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shopify bank account

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Balance Bank Account Reviewed and Explained

all right. so this is gonna be a pretty quick video about shopify balance, just a general information for anyone who's out there looking, you know, considering if they should get the card or not or the shopify balance account. the reason why i'm making this video is because three weeks ago i logged into my shopify dashboard and down here, just like right here, it just said we're introducing the new shopify balance account and card, and i was just very hesitant to actually get a car, but i was like what the hell, i'll try it out. so i ended up going to youtube and this was the only video that i could see really toking about shopify balance, and i just wish there was more information out there about this card, because if this came out in 2020 and there's like no video out there would like substantial information- i figured i might as well just put the basic information out there that i know. so, anyways, once you open up your shopify balance account, it's pretty much like a business bank account i already have. i've been running this store right now since january of 2020, and so it's like a year or nine months old and i don't know at what point shopify will offer this to their customers or if it's like for every store, you have to be at a certain level or whatever the reason is, but i got the opportunity to try it out and open an account. it's pretty simple. you just fill in your name, your information, where you want the card sent to you and whatever else you want to put in there. once that is done, it's going to be on the left side, it's going to be under finances and it's just going to show you all of this- the month to date sales and all that stuff, so you can see that i have a shopify payment installment from, anyways, um, the shopify balance card. what i want to show you guys is: i tested it out. i made a large purchase on there. the reason why i switched to the shopify card or shopify balance is because my actual business bank account i'm using like a professional business bank account. my max spending limit per day is five thousand dollars. now, the good part about this is that i just received the card today. took three weeks for me signing up and opening this account. during that process, when i was getting, i was getting the card mailed to me. it took three weeks and in that process you can see i have two cards on here. so when you open the account, they give you a virtual card where you can use that card immediately to spend the money if you have it in there, and then they send you the actual physical card and when it comes in it's a green and you know, a shopify branded piece of paper on hard stok and it says: you own your own business, now your finances. so why i like this card is for one. you have a thirty thousand dollars a day withdrawal limit or spending limit, so you can spend 30 grand in discard every day, which is great. you can actually pull money out of an atm. i believe the limit right now that i saw from the card was um a thousand dollars a day, 18 on certain purchases, i believe up to a hundred thousand dollars a year that you can spend on the card and get a two percent cash back. and they have some promotion stuff that they run on here. this stuff. i'm not really like that all hyped up about this, because every single platform that you work with will have all of these, like deals with google, yahoo- i mean google being facebook- um snapchat and all these stuff, and i always give you these bonuses, but all of these things are. just don't quote me, but from my experience with you know online marketing and stuff. all of these things only apply to you if you don't already have a google account or a snapshot account or whatever else you might be interested in. but i think it's really interesting. so if you have a facebook account, you look to run ads on facebook first time and i think this is a great opportunity, but i'm not really too concerned about this. but the cashback part is really good because you can pay your shopify bills with it, with the card, or have all your bills deducted from your shopify balance account. um, the only downside of this for me right now is that i have to reconnect my my quickbooks to directly to my shopify, because everything else is connected to my business account, where it can track accurately the profits and my quarterly taxes and stuff like that. but now that it's just everything is still in shopify, it doesn't track that. it's just tracking the expenses that are still coming from my business account, and then this money is just in here, um, another thing that i'm not really aware of. um, well, another thing is that if you're having trouble getting a business bank account, then this is a great way for you to get a head start, because this is pretty much. you know, thirty thousand dollars a day spending limit is no jokes already not like being hindered by five grand- it's. it's a problem. also, the payouts are made every 24 hours into this account, so you don't have to wait forever for your money to process to, you know, send it from shopify to a different location, which might take three businesses or however long it takes, but you don't have to worry about that. so every 24 hours, i believe. i'm currently visiting maine and every morning at 9, 30, 9, 30 or 8, 30 every morning, the money is like in this account spendable and then you can. you know the payouts and stuff are in here. so these payouts they happen every 24 hours and yeah, but if you guys are interested in checking it out, i, you know, i would recommend it. if you don't already have a business bank account, or if you do, if you need a higher spending limit, if you're being held back by that, then i think it's a great card and ex. yeah, that's all i got. hopefully this was helpful, some of you guys. peace.

