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romwe dropshipping

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

The Dark Truth about SHEIN...

are we being gaslit by sheen cause,happy good morning and welcome back to,hope scope my beef with sheehan,continues,i think it was almost a year ago i made,this video about why i hate sheen,sheen cheyenne and to this day i'm still,getting comments on that video and not,just like,comments like paragraphs so we obviously,have more to discuss,this video is in no way me shaming,anybody that shops as she in if you like,to buy stuff from here that's,totally fine but i'm just here to gossip,about them as a company today,and you're coming online shopping with,me i didn't realize the extent of how,popular this online store is until,recently like i just found out sheen is,bigger than,amazon what here's my prediction,sheehan's gonna take over the world,whether we like it or not,she and anne fashionova i discovered,they've been doing these,pop-up shops but fashion nova has,already been opening up legit stores,i'm looking at these abandoned macy's,and jc penney and i'm wondering how long,until these fast fashion stores,start taking those spaces over,apparently sheehan has like a luxury,premium line that they're doing now so,we're gonna try to find that,where is this premium section,look at all these pop-up stores see,they're coming for us,oh i think this is it motif premium,modif offers elevated essentials made,from high-end and sustainable,fabrics with a focus on quality and,craftsmanship sustainable huh i feel,like they listen,to the complaints of the general public,and they're coming out with new,collections to try to combat that,the definition of sustainable has gotten,extremely watered down i actually like a,lot of brands using is like a marketing,tiknique more than anything these days,okay materials silk,i'm all about the companies making,positive changes regardless of how small,they are,but i'm not actually seeing any proof on,here of,how they're doing that 99.99,sheen honey what are you doing why is,this so expensive,definitely some cute stuff in my last,video some people were upset about that,that i said that i hated sheen,and then turned around and complimented,some of the stuff i'm just saying me,liking the designs,doesn't mean that i like them as a brand,this premium stuff interests me because,regular she and stuff the quality it's,just,pretty bad is this motive stuff actually,gonna be better,no idea okay but sheen's graphic,t-section will never not be funny to me,like even their premium notif brand this,one,nothing nothing feelings,of force,okay now you're just getting lazy,throwing the entire alphabet up there,chicken whisperer be pretty,she don't tell me what to do uh when,you're in a bad mood and you,want to try to fool everyone back to,school shopping like,like who okays this stuff listen,autokorrect is free so at this point,me when it's my day off and i'm,wondering what top i should wear,okay i'm done here's the other new,section that i am,very interested in it's very well known,that shan has been under fire for the,last few years,for stealing designs but more frequently,from,smaller up-and-coming like indie,designers,problematik i even got an email from,this guy named bruno,about his friend laura her work is,somewhat known but still restricted to,smaller circles which is why i assume,sheen thought they could get away with,stealing one of her designs and selling,it as,their own that's really cute,oh and there it is oh,is this an update it looks like they did,get in contact with the copyright,department of sheehan,and compensation's being discussed okay,that was a couple weeks ago,so frustrating though frustrating that i,can't like,do anything but in the midst of all the,she in halls i feel like the least i can,do,is like bring this up i came across,another one on tiktok the other day,this person made this stunning sweater,[Music],and i think the worst part about it all,was the comments on that tiktok,the amount of people that were like drop,the sheet in link,so that was recent aka it's still going,on,so i notiked they added this new section,sheen x design forward dreams delivered,we created she next to allow designers,to do what they do best,create while we handle the manufacturing,marketing and selling the best of both,worlds we get to showcase new talent,while emerging,designers can keep their profit and,ownership of their creations,we see what you're doing and this is,them trying to make up,for the designs that have been stolen in,the past but the fact that it's still,going on,is very confusing to me like are there,just multiple design departments and,they just,they don't have enough control to be,able to see,when it's happening i i love the concept,of this,but it's just weird that it came about,from very serious accusations rather,than like,to do a nice thing you know what i mean,honestly i had zero intentions of,purchasing from sheen ever again,but like also supports these original,up-and-coming designers,and it's