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shopify business license

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Do You Need A Business License to Sell on Etsy? Shopify? Any Online Business?

hey you. today we're going to be toking about the things that you will need to do to run a legal online business, and i'm going to answer the questions that i get the most. do you need a business license to run an etsy shop or shopify store? if you've been wondering the things that you need to do to run an official etsy shop, shopify store or any online business, then you want to stay tuned. welcome to healthy, wealthy, skinny, where we focus on the steps to help you live a healthy, wealthy and skinny life. i'm shawn, and if you are ready to start thriving and not just surviving, go ahead and hit that like button, smash that subscribe button and hit the bell icon so you get a notification every week when i drop a new video. and be sure to stay until the very end because, as always, i've got something special for you. on almost every one of my etsy videos, i get the question: do you need a business license to sell on etsy? although the answer is no, etsy does not require you to have a business license to sell on their platform. i thought it would be a good idea to do a video to tell you the steps that you'll need to take to run an official etsy shop, shopify store or any online business. first things first. before we get started, i want to give a quick disclaimer. i am not a lawyer or a financial advisor. i am simply sharing with you what i've learned through my personal experience from selling on etsy and shopify and what i've learned through my research. i also live in the us, so the things that i'm going to be sharing will be from a us perspective. things may be different in other countries. i highly recommend consulting a lawyer for legal advice and looking up the laws, processes and procedures in your country, state, city or county. so let's dive into the content. let's go over the six things that you'll need to do to legitimate your business. all these steps are not legal requirements. some of the steps include things that you will need to do to demonstrate that you have a professional business and their requirements for things like applying for business credit. step number one is for you to register your business. you may have heard this term used before, but you might not have been sure what it really means. i myself has been confused by it. does registering your business mean you have to get an llc or a dba, or does it mean something else. unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward. how you register your business will depend on the type of business structure you have, and by business structure i mean: do you have a sole proprietorship, partnership corporation s corporation or limited liability corporation or llc? if you're not sure what business structure is right for you, you'll need to spend some time researching the different types of business structures and choosing the one that's right for your business. you don't want to move forward with an s-corp or an llc just because they're popular options at the time. you want to make sure you're choosing the right business structure that makes sense for your business. now let's look at some examples of how you would register your business for different business structures, and i'm going to stik to the two that i am familiar with: the sole proprietorship and the llc. if you are operating your business on your own, then you can be considered a sole proprietor. if you're a sole proprietor and you're operating under your legal name, you do not need to register your business name. so let's look at an example: if i was operating my business under sean jones, then i would not need to register that business name. but let's say i am a sole proprietor and instead of operating under shawn jones. i want to operate under healthy wealthy skinny. in that situation, i would need to register the business name healthy wealthy skinny as a dba, and dba stands for doing business. as the tiknical name for a dba can vary from state to state, this sometimes makes it confusing when you're doing your research, so i want to give you some of the other tiknical names that you'll see, and they all mean the same thing as a dba, an alias or nickname for your business. some of the other tiknical terms you might see are fictitious name, trade name, trading as or assumed name, and, of course, you have dba, or you might see it spelled out doing business, as you can file for your dba with your local county, and the process and the cost will vary from county to county. let's look at a different scenario. if you choose to operate your business as an llc, then you will register your business with the secretary of state and the state where you operate your business. if you are operating your business under your exact llc name, then you do not need to file for a dba or doing business as. however, if the name that you're using to operate your business is different from your llc name, then you would need to file for a dba. so i'll give you an example. my llc name is projects by sean llc. however, i operate my business under healthy wealthy skinny, which means