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Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

Have you ever seen an advertisement in an unusual place and wondered why it was there? Top advertising agencies are always coming up with innovative ideas to promote their clients' products. In this article, we will explore ten of the most unusual places where ads have been placed. As a business owner, it is important to know about these practices and their effectiveness.

Unusual Advertising Placements:

1. Flyers under windshield wipers

- Advertisers can place flyers under people's windshield wipers to attract customers. They should make the flyers as attractive as possible to catch people's attention.

2. Silhouettes

- A logo projector can be used at night to project an image onto a building wall. This method is cheap and can attract a large crowd of people.

3. Publicity stunts

- Sponsoring talented people like trapeze artists, gymnasts, or musicians to put on a public spectacle can attract a large crowd. Advertisers can slip flyers or instruct the artist to talk about their product.

4. Publish a book

- Publishing an autobiography or self-help book can be an effective way to advertise a product for those who have considerable experience in running a business and are well known in the industry.

5. Graffiti

- Advertisers can spray paint their company's name on damaged car parts and put them in front of home fences or along roadsides. Alternatively, they can pay a graffiti artist to paint their logo on walls meant for graffiti art.

6. Manhole covers

- Inscriptions on manhole covers can catch people's attention and is cheaper compared to other variants of advertising.

7. Baggage claim carousels

- Advertising on top of baggage claiming stations can attract a diverse body of customers while they wait for their baggage.

8. Lamp posts

- Lamp posts serve as good spots to catch viewers' eyes. Advertisers should create attractive ads to engage people.

9. Cars for publicity

- Car owners can put up advertisements on their cars with the help of magnetic signage or custom wraps. Cars can serve as moving billboards when it comes to advertising.

10. Credit cards or metro passes

- Advertisements on credit cards or metro passes have a wide reach, but they can be expensive.

As a business owner, it is important to think outside the box when it comes to advertising. Unusual advertising placements can be highly effective and cost-efficient. The ten places mentioned in this article are just a few examples of where top advertising agencies have put ads. By using these innovative marketing ideas, you can raise brand awareness and attract more customers.

Where to place ads on your site

Welcome to the Ad Manager video series! I'm Claudia, and in this video, we'll be discussing where to place ads on your site and the best practices to follow.

- Whether you're new to setting up ads on your site or optimizing ad placements, this video can help.

- We'll cover optimal positions for ads on your site and popular ad unit sizes.

Key Areas of Your Site:

- Above the fold: all content visible before scrolling.

- Below the fold: anything visible after scrolling.

- Consider placing ads both above and below the fold.

Key Positions for Ads:

- Right rail position and left rail position.

- Use popular ad sizes to capture more demand from advertisers.

- Square or vertical ad sizes for right or left rail.

- Leaderboard position at the top and anchor position at the bottom.

- Most popular sizes for leaderboard and anchor ads are typically wide rectangles.

Why Display Ads in Optimal Locations:

- Improve viewability, a metric used by advertisers to gauge how likely someone will see your ad.

- Advertisers are willing to pay more for highly viewable ads.

- Stay tuned for our next video on viewability and user experience.

- Scan the QR code for more information on ad sizes.

- Improving viewability can improve your CPMS.

- Don't forget to subscribe for more tips on Ad Manager.

Crunchbang++ 11 (Bullseye)

Crunchbang Plus Plus: A Look at the Latest Build

We take a look at the most recent build of Crunchbang Plus Plus, which was built in September 2021 for the latest Debian release. Crunchbang Plus Plus is developed alongside Bunsen Labs, both born out of the ashes of the original Crunchbang.


Crunchbang Plus Plus is a Debian-based distribution offering speed, style, and substance using the nimble Openbox Window Manager. It provides a modern, fully-featured GNU/Linux system without sacrificing performance. Crunchbang development has ended, but it inspired excellent spin-off projects like Crunchbang Plus Plus and Bunsen Labs.

New Features:

The latest build includes Python 3 rewriting, new packages for Openbox supporting apps, and the Crunchbang Plus Plus icon theme based on the latest Fianza set. The build also has bug fixes and uses the Linux 5.10 kernel, as standard with Bullseye.


Crunchbang Plus Plus comes with a range of applications, including Firefox ESR, PCManFM, Genie, VLC, and LibreOffice. It also features a file search tool, archive manager, task manager, and a screenshot utility. Users can install additional software and Dropbox straight from the menu.


Users can edit the XML menu file, the RC XML, and the auto-start in the openbox configuration files. They can also reconfigure or restart the GUI or the conkey.

Crunchbang Plus Plus is an excellent choice for those who want a fast, lightweight, and customizable operating system. It comes with a range of essential applications and offers extensive configuration options. With its latest build based on Debian 11, Bullseye, Crunchbang Plus Plus is a must-try for any GNU/Linux enthusiast.

4x ROAS if these 4 Pillars are in place || Facebook ad guide for 2023

The Four Pillars of a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook advertising has become an essential part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. However, not everyone who runs a Facebook ad campaign sees the desired results. This is because they may not be aware of the four pillars of a successful Facebook ad campaign. In this article, we will discuss these four pillars and how they can help you run a profitable Facebook ad campaign.

