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shopify cart api

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

25 - Shopify Ajax Cart with Dynamic Cart Data Updates

hey welcome to another video in this,video i'm going to show you a tiknique,i haven't seen anywhere on the internet,for shopify team developer,so this video is very important because,you will learn something really cool in,this video we will partially load the,dynamic card now it might be confusing,for you what i'm saying right now but,you will understand or when i show you,what i mean so here is the thing when we,add products to the card it is adding to,the card it should open the card drawer,and it should dynamically update the,data in here now this data could come,from core.json,but in search of that let's load a,partial data the whole form that you,have in here which we designed in the,previous video should come from a liquid,file how would we do that,imagine okay before i do do that let's,do it step by step when we click on add,to call if it was successful i want to,open the card right so let's see what we,do when we click on this it fires an,event like an event of toggle record so,let's find the same event when the cart,was successful if i come to my code in,here,uh let's open the,main product forum,this is our main product forum this is,where we consult the log when it is,successful right,okay cool,and let's keep this open and also,i will open the drawer this is the event,of toggle cart,so if we run this event exactly in here,okay instead of this i'm going to say,this that,dollar sign dispatch,and we put the event of trouble card we,don't have to pass any value i will save,it for now now again,we should run the team watch,and also npx run mix or,mix watch,something like this,let's save the changes in here okay it,is uploading it now let's come here and,let's refresh the page,let's see if this is opening our cart,i'll close everything let's add product,to the card it is,opening this but this is not they didn't,update it the information,now what if there is an end point where,i can send an ajax request and give me,only the card information with all the,html structure,is there an end point for this,yes yes i will show you how now before,doing that just to prove it is not,updated if i refresh the page the,quantity of the first product should be,3 now,now this one is three okay cool,now,after like opening i wanna send a,request to an endpoint to grab all this,data,how would we do this one in shopify you,can create a template without any,content and you can send ajax requests,to this one imagine if you come to the,url,in here you would put a view and say,card,equal to cart,or mini card or card drawer or anything,imagine if you would be able to do that,yes you can so if you are,saying something like this make sure in,your theme directory when i come here,in the template we can create an index,dot cart dot,liquid,when you say index it means the home,page,the cart is the name that you pass in,here if it is mini card you should just,say mini card so in here let's let's put,a h3 in here for now,card data,now let's okay assuming it works like if,i refresh this it says card data in here,great now this is loading the data from,this template,now what about this menu and header and,all this,because we are loading a template it is,already using the layout theme in here,as the master template so what we do is,we come here at the top,just write a layout,and instead of,layout name,write none,now what none is going to do is it says,we are not going to use any layout,template we just want the data now this,time if i refresh it this is the data,and if we view the source,it has only the data in here,okay great now we have built this,endpoint for ourselves,so let's put the court information in,here,the card information that we need with,all the html structure if i open card,drawer,this is the chord form what i can do is,i can copy everything in here,and then i can paste it in this,now if i come here refresh it again it,is giving me my card information how,cool is that,but the good part is here if i refresh,it it give me only the form that's why,we call it partial it is not a full like,document we are not loading the full,document it is very light in here,it just takes like a few kb to load this,uh cord information in here and the,other good part is this is all dynamic,it is coming from a liquid so in liquid,you have access to everything,okay that's cool now let's send an ajax,request to this endpoint that we have,here,and we can replace,we'll come let's come here,let's go back,to the home page let's replace the,content of this this should be easy,right let me go to product page so we,are we can add to cart so if i come here,this is our r2 card now let's do that,if i come in my cart drawer let me just,listen for an event in here,if i come the same way that we have,toggle card if i say add,card,updated dot window,now we didn't write any event for now we,are just listening,so when some when someone fired this,event let's call a function,we call it update cart,this is the function that you are going,to call let's write that function in,here the reason i put it in a function,because it should should be reusable in,the future when i update the card i just,call the function update card,and,okay let me just put them in a new line,so everything looks clean in here we,call it update card,okay cool this is a function and this is,reloading in here now let's put a little,comment of,send,fetch,request,to update the code let's see if we can,autokomple no it cannot autokomplete i'm,just waiting for copilot so here is what,we do we send a fetch request to each,url,first we put a slash so it go to the,index and then we say view,our,view equal to court,after doing this we are going to say,then,what happened now in here we respond it,is not a json so it is a text so we say,respond the text it will return that,and then we can listen to that text in,the second parameter in here,okay good since this is responding the,html as a text we can see html in here,or we can say card,data,now this code data will be available in,here,document.query.inr html,uh if we given if this we create an id,for exactly this,or this one,the content of this will be updated,okay so here is document.query we don't,have this id but instead of,document.query,as always like we learned in the,previous video we are using alpine js,why not we use the,dollar sign riffs,and give it a key,i call it,uh card,content so now let's create the,reference here,it is much easier to do this style so,instead of,in here instead of id we are writing x,ref,card content now it is the same as we,use specified id since we use alpine js,it is much better to use like refs in,here dot html that's all we need to do,now let's give it a try if this work,then it should automatikally update the,card now here's the thing,we should find these events to like,update card where do we fire this even,again we come here,the same way that we toggle the card,before toggling let's update the car,so when someone uh when this is like,filing the event of update the car,this one is going to fire a function it,is going to send the request to this url,getting the information and then adding,the information in here okay let's come,back,now i will refresh my page,currently how many product do we have,three for this one,okay,now let's click add to cart,okay it is adding one more in here,except we have an error in here,undefined update call,so expression,now let's see where we did something,wrong,if i come to my code,card driver,okay this is our updated card yeah,we are listening to a course updated,and we are calling this function,uh let's listen what the erasing,expression card update,okay,everything seems to be fine in here,um,this one closing,okay we are sending an ajax request to,this url yeah instead of this,we forgot to put a dot in here,so,let's come back,it should add product to the card,now let's open the card and see how many,we have okay we have four products for,now now let's click add to cart,it add it to the card,now we have the html in here sorry this,o