that i was required to file for a dba or fictitious name: healthy wealthy skinny. healthy wealthy skinny is basically the nickname for my llc, which is projects by sean. so, in short, you can register your business as an llc and you can get a dba, but a dba is not required. it purely just depends on how you're going to operate your business. so, as you can see, how you register your business will depend on your individual business, your business structure and how you operate your business. so you'll need to research the exact steps that you'll need to take to register your business, based on where you live and how your business will operate. if you'll need to file for a dba, you can simply go to google and google how to get a dba in xyz county, and xyz, of course, is your local county. if you decide to incorporate your business, you can google how to start an llc or s corp in xyz state and, again, xyz is the state that you live in and will be operating your business. you can also use companies like taylor brands to help you incorporate your business, and i will leave a link to tell a brand's in the description. step number two is to get an employer identification number, or ein. an ein can be looked at as your business's social security number. an ein is not required for a sole proprietor unless you have employees, but if you want your business to have its own identity, getting an ein is a good idea. if you're operating under a partnership or any type of corporation, then an ein is required. the good news about getting your ein is that they are free and pretty easy to apply for. all you have to do is go to the irs website and apply. step number three is to get a business checking account. now. this is not a legal requirement, but to be seen as a legitimate business. this is a must-have when running a business, it is imperative that you keep your business money separate from your personal money. this will allow you to see your business's cash flow clearly and it will help you during tax time. i have a video where i give you my recommendations on the best business checking accounts and i will leave it linked above me in the cards. step number four is for you to set up your website and email address. this is another step that is not a legal requirement, but it goes a long way to giving your business a professional, legal appearance. your potential customers will want to know that they are working with a reputable business when hearing about your business via word of mouth or any printed material. your website is going to be the first place that your potential customer is going to go to find out more about your business. your business website will also serve as a way for you to bring in new customers. when a person goes on google and searches for your product or your service, you want your professional business website to come up in those search results so they can find out more about you. when communicating with your customers via email, you want to have an email address at the same domain name as your professional website. this

Do I need a business license for a DROPSHIPPING Shopify E-Commerce site

hey guys, welcome back with us. I'm Julia from creative 971 and I have Carly from the trade license zone with me. Carly's our partner when it comes to business licensing setups and my first and foremost question would be: Carly, what do people ask you when they come to you specifically about e-commerce? what's burning under their toenails or whatever? what's really wrapping them up to ask you? what do they need to find out? most definitely, we sit with customers on a daily basis. of course, several and e-commerce have really spiked over the last two or three years. a lot of people want to set up ecommerce businesses. it allows you a lot of flexibility. I think the UAE is also gearing up to really assist people when setting up ecommerce licenses, because they understand, you know a lot of a lot of startups is good for the economy. ecommerce is is is a very good business activity to set up, you know, in a flexible way where you can choose many different ways. I guess what we've seen also is that the last few years, very specifically, which I'm going to ask you about now- it's become a lot more cost effective for people to set up their e-commerce company and a lot easier to get off the ground. as they say- and I think one of the main contributors to to this- is dropship. so if perhaps you can just tok us through dropship, because I'm not 100% sure myself, alright, so yeah, definitely right. I mean, we do get a lot of inquiries about drops, drop shipping, specifically drop shipping, what it in a sense means. it means I do not own the goods and I'm actually acting as a middleman, as a portal, so to say, between the seller and the buyer, and I'm just facilitating the delivery part. I'm not having any items with me physically. I'm not, let's say, liable if there's anything on the items broken. so if you want to say it's similar to a soup concept or a desert cart or a EF, it's just to name an example in the UAE they're basically, once I order the product- if I'm a customer- once I order it on a drop shippers website, he will place the order to the manufacturer or to his distributor. then the item will come