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shopify best selling url

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Find Shopify Store Best Sellers If Its Hidden

can you hide the best sellers products on your store? well, kind of, but can you see this? hidden bestsellers products? well, absolutely. [Music]. hello everyone and welcome to on how channel, as always, start the video. my name is ennis and i'm working for you, so if you have any video requests or any questions, you can find my instagram in the description box or just drop me a comment below. i do reply to each comment on, also each message on my instagram. so two weeks ago i did post a video on how you can find the best sellers for any shopify store and after a couple of days of posting that video, i did get a comment saying that it does not actually works on every website. and i was curious because the trick that i did show in my video it works on all shopify stores because, as i mentioned in my video, it's actually built in in shopify platform. and the best about this comment, he did actually give some examples, which is some shopify stores, and i'll probably put the comment right here. as you can see, he did mention two stars: one is a german one called everdrop and second one is gem shark, and everyone knows gem shark, basically. so he did mention those two stars and he did say that it does not work on them, and i was curious. so i did check and i did demonstration on everdraw and it is actually true it does not work on them. so i did a little bit of investigation. i did find out how they do it. when you did type in the parameter on the url- the one that i did mention in my video- it did redirect you to the home page. so they did simply edit the code on the shopify team and they did add a parameter to redirect each url that has their specific preference to the home page, and i will show you that in a moment. so when you did type in the preference to the url and hit enter, you will be redirected two times: the first one to the actual url to show you the bestsellers, and after that, in almost less than a second, it will redirect you again to the home page, so you cannot see those products. but no worries, guys, you are watching on our channel and everything is possible here. so in this video i will show you how you can actually see those best-selling products on the store. that's actually hidden and you can see them without any tools or anything like that. and after i did pause this video. they may have implemented a new trick and i will do another video again showing you how to do that in the future. so, without any more toking, let's just jump to the screen and show you how you can do that. so, as you can see right now on the screen, this is actually the website that he did mention, which is a shopify store called other drop, which is a german one, and, as i said, the trick that i did use is simply redirecting the url to the home page. so you cannot see that. and to show you that, let's just check first it's actually a shopify store by just right click on the website and click on view page search option right here, and it will open up this bunch of calls here and here is sedanshopifycom. so right now, we did make sure that this store is actually running shopify. and the next step here, just to show you what i'm toking about here: so the parameter that i did mention in my video, which is backslash collection, backslash all uh question mark sort dashboard, equals best selling. so if we did add this parameter to any shopify store and we did hit enter, it will show us all the best sellers in the shopify store, but in this case it will not work. so let's just hit enter and show you exactly what i'm toking about. so if we did hit enter right now, as you can see, it did redirect us to the home page. let's just show you that one more time. and hit enter, as you can see, it did redirect us to home page. and if you're wondering, how did i know that? well, if it's not actually a redirect, the urls should stay like this. the url will stay like this, but when you see it get back to the simply dot deal, that means that it's actually a redirect. so right now, we want to know the best sellers for this shopify store and to do that, it's really simple. the first thing you're going to do is simply head over to product page. uh, this is in german. i don't speak german, just translate it to english. for example, shop. let's just go for accessories. so right now, as you can see, this is the product accessories in this shopify store, and we want to know the best sellers for this one right here. and, by the way, you will have to do this trick on each category on the shopify store. so, as you can see in the url right now it says collections, backslash, forward slash, sorry, accessories. so right now, as i said, we want to know the best sellers in this category, which is accessories, and to do that, simply tap on url here and tap on the, and click- sorry- on the right arrow on your keyboard and after that paste in just the regular parameter that i did mention in in my video, which is the one that it does not work actually. but hold on. you need to do one thing: first, make sure to remove collections and forward slash and all. you will need to remove this part right here from the parameter and keep it just like this: forward slash, accessories and question marks, sort dash by equals, best selling. so just hit enter and, as you can see, the sorted product