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shopify cannabis

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

10 Minute CBD Dropshipping Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

Hey, I’m Myron with Smoke Drop. We’re the leading wholesale and dropship marketplace for smoke, vape and CBD products. Now, if you clicked on this video, you might be asking yourself: “is CBD dropshipping dead in 2022?”. No, In fact, the US CBD market is expected to exceed $3 billion in 2023.. Now I know what you’re thinking: CBD is heavily regulated, there’s a lot of competition and it can be difficult to find a payment gateway for an online CBD store. Despite these hurdles, there is still plenty of room for a new brand to enter the industry and find success. It all starts with how you set up your online store. So how do you set up a CBD dropshipping store on Shopify the right way? Well, by the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to do it. Let’s jump right in. Laws in the US surrounding hemp and hemp-derived products are changing, so you should consult with legal counsel before you sell these products on Shopify. Shopify can't provide legal advice on what and where you can sell, and neither can I. Before selling hemp or hemp-derived products on Shopify, review and monitor federal, state and local laws. You should also monitor updates from the Food and Drug Administration. I’ve included links to FDA resources in the description of this video. With that out of the way, let’s start setting up our store. Before we get started, I want to note that this tutorial is for US merchants interested in selling hemp and hemp-derived CBD products on Shopify. First, we’ll create our Shopify store using their free trial link for CBD stores. You’ll find a link to this page in the description of the video For this tutorial. I’m going to name my store Wellness Leaf. Once you’ve completed your Shopify free trial sign up, you’ll need to review and submit the Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products. Before you sell any CBD products, make sure that you understand and submit the attestation form. You need to complete the attestation to confirm that you understand and will comply with the requirements for selling these products on Shopify. With our Shopify store created, let’s discuss payment gateways. Unfortunately, Shopify Payments is not available for hemp or CBD products, But Shopify has partnered with third party payment gateways that support hemp and hemp-derived CBD businesses. Check the description for links to three payment gateways you should consider applying to, The first being DigiPay, then Pinwheel and finally Authorizenet. Because CBD is a regulated market, the approval process for any payment gateway will require more work than usual. In my experience, it takes 2-4 weeks for the approval process to be completed. We’ll go more in depth on CBD payment gateways in another video. While waiting on your payment gateway, let’s start finding CBD products to dropship In other industries. setting up a dropshipping store usually involves finding low cost (sometimes low quality) products from AliExpress. using Oberlo, CBD dropshipping is very different. You need quality products from reliable suppliers to find success in this industry. There are plenty of ways to find CBD suppliers who dropship. A simple Google search will reveal many options available to you, But for this tutorial, I’m shamelessly recommending you use Smoke Drop to source CBD products to dropship. I’m part of the team that runs Smoke Drop and I’ve managed multiple 7-figure dropshipping stores in the industry using it. Smoke Drop brings together the top CBD suppliers in one place for easy, automated dropshipping through our app. Let’s see just how easy it is to set up the app, find CBD products and add them to our Shopify store To get started. open the Shopify App Store and search for ‘Smoke Drop’. Check out our reviews to see real feedback from other entrepreneurs using the app. Add the app to your Shopify store and start your free trial. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll see a promo code on screen that unlocks an extended free trial and discounted subscription. Now that we’re in the app, let’s find some CBD products. Smoke Drop has thousands of products available, so knowing how to search for products is essential. I recommend using the following filters: Categories, Inventory minimum, Margin minimum. For this demo, I'm going to focus on CBD gummies. Let’s start with a minimum of 100 inventory and a margin minimum of 40%. Finally, I'm just going to enter gummy here as a keyword to search for. Once you find products you’d like to sell, click dropship on each product card and you’re one step away from adding the products to your Shopify store. When you’re done adding products, head over to the Products page. On this page, you can edit product details like title, description and pricing before importing the products to your Shopify store. After you finish making any changes, save your changes and activate the products using the toggle shown here that says 'Is Active' or by selecting checkboxes and activating multiple products at once. In just a minute or two after activating your products, they'll be added automatikally to your Shopify store with photos, descriptions, pricing, inventory and tags. Now that you have products in your