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pre-made dropshipping stores

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

I Tried Making Money With A Pre-Built Shopify Store (Scam?)

every single day, i get ads for pre-built shopify stores, and the pitch is always the same: for just 17, they'll give you a store that is instantly ready to make money. now, as someone who makes a living from e-commerce, i've always thought it sounded a little bit too good to be true. so today i'm going to be buying one of these stores, launching some facebook ads and seeing if we can make some money with it all. to answer one question: are pre-built shopify stores worth your money? let's find out. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire journey of growing my ecommerce brand. so if you're interested in starting your own online store, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. so i'm gonna go wait until i get an ad from one of these guys and then we're gonna buy our store a few moments later. all right, i was just listening to some music on youtube and i finally got the ad that i was looking for for my boy, mikey cass. he's giving away eight of these pre-built shopify stores, so i want to get it before it's too late. quick shout out to mikey as well. i i've known this kid for a while, so no hate in this video or anything like that. the store is actually only 17 and it comes with 32 products, 180 paid theme. honestly, it looks like a pretty good deal to me. i'm about to put in my credit card information and i'll let you guys know what happens after we got them. let's go, my store is purchased, so i'll let you guys know when my store is finished and we'll take a look at what we got. yes, sir, i just got the notification that my pre-built store is ready to go, so i got my laptop loaded up here and we're gonna go ahead and take a look. also, i gotta say the story came pretty quickly. it took less than 12 hours to get delivered to me, so i'm curious to see what we're gonna get. so, to keep this challenge as authentik as possible, i think it's only right that we try to pick one product from the store and launch it on facebook ads. i mean, after all, this is the exact template and products that generated him over a hundred thousand dollars a month, so it's gotta work a little bit right. all right, the pre-built store is ready to go. i got my email. the store is called shop dash reload. may not entirely sure what that means, but i hope that the story looks good. basically, i just have to go through and create a staff account real quick, so let me set that up. just accepted the invite. i have no idea what to expect. i didn't add any specifications, i'm just getting what he delivered, so i'm excited. let's get a quick drumroll real quick. before we look at this store, let's see what we've got, okay. okay, it's not not that bad. actually it's a general store. we have a couple different categories. we got a bunch of products already uploaded. it's quite random in the sense of how it's laid out. there's no real branding. the categories are very much scattered around, but in terms of a blank template, it's it's not a bad starting point. so, honestly, for 17 bucks it's not half bad, and it has a bunch of products preloaded into there. let's see if there's any apps added for us. so, yeah, we have a few apps ready to go. i mean, hey, if you're just starting out, this is not a bad point. to begin at, my biggest complaint with this store and my biggest fear about making money with it is the fact that it is so broad, it's super general and it's gonna be really hard to get a good conversion rate on a store like this. the only way to really make a lot of money with a general store like this is to have a banger product. to be honest with you, so far none of these products stand out to me, but i'm gonna do a quick scan and try to find at least one product that i think is worth promoting to try to make money with this store. after looking through every product uploaded on this store, i don't really see that much potential with any of them. to be fair, if you bought a store like this, you could just upload your own products and use the design template that they provided. but i think the whole point of selling a pre-built store, especially to a beginner who's never made money with shopify, is that it's all ready to go, ready to run ads and make money with. so, out of all the products, i like the led safety flares the best. i think this product is easy to market. it's already proven to sell online and the product page that they made is not half bad. and to keep the challenge legit, i'm not even going to make a single change to this product page, as much as i want to change the images, add some reviews, get rid of this. i want to test this store 100 as is to see if we can generate some sales with it. to launch this product, i'm going to need a video ad for facebook. i'm going to take some time tonight. i'm going to cook up a fire ad and then tomorrow i'm gonna launch this product live with you. then we're gonna look at the results and see if we made any money with this store. see you tomorrow. i just finished cooking up this video ad and i think it came out pretty decent. now, this only took me about 30 minutes to do. so this is not some steven spielberg level content, but let's take a look at it. so after that, i just show that it's used by law enforcement to add some trust to the product. i show the features and the benefits of this specific version of the product and then