from there directly to the customer. this is excellent. this is essentially, to be honest with you, one of the biggest contributors to to make it easier for for e-commerce companies to set up these days, because that was the the most difficult part of the setup process a few years ago where the person had to decide whether they going to handle the product or not. are they going to set themselves up in a way, with a import whereas distribute to their customers- which is, of course, costly to set up their whole infrastructure- or do they use outsourced companies? so dropship difficulty would make it a lot easier for a lot of people to start the e-commerce business and see how it goes and then develop and grow from there. it definitely does. but what you always have to consider if you're looking at setting up dropship business, I think from a licensing point, toking to Carl is definitely step number one. what you have to consider from an e-commerce perspective is more of your actual distributor manufacturer that you're toking to, because you should actually avoid long waiting times for the product to reach the customer. like, let's say anything, toking about four to six weeks is definitely a no-no. you'll see your conversion rate conversion rates dropping. you see people losing trust in your brand and, as we discussed in the whole online course, which you can definitely buy into and understand more of, where Carl or ourselves can help you in our in your e-commerce journey is to understand that drop shipping- if you're probably in another part of the world works perfectly fine. but, as Carl said, cost went down from licensing point. ecommerce websites are easily to be set up these days. if you're looking at a basic website and just get started, you can definitely try it, but just keep it in mind. so if you find a local supplier that is willing to enter the dropship concept with, you probably start doing that, unless you're really confident with overseas suppliers. that's just one thing we usually get. when it comes to drop shipping specifically, have you, have you seen or heard of something similar? yes, very much, and you know it's always. we say to every single customer: it's not as much about what's right and what's wrong, it's more about what's right for you, what's wrong for you. but we can only advise you on that. once we we really know what it is you're planning to do, then we can provide you with solutions, we can provide you with accurate costs and then you know you can get started. as I say, the most basic form of setting up ecommerce license these days is less than thirteen thousand dirhams a year and literally you can have your license in your hands within 48 hours and start your business. exactly, guys, make sure, because drop shipping or not drop shipping. it's a form of e-commerce where you do need a license and please do not get confused. do not listen to sometimes people answering in in certain Facebook groups or portals where there's questions roaming around. we've seen it all. we've been there, done that, so what I can definitely recommend you tok to Carl. he is the our selected partner and the number one partner. when toking about a licensed set up, it doesn't have to be an e-commerce license, but since what we're doing is targeting ecommerce, also again our e-commerce- a 10 step blueprint program will help you to understand and gain traction, find the right fit for you. as you said, there is no right or wrong. there's just what works for you and what doesn't. it's just trying to help you. what are the demographics when we're toking about the Yui? thank you very much, thank you.

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Opening An LLC For A Shopify Store? (Tax/Legal)

hey, welcome back into another video. i hope your day is going extremely well so far. today we are going to be toking about when you should open an llc or any sort of legal entity for an e-commerce business. this could be a drop shipping store, it could be non-drop shipping on shopify, wix, amazon, literally any sort of online business, and it could be even like a service, a software, whatever. here's my philosophy. when you're starting- okay, your first business. this is very different. if you already have a successful company and you're starting something else that relates to it and you're very confident that you can get it off the ground quickly, okay. if you're started, i don't think it makes sense. and, by the way, this is all in my opinion. consult professional advice. this is just my opinion. okay, based on my experience, you can run a business as a sole prop right, a sole proprietor. everything can be under you personally. you don't even need a dba, which means doing business ads. tiknically everything can be under you personally, tied to your social security. obviously, this is not ideal when you have a legitimate company, because if there's a lawsuit, for an example, they can come after your personal assets. now you might be like: oh well, i'm 19 or i'm 34, i'm just starting a business. i don't have anything, okay. well, you know that's not really the point. the point is to protect yourself long term, but there's also many tax advantages to different legal structures. that's not exactly what i'm