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reportedly broke windows by injecting ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

This Toy illegally Spied on 6.4 Million Children

a kid's electronic toy maker vtec,admitting tonight it's been targeted by,hackers the latest hack impacts children,five million people worldwide have had,their data stolen why would this hacker,want you know hundreds or thousands of,photos of children or whatever else that,they're collecting,well let's find out today so to,understand this story we need to take it,back a year so it's christmas morning,and you just bought both your kids the,brand new vtik innotab 3 learning,tablet and man your kids are stoked so,behind the screens of joy you know deep,down they're going to be safe on the web,but more importantly they're going to,learn now maybe you're not super tik,savvy being a boomer and all but at,least with vtik you can send your kids,videos photos pictures all from your,smartphone but don't worry it's all,age-appropriate with vtec kid connect,you get the comfort of hearing each,other's voice i love you mom anywhere,anytime and for you this tablet is just,another device to add to your wifi,network like your smart watch your smart,mug and vtec tells you that all of your,data is going to be safe but connecting,everything we own to the internet opens,up a new can of worms for us because,this toy isn't designed for security,it's designed to have fun and what vtik,failed to tell you was how much illegal,data they would collect on your child,and even worse how unsecure it all was,now hacker can kind of be a cringe word,honestly we often think of black hoodies,green text adderall mainframes but,that's more of a hollywood trope you see,real hackers are interested in making a,system do what it was never intended for,hackers look for exploits and when a,group of hackers found this new vtik,tablet they did what they do best online,forums sprung up dedicated to just,hacking the innotap 3. one guy figured,out a run doom on it of course he did,another guy popped it open and was able,to get rude access in the linux,operating system and pretty soon this,children's tablet had its own little,thriving hacking community all online,now slipstream was a 21 year old,security researcher working for,malwarebytes which is pretty impressive,honestly and he knew a bit more than,your average joe when it came to finding,exploits so when he stumbled upon this,vtik hacking form he became fascinated,with the community so he picked one up,at his local store so after a few weeks,of messing around with it he discovered,the tablet toked to a website pretty,often planetvtik.com now there's really,nothing out of the ordinary with that,but when he checked the site you kind of,notiked a pretty big problem planet v,tik was using adobe flash for its login,form let me put this in perspective,flash has been banished from the,internet in 2020 because it is riddled,with exploits and vulnerable to sql,injections and for those that don't know,sql injections are like one of the,biggest security threats for a website,online but what is it now let's say you,fill out an online form and instead of,typing in your name like a good boy,you're a bad boy this time and you put a,piece of malicious code a sequel,injection now once you hit enter the,site will take that piece of code as a,command for the database rather than,just the piece of data and this allows,the hacker to steal modify or add data,to the entire database of that site so,we're toking emails credit cards phone,numbers passwords now today there's lots,of tools to protect yourself against,these attacks but at its most basic,level to perform a sql injection the,website must have a vulnerable input,page in that case adobe flash was,honestly probably the worst thing you,could possibly have,so seeing how vulnerable the site was,the sequel injection slipstream looked,through his own scripts that he had to,execute sequel injections and he could,try one on the site though if he was,he'd be committing a federal crime and,he'd probably risk his pretty good job,that he had but he thought he probably,shouldn't even try because vtik has to,have their security on point right,nope as a 21 year old kid with his brain,not even fully developed he loads it up,and hits enter on the script bam,holy i have roo that was easy what,can i find aka slipstream the 21 year,old kid had complete access to vtik's,network and he couldn't believe it a two,billion dollar company with an open door,to their back end now at this point,slipstream should have just left the,network and alerted vtec of the security,gap and then hopefully they would have,forgiven him for hacking in but that's,not he didn't do that let's remember 21,year old half developed brain so he's in,the network and he starts snooping,around and he finds several databases,and they're all big i mean we're toking,gigabytes of data which seemed pretty,important now he didn't have time to,actually look inside and see what they,were so we thought steel now and he'll,check it later so he clones everything,he can find and then quickly disconnects,from planetvtik.com,now once the adrenaline wore off,slipstream had just realized he had,committed,federal crime and a pretty big one at,that stealing the data of over four,million eight hundred and thirty three,thousand six hundred and seventy eight,accounts,holy,hell on the dark web your data goes for,sixty five dollars a pop sometimes that,that's 314 million dollars even if he,was to make a hundredth of that that's a,pretty nice payday but slipstream wasn't,in it for the money it was just his,curiosity and when that curiosity led,him to take a closer look at the stolen,trove of data a pit grew in his stomach,because this wasn't your average data,breach it was the data of children we're,toking full names email addresses,questions home addresses who their,parents are what's their address,everything essentially anyone with,access to this database could say here,is seven-year-old tom beck with his dad,at mark beck they live at 123 oakview,lane his password is 456. their security,question is what's your dog's first name,answer rex markbeck hotmail.com pretty,but the scariest part of all this was,the thousands of messages and videos and,pictures of children who had used the,tablet it was essentially the data for,anyone who had ever registered with vtec,which is a two billion dollar company,now slipstreamed and just couldn't,believe that he had just taken the,identities of children so he had three,choices at this point number one sell,the data number two tell vtec about the,security gap and maybe they'll fix it or,number three tell the media about vtik,security gap and then they'll have to,fix it,now weeks later lorenzo reporter,motherboard receives an encrypted,message from an unknown number it was a,hacker who wanted to remain anonymous,and hand over the database of 4.8,million accounts from a children's,tablet company vtik now this hacker had,made it clear that he had never sold or,was going to sell this data he said,quote i just want these issues made,aware and fixed he said but most,important of all the hacker wanted him,to break this story now for lorenzo the,hardest part wasn't writing the artikle,about this he needed to verify that this,even happened because any story about a,data breach could just tank a company,stok and lose the millions of dollars,so yeah you better make damn sure that,you do your due diligence on this now,for lorenzo to verify this one person,came to mind troy hunt now he's known as,the data breach expert the creator of,have i been pwned.com it's where you can,check to see if your personal data's,been compromised so this guy knows it so,lorenzo sends him all the vtik files,and the minute troy opens them up he is,astounded by how bad the whole thing is,the identities of 200 000 children who,were on average seven years old 4.8,million customer email addresses with,their corresponding unencrypted,passwords now the passwords weren't,stored in plain text what's called,hashed with md5 now md5 is a,cryptography algorithm that's been,broken for about 20 years

Breaking Windows bITs: Teams GIF vulnerability, Anti Virus' hacked again, Update deletes files!