i just give a call to action saying: get yours to keep you and your family safe. this exact video layout is the same one that has generated me millions in sales on my e-commerce journey. so if you're looking to advertise a product, this is exactly how i would do it. now i'm gonna take this ad and launch a hundred dollar a day facebook testing campaign and i'll jump back on once that is all set up. [Music]. i just finished launching the ads for this product, so let's take a look. so i just did a simple 100 a day testing campaign. i chose some really broad interest with the big four countries. this is just a good way to gauge if people are somewhat interested in a product and validate its potential. then for the ad, i simply took the video i created, i came up with an attention grabbing copy and then i just threw the link to the store in the ad. so these ads are sitting in review right now across our fingers that it gets approved, and i'll update you once we get some results. poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east. it's officially been a full day of running ads and i have some results to share. in total, i spent about 92 dollars to make back a whopping amount of zero dollars. unfortunately, we couldn't get any sales with the pre-built store. let's look at this situation and see what went wrong. if we look at the stats of the video and how it's performing, you'll actually see that this thing's kind of busting- busting. i mean, it has a two percent ctr which, on a product test is above average and shows that people are interested in this product. in total, we had 104 people visit the website and only four of those people added to cart. so what this shows me very clearly is this: people want to buy the product, but they're losing trust when they make it to the website. the video ads sold them on the product, but by the time they made it to the website, something fell off and they lost interest, and this was my number one concern in the first place. so i think at this point, just so i don't go broke, i'm gonna go ahead and shut off the ads and, on that note, i think we can call it a wrap on this challenge. to answer the question that we started this video with, i don't really think a pre-built store is worth it. what i recommend is learning the skills to design and make a beautiful website on your own. not only is this going to allow you to create a unique website that nobody else has, but it truly unlocks a door for you to have a career with e-commerce. it's no different than somebody trying to sell you a fitness or diet plan that's going to get you ripped. sure, it might feel like it's helping you a little bit, but the only thing that's really going to get you those results is showing up in the gym and putting

I Bought And Tested 3 Stores On Fiverr... Here's What Happened - Shopify Dropshipping

hey guys, what's going on in this video? we're doing something that no one has ever done and that's ordering stores from fiverr. all right, all right, a lot of people have done it, but no one has tested like three of them in the same video. so that's what i'm doing. but yeah, without further ado, let's go straight into the video. alright? so in order for us to order a store from fiverr, we'll at least first have to find the product. so i'm gonna go on a few really, really tough hours and search for some products, i'll show you them and then we'll go over to the stores. maybe the ads first, i don't know, we'll see. and uh, yeah, that's pretty much it. i guess that means i got some work to do. so see you soon, i guess. [Music] many hours later. okay, so after scrolling cj, drop shipping- not drop us by this time. usually i would search on drop a spy, but you know, for building like stores on fiverr, it doesn't really matter too much. if you guys want to use droppers by link in the description, it's really good. but yeah, so i'm on cj and i found three products that we're gonna be testing and having the stores built for. so the first one is an electric like head massager that's also led and stuff. i haven't seen this product before. it looks really interesting. i kind of feel like i should have seen it by now, but i haven't. so i think this one's actually got some really good potential because it's pretty cheap. it's like, i don't know, we're getting one for nine dollars, like less than ten dollars. i guess we can sell one for like 35- 30 minimum. so we got a nice mark up there, uh. the second product i've seen a lot of times is this like straight hair comb, comb, i don't know. um, yeah, we're getting one for like 13.. so, yeah, not too expensive, pretty decent. i feel like it could sell. so, yeah, let's give it a go. and the final one i've seen like similar products. i've never seen this exact design. it's like an eyelid massager or something like that. it's supposed to make you look younger. people love looking younger. i guess yo guys, it's me from the future. i just wanted to show you guys one of the stores that i've been working on with a client, right, so he came to me with a product doing like 300 a day, uh, on april the 8th, and we partnered up and we managed to scale it to 1k a day in less than like 10 days and then we took it to 2.4k and we kind of had like a down date. then we scaled it up all the way up to 4.5 k and then it was doing like really good 4.5 k again, and then we kind of had to scale down because of like facebook issues and stuff, but it's still done like one to 2k a day pretty profitably and this is the main campaign in facebook. so, as