Shopify Payments Setup 2022 | Shopify For Beginners

shopify payment setup. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video, i'm going to be telling you how you can set up payments within shopify. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video. so i'm over here on shopify right now and what you'll do is just simply log in right now, if you already have an account, you can just simply log in. if you don't, you can just sign up by entering in your email address over here and starting your free trial. uh, there is a pricing plan, however, so let me just show you, if you were interested in that one. so, over here, as you can see, these are the plans. we have: the basic, the shopify and the advance. you can see their payments over here, how much they cost. the basic one is going to be 29 per month, the shopify is going to be 79 and the advanced one is going to be 299, and you can see all of the rates and features that they have over here, and if you scroll down, you can see more stuff as well. over here, you can see more features as well within each plan in a more comprehensive and detailed manner, so that you can know which plan you want to try out. but yeah, then you're good to go. so first, i'm just simply going to go ahead and log into my store and i'll show you how you can set up payments. so we'll just simply log in into my store over here now. once you have logged in, you've arrived over to your dashboard, or your admin. what you're going to do is you scroll down. what you're going to do is just navigate yourself over here at the bottom left corner, click on settings and open up settings, and over here you will see you have billings plans, payments, checkouts and all of that. just simply click on payments and over here you will have three options. you will have payment providers, supported payment methods and manual payment methods as well. so, over here, choose whichever payment method you want and then, for example, if you wanted to have like payment providers, you just simply click on choose a provider and choose a provider from this list that you can see over here. if you want to add a payment method yourself, you can add that. over here. you can search for a payment method. over here, as you can see, we have visa, mastercard, diners and all of that. let's say you want a visa, mastercard, right, and then you will have skrill, ocean payments, ping pong checkouts to check out, convert plus i pay, hit pay, credit card, debit card- all of that. you can choose that, or you can add like a manual payment system, like a bank deposit, money order or cash on delivery. it all depends on you. so for me, i think that going into payment providers and choosing one of these is much better. like you will see, you will have if a payment method is not available in your country, it will just say unavailable within your country and it will show you the ones that are available at the top. so currently, to check out is available within my country, so i'm going to be choosing that one. it does support a very large number of cards, such as visa, mastercards, american express, discovery, jcb and diners club as well. yeah, so we're going to click onto checkouts account. we have a server error, but it still works. now. over here, you can choose which type of card you support, so i'll just support all of them and then, over here, they basically give you like a set up instruction on how to get it working. so they have like a 10 step account which is very simple to you know. get started. so, first things first, we have to create a to checkout account, so let's go ahead and click over here. actually, i need to open it up in under the tab so that it's much more convenient, so i'll just open it up in another tab over here. so over here, it's very simple. you can sign up for free by just simply clicking on this button over here and adding in your details, such as your first name, your last name, your business email, password, website and your country, and it's very easy. so over here, i'll just say i'll just enter in john doe and then, over here, we'll add in our business email, which is my temporary email. so i'll just go ahead and do that. i'll copy the email, come back over here and paste it, and then i'll enter in the password. and for the website, we'll just, you know, copy this one, copy the link address and come over here and paste it. i'll get rid of that. yeah, that looks good. then we have our country, we check the robot and then we click on. get started. there you go, it's done. now what we need to do is: what type of products do you want to sell with? to check out, online service, digital products for retail, offline service or others, since this is a shopify store. so we'll just say retail and we'll click on create account. now i do have to mention that creating a to checkout account is not easy, like it's not. it is easy, but it's just not very, you know, short. it's very detailed. you got to do a lot of things. you got to input a lot of information to actually get started with two checkouts account, which is pretty. you know hectik. they just ask you for a lot of information in order to actually get started with it. so over here they're: basically, if you are a partner slash seller, click here. so i don't think this is it. i haven't created my account, but i'll, let's see. yeah, okay, that works. so now we are here, we just have to activate our account. now, in order to activate your account, it's very simple: you have to input all this information, right? so before you start, you gotta provide this. you gotta add information about your business: you know your company name, your business type, where it is address, all of that. then you gotta input your financial details, such as the company registration id, uh, tax registration, ad id, annual online transaction volume and everything else. you