[Music],welcome everyone to the windows portion,of this week's broken IT starting must,be where the gif or Jif account takeover,Volvo team Microsoft teams like,seriously 2020 a contact office if you,can't make this stuff up more business,conduct conducted from remote resources,attack us of four things they're,focusing their efforts to exploiting,their t tiknologies like zoom of all,the previous live streams and,non-microsoft teams that companies and,employees depend on to stay connected,they found that the leveraged subdomain,takeover probably in Microsoft teams,attackers could have used malicious gif,or Jif to scrape uses data and I'll,ultimately ultimately take over an,organization entire rosters of team,accounts since users would have to see,as a Jif just see it wouldn't wouldn't,have to share that if just see it to be,impacted what would you like this has,the ability to spread automatikally it's,like seriously,what is wrong with companies but yeah,not not surprised here and welcome,everyone there at home not surprised of,this and why I constantly say see and,similar languages buffer overrun neurons,and pointer dereferences and similar,stuff it's hilarious took account,takeover I I have actually hurts but,year so beaver what you're using and,maybe even like cubes one one virtual,machine for each task because they're,everything can be left and right,although doesn't help you much of course,even cubes Q porous and similar virtual,machines do not even help you losing,your account but maybe using Microsoft,teams are code not the best thing to,start with anyway and also for the,recurring,audience who are not as tik savvy it's,as simple as manipulated image can lead,to such evil abilities to take over,accounts to break your browser to hack,your operating system in similar news,toy yarn as Nurik also targets firewalls,customized malware used to compromise,physical virtual firewalls and yeah so,so false so forth,customers were victims of a coordinated,attack by an unknown bursary tik,reveals previous unknown SQL injection,vulnerability a recurring theme a SQL,injection of course meaning putting SQL,own payloads of input of web services or,firewalls where you like username,passport and stuff and this's code not,written in secure measures was very,old-fashioned directly evaluating this,including the SQL so that if you have,long database select of SQL database,select vs. stuff not escaped and so on,directly evaluated being able to insert,a tar in simple SQL select on other,things like that just to make you some,efforts to describe the tiknology there,at work a little bit for those who are,new to this so at 2020 SQL injection in,freakin firewall can't make this stuff,up remote code execution on some of,sofas firewall products no [ __ ] Sherlock,on accessory mixes stuff up as described,there have already has since been,remediated now after it was used on so,forth on to customers their victims in,the wild and how the attack began I,think it was even three all sisters,started discovered and Exploited a,zero-day SQL SQL injection remote code,execution availability the exploit of,the volley resulted an attackers being,able to insert a one-line comb,and into the database table just as I,try to explain there and the initial,injected command triggered an effective,device to download and as linux shell,script named install sh from a remote,server so yeah just running linux,doesn't make you any more secure if you,have SQL injection preauth before,password authentikation even and just,install your nice remote vector code,there certainly any operation isn't,doesn't help you with that and the,command also wrote a shell script to the,temp directory on the device used change,my program to designate a are not really,here more surprise there it script,written to the plans as X dot shall run,a series of SQL commands and drop,traditional files in this virtual file,system to lay the groundwork off and so,on,so yeah firewall it takes stages and,artifacts and I think it was prios let's,see so yeah a lot of tiknical lets off,oh no but anyway I think I think I read,somewhere correctly from I think it was,pre Oz meaning you don't need to be,authentikated,even before login and so on any other,remote user locked inject injectors as a,user or passport field or whatever in,similar news exploiting almost every,antivirus software because the reco,Infineon snake-oil off install some huge,untrusted code path of question of the,code quality recurring theme in nearly,each week's IT news here and I of,questionable c plus c c++ commodity with,string compare and and whatnot they of,for all the not recommended code,patterns and this is why I not only,recurrently call it snake oil but also,suggest not to trust such large code,bases in your