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Rank in Google with NO WEBSITE? [New 2021 Hack]

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

Rank in Google with NO WEBSITE? [New 2021 Hack]

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Rank in Google with NO WEBSITE? [New 2021 Hack]

in this video I'm going to show you how
you can rank for crazy hard keywords in
Google as a brand new affiliate or a
brand new online marketer with no
authoritative website no blackhat crazy
tikniques or anything like that just
pure creative marketing let's dive right
in okay so what this strategy is is I
don't know what everyone else calls it I
call it authority jacking okay so if
you're familiar with google at all you
know it's hard to rank in Google like
there's a battle going on between
thousands and thousands of websites for
every keyword and that honestly as a new
affiliate it can be very daunting to try
to rank there so what we're doing
instead because we don't have an
authoritative website is we're going to
use the authority of other websites that
are already ranking and we're gonna go
create content in those websites okay
and you're thinking what is he toking
about here the best example I can think
of is the website kora okay so if we go
let's say we were a Shopify affiliate
okay we're a shop I feel that lots of
people looking for a sixty-day Shopify
trial because I think they did away with
it and jumped it down to like a 30 or a
two-week trial now but anyway so they
type in shelf I trial you like 60 day
trial of Shopify and what do we have
here besides Shopify themselves we've
got a Cora answer going on right here
okay and what you can see here is two
things the first one is there's five
hundred and eighty five thousand people
trying to show up in Google for this
result okay in Cora there's twelve
answers okay twelve people tryna rank
for this and if you click into here we
can look at it even it doesn't take you
directly to whatever answer is kind of
like showing up in the in the answer
right here always it or the answer right
here always it's gonna take you right
just to the top of that page okay so
what that means is now we don't need to
rank in Google anymore we don't need to
fight with those 500,000 other sites we
only need to fight with these twelve
people that are trying to black rank in
Cora right and what does quarter care
about way way simpler in goop than
Google it cares about answer quality and
upvotes basically K so up votes are
these and you can see this has got five
up votes
do you have five friends that will be
willing to up vote an answer for you I
would really hope so if not you need to
be you need to be nicer to people anyway
so all we've got to do now is we
gonna see if we can rank our video in
kora and now we can own Google okay we
own the Google result for this and we're
in front of all of these super super
authoritative websites okay
the same thing is true with YouTube and
you knew it Pinterest and read it for
example here's a YouTube one right here
right this is one I think I've showed in
previous videos people typing in what is
your clickfunnels Affiliate right this
is a killer keyword that you want to own
well guess what you could spend forever
trying to make blog posts and like you
can see all these blog posts here from
authoritative websites I know this guy
has a lot of authority
oh there's Korah again um but you can
see here the first thing Google is
actually showing people is YouTube okay
and you've got YouTube russell runs
himself hard to fight that one but you
can make a video in youtube geared
solely at ranking in google okay you can
you can make a video in youtube with the
sole goal of ranking that video in
google and then you'll get all your
traffic from google which is the most
powerful search engine in the world
right youtube is the second most
powerful or most visited there anyway so
that's all we're doing the strategy can
we're taking sites like Cora
sites like Reddit sites like YouTube and
we're finding and I'm going to show you
exactly how to do this how to find these
websites and what they're ranking for
and then we're we're creating just
slightly better content than the current
person ranking and the competition is so
much less on these sites right and then
we're able to take these top squats in
Google okay we're gonna show you exactly
how this is done once again on the
screen we love to teach on the screen
here so we're gonna go to Korra calm
okay I'm gonna go here we're gonna go a
site occur welcome to a rest calm okay
and what hrs is is it's by far the best
keyword explorer out there what it does
is helps us to understand what's ranking
in Google for what okay and it is
incredible you don't have to pay the
full fee if you don't have any money
right now get the 7 day trial I think
it's a dollar do all the research I'm
showing you in a day and you're done
okay you don't have to worry about about
paying a dress they're they're $120 or
whatever it is so site Explorer here
you're gonna go to site explorer and
you're gonna type in let's say we want
to do Cora so we're gonna type in Cora
calm okay
do is it's gonna show us all the
keywords the Cora is ranking for which
is 67 million keywords okay
next we're going to go to organic
keywords right here on the left here I
want to say okay I want to see all those
keywords the court is ranking for and
then we're gonna go and we're gonna get
into our niche okay so let's say we're
promoting clickfunnels which is what
most of my audience is promoting you'll
type in clickfunnels there and boom hey