will also have a stakeholders option over here. if you have some, you can go ahead and add your stakeholders over here. if not, you are good to go. then you have about your products and services. so you have to input your information about your product and all of the services that you provide. then you have account settings- okay, and then you have your documents as well. so you got to input your business document, company ownership document, tax identification, valid proof of address, other documents, and then, down below, you will have your summary. so you gotta make sure you input all of these information. then, once it's done, once you've submitted it, you wait for a couple of days to hear from to check out. they'll send you an email and then they'll activate your account and you are good to go. but, uh, since i don't have time for that and i don't have all this information, we'll just save that for later and i'll show you how you can basically activate it, right? so to activate it, as you can see over here, we have to log into a checkout account. once we've activated it, we have to access the integrations option. then we have to go into web hooks and api sections in your cpanel. all right, so let's go over there- integrations. over here on the left side, and underneath integrations, we have web hooks and api. we'll go into there. there we go, as you can see right here now. next, under api section, copy the merchant code and paste it within the merchant code field on this page over here. as you can see, we have the merchant code over here and we have the secret word over here. so over here you will see, underneath api keys, this is the secret word right here, this is the ins and we have it over here and this is the secret key and this is the merchant code. so we'll just copy the merchant code. we'll come over here and paste the merchant code right here. then we have to input the secret word. so, over here, go back, scroll down. this is the ins sacred word. we just have to click on generate to generate the word and click copy and then click on save. there we go, it's saved. then we just come over here and we paste it right here. then, over here, what we need to do is- we've already done save settings, yeah, and then in the redirect url section, click enable return after sale. so scroll down below over here. this is the ins notification. we don't need to do that, we need to d.

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Get Your Money Faster With This NEW Shopify Feature

something that can be very frustrating for a lot of new e-commerce sellers is the process of how you actually access your money after you make sales and, specifically if you're using something like print on demand, you need to pay for your orders fairly quickly after you make the sale and sometimes you're not able to access that money to do that quickly. shopify has recently put out a new feature that solves a lot of these issues and today we're going to tok about it. hey, what's going on? everybody, and welcome back to the channel. if you're brand new here and we haven't met before, i just want to say hey, my name is carrie. i'm the founder of shirt school and i created this channel to bring you the best strategy, secrets and hacks to grow your online t-shirt or print-on-demand business. so when you're selling in any e-commerce platform, it can be frustrating having to wait for your money when you make sales right, and in most situations it's going to take at least two business days, if not longer, to get the funds after you make a sale. now, if you're using something like print on demand, a lot of times that means you need a credit card or you need something to front the money. you need additional capital to front the money for your orders, because you can't just take the money from the sale you made and apply it to the products that you have to buy when somebody you know buy something from your store. and so shopify has recently come out with a new feature, kind of a banking feature, called shopify balance, and i think it's really going to solve some of these issues for a lot of the sellers out there watching our channel, and i wanted to tell you about it today, and i think a lot of you guys are going to want to sign up for it for it once you hear about it. so what is shopify balance and what does it actually offer? we've got the website pulled up here and, you see, skip the bank, get paid faster by managing your money and business in one place with a free shopify balance account, and shopify is really positioning this as kind of a banking solution. but because it's, you know, run and owned by shopify, you get some additional benefits. if you're a shopify seller number one: earn two percent cashback when you spend on marketing, shipping and growing your business with shopify. this is really, really cool. you actually get this debit card and you get cash back rewards when you spend with that debit card in addition that you get 10 cashback when you hire shopify experts to help build or level up your store. so if you need help with your store, you need a shopify expert for some custom coding or something along those lines. you can use your card for that and get 10 cash back. in addition to that, you get some exclusive uh offers and discounts for things like google and facebook and other partners. this feature right here is one that i really want to point out and i want to focus on: get paid faster. it says: access the money you make through your shopify store the next business day, which is up to four times faster than a bank. hey, i hope you're enjoying this video. i just have a quick favor to ask you if you could just take a quick second back out of the video and hit that like button. it really really helps out our channel. if you find this information valuable, hit that like button and that helps get the video out