here to tok about today, but here's my philosophy, starting, for an example, in llc, a limited liability corporation. it's the easiest thing to do, but it takes two things. okay, a couple hundred bucks, depending on where you are- and this is for people in the us, by the way- a couple hundred bucks, and it takes your time. you have to think about it, you have to set it up, you have to apply for it, you're gonna have to pick at least three names in case one isn't available. you have to do all these things and i don't think, in my opinion, it makes sense to do that until you have an e-commerce business that is making consistent sales. and here's why, on this channel, we tok a lot about little tips on facebook ads, how to optimize your website, how to find the right products, a lot of stupid mistakes that i've made over the years. but all those things ultimately lead into your experience and with e-commerce, it might not be your first store. that is your winner. it might not be the first product and, in fact, e-commerce might not even be the thing for you, and that's not a bad thing. a lot of people try it and, for whatever reason, it's not for them or they don't want to stik with it. you know i really push to make sure that everybody watches the content here, stiks with it because it does work and it's no more difficult than anything else. so you know, people tend to jump around looking for the easy thing, but there is no easy thing. so stik with one thing. but you shouldn't do that llc thing and open up- even if it's you know, an llc filing as an s corp, which is some of my corporations and how we structure the tax filings. you shouldn't do that until something's established and you're confident that you're going to be doing this long term. now this could be a 30-day period, because in 30 days you could have 10 sales a day coming in. you're like, okay, this is starting to work, a couple dollars is coming in. let's- uh, let's take some of that first profit and just open an llc and then you can use that llc for anything in the future. that is just my recommendation to you. i would love to open up the comment section right now. any questions you have about e-commerce. i try to usually stay away from the tax and business formation side of things, just because that's you know, it can get me into some legal troubles. that's why i say this is all an opinion. but uh, you know, it's just, it's. it's different for every situation. it's different based on where you live, it's different based on the, the income that your business is producing. but again, i would just recommend going slow, making sure it's something that's gonna work long term, and then you can easily just pay a business attorney or a cpa a hundred dollars, like 75 dollars- for an hour of their time and you just ask every question that you have. that's what i did, okay, so, and just to give you a point of reference, i don't really like tok numbers unless it's a learning experience. i always try to make that very clear. um, for me, just from a learning experience perspective here, i didn't tok to a cpa and pay for, like i think it was- a hundred dollars for an hour of someone's time. i was already doing like 25 000 a month, so like there was money coming in and i wanted to then figure out how to structure it. i knew it was coming in consistently and it was growing every single month, so that's why i went ahead and, you know, just sat down with someone for an hour and is only 100 bucks. so that's my advice to you. um, one thing you can do right now: if you're new to the ecommerce space, i would highly recommend you check out our eight-step checklist. it's absolutely free, no gimmicks, no games. you can check it out- link down below. as well. as, if you're ready to fully dive in and you really want to get an e-commerce business working, you can go ahead and check out our facebook ad program. we're not toking about google. we're not toking about and showing live how to build a shopify store and all that stuff. this is just facebook ads. it is the single most crucial component to an e-commerce business that wants to market through facebook. this is, you know, 100 of the marketing. we tok about ad copy. we tok about finding products. we go through the entire scope of facebook, which is directly how, personally, i've been able to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales, and now we do the same thing as well for our clients inside of our advertising agency, e-com season. so a lot of cool stuff inside there. you can check out a bunch of other resources linked in the description. i hope you enjoyed this video. hope it gave you a quick snippet of what to do in terms of the llc and legal tax side of things when you're just getting started. now, obviously, if you're an established business, just jump right into that route of consulting with someone who can give you some advice and hopefully point you in the right direction. all right, hope this video found you well. again, hope you have a great day. be sure to reference some of those resources in the description, especially that checklist. that's brand new, super cool, just a simple pdf you can check out. all right, drop a like down below and i'll be seeing you in the next video. peace.

