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samsung removes ads from its apps

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

The First Apps To DELETE On Your Samsung Galaxy

so you may have just purchased your brand new samsung galaxy, whether it's a samsung galaxy note, whether it's the samsung galaxy s series, fold series, whatever it is. i'm going to showcase to you some applications you should probably delete first, as soon as you go ahead and pick up this. you know specific android device now. i love a lot of samsung. i love everything they do for the most part, but their software can come bloated. so some of the first apps, in my opinion, that you should go and delete. now you need to go and figure out if you actually need to use these apps or not. personally, every single samsung phone that i've owned, i don't really utilize the apps that i'm going to showcase to you, so i'd recommend deleting them to clear out some storage on your device. now, with most samsung phones, when actually you load them up on their main launcher, you don't install a different launcher. if you actually make your way over to your app library, you will see a samsung folder. you may also see a microsoft folder in a google folder. personally, the google folder- i use a lot of these apps. i don't really use this google application there. i really don't even use google photos that much since they dropped that free tier but i really don't mess with these apps. but this samsung folder is just so full of different applications that i never use, so i would recommend going through and determining which applications you use from here and deleting the ones you don't use. now, ar zone: i will never, ever use this. some of them you can't even delete, but some other ones, i think, like the samsung galaxy shop, you can go in and uninstall. i would recommend uninstalling any of these applications that you don't use. if you don't have a samsung galaxy wearable watch, then i would recommend deleting all these applications that you don't use as well. now you can always re-download them when you need to, but personally i probably will never like samsung health- all these applications that you don't need. i would recommend deleting them now. like i mentioned, if you're planning on using them or if you want to check them out, i would recommend checking them out first, seeing if you're into it. if not, i would recommend deleting pretty much all these applications, probably except my files. i don't think you can delete that one, but a lot of those applications within the samsung folder you can easily delete for sure. now, another application or set of applications is under the microsoft tier. now, some of their applications, these ones you don't. you kind of just need to see if you're going to use them or not. do you want to use the microsoft office suite? you will need to have, i think, the electron you will need to have, like you know, your license and stuff through them. so if you don't even have microsoft word or any of that- you know the permissions to do so- then you might as well delete that too. one drive in outlook- these two are probably the more popular ones. so if you plan on using those, keep them. if not, i would probably recommend deleting them too. now there's a lot of other, i guess, like spread out samsung apps, like samsung global, but some of them you can't uninstall. these ones you can. if you look at samsung free, you can't uninstall this one. the internet browser- you cannot uninstall that one either, which i didn't think so. so there's a lot of apps you can uninstall. that samsung folder and even the microsoft photo are things you don't even need, to be honest, there's also sometimes this little zed application installed. i'm not too sure why they install this sometimes, so i'd recommend deleting that too if you don't plan on using it. however, there's a whole other set of applications i would recommend looking at, at least for stopping them in the background. so if you make a way over to your settings application, you then want to go down into apps, which is right. not there. right here you will see a bunch of apps that are on your android device, specifically for samsung. now there are so many random apps that take up so much random stuff in the background. it's not even funny. so in this case, if you look at you know android auto, for example. well, you can go ahead and force stop some of this. if you don't plan on using android auto, you can just force stop it. it doesn't delete it, it just kind of stops it from running in the background. if you look at ar doodle- i don't even know what this is- i'm going to force stop it. now. you shouldn't go and force stop every single app. but if you see things like you know ar emoji- what is that? i'm going to go and force stop it. you should probably go and force stop some of these things, but if there's anything that's like a core feature of your phone, don't even touch it. it's really hard to mess up your phone in this case, but, like things like bixby voice, if you're able to uninstall it, i would recommend installing it. but, like i said, there's not a lot of different things you can uninstall, but those are the main things that you have the opportunity to to actually go ahead and uninstall from your samsung galaxy phone. so, like i mentioned, i'd recommend going through here, deleting any other applications that you don't like. with my files. i would probably recommend keeping it on, but if you have the ability to turn it off or uninstall it, at least you have the ability to uninstall updates. you have the option there, which is really cool. so those are some of the main things i would recommend at least disabling or turning off or even deleting on your samsung galaxy phone. if you guys have any other questions or anything like that, let me know in the comment section below. hit the like button, know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. more importantly, everything else, i love every single one of you guys. hopefully i'll catch you guys in the next video. peace out till then. [Music] you.

