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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that allows businesses to reach their target audience through various forms of digital advertising. In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of Google Ads and how you can use it to improve your business's online visibility.


1. Setting up a Google Ads Account

2. Creating a Campaign

3. Keyword Research

4. Ad Creation and Optimization

5. Bid Management and Budgeting

6. Performance Tracking and Analysis

Setting up a Google Ads Account:

- Create a Google Ads account

- Set up billing information

- Select your target audience and locations

- Choose your campaign type and ad format

Creating a Campaign:

- Define your campaign goals and objectives

- Choose your campaign settings

- Set your daily budget and bidding strategy

- Create your ad groups and ads

Keyword Research:

- Conduct keyword research using Google's Keyword Planner tool

- Identify relevant and high-traffic keywords for your business

- Organize your keywords into targeted ad groups

Ad Creation and Optimization:

- Write compelling and relevant ad copy

- Use ad extensions to enhance your ads

- Test and optimize your ads for better performance

Bid Management and Budgeting:

- Monitor your bid performance and adjust as necessary

- Set bid adjustments for different devices and locations

- Control your ad spend through budget management

Performance Tracking and Analysis:

- Use Google Ads reporting tools to track your campaign performance

- Analyze your data to identify areas for improvement

- Use data-driven insights to optimize your campaigns

By following these basic steps, you can create effective Google Ads campaigns that reach your target audience and improve your business's online visibility. Remember to continually monitor and optimize your campaigns for the best results.

Google Ads Keywords Research for 2023

Google Ads Keyword Research: A Step-by-Step Guide

- Google Ads is built on search and matching users' search inquiries with relevant ads and landing pages

- Proper keyword research is crucial for success in Google Ads campaigns

- Changes to Google Ads match types make it even more important to conduct keyword research correctly

Step 1: Understanding Keyword Match Types

- Broad match, phrase match, and exact match explained

- Example of how each match type functions

- Exact match keywords can still trigger ads for related terms and competitors

Step 2: Completing Keyword Research in Google Ads

- Access Keyword Planner in Google Ads account

- Use Discover New Keywords function to find keyword ideas

- Input relevant keywords and website URL to generate ideas

- Review and select relevant keywords based on relevance, search volume, seasonality, and competition

- Proper keyword research is a vital step in successful Google Ads campaigns

- Use the Google Ads optimization checklist for ongoing campaign optimization

- Stay updated on changes to Google Ads match types and adjust keyword research accordingly.

11 Easy Steps to set up a Google Ads Search Campaign [2023 Google Ads Tutorial]

Get Google Ready in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Google Search Campaign

Welcome to my new Google ads tutorial series called Get Google Ready in 2023. In this 10-part series, I will guide you through setting up every type of Google ads campaign you need to use in 2023. I will also show you the correct way to optimize each campaign for success.

Using the One Keyword Theme Method:

To structure your Google search campaign for success, use the One Keyword Theme Method. Break your account into different campaigns and ad groups based on highly relevant keywords and landing pages. This ensures that your ads are matched with highly relevant search terms and landing pages.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Google Search Campaign:

1. Go to your Google ads dashboard and click on New Campaign.

2. Select either Sales or Leads depending on your business objectives.

3. Complete your keyword research and ad copy beforehand for efficiency.

4. Set your campaign budget and bidding strategy.

5. Choose your target audience, location, and device preferences.

6. Set up your ad groups and choose relevant keywords.

7. Create your ad copy and add relevant ad extensions.

8. Review and launch your campaign.

Benefits of Using the Correct Structure and Strategy:

By using the correct structure and strategy for your Google search campaign, you can easily scale and grow your campaign as your business grows. You can quickly see which parts of your campaign are successful and which parts are not. It also allows you to do important things such as checking your search term audits, adding in clear split tests, and reviewing your audiences and locations for high-level optimizations.

Success with Google ads is all about understanding how the platform works and using the correct strategies and structures for your campaigns. By following this step-by-step guide and using the One Keyword Theme Method, you can set up a successful Google search campaign that will help you achieve your business goals.

Google Search Ads Tutorial 2022 - How to Create Search Campaigns with Google AdWords

Hey everyone, welcome to the Server Side PPC YouTube channel! In this video, I'll be going over how to create a Google Ads search campaign from scratch. Let's get started!