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Do I need a business license for a Shopify website in Dubai,UAE

hey guys, welcome back to the course we are doing for you, and today I'm here with Carl from the trade license own, which are our partners when it comes to a licensing in the UAE. so, Carl, good to have you here. thank you very much for having me. yeah, and myself. if you guys already don't know, I'm Julia from creative 97, 1d CEO and co-founder, so we do want to give you a bit of more insight, since we have the most knowledgeable brain when it comes to a company licenses here with us. Carl- just probably two or two started. we get a lot of times a question: I'm using Shopify. do I need a trade license? most definitely. the general rule is to: to be able to sell any product or any service in the UAE, you need a company trade license- it's commonly known just as a trade license- and to open a business bank account or corporate bank account, you differently need a trade license. our the banks won't entertain you and I guess that's most of the customers we tok to on a day-to-day basis. that is exactly why they want to set up a business, because they want to do business locally or from the UAE. they, they, they would like to set up their hub in the UAE with it and the why? because it feeds nicely into the GCC, it's logistikally very play, a very good place between the East and the West, and for all of those reasons you definitely need a trade license to start operations, to collect your money at the very least. now, if we have the scenario, let's say we've played the scenario through in the course. actually, let's say I'm Julia and I'm owning yoga pants' business. I'm not manufacturing them myself. let's pretend now I'm just buying them overseas, getting them here in the country and I want to sell them through my ecommerce website. it sounds pretty straightforward at the beginning, but do you sometimes encounter that there is more eventualities that people really need to understand? let's say: I know what I want to sell. I know not manufacturing it myself. what are two, three points that a business owner should know before he comes to tok? to you, I think the most important thing is whether you going to handle these products yourself or not. if you intend to handle the products- for instance, import whereas delivered to your customer- you need a different license then what you would when you outsource all of these functions to specialists. yeah, thank you, and I think that sums up the point. like, sometimes it's still there- how to say the deficits in the details. so make sure, whenever you're actually thinking about the detail and shopify- to be honest, guys, as Cara said as well, it's, it's a platform. right, it's an e-commerce platform. Shopify is not the main operator of your website, it's a sales channel and this is the way you have to treat it. so when you're looking at your business, look first at the correct licensing. sit down with Carl, come to us, check out the videos. I mean, as a, as many times said, subscribe to the channel, be up-to-date. we will also do some of the video content specifically around the topic that will help you understand and we can also give you access. or you can also buy into our e-commerce course, which definitely we would be seeing cards face there too, and we're going to give you a lot more insights on continuous basis, where you can work with us on a subscription model, or, alternatively, we can hit you up with Carl or our service directly. perfect, thank you, thank you.

Shopify Agency Explains Drop Shipping license requirements and how to do it right in UAE & GCC

- toking about trade license and the confusion around trade license for drop shipping. we get asked so many times: "right, how does it work" And "Can you explain it" And "What it means, I'm here, but I wanna sell over there". So what we did? we did a very, very nice example and we'll show that to you right now so you will understand what needs to be done. So, first of all, you see you, you see your registered business, you see your eCommerce website and you see your customer- I was just blocking the customer. you see it over here, right. So what does that mean for you? For example, you are located in the UAE. your business, which you have registered, is located in the UAE, right. So now it comes: If you're in the UAE, you need to follow the UAE law, right? Whether it's in a free zone in the UAE or if it's in a mainland, you need to follow the regulations of that country. So if you want to establish your business within the UAE, you certainly need a trade license to sell, whether it's a drop ship business or not. But if you want to create it within the UAE, you need to follow the UAE regulations. Next example: For example, you are here in the UAE, but your business is registered in Germany, right, And you sell it to Saudi Arabia, just for example, right? So if you are sitting in the UAE and your business is registered in Germany, you need to follow the German regulations, right? So, based on the German regulations, what do they have? What do you need to follow over there? How is the structure of building a license? Do they even offer a trade license for eCommerce? Maybe they have something else special, right? So if you want to run your business under your German operations- let's say it like that- and you're okay with Germany having your company registered, you need to ask Germany for all about that. How can I set it up? What is with my tax and what is with that? So you need to follow the German law. If you have your website- again, your website, your store is global, it's in the web, right? So if you offer it to