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Shopify Bundle Offers

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the author provides a simple tutorial on how to add product bundles to a Shopify store. The author also mentions a trade-off that needs to be made when adding product bundles and offers an alternate method.

Steps to Add Product Bundles:

1. Log in to Shopify store and click on Online Store, Actions, and then Edit Code.

2. Duplicate the code of your website.

3. Click on Sections and search for the unless section in the product liquid.

4. Copy and paste the code for the product bundle in the product liquid.

5. Go to Snippets and create a new snippet for the product bundle, copy and paste the code, and save.

6. Create a new snippet for the bundle price, copy and paste the code, and save.

7. Go back to Online Store, click on Customize, and add the Product Bundles section.

Alternate Method:

1. Search for bundling apps on Shopify.

2. Install an app such as Bundler by Golden Date and create product bundles without coding.

Shopify is a great option for e-commerce but requires a monthly fee. Adding product bundles can be done through coding or using bundling apps. The author advises viewers to share the video and leave comments for any missed information.

How To Create Product Bundles In Shopify (Simple Tutorial 2023)

- In this article, we will discuss how to create product bundles in your Shopify store.

Adding Products to Shopify:

- Easily add products to your Shopify store.

- Use the import feature to quickly add new products.

Creating Bundles with Bundler App:

- Install the Bundler app to create bundles without coding.

- Choose a bundle preset, bundle name, and description.

- Set a discounted price and enable free shipping.

- Select products to include in the bundle.

- Activate and save the bundle.


- The Bundler app has a premium subscription.

- Be mindful of choosing a subscription plan.

- The landing page feature is only available with premium subscription.

- With the Bundler app, it's easy to create product bundles in your Shopify store.

- Make sure to choose the right subscription plan and consider all features available.

How to add Product Quantity Breaks and Discount bundle on Shopify Product Page | 2022

Welcome back graduates! Today, I am going to show you how to use and set up quantity breaks on your product page. This feature allows you to buy in bulk and save with a discount. In this article, I will show you how to set it up and install it, as well as its functionality.

- Quantity breaks allow you to save money by purchasing in bulk on your product page.

- In this article, I will show you how to set it up and install it on your theme.

Setting up Quantity Breaks:

- First, go to your theme and add a new section called eg20breaks.

- Open up the file for this section and copy and paste the text into it.

- Next, go to your theme liquid at the layout and add the string eg quantity breaks underneath your footer.

- Tag your products with quantity break to enable this feature.

- Add blocks to your product page to set up quantity discounts for specific quantities, such as 5% off for 5 items or 10% off for 10 items.

- Ensure that the quantity and discount code match and create the discount code in the backend.


- When a customer adds items to their cart, the quantity discount will not be displayed until checkout.

- The discounted price will reflect at checkout.

- You can test it out by adding items to your cart and checking out.

- Quantity breaks are a great way to save money on bulk purchases.

- Follow the steps above to set it up and install it on your product page.

- If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Let Your Customers Create Bundles On Your Shopify Store

In this article, we will discuss how to increase average order value on Shopify without spending more money on ads or generating more traffic. We will leverage custom product bundles and kits to make more money with the same amount of traffic. We will also show how to allow customers to create their own bundles to increase conversion rates and get customers to spend more money.

Using the Tier Bundles app, we will show how to create custom bundles and kits easily without any technical skills or experience.

Benefits of using custom product bundles:

- Increase average order value

- Incentivize customers to add more products to their cart

- Create customizable bundles for customers

- No need to send extra emails or buy more ads

How to use the Tier Bundles app:

1. Install the app and customize settings.

2. Create a bundle page or product page bundle.

3. Add related products to the bundle.

4. Set up swap products and discounts.

5. Enable the bundle and allow customers to customize.

Using custom product bundles and kits is an effective way to increase average order value and get customers to spend more money. The Tier Bundles app makes it easy to create and customize bundles without any technical skills or experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can start making more money with the same amount of traffic.