store, let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of running a successful CBD dropshipping store on Shopify - lab reports, or also known as certificates of analysis. Consumers want to know what’s in the CBD products you’re offering them, so being transparent with your lab reports is essential. Almost every payment gateway will require lab reports for any CBD products you sell. Lab reports also help build trust on your site. Smoke Drop offers a spreadsheet of up-to-date lab reports for the CBD products offered in the app. Reach out to our customer service team after signing up to get access. I recommend having a link to the lab report for each product in your product descriptions at minimum. Adding a photo of the lab reports or creating a dedicated lab report page on your site are other ways to make them easily accessible to customers. Most payment gateways will require a disclaimer to be placed on every page of your site. This disclaimer is typically located in the footer and informs customers that the CBD products you sell have not been evaluated by the FDA. A sample of this disclaimer can be found in the description. You can only send notifications related to CBD products and shops by email. SMS messages aren't supported. Here’s how you can disable SMS notifications on your store From your Shopify admin: go to Settings, then Checkout. In Customer Contact section, select. Customers can only check out using email To disable shipping updates by SMS uncheck. the Customers can choose to add a phone number or email to receive shipping updates after they complete their order. When you're done making these changes, click Save. Here are some general recommendations to consider when designing your Shopify store. First, a soft green color palette. This is smooth on the eyes and subconsciously keeps visitors’ minds at ease. Obviously makes sense with the hemp and plant theme too. Next, a clean site design. This gives a friendly welcome as navigation is made simple. Notike how few buttons there are to press on the page of this Shopify CBD stores like Cannuka. Blog and information at hand. Your blog posts should offer interesting news and information related to wellbeing, from CBD benefits to healthy sleep patterns and even yoga poses. You'll also want to have a CBD guide. This is gives visitors all the knowledge they want about CBD on tap, without having to leave your store to go find it. And finally, easy contact info at hand. Email address to contact is great, but offering a phone number, too, will inspire confidence in even the biggest skeptiks. Now I want to spend some time to

Online cannabis sales in Ontario helped by Shopify

in a few short months, the retail market in this country will undergo one of its biggest changes in well ever. recreational marijuana becomes legal, opening up an enormous market. the entire process is sure to test the limits of companies and of governments as they brace for those floodgates of demand to open up. in Ontario, the provincial government has turned to one of the country's biggest tik darlings to help manage the e-commerce side of this equation. Shopify already manages the software selling many of the things you buy online, so why not expand to marijuana? to tell us more about it were joined by a shop vice-president. learn paddle for it. nice to see you. thanks for coming in, thanks having me. is selling pot any different from selling anything else? when you're actually looking at the components that you're trying to build to make that platform work, I think we're. this is a really interesting market because it is so new. as you said, however, it's retail. the cannabis lp's and the province is about to become a big retailer- and in retail, consumer behavior and delivering a product experience through tiknology in-store is super important, and so I don't think there's a huge difference, but it is definitely a unique product. they have you ever- I mean, you've been in the company. where, three-and-a-half years, have you ever launched a product or been involved in the launch or product and selling something like this? that's so high profile because everyone's going to be looking to see. does the website stand up? can they sell? do they deliver on time? in a lot of ways, it'll be a test of Shopify's ability to make these, these retailers, work. yeah, and I think that is absolutely unique attribute of this launch. however, it's also one of the things Shopify has done really, really well over its time is. we power some of the biggest stores in the world, some of the hottest celebrities in the world. if a Kardashian wants to throw a flash sale, that happens on Shopify and you can imagine the volume there. so we think we provide a very scalable, robust platform that the OCS will be very happy with. and what V OCS, which is the, the cannabis control board, basically what they'll be using- is a division of Shopify. it's called Shopify plus. what is that and how does it differ from the core of what Shopify is right? so Shopify is an ecommerce platform, powers hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. shop flight plus is considered the enterprise version, so we manage the more complex, the larger, the more unique customers that exist on the Shopify platform. so it's a different set of capabilities, some extra features and a lot more support from the great team that works there. what- what has I mean