller summit and I am so excited I,have with me today mr. Peter brew he is,one of our featured speakers and you,have absolutely no idea how excited I am,for you all to hear what he has to say,because he is on day three he's on the,14th and he is in the section where we,toked about scaling your business and,the stuff that he's gonna be telling you,I'm not gonna steal it from you,so Peter please tell us a little bit,about yourself and tell us what you're,gonna be toking about during this,summit so my name is Peter Peru both,ecommerce Empire builders YouTube,channel podcasts all that good stuff but,my main strategies are primarily using,sales funnels and monthly subscription,boxes continuity programs for your,businesses we just got done shooting our,are back and forth we went for about an,hour toking about why you know maybe,Shopify isn't necessarily always the,best option to go with why Amazon FBA,isn't necessarily always the the best,option to go with if you're trying to,build a business that you're in full,control of so I think it was the most,value packed uh interview I've had and,we went through some live funnels and,honestly like I totally didn't expect to,go as deep as we were going into the,funnel so we definitely over delivered,there I'm excited to be giving you guys,a free full built out sales funnel for,those of you that are coming into the,all-access stuff I'm giving you a sales,funnel template completely built out for,e-commerce and monthly subscription in,continuity literally guys this is years,of my life,I'm giving away to you guys on my day,day three day four whatever day I'm on,and you know it was an incredible,interview I'm excited to share that with,you guys,but I've had a quite the journey with,e-commerce I started probably about ten,years ago with affiliate marketing when,I was just a freshman in college never,really took off had to get a full-time,job after graduating,they tried Shopify tried Amazon FBA made,sales in both of those business models,but I was never able to make enough,money to actually quit my job to be able,to pay myself for my business which i,think is a pretty important,you asked me like being able to pay,yourself yeah three commas businesses,which I love a lot of e-commerce,business owners are not able to pay,themselves from their business and,that's when I started using sales,funnels mostly subscription boxes,monthly continuity programs was able to,quit my nine-to-five job actually pay,myself for my business buy myself a,house right like all these amazing,things that are supposed to happen when,you start becoming a business owner and,scaling your business so I'm excited to,share that entire journey with you guys,give you some live examples of funnels,that are making seven eight figures a,year inside of that interview so I'm,really excited for that to that to be,released everybody I think everybody's,gonna have a mindset so say this lightly,I'm not trying to hype up anything by,any means but I promise you that our was,something you're definitely gonna want,to watch like two three times oh yeah,there's a lot that we went through a lot,of stuff so let me just say this my mind,is blown my mind is blown so that's the,first thing the second thing I knew of,all the speakers I wanted to get Peter I,had to give Peter I saw his session and,another summit and I was like okay I,have to track down this man and I'm,going to have to annoy him and I want,them to be part of my summit because,what he is teaching is game-changer it,is game changer for all of us that have,been doing the e-commerce thing for a,while it's a different way of doing,e-commerce it's a better way in my mind,there's a lot of aspects of it for those,of you that they'd want to scale your,business and scale it quick and you know,what you're doing so I'm not gonna give,it away you just you have to if you have,a register register now you can go to,WWE counselor summer comp to register,but the other thing is is that if you,don't have your all-access pass you need,to get it because once you watch his,session and you have like that aha,moment you are going to want to,immediately learn how to create funnels,and how to do what he's doing in the and,he's already giving you a template if,you get the all-access pass so the,tikets for the econ seller summit are,$97 right now that's the early bird the,price is going up after the 10 to the,197 which is the summit price so you,want to get it now in order for you to,be able to download and access that,that's funnel it is,it's my wife it's my boy it's a years of,my life guys and I don't say that,lightly I've split tested so many things,in these funnels and we're gonna give it,to you guys in the in the all-access,area so I may say so oh my gosh well,thank you Peter I'm so glad that you did,the session with me I'm so glad that he,brought it he brought it y'all he,brought it I'm just telling you how,honestly like I'm telling you like that,session that we did like we covered a,tremendous amount of topics going from,how to create good offers and not,selling products right because I'm not,in the game to be a commodity guys like,I'm trying to make money here how to put,that offer that you create into a funnel,a converting funnel and then driving,traffic to that funnel so you can make,those sales make that revenue in your,businesses so I'm excited for that that,session to be released to all you guys I,promise you I promise you we delivered a,ridiculous amount of value to you guys,you will have your minds blown thank you,Peter,if you haven't gotten your tiket go,grab your tiket to the econ sellers,summit the registration is absolutely,free you'll be able to watch Peters,Peters section on session I can tok on,the 14th,he's on day three but if you want to be,able to rear us the recording if you,want to be able to access the funnel,that he's toking about all the other,giveaways he's giving away a masterclass,to guys you know you really you really,need to go ahead and upgrade to the,all-access pass so thank you Peter,I am going to let you go because I know,you're a busy guy how you taking the,time and get your tiket to the summit,today absolutely thanks for having me on

🚀🤯🌱 How to Level-Up or Launch Your Shopify Store in 2021

