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seamless ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Seamless Carousel For Facebook Ecom Ads

so you're looking to create amazing carousels. while you're in the right place, let's get straight into it. where we're going to look how you can create very easily a streamlined carousel where one image runs into the next. they look amazing in facebook ads and you can use them to generate more sales for your business or just get more eyes on your product or brand. let's get straight into it. okay, let's get straight into it. so first thing you want to do is come into canva and canvas like a free graphic design website that you can use. you can pay for the pro version, which you get some more perks in. uh, we have the pro version. we love canva for all kind of our ad creative images in videos. they do some really good little videos too, so it's definitely worth checking out. if you're an agency or you're wanting to grow your brand, it's great little software. now, if you're creating a facebook carousel, one thing you want to know is it's 1080 by 1080 the recommended sizing for the images. this can change, so depend on when you're watching this video. just double check the dimensions for the images. they do change every now and then. so what you're going to want to do is just come in, create a design. go custom size, choose uh, we want with, and we want it to be five images long. so i'm going to go 540, which is, uh, 1080 times five, and we just want the height to be the standard 1080.. create the design. once you're in here, just change the name for what you want it to be. so carousel images for facebook ads. now what you want to do first is just to get the images the right size. how i like to do it is just grab an element, come down to the shapes, grab the square, put the square in the corner, drag it all the way down. now what you're going to do is you are just going to go file um [Music] and show ruler, and what you're going to do is just put the ruler at the end of the box, move that over, grab another one, drop it over again, come back to the ruler, pull another one over. just repeat this until you've got five. and if you're looking for this line, you just want to come to the edge of the ruler and then these two little arrows come up. you just want to drag it over, and that'll do that. once you've got five, you just want to delete this. and if you duplicate the page, it should have the rulers on it too. now let's just go back to the templates. now let's just say that we're going to. i'll come up here just say we're going to turn one of these results into a carousel, so let's just grab. there's a fun one. uh, let's turn this boxing on. so we'll grab this. we'll just edit a little bit, because i want this text just in one image. perfect, it fits in there. you can kind of see where the margins are. now, just to show some overlays. all we're going to do is come into elements again. we are going to look for the, the gradients, if i can find them. so we'll just liven this up a bit and have some things that flow over. so there's one, we'll grab this one too, and yeah, i'm happy with that. so you can see where the margins are. that's done there, perfect. now let's download this. i don't want all two pages either, just want the first one, png, and we're going to download that image. perfect, what's that? once that's done, we're going to come over and search for a tool called pine- pinetoolscom. once you're implying tools, you're going to come in here and just type in split, and what you want to look for. here is the split image, and what you want to do here is you want to change the split to horizontal. you want five blocks, so it's going to split it evenly over five blocks. grab this download image and hit split image now to give you five different files down here. you can download them all as a zip file straight away, or what you can do is download them individually and i'll show you what one looks like is the first image of your carousel and you can see the slight overlay for the next image. so if we download image two here and there we go. so we got image one and image two right there. so you've got all five images to make your facebook carousel. so take this, upload them to facebook carousel ads, make sure that you number them so they show up in the right order and they don't chop and change, because if you've got a flowing carousel image, you want them all to stay in that flow. but this is a super simple and easy way for you to make some good carousel ads on camber. uh, using pine tools to split it- real easy and you can have a carousel ad done in the space of five minutes. so super quick. hope this helps you guys out. if you've got any questions, please leave them in the comments. if you want more tips on creating ads and anything ecommerce related, be sure to subscribe to our channel and we'll see you in the next video. thanks, guys.