How to create Shopify Ajax-carts using "Liquid Ajax Cart" Javascript library

[Music],hello everyone i'm going to show you how,to create the same adject scart,functionality for shopify using liquid,adjective library,i'm gonna create a new environment with,a free shopify theme that is called,minimal this theme is good for,demonstration because it doesn't have,any edges card functionality out of the,box,okay the theme is installed,let's see how it looks,this is the card page,this is how a product goes to the card,[Music],this is how we change the quantity of a,card item,so let's add a new section for our,adjectives card,let's go to the edit code,sections,add new section,let's name it my card,i'm gonna add some basic code for the,card section,look through card items,link to a product,title,price per item,minus one button,current quantity,plus one button,for the plus and minus buttons i'm using,the car change url route,with the item key and the new quantity,parameters so,these buttons will work even without,javascript,and let's show the final price for an,item,the section is ready,we need to include it in the,theme.liquid template somewhere under,the footer,done,let's check,[Music],okay this is our section with two,unlimited products in the card,let's add one more product to the card,make sure it displays correct data,okay now it's three,let's check minus and plus buttons,two,three again okay,now we have a simple section still,without adjects and i want to place the,section to the right side so it will be,easier to work with,i'm gonna add a flex wrapper to split,the page to the main content,and the sidebar for the card,css file for custom styles,and a horizontal line between card items,okay now looks better,it's time to include liquid edges card,library and identify all the things,first we need to upload the liquidascart,javascript file into the assets folder,and include it in the theme.liquid,template,file uploaded,and included,now we need to add the data adjects card,section attribute to our card section so,that liquidates card identifies it,that's it let's check,okay the plus and minus buttons work,without page reloading,let's check product forms,now we have two unlimited products in,the cart let's add more,okay works,now let's improve user experience by,highlighting the card when it's updating,i'm gonna use the request in progress,body css class that appears when an,adjects card api request is in progress,so i'm gonna make the card items,container a little transparent when it,is getting updated,okay it works,let it the same with the product forms,there is a form in progress css class,that appears in a product form when it,is submitted,it's better you can use these css,classes to show your own loading,indicators,now let's take a look at the card,counter in the header,it is not getting updated when the card,is changed,i'm gonna fix it using the bind state,data attribute with the card item count,value,i should apply this attribute to an html,tag where i want to show the card item,count value,[Music],good is changing,now let's add the remove button for the,card it is the same as the plus and,minus buttons but the quantity parameter,is zero,okay after removing all the items take a,look at the item's counter it shows zero,i want to hide the counter if it is zero,let's find the css class of the counter,this is it,to hide and show the counter i'm gonna,use the js adjectives card empty,and js adjects card not empty css,classes,let's try to add product to the card to,see if it works,okay,if you click on the card link it will,lead you to the card page,but i want this link to hide and show,the adjects card instead,let's use the toggle class button data,attribute for it,[Music],we need to apply the attribute to this,card link and provide any css classes,for example js my card open,and this class will be added to the body,tag when a user click on the link,now let's write some css,hide the card sidebar by default,show the card sidebar when our css class,is applied,[Music],good it works,now let's go to the limited product that,have only three items in a stok,if i try to add the product to card more,than three times nothing happens,but i want to show the error messages,using the form error data attribute,all i need to do is to put a container,with this attribute in the product form,let's put it right after the submit,button,now let's try to add more product to the,card,okay now we can see an error message,that comes from shopify,let's remove the product from the card,and try again,okay good,within these 10 minutes we have created,the standard adjust card functionality,without writing any javascript code,liquidates card also provides javascript,functions to work with the card state,and make calls to the shopify card agix,api,please check out all the other features,on the documentation website,that's all thanks for watching,[Music],you