hello this is nicole whitlock with the,ecom seller summit,and today our key feature speaker is the,amazingly awesome,the beautiful miss lissandra everett hey,lisandra,hey nicole how you doing,i am so glad to have the opportunity to,tok to you i am so looking forward to,hearing your session because we need,your session in these days,but i'm nicole whitlock i'm with the,econ seller summit,and what we are we're an online,e-commerce conference,we're actually the number one online,e-commerce conference,to learn everything and all things,e-commerce related,so you want to check us out we are going,to be broadcasting live february 22nd,through the 25th,so all you have to do is get registered,up above or down below,the partikipation your registration into,this amazing,summit is absolutely free so click on,the link up above,down below make sure you share it with,somebody else the great thing about this,summit is this is our third,annual econ seller summit oh my god i,can't believe that,it's the third and you'll sell it so,prior to this we actually used to do,physical conferences and we're actually,going to make an attempt to try and do,one this year,but in any case since we're 100 online,you don't have to go anywhere,you don't have to wear a mask you can,just watch it at your leisure,and it's going to be available for up to,somewhere around 12 to 24 hours,so click on the link up above down below,we have a lot of amazing speakers,including the beautiful the amazing miss,lissandra ever so,lisandra can you tell them a little bit,about your top yourself first of all,and a little bit about your topic for,the summit absolutely so yes i'm,alessandra everett i'm the home biz tax,lady y'all see that back there my,husband grace be with that for christmas,um but i do specialize in home business,and i come from an e-commerce background,so,i am always honored to be asked to be,at the e-com seller summit it is the,only e-com seller summit as far as i am,concerned okay,um but in this this session this year,i'm gonna be toking about,business structures i get lots of,questions about what should i do should,i have an escrow should i have an llc,and so we're going to be explaining,all of these different types of business,structures and how they pertain to your,business okay see,so this is important first of all she's,been doing this tax thing for a while,the second thing is especially with 2020,being what it was,we've all got to file taxes so this,could not come at a more opportune time,you need to get registered for the econ,seller summit make sure you click on the,link,up above or down below get registered,today share it with a friend,somebody probably started a business in,2020 so they probably need to,like really make sure that their,business structure is correct,so get registered today share it with a,friend somewhere,share it with somebody in addition to,that you know we want you to upgrade to,the all access pass because what you're,going to get is you're going to get,lisandra,over your shoulder giving you this,advice that you can hear over and over,again,the great thing about upgrading to the,all access pass is you gain,lifetime access to all of the speaker,recordings,any of the speaker notes that the,speakers want to share and all of the,amazing speaker bonuses the speakers,give you bonuses,to help you in your business and 2021 is,the year that,everyone needs to make sure that they're,in as much as possible to make sure that,their business is,running at optimal capacity because,there's just so much we need to,accomplish in 2021,because we had a very interesting 20 20.,lissandra what is your amazing bonus for,all those who upgrade to the all access,pass so everybody that upgrades to the,all access pass,gets to sit with me we are going to have,an,implementation workshop we are going to,just sit and answer questions and help,you take what you learn and put it into,practike knowledge is not power it is,the,application of knowledge that is power,so we're going to schedule a date,we'll probably be on a saturday morning,right so we'll figure that out,but that is what we're going to do so,we're going to sit for a couple of hours,and whoever comes you bring what you,have and we're gonna get those questions,answered and,and answered for you not just some,general stuff but,for you okay so let me just say this,the reality is again 2020 was so,interesting so,the fact that she is going to sit with,you in a group,setting to answer all those people who,upgrade to the all access pass,whatever questions they have about their,business and their business structure,not something that everyone else is,going to get this is exclusive for those,people,so if you're a person that has not,figured this out that doesn't know if,they got all their stuff together,you get a free consultation that i'm,confident is,over four 500 to a thousand dollars,you're getting that,with lissandra i i'm sorry i would just,upgrade to the all access pass just for,that alone,because you want to make sure especially,with the irs coming after people in 2021,you want to make sure that all your,stuff is buttoned up tight,so you need to do is get registered the,link up above or down below,and then upgrade to the all access pass,so that you can take advantage of this,amazing bonus this is an amazing bonus,this is a bonus i'm actually jealous of,i actually might just call alessandra,after this is over,and see if i can get in on that call but,in any case,if you upgrade girl you can do that,when you upgrade you get to tok to los,angeles and answer some,she said a couple of hours that is not,like that's nothing to cough at okay so,in any case,listen to i'm so glad that you're part,of the summit i'm so glad,that you're going to be sharing your,knowledge i'm so glad you're going to be,a blessing to this audience one last,thing what is one of the number one,questions that people ask you,you know over and over again that you,get when it comes to,their business what kind of business,structure is going to help me save the,most,in taxes okay well that's probably a,really good question,so hey if you want to know the answers,to that question and so much more,get registered for the ecom seller,summit click on the link up above or,down below,upgrade to the all access pass and you,too can have a one-on-one session with,miss lissandra,and get a bunch of golden nuggets so,thank you so much lissandra i am,i appreciate your time absolutely babe,well this has been nicole went live with,another episode of the econ seller,summit,we'll say bye for now,[Music],hello my name is nicole whitlock and i'm,the creator of the ecom seller summit,are you trying to get started selling on,amazon ebay or walmart,and not sure what to do or where to,start,have you been selling for years but not,getting the results you want,well then you need to get registered for,the econ seller summit,at www.ecomsellersummit.com,the ecom seller summit is the number one,e-commerce conference that covers,everything e-commerce related it will,provide,answers to all these questions and more,30 amazing e-commerce experts want to,share their secrets,to success with you,during the econ seller summit we'll,teach you how to successfully get,started selling online,how to structure your business right how,and where to source products,ways to maximize your profits,effective product research tikniques,strategies to drive more traffic to your,listings,how to successfully launch your product,brand,ways to sell on multiple platforms,marketing and ad strategies,for your products and so much more,you don't want to miss this amazing,event so get registered right now for,the econ seller summit at,www.ecomsellersummit.com,and tell a friend,[Music],hello this is nicole whitlock with ecom,seller summit and today i have with,me an amazing new speaker to the summit,we have with us ms at mr asmar gary i,was about to call you a miss,please hey what's up nicole thanks,thanks again for having me i am so gla