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resize image shopify

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Speed Up Shopify Store by Resizing Product Images | Quick Shopify Tips 2021

when it comes to online shopping, how fast your site loads is super, super important, and it can mean the difference of a sale or someone instantly leaving your site. so in today's shopify quick tips video, we are going to go over how to speed up your site pretty easily in the shopify platform. so we've all had that experience before where we go to a shop, whether on our desktop or our phone, and it loads really, really slow and the images are like slowly loading in, no matter how good of an internet connection you have, and you just leave because you don't want to sit there and wait for the whole page to load. and this happens a lot and people are losing sales on their ecommerce store because of it. so you can actually see how your site is performing in terms of page speed inside your shopify store back in. so to see how your site is performing, you'll just go to online store and themes and you'll see that underneath your published theme, you can see there your speed score and how it compares to others in your industry, as well as click to learn more about your page speed. so this is pulling in information from google's page speed tool and it gives you a lot of detailed information about your homepage, collection page and product page and how quickly that they're loading, and it gives you a score for each of these areas so you know where you can see where improvements need to be made. now i will say that a lot of the things that they suggest aren't always possible to do, and this could be based on the theme that you are using for your shopify store. a lot of themes have code that are in the actual theme itself to make different functionality things on the site work as well. as every time you add in an app from the shopify app store, that's adding even more code into your theme, and so, while the functionality of the app is nice, it can start to really bog down your site load time. so anytime you're adding in a new shopify app, make sure that it's something that you actually really need, and i also recommend, every few months, just going through your shopify app list and making sure that you're using everything fully and that you're still wanting to use that app and otherwise maybe just remove the app and the code from your theme. this will help speed up your theme overall, but again, it's a little bit less that you can manage if you need that app for different functionality or you need the functionality that your site theme is providing you. you can't really change a lot there, but one of the things that you can change is your image sizing, and a lot of times when i'm going in to review different shopify stores, i see that their images are just too big, and so the server is having to show these huge images, especially on mobile devices, and it's just taking really long to show that image. so you can actually go in and resize these images directly inside of shopify. so to do this, you'll go to a product that you want to resize the image of and you'll actually, once you upload the image to shopify, you'll click to open it there and then you'll see in the bottom left hand corner you have a couple different options: you can crop the image, you can draw on the image and you can also resize the image there. so if your site uses zoom in tikniques, where you're actually able to kind of hover over the image and zoom in when you're on the product page, then i recommend going with the size of 2048 pixels. this would be for a square image, but it's a still good quality image size. it's going to have a good zoom capability without being a huge file size, and if you don't have zoom in tiknology on your site, then i recommend going with about half of that for image size, so 1024 pixels. again, this is still going to be a nice high quality image for your site, but it's not going to just be this monster image that is really heavy on your site to load and slows down your site speed. now, that's for product images. any other images that you have on your site, like your page images or your home page images, you would need to resize those before bringing them into shopify, and that's going to really depend on the image size that you need, based on the theme that you're using. so look through your theme information there in terms of the size that is recommended for different areas, like your home page slideshow, and then you can use external tools like adobe photoshop or canvacom, which is a free online tool, and you can resize the images there and save them out. so that way you're making sure that you're adding in the correctly sized images for each area of your site. once you go through and you resize these different images, you're going to have faster loading times for the pages and you're going to have happier customers and hopefully also maybe see an increase in sales, especially on mobile devices. so i hope you found this shopify quick tips video helpful. if you did, we have more videos like this coming out every tuesday- all about shopify. so make sure to check out the full quick tips video playlist over here and click that subscribe button yet if you haven't yet to subscribe to this channel. thanks so much for watching and i'll see you in the next one.