the story of Shopify is is one of the great sort of business stories in this country. what has Shopify learned over the course of getting a lot of these companies up to scale, of dealing with crazy demand of stuff like the Kardashians, that it can sort of now compile into Shopify plus an offer to retailers as they morph into more and more e-commerce? yeah, I think we've learned that we need to make the process of becoming an entrepreneur a lot easier, a lot more simple, because normally an entrepreneur isn't a tiknologist. they don't really know how to leverage tiknology. they know how to make things, and so what we've been trying to do is give the power and capability that was exclusively available to the biggest companies in the world to anyone on the street who wants to start a company today, and that's challenging, but we're trying to bend that curve of complexity down so that anyone can be an entrepreneur and can sell globally quickly. one of the things I hear from retailers that use it that aren't tiknologically savvy at all is that they found that ease, that transition, really use it. they can reach out and say, hey, I want to add a little widget that does a thing I don't can't even come up with a language to describe it- and there there's somebody or something that's able to just be like: oh we know what you want, plug this in and it's. it's as easy as that and away you go. I mean, that's the revolution behind which made shop prices absolutely, and we just have come off three days of our unite conference, which is our partner conference, where we bring the people who build all of those apps in our app ecosystem together and tok about the future of retail and they allow our customers to extend into areas very quickly. they'll allow those customers to be more successful and the ecosystem is really what has made Shopify successful. so, and you guys have slowed your growth to something like 68% growth year over year, is it it? what's it like to be in that environment, to watch that growth happen underfoot and to try to keep up? it's very exciting. commerce is an amazing industry. the growth is very intense, but it's it's a thrill it that we get to experience entrepreneurial journeys every day and there's just nothing like people starting and growing companies. well, everyone's going to be watching whenever the this stuff happens. everybody's been watching to see how the, the software and the platform work and great thanks for coming in. thank you very much, Lauren paddle for vice-president at Shopify plus.

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Shopify CEO: Capitalizing on Cannabis | Mad Money | CNBC

this one most exciting companies who've had on Mad Money sis be started. when you look at retailers, this shot the lights out the certainly season. what's the one thing they have in common? they all have a strong direct to consumer. we call it DTC business, and the best way to reach your customers directly is by selling them stuff online. which brings me to Shopify in this simplest shop for you home gamers, a cloud-based software company that gives merchants the tools they need to compete on the Internet. their platform can help you set up an online store and then handle everything from digital marketing and payments shipping chopper. I actually got its start as a web-based snowboard store, but the founders were so disappointed with the existing ecommerce software tools that they decided to create their own. then they started selling those tools to other small and medium-sized businesses. now Shopify set this stok. it's just one incredible performer. keep up, look at 17 bucks. listen, it's 2015. now chase it 175, a move that includes a 27% game for the year. this morning, Shopify reported a terrific quarter and then there's this dog full of like 12 bucks. what the heck? then we've added and closed up a couple bucks. in the end, I think the quarter would have been much better received that the stok hadn't run so much going into it. the company delivered a 6/10 earnings, beat off a 20 cent basis with higher than expected sales up a staggering 54% year beer the problem shop. I gave inline guidance for the next quarter in the full year when some investors were hoping for more spectacularly bullish forecast. next time it sells off you might want to just buy. but don't take it from me. let's check in with Harley Finkelstein, Shopify's chief operating officer, hear more about this incredible company, the quarter and where it's headed. mr Finkelstein, welcome. it may have money. great to be here. thanks for having me. good, all right, we're gonna start with the tweet, because it's just too priceless. this is from empowered millennial investor who says if Shopify was based out of Silicon Valley, it would be called fangs with the S. being you and toked about every day on CNBC. Harley is a force of nature. make Ottawa proud tonight, Harley. I want you to just dissect that for our viewers who have not heard of your amazing company. well, I mean III we're. we're Canadian based company, so maybe a little bit of modesty up here carries over there, but we're really had be with with how things ended, how we ended the year and and and certainly the quarter was great and we're really excited about our future. well, you have more than a nerd: 20,000 customers. you were the fastest to get to a billion. this is a room why I understand your