did change. let's just get back to show you that the first one was some kind of clothes here. also the second one clothed clothes. again, this is some kind of book. so let's just add the parameters instead and remove collections and also the, the forward slash and all. so hit enter and always they change the first one. this is the best tenant products. what is this thing, by the way, translates? wooden feeder made from bfc certified bishward? i don't know. this is just some. yeah, this is an accessory for one of this product. as you can see, this powder is is their product. what is this? this is in german, again, anyway, and, as you can see, it did work. actually, and to show you that it actually works on all categories, let's just copy just the part there. we do, we do need which is this one right here. copy it and let's just go to another category from here. well, i don't know what this is anyway. so, as you can see, there is a lot of cutting products, sorry, here. so, as i said, simply click on the url and after that, click on the right arrow on your keyboard and paste in this parameter without the collection: forward slash all, and no worries, i will put this exact thing in the description box. so just scroll down and copy it and access some category from the shopify store and hit and paste in- sorry, the parameter and hit enter and erase. this is the best selling product. the first one was just just one, i don't know. yeah, this is the door. get a product from the regular searching and this is the best sellers right here. so, as you saw, right now nothing is possible and, as i mentioned in my video. you can disable this trick because it's simply built in in shopify stores. they all do a simple trick, which is the redirect one: to buy best. the is the best selling products future. but you can actually see the best sellers using this trick that i did show in my video and, as i said, i will put the code in the description box, simply copy it and simply add it to the url of the shopify store that they did hide the best sellers products on their store and, as i said at the beginning of the video, if you have any questions or any video requests, make sure to drop them below or check out my instagram in the description box. this video, as you saw, this is just a request from more common, so if you have any video requests or any questions, make sure to drop them below in the comment, and i will do a video about it as well, because, simply, i'm working for you. otherwise, i think my job is done and thanks for watching and catch you on the next one. [Music].

How to Find Best Selling Products - Shopify for Beginners

so this probably has to be the best trick you can use to see what other stores top-selling products are. what is up, guys? how are you all doing? I hope you having a great day. welcome back to the video for today, but it's gonna be kind of a shorter video. but I want to give you guys, a really, really good tip to use whatever you're doing: product research. you're trying to find the next top selling product. maybe you see a Shopify store that you like, but you want to know what product on their store is their top selling product which is making them the most money. well, guys, I got a little tip for you. it's actually a lot easier than you thought, car, guys. so let me hop in my computer real quick, the explaining exactly how I find these top selling products, another shop, five stores, and how you can - all right, guys. so what you're seeing right here is actually my little secret tool. it's not some secret, a lot of people use it, but this is my tool to finding best selling products and other people Shopify stores. so what I do with this: if I find a Shopify store, I'll enter it in and then I'll type this in after. so. so let's look up some Shopify stores and we'll see what their best selling products are. I'll show you guys exactly how I use it. it's super simple. in my last video I showed you guys how to find other Shopify stores throughout this website in my IP MS. these are all the top Shopify stores. I'm not gonna look at these. I'm gonna look a little bit down on the second or third page just to see what the next top selling products on these Shopify stores are: headphones- owned got in, all right. so we're gonna copy that, we're gonna type it in right here in the URL and it looks like these guys sell headphones, obviously. well, let's find out what their best selling headphones are. so we're gonna go to the notes, we're gonna copy this link right here- / collections / all sort, my best selling- and all we're gonna do is we're gonna type it in the URL right here, just like that, and then right click enter. now this doesn't work with every Shopify store, but for this one it does. alright, so you can see now this is their best-selling headphone. it's. I don't know what currency that is in, but it is not in US dollars. I can tell you that rupees something. I think it's rupees. but anyways, now we can see exactly. this store has their best-selling headphones in order from top to bottom. now. so best selling. second best selling. third, best selling: gift wrap your order. I guess that's another. people like to give wrap their orders, but it's super simple to just do a more stores so I can show you guys, let's do something like daily steals. calm, that sounds like a general store, sounds like has a lot of different products you can choose from which, I'm right, they have furniture, fitness, they