Pillar 1: The Funnel

- The funnel is the path that a customer follows to make a purchase.

- It is essential to map out this entire process to ensure that the customer takes the desired action.

- A trust-building process is crucial before promoting any offer or service through Facebook ads.

- Lead magnets are a great way to build trust and get more leads.

Pillar 2: Targeting Options

- It is crucial to know your customer well to run a successful Facebook ad campaign.

- Demographic and interest-based targeting are the two ways to target your ideal customer on Facebook.

- Knowing the age group, location, language, and interests of your customer can help you create a granular targeting system.

Pillar 3: Creatives

- The image or video is what the customer will see in the ad, and it is essential to create compelling creatives to get their attention.

- Facebook recommends that only 20% of the image should contain text, and the remaining 80% should be photos.

- Creatives should be relevant to the offer or service you are promoting.

Pillar 4: Optimization

- Optimization is the process of improving the performance of your Facebook ad campaign.

- It involves testing different targeting options, creatives, and ad placements to find the best combination that generates the desired results.

- Regular monitoring of the ad campaign is necessary to optimize it for better performance.

Understanding the four pillars of a successful Facebook ad campaign can help you create a profitable ad campaign. By mapping out the funnel, knowing your ideal customer, creating compelling creatives, and optimizing the ad campaign, you can increase your chances of success. Remember, running a successful Facebook ad campaign takes time and effort, but with the right strategy, you can achieve your marketing goals.

YouTube Ads Are Going To The Wrong Places? DO THIS

- Have you noticed a decrease in the performance of your YouTube ad campaigns lately?

- In this video, we will discuss the possible causes and how to prevent them in the future.

The Changes in Google's Updates:

- Google has been rolling out updates for YouTube ads.

- The most significant change is that they are manually forcing everyone to advertise not just on YouTube but also on their display partner network.

- These placements can often be a waste of money and can bring down the entire performance of your campaigns.

- Google has been placing ads on irrelevant places such as mobile and third-party apps.


- Add a code to your master exclusion list to prevent your ads from being placed on third-party display networks.

- Manually check all bad placements and exclude them from your campaigns.

- Re-enable old campaigns and change the settings to access old placement options.

- Always watch where your ads are being placed and exclude bad placements from your master exclusion list.

- To avoid the negative effects of Google's updates on your ad campaigns, always monitor where your ads are being placed and exclude bad placements from your campaigns.

- With these solutions, you can continue to get great results from your YouTube ad campaigns.

Podcast Ads And The 3 EASIEST Places To Start (Podcast Advertising Example)

Are you looking to grow your podcast audience by buying ads? In this article, we will show you three ways to buy ads for your podcast and share real results from our experiences with them.

- Welcome to Podcast School

- We will be discussing podcast ads and three platforms to use

- We will share real results and backend dashboards to show how much we spent and the results we got

Platform 1: Spotify

- Ad Studio Spotify is easy to create an account and create ads

- A call to action should be early in the ad

- Spotify is more of a branding play, not focused on direct click-through rates

- We targeted a female demo aged 35+

- Our ad spend was $330

- The ad reached 15,580 people with a frequency of 1.24

- The click-through rate was 0.86, with 166 clicks

Platform 2: Overcast

- You can directly attribute subscriptions to your podcast

- Super basic platform with impressions, ad spend, taps, and subscribers

- The subheadline can be changed, and the subscription rate is important

- Our ad spend was $340 and $330

- The tap rates were 2.1% and 4.6%, with subscription rates of 2.3% and 4.2%

Platform 3: Castro

- A newer platform for podcast ads

- Castro FM for slash promote is the place to purchase ads

- Prices fluctuate based on demand

- You can get email updates when new ad spots become available

- Buying ads for your podcast can be beneficial for growing your audience

- Spotify, Overcast, and Castro are three platforms to consider

- A call to action should be early in the ad

- Directly attributing subscriptions to your podcast is possible with Overcast and Castro

How to place ads|/where should I place my ads/ which ads are best /AdSense ads type| OnTeque

In this article, we will be discussing the incidence of Adams display in article Adams Multiplex eggs and how to use search engine eight for higher review. We will also discuss where to plant it and how it can give revenue in different ways.

Adams Display:

- The Adams display can be placed anywhere on a website, including the sidebar or in the middle of content.

- It has no side effects and can be used universally.

- It is recommended to use the MP sign if unsure about which ad to use.

Article Adams:

- Article Adams should be placed in the middle of content.

- It can be used to test if your content is unique and can generate more revenue with more clicks.


- Multiplex can be used to show related content in a column.

- It can generate more revenue with more clicks.

Search Engine Eight:

- Using search engine eight can improve your search results and generate revenue from clicks.

- Enabling tow ads can provide a balance between different types of ads.

In conclusion, Adams display, article Adams, multiplex, and search engine eight can all be used to generate revenue on a website. It is important to place them in the right location and use them effectively to increase clicks and revenue.

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