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Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Unboxing

Published on: December 6 2022 by Craylor Made

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Unboxing

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Unboxing

hey guys what's up its drone rocker 365
here and today we're going to be
unboxing the razer blackwidow ultimate
now this is the 2014 edition so it
features the new razor mechanical
switches these are no longer cherry MX
which is since the patent expired for
cherries which is so razor decided to
start making their own instead of buying
from cherry so let's dig in we're just
going to open up our box here take it
out here set this aside alright so here
we have the keyboard and there's just
rather odd pull out I guess I kind of
dusty as typical razor packaging always
is or so I've heard this is my first
razor product but let's keep going this
whole thing just pulls right on out I
think there's this kind of overkill on
the cardboard personally but let's keep
going okay somehow tied down well let's
take a look at this first here we have
our probably warranty information so
let's just open this up here yep as I
thought we've got warranty information
uh just all the random boring stuff and
then we've got our razor stikers these
are like the Apple stikers for a gamer
it's like this stiker is that every
gamer wants but yeah alright let's see
if we can try and figure out how to get
this I'll I'm trying to figure out
exactly how this when it comes apart it
looks like we have something going on
with our space bar I'll have to take a
look at that in a second oh we're just
looks like and here's a little something
like so I see that's the cable so
somehow we have to get this convoluted
thing out of the package how we going to
do this this is frustrating there we go
and this just pulls out like this just
like that so here it is I'm not sure
what's up with the space bar but I'll
get that fixed is the razer blackwidow
ultimate 2014 edition oh wow and the
enter key all sorts of funny things
going on here but we'll definitely get
that looked at so yeah guys thanks for
watching if you like this video
subscribe and tell me what you think of
the new mic below thanks

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