have a whole bunch of stuff, alright. so we're gonna go, we're gonna grab this link right here and all we're gonna do is we're just gonna plot the right back, we're just gonna plop it right there at the end of the URL and now we'll see what their best selling products are. this is the best selling product right here: birds and bees, tinted lip balm, and then earphones and then water bottle drones, all going down into food and chargers and cargo pants and memory foam pillows and all of this different. some Shopify stores are pretty tricky with this. you see this huge no image right here. so this person put this no image in to make you think that we type in the collections all sort my best selling, that there's no image there and that you can't see their best selling products. but you just scroll down a little bit and you'll be fine. some people are really tricky. alright, so let's do two more store and see what their best selling products are, and then we'll. we'll finish it off at that third page. so her in the store that sounds like a general store. I've been current store so they look like they sell watches. but let's see what their best selling watch is. go back here, type in the URL: but now we can see the best selling products. alright, so the military black watch is their favorite. Pioneer galaxy, pioneering the--this thesis. that's a tongue twister. now, if you wanted to, you could say: alright, this is their best-selling watch. that means it's a good watch. maybe I wanted to sell that on my stores. look up this watch on Aliexpress, see if I can find it. and this is gonna be the Curan. oh, these are all personally branded, so that might be. yeah, he's also a current on them, so they might be personally branded. so I don't know if we can find this exact watch, but we'll look it up. so black black quartz watch: see what that shows up. so there's some similar watches, like this one, for example, maybe put your purse a prop. all they did was they put their little personal brand right here and they switched that up. but you can see, maybe they have a similar watch. all of these watches are pretty, pretty basic. I've seen this on Aliexpress all over it. I've seen this all over Aliexpress. I've seen this think the same kind of variance, but it's still. I've seen this all over Aliexpress with. most of these watches are from Aliexpress. they just personally branded them, which means they just put their logo on it. but, yeah, this is a great way of finding top selling products. I'm gonna do one more. let's do marine layer comp. grab that collection, sort by best-selling, type in at the very end of the URL and alright, so the signature crewneck team, pure black, is their top selling product- about $39. I wonder what they're getting that for? probably like under $5. that's just a straight black tea. that's crazy. so it looks like they're simple. clothing is doing the best. this is a clothing company. so, Wow, okay, now you know if you want to sell black t-shirt, it sells the same with a white t-shirt. yeah, yeah, you guys basically get the gist of it. I'm gonna put the link that you put in for the end of the URLs in the description. so just copy paste that into whatever a Shopify store you have. I just got a sale. where's my phone- 3495 anyways, you just copy paste the URL into a Shopify store name. super simple, you guys. we saw how I do it and now you can find their top-selling products, and that's another great way of finding good products itself. you're struggling with product research. if you can't find a product that you don't think will sell, all you have to do is go in here, copy paste that URL, put it into another Shopify store and see what they're selling. maybe you can incorporate their products into your own store, see what they're doing, see if we'll see what their layout is, type of products they sell, see what their stories is. it a general stores that in each store you can use this tool and see what other people are doing that are successful, because all these stores that I'm searching right now are very successful. my personal Shopify store is doing over six figures a month and it isn't even close to one hundred and sixteen ranking. so that means these guys are doing six or seven figures a month, you never know. but these Shopify stores are very, very profitable. so that's. there's a great way of checking out top slime product is. if you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. I hope I've shed some information on you guys. I hope you guys are now able to do some more product research and find some best selling products on other stores. just saying: don't rip off their product completely, don't copy their description, don't copy their store. somebody tried doing that with my store. they copied my exact store name and they just changed the first letter or the first word to it and then copy everything. I'm not mad. that's funny. that just means that I'm doing something right. but don't copy word-for-word. make it your own, make it your own ad copy, make it your own product description. do all that your own. just make it unique and have fun with it. so once again, thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. please, as a thumbs up and subscribe if you're new. if you have any questions, leave them down in the comments below. I have a Facebook group t.

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How to find ALL Shopify Stores? Find Owners Information including Emails!