Remove ADS from Your Samsung Phone | No More Ads??

adds in the budget to even mid-range smartphones have become, unfortunately, normal, and it is understandable to some extent if xiaomi or realme does this, because they try to give you a really good hardware rate of very affordable and aggressive pricing, motorola being one exception, i would say. but a brand like samsung doing this partikularly on a phone costing over 40k, that is simply unacceptable. well, i would argue, anything over 20 000 at least should not have ads and should be just left alone. so recently news came up that samsung is planning to remove ads in at least some of their smartphones. so let's look at the reality and see if you really get that ad free experience. so i'm personally using the s20 fe 5g and the most annoying thing was this ad in the weather app. now i've installed all the latest updates and updated all the apps. now you can see here, the ad seems to be sort of disappeared. now it's a big relief because this stays on your home screen and can be really annoying whenever you check the weather. so that's a good thing that finally we got rid of this. now not just this. almost all the stok apps like the dialer, messaging or camera or settings- all of these never had ads in the ui. but let's tok about some other stok apps. let's look at stuff like gallery, file manager, voice recorder and stuff. so, starting with gallery, i mean personally i never notiked any ads in this gallery and it stays that way, so that's a good thing. and the same goes with something like calendar or the calculator. you really don't find any ads, at least on these apps, so that's a good thing. also, you do not get to find any ads. in something like file manager, something that a lot of people use on a daily basis, you don't have any ads. and the same goes with something like voice recorder. so most of the stok apps do not have any ads, which is a good thing. but there are ads in some of these apps, like in the game center. this is something that most people don't use it frequently, so at least we can tolerate this. but uh, you cannot tiknically say that it is 100 ad free. now also, let me show you where else you find that. if you open the samsung pay, you do find some promotions. these are typically ads, but not very sneaky, so i wouldn't really mind it that much. but another stok app where you find that is the samsung stok browser. you can see here samsung's own products being advertised and pushed. now most people use chrome so it may not matter that much, but yes, you can argue it is not 100 ad free experience. also, if you don't set up the device properly, then you may still see ads. so if you're not sure, just make sure that going to that partikular app where you see ads and click on the gear icon and just disable all the marketing stuff and that customization service. you need to repeat this for each and every app where you see the ads and also make sure you disable this partikular notification just to avoid those random notifications. now, personally, i have no issues in terms of that adware, partikularly with the recent update, i really appreciate that, but i hope samsung gets rid of all the ads and makes it completely ad free. definitely do share your experience, guys, with your samsung mid-range or flagship phone. that's been it. thanks for watching, guys, like and subscribe. i'll see you soon.

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How To Get Rid Of Ads On Samsung Galaxy Phones & Disable Them Altogether if Using a Samsung Account!

