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shopify 400 ad credit

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

NEW Facebook Shop Ads | Get a FREE $2,500 Ad Credit

all right, here it is. so you already have approval for commerce manager, and when you go in to create the ads, they'll let you. uh, yeah, i have, i have approval, full approval, um, let's see, have you launched your first shopping ad yet? no, not yet, um, so so where's your shop? so i have. so, basically i have it. i had them give me access from here, so i guess i have to switch business accounts in order to show the shop. okay, click on the shop, all right, and scroll down. all right, so you have gotten sales from the shop now, yeah, we got a couple so far, um, but again, we're not restoked. so that's why we had, like, very limited selected items. have you created an ad for this yet? nope, nothing. all right, go to conversion campaign. open up a separate tab so that way you don't have to do it out of this one. okay, now, since you've done this, it should automatikally give you an option under the conversions, whenever you're selecting the pixel, to automatikally choose. okay, so, so, so this is. this is the thing. i run all the ads, every single. i'm turning on the ads, um, in a couple of days, but i run every single ad through my business manager, right and for some reason i wasn't. i wasn't having access to um, to the angel, the angels commerce account. so i i had, uh, my partner actually like give me access to the actual e-commerce, the commerce section, but when she did that, it basically gave me access through the entire angel states commerce account, versus having me access it through my business account. you get what i mean, and not really, but let's see where that becomes a problem. all right, all right, let's go as you go to creating a, so hit create and then all right, let's just, uh, let's scroll down. yeah, just go to the next one. i scroll back up. you're gonna choose the conversion objective. it should be up here, um, so it doesn't even tell you right now. so it's a website or shop, okay, but yours just says website, uh, oh, here, okay, okay, so what if let's? let's try to do this. let's click show more accounts and then let's um, see, that's weird, um, so, so if you see, over here i had to actually change. this is what i mean. so this is my business account that i use um to run all the ads right, um, through here. i, for some reason, i don't have access. so when, when she gave me access. it showed up as a separate business account. so maybe if we run it through here- but i don't know if that's also in check- so we can go to ads- yeah, i see, that's the thing, it's not. yeah, that's not the business account. um, just see if it shows up over here regardless through my personal. yeah, no, so it should pop out, say shop over here. basically, yeah, that's odd. i mean, i, i have full access. that's why i'm not understanding. um, but that's the thing, see, i don't have access through my, my business manager. maybe that's why it's not showing shop, but it's, it's over here. so is there? what would you? would you happen to know on top of your head of how i can get this? i can basically get angel skate's shop account to show up under my business manager. yeah, hit, add shop and let's see what it says. or you're gonna have to, because there wasn't, there was. no, this is like showing, like basically creating it from scratch. i'm assuming, yeah, and you can't share it on the other end because, uh, if you go to your business settings, it's not going to give you an option to just add somebody to the shop. yeah, that's, that's. that's what i'm getting confused about. i'm like wait, and then we finally figured out, like, how to give me access. but when she gave me access, it gave me access to the entire commerce account for angel states, but not to the business manager side of of my ads account. so that's that's what i'm stuck at, like, yeah, go to your commerce shop- the only other way- which i don't, i haven't seen one before- to see if there's a way to like, click, create campaign from there, like if you go inside your angel skates one and then you, and then, yeah, that's what i was looking. i was looking around to see if there's any you know option, but there isn't. go to orders, shopify, download history. what about settings? i mean, yeah, i, i haven't click on ads as well after you do that. so, no, no, no, we're all verified, everything's set ads since, yes, create an ad. um, yeah, there you go. you got 2500. oh, when you switch, check out on facebook. there you go. okay, so i guess this is so, basically, i'm going to have to run, uh, uh, basically a separate, not only my business manager. i guess this is the only place. oh, oh, okay, and then you'll just edit it from your ad account once it's live and then you duplicate and make changes. i guess i guess this is how it works. no, this is like boosting, but once it's in there, at least you'll get the settings activated in your app. ah, i got you. yeah, that's what i figured. it's like boosting, so so then, so it makes sense. so when i, when i get the settings into