humility, sir, but Shopify is indeed a force of reaching. yeah, thank you for saying that. we've been at this now for almost 14 years and, as you mentioned, we've grown from grown to 820,000 merchants up from 600,000 merchants a year ago and we have, you know, big top of funnel with brand new entrepreneurs getting started on Shopify for the very first time and we also some very large brands like the big cpgs and some big DT direct consumer companies all using Shopify to scale their businesses and we got a really great business model and it's it's. we're having a lot of fun. people that meet, say, a company like a bub Weiser and Nestle, a P&G, a Red Bull, a Tesla. but I tell you, a lot of our viewers are completely crazed by the person who made almost a billion dollars on Shopify, kylie jenner. you basically made her a. she is a one-person mall, or lie. it's amazing. I think the Kylie Story was surprising to a lot of people- not for us, because, I mean, we see so many stories like that all the time. you know, whether it's Kanye West launching his easy store on Shopify, or Drake store or, frankly, Tom Brady's new store, we see every all these major brands and huge influencers using Shopify to create authentik products and sell it to the audience. and I always sort of think back to: you know, if, if dtc and direct-to-consumer was around when Michael Jordan was wasn't creating the, the Jordan Brownwood Nike, I think Nike would be a supplier and Michael Jordan would be the brand. he would own the entirety of his business, as opposed to getting a licensing fee, and so we're really excited about this. but even if you go beyond just Kylie, you look at companies like bombas and all birds and Tommy John and fashion Nova. these are brands that didn't exist five, ten years ago and they're- they're absolutely doing incredible numbers on Shopify and with no, with no slowing down in mind. well, Harley, they're me. someone out there who's watching right now has got a great idea. they start to do well. and you are about empowerment. tell us about merchant funding. yes, so a couple things. so you got a. Shopify was built to help anyone that has an idea, start a great business and sell to a global audience. so we really do Bend the learning curve to make it really easy to get started. and the ones that succeed- not all of them do, but the ones that do succeed- they grow really, really large with us and over time, we want to provide them with more services, more solutions. so, for example, we launched Shopify payments a couple years ago. we're into the payments companies and negotiated rates in their behalf. we launched shop by shipping when we're into the payments companies and once the shipping company has negotiated shipping cost in their behalf. so we always are trying to find economies of scale to help democratize the entire business process for these small businesses. and more recently, we realized that a lot of these small businesses- they also need capital and because we have so much information on them, we're able to make really quick and very effective underwriting decisions. and so we were able to go and offer them capital, cash advances, and we've given out hundreds of millions of dollars of cash advances to a lot of these small businesses who, if it wasn't for Shopify, would not be able to get this money on their own. well, I think this is an amazing story. now I live in Brooklyn, about a mile from Etsy. could you distinguish what I mean? obviously, there's room for everybody, but what's the difference between Etsy and Shopify? yeah, I mean, Etsy fundamentally is a marketplace. Etsy is in place where someone who makes a product can go to find an audience. but our feeling is that, you know, for an entrepreneur, they don't always want to rent the audience, they want to own the audience. they want to have a direct relationship with their customers. they want, on the entire to profit margin, they want to be able to sell and have have long-term relation for the people that are buying their products. and so companies like Etsy, you know, do a really good job of curating a bunch of products and and and renting those customers to those makers. and we think the marketplace are really great. but we think fundamentally, ultimately, makers and entrepreneurs and merchants, they want to have a direct relationship with the people buying their products, and so one of the things that that is not well known about Shopify- but one way to think about what we do- is really this retail operating system where merchants can start a store with us very easily and they can build a beautiful online store, but they can also cross sell to different marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. but the idea is that it feeds all feeds back in one centralized back office, which is Shopify, and that's where they can run the entirety of their business and really the idea is let's become the most important piece of software they use on a daily basis, the first, and they open every morning, the last thing that closed every night, and so obviously marketplace will play a role there. but ultimately merchants want to find customers wherever those customers exist and out. more and more they want to sell direct to those customers. I got a believe. now the one last question. you guys are very forward-thinking. I think there's a market that's gonna be disrupted worth 250 billion doll.