to more people. also. consider subscribing to the channel and hitting the bell icon. that'll make sure you get notified when we release new videos every single tuesday. let's quickly tok about the traditional process of getting your money- your customers going to come to your store, they're going to make a purchase on your store. that money is going to kind of go into this uh holding account with shopify. you're gonna see that the money's there in your shopify account but it hasn't yet been paid out to you. after two business days go by, shopify is gonna process a deposit to your bank and, depending on the bank that you use- depending on you know what their processing times are- that could take an additional couple days to get your money. so your money has to travel through this big long process just to get to your bank account. by opening the shopify balance account and having this card, it's all connected up to shopify. shopify is going to take the payment and within 24 hours or within the next business day you're going to have access to that money in your shopify balance account. now, if you're using something like print on demand and you're using manual fulfillment, which means you are manually approving the orders, uh, with your print on demand provider, that means that within you know, usually 24 hours- you can process those orders using the customer's funds because it's traveling to your shopify balance account so quickly and that's a huge benefit looking at kind of the breakdown between shopify balance and traditional banks. you see, some of the benefits here get paid the next business day, versus four days. there's no fees. there's no monthly fees or transfer fees. you don't have any paperwork or anything like that. this is just connected in your shopify account right here. two thousand up to two thousand cashback per year, which is really, really awesome. as far as how you set this up, it just takes a few minutes inside your shopify store over here on the left. if you click on the finances button, you'll now have this balance option which you can click on and you can open account from right here and it'll tell you some of the additional benefits and kind of show you some of the things that we've been toking about. you see all the different categories that you get the two percent cash back on and you can open your shopify balance account right here. they're gonna send you that debit card and you'll be able to access your funds a lot quicker. in conclusion, i think this is a really great option to not only get some additional rewards and benefits with shopify, but also access your money a lot quicker and, specifically if you're someone who needs access to that capital quicker than the traditional banks can offer. i definitely think you should look into the shopify balance account. do you need some additional help getting your shopify store up and selling? we have a free shopify store build cheat sheet that you can download completely free by going over to shirtschoolcom cheat sheet. just put in your first name and email and you can download it right there. it's 13 steps and it'll ensure that you don't miss any basis. you don't miss any steps when you're building out your store and it'll just help you along the way, stay organized and get selling a lot quicker. so go over to shirtschoolcom cheat sheet, download that for free and we'll see you next week. [Applause]. [Music].

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Shopify Payments Setup: How To Create Payment Gateway (2022)

shopify payment setup. hi everyone, welcome back into this channel, and today i will be teaching you how to create a payment gateway on shopify. so let's begin right away. the very first step is to make sure that you have an account on shopify. so if you don't have an account, you may go to shopifycom and place your working email right here. make sure that your email is working, since shopify will be sending you a confirmation email or a verification email that will verify that your account is existing. once you're done inputting your email address, click on start free trial right here and then click on password and type in your password. i'll just type in right here and make sure to follow the required password right here. click on create your store once you're done and then wait for it to load. so shopify takes a lot of time to load, so you should be patient with all of these steps. so, as you can see, shopify is loading right now. so once it is done loading, make sure to add the important information that shopify needs in your store so you may click on um. are you already selling? you may choose an option, or what is your current revenue? choose an option. which industry will you be operating? choose an option as well. right here you may click on skip if you think that you still don't have the answer to all of this, and then it will redirect you now to this page right here. so it will ask about your address, so your country or your region, your first name, your last name, address, your apartment, suite and etc. your postal code, city, region, phone and optional business or personal website right here. so make sure to add all of these ones, since it is required, except of this optional business or personal website. you may also check on: this store is a registered business, if you have already registered it to your respective office swap, and then click on enter my store. and once you click on enter my store, this page or the home page will appear, and then you may add a product right here by clicking on add product. or let's say, for example, that the product that you want is on um, aliexpress. so you may go to apps right here on the left pane and then click on overloop. so once you click overloo, it will redirect you to this page, which says that the overloo is a drop shipping app. so click on add app and