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Score Black Friday Deals with Post Dispatch Ads

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Every year, businesses rely heavily on the core two to three month period leading up to the end of the year. This is because of various sales and holiday periods that increase spending in the e-commerce and retail industry, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. To ensure success during this season, businesses need to use all the tools available in their Google Ads campaigns. Here are the top four tools that businesses can use to see the highest level of success.

1. Countdown Timer:

The countdown timer can be added to responsive search ads for search campaigns. It creates urgency in the ad copy and speeds up the decision-making process by informing the searcher how many days or hours are left for the current sale or promotion. The timer dynamically and automatically updates to show exactly how much time is left, creating FOMO among users. To add the countdown timer, go to the edit section for responsive search ads, type in the squiggly bracket, select the countdown timer, and add in the end date and start time.

2. Promotion and Price Extensions:

Promotion and price extensions can be used in search and performance max campaigns. Promotion extensions create additional ad real estate and can automatically start and end on specific dates. Price extensions display individual products or services with prices and descriptions, increasing the size of the ad. To add promotion or price extensions, go to ad and extensions, select extensions, and add in the promotion or price details.

3. Crossout Price:

The crossout price is added to the Google Merchant Feed and displayed on Google Shopping ads. It shows the original price with a crossed-out line and the new discounted price. It creates a sense of urgency and makes the ad stand out. To add the crossout price, go to Google Merchant Center, select promotions, add in the promotion details and start and end dates, and create the promotion.

To ensure success during the upcoming silly season, businesses need to use all the different tools available for their Google Ads campaigns. Using countdown timers, promotion and price extensions, and crossout prices can greatly increase profit and success. To optimize e-commerce campaigns in Google Ads, it is essential to use these tools correctly. Businesses can also refer to a checklist for e-commerce campaigns in Google Ads to ensure they do not miss any important steps or extensions.

The Mystery Of Mount Shasta | Ancient Aliens (S13) | FULL EPISODE HD

Mount Shasta

The Unusual History Behind Black Friday

- Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays, allowing us to gather with friends and family and reminding ourselves of all we have to be thankful for

- Black Friday, traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, has become a major shopping event in the US

- But what is the history of Black Friday, and should we continue to dedicate an unofficial holiday to spending?

The History of Black Friday:

- The term Black Friday originally referred to a financial crisis in 1869, but has come to be associated with holiday shopping

- Thanksgiving has been the beginning of the Christmas shopping season for a long time, with parades featuring Santa Claus and department stores launching big advertising pushes

- Retailers wanted to start advertising for Christmas earlier, leading to President Roosevelt proclaiming Thanksgiving to be the fourth Thursday of November in 1939

- In the 1950s, the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia caused massive crowds to flock to stores the day prior, leading to chaos and the police calling it Black Friday

- The term remained local until the late 80s, when retailers began to reinvent Black Friday as a positive event

The Phenomenon of Black Friday:

- Black Friday is meant to create a sense of scarcity and urgency, with sales so good that you need to line up outside the door before the store opens to get what you want

- Retailers pushed opening times earlier and earlier, eventually reaching midnight and even opening on Thanksgiving Day

- While Black Friday has a positive impact on the economy by getting people spending, it also has led to disastrous consequences, including deaths and violence

The Future of Black Friday:

- Online shopping events like Amazon's Prime Day and Cyber Monday are changing the way we approach holiday shopping

- With many Americans carrying debt from month to month, the question arises whether we should continue to dedicate an unofficial holiday to spending

- While Black Friday has become a major shopping event, its history and consequences should make us pause and consider whether we want to continue to dedicate an unofficial holiday to spending

- Instead, we can focus on spending responsibly and being mindful of our finances throughout the holiday season.

Everything You Need To Know for Black Friday Facebook Ads #blackfriday #marketing #howto #facebook

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sales events of the year, and businesses need to start preparing early to see success. As someone who has helped seven, eight, and nine-figure businesses develop bigger and better customer bases, I have some tips on best practices for these events. In this article, I will share some strategies for success in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. CRM Lists and Chatbots:

- Make sure to grow your email list as big as possible.

- Focus on building your chatbots and networks, as they are underutilized resources.

- Chatbot open rates are high, so use them to reach customers for free instead of paying to retarget site traffic.

- Acquire customer information early to foster relationships and make free sales later.

2. Bundling:

- Don't discount standard products, as it devalues your brand.