Best Shopify Product Image Resize Apps 2022

[Music]. what's going on everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass, and today we're going to take a look at the best product image resize apps for shopify in 2022.. this full list comes from our blog, ecommerce educated, and there's going to be a link in the description to access it below. now, in today's video, we're not going to go into every app in this list. rather, we're going to look at the top two here, but we'll go into detail covering a description, the ui, the pricing and the reviews for each. before i get into it, i just want to quickly thank our sponsor, profitcalc. it's going to be a link in the description to access a 15 day free trial [Applause]. so so why would you need a product resize app? mainly, you need this if you need to resize images in bulk. shopify has a built-in image editor, but if you're trying to add a hundred images, a thousand images, five thousand images, it's going to take a lot of time to manually edit it. thankfully, there are apps in the app store which make it really easy to do in just a few clicks. now, our blog post here has the key features you need to see for the different apps, such as pricing and feature lists, but in today's video, we selected the top two. we will go into each of them in detail. so the first app we're going to take a look at is bulk image edit, and it easily allows you to resize your images, as well as a few other things such as compress them, add watermarks, rename the images and add alt text, which is important for seo. so the key benefits of this app is that it does improve seo and you can improve performance on your store by compressing images, which is also good for seo. if you don't know what seo means, it means search engine optimization. essentially, it means as well that it's going to be easier for google to rank it, and if it's good for seo, it means your page will rank higher, which means you might get more organic traffic. it also allows you to comply with social media by making it easy to square, resize and crop images to fit any social media channel. you can also add watermarks to protect your images from copycats. in terms of the ui, you get a dashboard in which you can do the tasks listed above, such as renaming, resizing, framing and adding alt text. here is a layout of what the steps will look like. there's also quite a few options to do these tasks here and overall it seems a clean ui for the app, making it easy to use. in terms of pricing, there is a free plan for 50 image edits per month, those all the way up to 50 a month, where you get 10 000 monthly edits plus 880 day backup. in terms of rating, this app has a 4.8 rating with over 1800 five-star reviews, which is a lot. the second app we'll take a look at here today is tiny image seo and image optimizer, and the benefits, just like the previous app, focus around seo- giving your shopify store better rankings in google- and so, as a sub feature for this app, there is an image resize option, as well as many other options to fix the seo of your website and increase your site speed. there's one thing to note that's very important about image resize is that essentially resizing it to a smaller size that doesn't impact the image quality is going to decrease the size of the image, which then makes it faster for the website to load, which is not only beneficial for the customer, as they don't have to wait as long to see your products. it's going to be good for seo, as google likes fast websites. if we scroll through here, we can see the ui in terms of compressing images, improving loading times. here's a cool feature where you can control the scripts on your shopify store. so these are things that other apps will install in terms of the code, and so you can easily edit those from here. it makes it easy to add different image changes as well. in terms of pricing, there's a free to install plan. it goes all the way up to twenty dollars a month, where you get three thousand free images per month, as well as all the featured listed above. in terms of rating, it has a 4.9 star rating with 868 5 star reviews overall. this concludes the video on the best product image resize apps for shopify in 2022. i hope you enjoyed this video and, if you did, i would love if you hit that like and subscribe button below, as it really helps the channel out. i also want to say that there's a link in the description to access a 15-day free trial for our sponsor, profitcalc, which lets you do profit calculations in just one click. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in our next video. [Music].

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How to Reduce Slideshow Photo Size ✅ Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

here. you are welcome back to my channel. in this tutorials. i am going to show you how to redo slideshow photo size in your shopify and restore. so this is very easy and quick tips, tutorials for you if you are using shopify for your own instrument. so let's get started. [Music]. first of all, i'm going to log in my shopify online store. so this is my shopify online store dashboard and i'm going to open my website homepage. this is my website homepage and i wanted to redo the slideshow image size. so to do this, i'm going to click on the inspect, then select an element. i wanted to select this one here, winner. so i have selected this slideshow and now i'm going to change the height into max height- max height. then i can make any size of this image. for example, i want to make this size 250 pixel. and now i'm going to copy this rule and go to my dashboard again and click on the online store. now going to click on the action button- edit- good, open the css file, go to the bottom place- this scoot hero loves- max side- 250 pixel- then click on the save. okay, we are done. now i'm going to reload my page. wow, looks good. it's working fine. so thank you for your time to watch this video. if you think this video and tips helpful for you, then click on the like button and subscribe to my channel to get more video notification in your mobile. have a nice day. bye.