my ad account, then i can go and edit it. yeah, all right, let me just um after it's live. you won't be able to, because you can't edit a boosted post, but what you can do is you can duplicate and then make a change- okay, i'm just curious to see it- and obviously turn on my pixel. yeah, i won't really use your pixel, but what you might find out is people still go to your site to purchase. okay, so you recommend to keep my pixel on. yeah, okay, so let's just um. i'm just gonna like, randomly, just um publish it just to go back and see how that works real quick. so you, you seen um high conversions from this. yeah, when we, when we ran the test initially, the things were like off the chart in terms of raws, it was like 86x and stuff, but they shut it down for a while, okay, because they wanted to revamp everything, figure out how to make more money, yeah, and then they made it to where you could only run like 10 percent of your traffic there, and that wasn't a good idea because it wasn't working. but now that this ios stuff's here, this could be a big alternative in the future. yeah, so like it should pop up in here once it's activated, yeah, once it's active. okay, this is the old one, all right. so i mean, i'll give it, i'll give it a test, um, we'll see once it goes active, see how, how, um, we can go from there and, um, i'll update you, if anything, on wednesday. yeah, let's, let's circle back on wednesday and then, you know, see how we can optimize it and get it producing. yeah, yeah, for sure, thank you. there's a lot of things you can do to your shop to also, because now that you're running a shop, there's actually ways to increase your conversions through the shop. okay, okay, well, yeah, i would definitely want to learn how to do that and check that out. so i'll play around with it and then, uh, wednesday, we'll circle back to see where it's at. awesome, alrighty, that works, all right. thank you, chase. you have a problem? bye, bye, all right. that'll conclude this week's live facebook ads. expert mastery. weekly q a call.

How to Set Up Shopify Gift Cards & Offer Store Credit (Step by Step Tutorial)

learn how to increase cash flow with shopify gift cards. this is a quick and easy setup on shopify. after this step-by-step tutorial, your customers will be able to purchase gift cards from your store. the first thing to know is that all gift card payments must be processed through the shopify checkout. so if you're using any other type of platform for your checkout, like amazon, this won't be possible. tip number one is to go to your shopify admin and click products. then step number two is to click gift cards. on this page you have two options: to sell gift cards or to send gift cards. the option to send gift cards is super useful if you want to get into contests or any type of store credit. but first let's get started with the setting gift card option. right here you can create a gift card just like any product on your shopify store. add a title, a description and also a picture. the image that you pick for your shopify gift card will be the one shown on the shopify catalog, but this image is completely different from the one the customer gets whenever the gift card gets to the email. also, you will see some default denominations experience. you can customize these denominations as you desire. the only piece of advice here is that make sure that these denominations make sense with the products that you sell. a good start is to find the average cost of your products on your store. also, customers are not able to pick a specific denomination, so it's a good idea for you to offer more than one option. the next step will be to go to your product availability and click manage and then select your sold channels. also, you can use the calendar option to select a specific date for publishing. then you have the option to select the product type, which is the category for the product. select your vendor if you wish, add the gift card to a specific collection and add any tags that are relevant for your product. when you're done with this, just click save. now that it's safe, let me show you how to find it on your shopify admin. first step will be to click products and then click gift cards. after you sell any gift cards, you will be able to see them right here with the customer's information. if you click gift card products, you will be able to see the gift cards that you already have or create new ones. justly that, your customers will be able to find gift cards on your store as any product. now it's time to learn how to issue free gift cards as a store credit. with this option, you will be able to send gift cards to your customers without receiving any payment. there won't be any checkup process or a change of funds with you and the customer. the customer will only receive the gift card over email with instructions on how to redeem it. this option is also useful if your refund policy is only for a store credit. step number one, as you already know, is to click products and then click gift cards. then you can click issue gift card. every gift card has a randomly code that is specific to the card. after