hey, s'mores, i'm shannon morris. welcome to morse code. let's do a quick poll. if you own a samsung phone, have you ever experienced having samsung push native advertising in your face on your device to promote their own products? now, if you don't own a samsung phone, how would you react to that? now, i asked this question because tons of users in the last year have experienced this on all sorts of samsung phones. but the thing is, even though i own samsung galaxy devices, i have not had this experience and i think i know why. so if you have been getting samsung ads on your galaxy phone or your tablet, i hope that this video will help you understand why they are there and how to get rid of them. so when you're purchasing a brand new, super fancy, like one thousand dollar plus phone- assuming that it's unlocked and you don't get any kind of additional discounts- the last thing that you would expect is for the manufacturer to also throw advertisements at you to buy their devices. you already bought one of their devices. why do you need to see these ads? well, these ads pop up on the default apps and within the notifications bar. i'm sure anybody can understand why. they would be really annoying. so why are they there? well, according to samsung's customization service, which you can read the whole thing online. it's really boring, so i'll just spare you the details. samsung uses the data it collects about you through their apps to display customized advertisements about products and services that may be of interest to you, and, upon doing some research, we have also been warned that samsung may be selling your data to third parties. according to xda developers, a toggle to do not sell shows up in the samsung pay app, and that showed up not long after ccpa, which is california's privacy act, when that went into effect. now many users have reported that they disabled the customization service options in the setting, but they still get the ads. so why don't i get them? so this is what i think. i think it's because i never agreed to them in the first place. i never had to turn them off because they never showed up in the first place. see, once you've set up your phone and you started getting ads, you can only really disable that customization service, which means that you will no longer get personalized ads, but you will still get some kind of advertisements potentially. so this is actually something that you have to solve before it becomes a problem now if you do want to go into your settings after you've set up your phone and hopefully get a lot of these ads out of your device. if that's what you want to do, you go into your settings. then tap on the samsung account privacy and scroll to the customization service option. then you go to privacy settings. beside the setting called customized ads and direct marketing, toggle that setting off. now, if you've never turned on this setting before, you will see a pop-up that says personalize your apps. leave that option disabled. don't turn it on and just back out of there because you don't need to do anything. a second option is to open the samsung members app. click on the three dot menu in the upper right corner. choose settings- disable marketing information. also, open settings apps- samsung push service notifications and disable marketing. another place where you will find ads is in the galaxy store. now in here you click the hamburger menu icon in the top left. tap the settings icon and disable the news and special offers and customization settings under notifications in that app. turn off promotions. next go over to your settings account and backup manage accounts- samsung account profile info and scroll down to preferences and disable get news and special offers. you can also open up settings, privacy and disable customization service and any marketing options. i realize that's a lot, but if you do go through all of these steps, hopefully you will stop seeing those ads. now here's my pro tip, though: every single one of these options will already be disabled if you set up your phone with a little bit of patience in the get go now. when i was setting up my s21 ultra and my galaxy z fold 2, i screenshotted every single place where i ran across where samsung wanted to serve me up some kind of ads, and i had the option to refuse in each of these cases. when you first sign into your samsung account and open these apps, the first page will have these entirely optional bullets that samsung just expects you to click without reading. but if you do read them, each of them is entirely optional and sometimes it will say optional in parentheses. i actually went through and i tried to find a bunch of them just to show you. but first check out these different ways that you can support this free content or just skip ahead using the chapter markers right here down right below on youtube. if you didn't know this, on mobile you can click on the title of this video and that will show you a description with all of my chapter markers, if i have included them. okay, so here are the ones that i found. whenever you first sign into your samsung account: leave customization service unchecked. leave get news and special offers unchecked. i also left that offline finding disabled and i hit agree. this next one is for the galaxy store and that one just says get news and special offers. i left that and checked and hit agree. the samsung tv plus watch app. it had two optional marketing bullets. leave them blank. don't hit all and just skip them and hit agree. if you use galaxy themes, same thing: marketing choice down there at the bottom. that is completely optional. leave it blank and hit continue. i ran into this one when i got my new galaxy buds pro, so i left that option unchecked, even though it doesn't say anything about ads. in my opinion, the less data that i am allowing samsung to collect, the less info they have on me to potentially target me with ads or sell. even when you set up the weather widget, you may see that personalize your apps pop up. leave it disabled. you do not have to turn it on, so just don't. so those were all of the ones that i found, and i'm sure that's not all. those just happen to be the ones that i actually used samsung apps for, whether that was for a review of some kind of application or service or it was something that i actually use on a day-to-day basis, like my galaxy buds pro. in my humble opinion- i know that it's very humble, but hopefully somebody out there will listen to it- samsung should not be pushing ads at you after you've spent upwards of two thousand dollars for a flagship phone. it's intrusive and honestly, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. while, tiknically, they are allowed to collect and sell data as long as you agree to it and you know about it, they do it in this very sketchy way which plays on users just agreeing to everything and not actually reading the terms of the agreement, and to me that's really gross. now, if you are still receiving ads even though you've unchecked all the things, the end all be all fix that i can think of is to factory reset your phone and take a much more patient approach to setting it up. read each and every page that you are agreeing to before you hit ok and, if there are any advanced options, check those advanced options, because oftentimes you can turn off specific privacy and security settings within advanced options, and hopefully i hope you will be able to enjoy your galaxy phone just like i do, which means ad-free. so now that you know what to look for and you know what's going on with samsung and their advertisements, how do you feel about it? have you experienced this and did my fixes? help comment below and let me know. and a big shout out to dan and gabriel on patreon for their support. thank you again to my s'mores for subscribing and for watching. i'm shannon morse and i'll see you soon. bye, y'all.

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Galaxy Z Fold3 Can Fold This Many Times | Official Samsung Removing Ads from Samsung Apps