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Understanding the Shopify API

jp weise important to be used to find,out to gather,hey wir wollen hier rica mexiko russia,today we get started with the happy end,i chose look at what mlp existent what,about and practikal world use cases ein,gesamtes for you and some tipps und how,to get started ließ der ist viel sie,bitte was toking about apps not like,everyone at some point you may come,across a mon teckel toking about dpa,wenn die ubi prepared so let's take that,started with them are actually is the,terms for application program interface,es bis das ex-playmate prepared for you,very kommen und intuitiv analogie so,letzte managen wie die agentur,restaurant und der rest rats 11 ist,actually quite compact system if you,think about sofa instance mit kokos oder,von recipes wenn juror sony zusammen,infrastructure and kitchener plans and,people don't know how to operate disney,to quickly and manage and some way and,then you also need some order system adb,keeping the things that number ones to,deal with the continuing the guest ist,der euroleague anything about the things,i caught the way to which is pretty much,stadion die personalie to tok to you,can asked questions and skin von brings,you get the food,and anything you want that ever get in,touch with all of behind the scenes the,one way of thinking about this would be,better way to actually shields you von,oldies prozesses ändern ihre präsenz wie,interface venables youtube,communications system,der rest rund die hälfte communicate,with the system behind him and if you,want the new kids teens die,dokumentation for food and drink sie,kostet elsass exactly what keine,requests we can makers hotels ascot,expect to get back on the words motto,response might look like i have to,transform adnologies shop with space age,of empires and least e.coli complex,systems with no idea how databases look,like exactly why i have no idea how,exactly the safety products im,virgin,page system works orders system works im,detail was good thing is we don't need,to know all diese links im detail wie,cosmic egg news auf dem just bei,communicator sp.in letzte wird ein,abstract illustration widmen youtube,documented dem easy to use interface,which allows us to communicator system,exchange information and used it,services it offers the snake eyes on the,practikal use cases ein exempel motto,wirtschaft vhs like to maine apps colt,die admira,that may be used to integrate apps,services and features will ins tor so,for instance disco be the one to collect,email address is on your front page one,to each email address to the third party,e mail marketing to use that may be,wird dort von pia und die oberhand is,used to create shopping experience,ist dort vom shopping app store,diskothek customers the opportunity to,buy product in different places wenn ihr,online store,waterworld examples actually want to,show you never,agency and working at das depot die news,release and go away die featured on the,front page auf die app store wurde so,die polizei and if i don't know it's,your stage and price comparison zeit,hier in germany with thousands of,product and click auch mal aufwärmen,you'll find and listings von astellas,offering des product that the best price,of the best delivery conditions and,click on one of the things you get rid,directed to the stories elf somit liegen,beide produkte that's the way for the,cellar generate some extra traffic and,development mega access to video,upload products that you want to become,listed on plattform sap know connects,the sky with the shop and,mary read the product data in damages,personal on to i bet you can get your,kicks listet just betclic verband of,course the challenges hinten in der,tiknical die tales but that the birds,eye view einander marie common use case,for that may be,made you oder fulfillment weniger used,to person dora details and carry on chip,autoportals sp requirements and is not,too much fun creating display tiknik,bereit sondern republic samples mit,leverage that may be the same way to use,the store von,apple i told you can use the store von,apple to build shopping experience is,die kappelt von avastin files to sell in,different places wenn ihr online store,displays computer von klein auf apps für,android apps ios-apps maybe even react,web apps where you can use of fire and,integrated esse shopsystem motto very,exciting ist nur noch marco gaming,community ist game development framework,ein action uk connector integriert unity,us shop and using the store von apple,kennen denn build experience is where he,used with that they make it ingame,purchase for major,player generated content in game,wahlergebnisse gesamte samstag in,screenshot auf die skype,connect print on demand service,des anbieters,in epik match und wenn die quali für,experte christian box ein bisschen,schief -,of new market opportunities er ist shops,morris ecommerce engine that there now,before i bring des video to close the,view tipps und autor jetzt david,learning gebaut die sepia sommerfest,weiß ist der start with that may be for,getting into the store von apple wie,cosmic disco address the most common use,cases and i know that,can be for this is just add water,restkosten von cia to understand in my,opinion and many eyes only built with,the basics den quickly move on,top features of process which we can get,into you don't think that for now i,don't want das video to become the,tiknical das ist meine foundation and,of course i let you score resources to,the description motto the future,kontrast leben gekommen an der comex are,all right watch video after the jump for,you,belong to date präsent people der,video-spot was scrapping vielen weitet,die karosserie hauptes euronext frei