the gift card is issued, this code will be sent to the customer. i don't recommend editing this code. just leave it as is. these gift cards are basically currency, so this code needs to be super complex. in the value field, you can select whatever value that you wish to send. you can also select an expiration date if you wish. then it's time to send the gift card to your customer. so go to find or create a customer now. you can find the previous customers or, if it's a new customer, you can enter the details by the name, last name, email and phone number. you can also add a specific node for the gift card. this is only for internal purposes. customers won't be able to see this. finally, just click save. after you click it, the customer will receive the gift card over email. if you didn't add a customer in the first place and you got a winner for your contacts, for example, you can copy the code and then send that over email manually. here is an example how a gift card looks over email. when the customer clicks the uk, of course they will be taken to a new webpage just like this one. they will see the gift card code alone with a qr code. if you gave that option to purchase in person during checkout, the customer can use this gift card code as a coupon code. after the gift card is used, the customer will be able to see the remaining balance on the actual page of the gift card and the new balance will also be updated on the shopify admin. now you know everything about shopify gift cards. if you want to learn more about shopify, e-commerce or digital marketing, go to haymansscom to grab all of my free resources to take your store to the next level. thank you for watching and i will see you in the next one.

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$10,000 In 24 Hours Shopify Dropshipping With (NO PAID ADS)

so this is how we were able to achieve ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with a brand new Shopify Drop Shipping Store using no paid ads, only using tiktok organic traffic, meaning the profit margins were around about 70 percent. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Camille Simon is the econ King and in today's video I've got a very special video for you guys, because I'm gonna be showing you exactly how he took a brand new Shopify dropshipping store- me and my business partner's side in Oscar and achieved ten thousand dollars in 24 hours using no paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads, tiktok ads- and the profit margin was around about 70. our tiktok organic is a complete game changer for beginners, especially if you're on a low budget, because you can literally start a Shopify Drop Shipping Store with around about 100 to 400 and go viral on tiktok and generate tens of thousands of dollars with really high profit margins, which can make you a lot of money. and in this video, we're going to be showing you guys exactly how we did this process in terms of how we found the product, how we knew the product was going to do while on tik tok, how we create the content, how we actually scale, the product, the do's and don'ts of what you should be doing, and this is going to be a general update on tiktok organic, because I haven't made a tiktok organic video for a few months and a lot of things have changed and I'm going to be updating everything in this video. I'm also going to be bringing inside an Oscar back onto the channel and interviewing them and asking them the most important questions about tiktok organic right now, so you guys can Master it and replicate the same results now. I also want to announce that we're going to be doing a massive giveaway in today's video. this is going to be one of the biggest giveaways I've ever done this YouTube channel in the last three and a half years, so you want to get prepared for this. we're going to be giving away 10 available spots to our tiktok mentor and organic blueprint, so 10 of you guys are watching this can literally win mentoring with us for completely free if you like the video and you leave a comment on the reason why you want to win this, and as soon as this video hits 3 000 likes, I'll be picking 10 people to get that exclusive organic mentoring. what we're also going to be doing is we're going to be giving you guys a free cheat sheet for those that don't win the giveaway. in today's video you're going to be getting exclusive cheat sheet with the step-by-step tutorial and how we generated the success, and you're also going to see the cheat sheet throughout this tutorial. so make sure we hit 2 000 likes so everyone can redeem that for completely free. so, guys, if you want to learn this tiktok organic strategy, make sure you strap yourself in, get a notebook and Pen, get your laptop, get your phone, follow along with this video, because we're going to be showing you the exact strategy we use to generate ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with no paid us, just using tiktok organic traffic [Music]. so, guys, let's get straight into the strategy and, as you guys can see on the computer screen, I've got the free cheat sheet open and you guys will get access to this once we