giving people a really cool,opportunity to buy like really,unique designer items but not for a,designer price,look at all these whoa this is just this,month i love it it's like a mix of,really really cool unique designs,and then also just art like are you,kidding me with this dress right now,the fit the artwork that cut out corset,back and literally the most expensive,thing in the she and x,section is 49 for something designed,that's cool i need this dress,i want to get this dress and make it my,whole personality you don't understand,for,36 dollars no my size is gone,see what is happening do we like sheen,do we hate sheen,okay well they can't all be winners so,what is this,i'm sorry prmy i'm sure you have some,real cute designs this one's just not,doing it for me this is very real,someone i know,actually did this whole she next thing,her name is jessica and i met her,because she was designing for better,bodies the activewear brand,jessica rose collab let's see if we can,find it,yeah here it is a lot of it's just like,loungewear,she put these little hashtags on,everything inspirational,or this little bodysuit says powerful on,the back,i had only 15 it worked,because i want to buy this like i want,to support jessica,but it's still sheen oh my gosh and not,to mention the whole necklace,situation that happened a year ago if,you don't know what i'm toking about,literally just google she and necklace,it's like there's,so much bad and then they're trying to,cover it up with so much,good in conclusion i still don't like,shein,but i still think some of their designs,partikularly the ones,that they didn't come up with are very,cute i've got a cart full of items,comment below let me know if i should,hit check out or not,make sure to hit that subscribe button,if you haven't already lia and i picked,out some other videos down below that we,thought you might enjoy,and we'll see you guys over in the next,video say bye youtube

How To Utilize Ecommerce Competitors Correctly - How Competition Can Make You Rich

oh so competition does make you more,money,yeah drop a like let's go,[Music],what's up my lords it's brett and i,start off every video giving away one,free 30-minute business consulting call,all you have to do is subscribe,and comment down below big things to,enter i'll let you know if you want in,my next video,stik around till the end of this video,if you commented on my last one,because i'll let you know if you won the,giveaway after you comment,get into that facebook group down below,the ecom lords facebook group,is growing and blowing up like crazy we,drop crazy value,in there so you can take ecom to the,next level after you join that group,get in there if you think competition is,a bad thing for business,you got it all wrong and it's definitely,an overlooked area of business,that people miss out on big time simply,because you don't know how to utilize,your competitors to your advantage,so now your business is being left in,the dust,so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna show,you exactly how to find who your,competitors are,and i really want to show you how you,can leverage their work that's already,done for you,and then you can implement those,strategies to scale your business to new,heights because you know there's a,reason that fashion nova was able to,grow,600 million dollars in 2020 and it,wasn't just because of,one almost a good kim kardashian shout,out,it just doesn't happen that's years of,work and years of building strategy and,years of spending money,to be able to come and make their own,unique strategy that no other brand has,and that's the beauty of competition and,this is what makes,competitors so important they've already,done the dirty work for you,so now all that's left to do is to,slightly alter what they already have,working,and make it your own that's gonna help,your business out so much and what i,mean by that is,these companies you're competing with,have spent so much money trying to find,out what works for their audience,so the creatives you see your,competitors using there's a reason why,almost every competitor in your niche is,using a creative in the same style,there's a reason that these big brands,almost have an identikal look to their,website there's a reason,why these brands speak to their,customers in such a specific way,these big brands have spent thousands or,even millions of dollars,just to see what's working in your,industry so why would you want to waste,more money,when they've already done the work for,you and you could literally grab,from what's there when you study your,competitors,you'll notike that they've already paid,to find a process that's working for,your niche,there's no need to pay extra money up to,a certain point,and i don't want you getting carried,away saying that brett said to run the,same exact creatives as fashion nova,and then will make me rich no i didn't,say that,and i never will i want you guys to take,what's working for these big companies,and then make it your own,if someone's making six figures a month,selling