trusted computing base a,of endeavor software supposed to protect,you from malicious threats but what but,what is that protection could be silent,disabled before the threat like,previously SQL injection right and,neutralized,what a fear what if a method of,exploration so they tested here most,anterior software works in similar,fashion and they had here impact it's,not cuz they tested across Windows Mac,OS and Linux well it's the same garbage,snake-oil antivirus anyway right able to,easily delete important files are,related to the antivirus software that,rendered ineffective and even though it,key component of the operating system,that would cause significant crutch,required for install of the earth when,targeting Windows Server only able to,delete files were not currently in use,or viruses also yeah windows can't leak,faulted or in use because now he busy,extremely easy to apply the right here,allegedly make no mistake about it,exploiting the flow over pretty tribal,seasoned mother authors will have no,problem reppin izing the tactiks,outlined in this blog post proof of,concepts here of never too long for this,video but text proof of concept whatever,you get the idea,speaking about yes I mean this stuff,because blue screens also windows update,a recurring theme of Windows Update,causing more harm than good I have it in,my when Windows virtual machines,recurrently not being able to update,maybe I should start them often and,every 14 days but also a for other,people Windows 10 update would you like,to delete files and blue screens with it,recurring theme of Windows updates,broken it's like yeah I I don't know,what is so difficult to deliver they'll,update experience but apparently 30,years of experience at Microsoft not,enough to deliver updates in a stable,and sophistikated manner,user complaints of blue screens of,tested files and reboot loops there is,the latest update allegedly here a lot,of truth,Microsoft only noses too well Windows 10,now installs modern million devices,Patch Tuesday problems unravel April,14th Patch Tuesday includes five fixes,for total of 113 333 vulnerabilities so,if you are if you are thinking I over,oversell this year or whatever whatever,no they are so many invulnerability 133,vol but I don't even usually show cause,here Windows bulblets because now we,only have so many minutes each week but,yeah so much to Windows Update you,probably want to update it so yeah you,probably want update 433 but abilities,but you might get deleted files and blue,screens of this including seven critikal,security flaws in Windows 10 said the,users need to take the fixing of,security Gallipolis very seriously in,the utley a reoccurring theme here on,this channel and 14 weaponized mul,abilities of apparently already it takes,order in the world apparently something,the trouble for some kb 4549 nine five,one and bucks there seem to be with one,cumulative come you later if security,fix applies to all Windows 10 versions,the security vulnerabilities question is,a denial of service Vaughn CVE 20 2009,for but only impacts users with some,detection or whatever keep calm don't,panic if your Windows doesn't panic,anyway so yeah apparently some people as,per usual so

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Taking Into Account, Ep. 18 - Linux in 2019, Malware, Windows 10, YouTube, LibreHunt

Linux gets better every year what should,we expect from Linux in 2019 we're gonna,discuss that today compromise packages,viruses malware becoming more and more,commonplace in Linux I'm going to,discuss two of the recent compromises in,Linux the alternatives to Windows 10,you're tired of the broken updates in,Windows 10 and you want to move on to a,different operating system what are your,options bring in the ads YouTube may let,everyone watch its original shows and,films for free discover your perfect,Linux distro with this online tool today,I'm going to share with you a website,that lets you find your perfect Linux,distro does it really work I don't know,I'm going to go through the process,myself here on camera I'm gonna say what,distro it recommends for me these are,five stories that I will be taking into,account,[Music],and the first story on the docket,tonight is what should we expect of,Linux in 2019 so this artikle from,Network world written by Sandra Henry,stoker and as always I'm gonna link to,all the artikles we discuss in the show,description faster more versatile and,secured Linux gets better every year,let's take a look at some of the hot of,the highlights expected in the upcoming,2019 so first of all the premise is,absolutely right,Linux does get better every single year,Linux is vastly superior as a desktop,operating system then what it was five,years ago it's definitely much much,better