how is it going, guys? today i'm going to show you how i made a cool 3d looking effect in my latest product commercial. [Applause], [Music]. okay, so that was the product commercial, and now let me explain what i have actually done. so basically what i did, i placed 2d object in 3d space in after effects. then i orbit the camera around my 2d objects. i rotate every object on a y-axis in 360 rotation. so when the camera is orbiting around my objects, the objects are always facing to the camera and this will create that cool 3d look. [Applause], [Music]. now i'm going to show you step by step how i did it in after effects. so in after effects, i'm going to import all the clips, so the apple, the bottle and the ginger- okay. so the next step: i'm going to create a new composition. i'm going to name it ginger shot. okay, now i'm going to place all the clips to the composition. now i'm going to create a camera. so right click, new camera. okay, now i'm going to make all the three layers 3d. yeah. so now when i move with the camera, you can see that we have a 3d space and in the 3d space we have our 2d objects. so now i can move the apple to left side and the ginger to right side. and again, when i move with my camera, you can see the 2d objects are in 3d space. next step: i'm going to create a null, a null object. i'm going to make a new object 3d as well, and now when i switch it to two views, you can see my new object, my camera and all the layers from the top. okay, so now i'm going to connect the camera to the null object. so now, when i rotate the y-axis on the new object, it's going to orbit the camera around my objects. now i'm going to click on a stopwatch to create the first keyframe, go to the end and i'm going to rotate it one time. so now you can see the camera is orbiting around the objects. so now to get this cool 3d look, we have to rotate all the three layers on the y axis. so i'm going to select all the layers, press the r button and now press the stopwatch on the y axis, go to the end and now type number one. so it's going to rotate one time around the y-axis. so now, when i press the play button, we get this nice 3d look. now you can play with the position of your object. so, for example, first i'm going to actually make them smaller, so i'm going to select all the layers, press the s button and now scale it down. [Music], something like this, okay, okay, so this looks now cool. okay, so now i'm going to create the background so new, solid. in effects window i'm going to search for a ram, gradient ram, i'm going to put it on my background and now i'm going to change it to radial ramp. okay, i'm going to change the color to kind of orange, more orangey, yeah, like this. and the second color: yeah, let's say something like this. okay, so now i can duplicate my apple layer, move it to right side. now i can select my ginger layer, move it to somewhere here and then duplicate the ginger layer and bring it to the front. okay, so now when i play the animation or the video, oh, yeah, so now you can play with the position of your layers to make it look something like this. okay, now to get the nice depth. we are going to enable the depth of field in our camera options. so, depth of field, turn it on. okay, nothing has happened because we have to change the focus distance. so we need to bring the focus distance to our subject, yeah, somewhere here. okay, so now you can increase your blur level, yeah, and you see, we have a nice depth in our animation. so now, when i play it, oh yeah, it looks really really cool and realistik. okay, so this is basically it, guys. you can do whatever you want. you can, for example, select all the ingredients or all the fruits, just duplicate, then bring them up, then duplicate them again, then bring them [Music] down and you have a really cool kind of animation. okay, guys? so this is it for today. if you like it, don't forget to press the like button and a subscribe button. if you are going to use this tiknique in some of your projects, let me know, send it to me, or tag me in your posts or reels or whatever. i would love to see it. thank you and see you in the next one. [Music]. so [Music]. hmm.

