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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Texas Cop Resigns After Pool Party Confrontation Video Goes Viral

the video of a white police officer forcibly pushing a black teenage girl to the ground that's gone viral has sparked national outrage. many see it as the latest example of excessive force by police. now the white teenager who recorded the incident shares his story in the news tonight on the future. the officer under investigation in this town divided- it happened in an instant- the end of the school year pool party Rupp's into screaming and shoving, the latest fuel in america's lingering fire over race and just 15 year-old Egeria Becton wearing the orange bikini. they're thrown to the ground by a white officer. seconds later the situation escalates. his officer, Eric casebolt, pulls out his service weapon, pointing it at two other unarmed teens who quickly run away. and then he returns that girl, that bikini bathing suit, pinning her to the ground, both knees buried in her back. this video went viral and ounce now seen by almost 10 million and the outrage has come pouring in from the view. white kids, black kids, no kids. nobody should be treated like that. nobody should be man. [Applause]. BAE the police, it doesn't usually happen- supporters of the police department voicing their feelings. I think he did what he thought he had to do to control situation. what do we want? where do we want it? while other members of the community marched in support of the teens and at one point, both sides coming face-to-face over the issue, now tonight, officer casebolt, 10-year veteran of the McKinney Texas police department near Dallas, has resigned. our practike do not support his actions. he came into the call out of control and, as the video shows, was out of control during the incident. the whole key is de-escalate situations. you, the police, don't want to become part of the problem and that's what it appears to me happen in McKinney Texas. the police actually became part of the problem. it all started last Friday after members of a community pool contacted police about a rowdy crowd of students who they said weren't members and were refusing to leave. tensions flared, witnesses say after a fight broke out between white adults who have become agitated about the behavior of some of the black teenagers- it's unclear which kids were invited in- which crashed the end of the school year party. it was then capable and the other officers responded to the scene. I told you to stay. yet as police work to disperse the curious crowd, case beau can be seen racing to the scene so quickly. in fact he trips and flips only to continue his charge. what did you do? when I walked away, the officer seen and heard cursing at partygoers. he says we're trying to run from police and then casebolt refocuses: is attention back to judge area Becton. he told me to keep walking and I kept walking and then I'm guessing he thought we were saying rude stuff to him and he shoved me in the grass. he started pulling back of my braids. I just don't see in that scenario where the police were in harm's way or that the kids were harming anybody else behind the camera. 15 year old Brandon Brooks, capturing seven minutes of chaos on his phone is just putting random black kids on the ground. I was like one of the you tok Asian people at the party. I think it might have had something to do with racism. but when the gun came out, Brooks worried things were about to get worse. at that point my heart did drop and I was scared that someone was going to get shot and possibly killed. so I knew I had to keep on filming. like because that's. there's absolutely no reason to ever pull a gun unless deadly force is about to be used on you, my colleague Steve Olson. some toked to members of the community who shared their relief McKinney had not turned into Ferguson or Baltimore. what do you guys think of all this? I think that it could have been a lot worse than what it was. thank God it wasn't- and uncannily predicted what few knew about corporal case ball until tonight. the way he acted- this wasn't the first time he has a demeanor about himself- to where he seems to be hothead and and and thank God it was a camera. ABC News has learned that in 2007, casebolt was accused in a federal lawsuit of racial profiling and excessive force during a drug search. Albert Brown jr, who's african-american, says casebolt and other officers slammed his head against the hood of his car. police did find drugs. the lawsuit was dismissed. Friday's video set off a firestorm on social media. with tweets like this: a police officer who feels threatened by a teenager in a bathing suit might need to reevaluate their career choice. the officer has supporters as well. the situation in McKinney would not have escalated to what it did if everyone would have done what they were told to do by authorities. read another tweet tonight. we hear from one of the teams that tried to help the young girl on the ground. he started manhandling her and you can hear people in the video screaming and the way he had her, I kind of like freaked out like, oh my gosh, he's hurting her. so I started telling him: like officer, please stop, you're hurting, are you? 18 year old? Adrian Martin says he lost his footing trying to help the girl on the ground and that's why it looks like he lunged at the office. it looks like I'm lunging towards the officer but as you can see the incline, I slipped because I got bumped into twice accidentally. at one point, Adrienne says he felt like he was looking down the barrel with corporal Eric casebolt gun. I was thinking I'm about to get shot. and is this it? Adrienne Martin was arrested and charged with evading arrest and interfering with the police officer. Adrienne says the case vault was the only officer that was out of hand. there were some professional officers that were doing their job- right, they were, they were being respectful, but this is one officer. he was taken out of hand. he was real aggressive and the McKinney police chief seems to agree. I had a 12 officers on the scene. 11 of them, exact, did exactly what we would want him to do it. and while watching the press conference about officer case bolts resignation, Adrienne learns all the charges against him have been dropped. that case has been dropped, really happy. I'm ready to move forward. another flashpoint: endure what fallout may follow.