than it was ten years ago those,of you that go back even further than,that I'm sure you know it's just night,and day difference you know fifteen,years ago twenty years ago so we do keep,making very very big leaps forward in,Linux so reading a little bit of this,artikle 2019 made just might be the year,of Linux we're toking about the year of,Desktop Linux I really wish people would,quit throwing that out there but who,knows maybe it's coming I doubt it,though,anyway the year in which Linux is fully,recognized as the powerhouse it has,become well Sandra here doesn't mention,Desktop Linux if she's just toking,about the year of Linux I'm we've been,there so we already dominate of course,mobile server you know cloud we just own,everything the Internet of Things,embedded devices and of course newer,tiknologies that are coming about AI,it's gonna be the next big thing Linux,is gonna dominate that and I'm assuming,that's probably where Sandra is going,here since again that opening paragraph,did not mention anything about Desktop,Linux anyway Linux behind the scenes the,fact is most people today are using,Linux without ever knowing it whether on,their phones I think most people do not,know that Android which is the most,popular operating system on the planet,is Linux now it's not good news / Linux,it's not your desktop Linux but Android,of course does use a Linux kernel most,people also,in the artikle here Sandra mentions that,when you're online most people don't,realize that those websites they spend,hours a day on things like Facebook and,Twitter and what-have-you,YouTube you know all those servers that,are serving up these websites to you,guess what they run they run Linux the,web basically runs Linux when you're on,the Internet,you are using Linux all those servers,those web servers they're all running,Linux you may be running a Windows,machine or a Mac you know at home but,the web is all Linux your cars you're,like smart devices and your vehicles for,the most part or all Linux Toyota by the,way is a Platinum Member of the Linux,Foundation why as for reasons regarding,this is that these devices and these,Toyota vehicles you know just mentioning,that partikular manufacturer you know,depends on Linux that's why they donate,money you know they support Linux,financially most I owe tea and embedded,devices we've already mentioned IOT is,becoming a bigger and bigger market and,Linux nominates that Linux nominates the,cloud according to the cloud industry,forum for the first time businesses are,spending more and more on cloud than on,internal infrastructure cloud is taking,over the role that data centers used to,play and in partikular they mention we,discuss this a few weeks ago that,Microsoft's asier the most popular,operating system on Microsoft Azure is,Linux more than 50% of Microsoft Azure,is Linux it's not Windows so Gartner,here I'm not exactly sure who Gartner is,I think they quoted it may have been up,from the cloud industry forum anyway,they state that 80% of internally,developed software is now either cloud,enabled or cloud native cloud native,software specifically built to run on,the cloud the Linux Foundation is a key,collaborator of course in cloud native,computing all of this you know,what are we gonna see in 2019 we're,gonna see the formation of quote data,lakes that's large collections of data,largely in a RAW format without,transformation or loss we're gonna see,Linux and supercomputing we already know,the top 500 supercomputers in the world,they all run Linux in 2019 Sierra I,guess that's the latest like new bad ass,supercomputer right Sierra is gonna be,the second fastest supercomputer in the,world it's gonna run Red Hat and so we,already know supercomputing Linux,nominates the only game in town really,pretty much like I said all the top 500,supercomputers run Linux Linux is gonna,be the driving force behind AI and yen,AI it's gonna be the bit next big,tiknology Linux is gonna basically,power AI things to look forward in 2019,we're gonna see Debian 10 buster,released sometime in 2019,maybe Debian doesn't have that strict of,us release schedule its release mainly,when it's ready but sometime mid 2019 we,should see Debian 10 which is going to,be of course a gigantik distro release,ubuntu of course is gonna have a couple,of releases in 2019 but they will not be,LTS releases so I wouldn't expect those,to be major no players are a major news,stories I mean 1904 1910 both will come,out next year but other than you know,running of the latest kernel you know,updated software shouldn't see any major,changes with mainline aboon - but door,20 will be out April or May 2019 futurus,another distro they do have a release,schedule but they never stik to it they,rarely ever ship a distro on time but,sometime