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Product, Market, Message Match - The Fastest Path To $10k/mo

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

Product, Market, Message Match - The Fastest Path To $10k/mo

Product, Market, Message Match - The Fastest Path To $10k/mo

product market message match
burn these three words into your brain
this is the goal okay when you get these
three things figured out
i'ma go ahead and just say you're set
i alluded to this in the previous
episode about digital oil wells and a
lot of people are super focused on
product market match
i'd call that the vc venture capital the
angel investor or
the founder
approach to the world right everyone in
silicon valley is stumbling around
trying to figure out product market
digital marketers
sales people
the people who ring the cash register
they care
about that
market message match
because nobody pulls out a credit card
until the message matches and resonates
with what the market's got going on in
their head
and the product
is simply the thing that helps that
market get to where they want to go
i really enjoy simmering down these
abstract concepts of business into their
simplest forms
and i've probably had other
this is the one thing you have to get
ideas out there
and i tok a lot of smack about people
who say oh you're just one of these away
right the the you're just one funnel
away crowd
well why does that same company have a
wordpress blog
if they were just one funnel away
they wouldn't need a wordpress blog but
yet they're pouring just tons of energy
into a wordpress blog
and i mentioned that because i want you
to remember that everyone's lying to you
somehow lying became acceptable as
and now you got greedy gurus teaching
others to do that same thing and they
parade them across stage and it's
absolutely despicable
you can still create a very successful
as long as you get these three things
dialed in
the product
the market
and the message
so let's dig into these a little bit
more so mark it i'm gonna start with the
market one okay this is the audience
are you serving
and probably more importantly
what are they trying to accomplish
it's my personal belief that this is the
most overlooked part
right individual entrepreneurs
individuals who step up and like i'm
gonna make a whole business i'm gonna do
it my damn self solopreneurs
because generally what happens is the
solopreneur is coming at it from
i hate my boss
i hate my commute i hate my cubicle
i have to escape
the rat race is killing me the treadmill
is on too high i have to escape this
how can i go get some
right like i'm number one how can number
one go get some
which is a recipe for disaster because
you as a solopreneur your goals are
different than the goals of your market
and when
your products when everything is
actually focused on your market
really understanding them what they want
where they're going how they feel what
their fears are
all the little copywriting things
when we get all of that
the other pieces become easy
the product
is the thing that helps your market
accomplish what they seek to accomplish
but even having those two things dialed
in correctly isn't enough
you could have the best
done for you composting gadget in the
that is perfect for people who want to
build soil and do organic gardening at
but if your messaging sucks
no one's going to give you the time of
and i think people who create really
really good products
actually have this problem the most
they're like well i actually built the
absolute best product on the market
for that solution
i don't have to go do sales copy right
people are just going to show up because
i built the best damn thing the world's
ever seen
they won't just show up
we must
use marketing to capture their attention
and ultimately sales to persuade them to
pull out their credit card to do the
thing that's in their best interest
and everything really stems from your
knowledge of your market
your audience who they are and what they
want and where they're going in their
life because then you can create the
things that will help them get there
and this is true if you're doing
affiliate marketing or even if you just
want to build a youtube channel if
that's like your whole business model is
to just be a youtuber
your product is ultimately your videos
your market is who you're serving the
messages obviously
are the titles the descriptions the
thumbnails and the videos themselves
so in my early youtube adventure when i
was doing my 120 day challenge which was
when i published 120 videos in 120
consecutive days
i had a rough idea of my market
marketers digital entrepreneurs
product i was just videos i'm just gonna
make videos that's gonna be my whole
product getting people to literally
subscribe and watch my videos was the
and it was message
i had built a very successful and
lucrative business i had been full-time
online for six years
so i knew what needed to be done but how
do i communicate that in a way
that's going to match
with my market
and maybe if you listen to the digital
oil well one from yesterday i was
toking about bath bombs and soaps right
doing like these little businesses well
so there's a product
who's the market for that
i don't know better figure that out
because if you don't know who
is ultimately your best customer
then there's no way you can know
the actual
thing that they want
okay because they don't want the bath
they want the experience
the luxurious spa-like experience at
with organic
oh god i'm at the end of it i don't know
that's what i'm saying i don't know
hence me not running a successful bath
bomb business
and then how do you communicate that
and this is where in that world so let's
say like
i like to think of this whole category
of businesses as the the local farmers
market businesses
whether you're selling
high-end mushrooms
right like shiitakes oyster mushrooms
which are really easy to grow
and they can fetch i don't know 20 bucks
a pound type stuff
or whether you're doing the soaps and
the bath bombs and
you know the bulk apothecary company
they've got
body butter and lotions you can private
label all of it so you could literally