What Happens To Your Body After You Die? | Human Biology | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

[Music]. [Music]. i understand, little kitty. after all, a cemetery is where all the dead bodies are kept as they begin their decomposition process. well, that's a spooky question, but let's look at it from the perspective of science and allow me to explain to you and our lovely friends what happens to our body after we die. zoom in: that is inevitable and so far nobody has managed to escape this natural process since the dawn of humanity. yes, although the thought of death frightens everyone. but what happens to our body after is really fascinating to know. [Music]. once a person stops breathing, his heartbeat stops and his brain dies. the doctor declares the person dead and the body immediately begins the decomposition process. as soon as the person dies, the body begins the first stage of decomposition, called primary placidity, in which the person's muscles relax as the jaws fall open, while the eyelids lose the tension and close down. at the same time, the body starts to lose heat as its temperature lowers down to match with the area around it, in the process with a spooky name known as the death chill. [Music]. then, within minutes after that, the blood flow stops and it begins to settle in the lower most part of the body, and after few hours we begin to see the first visible sign as the skin in those areas starts to turn purplish in the stage called liver mortis or post-mortem stain. after that, within three to six hours, the once relaxed body starts to contract in the process called rigomortis, and this stiffening spreads through the muscles, and its speed depends upon the person's age, gender and environment. but this contraction lasts only till 20 to 84 hours, after which the body again goes back to relaxed mode in the stage called secondary facility. after this begins the decomposition process. but what happens to the body next depends on many factors, one of which is the environment in which the body is stored. yes, for example, let us assume three different bodies with similar characteristiks and factors are stored in different environment. in that case, the one exposed to air will decompose twice as fast as the one immersed in water and eight times as fast as one buried in mud. [Music]. but no matter what the outer condition is, the internal aspects tend to remain the same, as the body could no longer intake oxygen or clear the toxic gases like carbon dioxide, which continues to build up inside the cells and is very acidic. this acid raptures cells sac, which contains enzymes that begin to eat the cell from inside out, creating fluid-filled blisters on the body, and as this fluid is rich in nutrients, it attracts the microorganisms like fungi and bacteria already present in our body. and as there is no immune system to fight these inner germs, they go on an eating spree and in the process releases nearly 400 different types of chemicals and gases. the smell of these gases attracts various insects that feed and break down the tissues until only the skeleton is left, which, with time, also decomposes into the mud. trim your time. did you know? when a person dies, their sense of hearing is the last to go? [Music] also, lack of physical exercise is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide, so it's crucial to stay away from cell phones, to play and exercise if you want to live longer. hope you learned something new in today's episode. until next time, it's me, dr binox, zooming out you.