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22 - Shopify Ajax Add To Cart with Fetch API and Alpine.js

hey welcome to another video in this,video we are going to learn how we can,add product to the cart using ajax of,course we are not using jquery in this,video series we are going to use the,default fetch api in the browser which,all browsers support at the time of this,recording and also we are going to use,alpine js you will see how easy and,clean we can add product to the cart,using ajax so let's dive deep in the,previous video we learned how we add,product to the cart so in this video,let's make it an ajax request if i come,to the code in here this is my product,form and as i said this quantity i'm,going to,complete it in the next video but for,now let's leave it like this,this is where we define our component,and alpine js we're using x data so if,you haven't watched previous videos,please watch them this is our component,in here this is the product form and,this is the button that we have in here,this is dynamic buttons okay now when,someone click in this,let me,like add an event in here so first of,all we change the type from submit to,button,so it shouldn't submit the form it is a,button,or we can prevent the form also but,let's make this as a button in here now,if someone click on this,i am going to run i'm going to call a,function i'm going to call at,2,chord,function something like this,so this is the function that should be,called where we define this function for,now let's directly put it in here but in,the future video i'm going to,refactor the whole thing and we are,going to extract extra javascript in its,own component you will see how nice and,clean it will become for now let's add,the,the function r2 card in here and what,this add to cart is going to do so,you know you can define a function in,here using alpine js this function will,call when we click in the add to call,button,for now let's console the log,adding to carth,so to see if everything is working i,will save it let's come back to our,theme i'm going to refresh,of course it's not adding anything to,the card but we make sure it is working,for an actor cart yes the function is,filing everything is fine,now,and here is the thing there is two way,we can send data as the ajax request we,can create an object put the variant id,and quantity and send it to shopify,right shopify card that is one way the,second way is we serialize our form,behind this button is a form it is,called product form we can serialize it,whatever data inside this one will be,serialized serialize is a function used,in jquery,but we can use it currently like browser,can support like,using the new form method new form class,you can serialize the form this is a,better approach as i said either you can,create it's your own object and pass it,or you can serialize the form,i will serialize the form the,like there is there are many reason i,can tell you right now that serializing,the form is the way to go,i have seen a lot of team developers,they create their own object,in the future there are a lot of more,problem if someone add a let's say a,metaphil or a,property in here,not metal fill a property,then,custom object will not pick that,property unless you go and write mod for,your custom object but if you write a,hidden property in here,serializing the form will do the trick,that's why if you have a subscription,inside this form then that will work,also those are the things that that's,good about serializing the form i have,worked with many different clients so i,know what are the problems that comes in,the future for now let's serialize the,form how do we do that it is not very,difficult first of all we have to be,able to pick this form in here,and,above this i'm going to let,just creating a variable i will call it,form data,now if i check out,the documentation of like,new form data it accept a form in here,now i can auto complete this using,the autokompletion of what is this i'm,using copilot but here is the thing,we i can either use document.query and,get the product form which is coming in,here it is a unique id that has passed,through the form,this is working fine this is great,document.queryselector,but instead of this,let's use alpine method of,querying a form in alpha and js you will,use a refs riffs are like a reference to,the form if i come to the documentation,of alpine then the x f this is how you,define you define an x refend here to an,element give it a unique name,and then using these riffs you can,access it you can modify it you can do,anything to that this is much better now,i will tell you in the future video why,is it better than,document.queryselector,for now stik with this,check it out how do i pass that x ref,and the form the same way that you put,put these custom properties in here,custom attributes,so you can say x data type instead of,this let's write an x ref,do you think it will work it should,let's try it now i'll come here and i'll,call it product form,underscore form hyphen form whatever you,name it it will work just fine as soon,as it has a unique key now let's come,here,let me just refresh it um,even if we have an error i'm just trying,to make sure everything works in here,uh the form that we have in here it has,an x ref of product firm great now in,here let's pass that using alphanges you,can just say dollar sign,riffs,is not jquery we can say product,underscore,form the other thing is that you can,check if the product form exists or not,but for now since it is here it should,exist but for in the future we are going,to add those conditions also we pass the,form,and it is going to use this form data to,serialize the form for us now if you,cancel the log,because log this form data it should,have the data for the form it may not,display it but it should have it,now let's refresh it,coming back here,let's click on add to cart and this is,the form data,object that we have in here now whatever,is inside this product id quantity,whatever should be passed so let's,know that you have here let's run like,this they send an ajax request to,shopify if you come to the documentation,of shopify for the cart,api reference at the time of this,recording it is under ajax api,reference card in here they have,multiple examples using jquery,but if i scroll down,or you can yeah if i scroll down this is,an example using the fetch api,so here is how you do you send a fetch,request the meta should be post and it,should it accept the header,that the data is json since we don't,have a json we don't have to put the,header at all this is where they define,the forum data for us from data is ready,all we have to do is put it in the body,that's all we need let's copy this type,this code in here only this part,and let's put it instead of this,i can use using copilot i can,[Music],write a comment so it's it will send the,ajax stik responding but here's how it,works,we don't need the header as i said,because we are not sending,an adjacent instead of like json,stringify,we have to just form data,and now it should work just fine,right,and if you pass a json in the header it,is not going to work it's going to like,um throw an error off the top was not,seen because it is not a json if i save,it for now,let's give it a try,let's come here,for now let's check out our card it is,empty,and let's refresh our,product page so it grab all the latest,changes,cool let's add it to the card,we don't see any feedback but if i could,go to the card and refresh it,we see the product is added to the cost,okay cool that's fine now how do we,define the feedback when we say then we,return the json in here,now we should put another if another bin,in here that then this time we can grab,the json information you can say card,you can say anything like,okay just through an error so we can see,a response in here,again the same as a path,and if i console.log,response let's see what will happen,it should response the card object that,we have the same way that you see in the,api they say if you send this request,this is the response that you will get