you can see, it's done 117 000 in revenue and we've only spent like thirty eight thousand dollars in ads. so the ros is like 3.09. so if any of you guys are doing like 400 a day or more in revenue and you'd like to scale your store, uh, dm me on instagram or email me. i'll have my email in the description and we can get in touch and see if we can work something out. um, or if you just want to get on the mentorship, uh, feel free to dm me on instagram as well. and yeah, that's pretty much it. back to the video. and yeah, i also found the products on aliexpress, so i can do this. so, if you guys don't know, there's a tool called saturation inspector and it's so good. so it's in the chrome web store, so check them out. i'll have a link in the description as well. but yeah, it basically tells you, like how many other stores are selling your product, and this product seems to be like very untapped. it's only managed to find like two stores selling this exact same product and the really cool thing is like it gives you the link to the store so you can click on the link and it takes you to the product page and then you can see if it's horrible, if it's good, and if it's good you can like copy some of it. so it's really awesome for descriptions too. if you're like not creative, like me, then you can come in, steal a bit from this guy, a bit from this guy, and make your own description. so all right. so for the other product, it only found one store selling it. so we did pretty good. we found some unsaturated products and then the final one's probably going to be a bit more saturated, because i've seen it a few times. but yeah, let's see. and all right, it's pumping up 12 stores, all right. so only 12 stores sell on this one, which is not too much. so i think we should be safe it's. we're not selling two sacher products. this site is like. i don't know which language this is. this is something arabic, i think. if you guys want to check out, saturation inspector link in the description. and yeah, so you know, we have the products now. for time's sake, i'm going to be ordering the ads before ordering the stores, just because we're going to be waiting at least like a day or two for the stores, maybe even more so if i order the ads after that, then we're going to be running even more so. so i'm just going to order the ads beforehand and then we'll order the stores, i guess. and uh, yeah, that should be it. then we're going to be ready to go. so we're going with top notch ads. if you guys want to use top notch ads as well, i'll have my affiliate link in the description. i think i can just call it marco to say like five dollars off. so yeah, as i always say, the split tester package is always the best. yeah, so we're gonna be ordering three, uh, split testing packages and we're gonna be adding the ad copy. so, just so i don't have to write the ad copy myself, it's like 10 bucks, so not too bad. let's add the car and there we go. so let's check out nice, all right, now that i've placed the order, i'm just gonna fill out the like product submission forms. so this is gonna take a few minutes, see you guys, once i'm finished. all right, so after a decent amount of time, i finally submitted all the forms. so i guess now we can finally go to fiverr and find some gigs, maybe order some stores and, yeah, see how they turn out. so let's go there. all right. so we're on fiverr and let's search for, like shopify store and let's see what comes up. um, all right, 426 euros, that's a bit expensive for one store. 18, wow, 1700 euros, dude, that's like 2 000 or something. yeah, let's scroll a bit and let's see if we can find something that's like not incredibly expensive and looks good actually. but yeah, i'll scroll through and i'll update you guys once i found something. so, yeah, let's see a few inches later. okay, so i think i've found the first actual like listing. it did take a while, like there are a lot of bad ones, but this one's got 1400 reviews. i think this is like the best reviewed, like the highest number of reviews listing. i've found it's a level two seller, which means they've completed at least 50 orders on time with a minimum 4.7 rating. if someone's new to fiverr, um, yeah, that's what it means. and uh, yeah, two orders in queue, uh, the packages it's like 70 bucks, 110 bucks, so, yeah, it's not that big of a price difference. but you get like 10 more products, one more page and you get like responsive designs. so, yeah, premium is just standard, with more like products and stuff. so, i don't know, it's probably good as well. but let's just stik the standard, because i'm buying like three stores and, yeah, so i'm gonna be ordering from this one. now we gotta find like two more that we're gonna be using. so, see you guys soon, a few moments later. all right, so i think i found like the second person we're gonna be buying from. so the basic package is only 35 bucks, which is like super cheap. yeah, you get like three pages, 10 products, right, 10 products is really good, um, but it's not like responsive design, stuff like that. so i'm not sure what that means. but you know, i feel like it should be better. so standard is only 70 bucks, so it's not that bad at all and you get 20 products and stuff like that. so we get. we also get like five plugins here, which is awesome. uh, it's a level one seller but like really good ratings as well. so four orders in queue, that's quite a lot. yeah, i gotta find the next one, so see you soon. i hope soon after all. right, so we're on the fi.