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வீடு கட்டும் முன் பாவங்கள் | Parithabangal

Mummy, Bro. What happened, Alasssss? [ He is Pregnant ]. What, bro? Oh, Mom, Unable to tolerate, bro, Shall we go to the hospital, bro? Hey, wait, man, Have consulted the Doctor already who reported: can't do anything. bro. What happened, bro? All left me helpless bro. What are you left helpless Bro? Yes, dear, Is it any big deadly disease? ( crying out of pain ). Say, what's your problem, bro, Feeling irritation, bro. [ Acidity at peak ]. Drink buttermilk, bro, Have tried drinking, dear, It's uncontrollable. Then, as usual, I said to drink Fenugreek with water. Did you drink that? Have tried that too, Bro, By morning 9 o'clock, I will do Vaasthu Pooja, Is it Kindly come, Okay, okay. Next by. Come, Ok, Okay, Come, bro, Alassss. [ Jelous Acidity ]. Brobro, It's irritating. [ in tolerable ]. Why is your stomach irritated? It's not so, bro - frustration. Won't this silly dog who went to Bombay settle there itself? He comes here and constructs his house - constructs neighboring to me. What, bro, Is it the problem that May man is constructing his house? Only there I tied the tag. Now where will I tie the cow Who looked for him to build the house? My stomach is irritated. you won't be fortunate. OK, OK, bro, You leave it. Let him construct and be fine. Will he build it? Let me see, Bro, do come, without fail. bro, Come, Do, Come, Will come, Will come, Can have tiffin here. Hey? [ Disturbed Dracula ]. Are you constructing a house? I won't let you do it. man, Ramakrishnan, Come, Welcome. How are you, How do you do? (Laughs). Have built the house? Yesyes, Me too constructing in my hometown. Come, let's go inside. Wait, waitwait, What. What Built for how many square meters? This is 1500 sqft. The elevations are all very amazing. Yes, dude, See here. Huh, By 25 years of resultant extraordinary hard work, by shedding sweat and blood, I built this house. only now, Is it so? Yes, dude, Very good, 1500 sqft, 1500 sqft. What dude you do? note making. I too constructed my house, you know? * Is it so? Congratulations? Yes, ( laughs). Main door, Wait, Entrance door. Main door, That's there. Yes, you kept it remarkably high. Yes, As because it shouldn't hit the head of whom comes, as like in olden patterns. Yes, Yes, where expected to bend and enter in the olden period styles, Brick, Is that bathroom? Shall we see the bathroom fittings, Bathroom fit. Hey, dude, where are you going inside the restroom? Wait, Are you querying about the flower pattern? Yes, Flower pattern, My wife's favorite, That Done for less cost. only Elevation like this ( blabbering) That cost For these glass windows. what have you followed now For Glass windows? have put Don't either wood or PVC. Not PVC, only by wood, only, Han, What is this? Which is being so open, That is, Having the mirror and trying to bring in the light even during day time? Oh, To collect the light inside, Not to switch on light during daytimecurrent, saving What you kept there in the walls? Hey, Look at meHuh. [ CBI KANDHASAMY grab ]. Either I called you for the ceremony of home milk brewing, Han, or have to take the survey. Are you the person who gives Approval? No, dude, For what have you come here and measuring all? No, Just to measure. only He is building the house. Coming here and noting the measures Will tear off everything. Need to eat. Come, Have the food, dude, Come. Yeah, It's about food. you know, Yes, How much you spent on food, dude. Oops, OMG, In that, Han. Yes, Alight well, down too, bro. Yes, Do hammering. well, Oops, Oops. Destructing the house, Destructing the house. What happened, bro? Destructing the house, dude, Yes, we are destructing this house. This house's vibrations have come to our house. My house is on trembling. Destruct the house without the quaking, Shouldn't use JCB and all Do destructing by hand. How could we destruct this such big house without bringing in the use of JCB? Ppch? You just destruct by hand, dude. Hey, Destruct by hand. If Haan Aan Han, OK, OK, You get up. Get up, I appoint a person for hammering. Go, Get up, I appoint a person for hammering Go. [ destroyed battleship ]. [ Picaso on Peaceful walk ]. [ Peace gone into Peases ]. [ Tamil Dialect, Hindi ]. Sqft kya hai Biah, leave me I a busy work, biah, Ppch. Sqft kyah Biah, Yei arrey. [ Powerful Tamindi ]. Tajmahal, How much I tell? Huh, How tell What tellu? Big building Tajmahal, What won't I build the Tajmahal? What? what dude? What's the quarreling with Biah? Noyou say whether I asked is right or wrong. ( TN vs North fight ). Hey, You go. Hindi, Walah You go. Why are you beating him? dude? What? dude? Asking him about the sqft measure of Tajmahal For which he is scolding? dude, then, What are you going to do? by knowing the sqft measure of Tajmahal? By **dixlery inspiring, I will build the 9 paise house. the construction is on the go. you know, By inspired Tajmahal, are you going to build this sillyy one and half penny worth house. Hehheh ( sliding ). [ Slippers would slip on to you ]. Biah, Sorry, biah Han, Come Come here. Nope, What sqft. ( moaning ). You go, man. Hey, We have entered into the bank, Behave yourself. descent Manager is of different kind of personality. Ok, How much sqft will this bank of? What are you going to achieve on knowing this, Hey