then wait for it to load again. shopify is taking time to load, so you should be patient with it. once you click on add app, this will be shown on the screen. so the first one is create or connect your shopify store. step two is: i had your first product. the step three is go live and the step 4 is make a sale, so you may track your steps right here. as you can see, there is a green one which indicate that you have already achieved the number of steps out of the four steps right here. so, since we have already created and connected our shopify store, it has now been added right here. so what we're going to do now is to proceed with step two: add your first product. so go to products, right here on the left pane, and click on find products, and right here you may choose the category that you want. so you may choose men's clothing and accessories, women's clothing and accessories, toys and hobbies, beauty and health, watches and etc. you may also choose on more categories. if you cannot see any category that you've won, let's say, for example, i'll click on beauty and health, and right here you just simply choose the product that you want. so click on the. for example, i want to choose this one. simply click on add to import list and then choose as many product as you want. as you can see, i have added or imported a product already, so you may now then click on import list right here and then make sure to tik the box right here. or let's say, for example, you have a lot of products. you may click on the box right here as well, so everything will be selected. once you have selected your products, click on import to store right here, then make sure to turn it to draft first and click on import ass draft, then wait for it to load. once it is done loading, a tik mark or a check mark will be seen right here, and then now you may proceed back to your shopify store and go to your products and, as you can see, now you have your product right here, so you may click on it and then you may be able to see your product. jimmy also edit the name of that product, the description and etc. so again, let's just wait for it to load and then- let's say, for example, that you have already edited your product name or your description. you may click on the bottom right of the screen and then now let's proceed to what you're looking for, which is the setting up of the payment. so let me go to settings, right here on the left pane, and then you may see store details, plan billing, users and permissions, payments, checkout and many more. so let's focus on payments right here. so click on payments and you may choose payment providers, supported payment methods or manual payment methods. so, on manual payment methods, you may add manual payment method, such as create a custom payment method, your bank deposit, money order or cash on delivery or cod. once you are looking for your desired payment method, you just simply try all of this so that you may um experience everything. so let's say, for example, i want to choose a provider. i'll just simply click on that one and then wait for it to load. so, right here i may look for the provider that you want. you may choose to check out by d local credit card or debit card, via paymongo and etc. so you may see here as well what cards are supported by these payment method or your payment providers. so let's say, for example, i want to choose this to check out, and then, as you can see, there is a description. there are also instructions, which include create a to checkout account and log in and activate your to check account, access the integrations under the api section, and you should read all of this so that you will have a successful payment gateway. so the merchant code and the secret code can be seen once you created an account on to check out or other payment options. so let's say, for example, let's click on create a to check account and then make sure to sign up for free. since i have already signed up, i'll just sign in right away. so i'll just log in first, i'll type in my password and make sure to provide again a working email so that you will not have problems later on. so let's say, for example, that you have done um, creating your account, and this page will appear. so let's go back to shopify and the payments method. as you can see, you need your merchant code and your secret word. so to do that, go to integrations and then make sure that you are in the web hooks and api. so let's say, for example, you forgot this video. you may go to shopify and again read all of this, since everything is um the same. so again go to web books and api and right here you may see your merchant code. so simply copy this one and paste it right here, and then your secret word or secret key is right here. make sure to click on the i button first and then copy it and paste it right here as well. so you may check on the credit card providers, such as visa, mastercard, american express, jcb, discovery and diners club. so if you don't want diners club, you may uncheck it and etc. you may enable to check on enable test mode so that you may see what are the things needed in order for the customer to pay your product. so click on activate, found on the lower right corner, if you are already done, and then you may now go back to the shopify store type in shopifycom. make sure to log in and then go to your store. so once you are in your store, let's just wait for it. you may now go back to products and then make sure that this product status from draft. you may um turn it into active. so let's just click on more actions and click on set us active and wait for it to load. as you can see, now your product is active, so it can be seen on your store and you have already set up your payment method, which is good, so that they may pay for this product, so t.

how to change your payment method on SHOPIFY.COM?