- I'll be creating a search campaign from scratch in my Google Ads account

- Generally, it's best to run one search campaign for your business


1. Click on campaigns link on the left-hand side

2. Click on the plus sign to create a new campaign

3. Choose campaign objective (sales or leads)

4. Select search campaign type

5. Choose ways to reach goal (website visits)

6. Name the campaign

7. Set bidding focus (conversions or conversion value)

8. Choose networks to run campaign on (include Google Search partners, exclude Google Display Network)

9. Select locations to target (choose where your customers are)

10. Choose language targeting (select the languages your customers speak)

11. Set audience segments (put in relevant audiences)


- Conversion tracking must be set up in order to use sales or leads objective

- Optimizing for purchases is a good goal for a campaign

- Target CPA should be lower than what a conversion is worth to you

- In my case, my conversion is every time someone clicks on a learn more button, so my target CPA is $2

- I'm targeting the United States and Canada

- I'm only targeting the English language

- I've chosen three in-market audience segments to observe and adjust bids for

Creating a Google Ads search campaign from scratch is easy and can be optimized to drive more conversions and revenue. By following these steps, you can set up a successful search campaign for your business. Thanks for watching!

How to set up a Google Ads Search Campaign ... to GET SALES & LEADS 🤑

How to Set Up Your Google Ads Search Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this video, Aaron Young, a Google Ads Master, will guide you through the process of setting up a Google Ads Search Campaign. He will show you the campaign structure that he has used for hundreds of companies and generated over $17 million in sales in the past 12 months alone.

Campaign Structure:

- Google Ads Account

- High-Level Products (Core Campaigns)

- Ad Groups

- Individual Keywords

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Go to ads.google.com and sign in or get started to set up your account.

2. Switch to expert mode to set up a search campaign.

3. Click on the new campaign button and select your campaign objective.

4. Choose the leads option if you're looking for more inquiries or phone calls.

5. Select the search campaign type.

6. Name your campaign based on the product or service you're focusing on.

7. Choose your location, language, and budget settings.

8. Set up your ad group and keywords.

9. Create your ad and landing page.

Setting up a Google Ads Search Campaign can be a profitable way to grow your business. By following Aaron Young's campaign structure and step-by-step process, you can avoid wasting money and have a successful campaign. Don't forget to download his free setup guide for more detailed instructions.

Google Ads Search Campaign Structure - How To Create Successful Campaigns

In this article, we will discuss the structure of Google Ads search campaigns and best practices to ensure success. We will cover how to group campaigns based on their expected results and the importance of separating campaigns for branded and non-branded keywords. We will also discuss the importance of grouping keywords together based on their relevance to the landing page and advertisements.

- Welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel.

- Today, we will go over the structure of Google Ads search campaigns and best practices for success.

Google Ads Account:

- When creating campaigns, one option is a search campaign.

- It's recommended to separate keywords into different campaigns based on their relevance and expected results.

- Bidding strategy should be adjusted based on the campaign's focus.

Search Campaign Structure:

- Campaigns contain ad groups that are grouped together by theme.

- Each ad group should contain one keyword and at least two advertisements.

- The landing page should be relevant to the ad group's theme and advertisements.


- A shoe company can separate colors into different ad groups.

- New ad groups should be created for different themes, such as Christmas.

- The structure of Google Ads search campaigns is essential for success.

- Keywords should be grouped together based on relevance, and advertisements should be relevant to the landing page.

- Separate campaigns for branded and non-branded keywords and adjust bidding strategies accordingly.

How To Use Google Ads 2022 | Google Ads Tutorial [FOR BEGINNERS]

Setting up Your First Google Ad Campaign: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you new to Google ads? In this article, you will learn how to set up your first Google ad campaign, step by step.

Steps to Follow:

1. Switch to Expert Mode: Click on Switch to Expert Mode to get full control over your new campaign.

2. Create a Campaign without a Goal's Guidance: Choose this option to keep full control over your campaign.

3. Select a Campaign Type: Create a Search campaign using simple text ads.

4. Determine the Action When Somebody Clicks on Your Ad: As an example, let's create ads for an online store selling standing desks and type in the URL of our online store.

5. Define Your General Campaign Settings: Give your campaign a name that reflects exactly what you are advertising. Deselect Display Networks and choose the Search Network. Define a start and end date for your campaign, and set an ad schedule if necessary.

6. Targeting and Audiences: Click on Advanced search to find the locations you want to target. Select a language of your customers and change the target from presence or interest to presence.

7. Budget and Bidding: Decide on the currency you want to use to pay for your advertising costs, and set your average daily budget. Define your bidding strategy and set up conversion tracking using Google Analytics.

8. Ad Extensions: Add four sitelink extensions that lead to different pages on your online store and some callout extensions.

9. Define Your Search Terms: Dedicate one ad group to one keyword group and define your keyword match types.

10. Create Your Ads: Create ads for your ad groups, using relevant keywords and making sure to use up as many characters as possible.

Setting up your first Google ad campaign may seem daunting, but by following these simple steps, you can create effective ads that will help you reach your target audience and increase your online visibility. Good luck!

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