in 2019 we should get the door,30 we're gonna see kernel version 5.0,sometime in 2019 that's really entirely,up to Linus Torvalds one day he's gonna,wake up and say you know what the next,kernel version we're just gonna go ahead,and skip to the the five series and then,so you know we're gonna have 4/20 coming,out soon for 21 for 22 you know maybe,sometime next year he'll get to like for,third,and Hilda said you know what let's not,do 431 let's do 5.0 it's completely just,you know up to line us there's no rhyme,or reason when they change these kernel,version numbers the major version,numbers so no major conferences that are,happening in 2019 which this is great I,really love that she added all these,Linux conferences locations dates this,you guys never attended a Linux,conference and you're interested I,strongly suggest you check out some of,this list here that actually is just,that that makes reading this artikle,worthwhile for those of you interested,in that so that is a little what we,should expect of Linux in 2019 I will,throw something else out there that,Sandra didn't mention expect canonical,to be bought from some other large,corporation in 2019 and don't be,surprised if that corporation starts,with a M as far as the name just,throwing it out there,and the second story on the docket,tonight is compromised packages in Linux,so we're seeing more and more of these,we're seeing you know viruses and,Trojans and malware in Linux it used to,be just a a Windows problem for the most,part in the last few years we've really,seen an uptik in malware especially on,Mac OS it's becoming a big deal you know,the these past few months you know,especially now that I'm paying more,attention to some of the Linux news out,there it seems that every week we have,one or two

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How to Repair a Windshield Chip or Crack

يا ChrisFix الرجال هنا,اليوم انا ذاهب الى تبين لكم كيفية إصلاح رقاقة,كنت أقود على طول الطريق السريع خلف شاحنة تفريغ,وجاءت صخرة قبالة وضربت شاحنتي الزجاج الأمامي,لذلك كان هذا بضع ساعات قبل,ذهبت وحصلت على عدة,تريد أن تفعل هذا الحق بعيدا حتى أنه يمنع التقطيع بعد الآن,أو تكسير كل شيء إلى أسفل الزجاج الأمامي,حتى نتمكن من معرفة رقاقة حقنا هنا,تصدع العنكبوت لها,وليس مثل وجود صدع مباشرة فوق الزجاج الأمامي,لذلك هذا هو للإصلاح,أول شيء نحن في طريقنا للقيام نظيفة هذا الخروج,أحب باستخدام منشفة مجهرية,وانا ذاهب الى صب الكحول على حق إليها,كنت لا تريد للرش أو سكبه على الكراك,أنت تريد وضعه على منشفة,ثم مسح الزجاج الأمامي,الشيء الجيد حول الكحول هو أنه سريع جدا DRYS,هل يمكن استخدام منظف الزجاج الخاص بك، ولكن تأكد من أنك لا رذاذ على الزجاج الأمامي,أنت تريد وضعه على منشفة لأول مرة,حتى هيريس طقم إصلاح الزجاج الأمامي انا ذاهب الى استخدام,حصلت عليه لمدة 10 $,هيريس ما يأتي في هذه المجموعة، دعونا نبدأ إصلاح هذا الزجاج الأمامي,حتى تتمكن من رؤية رقاقة أفضل,أضع بعض من الورق المقوى وراء ذلك,ووضع بعض الشريط الأسود حولها، ونأمل في أن تركز جيدا وعليك أن تكون قادرا على رؤية ما ايم به,وذلك بعد أن نظيفة، ما تريد القيام به هو اتخاذ صمام الأمان، وفقط للتأكد من عدم وجود زجاج,ولهذا غادر هنا من رقاقة,بحيث تبدو جيدة,والشيء التالي الذي تريد القيام به هو الحصول على ختم بك,وتقشر جانب واحد,تريد Tab للأن يواجه ما يصل,وتريد صدع في منتصف,مثل ذلك,تأكد من وجود ختم جيدة,الآن جلجلة قبالة الجانب الآخر,فضح الجانب الآخر لزجة,الآن نأخذ التمثال لدينا هنا,ونحن يبطن عنه، راجع التبويب في الجزء العلوي,الحق على، واضغط لأسفل,وحتى الآن يتم تغطية شرائح تماما,ولديه قاعدة التمثال على رأس,الآن نأخذ الراتنج لدينا,نحصل على مقص لدينا وقطع رأس من هنا,الآن نضع 3/4 من الراتنج,هنا,الآن نأخذ حقنة لدينا,ونحن في طريقنا لدفعها في كل الطريق,حتى الآن لاستخدام يد واحدة، أمسك الحقنة إلى أسفل، وسحب صعودا,ويستقر في، هذا الكليب هنا أقفال في ويخلق فراغا,حتى الآن كنت مص كل الهواء من,الآن يقول الاتجاهات تدع هذا الجلوس لمدة 10 دقيقة,كما يمكنك السماح لهذا الاعتصام، بانج حول الزجاج الأمامي لمساعدة فقاعات الهواء الهروب,بيت القصيد من هذه الخطوة فراغ، هو سحب أي الهواء من الكراك,لذلك عندما نلقي نظرة من المؤخر,يمكنك ان ترى كل تلك فقاعات الهواء التي انسحبت من هذا الفراغ,بعد مرور 10 دقائق، عدم وجود فقاعات الهواء في صدع، لأنها جميعا في الخارج,وسوف نبذل الخطوة التالية,حتى 10 دقيقة مرت، امسك قاعدة حقنة، وتخلعها,السماح في الهواء، والآن دفع حقنة الظهر في,تأكد لطيفة ومحكمة الغلق,وأنت تسير لنقل هذا مقطع حتى تتمكن من دفع إلى أسفل,وأنت تسير لقفله في الموضع إلى الأسفل,تماما مثل ذلك,أنت الآن ضغطا على ذلك، الراتنج هذه القوات الضغط في الكراك,الآن تركنا هذا الاعتصام لمدة 20 دقيقة,بعد 20 دقائق، سحب الحقنة، ننتهي مع هذا,الآن نحن نستخدم الحلاقة سلامة,مجرد الحصول على تحت,قشر مرة أخرى,هل لديك بعض منشفة ورقية جاهزة,فقط لالتقاط أي الراتنج,خذ الراتنج الخاص بك اضافية كنت قد تركت,وضع قطرة الحق على رأس الكراك، مثل ذلك,تأكد من أنك في ضوء الشمس المباشر عند القيام بذلك,خذ المربع الأصفر الشقة الخاصة بك,وضعه على رأس خذ الحلاقة حافة مسطحة، ثم اضغط على أي فقاعات,الآن علينا