hello and welcome back. this is ashford rafi. once again in this video, i'm going to show you where can you find the complete list of shopify stores, how to find the store owner or ceo's name and how you can collect this ceo or store owner's email address easily. so first of all, you have to visit this website, myipms. i'm going to attach the link into the video description for your easy access. after visiting the site, you have to provide the shopify inks ip address here, which is after providing the ip address here, simply you have to click on this who is look up button and it is going to take us to the next page where you can see the ip owner is shopify inc and they own from this ip range to this ip range right now. if you click on other sites on ip, it is going to show us all the websites hosted with these ip addresses. that means all the websites using shopify right now. as you can see now, websites between this ip range to this ip range. we have got over 294 websites now. if i take you little bottom, you are going to find 400k plus websites using shopify. now these websites are no longer in business, as you can see here. uh, the list is pretty big- 16 000. so they used to use shopify, but they are not using shopify anymore right now. what you can do here, uh, to get all the results. if i click on this view, all records you are going to find on each pages. we have got around 50 shopify store listings and we have got around 5882 pages containing the shopify stores. now, if i take you to the fifth page, you are going to see these results. we are on 201. so to extract all these data, all these website urls, it might going to take a whole lot of time for you. so in this case, you can simply hire someone on fiber to get these data extracted on an excel spreadsheet or on a google spreadsheet. i'm going to attach the link of this site into the video description so that you can hire someone if you need. all, right now let me just verify if all of these websites are actually built with shopify. so, simply, i'm to copy the website url from here, let's paste it here, hit into the enter button and let's visit the website. right? this is the website and if you take a look here on this tool, which is um wapa laser, so, as you can see, the ecommerce platform. they are using shopify, right? so this is a shopify website. after that, if i take, let's say, this website as an example, all of these website is actually built with a shopify platform, right? just take a look. another website now, if i take you to this tool, just take a look. the e-commerce platform is shopify. not only this information. you are going to find whole lot of other information by using this tool. i'm going to attach the link of every tool i'm going to show you throughout this video into the description field. so, if you need, you can check them out now. let's cross them out. now. i have got some business data here on my um excel spreadsheet. now i'd love to show you how you can collect their owner or ceo's name and how we can find their email addresses easily. so first one: as you can see here, you copia. so i'm going to open up the website here and after that i'm going to copy the domain name from here. let's paste it again, and after that i'd love to type out owner or ceo and i'm going to add linkedin. so my goal is to find the owners information of these websites and their linkedin page so that i'll be able to collect their email addresses easily. okay. so here we go. lauren greenwood, who is the co-founder and president of ucopia: president. so yeah, i can take her profile from here. let's copy this profile and i'm going to type out linkedin here. paste now. i'm going to copy her name from here, copy, paste it here, and title is going to be co-founder and president. now paste this information. now it's time to collect the emails, so i'm going to use cell sql. just take a look. if i click here, let's click on this, and you're going to find this is the email address and this is the email address- so personal and work emails we have found. so i'm going to copy both of these emails from here and let's go back to the spreadsheet. paste this email here. sorry, okay, now i have got two emails for lauren. now let's say i need the email address and the founder or the owner's name of this website. simply, i can visit the website and let's just wait while it is working. yeah, now copy this from here: the url. after that i'm going to make a search again. i'm going to change the url only from here: owner, ceo, linkedin. so let's hit enter. let's see. here we go. this is the profile which i watched earlier. so here we go: lara casey larson, ceo of cultivate- what matters? so i'm going to copy the url from here. let's paste it here, and after that i'm going to take the name from here. copy, sorry, copy and paste the name here. after that i have to take the title, which is going to be ceo, or the chief executive officer, and then again, i'm going to use the tool which is cell sql and i'm going to attach the tool link into the video description for your easy access. simply copy these emails from here. so i'm going to copy all these emails, copy and paste them here. now i can simply remove the other texts. okay, so these are her email addresses for different companies, right? so this is the process: how we can get all the shopify store links or shopify websites, and then how to find the shopify store owner or the ceo's information and how to collect their email addresses by sell sql. and i'm going to attach all of these tools, all of these page links, into the video description for your easy access. i believe you have found this short video helpful. if you did, please give this video a like, let me know if you have got any question by commenting below and please share this video with your friends to help them out. thank you so much for watching. have a good day. bye.