hit 2 000 likes on this video. so you can see here, the first thing that we need to do is what did we do to find Our Winning tiktok organic product. so this is what we did, step by step, step. one search for tiktok made me buy it and filter the videos to the most popular, most engaged of the week. you want to do this to the weed out, all the saturated old products. now I'd recommend that when you do this strategy, guys, you do it on the mobile device, on tiktok, as you're going to get all of these cool filters like filtering it down but the most engaged videos by the week. now, as this is a demonstrational video, I'm gonna be doing it off my desktop so it'll be slightly different to the mobile version, but it's pretty much the same thing. so, as you guys can see, I've opened up tiktok and I've typed in tiktok made me buy it in the search bar. now, if you're doing this on desktop or laptop makes you change it by top, not accounts or videos. always go by top and if you're doing, got on the mobile version, filter it down by the most popular by the week. now step two is click on all the top video products that you've notiked and see how many views they are getting, monitor their engagement levels and see if they are having functioning stores and see if they're still uploading consistently frequently. you want to do this because if they are still posting, still have good engagement, the odds are they're still generating sales. so if we go back to tiktok and scroll through some of these videos that are popping up as the most popular videos for this search term: tiktok. maybe buy it. what we're going to want to do is we're going to want to look for videos. I've got over a million views, so between 1 million and 10 million views, so you can see this. one's got 13 million views, so I'm not interested. this one here has got 7.1, so this could be a good opportunity, but I found one here that's got 1.5 million views. so what I'm going to want to do is I'm going to want to open up the video. see the dates you can see. here's the date, the 21st of November, so that was around about two weeks ago, so are still valid now. anything that's too old would be anything older than three to six months, so this fits in with a recent video, so you can see here. now what I'm going to want to do is I'm going to want to check the engagement, which is the likes to comments. so we're going to want to read the comments to make sure these are real comments and to make sure that they seem like they're coming from genuine people, and to see what people are toking about the product. now, once everything checks out and everything looks legit. you're gonna want to go to their page. you can see here. if you go to the page in the top right, you're going to open up their page and what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to see how long have they been uploading videos of this product. so you can see. this was their first video and it's got 1.5 million views and I believe that's the video that I've just watched. now we're going to want to see when the second video is uploaded literally the same day. now we're going to want to check when the most recent videos updated. now, the most recent video was uploaded 11 hours ago. so when you go onto these Pages, you're going to want to make sure that they're uploading recent videos because, let's say, they uploaded this first video here but they have stopped, let's say, four weeks ago. there's a very high chance that the product has died out and they're not seeing sales with it, so they're no longer trying to promote it organically on tiktok. now, if you download a Chrome extension called vid IQ- it's completely free. it's going to help you show the engagement level of the overall page, which is really important because you guys can see here, the average engagement rate for this page is around about five percent and, as you guys can see on my computer screen, it says with the average engagement rate by views of around about 6.7. so that's what we call the industry standard for tiktok. that's what you want to look for. anything between 5 and 10 is a very good sign, but if you scroll down you're going to see the engagement rate here, so you can see a lot of these videos are between eight percent and five percent. so that's actually really positive. now the next step is you want to go to the profile description and see if there's a website for it. so you can see here there's a link to the website as soon as you open up you want to make sure the website is valid and you can still get to it and you're not getting a 404 redirect saying it's not valid. now, as long as the website is still valid, that means that they're still selling the product and there's a high chance that they're still receiving orders, because the last thing that you guys want to do is find

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How I Make 3000 Fast With Shopify [Legal] Phase 2 Get First 10 Orders FREE

