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posture corrector dropshipping

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

[Case Study] How This Dropshipping Store Generated $1M Per Month

hey everyone, Gabriel, here and in this video I'm gonna be doing a case study on a very successful drop shipping store that generates an estimated 1 million dollars per month in revenue, and the majority of that comes from just one product. now, this is not one of my stores, but this is a store that I've been following for a while, and by looking at the way that they do things, especially the way that they run Facebook ads, I've been able to learn a lot and take some of that to implement for my own stores, and so I thought that it'd be a good idea to make this case study video where I really break down their strategy and give you my perspective on why they're doing so well, and hopefully you guys can learn a lot from that. so, without wasting any more time, let's just hop right into the case study. alright, so I want to start off by giving you a little overview about the store- what they sell, what their store looks like, etc. and then I'm actually gonna dive deep into their advertising strategy and show you how their ads evolved over time and how they stayed consistent with their facebook ads for almost a year, and how they're still staying consistent right now, a year after they launched, and so that's the part that I'm most excited for: breaking down the ads. but just so you guys get a better understanding, I'm gonna give you a little overview first. so the store was created on April 30th 2018, so just over a year ago from the time that I'm recording this video, and I know this by checking their page information, right. so I went on their Facebook page and then I just went to the info and ads section and I saw that this page was created on April 30th and in the last six months, they're averaging six hundred thirty thousand visitors per month. now, this is an estimate by similarweb, but that's a lot of visitors, right. so they're doing very, very well for themselves. now I actually just want to hop into their website quickly to give you an idea of what it looks like, all right? so here we are on little style shop calm. this is their store, and, as you can see, it's quite underwhelming, right. this isn't what you'd expect a seven-figure store to look like. they don't even have a logo, they're just using dpu theme, and it's not even customized very well, right. they have all this white space here, which looks kind of odd. I'm not a huge fan of this banner here, and overall they're just a general store that sells a bunch of random products, right, they even have duplicates of their products here, which is really confusing and really weird. so clearly as you can see, making a good, fancy-looking store, making their store look really nice, was not a priority for them out. what they did focus on is making really really good odds- and I'm gonna get into that in a few minutes- and the second thing is picking really good products. so the design of their store really wasn't a big factor for them here. now, in terms of products, their biggest product by far was this posture corrector. here, the the vast majority of their sales in traffic, I would think, came from this one product. I did a bit of research and this, you know this- is by far what they advertised the most. this other product here, this bunion corrector. they also advertised it a little bit, but not nearly at the scale at which this product was being advertised. so let's take a look at the product page now. the product page actually looks quite nice, although they don't have a logo here, which I really do find quite quite strange that they don't. they don't have a logo at this point, but the product page is actually quite nice. so they have, you know, the product photos here showing both men and women, which is great. the product is selling for twenty seven fifty, which you know that's a good price, considering that it's four dollars and 30 cents with 7 day shipping. actually, now the 7 day shipping is 350, right? so for like eight dollars or less than eight dollars, they can get seven day shipping for this product. so they have really good margins for this product and they're doing quantity breaks here, which is great. and then the product description is very well done. so why do I need this? and then they're explaining why poor posture is bad for you, and you know why. you know why you should give this a shot. sizing instructions, why body wellness? and then- this is another thing that they think I think they did really well is objection handling. in the case of this posture corrector, one of the most common objections is: this is going to weaken my muscles, right, if I rely on a posture corrector to have a good posture when I take it off, it's going to weaken my muscles. and so they handled that objection right. here we'll this week in my back muscles? no, it will not. and then they explain why it doesn't. well, this pinched my arms and shoulders. same thing, right? this is another objection that people might have. can women wear this too? can I wear it under my shirt? right, that's another objection that people have. they don't want people to know they're wearing a posture corrector, so if they can wear it under their shirt, then they're more. you know. they're okay to buy it. and then here they have some testimonials, which is also good. and then here another common objection, why people don't want to buy from your site is what if I don't like it, right, is there an easy way to return it or to get a refund? and so they handle that right here. easy refunds, but if, for whatever reason, you're not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our