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Where to buy a good pre-made dropshipping store?

where can you get a good pre-made store? hi guys, it's louis smith again here, and one of the questions we often get asked by people who are thinking about starting drop shipping businesses is: should i just buy a pre-made business, you know, find one that's already up and running, profitable, it's made, it's generating income? wouldn't it be better to just go and buy that? now there are two answers to this: right, yes and no. yes, it can work. it works when people are cash rich but time poor. so say, you've just taken redundancy right, so you've just had a payout of i don't know 100, 200 000 pounds because you worked a high paid job for many years. you've been given a lump sum severance package and you are cash rich and perhaps you've even got some time, but you want to spend that time elsewhere, on other projects. so it can work when you do that. if you want to buy a pre-made business that's already up and running, you can go to sites like flippercom, shopify, exchange, marketplace, empire flippers. but here's the thing to remember: perhaps it's using the high tiket drop shipping method that we teach inside our drop ship unlocked program, where it generates high tiket sales, profiting to 300 pounds per sale, and where you can offer next day delivery to customers from the uk without holding any stok, say you're doing it that way. the multiples that these businesses sell for, if you were a store owner and you wanted to sell your business, depending on the history of the store, the number of suppliers, the size of the email list, you could be looking anywhere from maybe a 25 to a 35 times multiple of the monthly net profit. so imagine, for example, you had a store that was doing 4 000 a month in profit- pretty doable, certainly with the model that we go through in our program, we've got people doing that within the first few months, right? so 4 000 pounds net profit per month from your store. it's pretty passive. you've built it up, it's got a good you know couple of years history behind it or something. imagine you sold that for a 35 times multiple. that's 140 000 pounds that a buyer or an investor would purchase that business for so that they can just plug into a business that's doing 4k per month in profit from day one, right? so you see, the downside of that for you if you're just starting is you'd need 140k to buy a business that does 4 000 per month if it's established and it's going for a 35 times multiple. but the alternative is you start a business yourself, you learn the ropes, you learn what you need to do to be able to optimize and grow one of these businesses and, as i said, the members that we work with in our program generally get to that point of doing 4 000 per month in net profit within the first few months. so it's a no-brainer start yourself, because you can basically start for nothing, especially if you join a mentorship program like ours, because you can ask us directly and we'll guide you through the process so that your investment of working with us is realized back very quickly and from then on out it's all profit. and remember, when you do that and two years down the line you decide: actually now i want to sell it. you are able to charge a 35 times multiple to sell your business. so you might have that buyer out there who's just had the huge redundancy payout or maybe they, you know, just had a huge inheritance or something and they want to buy a business. suddenly you get 140 000 pounds in one day just from having created that business that did 4k per month. so to me it's a no-brainer if you don't have huge volumes of cash and you have a bit of time. learn the ropes yourself, get it up and running. we'd be more than happy to help you. you can head over to our free training at dropshipunlockedcom forward slash free. we run a 45 minute training showing exactly how to actually do this and get started, and if you like what you saw in this video, then follow or subscribe for more of the same.