basketball jerseys,and they're selling a knicks jersey on a,blue and white checkerboard background,it doesn't mean you should do the same,exact thing they're doing and lay all,your jerseys up against a blue and white,checkerboard background in the same,exact position with the same exact ad,copy,it doesn't always work like that and,you'll actually probably spend a bunch,more money like that and then you will,be down in the red,so far gone that your business fails,don't copy someone's ad creative,exactly how it is facebook doesn't like,that anyway and,i don't think people do either because,they know you're fraud fake and it's not,your product,especially because a lot of you guys are,drop shipping so if you're drop shipping,from aliexpress,you need to find other ways to get these,products and be creative with your,marketing,but take ideas from bigger competitors,even if they don't have the same,products as you,so what does work is stealing the idea,and making that unique in your own way,because,now you know there's a reason they're,placing these jerseys on a blue and,white checkerboard background in a,diagonal position,and there's a reason why this ad has a,hundred thousand likes and ten thousand,comments,so you need to find what that reason is,and then implement the conception,into your own strategy don't just copy,the product,don't just go and copy their website,piece by piece but make your ads and,build your businesses,in a similar way i really hope this,makes sense,if you're having any trouble,understanding any of this i want you to,leave me a question down below in the,comments,and i'm here to answer your questions,i'll get back to you and i'll try to,explain,in the best way that i can but this is,why competition is such a good,thing for business and now i want to,show you an on-screen example of how you,can make your drop shipping competitors,basically work for you,it's gonna save you a lot of budget and,it's gonna save you a lot of time,so let's role play a little bit you're,in the fashion niche,and your ideal customer is similar to,the avatar of a fashion nova buyer,the brand fashion nova their customer,believe it or not,fashion nova is one of your top,competitors,don't make the mistake of thinking sally,who's making twenty thousand,dollars a month is your big competitor,sally has no business drop shipping the,same product as me,but just because she sells the same,sweater from aliexpress,does not make her my biggest competitor,you need to realize that a lot of,potential customers in this world,are being fueled to these big companies,and that's realistikally who you need to,be competing with,not sally from aliexpress nobody cares,about you sally nobody,i care about fashion nova i need to,compete with fashion nova,so when it comes down to it there's a,big ocean,and i'm just a little fish you need to,learn how to swim with the sharks,or your ass is gonna get eaten bro i,don't like my ass getting eaten,so you gotta learn how to swim so if,you're in the fashion industry,this is what you're gonna need to be,competing with,and your marketing has to be on point,because,theirs is really good and if you want to,have competitive pricing it's going to,be,very hard to get a good profit margin,when they're selling,address for 33.99 or 23.99,so when you make a brand and you come,into this niche,you really gotta come correct i want you,to find your biggest competitor,and put your store side by side and ask,yourself,is my ass going to get eaten,if the answer is yes you need to make,some big moves or you're going to get,chewed up,so just for an example let's say we're,selling this water filled bubble ball,how i like to find my competitors is i,like to go over to google,and i like to type in the name of my,product or my niche and then see what,pops up in the shopping section,and you can see that walmart selling,them amazon's selling them,and literally everybody is selling the,same exact product,so i wouldn't even go with this it's,just too saturated and that's different,from,having a good competitor when,everybody's selling your product with,the same exact creative,the only way you're gonna beat them out,is by having a more competitive price,having a better product or marketing the,product in a way better way than,everybody is doing it so for this,example we're gonna look up,cat t-shirts let's just say we're in the,cat t-shirt niche,so we want to find good brands that,we can compete with basically and we,want to get inspired so i'm going to go,to,romwe i'm going to see t,public i'm gonna go down,um what else do we got beautiful halo,okay so right now we have three,that we just opened up we'll go to we'll,do one more,just bear with me we'll do um,can't really find any decent ones i,guess arm of the animal's clothing that,looks kind of,unique little kitty with an ak that's,look at that,but we're going to go in here and,basically see what these websites,look like so this is what the logo looks,like th

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How To Make Money Online Dropshipping On Amazon (in 2022)