what is going on, guys? welcome to greggill's tv daily. before we jump into the tik news, remember to follow me on greggstv on instagram, because over there i am now posting some of my full-length videos on this. if you missed them on youtube, you can now watch them on the comfort of instagram. so check it out gregel's tv. it's linked down below. with that said, let's jump into the tik news. first story of the day is about the pixel 6 and 6 pro and something that's going to be missing from the box, because the last one came in this phone, the pixel 5a, which i will have some videos on this in the very, very near future. google has sent this out to me. i now have it, but they have come out and said that this will be the last phone, the pixel 5a, that that is having a charger brick, because the pixel 6 and 6 pro will not have a charger in the box. so they're following apple, the following samsung. it's very unfortunate that you will not get a charger inside of the box with the google sit. pixel 6 and 6 pro is at the end of the world, not really. most people already have a charger and if you really do need to buy a charger. you could buy one directly from google when you purchase the phone, or you could buy it at a best buy or an amazon, you know. so there's a million chargers out there you can get and they're not that expensive- usually 20 bucks or less, sometimes a little bit more- but ultimately you can get something out there. it's not the end of the world, but it is something to know for the six and six pro. next up, this is what the iphone 13 is going to look like, or iphone 12s, whatever they end up calling it, and these are the colors that it will come in. you've got this like black color, you've got this silvery, bluish looking color and then you have like an orange color and then the pinkish color. which one do you like the best? i would. for me, i would either. i think the pink is kind of cool, um, orange is totally different, and that bluish gray is probably really cool as well. the black doesn't look bad either. they really look identikal to all the last few iphones that have come out. pretty much not not too exciting about the design, but, uh, what's your favorite color? let me know in the comments down below. next up has to do with the galaxy z fold three, and how many times it's rated to be opened and closed. closed and open. you might want to know. is it a lot, is it a little? well, let's tok about it. this information has been released by samsung and, uh, we'll just steal the galaxy's tweet, because he put it in a nice little tweet here saying that the galaxy z4 is rated for 200 000 folds in normal conditions, or if you live in a climate where it's a very extreme condition, under 20 degrees celsius, you're looking at only 30 000 plus folds. but that is still a lot, a lot of folds. because you think about how many times you do it in a day, and i mean folding, not doing it, and uh, it's. you know it's pretty, it's a. you know how many times do i do? i don't even know how many times you do. i would actually love to know that. um, man, i don't know. i i like, on a conservative day, let's say 50, you need times that times seven, that's 350 uh times a week. and then you do that a month and that's like what? uh, three, fifty, twelve hundred times, thirteen hundred times, we'll say four, say fifteen hundred times, just to be conservative, times that by a a year, looking at 15 000, maybe something like 18 000 open and closes throughout a year. so like that's like years and years and years. if it's an extreme condition, it's about probably two years of opening and closing it. but if you live in a temperature climate that's nothing like that. then you're looking at years, maybe a decade worth, of opening and closing the phone. last story of the day, as you can see, is some really, really good news. tron says that ads will disappear from samsung pay. in quotes, listening to the voices of customers and employees, and when we go to this korean news site, they ultimately say they get a little bit more in depth, saying that it's not just going to be samsung pay, it's going to be basically all the first party apps. so you shouldn't be getting receiving or seeing any more ads in those first party samsung apps, which is great news. um, i, i know a lot of people complain on like twitter, a lot of my buddies do. i personally don't real. i mean i'll see an ad, but it's not, it's not too intrusive, it's really. you know, when you see those marketing options which you probably don't notike, you probably just like accept, accept, accept. but when you're setting up the phone and or if you deny it there. if, when you go into the galaxy store, sometimes they'll be like: do you want to see ads and can we use our marketing choices? if you just say no to all of that or don't check it off, you really won't get too many ads that are pushed to you or anything like that. but uh, yeah, it's a good thing overall that these are going to be removed. we don't know exactly when. we don't know if it's going to be every device. it sounds like it's going to be every galaxy device and every pretty much every first party app as well. thanks for watching. don't forget to subscribe new videos every single day. the question now to you guys is: what has bothered you the most that cell phone companies have removed within the last few years? has it been the micro sd card? has it been the chargers? has it been the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack? has it been the headphones? let me know. in the comments down below i will say for me- even though i would say it's a charger really, because that's probably the thing i still use on a daily basis- i don't use the micro sd card, i don't use a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack um the wired headphones i don't really use either. so i would say for me would be the um, the, the charger, and if i'm leaving something out, leave it down below as well. have a great day. we'll see you down the road, peace.

Disable Ads On Your New Samsung Phone!