this is all the Cora posts Kay and the
keywords that Cora is ranking for so now
we can go click into these posts we can
go read the answers that these guys are
making that the high ranking answers
right and say okay what does this answer
missing how can I make this answer
better in terms of quality how can I
make this answer better in terms of
readability okay those are those are two
of probably the biggest things when I
say quality I mean how fast can I get
this question answered for this person
right versus the other person and then
the second thing is when someone is
looking at these answers and trying to
cite which one to read some people and
I'll show you on the screen here some
people make big answers like this okay
they're just like big paragraphs other
people make single sentence lines and
they make they add some bold like that
right and they add some video and those
ones tend to do better over time okay
now in this partikular result they're
not but typically if you can make it
more readable more digestible less
intimidating up front then people are
more likely to like that one read that
one and go for that one okay so what
we're gonna do is we're gonna find all
these ones and we're gonna just go into
court I wanted to start answering we're
gonna go read all the current answers
gonna say I can do better I can do
better I can do better I'm gonna make a
more high-quality answer for these
people and then you've got to go with
some up votes okay and nuts are not
super hard to get okay you can see most
of these probably don't have very many
up votes this has got 13 up votes this
one's got none it looks like so if
you've got a couple of friends that can
help you out here I can go read your
answer and give you that thumbs up on
Quora you can get some good up folks
there and Cora's algorithms a little
more complicated enough votes but it's
not nearly as complicated as Google's
okay now we can do the same thing with
YouTube okay we type in YouTube here
it's gonna show us all the the play
in Google all the keywords in Google
that YouTube videos are already ranking
for that we can take okay so I do the
same thing click finally play let's go
back to Shopify example because why not
right so we go back to Shopify here it's
probably a lot more videos on Shopify
here and okay what do we have here we've
got how to remove powered by Shopify
somebody's probably be as useful like
what is Shopify well it's just like what
does clickfunnels dream customer right
what is Shopify they're like it's
guaranteed that most of these are people
that are like some what they're looking
for ways to make money online
someone's kind of like jabbered to him
about Shopify and they're like I don't
fully understand this what exactly is it
anyway there are there hot customers and
we've got we've got YouTube videos
ranking in number five for what a
Shopify okay in fact I would bet if we
typed in what a Shopify there's some ads
and then there they are at the five six
and seven okay so people go here and I
can tell you right now its ways your
ranking here than it is to rank you know
to get a blog to show up way up here
okay it's already showing these YouTube
videos YouTube's already got the
authority in the place established now
we just need to try to rank a YouTube
video that already has Authority instead
of build up a fully authoritative blog
you know I just want to prove to you
that I'm not like pulling your leg I
know a lot of people even say things
like well this only works if you have an
or thorat headed YouTube channel you
need an authoritative YouTube channel to
do this right absolutely don't I've done
this multiple times in the very very
beginning stages of my youtube channel
okay and just to show you like that it
still works how to build a website one
of the most competitive keywords out
there you know that by the fact there's
a million people running ads to it these
are the three YouTube videos ranking
okay we've got this guy and he is very
authoritative but we've got this guy
right here
okay and he's racked up five hundred
thousand views by ranking in Google I
would bet and look he's only got six
thousand subscribers I would bet he had
when this thing started to rank in
Google I would bet this this person had
under 1,000 or somewhere between like
one in 2000 okay very very new in their
YouTube channel days and they're still
able to rank in Google okay because they
they they focused on ranking in Google
it's likely as opposed to ranking in
YouTube the algorithms are just a little
bit different
okay like the first three videos in
YouTube aren't the first three that are
gonna show up in Google okay and
actually what are we putting out a video
subscribe because future video will tok
exactly about the differences in those
algorithms okay so this whole plan is
basically research we're gonna write
down and plan everything that we want to
go for and then we're gonna go content
crazy okay we're gonna make youtube
videos like crazy we're gonna go into
Korra we're gonna answer questions like
crazy and we're gonna dominate these
search engines okay that's the coolest
part about this plan it works for
affiliate marketers or just any kind of
online business right all we've got to
do is hijack and then use those hijacked
platforms to either put in our affiliate
link or our regular link and and send
traffic that way now if you've learned
I would love a subscription as well as
the next video is going to teach you
other cool ways that you can start
learning to crush the Internet give it a

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