أن ندع هذا الاعتصام في ضوء الشمس المباشر لمدة 15 دقيقة,أو إذا كان يومها غائم أو في الظل سوف يستغرق ساعة,ولكن الامر سيستغرق 15 دقيقة فقط بهذه الطريقة,وقد انقضت طيب 15 دقيقة,احصل على حافة مستقيمة تحت هنا، سحب هذا الخروج,الآن اتخاذ حافة الخاص على التوالي، واذهبوا عبر,في محاولة للذهاب مواز لزجاج ما تستطيع، وأنت لا تريد أن تتخلص من الزجاج,أنت فقط تريد أن تتخلص من راتنج قبالة,الآن نحن القيام به,أنا لا أعرف إذا كنت تستطيع رؤية الكراك بعد الآن,هناك بقعة صغيرة جدا,ولكن يمكنك النوع من رؤية أين هو، هناك حق,مجرد بقعة صغيرة,هذه المجموعة يقوم بعمل ممتاز,الآن يمكننا سحب قبالة الشريط,الآن يمكننا أن نرى، وهذا أمر رائع,لذلك هذه هي الطريقة التي قمت بإزالة شريحة من الزجاج الأمامي الخاص بك,كنت أريد أن أفعل هذا على الفور,كنت لا تريد أن يصبح وجود صدع ضخم يصل الزجاج الأمامي الخاص بك,حتى لو كان هذا الفيديو المفيد، وإعطائها ممتاز,إذا كنت تحب ما ترى، الاشتراك,أفعل الكثير من كيفية أشرطة الفيديو، ومساعدة حفظ المال,تتعلم بعض الاشياء، وإصلاح السيارة الخاصة بك,ويمكنك الحصول على الوظائف التي تتم من هذا القبيل، وخرج لطيف,إذا كنت تريد أن ترى فيديو آخر فعلت، مشاهدة الفيديو في أعلى يمين الشاشة,وإذا كنت ترغب في معرفة كيفية السوبر نظيفة الزجاج الأمامي الخاص بك,خصوصا بعد هذا، قد ترغب في الحصول عليها لطيف ونظيفة والفيديو الجانب الأيسر,الروابط في الوصف وكذلك فقط في حال كنت لا يمكن النقر على الشاشة,تحقق من بلدي الفيسبوك وtwiiter، روابط في الوصف,وسوف تعطيك التحديثات عندما لا تعطي المختفى والنصائح والحيل والاشياء

Rare Body Features Only 1% of People Have

It’s no secret that no two people on earth are alike!,It's fair to say that everyone has a number of similarities - like we all have two arms,,legs, eyes and ears.,But among seven and a half billion people on Earth, there’s a very small number of,truly unique people.,This is some physical feature that makes them really stand out from the crowd because there’s,almost nobody else on earth that has it.,Ready to see the most unusually unique people on earth?,Let’s get it on!,GARY TURNER This is Gary Turner, but most people know,him by a different name: Elastik man.,He took the Guinness World Record for the stretchiest skin all the way back in 1999,and nobody has been able to beat him since.,His performances might look uncomfortable, but actually he can stretch his skin without,any pain.,This is all because of an extreme case of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a genetik disorder,that can affect ligaments, internal organs and of course, the skin.,As a result of this, his skin is super stretchy because of defective collagen, but it’s,not without problems: any wounds in his skin take a long time to heal and he had to quit,football because of it.,But these days it’s not too much of a problem, and he uses his stretchy skin to his advantage,by working as a sideshow performer.,RODRÍGUEZ HERNANDEZ You know what they say about big feet?,Big shoes!,But how big exactly?,Well, Rodríguez Hernandez from Venezuela has the record for the biggest feet on a living,person, with a shoe size measuring in at a whopping 16 inches and a shoe size of 26!,It won’t be a shock to anyone that he struggled to find shoes that fit, since most commercial,shoe shops only sell up to about a size 14.,So as a teenager, he often went barefoot and was bullied by other kids for the size of,his feet, which are as large as they are due to an overactive pituitary gland that produces,too much growth hormone.,His feet are actually even bigger than the feet of the tallest man on earth!,Now though, his Guinness World Record fame means that people are more than happy to custom-make,shoes to fit his feet.,I guess every story has a happy ending.,DEVENDRA SUTHAR Most of us learnt to count on our fingers,and sometimes our toes too, but Devendra Suthar would’ve been very confused if he’d tried,that.,That’s because instead of 20 fingers and toes, he has 28.,That’s two extra fingers on each hand, and two extra toes on each foot.,While it’s not that uncommon to have an extra one or two, his specific form of polydactylism,is extremely rare.,So rare in fact, that he holds the Guinness World Record for the largest number of fingers,and toes in the world.,So what would someone with extra fingers choose to do for a living?,He’s a carpenter.,It seems unwise for someone with extra fingers to choose a job where people with only 10,fingers regularly cut one off, and he does say he has to be extra careful, but the extra,concentration hopefully makes him partikularly good at carpentry.,MATTHIAS SCHLITTE Everyone has memories of Popeye’s huge arm,muscles pummelling some goon.,Bet you didn’t ever expect to see someone with a real-life arm like that, but now you,can.,Matthias Hellboy Schlitte has a rare genetik defect that’s made the bone in his right,forearm 33% bigger than his normal-sized left arm.,Of course, every super-power has its