customer support to get an easy refund. so they're handling that objection here. and then the shipping times. here, this is also good. high demand order arrives between nine to thirteen days on average. this is good. it's really good to be transparent about your shipping times, even if they're- you know, they're not the fastest. nine to thirteen days on average, that's not that fast, it's pretty good, and it's, you know, when you have the shipping time, that's good. you should be very transparent about it, because a lot of people have ordered from Facebook ads in the past and they have to wait over a month, right. and so if you reassure them that your orders gonna arrive between nine to thirteen days, you know, in around two weeks they're gonna be fine with ordering from you and they're gonna appreciate the fact that you're transparent about it. and so, yeah, overall, pretty good product description, right. they really hit every point. they said: why do you need it? they outlined the problem and then they handled all the objections that people could have to ordering. but we want to test, Amade, how much this store is actually making. we could look at the average number of visitors per month that they're getting, which is six hundred thirty thousand per month, according to similarweb, and we could look at the estimated earnings per visitor and to calculate this we can use the average order value and the conversion rate. so if we estimate the average order value to be at 30 US dollars, which i think is reasonable, they're selling the posture corrector for twenty seven and then they have, you know, a few upsells and discounted pricing and so on. so if we've taken our average order value of 30 US dollars and a five percent conversion rate, that would be one point five dollars per visitor, and so this would take us to an estimated nine hundred and forty five thousand per month in revenue. now, this is a conservative estimate. obviously, I have no way of knowing how much they're actually generating exactly, but I would estimate it at nine hundred fifty K per month of revenue, and then, if we just assume twenty to twenty-five percent profit margins, which is standard for e-commerce and drop shipping, that would be 200 to 250 K per month profit. so they're making a good sum of money, they're doing very, very well for themselves and they're consistent with it, right? they've been consistent ever since April- well, ever since 2018, when they started. so a very interesting case study- and now we can get into their strategy, which is the exciting part. all right, so I'm goi.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping The Most Saturated Product For 24 Hours!

so in this video i'm gonna try dropshipping the most saturated product: [Music]. what is up? youtube's your boy jay rich, back at it with another video. if you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button down below. so if you guys have been watching my channel, you guys know i have done a whole bunch of drop shipping challenges. i basically did a drop shipping challenge for every single thing you could think of. at this point i'm basically running out of ideas, but i finally thought of a really cool idea, and that idea is to dropship the most saturated product. and for those of you are new to my channel or have been living under a rock and don't know what drop shipping is, drop shipping is basically being the middleman leveraging other suppliers to sell product without having to hold inventory of those products or having to touch it yourself. so, for example, if you find a supplier selling phone case for two dollars, you then can create a website on shopify advertising those exact phone cases for ten dollars and anytime a customer orders your phone case for ten dollars, you then order it from the supplier for two dollars and then you pocket the eight dollar difference. and for those of you that do not know what saturation means saturation, and drop shipping specifically means when there's a lot of people doing the exact same thing, so it's brought up a lot when they're solving a product or a niche. so someone says the product is saturated. that means that there's a lot of people- and probably too many people- selling that product. so saturation is an interesting topic because in most cases it's just a matter of opinions. so people might say a product is saturated, but the reality is if a product is really really good, there's going to be a lot of people selling that product, but if the demand for it is still really hot, you could make a ton of money selling that product too. so what i wanted to do was i wanted to find out what the most saturated product in the world was. so what i did was i asked my father's what product they thought was the most saturated. so, although some people said do those, the most common answer for the most saturated product in the world was posture correctors. so for those of you that are not familiar with this product, this product is basically a brace that you put on your back and it fixes your posture. so this product is really popular, especially during this time because a lot of people are working from home, so they're on their laptop, their computer desk, their phone, and if you're on your laptop or computer desk, your posture is usually always bad. most people actually have pad posture, and even me, i probably need this product myself. so, as you can see, this is terrible back posture right now. this right here, is good back posture. so the goal is to sit upright like this, but the majority of people, including myself, sit slouch over like this, and that's terrible for our backs as we get older. so what i'm going to do? i'm going to try to joshua this product successfully, despite