Best Shopify Bundle Apps 2022 - Top Bundle Apps for Shopify

In this video, Jamie from Shopify Masterclass discusses the top five Shopify bundle apps that allow you to increase revenue and profitability by encouraging customers to purchase multiple products together.

Top Shopify Bundle Apps:

1. Bundlerdash Product Bundles - affordable, customizable, and easy to integrate with Shopify checkout. Offers a free plan with unlimited bundles and a premium plan for only $7/month.

2. Bundles by Gazebo - basic but effective app with good reviews. Pricing ranges from $14-$99/month depending on order volume.

3. Wide Bundles - allows for product page integration and mix-and-match variants, great for clothing stores. Offers a straight-up paid plan for $14.99/month.

4. BundleBear - reputable app producer with quantity breaks and various bundle offers. Offers a free 14-day trial and a $19.99/month plan.

5. MVC Bundles - clean UI and good back-end configuration. Offers a pay-as-you-go option and a $99/month plan with a per-order transaction fee.

All of these Shopify bundle apps have free trials or free plans, so it's recommended to try them out and see which works best for your store. By encouraging customers to purchase multiple products together, you can increase your average order value and overall profitability.

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles For Shopify | Honest review by EcomExperts.io

- Review of the Bundler app for Shopify

- Features and benefits of the app

- Pricing, ratings, and recommendations


- Bundling products for discounts

- Mix and match options for customers

- Integration with POS system

- Bundle funnels for targeted spending

- Customization options for widget appearance


- Two pricing options: $3/month and $6/month

- Mix and match feature only available with $6/month plan

- Affordable and reasonable pricing


- Vitals app with 40 apps in one

- UFE Cross Sale and Upsell Funnel

- Sales Rockets

- Bundle Products White Bundle

- Bold Bundles


- Arctic add to cart button

- POS system integration

- Currency converters

- Potential for more integrations with email marketing and other apps

Ratings and Recommendations:

- 4.8 out of 5 stars from 207 reviews

- Recommended for industries and niches that benefit from bundling and cross-selling

- Consider checking out competitors before making a decision

- Important to note limitations, such as lack of buy one, get one free option and potential conflicts with Amazon pricing algorithms

- Bundler app offers valuable features and benefits for Shopify store owners

- Reasonably priced with customization options and integrations

- Competitors and limitations should be considered before making a decision

- Recommended for industries and niches that benefit from bundling and cross-selling strategies.

How to Create Product Bundle in Shopify 👉 Wide Bundle Shopify APP 👉 Day 7 of 30 With Shopify

Welcome to the Shopify tutorial for beginners! In this series, we will cover everything you need to know to launch your Shopify store or become a Shopify expert to provide services to clients. This article will cover how to create bundle products in your Shopify store.

What Are Bundle Products?

Bundle products are a combination of two or more products that you offer at a discounted price. For example, a customer can choose one quantity of the same product, two quantities of the same product with a different color for each quantity, or even three quantities at a discounted rate.

Why Should You Use Bundle Products?

Creating bundle products can increase your revenue and order value for your Shopify store. By offering customers a discount on multiple products, you can attract them to buy more for themselves and their friends and family.

How to Create Bundle Products in Your Shopify Store

1. Install the White Bundles App

To add bundle products to your Shopify store, you will need to install an app. We recommend the White Bundles app, which you can find in the app store. Click Try for free to install the app in your store.

2. Enable the White Bundle Widget

Once you have installed the app, you will need to enable the White Bundle widget. Go to the app and make sure it is enabled.

3. Add Offers for Your Products

To create bundle products for a product in your store, click on Add offer in the White Bundles app. You can add bundle offers for one product or multiple products. Give your bundle a name, image URL, and pricing for each quantity. You can also customize the appearance of your bundle and add best value offers and pre-selected options.

4. Generate Your Offer

Once you have added your bundle offers, click on Generate offer to create your bundle products. You can preview your bundle products and customize their appearance to match your brand.

Creating bundle products is a great way to increase your revenue and order value for your Shopify store. By using the White Bundles app, you can easily create bundle products and customize their appearance. Install the app today and start creating bundle products for your store!

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