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Panel: Why Creating Seamless Ads in Game Is Essential to User Retention

[Music]. we are going to kick off with this amazing panel. you already can see. in fact, i'm going to run away and let cat take over and shut up and let you carry on. so cat over to you. thank you, oscar. uh, and 20 something years dealing with ads. uh, well, 24 years in games. do you want to sit down? but i was doing, well, i'm. they got me on a panel later, oh okay, so, yeah, so i, i was doing quite a long. 2014 was for ads, though. all right, okay, well, tiknically, if you want to go back to the banner, ads, no banner. what's a banner? um, hi, thanks everyone for coming. this is a. this is a much. this is a plump room, thank you. um, i'm going to let everybody introduce themselves. i'll quickly introduce myself. my name is kat peterson. i'm a co-founder of a small talent agency firm in toronto that i co-founded with a business partner almost 10 years ago. we work with a very small group of talent, but mainly pewdiepie, who we've been working with for the last six or so years. he keeps us very busy. um, i'm going to jump right in. i'm going to let people introduce themselves, but the reason you're here is to tok about ads, as oscar alluded to specifically, why creating seamless ads in game is essential to user retention. this panel is going to convince us why. no big deal, no big deal, all right. hi everyone, my name is nav gupta from charming worlds inc. we are a metaverse company. we are creating the wordpress of metaverse creation using our tik. throw it on any website, click a button and a full metabrush galaxy appears with you know, four wall garden all the way up to a fully decentralized blockchain experience and everything in between. uh, we're right now selling them for about a thousand dollars a month. we're looking for business owners and uh, hoping to grow. uh, and that's a bit about me and i'll pass it on. well, thank you, nav. you're my favorite new friend amongst the other people on stage. um, my name, it my name is. you gotta act like you care, man. my name is matt sharp. i'm the creative director in advertising at zynga. uh, it's my responsibility to make sure our ads don't totally suck. um, spoiler alert, i know a lot of you in this room probably love ads, love getting them, love receiving them, interacting with them. maybe it is my job to make sure you don't hate it and that you actually get a little bit of value out of it from a creative standpoint. over to you, new friend, not your favorite, though right right now you're number three. okay, that's fair. so i'm flavio. i'm the monetization and marketing director at gameloft toronto. i've been with the company for just over eight years now. i've been doing free to play pc at mobile for just over 13 years and my responsibility at the company now is to make sure we're getting the installs our games need and that we're monetizing uh through in-app purchases and ads in a way that's healthy and sustainable so we can keep our games running for a long time, disney magic kingdoms being our most successful title coming out of gameloft toronto and has been live for over six years now, so hopefully we keep that going for many, many more awesome um, and my name is saloni. i'm here from applovin um, so my role is i'm manager of ad monetization at applovin, so i lead our ad monetization strategy and operations for our partner studios, primarily in the casual gaming vertikal um, and a lot of that really has to do with looking at retention, so i'm super excited to tok a little bit more about that today. great, nice to meet everyone. thank you, um. i'll preface this with: i have been working in advertising, namely selling advertising, for at least 15 years, so i'll start with that. but i don't really like ads as a user, so why are they so essential to retention? all right, great question, great question. hold on, cat, say what you actually said an email. you said it very politely there. you don't like that. what did you say in the email? i personally hate ads. hate, okay, hey, okay, this is just so. we're all being honest, you understand. we're all being candid with one another, so i'll just say, um, i come from the game development background, uh, and so you know, i worked at unity, live help as well. me and oscar found out, oh man, we worked at unity. it was great, uh. so ads, uh, are an important part because they help developers, you know, develop and make some money, uh. what we're trying to do with ads is, um, uh, use it in new ways, inside of the metaverse, for example, you know, using uh where you're looking, and then kind of using uh things like uh banners, but in a different way, like what you would see in the physical world. um, why is it essential to user retention? well, i mean, it gives us an opportunity to grow our brands and to um. you know, allow people to expand out, uh, at the same time, only when the, you know, in my opinion, only