a lot of people saying it's saturated. so i do not like wasting time, so we're going to get straight into it. i'm going to create the store, create the ads, find the influencers to promote and hopefully get some results with this. so, without further ado, let's get it. [Music], so [Music], so [Music]. so i just finished creating a website right now, and i do want to mention i thought of a really, really cool idea. so whenever you're selling a product that's potentially saturated, a lot of people are going to be doing the exact same thing as you. so what you need to do is you need to separate yourself from the pack and figure out how to add more value than everyone else. if you figure out how to add more value, you're going to get better results than everybody else is getting. so what i thought of- since this is tiknically in the fitness and health niche- i thought of to add a home workout plan to all orders. so what i did was: i found a free homework, i applied on the internet, i added it to the product, to the store, via the digital download shopify app, and now every time somebody orders the product, they'll also get the homework out plan included. so really, really cool, and i guarantee you that nobody else is doing this. so you have to figure out how to add more value, and by doing this, i'm just adding an extra product to make it seem like the customer is getting more value than what they're paying for. all right. so now that that's finished, it's now time to create the advertisement. what i'm actually going to be using is the number one and most popular video editing service there is in the world for draw shippers, and that's vowel ecommercecom. so i actually want to show you guys how i'm doing this, because this is definitely a game changer in the drop shipping world. so what you're going to do is head over to viralecomscom, and this is their home page, as you can see. if you scroll down, you can see their products that they're offering. so they have one video ad, the video adds five video ads and ten video ads as well, and if you scroll down, they also have one product with four different ad variations. so if you wanted to test different app variations with the product, you would choose this package, and if we scroll down a little bit more, this is my favorite product to get from them. this is what i always get, and it's a one video ad with three animation clips. it's a combo package, so it comes with one video added with real humans using the actual product and then three different animation clips. so variations of three different animations that they create themselves was really, really cool. so if you definitely want to have multiple different options and test different- you know- videos and animation clips, i definitely recommend getting this package, and so once you select your package that you want, what you're going to do is you're going to scroll up and then go to the add submission form, and then what you basically do is just fill out the forms to put your first and last name your email address, the package that you bought, the product link, and for this i usually put the aliexpress product link. so i'll go to the aliexpress product page, i'll pop the link at the top and then i'll paste that onto here and then put your product name. you can put your product description, if you want to, and then put any specific notes that you want them to include in the video ads that they create. so if your product has a special feature or something about your product that is special that it offers, definitely put that right here for them to include. and then, lastly, upload your store logo, if you have one, and once that is all done, you then just hit submit and your video ads will be delivered between one or three business days, so they have a really really quick turnaround time. and, lastly, i do want to mention that they have this really really cool vip program, which is super dope. if you really take this seriously and test a lot of different products, like i do, you'll save a ton of money. you'll say, 25 off all ad packages. you get delivery on the weekends, but the best thing about this vip membership is that you get 24-hour delivery on all your app videos. so this is killer because it saves you a ton of time and money, which is vital in running a drop shipping business. so i definitely definitely recommend this vip membership if you're really trying to take this drop shipping game seriously, because this right here will save you a ton of time and money in the long run. all right, so i just finished ordering a video ads from valet ecomscom, so now it's time to find and contact the influencers. so for the past day, i've been finding and contacting influencers, and usually i would try to go for some mean page or some fitness themed page, but for this example, i want to actually use a real fitness influencer. this product is kind of in the fitness niche and it has a free homework output included with every purchase, so she'll do really really well with a fitness audience. so what i did was


⚠️DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING - Products that Will LOSE You Money) | SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING

I'm gonna be warning you about these five products. you should not dropship on Alex West, especially if you're a newbie. hey guys, my name is Sagar. I'm making this video so you get a letter from other people's mistake and the were losing money on Facebook ads. so if you watch the whole video and actually implemented, you're already ahead of 90 percent of the rookie drops- people who are gonna be stuck on this product and I doomed to fail and lose money. so actually I want to show you the results because a lot of new people are coming on my store and they want to know what makes me confident. you tok about dropship me in the first place, so I'm gonna refresh the screen right here. these are sales from today. I know a lot of people gonna say it's fake because they just don't even think it's possible in the first place, and I kind of agree with you. I was in your shoes one time. but let's just go from Black Friday to today, which is five days, and they did. 179 came last five days, which is, I think, really good number, and I do a little video where I share how much I really made from this, because all that people always want to know: oh, what's the profit margin? enough for the number? let's just show you guys what you guys came her for. do not block ship this. five islands newbie edition. these are for newbies by Sagar Miller. okay, the first one is watches. I feel like the trend is over. just whatever watch you have, throw it outside. you don't want to sell anymore watches. watches is done, sunglasses is done, bracelet is done. it just requires a perfect build, a brand, fast shipping and something unique about your watch, something more creative. and you need a lot of influence, of push to sell these three products nowadays because there's so much competition and em be empty. I don't know if you know that it's a watch company. they're sort of for two hundred million dollars. imagine how big they are that they sold for two hundred million dollars- just a watch company. so that's what I'm saying: avoid this new product aboard these three products. if they require a brand and people can buy this stuff at- you know local stores, so it really doesn't make them anything unique as it gets key right here. a lot of people like buzz Sagar. there's a lot of sales- 551 thousand dollars on Aliexpress. I don't know if you know that Alex presses like Amazon in China. people literally go on there just to buy stuff that does not guarantee anything. just cause there's orders doesn't guarantee anything. member that. so this is what you want to do. if you really still love watching and you absolutely want to sell it, don't tell this watch. sell this right here. this is a smart watch. this is like a some medical watch where it tracks your heartbeat and blood pressure. you want to sell something like this unique, which people really can go to Walmart or local store and buy it. like I said, the trend is over for watches. if you want to sell it, sell this thing. you know some smart watches- they're kind of coming up and, of course, people are getting smarter. they're not gonna buy you a folio watch, the same watch they know they can. they have seen a llama for $9.99. our major, major brands are pushing their watches for $15.99, 2099. so you know, did not sell products that are available in stores. we already toked about this, but deeper dives on the set channel. you don't want to sell products that are available in Walmart. and another thing is that people know that are available in stores, so there's damn near everything available locally, but people don't know where to get them because this watch right here. SmartWatch, I'm pretty sure if you really try to find it, you can buy it somewhere locally, but then people don't really know that. but this was right here. people know where to go. people will go to the local store- Walmart or something like that, and Target. I'm thinking: why buy the watch? so remember that. sell something innovative. these three are no, no, no. I hate it every time you guys send me a store and want me to review them and click on and there's watches there. I absolutely hate them and remember, this list is for me. me. all the products I'm gonna share in this list is for newbies. if you are a professional, you can definitely go ahead and still sell these. you know, if you're, if you have good experience with dropshipping, ecommerce in general, I feel like you can still make them work. absolutely, you can make them working to make a brand. I really make a lot of money. but if you're a newbie, stay away from these. another thing is: don't sell products that doesn't have a package shipping, and that's a no-go for newbies, because if you don't have a packet, there's a little green thing that comes up on Aliexpress. if it doesn't have that, that because this product will take at least 20 to 40 days to get shipped, and that means you are making a hole for yourself for dispute, refunds and charge bags. so a word: that if a product doesn't have he beggars shipping. and make sure this thing- that you have terms of Service, Privacy Policy and refund policies on your store. I'm gonna show you how to do that. so all you have to do is go to settings and then select legal- alright. so, as you guys can see, I went to settings and then you go to legal right here, and then what you do is you do create from template. it will automatikally generate a refund policy, it will automatikally generate a privacy policy, will automatikally generate a Terms of Service. this is very important, otherwise you'll get. you cannot sell legally on Facebook. we don't have these three options on your store and I'm gonna show you how you can add them. so you first add them. of course you want to edit them. make sure everything is good, read through it, make sure it matches with your store, with your story and all that. put your right address right here. so you do want to read through them. there's money will do. is this harder? you just select the whole thing: ctrl a + ctrl C. you copy the whole text and you do it add page and you do privacy policy. I think I'm spelling it's. this is Terms of Service. so you want to do terms off sir ways. we add the right there, boom, and you save it. and then how you add this to your store is you go to navigation. so you, of course, after