Adding ajax to the Shopify cart template (theme development tutorial)

[Music],what's up guys welcome back to another,edition of coding with robbie my name is,robbie and in this video i'm going to be,covering the shopify cart page in depth,so in a previous video i kind of went,through all the different shopify,templates i showed you how to create a,basic cart template,it looked similar to this where you,could um,you know update your cart quantities and,everything but you have to hit an update,button,and i can remove an item but it hard,refreshes the page,and you could add a note but it also,requires the update button and in this,video we're going to basically ajaxify,this page to where everything will,update on screen and there's no need for,this update button,so we're going to get into it right now,make sure to like subscribe leave a,comment if you have a request for a,video put that in the comments as well,and i might make it,and uh yeah let's get right into it,right now all right so here's what i'll,be starting out with it's just a basic,cart section and i'm checking if the,card is empty and displaying a message,if so,if it is not empty i loop through the,cart items and render the cart item,snippet for each one,we got the cart notes field right here i,got the total discounts and the total,price displayed and then i have the,update and checkout button at the bottom,and then i'm linking up cart.js at the,bottom this is just an empty file i,created in assets where we're going to,write our javascript,and then if we go to cart item it just,looks like this it's just a div with the,image we got the,item title the item variant title and,then we have this quantity selector so i,just took the input to update the,quantity and i just wrapped it with,minus and plus buttons and they're not,hooked up yet,and then we got the line item price and,the remove x at the end,and this just links to the remove,url,so i think the best place to start would,be with these quantity selectors so,we're going to hook that up first so,let's do that by adding an event,listener on each one of these buttons so,i'm just going to copy the class right,here and i'll go to my cart.js and i'll,go document,dot query selector all,and i'll paste in that class and select,buttons within that class and then for,each one of those buttons,we want to add an event listener so,let's go,button.addeventlistener we want to,listen to clicks and when someone clicks,we want it to run our function here,so let's just console.log to make sure,that's working,and i'll go back and refresh the page so,i'll go here refresh open up console,and uh when i click i get the hey,message whether it's minus or plus so,let's check if they're trying to,increase or decrease the quantity so go,back to my code and let's go uh,cons is plus,is equal to and we'll get the uh button,element that we're working with,button.classlist.contains and we'll see,if it contains the plus class,if we check out my cart item you can see,i added plus and minus classes,so if it does have that class that'll be,true and then let's go and do an if else,statement we'll go if is plus,if that's the case we want to increase,the value so let's get the current,values so we'll go cons,let's get the input element first let's,go const input is equal to and we'll go,button,dot parent element which is the div uh,containing all three of these,and then we'll go dot query selector and,we'll get the input,so that should be our input element and,then our value,will be,input.value,and this is going to come back as a,string so we have to convert it to a,number so we can just wrap that in,number,so that looks good,and then uh in the is plus we're going,to update the input value so let's go,input.value is equal to and we'll get,the current value plus one,and i think that's all we're going to do,for now let's make sure that works i'll,go back here,refresh,and i hit the plus button and you can,see it updates it so now let's do the,reverse case let's go downwards so let's,go back here,and really we only want to do this if,the value is greater than