when it's done correctly. if you do it the wrong way, games suck, all right, they just will suck and it becomes more of a money play, because you can definitely tell when a developer is trying to literally just like bombard you with 10 000 ads because they want to make, you know, some money versus. this is actually a part of the experience. and you know you're looking at pull versus push ads. you know, back in the olden days we used to do push ads. uh, i would be with oscar and we'd be at different events, just tok about all the push ads. and now we're looking at pull ads. you know, like a person actually wants to see an ad and you're doing like um, rewarded videos and so on. uh, in the metaverse space, i i'm hoping to see that more of a natural type of experience. when you guys go see a billboard today, it was because you wanted to look that direction, and the nice thing that we're trying to do at charming worlds inc. is also pay the user for that. so if you turn your head in a certain direction and you're coming in with, let's say, metamask and crypto. well, now you'd also get paid a portion of those ad revenues just for looking, and so it's going to be interesting how that all works. but uh, this is that's my opinion on it. um, so i like what you said about. let let's just presume ads are baked in. let's not have a big discussion. should there be a look? you need ads for revenue. studios do okay, big, small, whatever. ultimately adds come into the equation, as you said. the problem is so many of them are terrible. yeah, and i draw the. i draw the analogy of speed dating a lot, and imagine if you sat down at a table and someone just sits down for you and it's just like my name's jimmy. if you're like running and hiking at books, you'll love jimmy. do you want kids? and it's just like everything's yanked up, the volumes turned up on everything. they're like we need to be loud, we need to be aggressive, we need to be impactful. this and this, no, no, you need to have a conversation that resonates, and you know i'm not saying you sit down and you say, hi, my name's mark, you seem really nice, it's good to me. i'm not gonna say you're gonna fall in love. okay, let's be real, but the odds go way up. so i think, to start with, i agree actually with cat, i agree with you 100- most ads are terrible. but it's on us as creators, on us as people deploying it to make sure that they're better and that they're not jimmy, um, i don't know if i can add much more to like the base of what you said before as well, which is obviously, um, we need revenue to be able to keep that content and new features coming, and that's obviously impacting retention. we need to keep churning out that content to bring players back. but you answered the, i guess, the question more directly as well. rewarded videos, obviously, is something that really adds value to the game experience as well, and- and we see that very concretely when- and we've tried to reduce as much as possible over time. but sometimes there are tiknical issues and our ads just aren't working and you see, on social media and on our customer care channels, people are complaining: where are my ads? i want to see those ads. so we- we do know that there is demand for that, yeah, and then just to kind of combine some of the things that you all said, i think a really good way to look at ads and retenti.

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Panel: In play Ads Tips & tricks for Creating a Seamless Experience

[Music]- an absolute mammoth session in play ads: tips and tricks for creating a seamless experience with the incredible thought. once again, have a seat and if you've got questions for them, for us or them, where there will be a lot, please don't hesitate, if you're watching at home, to put them into our q a channel. i'll be coming around with a microphone for the main floor q a and you can hashtag pgconnex all day if you're on twitter. so, um, i've welcomed thought already. i'd also like to welcome to this stage vincent ferguelle from tap nation marijuana. hassan from wolves interactive digital. maxwell slorencin from voodoo. thomas jonason from goldtown games digital. also, we've got a couple of people maybe that are joining us on zoom as well as part of the experience, potentially, but i'm going to hand it over to thor now, who is an absolute god. thank you, um, right, so thanks for stiking around. uh, we're going to tok a lot more about in play ads and we have- hey, yay, we have them both online as well. awesome, right camera's there, hey, guys. uh, so let me start by briefly introducing the panelists. we'll do the guides on stage first, so the guides on screen have some time to get the text sorted if need be, but so make sense peace. who are you and what do you do and where do you work? so i'm maxons. i'm a monetization manager at vodou, managing part of the portfolio in the hyper-casual and driving some growth projects, such as in-game advertising implementation. oh, benson, you