you added a Terms of Service, privacy policy, different policy. you want to go to footer menu right here, and you do is add menu items. you click on whatever you want. I wanted to say terms of sir list, and you click on here, right here, and you go to pages and you select the page you just did. it's just not popping up. it will pop up in a minute. and then you select a page right there and won't you add it and then it's done. so this is very important, otherwise you will get your down bend, face book on and Shopify doesn't legally allow you to run your store - alright. so the next one is flat iPhone cases which have nothing unique about them, and here pod cases. let's just stop this. let's just put an end to all this one again, people have the same issue. there's so many artists, like I told you guys, this is actually Amazon. in China people buy this product and it's 84 cents and a lot of people already kind of know that this is a cheap product and if they paid $20 for this they're gonna be pissed. you already know that. so it's super hard to be profitable. through Facebook Ads you can probably sell them to mainstream influencers. I really never seen a successful store. I know some people sell it and they are really not that successful. there are some unique cases, like I've seen some off-white trademark cases. they go for $20 but, like I said, never seen crazy success stories. it's just they sell some amount of it and I don't know if you know that you can actually now start finding them locally. I can find them at a gas station, I don't know. buy you one just because it's high-volume doesn't guarantee winning, probably. remember that. so don't get carried away about this. don't sell airport costs cases. don't sell flat iphone cases. you still can sell iphone cases- the one with they have battery built in or something unique about th.

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Top 5 Best Back Brace Posture in 2021

Hai Anjing kau hai hai Mbok anjing kau Hi Ho.

Best Dropshipping Products | Top Winning Products | Shopify Winning Products

uh. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. hi guys, and welcome back to the channel. in today's video, we're going to tok about three hot drop shipping products that you can get started selling anywhere in the world today. if you want to learn more about drop shipping, print on demand and making money online, then make sure you smash that subscribe button as well as the thumbs up button without further ado. let's jump into today's video. so jumping into the first product over on the fulfillment website. all of them are linked down below, guys, so if you want to go check any of these out after, then make sure you go and check them out in the description. this is a you are wizards, dnd hollowed metal, die set dragon. now, you might not know what that is, you might not be interested in things like that, but that doesn't really matter, because what we're looking for is things that we can sell into partikular niches for different people. this, i have found out, is for a dungeons and a dragons game, which i am myself not that interested in doing, but i know that it's a really popular niche and it's a really big thing that people all around the world are interested in playing, from all different ages, not just children, but up until adults as well. the dnd dice adopts a hollow design. our rpg, a die set, uses a dragon main element, ancient bronze skins, etc. all of this, guys, is really cool, because if you don't know much about these kind of games- like i don't- then there's all this information that you can use in order to write your product descriptions, in order to create descriptions etc. that tok to people who are interested in products like that, and, as well as that, there's loads of different information about dnd online, so you can go and target all of that information, as well as big groups on facebook etc that you can target with your ads. i'm looking down below. we've got lots of details on products, lots of different pictures as well. obviously, guys, you can go away and order these products and then you can create your own videos, your own pictures, etc. which is obviously better once you test the product a bit. you can then go away and create your own videos and pictures, which is then really useful because you can upscale your website and improve the whole kind of product experience and shopping experience for your customers. now, in the age of the iphone and the age of too much tiknology, everyone is now suffering from net problems and back problems because everyone's got their head down all day focusing on their phones and whatever else, and that creates problems like lower back and upper back problems, which is really interesting, because when people get problems and painful problems, they're willing to pay money in order to correct these issues. because why wouldn't you guys? obviously, if it's an uncomfortable experience, then things like this can help, and really getting into people's problems and solving their problems for them with a product is ultimately the best way in which you can achieve success in dropshipping. so, as you can see, guys, it's a posture corrector. it's going to hit, sit comfortably around your neck and then you can see that it's going to push against your back and perhaps warn you from slumping over and sitting incorrectly. what is really nice here as well? we've got kind of various uh images for children, for adults, uh being in use, as well as kind of other features available. we've got, again, kind of more product descriptions. in the past, i've seen a similar product that wasn't actually as good looking as this has done extremely well. you've probably seen ads for it, but it was something that