purpose, so it won’t surprise you to learn that Matthias,has been a very successful, professional arm-wrestler for over a decade.,But actually, when he was about to start out, he was laughed at by other pros for wanting,to get into the sport because he doesn’t weigh nearly as much as your average arm-wrestler.,What they didn’t realise is that most of his weight is in his wrestling arm, and most,of his competitors never stood a chance against him.,JEFF DABE Possibly the most useful of all of the unusual,features on this list belongs to Jeff Dabe.,He has truly remarkably large hands.,Actually his arms are exceptionally large too - they probably have to be to operate,such large hands.,You won’t be at all surprised to learn that he’s a professional arm wrestler - frankly,,it would be a waste if he wasn’t.,He would need to put his basketball-sized hands and forearms with a 19-inch circumference,to use somehow, although he does only wrestle with his left arm as a result of an old injury.,You’re probably wondering what medical condition caused his giant limbs, and there’s a pretty,interesting answer to that: none.,He just happened to be born that way, with big arms and hands that kept growing with,him.,Some people are just destined to be famous.,JYOTI KISANJI AMGE This is Jyoti Kisanji Amge, she’s from India,and she’s the world’s shortest living woman.,It was first discovered that she wasn’t growing like a normal child at the age of,5.,The doctors realised she had a rare form of dwarfism known as achondroplasia, which meant,that she would never grow beyond a certain height.,At 15 years old she got her first Guinness World Record for being the shortest living,teenager, and she really was tiny!,At that point, she was only 9lb heavier than she was when she was born.,She now has her second Guinness World Record, for Shortest Living Woman standing at only,2 foot and 0.7 inches.,Her life isn’t always easy and all her clothes, shoes, and even her plates and cutlery need,to be made especially for her, but she’s also achieved her dreams of being able to,travel and becoming a household name.,SULTAN KÖSEN Sultan Kösen’s feet are the only part of,him that’s been beaten by something larger: the tallest living man has very few rivals.,He’s one of only 10 men in all human history that has been reliably measured at over 8,foot tall.,He’s actually 8 foot 2.8 inches, but he didn’t always tower over everyone - he only,started his unusual growth spurt at the age of 10.,It was caused by a tumor causing his pituitary gland to produce too much growth hormone,,but luckily his Guinness World Record fame meant surgeons gave him the life saving surgery,he needed to remove the tumor completely for free.,And that’s not all he’s happy about: he also fulfilled his dream of falling in love,and getting married, and he can finally get clothes made that actually fit him.,ADRIANNE LEWIS I’ll bet almost everyone has seen at least,one person showing off how long their tongue is, but not one of those showmen can beat,Adrianne Lewis.,She thinks she may have the longest tongue in the world, and she may well be right - measuring,in at an incredible 4 inches!,How long is that exactly?,Well, her YouTube channel has plenty of examples of the amazing things she can do with it.,She can lick her chin, her nose and her elbow - which let me just remind you, is supposed,to be impossible.,More than that, she can even lick her own eye like a chameleon!,And let’s not forget how long their tongues are!,Her tongue is so long that in elementary school she used to use it to deter bullies by freaking,them out.,There doesn’t seem to be any reason for its abnormal length, so I guess she just got,lucky.,BYRON SCHLENKER We’ve already shown you the longest tongue,,but Guinness has many different ways to measure things.,Byron Schlenker doesn’t have the longest tongue, but he does have the widest.,I would’ve never thought that would be very impressive, but that was before I’d seen,it.,It’s an unbelievable 3.37 inches wide!,He discovered this unique feature while flicking through a Guinness World Record book to help,his daughter with a school project - he saw the previous record was 3.1 inches and was,sure he could beat it.,He was right, and not so long after he had stolen the title.,But remember his daughter he was helping with the school project?,Well, she’s the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree.,It turns out she has the world’s widest tongue for a woman and, at 2.89 inches, it’s,very nearly as impressive as her dad’s.,ISAAC JOHNSON Isaac Johnson from Minnesota looks like your,average teenager… right up until the moment he opens his mouth.,He has the Guinness

News: Actively exploited Windows RCE, macOS, Ubuntu, VirtualBox fall at Pwn2Own & more!