silly dog? first of all, how much sqft measure will be of your land? Don't know, dude, Don't you Have to buy only hereafter, As its lacking of paisa. I came here to apply loan to bank. Haven't yet bought the land, Not yet bought. Then how will you carry on constructing? Will apply for housing loan. you know Haaan Will achieveHey silly guy, Without having land in hand, you look for measure of Tajmahal. Hahhaaa, Sir, manager, sir, shall i borrow your slipper? No, bother, Anything, it can be. Give sir, Give Gogo. OMG, Hey, you, a silly son of You, speak and decide. Let's speak, dude. What bro, What uncle? What to say, uncle? You blocked the ditch - as by constructing the house. how could the the water be flowed? How can we trespass this way? That ditch been cut many days back. Now its been flowing via underground drainage. only you know, Bombay man, you may have much of currency, Han, But for which won't you have worthy enough respect to the elders. What's your grievance? Have to clean, That's it, you know. Do cleaning, ya Will clean. now, What dude, Why is the house being built to that much high? ( shock), You men, why do you build the house to that high? Why to that high? For what, pa? Hey, come down. *. why do you build the house to such height? Why, Come? let's have the arbitration. It won't be of right, bro. Why, dude? I say it won't be right What? you build your house to the height, Why do you have the building to that hight? What dude? I am saying (Blabbering and ran away) What dude, why is he toking like this? Anyway, why is this too high, dude? What you, all men of this town, are of same kind. How could we put basement without heighten? dude, Bro, Greetings, bro, Greetings. That Vellottam Vellaiyappan. Ya its me Whom discovers watercourse. Yes, yes, Yes, Generation by generation. its seen from my Grand pa and then my father, and taught tactiks to me too, and I too do. seeing that I don't have beliefs in these all. Come and discover. the course Will pay you only when seeing water flows Right. OK, OK, let's go, Come, Come, Come, Little bro, What Here itself available, a good water course did? It will be here, it will be. Huhhan, Hey, Moron, Its drainage there under man Land is there. Come there and find That too. water only It depicts, right, you see, See his cranium, Aha, Ahhahha, Its fallen. Shall I mark here, Do marking here? - Mark, It seems here, and all water course, OKGo, Where else is available? Ahhahha.

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Patch 4.0 Preview - League of Legends: Wild Rift

hey everyone, Alan here from the wild Rift team. I was off spending my wild cause, but now I'm all out, so I'm excited to be back and kick off this patch preview. first, a quick heads up: the new year brings new patch numbers, so we're dropping that boring old three and bringing out a shiny new 4.0. that being said, our content Cadence isn't based on an annual cycle, so that new number isn't tied to huge changes. that's because any patch for wild drift can bring pretty major updates, not just the one in January. we changed a huge aspect of the game a few patches ago with elemental Rift and we have some adjustments for this patch that are sure to shift the meta. in short, don't get anchored on that 4.0. we're going to bring gameplay changes when they're ready. anyway, this patch, we're looking forward to some excitable Champions, improvements for yet another role and even more things to test in the jungle. of course, we'll also go over our next big event and the Skins you can look forward to. welcome to Wild Rift patch 4.0: Rising Spark. since product lead on wild Rift, we thought our roster needed more Mischief, glitter and World warping Arcane energy. with all that in mind, Zoe, the aspect of Twilight, is ready to reshape the reality of mid lane or support for extra chaos? Zoe is a burst Mage who wants to steal spells, snipe enemies and cause as much trouble as possible with portals. her first ability, paddlestar, throws a missile that can be redirected in Flight. the farther it travels, the more damage it deals. so when tap casting at first, the missile will fly away from your enemy, then recast the ability to sling it back towards them. this works super well with her ultimate portal jump, which allows Zoe to Blink to a new position and then blink back. this alt has a low cooldown, so get creative with paddle stars to delete your enemies from existence. with her second ability, spell thief, Zoe can steal enemy spells and enchantments on cast, which will appear on the ground for her to pick up. they'll also drop when your team last hits a minion that's holding a balloon. she can only hold one stolen cast at a time, so use him or lose them. last but not least, Zoe's third ability launches a bubble that puts an enemy to sleep after a delay. attacking them will deal double damage, up to a cap. so snipe your snoozing foes with a long range paddle star for maximum effect. if you love rubbing salt in the wounds of your mid lane enemies. give Zoe a try. she's super random and I hope she wins. and now we're going from Z to Z: bring the lightning with Zary, the spark of zon, electrifying the dragon Lane. like most marksmen, the majority of zarya's damage comes from attacking enemies, but her attack first Fire Works a little differently than you might expect. when