Buying PRE BUILT SHOPIFY store from ADSELLR | Website Review

okay. so i'm sure you guys have seen the ads online for pre-built shopify stores, right? like the pitch is almost always the same. so, for an initial investment, you know they're going to create a branded shopify store for you, right? so today we're actually going to be buying one of these stores and we're going to be doing some marketing for it, and it's pretty much going to answer the question, right? um, our pre-built shopify store is worth it. is it actually worth it? [Music]. so there's a lot of agencies out there who provide this type of service, but we're going to try it out with ad seller, right, which seems to be one of the most popular choices for the pre-built uh drop shipping stores in 2022. so let's see. i'm gonna head to their website right now. i'm gonna place the order for the general store, which should include like 25 products, a 10k instagram account, a 30 plus shopify premium theme pack, nine pages in total, as well as a reviews page and or the tracking page. all that good stuff, right? and they also promised to set up an email marketing campaign, right, and they're going to do some of the seo optimization you know. for the initial the store, you know i'm going to select pet products, since that's an easy niche to target. that's the easy niche to start, especially when we're doing drop shipping, and it should have a lot of winning products for 2022.. all right, so i'm gonna actually place the order right now and i'm gonna complete the checkout and then i'm gonna get back to you in five days and you know we're gonna check things out, so let's see four to six days later. all right, so we just got the store back from ad seller. now, as you can see, here is the delivery email, which includes login details to the instagram account, as well as the shopify and gmail accounts, right in the 30 pack of shopify themes through google drives. all right, so i just logged into the shopify store and, at a quick glance, everything seems to look very clean. right, i will say that already the store design is definitely better than what most beginners and drop shipping can come up with. right, and i also notiked the reviews and or the tracking page, which looks very clean as well. so here are the products they've added. as you can see, they look pretty branded and specific to the niche. so it you know, it should not be too difficult to find your target audience with this store, and also, the logo design looks very good. they also added some apps to the store, which seems good, and you can also have the email marketing setup as well. that looks good. and look, here's the um instagram account that they gave me. as you can see, it's been nicely set up. it looks well. it looks very well branded. i made a poster test, you know, to see if there was engagement. so far i've only gotten a few likes, um, you know, um, i assume that the followers are fake, but, you know, for under ten thousand dollar budget, it's not surprising. i guess it doesn't really matter anyway, since it's quite easy to grow engagement on instagram. and the 10k followers, you know that's good for social proof nevertheless, so we're not worried there. overall, i would say that the store it's been well done, right and for under 10 000, i don't think that's bad at all. now, obviously, you know, when you're buying these pre-built shopify stores, you need to still um put in the work right for the marketing: some seo work, writing blog posts, being active on social media, et cetera. right now, if you're going to purchase one of these stores, you know the right way, i recommend that you start running some ad campaigns on either tik tok, facebook or google ads, right, um, you can do some keyword research and then you can write out some blog posts for your store, which is going to help you rank higher in the google search, right? and another thing that you should do is get some user generated content done for your store, right, since you know that's going to help you build trust, you know, with your drop shipping store, and it's going to help you get some sales with some paid ads and things like that. i'm gonna be leaving the link, you know, to add sellercom down below in the description, in case you guys want to check it out for yourselves. you know, if you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a like, subscribe, comment, all that fun stuff. um, share it up with your friends, you know, um, if this video gets at least 100 likes, i'll probably make a follow-up video. you know, on the store after i already rented a paid ad campaign. and also, um, you can follow me on twitter. um, i'll leave a link down below. oh yeah, we're going to be doing some nft giveaways, which is going to be super exciting. it's going to be on my twitter account again, so check that out down below and i'll speak to you guys soon. peace.

