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ruggable ads

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Introducing the Ruggable Noor Choice of Size 2pc Washable Rug System on QVC

- This segment introduces the Ruggable Noor Choice of Size 2pc Washable Rug System.

- The rug system comes in three different sizes: runner size (2.5 by 7 feet), 3 by 5 feet, and 5 by 7 feet.

- The rug system is designed to prevent slipping and is machine washable.

- The two available colors are Ruby and Sapphire.

- The system has a rubberized matting on the back and a hook and loop closure on the top to ensure stability.

- The rug system is easy to wash and dry, and can be used in a regular washing machine.

- The system is perfect for small spaces, such as under a coffee table, and is available at an affordable price.

- The design of the rug system is inspired by expensive designer rugs, but at a more reasonable price.

- The rug system is durable and perfect for use during the upcoming season.

- The Ruggable Noor Choice of Size 2pc Washable Rug System is perfect for pet owners, and is resistant to stains and pet odors.

- The system comes with a backing for each rug size purchased.

- The rug system has a gorgeous Asian-influenced design and color palette that will complement any decor.

- The system is easy to set up and roll out, and is wrinkle-free.

- The Ruggable Noor Choice of Size 2pc Washable Rug System is a great investment in home decor, saving time and money.

The Ruggable Noor Choice of Size 2pc Washable Rug System is a perfect solution for anyone in need of a durable, easy-to-clean, and stylish rug system. The system comes in three sizes and two colors, with a beautiful Asian-influenced design that complements any decor. The system is perfect for pet owners and is resistant to stains and pet odors. The rug system is easy to set up, roll out, and is wrinkle-free. Overall, the Ruggable Noor Choice of Size 2pc Washable Rug System is a great investment in home decor that saves time and money.


Hey guys, welcome back to Oka Boat! We're excited to talk about our Ruggable rugs today and whether we think they're worth it. We've been getting a lot of questions about them since we had one of our photos shared by Ruggable, so we wanted to give you our honest opinion.

- Since our photo was shared by Ruggable, we've been getting a lot of questions about our Ruggable rugs and whether they're worth it.

- We're going to give you our honest opinion on the pros and cons of Ruggable rugs.

Pros of Ruggable rugs:

- Machine washable: Our rugs have held up after being machine washed and it's a huge plus to not have to worry about stains and cleaning.

- Interchangeable designs: Although Ruggable rugs may be more expensive upfront, the ability to switch out the design in the future makes it worth it.

- Easy to vacuum: The low pile design of Ruggable rugs makes them easy to vacuum without getting caught in the rug.

- Does not slide on hardwood floors: The rubber bottom of Ruggable rugs grips hardwood floors well, preventing any sliding issues.

Cons of Ruggable rugs:

- Curling edges and corners: One of the biggest complaints we have with Ruggable rugs is the curling edges and corners, which we believe is due to the thin design of the top layer.

- Customer service: While we personally haven't had any issues, we've heard horror stories about Ruggable's customer service and their return policy.

- While there are pros and cons to Ruggable rugs, it ultimately depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

- We recommend checking out our blog post for a more detailed list of pros and cons before making a decision.

This happened after we washed our ruggable for the first time!

In this impromptu video, the speaker updates his audience on the state of his Ruggable rug after accidentally spilling barbecue sauce on it. He expresses his concern about whether the rug will come out clean after washing it and whether it will still lay flat after the first wash.

Washing the Ruggable Rug:

- The speaker follows the washing instructions on the rug's tag, separating it in cold water on a delicate cycle, using mild detergent and hanging it to dry.

- He uses Tide Pure Clean detergent and sets the machine to delicate, cold water, one rinse, and a light soil level.

- After running the cycle, the speaker checks on the rug, which still has eleven minutes left to go.

- He later checks on the rug after finishing dinner and finds it looks okay.

- The speaker removes the rug from the washing machine and hangs it to dry overnight.

- The next day, he examines the rug and finds it came out completely clean and smells nice.

- The speaker notes that one loose string was the only issue he found after the wash.

- He reassembles the rug and notes that it looks brighter and cleaner overall.

The speaker concludes that the Ruggable rug was a success, as it was able to withstand washing and came out looking clean and bright. He encourages his audience to leave a comment, subscribe, and share their thoughts on the video.

Ruggable Facebook ad got me!

Hey everyone, in this video, I wanted to share my experience with a new rug that my partner and I recently purchased from a company called Ruggable. We found their ad on Facebook and decided to give it a try since we just moved into a new house with mostly hard surface flooring. In this article, I will provide a brief review of the product and our overall experience with the company.

Product Description:

- The rug comes in a box with two separate pieces: the rug itself and the pad that goes underneath it.

- The pad has two sides, one with a sticky surface and the other made of rubber to prevent movement.

- The rug is not very thick and feels light, with a cashmere-like texture.