you tap the attack Button, as Ziri, you'll fire in a direction and damage the first enemy hit, just like a skill shot ability. so be sure to aim as you go. zerry passively gains movement speed whenever she gets a shield and she also has some tools to slow her opponents down. her first ability- electrocute- zaps an enemy with a slow, and her second ability, Ultra shock laser- fires a beam that damages and slows the first Target hit. if the beam hits a wall, it'll extend its range and fire through it, applying its effects in an area 's third ability, spark surge, is her tool for Great Escapes. cast it to dash forward and power your next attacks. if Zary dashes to a wall, she'll jump all the way over it. use her ultimate lightning crash to shock nearby enemies and gain stacks of overcharge for each Champion hit. while overcharged, very gains movement speed, attack speed and bonus damage. her attack is faster and chains to nearby enemies, and she'll extend this effect with takedowns. as you can see, Zary is all about attacking fast and moving fast. pick her up and you'll be zipping and zapping across the rift, and those are our new champions for the rising spark patch. we've got a healthy dose of positivity with these two, so I hope they'll bring a smile to your face. go forth and tilt your opponents with cheerfulness and tons of damage. and now I'll hand it over to David for even more updates. foreign, I'm David, associate game director for wild Rift. let's Sparkle our way to the gameplay changes for this patch. the three-act gameplay structure is super important for wild drift, where players feel the ramp up from early to mid and into late game. looking over the last few patches, we feel there's room for improvement for the late stages of the game. the focus here is to increase the opportunities for comebacks while maintaining the frenetik pace of wild Rift. first, we're adding inhibitor respawns, so once an inhibitor is destroyed, it'll come back again after a little while. this way, the game won't feel like it is completely over if you lose inhibitor early and you'll be able to focus more on facing off against the enemy team and less on their minions, continue with the theme of climactik game ends where. add a mechanic that limits turtling. once you reach the super late game, Towers will begin to burn and eventually collapse. and while we don't expect this effect to trigger frequently, we want you to feel the urgency of pushing your advantage or coming back from your disadvantages. every patch we look to make improvements to specific roles. last patch was all about the jungle. now for the rising spark patch, we're looking to improve the tank experience. tanks are often the unsung heroes and it's time to show you some love with our updates. our high level goal is for the success and achievements of tank players to be more visible to all players. tank items provide a ton of utility, but their effects are often subtle, so it's difficult for you and your teammates to notike when you're using them well. so first, we're getting some new and improved shopkeeper stok for you right now. extolly seagar and Demi's plate are great first picks for tank supports, but they're mostly benefiting players to want to roam all around the map. if you're more of an aggressive tank support who wants to get ahead through laning, Dawn shroud is now your item of choice when you immobilize a champion, Donald Trump's passive will damage and reveal nearby enemy Champions. this effect will also trigger if you are immobilized. next, we're reworking some other tank items to make their powers more clear and easier to appreciate. ranjun's Omen is getting a new passive. well, you're hit by a Critikal Strike, you'll now gain stacks. attacking a champion will consume the stacks and heal based on the damage you took. this is replacing one of the items- old passives- which reduce damage from all critikal strikes. starting this patch, you'll need to attack to make full use of the damage reduction instead of passively gaining it, which will reward good decision making as a tank player. Frozen Hearts effect is also changing. now basic attacks and spells will apply Stacks to your target. they will also gain Stacks from attacking or hitting you area allies with spells. each stack will slow your enemy's attack speed up to a cap. we hope that with a stacking debuff instead of an effect with constant uptime, Frozen heart's impact will be more notikeable overall. outside of that, we're working on more tanky details that we'll share with you in an upcoming issue of waldrift news. overall, you should expect new improvements for different roles across future patches as we look to continuously improve the general game health [Music]. for the rising spark patch, we're bringing back a game mode we all know and love. all random Ultra rapid fire mode is making its triumphant return to the rift. queue up and play a completely random Champion with super Speedy spells. we're also using this game mode to test something new in this patch we're introducing: execute Smite, Gus, for air of matches. if you're a jungling, you'll choose Smite for your Loadout, as usual. but smite's effect won't be an active that you press. it will now be a passive instead, when you damage a monster and cause its Health to fall below smite's total damage.