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How To Find Best Selling Products on Shopify Stores 💰1

let me quickly show you how you can find the best selling products of any Shopify store. alright, guys, now let's tok about finding the best selling products of any Shopify store. first of all, we have to have a Shopify store that we want to check the best sellers on, and there's a couple of ways we can find these Shopify stores. so if you don't already know your competitors and just want to like go through different Shopify stores, you could come to this website, myipms, and this is where all the Shopify stores are hosted. there's like 300 thousands of them. so the way we check this is we go to Canada from the top and then we have Shopify here and currently like this like well, almost 304 000 websites on Shopify at the moment. you can go through this list. they are like ranked by the popularity. you could change that. I wouldn't recommend you start like from the top, because there you have the like top and attends, so you could always like start from the page 5 or 10 or something like that. just find some different stores, get some inspiration and then you can check their best selling products there. so so let's say, for example, this one: I'm just gonna go to this website now. I know definitely this is a Shopify store because I have found it on the Shopify hosted website database, and then I'm just gonna copy this little code next to thecom- make sure there's a slash in here- and hit enter. now, guys, this is the best selling product on this store and this is the second best selling product, and so on. so that was one way to check different stores. next, we can go to Google and let's say you are selling a corner lamp, for example, or a table lamp, though what we're gonna do is we're gonna find Shopify stores that are selling that product, so we just copy this text in here. you can always like type it and then paste it in here in text, powered by Shopify, in text your product name, and then here we type in the product name. so let's say you're selling sunglasses, so just type that in and hit enter. and now I know we can find stores simply by typing in sunglasses here, and we'll have like a lot of stores. but the only reason we are using this code is that so we find stores that are purely built on Shopify, so we can check the best selling product. the store does have sunglasses, and it's popped up. so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna again copy this little code here, go tocom forward, slash and paste it here. now I should be able to see their best selling products. so this is their best selling product and then second best selling and so on. gonna do the same to one more store. here we have, like sunglasses. we found the stores with sunglasses and, just to double check, this is a Shopify store. we're gonna there, we go, guys, it is. you can do that by right click view page Source. you can do control F or command F and then type in Shopify and you will see some kind of like Shopify code coming up there, just to make sure that this is a Shopify store. and now we know their best selling product as well. so that's how you can check best selling product, the all the different doors and definitely, like, if you know your competitors, who they are, the ones that are on Shopify- you can go to their store and you can check their best selling product and see what they you know, really focusing on what is their best selling product, and then you could perhaps sell similar products or even better products. so that's it for this video. I hope you guys got some value and let's move on to the next one.

How To Find Competitors Best Selling Products On Shopify

[Music]. hello everyone and welcome to on how channel. my name is ennis. no more going for you, so if you have any tutorial requests, let me know in the comments, or, if you have any questions, you can find my instagram in the description box. otherwise, let's get to our tutorial today, which is how to see the top selling products of any shopify stores. and yes, you will be able to see the top selling products for your competitors on shopify stores, and i will also show you how you can find your competitors. if you don't know how to do so- and after hearing this, you might be thinking that we will use some kind of extensions or software or some tools- no, we will not use anything, and they did actually come across an extension that will help you to see the top selling products of any shopify stores, but they do it with really simple way and they actually charge money for it, which is a really sad thing, because they only add a preference to the url, which is really possible by just adding it yourself to the url of the shopify store, and i will show you that in a moment. and also, as i always say, i always support the independent way and doing stuff without being dependent on any software or any tools, because what if the website stops working or the tool starts asking for money suddenly? you don't have to wait to do that without paying for it or figure out another alternative. that's why i always show you the trick without depending on any software or any tools and without any more toking. let's get to it. as i said, first i will show you how you can find competitors, then we will add the parameter to the url so you can find out the top selling products for any shopify store, which is your competitors in this case. so to find out your competitor shopify store, just access google search engine and the first thing you're going to do is type in two dots and two quotation marks, and between the two quotation marks you will type in powered by shopify and no worry, guys, i will put this in the description box- and after that, hit space multiple times and type in another query, which