look like a tennis player, but no, for some reason, i don't know, give tennis player vibes. yes, hopefully, uh, i'll give the same vibes for in advertising today. uh, so nice to meet you all. super excited to be here again back in conference. uh. so i'm the vp of monetization at top nation, a hyper casual studio as well a publisher based in paris. a very big french market is big for that. so we're a team of 30 people based in paris. i'm overseeing all the monetization operations as well as marketing in general. so i'm super excited to be on stage here, uh, and traveling back to london- former, uh, my former town- because i was, uh, working for mopub for two and a half years back then before. so, uh, very excited to be on stage with you guys. yeah, it's crazy. this is my first time in london since 2017.. it's like insane. it used to be here so much, so it's kind of cool. okay, let's go to quickly. the guys at stage. thomas, are you with us? yes, hello, awesome. how's the weather? how much snow do you have? good question, a lot too much, is always the answer. uh, when you're based in in the north of sweden, like we are, tell us a little bit about games, your titles. so we are a? uh, publicly traded mobile games developer and publisher based in the north of sweden. as mentioned, we consist of a small team, 25 people, mostly working from our headquarters in a small town called hoelftu. we self-publish arena sports games, management games, um, in the mid core genre. uh, and that's what we do. uh, we're also- a really recent thing- we're in invested in a joint venture: uh, play to earn project. cool, thanks, thomas. and then we have marawin grabbed, as you can see, but there was some kind of issues, i think tik issues, but awesome to have you online. can you say something so we know that it works? yes, hello everyone. this is marwan. i'm very excited to be with you. i did my best to be- uh, even play- i mean physically available and attending the conference, but unfortunately we had some issues with the visa, so at least i can make it online. it's very cool. it's a little bit feedbacky for you too as well, or? it's a little bit hard to hear, uh, what you were saying. it was a little bit feedbacky. yeah, i can. i can try my headphones just a second. cool, i'll tok about your company in the meantime. so maravan is with the wolves interactive out of istanbul, turkey. they do really really great racing games like unlimited driving, road driving, that kind of thing. is that a good, fair summary, marman? yeah, actually this is the type of of games that we're working on. we have, uh currently we have- eight titles in the market. they are live, and we have five games in the pipeline that we're working on, supposedly to be launched during 2022 and uh next the following year. uh, we are uh focusing on on developing and publishing games. we had- this is basically mobile games. we had one project for producing our first console game. it's not finalized yet, so this is working. uh, this is this stable uh working process and uh, we are currently exploring the potential of entering the, the nft and metaverse arena as well. so we are having some uh pilot uh project to to produce our first uh play to earn game that includes nft and will be evolving into the middle versus later on. very cool, okay, guys, let's tok a bit about in-game ads. if there's one thing i have learned from being in the game industry is that everyone who is in the game industry at some point in time wants to be a game designer and then they realize that they're not smart enough for it. at least, that's what i did, but i wanted to stik around. so let's start toking a little bit about game design, right? um, all of your companies have been, uh, running in-game ads for some time. um, if you were the, the product owner of the game or a product designer of a game, and you're like, okay, you're playing it. what would your suggestions, tips and recommendations be for where is a good place to put an ad and like how? how does also, the discussions go about it within the studios? and i mean, it's a little bit different. right, you guys have a lot of third-party studios left and right managing that. but could you tell me a little bit about that? and we'll start with the guys on stage? sure, so it's. i guess it changed a lot also by the category of the games. if we take example of driving or racing games. for sure, there's a constant progression where you have a lot of opportunity to see side road billboards for examples of things like that. but with hyper casual it depends having a runner can for sure help. our statik screen becomes a bit more difficult to integrate in game ads. so we really have to feel the balance, the user experience, on that aspect. for sure, nowadays with interstitial and rewarded video we take a lot of time of the user outside of the gameplay itself at some of the time playing. so those in-game ads really become as a savvy and useful ad format because they really