Lost World of the Maya (Full Episode) | National Geographic

hidden beneath the vast canopy is a lost world of the ancient maya. nearly two million square miles of lush green hide centuries-old cities riddled with mysteries. but today, lasers in the sky are helping to expose these secrets. it's kind of like having x-ray vision and seeing beneath the canopy without having to touch a single leaf. archaeologists are using this new superpower to unearth treasures on the ground. we are starting to get information from all kinds of places where we knew absolutely nothing. it's changing our understanding of the maya and helping to create a treasure map of maya's lost world. today, what escapes eyes on the ground is often clear to hundreds of more powerful eyes in the sky. [Music]. new tiknologies are being applied to archaeology and it's gathering more information than ever thought possible. 2018 was an exciting year for the maya. across the guatemala landscape, thousands of new ruins were popping up. once hidden structures are being revealed through satellites and a laser scanning tiknology called lidar. one of the most exciting tools that we have in our hands that we're just beginning to use in the amazon is lidar. lidar scanning lets us see through the forest canopy to what lies below. lidar means light detection and ranging. it works by firing streams of light pulses from an aircraft to the ground and timing the return of the pulse when it bounces back to the sensor. this reconstructs shapes under the canopy, almost like seeing the x-ray vision. every time that we have found a new set of tools, we get an insight into something that we've never imagined possible in the amazon, and i think lidar is one of these things that's going to completely change how we understand the landscape. the trees have always been what's kept us from understanding what's happening in the amazon, and now we can see through them. more than 800 square miles of the maya biosphere reserve have been mapped to reveal massive feats of engineering for the very first time. taken together, the images point to a far more sprawling and sophistikated society. man-made structures appear, complex roads, temples and palaces. engineering like this would make today's city planners proud. so what happened? how could such a great society fail? could it have been war, religious cults and mass sacrifice drought? laser mapping is the latest tool used to help unlock mysteries of the ancient maya world. for decades, archaeologists have pieced together clues from ruins discovered the old-fashioned way on foot. ten years ago, in the heart of mexico's yucatan region, the ruins of a forgotten maya town called kiwi emerged from the jungle without the help of ariel lidar. in 800 ad, a local king ruled here and built an impressive pyramid shrine. [Music]: 20 000 rocks cut and stacked 30 feet high. the ancient maya often placed royal tombs under pyramids. so, on a hunch, archaeologist george bay decides to sink a shaft straight through. [Music]. this building represents a artifact that provides us with information about the evolution of maya society. by examining it, we hope to understand how kiwi evolved in the yucatan for three decades, coaxing from the earth a snapshot of what life must have been like for the little-known maya who lived here, called the northern or poop maya. [Music]- surprises, we have surprises. 21 feet into the hole bay and his team make an important find, though to the untrained eye, it just looks like another piece of rubble. oh yeah, look at that. this is fantastik. this is a vault stone, and so for us, this is a very distinctive type of stone. here's the face of it. this is the flat face, and this back part of it is cut like this, angled, and that would have stuck into the wall. these special vault stones were not used to build pyramids, but to hold up the ceilings of buildings. yet inexplicably, here is one deep in the pyramid, and when they dig under the base of the pyramid they find something even more out of place: the foundation of an ancient. this building is completely new. it consists of several steps in a tallow shape. you have an idea of when? this might date to 400, 500. wow, the pyramid dates to 800 ad, but analysis of pottery fragments confirms the foundation under the pyramid is 300 years older, dating to 500 ad. but that is an impossible date. to understand why requires a trip south, back to guatemala, 600 bc, the earliest days of maya civilization. scholars always believed it was here, in a region called the mirador basin, that maya civilization was born. early kings raised the jungles and built monumental cities [Music]. over the next thousand years the maya civilization became the most advanced in the americas [Music]. they mastered mathematiks and astronomy, perfected the first written language of the western hemisphere and produced stunning works of art. but in 700 ad there was a massive breakdown. war, politikal strife and famine rocked the maya world. cities abandoned, hordes of refugees escape, fleeing north [Music]. as part of this wave, one refugee king sets down roots in kiwi, founds the town and soon after builds a pyramid. at least, that's what scientists had always thought until now. with the discovery of the ancient building foundation. the dates don't add up. the foundation dates from 500 ad, but maya refugees don't arrive here until at least two centuries later. was someone already occupying kiwi when the refugees arrived? 