is also and text, two dots and two quotation marks and this time, between the two quotation marks, you will type in your niche, keywords or anything that's related to your niche, which is the product that you are selling. in this case, i'm going to go for a sample niche, which is iphone cases. and, as i said, just scroll down description and you will see all the queries here. and, by the way, just so you guys understand what's happening right now, this first one says index, two dots, two quotation marks and between them, powered by shopify. it means that we did tell google search engine to only show us websites that have this powered by shopify in the footer page, which is shopify stores. they all have this in their footer. and the second query, which is index, two dots and two quotation marks in between them, iphone cases, which is the keyword that i'm looking for right now. so, with this query, we did tell google search engine to only show us stores that have these partikular keywords and make sure you guys include spaces between each one of those, otherwise it will not work. and after that simply hit enter and, as you can see here from the search result, there is 146 000 results and, yes, they are all shopify stores. that's actually selling iphone cases. so let's just check some of them. right now. let's just open up this one. so let's just go for this one right here. as you can see, this is the shopify store. let's just scroll down to see powered by shopify. and here it is, as you can see, it says powered by shopify. so right now this is our competitor, which is a shopify store that's actually selling iphone cases, just like you see right now. so right now we want to know the best selling products in the shopify store and to do that simply, you will need to remove all this and keep only the domain for the website, which is in this case, cvarillcom. i don't know if i pronounced it there correctly anyway. so after you did remove everything in url, keep only dot com. backslash. type in collection: backslash all question marks sort dash by equals best selling. i'm just kidding. just scroll down description and you will see this right here. it says: collection backslash alts question mark sort dashboard equals best dash selling. just scroll down description and copy it and after you did copy it, as i said, get back to the website which is the competitor shopify store and simply paste in this front of it and make sure you guys keep this dash runoffcom, otherwise it will not work. and after you did pasting this here, simply hit enter and give it a couple of seconds and it will load all the best selling products in the shopify store and, by the way, this is a parameter in all shopify stores and you can disable this because it's built in inside the code of all shopify stores. as you can see, this is all the best alien products in the shopify store, which is not related to the iphone cases, as you can see, because this is. i think this is has to do with the opera, which is the clothing: clothing, t-shirts and so on, as you can see some hoodies here and so on. let's just get back to the second website to show you guys that this actually works on all website, not just this one. and after you did access the website, as i said, simplyfrontofbeckcom, make sure, as i said, to include the backslash and pasting the thing, as i said, it's in the description box. just scroll down description or copy it and paste it here and hit enter and give it a couple of seconds and it will load all the best selling products in this shopify store, just like you see right now. this is some really cool case. i've never seen this before. so that's how you find the best selling products for any shopify store which is your competitor shopify store. and, as i said, if you guys have any questions, let me know in the comments or you can find my instagram in the description box and for the code or the query or the parameter that you will add to the website, you will find it also in the description box. otherwise, i think my job is done and thanks for watching and catch you on next one.

Shopify Hack - Find All The Best Sellers

[Music]. next comes from marin: all right. so maureen says: do you recommend having a shopify site, as your website is shopify popular here in australia? all right, so, um, here's my take on websites and how to use them. um, there's, i guess there's, two primary purposes of a website and depending on what that purpose is for you will dictate the uh back-end software that you have to run your website. so, um, the two kinds of websites are one which is basically acts as a? um, social proof. i guess it's a way to to show your suppliers that you're legitimate. so, by having a good email address- abc imports, whatever it may be, dot comau- and a very simple website can be, you know, three pages- then that will allow your suppliers to go check you out, and they will, and they will therefore typically treat you differently as a result of that. if you've got like a gmail account versus if you've got like a, um, uh huh, you know info at abc imports, dot com, dot a? u, you will get treated differently. that sucks, but that's just reality. so if it's that, then you know a wordpress website is cool. we can just use a word: wordpress website. no problem at all. wordpress is free. um, you'll have to pay for your hosting and your domain name. i use crazy domains for that in australia to do all that, but other than that, it's actually a very simple process. so i wanted to show you a website that kind of shows you that. so this is a company called fit simplify and these are the number one selling company on amazon in the usa for what's called resistance bands, which are those pink things that that young lady's got there. so this is their website, and so whenever i find somebody's