don't interrupt that user experience. we look at different examples. the first one we integrated was a webmaster like a spidermaster game, which was very useful to integrate because of course you're progressing through the city, there are many buildings, you're jumping from to the others and and that looks and feel becomes very natural because- why not? in spider-man you see all those billboards. i mean you've all been to picadilly circus. integrating that into the building really makes a real life experience and matching the environment, um, so you really have to adapt to that experience so that the users feel like it becomes very natural and, who knows, it can maybe even makes the game even more realistik, because working in a town with no ads versus working in town with real-time ads really makes you feel and be part of that, of that action movie. so those are examples you want to look at. some games don't match, for example, a couple of our titles- sneaker art or ice cream are very screen fixed on a single product and you don't have this progression into games, into a 3d environment. so the more 3d and space progression you have for the users, for the character to have, the more chances you have to place those billboards, those screens, to follow that users are appearing at a certain time, different size depending on how deep is the gameplay and the 3d integration. i'll say those. those are important facts. cool voodoo. what have you guys learned? um, i definitely agree with the review vince. so you, you want to create this native feeling, uh, whether it is with beavers in a city or with a balloon or a plane showing an ad in the sky when you're playing on at the beach, for instance. um, another recomme:

How To Make A Seamless Instagram Carousel Ad In Canva (Step By Step) - Real Estate Advertising

if you're looking for a new way to generate leads, then this video is specific for you, because i'm going to show you how to use carousel ads to get and generate leads that would have people pounding at your door. what's up, guys? it's adrian from artlet, where we work with artists, entrepreneurs and brands to help them get more exposure and monetize their passion. so part one: i'm going to show you why someone would create a counselor ad and also how i've outlined it myself for clients to help them generate leads. so in part two, i'm going to take you through a step-by-step process of how to build a carousel ad using canva. canva is gold, trust me. even if you don't have time to create a carousel ad yourself, you can get a va or have someone you trust build a carousel ad out for you just by watching this video. so definitely watch this all the way through, because i'll take you step by step, from start to finish, on how to build and create a carousel ad. as a side note, i actually ran this myself for a client and generated over a hundred leads for less than a hundred dollars. so get ready and be ready to get this kind of results with carousel ads. by the way, if you're new to this channel, don't forget to hit the like, subscribe and leave a comment. so why would you even want to create a carousel ad? well, there's many reasons. carousel ads grabs attention, they create curiosity and they're also new. you don't really see people creating carousel ads like this. so there's some questions that you need to answer before going into creating the carousel ads, and they are one: who is your target audience? so number two: what problem is this target market facing? so number three is: what is the solution for that problem? only focus on one problem and one solution. and number four is: what is the next steps? once someone get to the end of the carousel ad, what is the next step going to be? what actions are you going to have them take? are you going to have them subscribe to your email list? are you going to have them, uh, book a call with you? you need to know this before, uh, creating the carousel app. cool, so now that you have the answer to these questions, i'm going to show you how i laid it out, so you can just copy this format and start building your carousel ad right away. uh, remember those questions that i had you answer just a few minutes ago. this is where it becomes relevant. so my market: i'm going to go after real estate agent now. now that i have these, i can go in and start filling out everything because i know who i am toking to. so the headline i used is why the everyday realtor won't make it right, so i'm calling out real estate agents. first slide is headline, last slide is called action, and this was question number four that i said that you need to answer, which is: um, where do you take the person to next, after they read all the slides? this is the flow and outline that i use. now i'm gonna go ahead and go over into canva and show you how to build this out. to save time, i already have all my images selected and built out for me. i have all my images here on the left, which are what i'm going to use to build this