- The corners have an extra rubber piece to keep them weighted down.

- The rug is washable.

Experience and Concerns:

- We bought the rug for its mid-century modern pattern and to fill in space in our living room.

- We were concerned about our robot vacuum being able to go over the rug, but it was not an issue once we put it together.

- We plan on adding a coffee table in the middle of the rug eventually.

- The rug had some wrinkles but they were easily smoothed out once we put it on the pad.

- Our dog has already claimed a spot on the rug.

Overall, our experience with Ruggable was positive. The product was as described and the washable feature is a nice bonus. We would recommend this product to others who are looking for a rug with a unique pattern and easy maintenance.

Ruggable Rugs Review!

In this video, the presenter demonstrates how to wash a Ruggable rug, sharing their initial thoughts on the product before and after washing. They also explain the process of washing and drying the rug, and highlight the convenience of washable rugs.

Initial Thoughts:

• The presenter shows the rug and points out the subtle dirt and grime.

• They explain that the rug gets more foot traffic in certain areas.

• The presenter discloses that the rug belongs to their in-laws and demonstrates the cover and pad components of Ruggable rugs.

Washing Process:

• The presenter removes the cover and adds a mild, non-bleach detergent.

• They select the delicates mode and cold temperature for the wash.

• The presenter dries the rug in the dryer and reattaches it to the pad.

Final Thoughts:

• The presenter shows the clean rug and notes that it cleaned up well.

• They compare the convenience of washing a Ruggable rug to traditional rugs.

• The presenter shares their overall impression of the product and recommends it to viewers.

Overall, washing a Ruggable rug is a straightforward process that yields impressive results. The convenience of washable rugs makes them a practical choice for busy households, and the presenter recommends the product to viewers.

are Ruggable rugs worth it?

Hello, I'm Amanda and you're watching Small Entertainment. Today, we're talking about Ruggable, the rugs of social media. With so many home decor and furnishing brands in the social media space, Ruggable has been getting a lot of attention lately. But is it really worth the hype?

Features of Ruggable:

- Ruggable's whole thing is that their rugs are washable and they come in two layers.

- The bottom layer is like the base mat that's not washable, while the top layer is the design layer that is washable.

- Ruggable rugs are easy to set up with clear instructions.

Unboxing Ruggable:

- Upon unboxing, the rug felt cheap and not as high quality as expected.

- The coloring looked good, but shopping online for home goods can be risky because things may not feel the way you want them to.

- Assembly instructions were not included, but it was easy to set up the rug.

Setting up Ruggable:

- The rug cover design side should be positioned inwards, and the rug pad should be grippy side down.

- Align the rolled rug cover on the edge of the rug pad with slight overhang, then unroll the rug cover over the rug pad and smooth out any wrinkles.

- There are hooks and fabric patches that are supposed to hold the rug cover in place, but they don't work very well.

- Overall, the rug fits okay but not perfectly.

Washing Ruggable:

- Although the rug has not been washed yet, there are washing instructions included that will be followed accordingly.

Overall, Ruggable may be a good option for those who want a washable rug. However, the quality of the rug may not be worth the price, and the assembly instructions could be better. It remains to be seen how well the rug will hold up after washing.

HOW TO FIX RUGGABLE CURLING | We finally found a solution!

Title: A Game Changer for Ruggable: The Solution to the Curling Problem

In this video, the speaker shares a major update about Ruggable, a popular rug brand. They have finally found a cure for the curling problem that many users have been facing. The solution is simple and requires only a little bit of maintenance. This news changes a lot for the speaker, and they want to update their viewers on this game-changing solution.

Main Points:

1. The Problem with Ruggable: The speaker discusses the issue of curling that they noticed in their Ruggable rug. They found that it was not just the corners but all along the edges that were curling up. They identified the cause of this problem, which was their dogs playing and sliding their feet under the mat, causing it to fold upwards.

2. Ruggable's Response: After posting their review, the speaker received a message from Ruggable offering a new set of rugs and mats for free. The company has been very generous and accommodating in dealing with their customers' feedback and concerns. They implemented a solution of corner pieces to prevent the corners from curling, which they sent to the speaker. The speaker is hoping this solution will work, and so far, it looks good.

3. The Game-Changing Solution: The speaker discovered a simple solution to the curling problem that involves using a floor steamer. They take the steamer over the edges of the rug slowly and let the hot water and steam sink in. This solution has worked wonders for the speaker, and their rug is now flat and curl-free. They have been using this method for about six weeks and have not experienced any curling.

The speaker is thrilled to have found a solution to the curling problem and wants to share it with their viewers. They urge others to try this method and leave their experiences in the comments below. They also commend Ruggable for their excellent customer service and willingness to listen to feedback. The speaker is sold on Ruggable once again and will not be purchasing any other rugs in the future.

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