go deck out a full-on like business
that you could take to
your local farmer's markets
so you got a product
in since you kind of have a market right
there's people gathering together in
person and some of those people are
gathering to try to sell things and
other people are gathering to buy things
and then you see who walks up
you learn how to tok to them learn how
to sell
hey your hands feeling dry come check
this out it's all organic shea butter
and it will
undry your hands i don't know probably
come up with something better than that
but here's here's what would happen in
that scenario
you'd have
lots of conversations you'd have tester
bottles and tester things everywhere you
would try
toking about it in a lot of different
ways you would observe who comes up and
who actually expresses interest and then
you would pay attention to
where did that conversation go what was
order of conversation from the people
who bought the most stuff
that information is so valuable
because once you really know that so
let's say you do a season of farmers
markets for example
to get that feedback loop really in the
moment belly to belly with people
you will learn
out of all the people who go to the
farmers market
what is that avatar what's the type of
person that comes up and buys
wow look at that
look like women in their 50s and 60s
oh look at that it looks like women in
their 60s and 70s i didn't know it was
going to skew to that age oh how about
that the 30 year olds are buying the
bath bombs had no clue
but this is how you can learn in some of
these worlds
and on youtube
i've got a free video series it um i
think it's actually one big video and
it's my customer avatar
class or workshop
and it's a deep dive we're on slideshows
and there's actually a printable pdf for
you to go through it's got like four or
five pages and i walk you through the
process so if you're like dude i'm not
going and setting up a farmer's market
stand i get it sometimes that ain't the
right thing for your business that's
go through that process
and take time really thinking about and
your market
the product
i like looking into the magazines
i still today in 2022 think that
magazines are an under utilized tool by
most marketers
you should absolutely be subscribed to
all of the magazines in your niche
or in the realm of what your avatar
would be interested in
for example
let's say you were doing
bushcraft knives
as an affiliate review site or everyday
carry knives
camping knives
i'd go down to the local grocery store
not the big box book stores because
those really aren't around in many
communities anymore
but most local grocery stores have at
least a small to medium sized magazine
rack inside of them
these are the magazines that get the
highest distribution today
so then i'd look okay well my people who
are interested in camping and knives
what else might they be interested in oh
field and stream hunting handgun
magazines guns and ammo perfect to buy
them all
then i'd subscribe to all of them two
things will happen at that point
they'll mail you more of them it's
and they will sell your information and
they will rent your address out to
advertisers who will mail you other
types of offers
pro tip
don't do this from your home address
you should have a local address at like
a ups store
or like a mailboxes etc
okay that's the address you should be
using for your business
and then just
open it up flip through
what products
are being advertised
now if you're really ambitious you can
go on ebay or maybe you can even call
their subscription department
and you can see if you can get the last
12 issues the back issues
or the last year sometimes they're
they're bi-monthly for example
so that would be six issues
sit down with them cut out all the ads
group them all together
what you'll do is you'll start to see
and what you really want to see are the
products that have been advertised in
that magazine for 6 7 8 9 10 12 months
for years
because if they were losing money on
those ads they wouldn't run them for a
and then right there
you're gonna get some brilliant ideas of
the different products that are working
because if company b has been running
fishing rod real thing
in the guns and ammo
magazine for 12 months
huh interesting maybe there's enough of
an overlap with this audience in that
audience and my knife oh maybe a filet
knife okay interesting now i can
synthesize a new idea and think about a
product that would work for that market
and the whole time you're looking at the
headlines you're looking at the messages
on all of those ads that are used in
those magazines to sell the things that
pay for the ad space
getting all the data right there
and i believe this is inside of the
customer avatar workshop
but you can go find the media the rate
for the media kit of the magazine
and generally they're on their website
so if you go to the magazine's website
and look at the bottom there should be
something that says like media kit or
rate card
advertising prices and essentially you
want to act like you're an advertiser
and they'll tell you what their
demographics and psychographics are of
their audience
so you can leverage their market
research they'll tell you for golf
magazine it's 55 year and older dudes
who make a hundred thousand dollars a
year and they'll tell you everything
about their audience bingo you can cross
that off your list then you can look
through all the past golfing magazines
to see all the things that are being
sold to golfers over the last 12 months
cut them out group them together clubs
are over here balls are over here all
the types of things group them together
and then it's about the messaging from
and what i would recommend you do is
grab a glue stik
and some poster board
and take all of those cut up ads and
just glue them onto a poster board and
hang them around your office
if you want to go like fancy tik
bust out your camera your phone take a
bunch of pictures of each one
put them on a white piece of paper and
take a picture of each ad
really close as close as you can so you
get as big of a picture as you can and
then you should be able to upload all
that to like vistaprint or some local