I'm going to show you how I get the first 10 orders on any Shopify store fast using Google ads and basically it's free. this is the second video in a three-part series. if you've not checked out the first video, I'll put a link above. my goal is to make three thousand dollars for about eight hours effort: building, marketing and selling a Shopify store. no one is doing this. this is a blue ocean method. so far, I've selected the product and built the store. it's taken around 5 hours and 33 minutes to get to this point. so I've got two hours 27 minutes left to get these initial orders and sell the store. thank you, if you want to succeed in an Endeavor, sometimes you have to play by your own rules and maybe you have to break some rules and, of course, rule number two is: Break The Rules. we have so many rules in life about everything as they break the rules. not the law, but break the rules, thank you. it is impossible to be a Maverick or a true original if you're too well behaved and not want to break the rules. you have to think outside the box. that's what I believe. after all, what is the point of being in this world if all you want to do is be liked to everyone and avoid trouble. the only way that ever got any place was the breaking sum of the rules. yes, I'm going to break some rules and, as you'll see, I'm not going to be playing by The Standard Online ads rules. instead of being like a punter at the casino hoping to win, I'd rather be the casino. and, as they say, The House Always Wins. so there is a theory in e-commerce that whoever can spend the most on acquiring a customer wins. I need at least 10 orders or a thousand dollars in sales using this strategy before I can list the Shopify store for online auction. these initial sales prove two key points for the potential store buyer: first, there is demand for the product and second, the Shopify store actually converts visitors into customers. this build market and sales strategy does not rely on making profit from each product sale. I make my money when I sell the store. I can spend big on marketing. in fact, I can spend more than everyone else. this is the standard cost model for a Shopify Drop Shipping Store: for a hundred dollar, product product cost about thirty three dollars, marketing cost thirty three dollars. we sell it for a hundred dollars and you get thirty four dollars profit. this is the standard cost model for a Shopify Drop Shipping Store per product sold when I build it. to sell the store: product cost thirty three dollars, marketing cost sixty seven dollars, retail price 100. profit zero. I can outspend everyone. I don't care if I break even to get my first 10 orders or a thousand dollars in sale. I just want to prove there's demand for the product and the store converts. I make my money when I sell the store. let's look at the marketing budget. we're going to Target getting a thousand dollars in sales, or approximately 10 orders, our budget for the ads, which is six hundred and seventy dollars, and we can actually get a six hundred dollar credit from Google. so I'm actually only going to pay seventy dollars to get these ads run. in summary, the financials after our first 10 sales look something like this: we get our thousand dollars worth of sales, our product cost is three hundred and thirty dollars, our marketing cost is six hundred and seventy dollars and then we get the Google ads credit, which I'll show you how to get, and that's worth six hundred dollars and we are left with a profit of five hundred ninety seven dollars for our Target: one thousand dollars in sale. we're going to be able to report a profit of five hundred ninety seven dollars, or a sixty percent margin when we list the store for sale. once I reach my sales Target, I list the store for auction and we're going to try to get three thousand dollars. if you can get your initial sales spending less than the budgeted amount, then all power to you. you're just going to make more money. now let's get our ads up and running. okay, just going to run through a few prerequisites before we actually create the Google ads. so when we're going to select a domain for the store, here are a couple of my tips. because the purchaser of this store could be anywhere in the world. you don't want to go with that domain. that's got. you know: dot, ukcom, dot, a, u, dot, CA, whatever. so I use namecheap and for a photography store like what we've built, I might call it shoot photos, something like that, and you can see here you can get some pretty cheap ones. so I could call it shoot photosxyz for three dollars, maybe shoot photos Dot online for a dollar fifty four. so I would probably pick something like that. if someone does purchase it, they're not really restricted to where they're going to sell the products. the domain is General in nature. the other thing I would recommend while you're on namecheap is to add an email box on the way out, so get yourself a custom email. you might call it support at. you know your domain and this is important when we set up our Google ads, because if you're going to do this process multiple times and you want to get the credit, you need to be creating a new account with Google, because it only applies for new accounts and it's also a new business. next, I want to tok about keywords. keywords are really important when you're running Google ads and you