for you. i'm going to show you how to get images and get images with transparent backgrounds. there's website with tons and tons of free stok photos, so the site i normally use is unsplash. there we go. i usually use unsplash or pinterest, so unsplash, whatever your market is. you can just go in here and type in what you're looking for the background has to kind of distinguish yourself from the actual photo. so just download the image and save it. so in pictures you could just type in um, whatever you're looking for, and then it will pop off some options. so i just use this person in my photo. if you click on the photo, it'll give you a bunch of suggested photos underneath. so pinterest is a really easy way to find photos that you can just grab and use once you have your photo. next you're gonna need to remove the background. so you could just go to google and type remove background and literally any of these would work. but what i use mostly is remove bg, removebg and that image that you downloaded before. you just drag and drop and then the software removes the background for you. now i'm going to start building out my carousel app. so first things first is you need to figure out your colors. you need to decide what colors you're going to use. me, i'm going to use white and blue. so the first thing i'm going to do is change the background to blue and then i'm just going to duplicate this 10 times. so now i have my 10 slides and then i'm going to start dragging and dropping the photos in the places that i want them to be in, and then i'm also going to add the text in the places that i want the text to be in. a lot of the times, when you create ads like this, they won't work the first time, so stik around to the end of this video and i'll show you how to test and scale your carousel ads. you have the most impact. one of the most important things when it comes to building a carousel ad is how do you get this image to show up on this slide in the exact place. so this is how you do it. so you drag and drop the image where you want to be. you copy it and paste it as you see it's going to be there. you have to line it up, you know, line it up exactly- and then you trim it or crop it to the end. then you cut it, go to the next slide, paste it as you see. it's going to be all the way on the right side, where you had it pasted before or where it was originally. so you have to drag it and drop it to the opposite side. so now, whenever someone swipes left, the image is gonna flow over. so that's how you do it, going from one slide to the next slide and again, you just do this throughout the entire thing. so i'm going to finish building this out. i have a key right here, so i have the key. i'll show you how to do with the key. okay, this is actually a really good example, because sometimes it's gonna be hard to get it lined up and, uh, it took me some time to figure out, like, how to actually like line it up perfectly, and this is a good example to show you how to do it. i'll just show you what i mean. so, if i copy it, then paste it again, i have to line it up perfectly and then trim it, and this is what happened if i cut and paste it over here. right, so it's going to be all the way on this side. if i try to move it over here, i might lose my positioning, so might not be perfect. so there's two ways to do this. you can either do it the long way, which is hold it until it goes all the way over, or you can do this, which i found as like a cheat: you can create a, you could create a line, um, using a shape, a rectangle, and just line it up with where you want it to be. let's see, let me line it up with the top so you see how it's lined up with the. they're lined up together. so what i do is i copy this line onto this page and then duplicate this, drag it over, copy it, paste it and see, now it's lined up. and now all i have to do is drag it over. so now it's perfectly aligned. so that's, uh, the trick that i came up with for getting everything perfectly aligned. so now i'm going to just uh finish this up and drag and drop everything. now with the text, i, i do every line individually because, uh, every line is a different size, so for my text, every lines of different size and color. so i have y, i have, um, all the text in this individual cell, because it gives me the ability to freely customize and edit the text how i want it to be. all right. so this is the final product. um, this is how it came out after moving everything over. so if you found value from this, go ahead and drop a comment below, like the video, and subscribe to the channel. so most of the time you create an ad in this form, it might not work, which is why we use canva, because by using canva you're able to go back in and change the headline. so you keep a b testing the headline until you get the desired result that you want. so then you just go into facebook ads manager and just swap the first slide and that's going to be your headline slide, and then you just keep a.