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design,Contest Of Sparta spend time was,interesting Places I have people regard,đã thứ đều đau chưa mấy tên tuổi teen,ancestors and suites with Mirror of,systems with more Stories the country Of,The Dragon Model orange reports that,Comes i don't need you the three phase I,can't Lady officine big Wedding of crazy,of you know how it made by or Missing,the People see which Of Your Screen,Television and his partner tik swiss,indoors and Anyone you are doing that,Woman about something that integrates,the consumer play Pieces Are You Vietsub,topical cream estimated purchase date,modified mitsume,em thấy cây kuminidai với Xiumin thấy,gọi to make the bigger là bọn chúng ta,ray dầu or you can come on your,advantage and National high And The Way,You Look you make money with its a job,cimetidin Amazon unistra every single,time bonus Nasa Malay Pantene bios,example of assisting the People Sorry,Excuse me about that is no cost you were,born estella apartment for beginners,want the console 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Amazon Dropshipping in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

hey guys mike fasil here and in this,video we're toking about how to make,money with,amazon drop shipping and how beginners,earning 100 to 700,a day in profit more that after the,intro,hey guys how's it going my name is like,facial welcome to this video before we,actually begin to remind you that,several spots have opened up for this,week's free workshop,it's the fastest and easiest way to make,money online,sign up for it in the link below we,literally have a 62 year old woman go,from zero to 160,000 in profit in 90 days so check it out,now so i first heard about amazon drop,shipping when i was first stuck in a,place where i wanted more freedom in my,life you know we were struggling with,that my parents had no idea to help me,pay for the college student loan debt,and i was just struggling to find a way,to finally get more money,so i didn't have to feel sick and tired,of being stuck financially in my life,and feeling like,a complete loser and that's exactly when,i found out exactly what amazon drop,shipping is,what amazon drop shipping is is a form,of drop shipping where essentially you,get to sell products that you do not,have to store,or s or create yourself for example,here's exactly how it works right you,have a store,you have a supplier and you have a,customer right for most times when,people go ahead and make money,especially what i thought back in the,day i thought i had to buy,thousands of products and store it in my,own warehouse and go ahead and ship it,to people,to go ahead and make money that is no,longer the case how drop shipping works,is you have like a virtual online,customer come to your online store,and then on the store they pay something,for example for two hundred dollars,right,from the two hundred dollars you go to,the supplier and you buy it with the,customers money for a hundred and fifty,dollars,the supplier then ships it to the,customer while you keep 50,for the profit so that's essentially,what the higher level of drop shipping,is and the benefits of that is you don't,need any inventory,there's very very low startup costs you,can do this with no money no experience,whatsoever you can do this from anywhere,in the world and it's a good way to,start making some extra passive income,on the side,because you're not dealing with a lot of,the logistikal nightmare when it comes,to,buying a bunch of products from china,and shipping it out yourself right,the cons are the profit margins could be,a lot lower because there's literally so,many middlemen,in the way and it could be a little bit,more difficult getting started right,away,but i want to go and demonstrate,everything and give you guys the best,way to get started moving forward,so the first one to make money with,amazon drop shipping is by just selling,merchandise,now the beauty about this is you could,just upload designs,onto this platform which is called merch,by amazon,and then you list whatever price you,want to go ahead and sell it to then,when people,someone goes to amazon types in oh i,want to buy cat,t-shirt for women the craziest thing is,your design,can literally go ahead and pop up and,you can charge it for like 19 bucks,and what happens if someone buys through,your listing you will get paid a royalty,from it now the beauty about is you have,no startup costs,you literally have no problem whatsoever,other than finding,the designs that are gonna go ahead and,actually make money on here,this is a really good form of drop,shipping because it's the lowest risk,possible now what i like doing when i,was doing the print on demand method i,would like going on pinterest and for,example typing in,on all pins cat t-shirts right,and what this essentially tells me is,pinterest is telling me who is actually,saving these t-shirts on their social,medias so,that they want to buy it later so all,you can see these are some ideas that,are doing really