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

you made a goal to finally start your Java shipping store, but you're probably running into a problem called information overload. you don't know exactly where to start, what strategies that you should be using, and you're probably feeling very overwhelmed with how popular Drop Shipping is becoming. it is now a high level skill that can be making you some serious money online, so you want to know exactly how to start with no confusion left on the table. that's why, today, I'm going to be breaking down a beginner friendly, step-by-step tutorial on how you can get started with Drop Shipping in 2023. so, by the end of this video, you feel fully confident in the ability to know exactly how to get started, and I'm not going to just leave it at that. once this video reaches 1500 likes, I'm going to give you a product list of the top 10 winning and training products that you need to be selling right now. so if you want full access to this product list, smash that like button down below. subscribe to this channel so I can release all the links to these products and help you get started in the right direction. so, without further Ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. what's going on? my name is AC Hampton. I'm an a-figure marketer who has generated sales just like this, all from starting and branding drop shipping stores. while doing this, I also get to teach students from all over the world how to generate results with their own job streaming stores and make money online. if you want to experience what being a student in my one-on-one mentorship feels like, each week I get to hand out a free Consulting call to one lucky winner. so if you want the opportunity of getting on this call and go over anything you may be struggling with and answering all of your questions along the way, all you have to do is smash that like button down below and, in the comment section, comment the word Dropship with your biggest takeaway from this video. now, there's a ton of information out there in regards to starting your own dropshipping business, but let's take it all the way from the top, and the top is creating your online store. you cannot run an online business without a storefront, so let's hop into how you're going to get it and how you're going to build it. so we're heading over here to Shopify and, as you can see, you can start a seven day free trial, no credit card required in your next three months on only costing you one dollar by clicking on the link down in my description now. this is great for you, especially while just starting off, because you're immediately cutting down on the expenses that start in your online store can come with. so make sure to go ahead and check that out now. Shopify is a platform that your website will be built on and where you'll have the actual store from for the product or products that you're selling. now there are other e-commerce platforms out there that you may have heard of, but Shopify is by far the most reliable and beginner friendly, so I highly suggest that you start there. so, once you're on this page, you're going to come down over here to enter your email address and just go ahead and enter that and then, after entering your email you're sending, go to start free trial. then this screen will come up. you'll just do- I'm just starting- click on an online store and click next. you can go ahead and skip this part right here, and then this is going to be the next screen that you see, and then here you can go ahead and just name your store and, like I said, I would not spend a lot of time on this. you don't want to overthink this. just keep this very simple and very general. wherever your business is located, you'll go ahead and click on next, continue with email, create your password word and then create Shopify ID. now we just open up a new store with the free trial, and you're already 10 steps ahead of where you previously were at the beginning of this video, because your store is officially open. now let's go ahead and get into the build and everything that you'll need to make sure that, when customers are coming to your store, they always leave with purchasing something and putting more money back into your pocket. now the first thing that you want to do is head over to your Shopify App Store and search for an app called autods, and it's as simple as this. you come over here to apps, you type in Auto DS and click on enter, and this is what the Shopify App Store looks like, and it's going to be this one right here that says Auto DS- all-in-one Drop Shipping, and autods is literally an all-in-one Drop Shipping tool that you need on your online store. this app will allow you to connect your store to different suppliers that you may be wanting to use to help sell your product. they'll let you browse through potential products that you can be selling, and it even has the capability to fulfill the orders you're getting on your store automatikally and send out tracking information directly to your customer. I mean, Auto DS is going to make running your job- streaming business- as a beginner- as seamless as possible. I wish- I mean I wish- they had apps like that when I first started my Drop Shipping Journey, because automation is everything, and that's exactly what this app will give to you. I'm gonna go ahead and add this app into my store and it's just as simple as clicking add app and then install app. now that