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pop up ads on iphone

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

In this video, I will be showing you how to block all ads on your iPhone in any app, using a method that is free and works on iOS 15. I will demonstrate the before and after results of using this method, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to download and use the necessary app.

Blocking Ads on iPhone:

1. Download the Luna VPN app

- This app cannot be downloaded from the App Store, so you will need to follow specific instructions to download it from Google.

2. Install Luna VPN

- After downloading the app, you will need to install it and create a VPN profile.

3. Connect to Luna VPN

- Once you have installed Luna VPN, connect to it through your iPhone's settings.

4. Enjoy Ad-Free Browsing

- Now, you can enjoy ad-free browsing on any app, including games, movies, and more.

By following these simple steps, you can easily block all ads on your iPhone and enjoy a seamless browsing experience. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more useful tips and tricks!

Stop Pop Up Ads on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Are you tired of getting annoying pop-up ads on your Apple device? In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to stop pop-up ads on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Steps to Stop Pop-up Ads:

1. Close the pop-up ad: To close the pop-up ad, tap the rightmost icon in the bottom of the Safari browser, swipe the page left to close it, or tap on the X. Alternatively, swipe from the bottom to close the Safari browser itself, and then swipe upwards to close it.

2. Disable sounds, badges, and pop-up alerts: Under settings, go to notifications, show previews, and select never. You can turn these settings back on at any time if you want.

3. Check your Safari settings: Under settings, go to Safari, and check that the block pop-ups button is toggled on and green.

4. Clear your Safari history: Under settings, scroll down to clear history and website data. Before hitting clear, cancel and scroll down to advanced, tap website data, and delete browsing history, website data, and cookies from individual websites only.

5. Reset the advertiser identifier: Under settings, go to privacy, advertising, and make sure limit ad tracking is green. Tap reset advertising identifier to opt-out of targeted ads.

6. Remove any new apps: If you have added any new apps, remove it and see if the pop-ups stop after you remove that app. To remove the app, tap and hold and tap delete app.

7. Install an anti-malware app: Install the Malwarebytes app from the Malwarebytes website to scan your phone and remove any malware. Alternatively, look for other similar apps in the App Store.

8. Reset your device: If you're still getting pop-ups after following all the steps, do a backup to iCloud and reset your device back to factory defaults.

Follow these simple steps to get rid of annoying pop-up ads on your Apple device. Remember to always be cautious of scam pop-up ads, and don't fall for the trap of providing personal details in return for a smart phone.

How to Block Pop-up Ads on Safari!

Are you tired of annoying pop-up ads while browsing on Safari? Do you want to block them and improve your browsing experience? Look no further, because in this video, we will show you how to block ads on your Safari browser using Adblock Pro.

- Have you been interrupted by pop-up ads while browsing on Safari?

- In this video, we will show you how to block ads and improve your browsing experience.

Why block ads:

- Interrupts streaming and browsing experience

- Can be scams or viruses

- Uses up more data and slows down website loading

How to block ads with Adblock Pro:

- Download Adblock Pro from the App Store (free)

- Enable Adblock Pro in Safari settings

- Block pop-up notifications in Safari settings

- Customize ad blocking in Adblock Pro settings

- Update Adblock Pro to the latest version

- Activate Adblock Pro in Safari

- Blocking ads with Adblock Pro can improve your browsing experience and save data

- Adblock Pro is easy to use and customizable

- Try it out and let us know how it works for you!

How to Block All In-App Advertisements on Your iPhone!

How to Remove Ads on Your iOS Device

Do you find in-app advertisements on your iOS device annoying? They can be quite disruptive and slow down your device. However, there are two easy ways to remove or block these ads on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. In this article, we will discuss these methods and show you how to implement them.

Method 1: Turning Off Data and Wi-Fi Connections

- If you turn off your data and Wi-Fi connections and reload the app, you can block all of the ads on your iOS device.

- This method may not be ideal for apps that require an internet connection to function.

Method 2: Installing a VPN

- You can install a VPN, such as Luna Lu, to remove ads even with your internet connection turned on.

- Once you download and open the app, connect to the VPN by clicking the power button in the middle.

- The app will take you to the VPN page in your settings app, where you will enter your passcode to connect.

- Once connected, the app will remove all ads on your device.

Removing in-app advertisements on your iOS device is easy and can save you time and data. By using one of the methods mentioned above, you can enjoy your apps without any annoying ads. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

How to Block Popup Ads on iPhone with this VPN!

Hey guys, it's Tom Spark here and today we're going to talk about how to block ads on mobile phones. Are you tired of annoying pop-ups and ads that hinder your browsing experience? Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll show you how to get rid of those pesky ads and pop-ups on your mobile phone.