really well right now,and what i'll do is just screenshot a,bunch of these on pinterest,and then once i know exactly what,designs could go ahead and work i could,come in here,go to graphic designer in upwork,and i could send them all these files,now the craziest thing about this,is you know it's very like easy to make,some of these designs,like this thing right here could,literally take five minutes to go ahead,and create and once you have a bunch of,design ideas if you scroll down here and,type in philippines,where a lot of people get like help from,in terms of freelancers,and you go to hourly rate you could get,people to work for you for literally ten,dollars an hour,now in that hour they can make you know,a lot of designs for you that you can,essentially upload on merch by amazon,and put it on to amazon and if anyone,ever buys,from here you would make money from that,now your biggest thing is really two,things,the designs that you know will work,based off of what works from other,social media platforms,like pinterest and the title what are,people actually searching for right,because you can come in here and find,you know a very nice,niche or audience that not a lot of,people are targeting right,one thing that you could go ahead and do,is i just notiked that there was this,thing,that was like it was like funny i think,it was like cat t-shirts,for men funny right so i'm gonna go,ahead and click on that and you can see,that there are some really popular,t-shirts,that are getting a bunch of you know,reviews,and all you really got to do is just,upload the design on here it costs,nothing to go ahead and get started,which is what makes it so beautiful,the second way to make money with amazon,drop shipping is using amazon as a,supplier,so back in the day i remember i was like,like finding rv,vent replacement covers and i would,actually use this and get these for like,very very cheap like uh i think,down here the price of these would be,like,12 this thing right here right and then,i would go to ebay and go ahead and sell,it,as terms of like the marketing so people,come in here and type in rv,event replacement and what happens is,they go ahead and buy certain things,like for example 50 bucks,like this thing right here to replace,the hood of their rv right,well the thing about this if people are,selling this for 50 bucks here,and your cost in amazon is only 12,you can see this this is literally like,the exact same thing,you could literally take the image and,you know the description on here and,exactly what i would do,is i'll create a listing on ebay and try,ranking,for certain keywords right rv event,replacement,motorhome ventilation outlet like i,would just start,putting all these keywords that are,already working i would do like,rv vent replacement lid camper trailer,outdoors camper van replacement kit like,it sounds ridiculous but this is exactly,what people are searching for right,one thing that actually helps also is if,you what whatever you type in,on um ebay what happens is sometimes,they give you these related keywords,these are what people are searching for,right so you need to go ahead,and put those into your title because,that you know exactly how to sell,and then when you get a sale on ebay,based off of the title and the image,that you just copied on amazon,you literally take the customer's,information and the customer's money and,you buy from amazon and ship it to them,literally with this method this is what,allowed me to start getting a hundred,dollars a day,profit as a broke college student that,was living off of the dollar menu diet,and the taco bell diet,and the dollar menu i already said that,right i literally had no money,and this was the method that first got,me an extra hundred dollars a day profit,to finally,start investing in other crazy ideas,that got me to two hundred dollars a day,profit then five hundred dollars a day,profit and sometimes,they profit and so on and so forth but,as you can see anyone can do this right,for example i can do the exact same,thing outdoor patio,furniture right i'm gonna go ahead and,type that in

How To COPY Pictures & Earn Money For FREE By Selling Them - LEGALLY (Remake/Remaster)

- كما تعلمون، لقد قلتها سابقًا، ولكنني سأقولها مرة أخرى.,مجانًا، مجانًا، مجانًا. الجميع يحب الأمور المجانية.,مرحبًا بكم جميعًا، وأهلًا بعودتكم.,إذا كنت مشتركًا منذ فترة طويلة،,فبواسطة فيديوهاتي،,ستعرف أن هناك شيئين,يمكنك الحصول عليهما مجانًا.,أول شيء هو امتناني الأبدي,لأخذ لحظة من يومك المزدحم للغاية،,للإعجاب والاشتراك في فيديوهاتي،,لأنه وبجدية، في كل مرة تفعل ذلك،,إنه يدعمني حقًا،,لذا أشكرك كثيرًا على قضاء بعض الوقت للقيام بذلك.,لكن الشيء الثاني الذي يمكنك الحصول عليه مجانًا,والذي سيعرفه المشتركون في قناتي منذ فترة طويلة,من مشاهدة مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بي مؤخرًا هي الصور المجانية،,والتي يمكنك تنزيلها، ونسخها، ثم إعادة بيعها عبر الإنترنت,لكسب المال، كما خمنت، مجانًا.,نعم. هذا صحيح.,اليوم، سأقوم بعمل فيديو تعليمي مُحدَّث،,يوضح لك كيف يمكن لأي شخص نسخ الصور المجانية,من الإنترنت ثم إعادة بيعها لكسب المال عبر الإنترنت,من خلال