every country, every customer could purchase from you. So you're sitting in the UAE 'cause you're just here, holiday or whatever purpose, or even in any other country. Your business is registered in Germany and maybe you have a checkout currency- euros. Someone from Saudi or the UAE is purchasing something from your website? right, It goes to the entity in Germany because you have it registered over there, right? So you need to follow German regulations and you need to be aware about them. Next one: you're in the UK. you're not in the UAE. You're sitting or being just now present as a person in the UK. However, your business is registered in Germany And someone purchase from Saudi Arabia, just for example. right, You need to follow the German regulations. It doesn't matter where you are, if it's the UK or not, All right. Now you are in the UAE. your business is in the UAE because you have it registered in the UAE, based under your UAE license type. what you want to go for. If you don't know much about the license, reach out, we will help you. we can have it set it up with you and it's totally fine. or just write a common town. So your registered business is in the UAE. You need to follow UAE laws. You're sitting in the UAE and your customer is in Germany. It still needs to follow the UAE rules. And this is exactly the same for drop shipping guys. If you have a drop ship store and you want to sell in the USA, but you are living here and you want to have your business registered in the UAE, you need to trade license from the UAE, need to follow the UAE laws. even though you are drop shipping to a customer in US, in Germany, and your supply is coming from China, it doesn't matter. Where is your registration and entity, where you want to have your business registered. Could be that there is no country, I don't know could be there is a country- Germany, whatever any other country- who are saying: "We don't need any business license? "and you cannot do eCommerce business "registered within your entity or your private name? "and you don't need a license for us "until you have maybe 10,000 euros reached". If this is the country's rule and regulations, you follow that, Which then would mean you would not need a license, but your business and your like liabilities and everything will follow that country. So, wherever you are and wherever you want to have your business registered, you need to follow and be aware about the rules here. Whether your customer's in the UAE, whether your customer is not in the UAE, in Germany, whether you drop ship from China or from your drop ship, doesn't matter from China to the USA, because you're saying, "This is what I wanna do, "I wanna live in the UAE and drop ship from China to the USA" but you wanna get your money here in the UAE. you follow the UAE regulations and laws and our partner and we help you there figuring out what is the best solution for you. So and now, if you understood it right now, it's actually very simple. I tried to explain it to you in a way that is a little bit more visible, right, So you can understand it, maybe with that example very well. So I hope it helped you out. if you liked it, subscribe to our channel.

How to Activate Shopify Payments for Non US Citizens (without SSN)

today we are going to be toking about how you can set up your Shopify payments if you're a non-us citizen, and, of course, you learn how to do this without SSN because you are a non-us citizen. so there's no way you are going to have an SSN, and that is the whole point of this video: showing you how you can complete your Shopify payment application if you're in non-us Citizen. and just for your information, Shopify payments is also powered by stripe, so this means the same requirements that you would need to complete your application as non-us doesn't on stripe. it's the same requirements that you're going to be using to complete your application on Shopify. okay, so let's get into it now. to get started, you have to form a US company. okay, because since Shopify payment is powered by stripe, this also means that you also need to form a US company and get your EI number, which also makes your tax ID number, in order to complete the application. okay, and you may be wondering: why must I form a US company? now let me tell you. since stripe or Shopify payment is not available in your country, okay, you have to look at the countries that they support or countries that they accept, and form a company in any of those countries, and now United States is one of the most popular country for businesses to dominate, for businesses to create an online persons in, and that's why we always recommend you from your us company in US. so, since you cannot have access to these features, to these services, from your own country as an individual, now you can have access to the services as a company, and that brings us to forming a US company. and now, from the US company as a non-us citizen gives you access to awesome things in the untenant when it comes to online businesses. all right, because there are some things that you might want to sign up for online and your country might not be accepted- okay, but the good thing there is: United States is always accepted and since you cannot sign up as an individual- you cannot sign up from the country that you came from- you can now set up as a company. all right, so you can see from the US company as a non-us citizen can really give you loads of benefits, all right. so if you're wondering how you can form a US company, you can check the description of the video for the guide on how to form your us company. all right, so I've included a link in the description of this video, so