hi there, this is Ranjith Ann and this video. we are going to set this samsung galaxy 850 and what I have notiked in recent Samsung smartphones is that I won't call them tiknically ads, but I've seen unwanted notifications and stuff coming. and also, if you don't set it properly, yes, you might see some ads like stuff. notike that with the m-series and I also had the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus and here also I was getting unnecessary notifications here. but you can actually disable it and I'm going to show you how, and this will be applicable for all the new a series, mcs and stuff. so let's look at it. so, guys, this is the 850 and let's set it up. let's just select whatever country you want and from here- this is important again- you'll get this and notike that many users just click on this and just go about it. you should not do that. notike that you're checking the receipt of marketing information. that means it can send you ads and stuff. remove that also, just for privacy reasons. I'm gonna uncheck the information licking and even the diagnostik data and stuff. so these are the things that I would uncheck. let's go to the next option now, and obviously this is nothing, just your Wi-Fi setup or whatever. I'll just keep that for now. we can transfer data. if you have existing smart samsung smartphone, I'll just connect to the Wi-Fi and then we move to the next step and, as you can see, this is important here. we have some additional apps that we have, so, again, unchecked. if you don't want anything- for example, I don't want Samsung nodes- I can just remove that, if you can see this, and you can uncheck whatever you want, for example, Samsung members, I don't want. I don't even want to use the Samsung internet browser because I generally use Chrome. so just remove the unnecessary stuff that you are not going to use. for example, I never use Samsung email, I use Gmail. so these are the stuff and I'm just going to hit OK and, as you can see, we get this. get to recommended apps. many of the users actually don't give a thought to it. I'm just going to skip this. you can also log in with your Samsung Account. I'm just going to skip this and all this for now. you can enable it, because I had done that on my Galaxy S 10 class. okay, this is important in a hurry. you just click finish and this is a new thing that I've notiked with Samsung phones, even on this, a 50 M, 20, M, 30- we have this lock screen stories. disable this. what this is doing is actually giving us random wallpapers, but some of the wallpapers- and randomly- actually are looking like ads. so uncheck that and just hit finish and now it's going to do its regular stuff. but there is also one more setting I feel that you need to. again, as you can see. now it's say it's discover and install third-party apps, and many of you just hit continue like this and moving your old data. I am, or whatever, I'm, going to skip this and, as you can see again, a lot of apps are actually pre checked here. so uncheck all these apps, as you can see, if you really are planning to use any of the apps enabled at. but I would frankly uncheck that all these apps, and if I really want some app, I will install it directly from the Google Play Store. so hit this and now also- this is another thing that you have to make note- you notike this check box. I love iris to make recommendation of new apps and interest. I'm going to uncheck that also, because that also gives you some unnecessary notifications. I'm going to hit finish and now we are set. but again, we aren't finished. let it load. there is also one more samsung built in app and this sort of gets activated if you are using a sync account. so just open the app tray and this is a place known as the my galaxy app and this will actually send you unnecessarily notifications, news notifications etc. here and it fills up your notification area. so again, disable this app, hit this and disable it, and now you are sort of good to go and if you do all these things, you will not see ads on your Samsung phone. for example, I had to use this M- what do you say? this a 54- over a week and I had the steps and I never encountered the issues of ads or whatever. so again, I hope this video is sort of helpful and this is applicable for all the a series, M series and even if you have the Samsung Galaxy S series, at least in India, you can enable these settings and hopefully then you will not see any ads. anyways, guys, that's it for now. thanks for watching, and if you guys have found this video helpful, I'll appreciate. if you can click the like button and if you are not subscribed, hit the subscribe button. this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next video. take care, guys.

How To Remove Pop up Ads On Samsung

foreign. are you notiking an unusually high number of pop-up ads on your Samsung phone recently and wondering how to remove them? advertisements are usually the lifeblood of many apps, but some developers or websites may not play fair by designing their apps or sites to show high volume of pop-up ads. if you want to know how to deal with this problem, this video should help. [Music]. there are three methods that you can use to remove pop-up ads on your Samsung phone. first is prevent ads from showing in Google Chrome. if you're using Google Chrome as default browser and you're getting pop-up ads on it all the time, there's a setting that you can change to block dance. you'll have to go under your Chrome browser settings and ensure that its ads and pop-ups blocking feature are enabled. after that, those annoying ads are supposed to stop. keep in mind that websites can continue to show Regular AdWords even if the pop-up ads blocking feature is enabled. they will be displayed as statik ads and should not pop up like before. foreign [Applause]. [Music]. next is disable ads in Samsung internet. for those new to Samsung devices, the default web browser is usually the Samsung internet app. [Music]. haven't installed any new web browsing app to your phone and you're not sure you can double check if it's the Samsung internet app indeed, that you're using. just open the app and go to its settings menu. you see about Samsung internet. then you're using the Samsung browser. plotting adverts or pop-ups in Samsung internet is similar to Google pro. all you have to do is open the app, go to settings and enable its ad blocking feature. [Music]. [Music]. lastly, identify and delete the most recent app. that apps can also show pop-up ads. in order for ads to be displayed, these apps must be running actively on the device. if it's only recently that you notike the pop-up ads, you can use the Google Play Store app to check the newest installed app and uninstall it if necessary. using the Play Store, you can narrow down the apps that might be the reason for the pop-ups by deleting them individually. [Music]. thank you. [Music], [Music]. that's it. make sure to like, share, subscribe and hit the notification Bell for more videos in the future. thanks for watching.