بيعها على مجموعة من المنتجات المختلفة،,مثل الملصقات والأكواب وأكياس المخدات وحتى أغلفة الهاتف.,ونعم، أعلم أنني صنعت مقطع فيديو بالفعل,حول هذا الموضوع مؤخرًا،,لكنني أدركت بعد أن صنعت ذلك الفيديو,أن الكثير من الناس لديهم أسئلة،,والتي أردت حقًا الإجابة عليها،,ولذا قررت فِعل ما يمكنك تسميته,"نسخة معدلة" من ذلك الفيديو، كما سترى،,يتماشى إلى حد كبير مع روح هذا الفيديو اليوم.,نعم، لن أجيب فقط,بعض الأسئلة الشائعة التي تلقيتها في الفيديو الأخير,لقد فعلت ذلك، ولكن في هذا البرنامج التعليمي،,سأعرض لك أيضًا بعض مواقع الويب الجديدة تمامًا,والتي يمكنك استخدامها للعثور على صور مجانية,يمكنك بعد ذلك نسخها وإعادة بيعها لكسب المال عبر الإنترنت,وسأكشف عن بعض النصائح والحيل والاستراتيجيات الجديدة,ودراسات عن الأشخاص الذين استخدموا هذه الطريقة بنجاح,لكسب النقود بشكل قانوني.,وهذه الكلمة "قانونيًا" مهمة جدًا،,لأنه وكما ترى، إليك الأمر التالي:,لا يمكنك المجيء ونسخ أي صورة,تجدها على الإنترنت ثم تبيعها.,على سبيل المثال، إذا جئت وفكرت،,مرحبًا، "إلسا" من فيلم "فروزِن"، هذه شخصية مشهورة جدًا.,سأجد فقط صورة لها على الإنترنت,ثم سأبيعها كملصق لعشاق "إلسا" من "فروزن"،,حسنًا، ربما سأحصل على خطاب وقف وكف,وربما حتى دعوى قضائية.,لماذا؟,حسنًا، لأن هذه الصورة لديها,ما يسمى حماية حقوق التأليف والنشر.,في الأساس، عندما ترسم صورة،,فإنها تُحمى على الفور بموجب القانون بواسطة حقوق النشر.,ليس عليك التسجيل للحصول عليها.,فهي فورية.,وسائل حماية حقوق التأليف والنشر,تعني أن لديك أنت فقط الحق القانوني في استخدام فنك،,بما في ذلك للأغراض التجارية.,وهكذا، بالطبع، تمتلك ديزني حقوق الطبع والنشر لهذا،,وبالتالي، فقط هم يمكنهم استخدام صورها.,ولكن، فإن الشيء المتعلق بحماية حقوق التأليف والنشر,هو أنها لا تدوم إلى الأبد، ولهذا السبب ديزني نفسها,تحب استخدام الأعمال الفنية في المجال العام،,مثل "أليس في بلاد العجائب" في إبداعاتهم.,نعم، في النهاية، بمجرد وفاة شخص ما،,سيصبح عملهم جزءًا من المجال العام.,تستمر حماية حقوق الطبع والنشر لفترة محدودة فقط،,وذلك لسبب وجيه.,وهو لأن جعل العمل الفني جزءًا من المجال العام،,يُساعد في النهاية على الإبداع والإلهام,للتصاميم المستقبلية.,وبالتالي فإن المجال العام هو مجرد مصطلح,للإشارة إلى أي فن,لم يعد لديه أي حماية لحقوق الطبع والنشر عليه،,إما لأن الفنانين أنفسهم اختاروا التنازل عنها,أو لإنتهاء صلاحيتها.,لذلك، على سبيل المثال، هناك سؤال شائع لدى الناس وهو:,هل يمكنني بيع ملصقات تحمل لوحة الموناليزا؟,والجواب هو نعم.,نعم، يمكنك قانونيًا،,لأن حماية حقوق النشر على صورة الموناليزا,انتهت صلاحيتها، وهي الآن في المجال العام.,وبالتالي، ما قام به بعض المصورين الكرماء والموهوبين,ومحررو الصور هو التقاط صور فوتوغرافية,من اللوحات التاريخية الشعبية,وإنتاج صور مُعاد صناعتها مذهلة وعالية الوضوح,من هذه الأعمال الفنية,وقمنا بتحميلها على الإنترنت.,وقد حددت المحاكم في جميع أنحاء الولايات المتحدة وأوروبا,أن هذه النسخ المتماثلة هي أيضًا جزء,من المجال العام؛ لأنها لا تلبي الحد الأدنى,من الأصالة المطلوبة للصورة,لتكون محمية بموجب حقوق النشر،,مما يعني أنه مسموح لك,بإلتقاط هذه الصورة المستنسخة من لوحة الموناليزا بشكل قانوني,والتي تم تحميلها على ويكيبيديا,وبيعها لجميع أنواع البضائع.,ونعم، لاحقًا في هذا الفيديو،,سأريكم الكثير من الطرق المختلفة والمبتكرة,والتي يقوم بها الناس كعمل مرح جانبي مجاني,لكسب نقود إضافية على الجانب كل شهر.,مرحى!,لكن أولاً، كما وعدت،,اسمحوا لي أن أريكم أربعة مواقع يمكنكم استخدامها,للعثور على هذا العمل الفني.,وبالطبع، أحد هذه المواقع هو ويكيبيديا.,الآن، إذا أتيت إلى ويكيبيديا وقمت ببحث,عن فنان تاريخي مشهور،,هناك احتمالات، على صفحة ويكيبيديا الخاصة بهم،,سوف تجد صور استنساخ بجودة عالية,يمكنك تنزيل المنتجات وطباعتها مجانًا.,لكن أكبر مشكلة في ويكيبيديا هي أنها بطيئة,لأنه عليك معرفة عن ما تبحث عنه،,وهنالك طريقة أسرع بكثير لتصفح,اللوحات المذهلة على ويكيبيديا,وهي استخدام هذا الموقع الرائع الثاني هنا، free-images.com.,هذا دليل ضخم يحدد موقع ويخزن,صور المجال العام من جميع أنحاء الويب.,لذا تعال إلى محرك البحث,وقم بتبديله للبحث عن الفنون الجميلة,ثم اكتب نوع الصور التي تريدها.,على سبيل المثال،,إذا كنت ترغب في إنشاء غطاء وسادة زهور رائع،,والتي، مرة أخرى، سأوضح لك كيفية تنفيذها لاحقًا في الفيديو،,يمكنك المجيء إلى هنا والبحث عن الزهور،,وستحصل على مجموعة مذهلة من الأعمال الفنية في المجال العام,للإختيار منها.,وإذا فتحت صورة،,ستلاحظ أنها تحتوي على رابط إلى مصدرها الأصلي،,وهي عادةً ويكيبيديا للفنون الجميلة،,والتي يمكنك بعد ذلك النقر عليها لفتحها,ومعرفة المزيد من المعلومات حول اللوحة،,مثل من صنعها،,وستتمكن من تنزيله بأحجام مختلفة،,بما في ذلك نسخته الأصلية عالية الوضوح.,هذا هو موقع الويب الثاني والذي أوصي به بشدة.,موقع الويب الثالث سيكون واحدًا,من المحتمل أن يتعرف عليه المشتركون في قناتي منذ فترة طويلة،,وهذا الموقع هو Rawpixel.com.,أنا أحب Rawpixel تمامًا.,إذن هذا أيضًا دليل كبير للصور،,على الرغم من أنه بخلاف free-images.com،,ليست كل هذه الصور هنا في المجال العام.,ستجد هنا نوعين من الصور.,الأول هو الصور التي ابتكرها فنانو Rawpixel،,وهذه ليست في المجال العام.,يمكنك معرفة ذلك من خلال النقر على الصورة،,ثم رؤية معلومات الترخيص.,إذا مثل هذه الصورة هنا،,تقول أن لديها ترخيص بدون حقوق ملكية،,هذا يعني أن لديها صورة,ابتكرها فنانو Rawpixel،,وهو ما يعني أيضًا,أنها تحتوي على ترخيص بدون حقوق ملكية لـ Rawpixel،,والذي يتضمن القواعد والقيود،,بما في ذلك قيد,أنه لا يمكنك طباعته على المنتجات.,لكن تذكر، هذا مجرد نوع واحد من الصور,التي ستجدها على الموقع.,الآخر هو مجموعة مذهلة,من صور المجال العام المجانية 100%،,بما في ذلك بعض النسخ المتماثلة عالية الدقة,من اللوحات الشهيرة.,للوصول إلى هذه، تعال إلى القائمة العلوية,وانقر على زر المجال العام,للوصول إلى مجموعة المجال العام الخاصة بهم،,ليس مجموعة Rawpixel.,هنا يمكنك التصفح,لجميع هذه الصور عالية الوضوح،,300 نقطة في البوصة، وهو أمر رائع للطباعة،,وستجد كل أنواع الصور الرائعة هنا.,لذلك، على سبيل المثال، فكر في الأمر.,لشخص مهتم بالثقافة والفنون اليابانية،,هذه الصورة، ستبدو رائعة على ملصق،,ألا تعتقد ذلك؟