want to get those words that people are searching for that relate to your product, that are going to lead to conversions. so you can use a product like semrush to help with that. I'll put a link in the description for a free account with semrush and it does have some limitations, but for this purpose it's perfect. so you just want to type in a word that relates to your product or your actual product names. for me, I'm going to type in photography, lightbox, foreign. so there's a few things you want to take a look at here. first, you can see there's decent volume each month for this product. second, you can actually see the price people are paying in the likes of Google ads, for every click for this keyword. so we're looking at around 79 cents. so we might set our price per click Max budget at, say, 70 cents and just see how that goes when we set it up. and the important thing is, we're actually getting a list of keywords that relate to our product that people are searching every day. so we're going to copy a bunch of these words and phrases and we're going to use them when we set up our Google ads. so if you're going to follow along and attempt this process, just make sure you do your keyword research and you can really save a bit of time using a product like semrush. we're on the Google ads page where you can create your account. as mentioned, there's a deal at the moment where you can get 600 in free ad credit when you spend 600, I'll put a link in the description. it'll get you to this page. if you want to use it, go for it. okay, so let's get started. when you get to this page, it's important that you use your new email address or an email address you've never used with Google ads, if you've had a Google ads account in the past, that is, if you've never had one, you're all good to go, so complete your details and hit next. so when you get to this screen, it's really important to head down the bottom and hit switch to expert mode. otherwise it's going to try to create an ad for you and you're much better doing it manually to get a very targeted ad at much lower cost. it's going to get you to this screen here. you just want to hit create an account without a campaign. alright, let's create a new ad. if you want a full tutorial on Google ads, I'll put a link above. so I'm going to go through this pretty quick. we'll hit new campaign. we're going to create a campaign without any goals guidance. you can do a search campaign. so for our bidding we want to focus on clicks and we also want to set a maximum cost per click. now we saw in semrush that the average cost isn't around that 79 cents Mark, so I'm going to put in 60 cents here and we'll see how that goes for campaign settings. I turn off the search Network and displa.

$200,000 MRR Shopify App with Ruth from ReConvert

[Music]: hey, hey everybody. so my guest today is ruth. she's the co-founder of reconvert, a shopify app to easily build thank you pages that convert. as always, we would like to hear more of the founding story and the strategies that accelerated their growth success. ruth, are you ready to take us to the top? yes, definitely, all right. so first off, can you tell us a bit more about reconvert? how would you describe it? um, so reconvert is the post-purchase upsell app for shopify that my brother and i founded together. we were actually both merchants on shopify and we just wanted to create something that didn't exist in the market, so that's where the convert came from. so what's the business model of reconvert? how are you making money? um, so reconvert has a freemium business model, so our pricing is built in a way where we actually grow with our customers. if a store doesn't make any sales, we don't charge any money from them. uh, but as they go, we charge more and more. uh, because we really want to give value, even if you're just starting out and you don't have the money to pay for an app like that. other than that, we are a microsoft. we are on the shopify platform, so stores can basically install us from the shopify app store and it's a seamless integration with shopify. that don't really have to put in a credit card, they don't have to do anything, they just use the app and pay monthly sounds good. so you were toking about how you founded reconvert with your brother. can you take us back to those early days? how did you start and launch the app? uh, so it was actually um, it was actually pretty funny. we called it um kind of like startup for cheap people, because both my brother and i are not developers. we we don't really write any code and we didn't have a lot of money. we were bootstrapping everything. so we kind of took it one day at a time. we started off with just finding a developer to create the app. we found an agency, a development agency that we started working with and we're still working with them, and they just started off with one person walking on the app and slowly we grew. right now there are around 30 developers working on it and all from the same agency. we've been working with them so closely. they've become partners, even though they're still service providers, and we basically just thought: what do we