Creating a Seamless Carousel Ad in Photoshop

hey everybody. I commented on an old post last week about creating seamless carousel apps for Facebook or Instagram and I had wanted to do a new video for some time now on how to set these up in the dhobi Photoshop. a lot of our customers use Photoshop for their own revisions of source files and things like that and I wanted to go through a couple of different designs we've made over the past several months and just kind of share how we'd create these in Photoshop, why we do them in like a seamless design like this across the entire ad and not just break it up square by square and hopefully to show you a couple of different ideas as well on just for inspirational use. so we call these seamless carousel designs. they are seamless and that's the designs and the backgrounds expand, extend over all of the slides in the ad and not just broken up into segments. so some people will just upload one picture, one picture, one picture, and they're all individual pictures. they don't really tie in together. of course, if you're uploading ecommerce product shots or stuff like that, you you may benefit from just having them be different product images on white backgrounds and not necessarily custom design like this, but like this, this e-commerce one, for example. they sell different electronic gadgets for phones, and we had actually cut all of them out from the background and superimposed them in here to the design so that we just have a way more custom looking design. it's not a simple ad like you would normally see. so here's another ecommerce one. hopefully you can see this. okay, this is actually an old one from my old video last year that I put out, but it was a cool one I really like. just I wanted to share it anyways. some people think it's a lot of text, but it's actually only taken up a third of these squares roughly and they all pass. so in our design, we typically like to create one continuous, cohesive background that goes through all the slides, and the way we set these up is basically we. we design them each in 1080 by 1080 each. where we do 1080 by 1080 because that was always the Instagram standard size. some stuff has changed since then. I think I don't know if they're doing four by five carousels yet or not. I think they may be, but what we do is we just open up a calculator here, just for the example, if we have 1080 as the height, 1080 pixels, and we have one, two, three, four, five, six slides. you just do 1080 times 6, so the total width of this is 60 480 pixels and you would actually create a graphic like this or a canvas, that is, it should be 64: 80, not 64: 81, but you would create at 6: 64 80 by 1080 resolution. 72 is fine, that's just for web use and hit OK. and then you would. you would create a new guide layout like this here. and let me clear this out: since you have six slides, you want to get a new guide layout, create six columns and then that is showing you where each slide is, each card, so that when you slice these, you will be able to export them all at once and they'll each be in these individual segments. now, sometimes I think this is still an option and ads manager where you can show the best-performing slides or cards first, and in that case that would jack up the design completely and it'd be all out of order and it wouldn't look right. so if you do make seamless carousels like this, I would advise that you just don't do that so that it all looks continuous. this partikular design is just for our own brand showing some testimonials. so anybody that wants to share testimonials. you could do different creative stuff like this. we also, you can see here- have done something where we're we're making the product in this partikular carousel extend over two slides, and we have seen in the past that's having things overlap different slides. even the text might be broken up into two slides. that seems to get people to want to be more curious about what the next slide is, because they can only see half of this. so we usually have seen some good results getting them to keep swiping to the very end. a lot of times we just use text for like selling points or features, benefits, and then occasionally we will do like a custom call-to-action slide at the end, even though you can set one of those up by default and ads manager. we would not do that and we would actually make our own custom call-to-action slide at the end, like this one here: get yours today, shop now. but you'll see here again, we just we overlapped this product here. we have a product here overlapping two cards and same with this. so these seamless designs are just a really, really creative and unique way to showcase products and services in a way that maybe a lot of audiences have not seen before. we are seeing more and more of the bigger box brands and stuff using these kind of styles and although we've been making these for the last few years, they seem to be getting more and more popular, even even today. so you know, keep this in mind when you're creating carousel ads. they do seem to work. I don't know from a ROI standpoint what each of these has done for the customers, but as far as creativity and appeal and uniqueness and, you know, eye catching stuff, these really standout on a news feed. so once you're done, you would just actually exports each slide and then upload them to ads manager, and I can show you how to do that. over on the left hand side it may actually look like this. it's a, I think the crop tool, maybe there by default. if you just click and hold here and go down to the slice tool, you'll get this option up here that says slices from guides and this will actually auto slice each card based on the guides that we've created. so you just hit slice from guides. you would see these blue little numbers show up for each slide: one, two, three, four. you would go to file and export, save for web and I typically save these as PNG 24 files. they just maintain the quality a lot better. you can do JPEG as well, but once you start getting into the gifts gifs, whatever you guys call them, they start to lose quality. so I was trying to do PNG and then you would just hit save, save it to your computer and that would be that. so I did see that they did not save as PNG, but I've had this issue before with this 20/20 version of Photoshop might need to be reinstalled, but that's how you do it, guys. it's a pretty straightforward. the designing of this is what takes the most time, but as long as you set this up, the canvas size should be the total width for however many slides you're gonna design in. then the rest is smooth sailing from there. so if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or message me. I know that some designers will probably suggest a different way to do these. there are several options for slicing and exporting as well. I'm trying to just show the most direct route. so again, if you have any questions, let me know. thanks for watching.