website like that, which is like a big seller on amazon, i want to understand more about it. so the first thing i do is i come to a website called built, with which is this one, and i type in the website url- let's move that out of the way- and click on lookup, and then this tells me all of the back end software and back end shenanigans that this partikular website is using. so you can see it's got a facebook pixel, google analytiks on pixels. it's got clicky, which is um, another pixel tracking software, etc. etc. facebook content conversion tracking. so it tells you everything you would need to know about the website to get really good intel about what they're doing. okay, so they're using yoast. they're on a thrive theme, which is a theme for a website, etc. etc. so if you've never seen uh, built with before- awesome piece of kit- use it. and then for their e-commerce they're using woocommerce, which is a wordpress plugin. so they don't use shopify, they use wordpress with the woocommerce plugin. all right, super, super easy again that would. that's obviously working for these guys. um, they're happy with that. so there's that. another tool i use often to go and do competitive research on companies is this one: what wp theme is that? i'll give you all the links for this, don't worry. and if i come to, just type in the address again just tells me what theme a website is using and that enables me to copy, um, the, the look and feel, really really simply, of the website. if i like a website and they're doing some good, something good there, then i get to use that partikular software. so built with. i'm going to put that in the link for you. there's built with- sent to all. and what wp theme is that? again, sent to all. so if you're watching the recordings, i've given you what i said. it just just google: what wordpress theme is that? and builtwithcom, all right, so that's wordpress. that's some really, really good tips for using wordpress and getting ahead with wordpress. now, shopify is what i think of as next level as far as e-commerce, where you're selling on your own platform. uh, it's actually a brilliant piece of kit. i use shopify. i love shopify. it makes everything to do with the process of setting up your store kind of point and click, makes it really, really easy. they do a hell of a lot of the heavy lifting for you, okay. so i use it when i want, when i'm ready to go after my own traffic, uh, with my own products. so let me give you a great way of figuring out that. so here's a little hack. what will tell you send to all which? well, let me tell you what i've done first. so this is called my ipms and this just takes all of the um websites within a partikular ip range. so all servers what host websites have got their own ip address and all websites that are hosted on those servers, and they all live there. it's kind of like a street address, okay, so all of these websites live in, uh, i don't know- downtown melbourne, for instance. so what's all the businesses in downtown melbourne? well, that's how you find out, and so now you can see, these are the best performing in terms of the number of visitors to them. not in terms of sales, because i don't know that information, but number of visitors to them. so, naked wolf- what's that? what's up there? i don't know. let's have a look. oops, it's actually put it onto a new thing for me, opened it in a new tab. let's just have a quick look-see. naked wolf- here we go. clothes- awesome. let's go check out the men's fashion- here we go. so this is a shopify website built and doing extremely well. so this is a way that you can now get. i use it for this. so, when i'm thinking about how to make my website look, this tells you what the best performing shopify websites in the world. this tells you what they do. okay, so it's pretty simple to do that. yeah, it's pretty bloody cool. um, there's heaps of other things. you can do this with this too, but these are a little bit more. you know black catty, but just for instance, over here, where it says ip owner information and you can select one. so look at everything. so i can go look at all of the websites, for instance, hosted on the alibaba servers. i can also look at all the websites that ba baidu own as well and the hosted on the baidu servers. you might want to think how you could use that sort of information, uh, but that's something cool for you. i hope you can figure that out yourself. hey, neil, here just before you go away. that was a question that i got asked on my regular monday night q a session which i have with the members of the aussie online entrepreneurs. so if you're interested in joining us as an australian entrepreneurs and you can click on the link below to find out a lot more about that, and uh, and also as a special thank you for watching this video, i've got a great book that i want to give you for free. it's a current best seller on amazon and it teaches you everything that you would need to know about starting a business, uh, here in australia on amazon. so you can see that just up there. so if you'd like to get a copy of that for free, then again, just click on the link below and uh, you'll get a copy of that. you'll get to take into a page where you can get a copy of that for absolutely free. hope you enjoyed that little snippet from one of my aussie online entrepreneur q a sessions and uh, make sure that you subscribe to my channel and also like this video, and if you've got a question that you would like answering, then post it in the comments below and i'll do my best to answer it, whether on one of these videos for you or directly in the comments directly below. alright, thanks so much for watching and i'll catch you next time on the next of the aussie online entrepreneurs, amazon, fba, australia videos. see you soon.