Methods to Block Ads:

There are three ways to block ads on mobile phones, but we've found that the third method is the most effective. Here's a breakdown of the methods we tried:

1. Using Safari on iPhone and installing extensions like Adblock - This method didn't work well, as we still encountered pop-ups and ads on most websites we visited.

2. Using the Brave browser - While this browser has good anti-tracking features and customization options, the built-in ad-blocking feature wasn't able to block ads effectively on our mobile phone.

3. Using a VPN that supports ad-blocking DNS - This is the most effective method we found to block ads on mobile phones, especially with iPhones.

Recommended VPN for Ad-Blocking:

Our top pick for ad-blocking DNS on mobile phones is TorGuard VPN. With a wide variety of settings and ad-blocking DNS support, TorGuard VPN offers fast connection speeds and effective ad-blocking capabilities. Simply toggle on the ad-blocking DNS feature, connect to a server nearby, and enjoy ad-free browsing on your mobile phone.

Affiliate Disclosure:

While we're not sponsored by TorGuard VPN, we are an affiliate and earn a small commission when you use our code or link. We've also reviewed other VPN providers, but TorGuard VPN is our chosen solution for ad-blocking DNS on mobile phones.

If you're looking to block ads and pop-ups on your mobile phone, we recommend using a VPN with ad-blocking DNS support like TorGuard VPN or NordVPN. Don't waste your time with browser extensions or built-in ad-blocking features - they're not as effective as VPNs with ad-blocking DNS. Try TorGuard VPN today and enjoy ad-free browsing on your mobile phone. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you in the next video!

How To Stop Pop Up Ads On Chrome Android & iPhone | Block Pop Ups

- In this article, we will learn how to block pop-up advertisements on your phone while browsing streaming websites.


- Pop-ups and advertisements can be annoying and ruin the user experience while watching movies, TV shows, or anime on streaming websites.

- Most streaming websites are known for massive pop-ups that appear each time a user taps on something on the web page.


- Use Google Chrome extensions on the Yandex browser to block pop-ups and annoying advertisements.

- Install Adblock Ultimate and Pop-up Blocker Chrome extensions from the Chrome store to stop pop-ups and ads from appearing.

- The Yandex browser is built on the Google Chrome browser, and it supports Google Chrome extensions, making it easy to block ads and pop-ups on streaming websites.

- Once the extensions are installed, access the streaming website and enjoy uninterrupted viewing.


1. Install the Yandex browser from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Open the browser and access Google.com.

3. Search for Adblock Ultimate and install the exact extension that supports the mobile version.

4. Access Chrome.Google.com from the search results and tap on Add to Chrome to add the Adblock Ultimate extension.

5. Search for Pop-up Blocker Chrome and install the extension.

6. Access the streaming website and enjoy uninterrupted viewing without pop-ups or ads.


- Blocking pop-ups and ads can improve the user experience while browsing streaming websites.

- The extensions used in this article are reliable and effective in blocking pop-ups and ads.

- By using Google Chrome extensions on the Yandex browser, users can block pop-up advertisements while browsing streaming websites on their phones.

- Adblock Ultimate and Pop-up Blocker Chrome are effective extensions in stopping pop-ups and ads from appearing.

- Enjoy uninterrupted viewing on streaming websites with these simple steps.


Pop Ups: What They Are and How to Deal with Them

- Pop ups are a common annoyance when browsing the internet, but what are they exactly?

- Are they a threat to your phone's security and how can you get rid of them?

- In this article, we'll answer all of these questions and more.

What are Pop Ups?

- Pop ups are anything that appears over your web page and are often used by advertisers to make money.

- However, some pop ups can be fake and lead you to sites where you may unwittingly give away personal or financial information.

- It's important to be aware of what you're clicking on and to not interact with the pop up if you're unsure.

- Avoid clicking on anything within the pop up and instead, close the browser altogether.

How to Deal with Pop Ups:

- For iPhone users, you can block pop ups and fraudulent website warnings by going into your settings.

- Make sure to update your iOS to the latest version for added security.

- For Android users, disabling the pop ups button in your web browser settings can help.

- Consider using web browsers that are known for blocking pop ups, such as Firefox or Ghostery.

- Malwarebytes is a recommended app for protecting your phone from malware that may come from pop ups.

- Pop ups are an annoyance, but they don't necessarily mean your phone has been hacked.

- It's important to be cautious and not interact with pop ups if you're unsure.

- Taking the necessary precautions, such as updating your phone's software and using anti-malware apps, can help keep your phone safe from potential threats.

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