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Shopify Podcast: Hanf-Boom - Die Sanity Group verkauft Cannabis-Produkte online in Deutschland

[Musik]. [Applaus]. [Musik]. herzlich willkommen zum shoppen podcast. mein name ist manuel fritsch, und in diesem format stelle ich euch die interessanten menschen hinter den erfolgreichsten shop-in-shops vor. heute unterhalte ich mich mit finn hensel, der ein echtes urgestein der startup-szene ist, schon sehr viele bekannte unternehmen begleitet hat und nun seit geraumer zeit mit seinem co gründer, fabian friede, ein eigenes unternehmen gegründet und geleitet hat. mit ihrer marke wie haben sie sich auf den verkauf von cbd produkten spezialisiert, ein startup in der cannabis branche in deutschland. das klingt nicht nur kompliziert, das ist es auch. und wie das alles funktioniert, mit welchen vorurteilen und schwierigkeiten er und sein unternehmen zu kämpfen haben- das alles und viel mehr erfahrt ihr heute in unserem interview. viel spaß dabei. ja, also, mein name ist in hänsel. ich bin, muss man fast sagen, inzwischen ein startup urgesteinen. also nach einer karriere start bei der boston consulting group bcg in deutschland und dann nur australien, tatsächlich 2010 schon den absprung richtung startup szene gefunden, habe damals bei rocket internet in australien angefangen zu arbeiten und habe dann relativ schnell den fashion retailer wie hey könig gegründet. das ist sowas wie zalando hier in europa, aber eben unten in australien haben das dann zwei jahre lang gemacht und habe da gemerkt: so dieses start-up der luft, die, die liegt mir- das mag ich gerne, sachen selber voranzubringen, zu entscheiden und binden, aber irgendwann nach zwei jahren zurück nach deutschland gekommen. er habe den für prosieben sat 1 hier den inkubator in berlin mit aufgebaut, auf dem unter anderem auch am roli hervorgegangen ist oder bzw investiert wurde. oder die mondo kennen noch viele wallner, kennen auch noch einige, dessen online schmuckhändler und nach einiger zeit dort dann die idee gehabt, doch noch mal selbst zu machen wollte, eigentlich was eigenes gründen. habe auch nach ideen gesucht, und irgendwann kam dann meine alten investoren von iconic, nämlich rocket internet, zurück zu mir und meinte, ob ich nicht interesse hätte, in ein neues venture von denen einzusteigen, wo sie investiert hatten- das war damals moving gaal und mourinho- habe ich wahrscheinlich so den größten teil meiner start-up karriere verbracht, nämlich vier jahre, zuerst als einer von drei geschäftsführern, der mit an bord kamen neben den beiden gründern, und dann am ende als jemand, der die ganze firma restrukturieren musste und bin- tatsächlich sage ich mal, von den vier jahren waren wahrscheinlich drei jahre restrukturieren und ein jahr. dann sage ich mir noch ein bisschen die früchte ernten und auch wirklich zu sehen, was, was die restrukturierung dann der firma gebracht hat. aber wie es dann so ist, wenn man selber so lange in der start up szene war und auch schon selber mehrere sachen gegründet hat. es gibt einen doch immer in den fingern, doch noch was wieder selber zu machen, und so habe ich- den schweren herzens ich damals entschieden, bei moringa herr abschied zu nehmen- hat er viele investoren mitgeteilt, weil ich der tiknischen wunsch hatte, noch etwas selbst zu gründen und wirklich nochmal gründer zu sein, und habe dann so 2018, 2009, 10 mit man, mit gründer fabian friede, gemeinsam die citigroup gegründet, weil wir halt tatsächlich eben ein riesiges potenzial in dem cannabis markt sehen. das ist auch nicht nur kurzfristig getrieben. wir haben da schon beiden historiker so, fabian hat sich das thema schon lange angeguckt, ich selber habe 2002 ironischerweise innerhalb der cdu für eine medizinische legalisierung gekämpft, schon damals bei mir zu hause in schleswig holstein, und so kam eins zum anderen, und die tatsache, dass der markt sich in deutschland geöffnet hat, aber eben unsere historie und unsere passion dafür, unternehmen zu bauen, hatten dazu geführt, dass wir die citigroup gegründet haben, und die hat heute eben zwei units, die sowohl medizinisches cannabis machen als auf cd, und das ist so, womit wir