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Stop Shopify automatically resizing your collection images on Dawn theme - Shopify 2.0 Tutorial

[Music]. hey guys, what's going on? it's hamish. i'm going to very quickly show you guys how to fix this problem with product images, if there are. if there are less than two products in a collection, then we have this problem where these images become big, too big and too blurry. i also want to show you guys how to actually find out how to solve these problems. so the first thing you need to do is allow me to right click on this website, please, okay. okay, that was kind of weird. it's just done it again. i need to go back. that was really weird. uh. so we want to inspect. i should have inspected the actual pictures, but they are here. anyway, i'm going to zoom in a little bit and give me a second while i find what i found before, which is collection product grid. so this is a div class css. i think i'm- as you might know, i'm not really an expert. so then, what i'm going to do is i'm going to go on my uh back end and i'm going to press edit code here- you should really know how to do this- and i'm going to walk you through the actual process of what i did to get to that point. so first thing i did was i know that it's going to be something with the word collection in it, so i used i just wrote collection here and i looked for a liquid and it was main collection product grid dot- liquid. and then i spent quite a long time scrolling through this, trying to work out what the hell to do and not really understanding, and then i remembered that the best place to look for css changes is the very top, to see what is being called at the very, very beginning, and this is actually what we want to edit, and i really hope this helps people, because i find it quite complicated. but i am learning a lot every day and i really think that people are finding this helpful as well. so what you want to do is you just want to copy this, and this should make your lives generally a lot easier for any changes that you want to make, so you can just search for it here and then click here. and then all i did was i just wrote max width and then i gave it a maximum width of 800 pixels. you can choose. you could probably do this cleaner with, like, um, i don't really know, uh, the code that you would use, but something like fixed or square or- yeah, i'm not really sure- um i i can quickly check to be three schools and i'll find out. okay, so maybe it'll be better to do a um, a max width and then do a percentage. let's try that. so we'll put um 70, i guess, and get rid of px, and then if we go on my practike store and i show you what this looks like, um, this will hopefully have solved this person's problem. i don't, my store is not set up properly at all, but if i go here, oh no, that is way too big still. so i'm gonna just show you what it looks like with the pixels to see if this helps you. so i put 800 px and it looked- uh, it looked- fine. honestly, it's probably not the best solution, but as you can see, now, no matter what, if you have one products or two products or three products, they will all be the same size and you can play around with this number yourself. you can change it. it's in the component product gridc. i really hope this helps you out, and there'll be an accompanying accompanying medium artikle with pictures and the code. peace out.