,وكما ترى، في معلومات الترخيص،,لا تقول بأنها تحتوي على ترخيص صورة خالٍ من حقوق الملكية,وبدلاً من ذلك تقول,أنها تحتوي على ترخيص صورة للمجال العام،,مما يعني أن هذه الصورة,ليس لديها قواعد الترخيص بدون حقوق ملكية.,بدلاً من ذلك، فإن قواعد المجال العام هي التي تنطبق عليها،,مما يعني بالطبع أنه مرحب بك لإعادة استخدامها,وبيعها على المنتجات.,ولذا ربما كان هذا هو السبب الأكبر,لماذا أردت إعادة إنتاج هذا الفيديو.,كان لطرح الأسئلة التي طرحها الناس,حول هذين الترخيصين.,فهي مختلفة جدا.,وهناك موقع آخر أحبه تمامًا,للعثور على فن مجال عام مجاني رائع،,لكن من المهم جدًا أن تعرف الحيلة,عن كيفية استخدام هذا الموقع بشكل صحيح،,وهذا الموقع هو متحف متروبوليتان للفنون.,لقد أصدروا أكثر من 400,000 صورة طبق الأصل من الفن المذهل,في المجال العام.,بالنظر إلى أن متحف,هو حرفيًا أكبر متحف للفنون الجميلة في العالم،,يمكنك أن تتخيل أن لديك بعض القطع الشهيرة للغاية,للاختيار من بينها هنا، مثل "The Dance Class".,لكن هذا هو التحدي بالنسبة لك.,بدلاً من العثور على قطع رائجة لإعادة بيعها،,التحدي بالنسبة لك هو التصفح هنا,والعثور على بعض القطع الأقل شهرة,والتي سيظل الأشخاص الذين لديهم اهتمامات وهوايات متخصصة,مهتمين بشراءها اليوم,إذا اكتشفوه.,على سبيل المثال،,لنفترض أنك أردت العثور على صورة رائعة,للمحيط؛ لبيعها لأناس مثل الغواصين,الذين لديهم اهتمامات متخصصة تتعلق بالمحيطات.,عندما تأتي إلى هنا لأول مرة وتدخل كلمة "المحيط",كعبارة بحث، وعندما تفعل ذلك،,سترى أنك ستحصل على الكثير من الصور,لجميع أنواع الفن، بما في ذلك التماثيل والمزهريات،,ولذا تكمن الحيلة في الوصول إلى شريط البحث,وتصفية النتائج للبحث عن اللوحات تحديدًا،,والآن، ستتمكن من رؤية اللوحات التاريخية,المتاحة لديهم.,ومرة أخرى، الكثير منها خالدة تمامًا.,على سبيل المثال، شخص كان مهتمًا بالمحيطات,ستظل تجد هذه اللوحة رائعة جدًا,على البضائع، مثل ملصق أو حافظة هاتف حتى اليوم.,ولذا، إذا أر

the truth about Shein, Zaful, Romwe being connected…

nice one the truth,about zaful sheen and runway being,connected,hi how you doing how you going my name,is alex and i'm back,with another video so these three,companies i think we need a ship name,for them because it seems that they're,all connected,if you have any suggestions leave them,in the comments intrigued is a good word,we could use to start this video,yes intrigued i've seen this phenomenon,phenomenon,if you could even use that word to,describe this situation floating around,the internet and i kind of wanted to,make a video about it,toking about it because it's a good,interesting,businessy topic yes however though,before i get into this very interesting,video that i'm very excited to tok,about,if you guys are new here and you let me,face my channel and you want to,subscribe to my channel,my jackie chan unsubscribe to my channel,i've made the goal to try and hit,15k by the end of the year so if you,want to help me,hold me with that goal then subscribe to,my channel,join the fam join the channel also i,have other social medias i have,instagram,and twitter they are both at elf garrett,if you guys want to follow me on there,my instagram though just to let you know,i do post a lot of polls asking you guys,the types of videos you guys want to see,involving you guys in videos so if you,want to be involved in the future videos,you want to give me any video ideas do,follow me on there because i post on my,instagram story about all parts and,stuff like that do with my channel,also just if you want to keep up to date,with my life that's your place to do,that we're also very close to 1k on air,on instagram something made me laugh,actually though i actually have more,followers on depop than instagram,i mean i i wouldn't say i'm mad at it,but it it makes me laugh,without further ado i'ma stop chatting,absolute sheet,and i'm gonna get with the video so we,are back at it again with the business,videos it's been a long time coming,may or may not be making an appearance,in this video so a lot of people have,been asking me to do a video about the,connection between zaful sheehan and,runway you may have thought of this,yourself before you may have never,thought of this before it's an,interesting,it's an interesting idea i mean i'm not,gonna lie when you go on all these,websites there are similarities,especially with their logos,but honestly personally over the years,zaful definitely takes the cake for me,on the one that i have used the most,personally out of all three of the,websites i feel like everyone has like a,personal,preference over the three i feel like,you either prefer zaful sheen or runway,am i wrong around my wrong,like i literally have been getting all,of my bikinis from zaful for the past,four years because it's literally like,10 pound per bikini and they're really,good quality and i'm really picky about,quality so,yeah however though i always thought,zaful was the most