uns täglich beschäftigen. jetzt muss man da gleich mal mit nochmal ins detail gehen, bevor wir noch mal so ein bisschen zurückblicken, auch auf eine bewegte geschichte, die die jetzt im schnelldurchlauf durchlaufen hat, können wir gleich noch mal darauf eingehen. aber beim schlüsselwort cannabis muss man glaube ich, auch noch mal im detail und jahr lernt. also die citigroup, das ist quasi das, das mutterunternehmen, und daraus herausgibt jetzt die welt, die zum beispiel die produkte machen, was, was genau passiert, was? die leute denken ja immer sofort bei diesem stikhwort: was ist es jetzt illegal, wie kann man denn hier cannabis verkauft? doch gar nicht. so ist es ja genau erklärt. tatsächlich ist es so. wir haben von anfang an gesagt, wir wollen eben beides machen, sowohl eben, sage ich mal, den wellbeing bereich als auch diesen medizinischen bereich, und haben als zwei business units bei der citigroup. also würde schon genauer gesagt hast, die citigroup ist halt das unternehmen obendrüber, wo eigentlich alle zentralen funktionen der firma sitzen, und dann haben wir am ende zwei verschiedene segmente, die wir mit business units bedient, und das eine segment ist das medizinische segment, das ist die city medical, da haben wir die marke vamed, die tatsächlich eben arzneimittel fährst und patienten und apotheker am ende herstellt und und in den markt bringt, und das zweite ist die cellity care, also wie fürsorge, und das ist unsere wellness einheit, und da haben wir halt auch zwei marken. die eine ist displays, das ist unsere, sag ich mal, premium kosmetikmarke, die auf cd produkten basiert, und die zweite, das ist in der tat, das ist unsere sogenannte hero marke. das ist halt das, wo wir auch letztendlich am meisten aufmerksamkeit erregt haben, weil das die marke ist, die iba draußen als als die cbd und wellbeing marke in europa positionieren wollen. jetzt ist ja 2017- hat sich das gelockert, dass cannabis in deutschland eben auch für medizinische zwecke erlaubt es und cbd ist aber ja nicht zu verwechseln mit einem tor in den armen- sich jetzt irgendwie illegalerweise in deutschland ja noch gedreht und eine berauschende wirkung hat. vielleicht mag es noch mal kurz erklären: cbd, wo der unterschied ist. zudem, was wir normalerweise als von cannabis erkunden, also was tatsächlich auch gar nicht so lange wissenschaftlich bewiesen ist- das ist tatsächlich ein wissenschaftlicher sicht, erst seit 20, 25 jahren so erwiesen, und das ist ein wissen der wissenschaftler, relativ kurzer zeitraum- ist, dass es eben nicht nur die cannabispflanze an sich gibt, so dass innerhalb der cannabispflanze verschiedene werkstoffe sind, und diese werkstoffe heißen cannabinoide, und davon hat die pflanze tatsächlich 110. nun ist eben einer dieser wirkstoffe ist das, womit wir heute alle die pflanze verbinden. das ist thc, das ist ein kennedy, bewusstseinsverändernde. genau das ist dieses mittel, in anführungszeichen, was bewusstseinsverändernde wirkung hat, und das, was die leute klischeehaft mit cannabis verbinden. aber es gibt auch noch mindestens 109 andere cannabinoide, die ganz andere sehr wirksam keiten haben, die alle nicht psycho aktiv sind, also alle keine besuchs bewusstseinserweiternde wirkung haben, in der tat alle ganz andere positive einflüsse auf den körper haben können, und das am besten forscheste daraus ist tatsächlich cbd. cbg ist noch ein anderes, das ist auch im kommen ist. bbd ist tatsächlich 1 cannabinoid, wo die derzeitige studien hat sehr klar darauf hindeuten, dass es helfen kann, angst störungen zu beseitigen, dass es quasi die stress levels reduziert, und das sind halt sehr vielversprechende studien, die gerade im markt sind. und darauf haben wir halt quasi unsere gesamte frei verfügbare linie wie zb bei oder eben displays fokussiert, weil wir halt schon glauben, dass eben diese cannabinoide, die eben nicht psycho aktiv sind, auch die sehr positive eigenschaft auf den körper haben können, und darauf basiert quasi so wissen unsere wellbeing position. jetzt bist du ja selbst kein mediziner, wie kann denn die idee, seinen start up zu gründen? also war das irgendwie eigener e.

Watch Me Build A 7-Figure CBD Shopify Brand!