printer and they'll make you some big
and you hang them up around
so your office walls are beautifully
with the
and the messages
that are a match for your
market whole lot of good ideas come from
that right there
generally speaking
you're going to really truly commit into
one market
okay like this is the one thing that if
you bounce around from market to market
to market you never really start to
learn what their hot buttons are what
their fears are what their desires are
what they're actually after it makes
everything so much more different like
changing your market means you're
starting at zero again
but your product
that's where you're gonna be doing a lot
of testing
well they want the free credit card
knife offer that i can run from survival
life do they want the belt buckle knife
concealed thing
i don't know
but each test in that direction of the
product helps you really learn more
about your market okay so we come up
with our best idea of our market from as
much data as we can get and then the
products are testing that idea i think
my people will like this let me go build
that out and then you got to write your
sales message for it you better be
relying on stuff that's already worked
for that marketplace you have yourself a
now you just gotta run traffic
spin up some facebook ads you got
traffic running 20 30 minutes
did anything anybody buy anything
i meant i messaged uh i mentioned
my free plus shipping idea um in the
digital oil wells episode that aired
previously aired yesterday
and i got a
email from my buddy dwight
who's been a student for a long time
looking around for
his product market message
and i had mentioned this idea to him a
little bit ago and
i'll be damned
dwight ain't seen a couple of sales come
in with this
didn't work exactly as expected the
first time in the first way but he got
it and he got one with an upsell and
bada bing bada boom
went from
an idea of something his audience would
made some cheap little products falling
doing exactly what i said inside that
last audio
wrote an ad that's messaging wrote a
landing page that's messaging
let's call it a sales page
got the messaging dialed on the checkout
added on some bumps and some upsells
bought a bing bada boom he put a few
bucks in he got 12 bucks out
made himself a little profit there
that's one vote that he had the product
market message matched
now he has other products he's going to
and he has other messaging he's going to
continue to test on the thing that
worked okay so the market is he's he's
tiked that box he knows who he's
working with he's been he's been focused
on these folks for a long time what are
they buying
the product this was kind of a new
product following that method bingo got
one to work he has three or four
different uh variations that he's going
to test over time but he just started
with one first one kind of flopped
second one clicked perfect
now it's all about message how do how
does he get that average order value up
up up up
because it might cost
seven bucks to make a sale and five
bucks cost of goods sold and he's only
it costs him 15 bucks to make it and
he's net negative three bucks so there's
a gap that he has to clear type scenario
one of them didn't have a gap one of
them he was cash flow positive right
from the get go
and that's really it
match this is why
you should be studying copywriting
this is why you should be studying
and the more you can engage with that
side of the game the better you're going
to get the messaging that compels your
market to take action on your product
if you can't get your
market to take action on your product
you ain't gonna make no money
it's that simple
but if you've got the wrong product
you've got the right market you've got a
really good message for them but the
product stinks
you might make some sales but that
refund rate uh this is going to cause a
lot of problems
or you just flat out not going to sell
like you could just great copy is not
going to sell a turd it's a turd nobody
wants it there are things in this world
that just flat out nobody wants
no matter how good you are at selling
i share these three things in this order
right the concept the product market
message match idea because i want to
help you simplify
what you're actually working on
the less plates you have spinning in
your world the more efficient and
the more skilled you can be at those few
things that need to get done
and again if you're
doing pure affiliate this stuff
matters this is the same thing so let's
say you're doing a green smoothie
website as an affiliate and you do a
bunch of recipes and it's healthy living
cool who's the market
is it busy moms
who want to make more healthy food for
their kids because their kids are
getting a little all
you know got an extra 15 pounds on like
a 13 year old kid that ain't no good
you're gonna tok to that mom
than if your audience is actually
skinny fat dudes who are in their 30s
who want to get ripped or if it's 50
year old dad bod dudes who want to lose
the spare tire
it's all green smoothies and blenders
same product
different market different message
and for an affiliate what you're doing
all your content pieces on your product
that's your current products is can i
get impressions on this does google like
it because that's one of your audience
members can i get clicks from a human
being do they read do they stay on my
page longer than 14 seconds or does
everybody who land on my page just click
back and leave
everybody's leaving you got a message
problem big time and there's data that
will tell you that
google webmaster tools
but if you're just going for the game
and the game is to make money to sell
things then your data points are hidden
inside of your conversion rates how many
people landed on my sales page
how many people purchased
divide them together
that's your conversion rate
how much money did i make
cool divide that number by how many
people landed on a page this is your
earnings per click number
now you have a
consistent number so you can look at
product a product b product c product d
that you've launched
and you can measure product a had a 42
earnings per click product b had 31