we have Auto DS downloaded, the next thing we need to do is connect this with our Shopify store. so this is gonna be the first screen you'll see. you'll go to add store, come to this plus sign where it says ad store at the bottom, click on Shopify store and click continue. you come back over here to your Shopify, highlight the actual HTML and then go ahead and add that to your store. and it's as simple as that. and if you want to make sure it's connected, you should see your actual Shopify store right here at the top left corner. now, before we head into the overall build of your store and making sure that you have all the necessary instructions. then get your store off the ground and running. my team and I do provide Hands-On, one-on-one guidance to help you directly with learning strategies of running your online store that can help you make money not just for short term but for a lifetime. so if you're ready to take action and start learning with my team and I by your side, make sure you head over to my Instagram at AC, underscore Hampton, DM me the word mentorship or apply with the link down in my description so I can reach out and help you get started. now that we have Auto DS connected, you're going to want to start off with importing your first product to your store, but in order to import a product, you have to know what you're looking for in a product that you should be selling. it is not smart to come into Drop Shipping thinking you can just sell any and everything, because that's going to cause you to spend a lot of time and money into the wrong direction. when you're scrolling through your products on autods and looking for one that you could be selling, you want to make sure that the product is hitting some very important key factors when, number one being that it solves some sort of problem. now, this is because a product that solves a problem is likely to sell for a longer period of time. secondly, that it can be sold for 25 or more. by doing a quick search for the product on Google, you can see on average what your competition is selling the product for, and if it's being sold for less than 25 dollars, you'll find that you're spending more money in ads than what you're actually making from selling it. so let's take this product right here as an example. so this is the anti-theft travel backpack, and you can see when I'm on Google and I'm actually searching for this. you can see that most of these products are over 25, if not all of them. so this is telling me right away that this is being sold for 25 or more across the entire market. and lastly, you want to make sure that there is demand in the market for the product that you're selling. an

Reviewing The $17 Pre-Built Shopify Store | Worth the Money or SCAM?

if you have not seen my 17 pre-built shopify store scam exposed video on mikey cats, i highly suggest you check that out. but today we actually have one of his real stores that he sold a real customer. now we all know that it's a scam, but i thought i would dive further into actually what is the store about. you know, we know he's ripping people off and he's trying to upsell people. you know, once you buy the store, you get the store and they either ghost you or constantly try to upsell you and say, hey, once in a lifetime opportunity, you're going to join our team for a small fee of fifteen hundred dollars. then they ghost you then. so we all know it's a scam, but let's see if the store is actually worth seventeen dollars. so make me a deal. if you get any value or entertainment out of today's video, hit that like and subscribe button. i literally just got out of bed. i am still very tired and i'm so excited to finally have access. um, i couldn't seem to find one. a lot of people left comments and the exposed videos saying i mean lots of people saying like: i got the store, i got scammed and if you'd like to look at it, i can give it to you. and i hit them all up, like 10 different people, and no one ever responded with their store. so finally, i went to reddit this morning, found it and i'm just gonna give you my immediate thoughts. first reaction, and i'm looking at it right now and, uh, this is gonna be a doozy. and if you are interested in supporting the channel, i did just come out with some merchandise, the wi-fi money brand. um, you know something that mikey cass doesn't know about. anyway, let's get into it. so we'll switch scenes here. and, oh boy, so the very, very first scene is horrific. so let's see. okay, so there's a lot of scrolling to do, so we're just gonna tok about first impressions. first of all, there's no real header. the header is kind of this information right here, which i don't like. the first thing i want to see when i open up a store is someone's face. i don't care if it's royalty free, copyright free, i want to see someone's face. because what people don't understand is, whenever you open a shopify store, if someone sees eye contact and a smile and a face, a human face, it automatikally triggers something in their brain to allow more trust into their store. and we already know these shopify stores are not super trustworthy, not to mention when you've got this sketchy domain that mikeycast didn't even include in his scam. so you don't get a domain, but you do get this. so first impressions not very good. and shop maloma- this is very interesting because this is the same store that jordan welch bought in his review video and in fact, i included that in my