what is up, guys? good morning got some pretty cool news that i want to share with you. want to do a lot of explaining and just break down how pumped i am to be launching this new business, but this is not the setting for us. let's go to some place a little cooler. we're here. this is it. i'm just kidding. the view is way better than this. hold on one second and we are here. what is up? everyone say hello to the indian rock beats sunset. that is going on right here. you will notike it is obviously a different time of day. i'm wearing a different shirt. that is because i'm a perfectionist and i've tried filming this video three times already and i want to convey the right message, just to show you, guys, how pumped i am. i am super excited to announce that i am going to be launching my own coffee company. it is going to be strictly online for now. it is going to be coffee grounds, beans and ready to drink cans and it is officially going to be named cana brew coffee, and you can see the uh, the colors of some of the logos for the cans and the bags right in this area. i'm going to try to include a little photo right here. but, guys, i want to dive right into why i'm creating this video series, why i'm even launching a coffee company to begin with, but also why this product is going to be different. so one i want to introduce this vlog series i'm going to be showing you from literally zero dollars until either i sell this thing for 100 million bucks or it completely falls on its face. however it goes down, you are officially going to see the ups and downs of building a business. none of this online, where you only see the end result. everything is funded completely by myself. i have no venture capital behind me, no investors, no loans. i'm not taking any money from anyone. it is strictly me and i'm going to completely fund this myself. so you're going to see everything and i hope you guys subscribe for the future videos that are coming. i'm going to show you the design process, the sampling, the building of the website, um, perfecting the product, getting it to the market. i am so pumped to show you guys this. so this is the first episode of many that are coming. i want you to subscribe, but also i want you to comment down below, because you might be starting a business and i want to help you out too, so comment down below. let me know some video content you would like to see in the future, of all the products that i can sell online. anyone can sell online. any business you can start. why am i choosing coffee? and there are so many different reasons. i'm going to keep this very brief, but the main reason is that coffee has been a staple in my life since i was a little kid, believe it or not. i come from a very italian family where coffee is social. you drink coffee from when you wake up all the way through dinner and when you go to bed and you have dessert and your cannolis on the table. yes, there's always coffee around. but the reason why i'm getting into coffee is because it is something i'm passionate about and it is something that, even if i made zero dollars on this, as long as i can say that i've made and created and perfected my own coffee that i know you guys are going to enjoy, that's worth it for me. but how did i get into coffee? well, my, uh, like i said, i come from an italian family and my grandmother always used to drink a double shot of espresso after dinner- and it was christmas, way back- i think it was. i was in middle school, so the early 2000s, and we were christmas visiting with family, and anyone with a large family knows how daunting of a day that is when you are just visiting non-stop, and it's a long day. you want to go and play with your toys and do everything else. but i wanted to try some of grandma's coffee and, as you guys know, it is- uh, it's an acquired taste, much like drinking beer or wine or anything bitter. uh, you got to get used to it. so she laughed and she said: yeah, here you go. after i'd asked and i took my first sip, you can believe that i probably spat it back out, but she grabbed a teaspoon and threw some sugar in there and actually drank my first shot of espresso, if you will, and much to my parents this may. i am sure that they were pissed that i was so hyped up for the remainder of the day, but that was it for me. i drank coffee ever since then. literally i'm not getting up and drinking coffee since i think i was in sixth or seventh grade. ever since then, i have fallen in love with the craft of coffee, uh, the different varietals of coffee, believe it or not, my favorite type is a vietnamese or bosnian coffee. it is arguably the most delicious uh style coffee you can have. if you haven't tried it, please do so. but i have, i think, six or seven different varieties of coffee in my house, as well as the pour overs, the french presses, the espresso machines, the percolators, you name it. i have all the cookware to get it where it needs to be and brewed up right. so, um, i'm obsessed with coffee and that's why i'm getting into this, but i want to explain to you how this coffee is going to be different and why it's not your typical coffee and why you can expect something different, because i think this coffee is genuinely going to reinvent and reinvigorate how we socialize and drink over coffee. and that is because i'm going to be infusing this coffee with stronger coffee beans- i'm going to release that information in a future video: the types of beans we are using and why- but also we are going to be infusing it with cbd oil. now, why would we infuse something that is meant to relax you with something that's meant to hype you up? and there's a few different reasons, but here are a couple. number one, because, after all the research i've been doing and some of the experts i've been speaking with. i spend two to three hours per day toking and researching. the cannabinoid system can abide all in itself and all the different properties that go along with it. but very long story short, cbd can act as the catalyst. it will link up with the caffeine molecule and deliver it straight into the blood at a more linear curve rather than a crazy spike and then a crash. so the cbd is going to allow the coffee to get delivered at a much smoother, much more deliverable and manageable rate. so you're not going to get those coffee jitters. i hate the coffee jitters. i want to remove that completely from the equation. i can't focus when i have those and we all know you can't get six different things at once and it's pretty funny that when you're all ripped up on caffeine you want to take on the world. so we're going to help you take on the world, but in a more manageable way. also, we are going to be infusing the coffee with a nootropic blend that is going to be custom formulated by myself and the formulations team that i am working with at our coffee manufacturer to develop what is going to be the most optimal brain fuel to start your day with, or if you're going to drink your coffee late at night on that late shift or on that swing shift or halfway through the day when you're studying. we want to have properties in there that not only give you a kick that you need but also give you the mental clarity and focus and that mental stamina to focus on the tasks at hand. so that plays into the cbd concept again. we are going to deliver the caffeine and the energy at a stable rate, without the crazy spike and crash and jitters. but also we're going to be infusing nootropics within the coffee to increase your mood, increase your focus and your productivity, because that is the name of the game for me. i am obsessed about productivity, focus, making sure tasks to get done. that's the type of person that i am. so we are infusing cbd and a strong nootropic blend in there to make this the all-around best tasting coffee product, with as many flavors as we can crank out that make the most sense and that will taste the best. arguably, one of the biggest things that i want to highlight to you guys is how we are going to be sourcing this coffee, who we are going to be sourcing it from and why that's importan.