- Make exclusive bundles for buyers to increase revenue and reduce cost per acquisition.

- Pull forward LTV (lifetime value) instead of sales to increase brand value.

3. Timing:

- Start your Black Friday sale early to saturate customers and let competitors pay to reach new individuals.

- Retarget site traffic instead of prospecting, and foster relationships with early customer acquisitions.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be huge revenue-generating events for businesses, but it takes preparation and strategy to see success. By focusing on CRM lists and chatbots, bundling, and timing, businesses can increase revenue and build long-term relationships with customers.

Kid GETS TRAPPED In MINECRAFT, What Happens Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

The article discusses a group of friends who work together to complete an art project and their experiences in playing the game Minecraft.

Main Points:

- The group has to complete an art project and they initially have different ideas.

- They decide to work together to create a fruit bowl out of popsicle sticks and present it to their teacher, who is impressed with their work and awards them a pizza party.

- The article also describes a dream one of the friends has about playing Minecraft with two other players and defeating the Ender Dragon by working together.

- The friends later play Minecraft in real life and have fun together.

The article emphasizes the importance of teamwork and listening to others' ideas, both in completing an art project and in playing a game like Minecraft. It also shows the benefits of working together and the rewards that can come from doing so.

I-Team: Black Friday Behind the Scenes Look at the AJC Thanksgiving Paper

Black Friday is a highly anticipated shopping holiday that many people, including myself, look forward to every year. However, it can be difficult to know what deals are available until the Atlanta Journal Constitution Black Friday edition comes out. In this article, we will explore the excitement surrounding the release of this edition and what it contains.

What's in the Black Friday Edition:

- The Black Friday edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution weighs five pounds, making it as heavy as a big bottle of soda or a five-pound sack of potatoes.

- It contains 22 million flyers filled with Black Friday deals and doorbusters from nearly every store.

- Many of these deals are kept top secret until Thanksgiving Day when the newspaper publishes them.

- The paper is filled with ads, coupons, and deals for both professional and amateur shoppers.

- It is a Thanksgiving Day tradition for many to pick up the paper and tear through the inserts to see what's on sale.

Behind the Scenes:

- The production of the Black Friday edition is a major event for the newspaper, with all hands on deck to fill the paper with deals.

- The paper's version of the Super Bowl, it is sold at many places and gets tossed onto front lawns before people wake up on Thanksgiving Day.

Expert Tips:

- Amy Britton, a Black Friday power shopper, happily plunks down three bucks for this edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, hoping to save lots of money.

- Britton waits all year for this day and has amazing tips for getting what you want on Friday.

- Her tips include being prepared, doing research, and shopping with a plan.

Black Friday is a highly anticipated shopping holiday, and the release of the Atlanta Journal Constitution Black Friday edition only adds to the excitement. With 22 million flyers filled with deals, doorbusters, and coupons, the paper is a must-have for both professional and amateur shoppers. The production of the paper is a major event for the newspaper, and Black Friday power shoppers like Amy Britton have expert tips for getting the most out of the day. So, be prepared, do your research, and shop with a plan to make the most of this exciting shopping holiday.


November is a crazy month for Jim Shark, as they prepare for Black Friday. The company invests millions of dollars in operations and logistics to ensure they are in the best position possible. In this article, we will take a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations for Black Friday.


- Customer support: The office is bustling with temporary workers hired to assist with customer support for weeks leading up to Black Friday.

- Commercial teams: The team works on forecasting sales and understanding the peak amount of requests to prepare for the influx of customers.

- Tech team: Prepares for the amount of people on the website by the second to ensure the website can handle the traffic.

- Marketing team: Has created a fun and unique Black Friday campaign to get the message out to as many people as possible.


- Historical challenges: The company had a Black Friday where the website crashed due to an overwhelming amount of traffic, and they have learned from that experience.

- Accountability: Being a community-based company means that they are held accountable by their customers, making them pull out all the stops to ensure the sales period goes as smoothly as possible.

Commercial Team:

- New products: Jim Shark is relaunching new colorways of their camo range and men's contrast range, as well as a new price point.

- Customer experience: Black Friday is a time to test and improve customer experience, ensuring that it is seamless and enjoyable for all customers.

Preparing for Black Friday is a massive undertaking, and Jim Shark invests a lot of time and resources to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The team is dedicated to improving customer experience and creating a fun and unique campaign to get the message out to as many people as possible. Black Friday is an exciting time, and the team is looking forward to the challenge.

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