want to have? what is important to us for the customer experience. we wrote a very basic specification document and just got the ball all in from there without really fully knowing what we were doing. that's interesting. how did you get your first paying users to the product? um, so i think that the main advantage of a micro sas is if you launch it on a platform with an app store or a plug-in store. this is just taking the complexity out of customer acquisition. so in shopify, this is an incredible opportunity to launch. on the shopify app store, we started getting getting customers from day one and we have a 30 days free trial. so after 30 days, some of them started paying. some of them remained free customers. it was very seamless from from the beginning. and is the shopify store still your most important acquisition channel to get new customers on board right now, or are you working with other marketing channels as well? so, for we convert, it's basically our only acquisition channel. we do have other apps, now that some of them are not just on shopify and we have other channels for them. we've done a lot of marketing, whatever it is: co-marketing with other apps and integrations content- uh, we're on youtube and we have a few blogs. we do social media, we do some ppc. so we do market the app, but eventually the funnel is built in a way where we get them to hear about us, direct them to the shopify app store, to our app store listing and they install from there. sounds great. so what is your most valuable snr feel up to this point as a co-founder? i think my most important lesson is to really focus on the value that you are giving and make it simple. maybe it's two lessons, but still, i think when you're first starting out, a lot of the times people try to think of a very sophistikated idea. but if it's simple and provides actual value, you have so much a higher chance to succeed. because, first of all, when you give value, people are willing to pay for this is the model for any successful business. and second, when it's simple and you don't really have a lot of resources or a lot of experience, this is going to be something that kind of goes with you and teaches you along the way what you need to do- great lessons. so let's tok numbers for a bit. at what stage is reconvert right now in terms of revenue or growth? um, right now we are making. uh. first of all, we founded the app at the end of 2018 we launched that, i mean, and right now the app is generating um around 200 000 a month dollars. we have a little over 30 000 um using stalls, using us, and about a third of them are paying. so this is where we're at with growth. we've started this year to really grow: a team, a local team with an office and everything. we used to be fully remote. so a lot of changes and a lot of exciting new things happening. wow, those numbers are great. well done, thank you. well thanks for sharing the story behind reconvert. now let's wrap it up with a lightning round of six questions to inspire others. before we dive into today's lighting round, let's hear a quick word from a sponsor. do you want to build your product the best way possible? listening to user feedback is one of the best ways to do just that. upvoti provides you with feedback boards which you can use internally or share publicly with your users. it also includes a nifty product roadmap. you are getting a 10 discount when you try out their 14-day free trial and subscribe to one of their plans. use promo code pirates and you are all set. go to upvoteecom and start a 14-day free trial. now let's go back to the interview. if you would start a sas today, or a shopify app in this case, what would be the first action to take? market research, as with everything. what is some of your favorite software that you can leave it out in running daily operations of reconvert- slack, click up, gmail, zoom calendly, to name a few. all the essentials. what's your favorite app on your phone? what's up? and what is your favorite book that you would recommend to people that are starting in sas? oh, i don't have something specifically for sas, but atomic habits is a great book for anyone who wants to improve their life or business. great recommendation. what sas brand do you admire the most? shopify- a good example. there are a lot. it's hard to choose one. what is your favorite sas person to follow or read? i really enjoy, uh, noah kagan. i hope i'm pronouncing his name right. yeah, that was great. well, thanks, ruth, for your time today and sharing your story with us. to conclude this interview, where can we learn more about you and reconvert? um, so you can find us at anything. still, your apps on social media, and we also have a youtube channel where we tok more about the behind the scenes of the business. its name is online bees tv, so look it up. [Music]. thanks for listening to this episode of the sass pirate show. we hope you enjoyed it. if you do, please leave us a review to help get this podcast out to more people like yourself. also, if you're into sass, come and join the awesome sas virus community on facebook. we would love to see you there. for now, take care.