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],welcome everyone when they are out there,in the internet welcome to a weekly,computer chronicles edition of latest,and greatest security vulnerabilities,and certainly with this analog virus,stuff they're cooking around the world,certainly also very important to keep up,to date with what digital threats we are,facing and digital viruses mother and,security vulnerabilities here on a,weekly basis came away offer limited,targeted Windows 7 based tik and could,leverage unpatched vulnerability in,Adobe type manager library slightly,wonder was a ratty Windows 7 I think it,effects all system remote code execution,a little bit yeah starting starting to,write a text so that sounds like well no,certain base but anyway following,guidance to help reduce customers risk,until the security update is released,also a year of welcome to 2020 actively,exploited exploited allegedly remote,code execution windows behave we are now,partially a patriot but you can follow,maybe manually this guideline on all,your PCs and maybe try to mitigate this,a little bit but year nothing to new fun,facts oh yeah disabling multi much mr.,TECA could exploit so vulnerable tears,convince user to open special trough the,document or viewing it in the Windows,preview pane and is PRI good news is,Microsoft is aware of the vulnerability,and working on a fix so yeah so it's,much to that but of course Rico Anthony,also am some I don't know what its,latest and greatest with that but this,also also you have to colonel your,potentially Windows NT is somewhat a,little bit microkernel at least more,than other systems and then window 3,point windows and t3 was more micro,kernels and performance graphic,performance and 90s was too too low they,moved the graphics subsystem back into,the kernel because that's what you're,not doing in your microkernel for,performance and with that also the font,pausing so in the past they also have,been previewed or clicked up,and use this to intrude into your system,and get some data or encrypt everything,for some ransomware let's see welcome,around in the Audion would not be as,complex or crafted the problem is so,many vintage font formats of course this,is also Adobe the company not known for,the best security so usually a cravat,inflation only as I do with product,really weekly security stuff and a lot,of Adobe stuff has a lot of historic,craft so maybe they even have licensed,it and it's Dobies code there wouldn't,surprise me,but the problem is certainly is that,fonts or rows are complex and so the,usual Singh recurring fee me on this and,my main channel don't do the stuff and,see all the complex structures of,TrueType phones maybe they do it here,once in devs on this or the other,channel to implement this ourselves with,odd fun convict or something and yeah,certainly a relatively complex data,structures and handling this all and see,certainly yeah by the way I hope the,spirits were too broken I already told,so some people VPN but whatever in a,little bit better news but mr. birnley,broke its own the Nouveau protection for,Doom eternal yay DRM although the,publisher didn't want this but this is,also how you can do DRM free gaming,launched a version includes DRM free,executable in folder named original,certainly this is a happy face palm of,PS achievement well unlocked that's,certainly how they show tunic so yeah,all the efforts in making it harder for,normal people to play it with all the,gear and stuffs that could potentially,not run on Linux wine or in a future,version of Windows as usual ruining,ruining the experience for the normal,users and hackers and crackers not only,remove all this garbage but also hey,there is a drm-free copy for you to just,play so yeah cool stuff only topped by,having a debug executable for people,with other more professional software to,have a deeper crippled version in the,debug folder that is certainly also,pretty amazing on,security related or otherwise,proprietary products in similar news,Windows Ubuntu Makos which the Box all,fallen pawn to own making contest team,floor floor or whatever wins force,tournament in a row a system of course,virtual due to the analog virus,spreading here so 2020 spring edition of,pronto own hacking contest came to,closer this week and yeah of course,recurring theme ear all the targets,hecht wide open all bugs of course,exploited during the contest very,mmediately reported to the respective,companies but rico Infinia stuff is,pretty broken and how much madam how,much the companies want to tell you,he'll our C Objective C and C++ code is,amazingly back freezin yeah meat sauce,security researchers and exploit des,Appel's fre with Mac OS kernel,escalation privileges so yeah $7,000 if,you were wondering what pays better than,our unsuccessful women distributions for,substitutions and probably I should also,go hunting security abilities targeted,windows with the local pros escalation,$40,000 for points most of pone targeted,Ubuntu so that's probably potentially,what have they done say improper input,validation back to escalate privileges,one last likely what is really we will,see another day and as a Microsoft,Windows in use after free all the,recurring back sea of fear why you don't,wanna rights us and see me cause bounds,checking off by a little bit and used,after three the usual stuff and,virtualization category are records,VirtualBox in my opinion VirtualBox,previous live stream and he has a code,not the most impressed of VirtualBox,don't run personally because code,quality and as far as I remember for bit,from the top of my head Virtual Box in,the past like years ago was even loading,untrusted code into the kernel kernel,space for,acceleration so you're not sure if they,fix this or how they fix this in the,mean time but anyway so as usual in case,you're wondering what of the stuff is,more secure or not stuff is not so more,secure as per usual speaking about what,you want what do you not want right now,this all the people sitting at home,doing home office and conferencing and,stuff bunch of Cisco sd1 WebEx,vulnerabilities here are a bunch of them,yay smudge tool I saw a recurring theme,a hope buggy and brokenness is stuff,like yeah I'm sorry to break the news,stuff it's a little bit buggy since tik,it's already since basically forever,which also why we want to practike on,best practikes and new thinking so,switch sillas has remote network gears,her corrupt pack of holes so her no,surprise for us leaf from the comments,below of its surprise for you Cisco,issued a series of security updates for,its sd1 web X offer and so here sv,listed cv 2020 32 64 32 65 so they drew,66 1600 others 2019 1600 1029 in 1612 or,dawn - what cisco calls insufficient,input validation exploring a range of,SQL HTTP requests or just a regular web,stuff and yeah buffer overflow leading,to code execution just a regular C code,in case we were wondering why I don't,recommend using C for anything anymore,and cross-site scripting SQL injections,or regular stuff you name it as usual,yeah maybe people ask me what I,recommend to do er leaf into comes below,what you do you recommend to do probably,I can only recommend run the stuff in,send boxes although some of the stuff is,maybe potentially hacking on Cisco,server side but yeah run all the stuff,in local send boxes cubes OS and,certainly don't trust any of the stuff,and in general I really don't like this,loading binary executable plug-in stuff,followed with reasons but in general,also my new year resolution for this is,also run less of the stuff so when I,need to join meetings I,right now only chosen with Jones and,with smartphones with a smartphone app,where it's a little bit more sandbox,isolated and it doesn't take over my,Linux system was always strange plugins,it don't run on my UNIX system anyway,heck us breach FSB contractor and,details about Internet of thinking,project in case you're wondering how,super secure is your stuff so yeah,internet of s