exposed video- jordan mussels video- and i'm gonna throw in a screenshot right here i took of jordan's video. it is the exact same story, as you can see. everything's the same: the same branding, color schemes and products. but his name is not shot maloma, it's shop ramona, i believe. so he's literally selling duplicate stores left and right. he's scamming hundreds and hundreds of people. this is ridiculous. i highly highly suggest you check out that exposed video i made on him and uh, you know this isn't really exposing him because we already know he's a fake, but um oh, just an update. his- his uh- instagram account is private and he doesn't let people follow him, but after a week of me using my personal and burner accounts, he finally let me follow him, so i got the inside scoop anyway also. so we we know he's doing uh copy and paste stores, and i don't like the first thing. you see, i i just don't like that. but you go down and hold on, we're not even gonna scroll yet, we're just gonna first glance. we've got tik next to outdoors, next to home, next to health. what is this? this makes zero sense. why would you have a tik niche and an outdoors niche and a health niche and the same thing? it doesn't make any sense. so whenever you're making shopify stores, what you really got to do is be really niche, niche down as much as possible. why is that? because it makes your marketing easier. you can understand your exact target demographic. so right out of the gate, let's say, um, i would delete all three of these and i would only do tik. but the tiknique isn't good enough. you know phone chargers, charger bricks- um, i don't know those little heat pads that heat up your coffee mugs while they're sitting on your desk, whatever that might be, ring lights. that's not good enough. you got to have tik here. let me switch to full screen right here. i'm gonna give you the full rundown. so you've got. you've got to really narrow it down so you can find your target demographic. who is buying this? so there's tik. and then there is, let's say, the gaming niche. and then let's say there's mechanical keyboard niche- mechanical, customizable rgb keyboard and mouse combos, right for a cheap price. so you know exactly the consumer buying your product, someone who wants a nice mechanical keyboard, maybe even a 60 keyboard, if you don't know those different sizes. like this, this right here, this is a gaming 60 mechanical keyboard and this down here is a just a normal full 100 non-mechanical keyboard. so you understand exactly who your target demographic is. but why would someone that's going to buy a keyboard go into the same website that someone's going to buy a tint in the outdoors niche? immediately their response is going to be: once they see this, it's like: oh, they're going to sell crappy keyboards and crappy tins, like they're a jack of all trades, master of none. you want to be a master of something. if you're going to do a bunch of different niches, start a bunch of different stores, because the conversion rate will be much higher. so automatikally, this is a horrible, horrible, horrible store. this i- i've never seen anything like this- the fact that it's such spread out niches- you know there's general stores like the general tik niche. i'm not a huge fan of those. like i said, i like being really, really targeted, but, um, this is, this is just awful, and we haven't even scrolled or looked at the products yet and i'm already gonna give this a one out of ten. like this is horrible. so this leads me to believe that obviously he's. you know we all need to be scamming people, but it leads me to believe that his shopify course is also garbage, and if you look at their comments and my exposed video, a lot of people are saying his course is garbage. now, obviously i didn't know if he actually knew what he was toking about with drop shipping. i knew he was a scam artist and a criminal with this whole 17 pre-built store thing, but apparently he doesn't even know what he's toking about e-commerce wise, because if this is the store that he's giving people and he thinks this is acceptable to sell to hundreds of people and they're not going to catch on, he genuinely thinks this is good enough. wow, that says a lot about his programs. i mean, i've already heard that they're bs and he's. they've tried to get refunds and he can't contact him. they just ghost you after they have your money. but wow, so all right, let's dive into the products. i can't. i mean there's. it's impossible, you can't dig yourself out of this hole. i mean, not to mention, this doesn't even look good, like it doesn't even look good. dude, let's go to tik, let's see what he's got in the tik niche. so you've got a universal travel adapter. okay, i okay. and then you got that next to a facial humidifier. this needs to be on some sort of women's age 30 to 50 health, uh, a cosmetik company, not a general, general, general niche shopify store. next to led safety flares, which should probably be on some sort of like i don't know- military, uh, you know safety. you know i don't know what even niche this would really be in. i'm not, i'm not even sure what you would use that for led safety flares, i'm not sure. and then you've got a solar bank. you've got a vanity, you've got like a ring light mirror thing- are you kidding me? next to another solar charger, next to a coffee grinder, what? this doesn't make any sense. you got a coffee grinder next to a safety fla.