so, guys, as you can see in front of you, this is my shopify account and what i'm gonna do next. i will tell you how you add a payment method to your shopify account, what you have to do if you you know, you can see here, uh, this is the left side of shopify account and this is my name, here heather you can. what i'm gonna do next, you can see here, setting you head towards setting. when you head towards setting, you will see payment options. you can see here payment checkout and all other details, location, etc. what i'm gonna do next, i will head towards my payments. when i head towards my payment, you can see, you will see a lot of payments options here. you can also connect your paypal. as you can see in front of you, i'm just uh, 15 seconds away to connect my people as well. so, what i'm gonna do next, i'm gonna show you how you connect your payment method, what you have to do, you can see add manual payment method at payment methods, so payments that are made outside your online store. when a customer selects a manual payment method, such as cash and delivery, you will need to approve their order before it can be fulfilled. so i'm gonna head towards, uh manual payment option, then i will head towards, uh create your custom. no, i will not head towards it because you know i'm, i have to first uh add my debit or credit card maybe, so visa or mastercard, whatever it is. so i will head towards at payment method when i head towards spain meta, it will uh takes a little time, as you can see in front of you browsing, and these are the payment methods. these are these, these are the acceptable cards and these are the acceptable finance platforms. as you can see, you know about the skill, you know about payment wall, you know about ipay, you know about bitpay. if you know about these, uh, you know platforms. what you have to do, my debit card is of visa and mastercard. i have two debit cards and it is a visa and it is of mastercard. i do not have american express, i do not have discover, i do not have jcb and i do not even know the abbreviation of jcp. so what i am going to do next, what the? what is this happening, man? so, yeah, this is what it is, guys, and this is my youtube channel from hyderali khan, and you know i will make it shuffle, uh, make it on loop and what i'm gonna do next you you can see here. so i will head towards the first option. i am hitting it and then you can see it will take some time and this is how you connect your fresh ui: develop in order to boost conversation. loading time, short form: blah, blah, blah, blah blah. you can read it. i have no time and i don't want your time to be wasted, so i'm heading towards connecting it and the new tab will be open. as you can see, it's loading and, yeah, this is how it is and this is how you add a payment method, add a debit card, a credit card, to your shopify account and, yeah, what i'm gonna do next, i will install that and then, further, they will have some more details: view shopify account data. view details edited, edit other data. so, yeah, when i install app, i would probably have my debit card, credit card, payment method to be connected with shopify and this is the only way you connect any payment method to your shopify account. if you have any questions, if you have anything and any questions related to shopify, do let me know in the comment section below. i will head towards ending this video and this is my free trial, as you can see, and this is how you add a payment method to your shopify account. if you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below. and yeah, if this video solved your problem, do give it a thumbs up and comment. and you know, make a thumbs up and the stuff like this, it will definitely help my youtube channel grow faster. so, yeah, this is what it is. thank you so much, guys, and i see.

How I Solved The Problems With Starting An Online Business Under 18 Including Shopify, PayPal...

hey guys, I'm gonna try a bit of a different format for today's video. I'm actually going to try and type and record a bit of my screen and then kind of see how that pans out. so definitely let me know down below if you prefer this format or if you want me to just record a video of me toking. I think this could be pretty beneficial, though, because you can just screenshot whatever I'm doing and actually have it there in front of you. I think it's probably a little bit easier to learn from and to get stuff just down now. I wanted to make this video because I think a lot of people watching this will be either under 18 or just turning 18 now. bear in mind, I had my first official business, I guess, when I was 11, so the problems that I'm going to tok about today is pretty much I've gone through every single one of them, and pretty much I've messed up in every single one and got in court, whether it's legal, whether it's just messing around, literally- and I ended up having to get on a flight from South Africa or way to the UK just to fix one of these problems. so yeah, just all I can say. this is a really, really important video. if you are under 18, I do just want to say that it's not an excuse. if you under 18 and you want to start a business, this should definitely not be an excuse at all. it's definitely possible. there's just certain things that you have to be aware of going into it and you have to be a little bit more creative than most people, and that's fine. that's just. you know, the more creative you are ultimately, the more it's going to help you out in business anyway. so, yeah, so the first thing that I want to tok about is payment processes. now, if you're watching this, I'm fairly sure that you most likely are going to have some form of online business, whether that's a social media marketing agency, a drop shipping company, your own clothing brand, whatever you want to do, you generally are going to have to accept payment for it. so there's two payment processors primarily at we'll use. the first is PayPal and the second is strop. now there are a couple others, like I know