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Print On Demand vs Inventory | Which Online Business Is Best For You?

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

Print On Demand vs Inventory | Which Online Business Is Best For You?

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Print On Demand vs Inventory | Which Online Business Is Best For You?

hey buddy and business family my name is
isabella i am the owner of two six
figure online businesses and today i'm
gonna be telling you guys the pros and
cons of print on demand versus buying in
bulk and shipping yourself which
clothing line business type is best for
you so what is print on demand print on
demand is a service that you are able to
customize your own clothing and someone
else is fulfilling the orders for you
this can also fall under the drop
shipping umbrella since you are
essentially going to be promoting those
products to your audience and someone
else will be fulfilling them for you
there are so many different types of
companies online that do print on demand
i actually went through a whole list of
a bunch of different ones and kind of
compared profit margins with these
different types of websites now people
like this business model because it is
hands-off but you really have to
consider the fact that these profit
margins are a lot lower than if you
actually took control of your inventory
ordered inventory put a little bit of
money up front believed in your brand
had a strong brand identification and
actually focused on building this brand
yourself and doing the self fulfillment
yourself as well your profit margins for
that type of business depending on what
type of clothes you're selling i'm going
to give you guys kind of a broad profit
margin but this is my profit margin when
i used to sell clothes back when i was
17 18 years old so if you're wanting to
buy in bulk and actually put a little
bit of an investment in up front you're
looking at spending around three dollars
to five dollars for a top let's just say
it's a top and you're gonna sell that
top for twenty dollars let's say so your
profit is fifteen dollars and the
customer is gonna pay the five dollars
and fifty cents for shipping which will
cover the fees and the shipment cost so
your profit with that would be fifteen
dollars if you were to price that top at
twenty dollars if you're getting it at
five dollars so this isn't my design and
i show you guys how to actually design
in my tutorial video with printful but i
just want to show you guys the pricing
on printful um and this isn't sponsored
at all so this is just like your
template as you're getting it ready for
the store and again i have a whole
tutorial about this so i just wanted to
show you guys the profit margins this is
the purpose of this video is to compare
so you guys can see that this is the
printful price that you have to pay
to get this shipped to your customer and
it depends on the size so if like they
order a big size up it is going to cost
more but you can take those off too you
don't have to sell these sizes so just
to cut confusion like i personally would
like take this one off and maybe this
so they give you a retail price of like
what they suggest
so typically your profit is five dollars
which you guys know that's a big cut
down from the other profit that you
would have if you're buying in bulk and
shipping yourself
so there is a profit cut down a lot
you're only going to make five dollars
and that's if your customer
spends 18 in your store on this shirt on
a t-shirt but i do feel like 20 is a
pretty good base price
but if you want to make a higher profit
you have to increase this price so and i
kind of like how they kind of like help
you with the math here too
so if you made this t-shirt twenty-five
your profit would be twelve dollars
so i mean twelve dollars is pretty good
because that's pretty comparable to when
you buy in bulk and ship it yourself but
um you would have to charge 25 for a
t-shirt which i feel like is still
pretty fair so you guys can kind of see
that with a business model where you
have control over your products you are
able to have more ways to market it
because you're going to show the behind
the scenes on tiktok you're going to
your brand they're going to see that
you're shipping yourself so you can add
the customizations that could be an a
better option for you if you are willing
to put in the money up front have room
for storage and are willing to take that
risk and again guys i'll make a tutorial
about how to find vendors and everything
for that in another tutorial i just want
to make sure i'm giving you guys the
options so you guys do know that these
options are available when figuring out
what type of business you want to start
for me personally the profit on the
print on demand stores just doesn't do
enough justike for me to actually spend
my time to
do it currently but i understand again
it's kind of like drop shipping where if
someone doesn't want the hassle of
really ordering a lot of inventory and
really really diving deep into it this
is a great alternative but i just don't
want you guys to think of this as a
long-term business model and you guys
know i always keep it real with you guys
this is just from my experience the
reason why i'm not a huge fan of print
on demand for my own businesses is
because for example i don't know if this
was just because of it was around the
time of covet and lockdown but for
example i was drop shipping through
print on demand on printful actually the
one i showed you guys today and they
were taking forever to ship and the
customers were emailing me like hey
where's my package and it's just very
frustrating when you know that your
customers are waiting for something and
this is another type of time when
chargebacks can occur and just a lot
more problems can occur when you can't
promise your customers that you are
going to ship fast and that you are
shipping it yourself and that you have
full control over the products yourself
and when they go out so yes with
starting your own brand ordering
inventory etc there's definitely a
learning curve and an investment up
front but it could be a better business
model long term whereas print on demand
has a low profit margin but requires
very little work on your end the only
thing you really have to do is market it
aside from that they do everything for
you and it can be set up as automated as
well as you don't really need any money
to start it so i personally love to have
control over my products and when they
get chipped this is why i know when it's
time for me to start a new business or a
new clothing brand i would definitely
put that up front money and decide to
invest and it doesn't have to be
thousands of dollars it can literally be
a hundred dollars to 200
to buy in bulk and to customize and to
get samples instead of taking the print
on demand route sometimes things that
seem easier and those get-rich-quick
schemes aren't substantial long-term and
a lot of you guys are probably watching
this video because you're trying to quit
your job and do this full-time and i'm
telling you guys if you guys really want
to do it full time my personal opinion
is really just jumping all the way into
it because at that point you don't have
a choice of whether or not you're going
to lose or not but when you do order in
bulk and have inventory there's a lot
more little things that go along with it
one struggle of starting a clothing
brand is trying to find the right vendor
you can actually find vendors on
facebook groups but i personally like to
try to find my vendors on alibaba and i
will be creating a tutorial on how to
find clothing vendors and how to
actually start your clothing brand very
soon this video is just comparing the
two business models so this can help you
guys make a clear decision so with
starting your own brand whether this is
print on demand or an actual clothing
brand that you're buying in bulk and
fulfilling yourself you do need to make
sure that you have a strong message
behind your brand and you need to know
who your customer is you don't want to
pick something that okay anyone can wear
this i think a lot of clothing brands
they have this idea of oh everybody can
wear this so i'll automatikally get more
sales and that's simply just not true
you really do have to have a strong
message and understand why and have a
purpose of why people want to buy your
clothing other than somebody else's
clothing and because there's so many
clothing lines you do have to realize
that you do have to make an effort to
stand out putting a picture on a shirt
with no meaning of why people are
wearing it isn't the best option so
marketing is obviously a huge part of
why you would choose buying in bulk and
shipping yourself over a print on demand
store and here's why when buying in bulk
you are able to show your area of how
you're shipping you are able to show
what inventory you have in stok you are
able to just produce so much more
content on a daily basis for your
audience with print on demand in order
to successfully market your business you
will have to order samples so you
already will have to order something to
show off for a video to produce it or
for a video to promote it or just to
take photos for instagram and if you
guys want to know how i create viral
content for my business and how i
promote my business i have videos on my
youtube channel guiding you and showing
you guys exactly how i edit my videos
and how i have been able to grow my
business to earning over six figures so
those videos are on my youtube channel
i'll leave the links up here and in the
description box below make sure you guys
do refer back to those when learning how
to promote your brand i hope this video
helped you to choose the best business
model whether you're choosing to buy in
bulk and ship them yourselves or do the
print on demand route either one people
have made money from but i hope this
video helps you to decide which one is
best for you make sure you guys hit that
like button and subscribe button i will
see you guys in my next video bye

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