one so they,can't go below one so let's go else if,value,is greater than one,and if that's the case we'll go,input.value,is equal to value minus one,just like that let's try it out,and now we can go up and we can go down,and it stops at one so that's cool and,now we have to actually update the cart,when that happens so let's go back and,we'll create a new function,i'll just call it change item quantity,now let's take a look at the shopify,ajax cart api and look for something we,can use so i'll link this in the,description,but here's the page and they have some,different routes we can use so there's,cart slash add card slash js and the one,i want to use is card slash,change.js and basically we can just send,it a variant id and a new quantity and,it'll update that item and then you can,also send the line item key and we're,actually going to be sending the key and,that's because you can have multiple,line items with the same variant id and,with the key that will always be unique,so there will never be complications,so let's uh go back to our code and,let's make this accept a key and a,quantity,and then we gotta figure out how to get,both those uh,values so we already have the quantity,right here but we've got to get the key,so let's go back to our cart item and,let's just go data key,is equal to,and we'll pass it item.key,save that and now we can get it within,our um click function here so let's go,const key is equal to,and we'll go button and we gotta find,the cart item so let's go closest dot,cart item,and then we want to get the attribute on,that element and we want the data key,attribute,so that'll get us our key and now let's,pass it to this function which we,haven't even called yet so let's call it,in here we'll go,change item quantity,and we're going to pass it our key and,then we're going to pass it the quantity,which is right here and here,so let's assign that to a new variable,called new value,and we'll make it equal to this,and then this equaled a new value,and we'll do the same thing down here,but minus,just like that and now we can pass this,function new value,so now we should have both of these,values available to us so let's just,console.log it to make sure it's working,so let's go quantity and new value,or i'm tripping uh quantity and key,let's uh go back and try that out so,let's just refresh i'll open up console,again,refresh one more time and now i go up,and i get the quantity and key,and it works both directions,so it's working good so now we're,actually going to fire off that ajax,request and to do all ajax i'm going to,be using axios,so i'll link this in the description,also it's just the most popular uh ajax,library and i'm just going to use the,cdn version so i'll copy this,i'm going to go to my cart dot liquid,i'll just add it right above the cart js,line,so now i have it available to me,so let's go back here and let's uh fire,the request so it'll be axios.post,and i'm going to be posting to slash,cart,change.js,and then i got to give this um the key,and i got to give it the new quantity,so that looks good and then let's go dot,then,and this receives the response,let's just console.log res.data,and see what happens so let's go back to,our page,i'll just refresh,and check out the network tab so i hit,plus now,and it fires off the request we get a,200 back,and we sent it the key and the quantity,and then it responds with the entire,cart object,that's been updated,so we updated the cart and if we refresh,the page,you can see it updates now let's make it,so these prices update on screen without,a refresh so we have to get the item,price and then we also have to do the,discounts and the total at the bottom,so we can get all those values from the,returned,cart object so let's uh take a look at,that object,and let's just update an item,if we look inside here we can see we get,the total discount and total price so,those are for these two,and then for the item,price it's in this items

Klaviyo Tutorial 2021: How To Install "ADDED TO CART" Event to Shopify

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