you had to wear around your shoulders, so perhaps less comfortable, less practikal, and this is something that would appeal, i think, to more and more people, because it's probably much easier to implement and use more regularly than the other ones i've seen in the market. so, in terms of who you target this, you can target people with back problems, people who are seeking medical advice for back issues, etc. it's a really easy product for finding markets to target and sell to, which is why this is my second pick for today. you've probably notiked around the world, from youtube to facebook and instagram. people are getting far more health orientated than perhaps they were just a few years ago, and things like this product can really take off if you target niches correctly: portable hydrogen water bottle, and it's got a really big list of all of the things that make you want to buy a product that's going to improve your health for something you're interested in like that: detoxification, better blood circulation, less body fatigue, improve blood glucose. because of the way that people are living their lives nowadays in a far more comfortable and enjoyable environment than we've heard, than we were back in the day, it means that people are now seeking ways to improve their health and lots of people have minor issues in these kind of areas, so it's a good thing that we can again target, like the posture corrector. this partikular product is going to be able to target people you can see down below, people who have problems with blood glucose, so diabetiks. you can target people in partikular areas who are seeking to get more healthy, lose weight, etc, etc. it's a huge niche and people are always willing to spend money in health and fitness niches because they all want to feel better on a daily basis. they all want to be healthier and happier individuals. it's a really easy product to target. you've got loads of instagram influencers who you could use in order to do marketing with and, if they like the product, they may well do you a shout out for free just by sending them a product. so there's lots of different ways in which you can get started selling products like this, and this is why, again, this is one of my favorites. we've got a great niche to target. it's a good product. you can see some nice images and things looking down below guys is some really cool images. what i really like to see here is kind of being put to use and showing you a bit more information about the healthy lifestyle, and you can see there's sort of different products as well that are associated with this, so that, if this is selling well, you can use those as upsells and much, much more. if you're new to drop shipping and you don't know much about how to get started, well, there's actually a way that's going to make your life much, much easier. a lot of problems come with where to source your products from. traditionally, everyone has been going to aliexpress, but this is a far better platform, in my opinion, because you can go there and you can tok to experts who are going to go and find you the best products at best prices and a completely trustworthy and reliable service, so that not only you're happy, but your customers will be happy, and that's the key to building any successful business. so make sure you go and check out in the link guys, loads of information about how they can support you from drop shipping, amazon, fba and much, much more: creating product images, creating your own branding or anything else that you really want to do in order to create a tailored drop shipping business for yourself. now, in summary, those are three products that i can see being really hot selling products for various reasons, whether they're targeting a partikular niche of passionate individuals, or whether it's targeting people with perhaps some minor health issues and injuries- that they could then have something, improve their life, and that is ultimately the key when finding a drop shipping products, something that people are passionate about or something that's going to really solve a big problem in people's lives and help them feel better about themselves. guys, i hope you've enjoyed that video. if you have, then make sure you smash the thumbs up button. all the links of everything i've toked about today is down below in the description to go check them out after this video. if you're new to the

$0-$78,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY

i'm gonna show you guys exactly how i went from zero to over seventy eight thousand dollars in just 30 days without putting any money into ads. and if you're someone that's looking to get started into drop shipping, this video is for you and it's completely beginner friendly. in order for you to come in and start your own successful drop shipping store from scratch, i'm gonna use this product as an example. this product i actually sold last year and it's a product that has made me a ton of money. we're gonna be going over exactly how i found this product. we're gonna go over the exact winning website template that i use, and also we're gonna be going over the tik tok and instagram marketing for the same exact product- so the same strategies that i use for the product that made me 78k in 30 days was actually the same strategy that i used to find the spine posture corrector product, and what was very interesting about this product is that i looked at it not as just a posture corrector but, more so, a pain relief product, and every time that i'm going and finding products- especially on the for you page with tiktok is- i try to find the benefits of the product, because you can use these benefits, and not only your website, but in the marketing as well. and the most important