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Q&A #1

Published on: December 6 2022 by Craylor Made

Q&A #1

Q&A #1

hey guys what is up its drum rocker 365
here and you guys gave me questions so
now I'm going to give you answers okay
so on instagram we have Bryce b30 who
says how do you get your hair to look so
amazing well I take a shower every day
another Instagram question from Bray
Bray Balu says why is your hair so
majestik I guess I was born with it and
I never really did anything to make it
majestik so yeah another one from grey
Bray blue says what is your favorite
band well that's I can't really answer
that because I listen to so many things
from my children my bride - I don't know
even some Calvin Harris which he's a bit
mainstream but I do enjoy listening to
him every now and then so I don't really
have a favorite band I kind of hop
around genres a lot so yeah Daniel
Silvernail says do you love me
I love that you follow me another one
from Daniel Silvernail which says do you
like superheroes sure they're cool
another one from Daniel Silvernail which
says who is your crush I really don't
have one and yet another one from Daniel
Silvernail which says do you like the
word bottom like top and bottom you
dirty mind first of all to be clear when
I read bottom the first time I was
thinking like top and bottom so I think
you're the dirty mind
for even thinking that I would go there
so yeah I just want to get that clear
and yeah I think it's a very useful word
I mean I can't imagine life without it
like hey can you touch the opposite of
the top of that make sure to pick it up
by the opposite of the top yeah all
right just a couple more from Facebook
alley page says do you like cheese now
here's the thing and a nutshell a guess
but I only like very thinly sliced sharp
cheddar cheese I do not like dull
cheddar cheese and if you put mayonnaise
on my sandwich I'll probably eat it to
be polite but just know that I will hate
that sandwich it ruins the whole
sandwich so I just like meat and cheese
on my sandwiches and I like my cheese to
be thinly sliced and to be sharp cheddar
so there you have another one from
Facebook Dwight King says what are some
essential basics to know if you're
starting to play drums well don't play
with broomstiks use actual drumstiks
another one from Facebook Darrin Lord
says have you ever played an entire song
with just cowbell well guys thanks for
watching if you like this video leave a
thumbs up if you didn't leave it a
thumbs down feel free to subscribe rate
and comment thanks guys

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