How to get your $500 credit on Google Business Profile & Create Ads with it

all right. so this is a good thing to know, um, and to do is to claim your 500 free advertising credit. um, one of the things that i am aware of is, as that, right now, to claim this credit, i believe you have to spend as much to do that. that's for right now. that could change, but you get to claim your 500 free advertising credit. so, remember, you create your ad here and you can claim your credit here, and when you do that, you just go and click that and it comes up with the setup that shows you how to get the most out of your ads, which is to set it up for success, um, and that they will actually guide you through it. i wait for your customers to contact you, buy things, book appointments on your website. google analytiks setup so you can measure your results, a minimum daily budget to make sure your ad shows often, and you just click next here, and so you have the option to do your business profile or your website. um, and so, since we're doing our business profile here, um, or i should say our website, because that's where we're trying to drive traffic to- we click our website and it does a brief analyst, uh, analysis of your website, scans it, learning about your business, so we can know how to guide you better, which i think it's pretty cool, you know, it's just like it's like there to support you. it's an additional support tool, so now it's getting suggestions for your campaign. thanks. people come here after they click your ad and you can see this is what goes on. after it's analyzed: the ad, we get to see from a mobile standpoint and from a desktop that this is the site that they are going to. so we click next there and we have the opportunity to get more calls, get more website sales or signups, get more visits to your physical location, get more views and engagements on youtube and a little different um than the main. create your ad page. um, if you've actually created ads from that page, but all still going to the same goal, okay. so set up google analytiks- see your ad campaign performance, and google analytiks is the site that actually measures the success, or i said, measures the numbers. i should say, which is, yeah, success, measure the numbers, uh, based on traffic that's going to your sky, to your site. so we're going to skip that for now, but it's totally something you would want to do, so let's skip that. and now it's time to write your ad. so you get your headlines, you get your description, um, and show a call button in your ad. you can do all that and you get to see how the ad looks over here. now it's time to write your ad. so write the ads with the headlines, put the descriptions there, put your phone number there. nope, that's two, two, one quick fingers there, and it's just so awesome that you have the capabilities to do this stuff just at the comfort of your office or home. okay, add keyword themes to match your ad to searches. so again, remember, it's scanned our website and, based on that, it's actually come up with a whole lot of stuff. again, a lot of support in this tool, as you can see. so you can create a new keyword theme. uh, let's say, instagram marketing there, um, we could say instagram marketing agency to marketing agency, because it didn't pick that up when it was doing all that and scanning our website. again, you have to add your stuff into it. what matches with your dna that google doesn't seem to recognize yet. so now we have our keywords, uh, that we want, uh, we are, um, you can pick any of these to add, you know, and, uh, let's go all right, based on that. it's picking our location. so here again, you could say: advertise near an address which is this is our address here. we could do a 25 mile radius based from here, which makes it so easy, or we could do specific regions, as you could see. so, uh, depending on what our strategy is, we get to pick. so we're gonna do: advertise near an address which is our office here, and um, you get to select a budget. all right, set up budget to get the results you want: um. 1670 daily average, 508 recommended for you. it shows your recommended one and what the clicks, the kind of clicks you're gonna get. you can then enter your own budget. if none of these work for you, you can enter your own budget. and so let's do that because we're going- wow, that might be pretty steep for a small business to spend that daily. we're going to go down here and, as you see, as we go down, it tells us your ads might not show often increase your daily average to 16.67 to get an estimated 9138 clicks per month. so this bar tells you: oh, you know what? you're a little over and that's what you get: a little hundreds telling you. this is the sweet spot: typical competitor budgets, what your competition spending is within here. so it lets you know, you know how you could spend, but again it goes to what your goals are, and so we will just go here and then click next and now review your campaign to be sure it's right. you know you got your campaign name, campaign goal, your website, your business name, the text, ad text, the phone number, the keyword, themes, the locations, the budget you're spending. it's all there. you click next and your ad should now be created and, as you can see, this is it right. here, campaign number six created. we get to see our local actions: calls, conversions, clicks, impressions- kind of still a different view from um, the mean google ads, but still similar. just to help out, now you can go to all your campaigns here and in this whole process we have created um, as you can see all these campaigns that we could just look at and see how they are working, and so in that instance, you could see how then you can create, claim your ad to start, claim your ad credit to start running ads on your google business profile. hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out and good luck in creating your campaign and take care. [Music].