just follow the link and you'll get to another video that explains how you can form a US company. follow the instructions step by step to get all the requirements that you would need to start your application now going ahead. these are the requirements that you need. so this requirement, you're going to get all of it when you form your us company. but just for recap, I'm going to list them all here, as you can see, and just to let you know all of the things that you need to start your application or to start signing up on stripe or Shopify payments. now, the first one on our list is the US company name, which is your LLC. the next one is your EI number, also known as the tax ID number. you would need a Us address. the US address comes as soon as your company is formed. there's a dedicated Us address that comes along, which accompany formation, and that's the same Us address you are going to be using to complete your application. the next one is a US bank account. in the previous video that I told you about in the link, I said that you can sign up on payoneer. when you sign up, it gives you access to a US bank account, your British pounds bank account, an Euro bank account, all right, and you can sign up using your personal details. you don't need to use a company name or LLC or anything company to sign up before you can be giving us, as you can sign up as an individual. all right. setting up as a company is optional. all right, they have the future to stand up as a company, but it is optional. the next one is a US phone number and the last one is the personal details, which is the details of the person. that completes the LLC formation of their registered the US company. all right. so now that we have the whole requirements- and, like I said, you will get all of the requirements when you have found your us company or when you have followed the instructions I gave in the link in the video- okay, so when you follow them, you'll be able to get those requirements ready. and now let's move over to the next step, which is we are going to head over to Shopify and I'll create an account and I'll show you how you can get started from there. now we're here at Shopify. if you already have an account, no problem, but just for clarity, I'm going to create a brand new account, all right, so that I can show you a few more things that I should note. okay, so I'll just click on um- start free trial, okay, and I'll enter my email address and enter a few more details and I'll see you at the next step. now, when you are signing up on Shopify, one of the things that I'm going to ask you is: grab your business, be located now. the location that you put here, or the country that you select, determines the payment methods or the payment processors that will be made available for you in your store. okay, but don't panic, this is also changeable. for example, since stripe or Shopify payment is not available in Nigeria. if I go ahead and select Nigeria, Nigeria is the country and this is where I am from. I'm from Nigeria. so if I select Nigeria now and go over to the next step and then I go over to the payment settings, I'm not going to see Shopify payments because Shopify payment is not available in Nigeria. okay, so Shopify payment is available in UK, in us and a few more countries, if you search on Google. all right, so I will just go ahead and select Nigeria and go ahead to complete the sign up, all right, and then I will show you how you can change your store address and make a few more payment methods available in your store. now I've just completed the account sign up, all right, so let's go to settings. at settings, I'll go to payments. all right, as you can see, payment is here now we add payments, but Shopify payment is not here, and that is because my store address was set to Nigeria, okay, and Shopify payment is not available in Nigeria and you only uh, payment providers. that I will see is this: let me click on choose a provider. you're going to see this right, and stripe is also here. let's check it. you're going to see Stripes, so you can always set up strap if you have a stripe account. but since the purpose of this video is set up a Shopify payment and it's not showing up here, so whichever country that your store address is set as, if you want Shopify payment to show up, what you just have to do is to go to store details, then, at the address section, click on edit and then change the country to United States, because you found your company in the US, so it selects United States and then enter the US address that came with your company information. all right, so I'm just going to enter a Us address here and then I will head over to payment and I'll show you what's going to happen. now, after selecting us as my store address and I clicked on payments, you can see that the Shopify payment section has appeared and to get started, you just have to click on the activation profile payment and click on ADD business details- these are business details- is only asked if this is a new hipify account, but if your account is an old account, you won't be asked for this, because you must have already entered your first name and your last name and your phone number and your address beforehand. okay, so I'm just going to fill in this and I'll click on Save and then we can proceed with setting up our Shopify payments account now. after doing that, you will get to this place that will ask you to enter your business type. now click on the drop down and select LLC, because what you found was an LLC, and after you've selected that, a few more details will pop up, and that includes your employer identification number, which is Ein, or social security number.