those authorizednet, and there's tons, tons more. when you're just starting out the two, I'd recommend going with our PayPal and straw. PayPal obviously is PayPal, so when someone has a PayPal account, they can pay you through PayPal, and then strike is a tool. if you never heard of it, strike is generally the tool which charges most credit cards on the internet. a couple of massive companies use them: uber, Airbnb, most likely. if you use a cloud on the internet, somehow stripe is doing that chart. now here's the thing with both of them. it's a little bit different between the two. PayPal, first of all. definitely, definitely, 100%. do not register the account in your name. you definitely want to. in fact, let me just say we're just spelling everything wrong here- register any parents name. you definitely want to do this, and the reason why this is very important is because PayPal has this policy where, legally, they are able to freeze your account for breach of their terms. so what can happen is, let's say, you have $10,000 in the account. if they pick up that you are under 18, you are breaching their terms, so effectively they just freeze the account. so you can't get all that money. you can phone them, email them. literally, they're going to tell you for 180 days they cannot help you. so literally, that money is gone for 180 days and most often you need that money to pay suppliers or to do whatever. so just register it in a parent's name, or a grandparent or a friend is over 18, it doesn't matter, just put it in someone name who's over 18. stripes an interesting one. so stripe actually is really helpful with this, and I think it's because they started to have so many problems. but what happened is I register all my stroke accounts in my name. as soon as you start doing the first couple transactions, what they will do is they will send an email and freeze the account and freeze the account, all right. so the same way that PayPal does. the difference is they're literally going to say that we need your parent to write a signed letter saying that we authorized our child to go ahead and do whatever he's doing and sign it, and then what they do is, as well as send a copy of an ID. once you send that over, to stripe their name, that really will just unblock it, and then they just change the ownership of the account to the parent. so generally, I've found that it's not a major issue, just causes a three or four day delay. so that's that now. the next thing is Shopify and software's. now, if you're doing drop shipping or one online saw, you most likely are using Shopify, or if you're doing some other software. what I would do is I would say, register it in a parents, in a parent's name. the reason for this is most software's, including Shopify, when you sign up you see it generally comes up with those Terms of Service and it says: click this box to say that you agree. we're going to get into this just now. but legally, until you're 18, you cannot agree to Terms of Service because it's a contract. so what will happen is, as soon as you start doing certain numbers, Shopify in partikular is going to reach out to you and say: can we get your social security if you're in the US, or some form of ID verification to make sure you are who you are? they do check it. so if you give something that is under 18, they were then gonna block the account at all or, depending on where you're at, then most likely you're going to say, okay, just register it and transfer it to the parent or someone who is under 18. but you know, just to solve the hassle and not waste time, I would just put it in a Guardians name. but the nice thing about Shopify in partikular is it will be under your name. so just a shock. if I will be and you name. this is because on Shopify, you can have certain accounts. for one account it's. it's the same as on a computer: you have multiple users, Shopify and most software's, whether you're using some form of click panels, etc. it's the same sort of issue. so when you log into your store, it will still say your name, so that's not a big thing. now, legal contract- this is important- you cannot sign under 18. so this is something most people don't realize, but a contract signed by under 18 year old will not stand up in court at all. so literally, it will. literally no judge will accept a contract sign and 18, because until you 18, you don't have the right to do that. so if you are making a deal with a certain business partner or whatever you doing, if you're signing a contract which you want to fall back on, if you are 18 when you- I'm sorry- if you're under 18 when you sign the contract, literally courts will not uphold it. so you need to be really, really careful when you're getting into certain deals. you know a lot of issues here can come into play. the good thing, though, is what happens is you can do something called a cosign. all right, so a cosign cannot see signs. right. a per sign is essentially when someone who's over 18 comes and signs as collateral or signs on behalf of you. so assuming let's just tok about a simple one, that generally happens if you want to rent your own apartment, most people, most people who rent apartments and landlords, won't sign or rent with someone under the 18 because of this, but what they will do is allow someone to co-sign. so you still sign the contract saying yes, you excellent every month, but a parent or guardian or whoever cosines. meaning if you cannot pay that amount, the landlord can't go after you. remember, because the contract tiknically is not valid. so then, because they co-signed, the landlord or business partner can go after this person. so tiknically they are kind of liable for whatever you signing, but not really because you still the primary signature as long as nothing really goes wrong. so speak to a parent or whether you need to get this through now. registering and bank accounts. the first thing that I want to say with this is: a lot of people, as soon as they want to start a business, think about because it's going r.