Shopify: The King of E-commerce Cannabis

hey guys, how you doing this? the intuitive investor from stoked wits man. what a great day it is today. we're literally hours away from recreational marijuana being legalized in Canada. what about that pop today? oh, I love that pop. wow, we've seen a complete $10 jump, which was just over 8% for Shopify, and so I wanted to see if I can go ahead and keep this video brief, under five minutes. hopefully that I can. so what's happened with Shopify? well, Shopify has been flying completely under the radar. everybody's been toking about all these other popular cannabis stoks, but nobody's toking about who's powering these websites- and you, that is. you've got it. Shopify investor place just released another artikle about the money, everything that's happening behind the scenes. Shopify has been exclusively chosen by provinces in Canada like Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island. they are the exclusive ecommerce juggernaut behind their websites that will be handling their presence and their transactions, and that's the stok that nobody's toking about. nobody's toking about. and what's kind of frustrating to me is that, for all this news that's being toked about cannabis, Toby and all his people have been so quiet and tight-lipped about their involvement in cannabis for so many different quarters, and every quarter that comes by always wonder they're gonna say anything about cannabis. are they gonna say anything about cannabis? and they don't. so with just one week away, almost away from their earnings release on October 25th, guys, I'm begging you, please give us more information about just how involved you are, so that the world can see just how. not only do you operate in Canada and States, but in hundreds of countries where you're providing ecommerce websites for entrepreneurs, both big and small, so they can see, so the world can see that who's run these platforms, and I think investment investors are wanting that information. like for me, one of the questions that I'd like to ask and I'd like to know is: how many cannabis related websites are they currently either providing services to or providing the platform to, but also the, the transactional side of it, the POS side of it- how, what's the number? that's something that I would want to know, because that would give me a better idea of just the reach that Shopify has in Canada and in other countries. so the information that I saw today on investor place also added that Shopify was up about 40% on the year, which is fantastik. despite that, 2008- 18, I'm sorry- has not been a good year for Shopify in terms of reports. we have been consistently slammed by short reports, by people just complaining and saying that were overvalued and gosh, the list has just never stopped. and lo and behold, Shopify has reached that 170 range, if you can see the chart, on three different occasions and all three times it's been rejected and it's gone down to 130 and this last time even dropped just underneath 129, and that made me nervous because I just didn't know what to expect, where was gonna go. and today we were rewarded with a nice 8% jump, ten dollars to be exact. so that was a blessing in disguise. one interesting thing: if you remember, I visited the Toronto office over the summer when I was visiting my brother, and I realized that there's all this news about cannabis that we aren't privy to, that is, those of us in the States, and the reason why we're not privy to it is because this is not happening in the States. this is happening Canada. but you know how we can read a lot of this Canadian News is you go on Google or Yahoo and you just add a CA behind that, not to come the CA, and that will direct you to the Canadian version of Google or the Canadian version of Yahoo. and when you do that. look what pops up: all this information about Shopify and cannabis stoks. oh my gosh, the information is rich. so, guys, we're literally hours away from legalization. I'm excited, are you, and so I'm hoping that tomorrow I wake up to a tremendous pop, and I hope that next week, on October 25th, not only do we meet and exceed our expectations, but please tok about the online presence, please tok about Shopify's behind the scenes involvement on the transactional side and the platform side of all these cannabis websites, so the world can know the Shopify is about to be the world's largest pot ecommerce king of cannabis. so, alright, guys, sleep well. I will see you tomorrow. subscribe to my videos and, if you're on stok, twits and you gotta add me, the intuitive investor.