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Puerto Rico Vlog 1 - Happiest Moment of My Life - Dropshipping Q&A 2

Published on: December 21 2022 by Jonxpaul

Puerto Rico Vlog 1 and Dropshipping Q&A 2 are two videos that capture some of the happiest moments of my life. In the Puerto Rico vlog, I explore the beauty and culture of this stunning island, while in the Dropshipping Q&A, I answer questions about my successful e-commerce business.

Puerto Rico Vlog 1:

Heading: Discovering the Beauty of Puerto Rico


- Arrival in San Juan

- Exploring Old San Juan

- El Yunque National Forest

- Beach Day at Isla Verde

Bullet points:

- The colorful buildings and narrow streets of Old San Juan were a highlight of the trip

- El Yunque National Forest is a must-visit for nature lovers

- Isla Verde beach was a perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun

- The food in Puerto Rico is delicious and diverse

Dropshipping Q&A 2:

Heading: Sharing My Success with Dropshipping


- How I got started with dropshipping

- Choosing the right products

- Marketing and advertising strategies

- Overcoming challenges and scaling the business

Bullet points:

- I started dropshipping as a side hustle and it quickly turned into a successful business

- Finding products that solve a problem or meet a need is key to success

- Social media advertising and influencer partnerships have been effective for me

- Shipping delays and customer service issues can be challenging, but they can be overcome with the right systems in place

Overall, both the Puerto Rico vlog and Dropshipping Q&A 2 showcase different aspects of my life that have brought me immense happiness. Whether exploring a new destination or building a successful business, I am grateful for these experiences and look forward to more adventures in the future.

Puerto Rico Vlog 1 - Happiest Moment of My Life - Dropshipping Q&A 2

In this article, we will be summarizing the thoughts and experiences shared by a person on their recent travel and various topics ranging from personal experiences to business strategies.

Heading: My Travel Experience

- Recently, I checked into an Airbnb for a two-month stay and although it wasn't anything special, it was good enough for me.

- Unfortunately, the owner didn't provide the promised golf cart, leaving me a week to find a solution.

Sub-heading: Heading to the Gym

- The gym options on the island were limited, so I headed to a gym 15 minutes away from my Airbnb.

- The sound of GTRs always gets me excited and I felt that it was a bit faster than the McLaren for the first two seconds.

- However, the McLaren was more responsive and quicker in the long run.

Heading: Product Research and VA's

- I don't use product research VA's as I believe that product research is the most important part of the business and should be carried out by oneself.

- VA's don't care about your success and are likely to give you generic, copied research.

Heading: Facebook Update

- Facebook has reduced the amount of real estate for text in display ads, which is a significant change.

- I will be updating my course to reflect this change and to clear any confusion caused by recent updates.

Heading: CBO Strategy

- With CBO coming out in February, I have already released my new strategy for CBO to my VIP group and will be updating my course as well.

- My approach is based on winning products with better targeting to lower CPMs and multiply efforts.

Heading: Side Hustles for Ad Spend

- I recommend getting a credit card for business grants or checking out some of my previous videos on the best cards to use for dropshipping.

- It's essential to make good decisions and find decent products that recoup most of the money spent on ads.

Heading: Personal Experiences

- The happiest moment of my life was when I delivered my son during a home birth, and we found out that he was a boy.

- I dropped out of high school during my senior year and ended up finishing my diploma online.

- My first job after high school was at a golf course, and I quit because the manager asked me to pick weeds with my hands.

In conclusion, this article shares various personal experiences and business strategies, ranging from product research to Facebook updates and CBO strategy. It also provides advice on finding side hustles to build up money for ad spend and reflects on some of the happiest moments of the author's life.

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