popular not just for,me but for like everyone but sheehan has,definitely creeped in on the scene the,past few months because i have seen,endless videos about shein just she in,halls in general,so yeah but one thing i have definitely,notiked along with you guys is the,similarities between the items on all,three websites,the major similarities between all the,items on these three websites,like you'll go on zaful and you'll see a,top and then you'll go and shine and,you'll see the exact same t-shirt for,the same exact price if not a very very,similar one,now overall when i actually saw this,when i started looking into each of,these two websites it kind of did just,give me the hunch that like these are,probably just drop shipping websites,because you see this all the time on,instagram,stores they all have the same thing,going on the same pictures and you'll,know what i mean like if you look at,drop shipping websites versus,mainstream stores and the photos that,they take and the types of photos you,can tell when they're drop shipping,photos versus,actual businesses clothes with models,pictures if that makes sense,and i actually did find a reddit thread,which i will look in the description,where this person was toking about the,fact that zaful she and runway they're,all just another form,of drop shipping websites and this,reddit thread also said that,these websites i mean let's just take,zaful for an example are just playing,the middleman in between,you know them shipping from aliexpress,to the customer aliexpress is their,warehouse you know they're their company,and we are the customers and that's how,they make their profit because they'll,spend like,two pound on a dress and they'll sell it,for 20. so that's how like all drop,shipping companies and businesses work,whoever's running it is playing the,middleman,they're shipping their clothes in from,like alibaba aliexpress all these,massive wholesaling websites most likely,a lot of them are from china,to the customer and that'll probably,make their profit but i mean if you guys,have never heard of any of these,companies which i probably should do at,the start of the video but you know,we're doing it now have you ever heard,of these companies this is this is what,they are,so zaful is a chinese fashion brand and,it is owned by a guy called leo wang but,that is all,i could find on google about zaful and,their about section and i'm probably,going to butcher these next two names,but i was going to go for it anyway,shein is also a chinese clothing brand,and it is owned by a guy called chris,zoo chris zoo sorry i might have,butchered your name,and finally runway is owned by a woman,called april,z i think i'm really sorry if you know,actually how to pronounce these names,i'm sorry all three of them are chinese,clothing brands which we kind of already,knew but it just kind of solidified the,fact for me,also on google there was no wikipedia,page about each of these websites that i,could find so it's not readily available,on their website in about section,and it's not really readily available by,one google search so potato potato,so from this we can see that they aren't,all owned by the same individual,but that doesn't mean that the companies,aren't connected so i did a simple,google search,our zaful sheen and runway connected and,it gave me this quora page,we love a bit of quora cora gives us the,insider information,love you cora so on this quora page it,was stating that they are all owned by,the same company,the same chinese company which i'm going,to read from my computer,called shenzhen global egrow e-commerce,which is koran,and owned by yang jian sin,i don't know how to say the last name,i'm really sorry everybody bags i'm,butchering all these names,i'm really sorry now this main company,which i'm just going to call,shenzhen which is it obviously has a,much longer name but i just read but i'm,just going to call it shenzhen,owns way more companies than just zaful,sheen and runway too many for me to even,list,now according to google again which i,will read off my computer because his,quotes quite long,says that this is a vertikal online,sales platform that focuses on foreign,trade it offers casual wear electronic,products wedding dresses party wear,watches toys and more and it was,established in 2007. so to just get this,straight,zaful sheen and runway aren't,tiknically the same company but they,are all owned by the same corporation,so now the moment you've all been,waiting for i'm gonna pass you on to the,infamous,presentation else she can explain to you,why corporations even do this in the,first place,thanks normales no worries presentation,else no like,it really means a lot to me thanks,sitting on the bed,else if that's what i can even call you,i don't i don't really know it,honestly don't swear presentation elves,it really this,this really wasn't a bother for me so i,mean however could i repay you,i mean i got you a bigger screen you're,not you're not doing off this anymore,so uh you know kind of already repaid,you,all right then i'll call i