How to Resize Product Image in Shopify

[Music]. what's up everyone. it's jamie here from shopify masterclass. i hope you're having a fantastik day wherever you are, and in this video we're going to cover how you can resize your product images in shopify. it's super easy. we're going to go over two different ways. the first one is free and it's one by one in your images in shopify. the second way is to use an app to bulk edit your images. but before we get into it, i just want to quickly thank our sponsors. discover profit calc, the affordable and easy to set up shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the shopify app store today. the first way we're going to cover this is if you go to your product images one by one and you resize them there. so to start, i'm just going to go over one of my products here and go step by step. so, from your home page, you want to click into your products, then you want to find the product you want to edit. then, once you're in the product you want to edit, you want to scroll down to the product image you want to edit here. so i'm just going to click on this random t-shirt photo and once you're there, it's just in the bottom left and you have several options. you have crop and rotate, draw and resize. since we're resizing the image here, i'm going to click on resize. then you can set the width and the height. there's also the option to lock the aspect ratio. doing so automatikally changes either the width or the height based on what you input for one of them. for example, if i want to change the width to 250, it's going to automatikally change that height, so my image looks proportional. the key thing with aspect ratios is you want to make sure all your images for your product and for your site have the same aspect ratio. this ensures that when the products are needed side by side, they look similar and they're easy to scroll through and there's no weird things happening where you might be on one product on one image and you scroll over and suddenly the next image is huge. it creates a disorienting customer experience. then, once you're finished, all you want to click is done in the top right and it's going to save that for you. once you click, save and that's it. it's really easy to edit images in shopify. they've done a great job of implementing this feature for individual products. the method i have for you is to edit your images in bulk. this would be a lot easier if you have a few hundred products in your shopify store and you're looking to edit all the images at once. maybe you want to resize them all to a certain aspect ratio or something similar. an easy way to do this is with a shopify app. it's called bulk image edit, dash image seo. in addition to editing your images and resizing them, it also allows you to add alt text, rename, resize, add watermarks and it even allows you to compress your images, making the images load faster. all that's really important for seo, and so overall, this is a really good app. it does have a free plan, but it only allows you to do so many edits per month and overall, as you move up, it is quite affordable to start editing everything on your store in bulk. just give everyone a chance to see how this app functions. i've downloaded here on my shopify store, so once you load up the app here, you have several options on terms of how you can edit your images. there's things like file rename, all size text, rotating, trimming, adding a watermark and framing. but for the purposes of this video, i'm just going to click on resize here. so once you click on resize, it's going to show you a couple steps. you're going to go through them one by one. so to start, you want to select which type of image you want to edit. so i want to edit my product images. then the next one is the conditions that it's going to match. adding these conditions will help specify which images you want to edit for which products you can do by collection if it's created within. for me, i'm just going to go to all products, because i only have one product uploaded to my shopify store right now. there's also a handy option to see which products would be affected. so for me it's this one t-shirt product. moving down, i'm going to select all the images for this product here and then i'm going to click on how i want to add it. there's different options, such as resizing the canvas and resizing the image to keep the aspect ratio. among the other four, i'm just going to select this basic one here. i'm going to give it a random image of 500 pixels for the size, and once you're done with that, you can set it to run on a certain time so you could schedule this on daily updates. let's say you're uploading a lot of products every day, but for right now i'm just going to click on start bulk editing and so, once that's done, it's going to start in a minute and then it's going to tell you when it's done from there. so, overall, that concludes the video on how you can easily resize your images in shopify. i've given you two ways here. the first one is to do it manually. this is also the freeway. if you go into your products on your shopify store and you click on the image, you can edit the aspect ratio and then resize the image from there. the second way is to use an app like bulk edit image. the second way is to use an app like bulk image edit. this allows you to easily edit lots of images at once on your shopify store. if you enjoyed this video, i'd love if you hit that like button below. if you have any questions, leave a comment and if you haven't yet, please subscribe. thank you for watching.

How to fix image alignment on Shopify store collection page for FREE

[Music]. hi everybody, this is marwan. today i'm going to show you how to fix the image alignment on your shopify collection page. so if your collection page doesn't look great, for example, this image here is too big compared to the others. when you can see, the title is a little bit moved to the bottom. so in today's video i'm gonna show you how to fix this, and for free. so to fix this is pretty easy. we just need to uh, pick the images that doesn't look aligned with the others and resize them to fit the others dimensions. so these three ones are good. so, first thing, we need to check the one of the images size. so let's go to the product. we pick this one, for example, and we're gonna see the dimension. as we can see here, it's 800 by 800, which means it's square. the ratio is one by one. but this one which is not aligned we're gonna check it's the image dimension. i'm just gonna copy the title of the product. so the image dimension is 800 by 1000. so this is why the image doesn't look good on the collection page. so what we need to do is this image needs to have exactly the same ratio, which is one by one. so either we make it 1000 by 1000 or 800 by 800 or, for example, 600 by 600, the. the importance is that the ratio need to be one by one. the width must be equal the height. so let's upload this image. once uploaded, we're gonna use this free tool, click on create photo editor, then we upload the image. okay, once we have uploaded the image, we need to crop it. so in this example, i'm gonna crop it to make it 800 by 800 and on the viewer, i'm gonna check if. if the crop is great, so apply save. i'm gonna name it cropped and save it. so i'm gonna remove this one and i'm gonna upload the new one. so, once it's uploaded, i'm gonna make it on featured image. let's save it automatikally. then i'm gonna refresh the page and the issue is solved. all the image now are aligned. so the trick is you need to make all your image to have the same ratio. this is the trick to solve this issue and, as a bonus, in order to speed up your shopify store and make it more seo friendly, don't forget to compress the images. you can use this website or this tool to make it. you have just to upload the new image that have been cropped and it's gonna be compressed, uh, automatikally. using this tool, as you can see here, we have saved about 15 percent of its original size, which gonna make your shopify store faster and, by classical, by consequence, more user friendly and more seo friendly. so thank you for watching this video. have a good day. [Music] you.