17 miles away, another discovery raises more questions: [Music]. its location is being kept a closely guarded secret for fear of looters. few archaeologists have seen the discovery in person, including fatima tikpool. getting to this discovery is no easy task. it's 230 feet underground, in the bottom of a cave. the tunnel is narrow and only one person can fit through at a time. [Music] roberto. local residents knew about this cave for years, but had no inkling of the treasure hidden inside. through a pitch-black maze of tunnels, they come to the remnants of a wall. here we have a restricted passageway. there was a wall here marking an entrance that separated two areas: a public space and a sacred space. as fatima enters the sacred chamber, she notikes something curious. it appears that countless torches and ritual fires once burned here. the maya believed that caves were the dwelling place of gods. maya priests made pilgrimage here on special religious holidays, consuming hallucinogenic plants to commune with the deities. the chamber is cluttered with broken pottery. here's an intentional deposit of ceramics where the maya broke vessels as part of an offering. scholars suspect that breaking ceramics released the power of the they offering break the vessel and scatter it around the cave. there's almost always one piece missing, so we think that the maya took one piece with them and perhaps buried it outside the cave. the team pushes deeper into the cave. maya priests relied on ropes made of vines to get here, but even with modern climbing gear, fadima's journey still takes three hours. she finally reaches the cave's most sacred point and discovers an extraordinary underworld. ancient maya paintings adorn the walls of the cave's burial tomb. one image uses the contours of the cave to create a unique three-dimensional jaguar. another portrays a mythical hunt with a ghost-like jaguar and deer. what's striking about this painting is that their representations are not of living beings. they are in the underworld, in the world of death. look at the body of the jaguar: it's skinny, it hasn't been well-fed and it has a deliberate mark in the middle. we think these marks represent illness significant. farima has studied art in many maya caves but never has seen paintings like these. they are clearly maya, but their unusual style suggests that whoever painted them was not part of the maya civilization of the south. stylistik analysis of the paintings and the ceramic offerings in the chamber indicate the murals were painted around 100 bc. that makes them among the oldest maya paintings ever discovered in mexico. the painting state to the dawn of the maya civili.

OMG! Did the Queen just say that?! | Auditions | BGT 2019

first actor of the year. let's go get them, ladies and gentlemen, back. on behalf of the Palladium Theatre, I invite you to stand and welcome. that's what is wrong. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. that's right, mr cow, and the boss is finally here. [Laughter]. it's so good to see a member of the royal families sitting next to Simon. it's lovely to see you, Camilla. [Laughter]. it is rare indeed for the sovereign to appear on it such an insignificant occasion. but as I look down on your wall, I am happy to patronize you. Queens have always patronized the Arts and the arts have relied upon the support of Queens. [Laughter]. it is with regret, ladies and gentlemen, I have noted that recently Britain's Got Talent has suffered enormously. there have been far too many below average variety acts, and I'm not referring to Alesha Dixon, [Applause]. [Laughter]. I'm sure you all agreed: the plastik is the modern skirt on the face of this planet, of all the men and women of these islands. no greater innovation has been made than by our judging panel, who have stored a great amount of plastik in their faces and dick. as well as David Williams have been awarded OBE. Simon, there is only one thing standing between you and the knighthood, and that's the Golden Bough. sir. I have much pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, and declaring the search for talent in Great Britain officially open. your majesty, what a treat you.