cents earning per click product c had a
dollar 52 earning per click
seems like everybody likes the the
product c i'll stik with that one
now let me add a bump let me add an
upsell to it
let me test it this way let's build an
advertorial around it let me retarget
the people who landed on that sales page
with another sales page
let me re-target those folks with an
opt-in let me use a two-step opt-in to
build a list so i can follow up with the
80 of people who didn't actually buy
when they made it to the checkout page
message message message message those
are all messages different messages
different pre-frames
and this is the game so this is what my
wife and i do
all the time we're still focused on our
same one market
i've been to so many events
for our market i'm going to another one
this summer it's a four-day
spiritual intensive retreat experience
i'm all about it i love it i enjoy it
but i'm gonna be listening to the things
that people are toking about in the
i'm gonna be paying attention to who's
how old are they what are they into
try to figure out the other people in
that space that they love who are your
favorite youtubers
what podcasts do you listen to
i'm trying to figure out what other
messages they like to consume
and i'm driving my ass halfway across
the country spending i don't know five
grand or so on the whole event with the
rooms and the blah blah blah blah for my
wife and i both
it's business expense
those are my people
not just those are those aren't just my
people those are my people that's my
market those are the people who are
willing to spend two three four five
grand to go get in that room ah man
these are these are like ambitious
versions of my people
and i'm i'll listen
i'm much more interested in the
conversations that are going to happen
in the hallways than i am the
presentations that are going to happen
from inside of the event
lucky for me i love what i love the
niche i love what we do i love
all those experiences so it's a win-win
for me but i'm just trying to help you
see that
if you sell gemstones or gemstone
well did you make it to the tucson gem
show this past year because it's the
biggest gem show in the world
and it might be smart to wander around
and tok to the vendors and see what's
selling for them hey what's your best
hey what's your best seller
that's what the most ambitious
entrepreneurs are doing
and i hope you are
one of those ambitious few and i hope
i'm giving you ideas that are sparking
more steps you can take on this path of
being that
most dedicated person in your
for your audience
this is the game
when you dial it in you get a product
that matches that market and you get the
right messaging bingo you can automate
it out as an oil well ta-da what do you
do then well
i clearly know the market
that product worked i see all these ads
hanging around my office because i've
taken all these pictures all these
magazine ads and the other stuff people
are saying well let me go try that thing
i see 19 ads for that thing
well let me let me go make my version of
that thing and try it well what headline
should i use i don't know let me just go
look at the 19 headlines i got right
there and let me come up with something
i'm not going to steal their headline
ideas but i'm going to pay
really clear attention to the hook and
the angle that's working on the most
published ones bingo
message same market run it out test it
tweak it optimize it there's gonna be a
gap first gonna launch it cash flow
negative six bucks per unit uh oh well
now i just need a bump test a different
bump two bumps three bumps throw an
upsell throw down cell bingo cash flow
automate that one on the next stacking
up oil wells
that's the game
if you go create some of these posters
and and if you do this i want to see
them so take pictures of it at mention
me on instagram or uh hit me up on
twitter uh twitter's kind of where i
actually am right like i'm a human on
twitter i just i i'm kind of repulsed by
zuckerberg's businesses i just don't i
don't allow those apps on my phone
they're just incredible time sucks and
they're they're just they're amazing
distraction mechanisms used for social
control and that just weirds me out so i
don't go in there much uh twitter's the
same damn thing but somehow i'm okay
with it because it's the realm of ideas
and not people trying to look cool um
even though they're trying to sound cool
or sound smart but i guess that's a
topic for another day and i'm gonna call
it today so i appreciate you i hope this
has been helpful for you um product
market message
the right product for the right person
presented with a right sales copy you
got yourself a winner then
do it again we don't go swing in
hammocks with my ties this is a freaking
you have your family's future
to secure
you have your future to secure
probably going to tok about longevity
on this podcast at some point folks are
growing older and they're having
way better years in their 70s and 80s
today than ever before right this ain't
being old and decrepit this is being old
still walking around the beaches and
surfing and enjoying the hell out of my
80s and have the money to do so from
anywhere in the world type stuff that's
what i'm preparing for financially which
is why i'm still out there fishing
around for more product market message
and i recommend you join in the crusade
the cool part is you can do this with
with integrity
you can create things that people
actually value
and your sales messaging can be done in
a way that's so authentik and so genuine
and so real it's not sleazy there's no
hype required because you just learn how
to communicate to your audience that
your thing will help them get to where
they really want to go
but you got to know where that is
and i'm going to call it if you haven't
been through the customer avatar
training i will put a link to that in
the show notes here um go through that
it's it's a free training it was a paid
training it needed to be free because
it's one of the most important things
you might ever do
thank you have a blessed day and i look
forward to connecting with you on the
next episode

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