thing to do is looking at competitors selling that same exact product, looking at exactly what they do- right and wrong- but also just looking at it and trying to do it the best way that you can. so after finding the product on the for you page, i knew this product was something that i could really come in market uniquely and do it differently than my competitors. so in this website, as you can see, we have a lot of different gifs in here. we have different product images. we have just a lot of themes that people know exactly what they're buying from the website. and it's super important to describe all the benefits of the product in your product description, because if someone truly doesn't know what the product is going to do for them, they're going to get confused and they're not going to buy. and when you're doing drop shipping, the main goal is to get an impulsive purchase, because when people are on the for you page, they're not looking to buy products and it's up to you to make the product seem as attractive as possible and also making the product something that someone can come in and purchase impulsively. so at the start of the product description, i'd say: here at spine help center, we all know too well about back pain and, lucky for you, we are what we call back pain experts. we are here to help eliminate back pain with this device. as you can see, i'm coming in with this product description and marketing in a very unique way. as i said before, you need to look at the benefits of a product and simply lay them out super easy for all your customers to see. the one thing that you don't want to do on your website is list a bunch of paragraphs without putting any gifs or any product images in it, because people won't simply read that. so i have an image right here toking about how durable the material is, how flexible it is and simply all the benefits that the product has. we also say this is a two in one feature of the product. you can use this on the floor, but also in your chair. so we make this product simply a multi-purpose product. as you can see, this is nothing too complicated. it's very simple. you don't need to over complicate your product descriptions. you simply just need to come in, list the benefits and really explain why people would need a product like this. so the last thing that you need to do with the product is start your marketing. i'm going to show you guys three videos that collectively has generated over 35 million views with the same exact product. if you were ever uncomfortable during car rides, you need to watch this. guys, listen to my back cracking- two different levels. you guys asked for it. here's a back cracking compilation. listen. so, as you can see in those videos, you really want to do two main things inside all of your tiktok videos. the first one is the attention grabber, and this is the most important thing with all your videos, because when people are scrolling on the for you page, they're not necessarily looking at videos. they're just scanning through to see what videos are the most attractive to watch. so when making content, it's up to you to grab the attention of people that are just scrolling on the 4u page. after you have your attention grabber, the next thing is you need to describe the functionality of the product that you're selling and, depending on the product, this can be done in many different ways, but the most important thing to note is that attention grabbers are going to be the difference between your video either going viral or not going viral because, with tiktok's algorithm, the number one factor in it is watch time, and you're not gonna be able to get watch time if someone doesn't even come in and start watching your video. another thing that you can do with the product that you're selling is looking at competitors and viral videos that they've done in the past. this is something that's also very important, because if something has already gone viral in the past, it's proven to go viral and you can come in, look at all aspects of the video, use their attention grabber and just make the video better, because when drop shipping, the biggest thing that you want to do is simply take what already works, see what they did wrong and just make it 10 times better, and this is the best way to take over the market, because you simply won't really have any competition if you seem like the first and legit owner of the brand. when making your tik tok account, you need to be posting at least three times every single day. this is going to allow you to have the highest chance of going viral, because if you're not posting every day consistently, you're not gonna push out all your videos, because you need to just produce a mass amount of content, because you simply just don't know what video is gonna go viral. and when posting a lot of videos, you're able to test a bunch of attention grabbers, and when you find one that reaches around 100k to over a million views, you want to use that same attention grabber and start making different videos with different concepts, and this is the same exact strategy that has truly allowed me to scale my businesses to where they're at right now. and if you're a beginner testing products for the first time, i truly would be testing your products at least two to three weeks, and you have to remember your first product doesn't need to hit. you just need to learn all the skills, whether it's website development, marketing, etc. so, that being said, this is the exact framework that i use that allow me to go from zero to 70k in sales without putting any money into ads. now, this framework might sound pretty simple, but executing it is obviously very different. so, with that being said, i'll see you guys in the next video.