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shopify confirmation email

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to Customize Order Confirmation Email on Shopify

- Explanation of how Bitbranding helps online store owners

- Importance of customizing email notifications on Shopify

Steps to Customize Order Confirmation Email on Shopify

1. Go to Settings and then to Notifications

2. Click on Order Confirmation to access the HTML code

3. Change the verbiage and copy of the email to match your brand

4. Edit other text within the email by manipulating the text outside the brackets

5. Consider changing the subject line to make it more creative and eye-catching

6. Preview the email by clicking on the Customize button

7. Add your logo and change the accent color to match your branding

8. Save your changes and preview the email again

9. Customize and edit other email templates to maintain brand cohesiveness

- Importance of customizing email notifications to enhance brand identity

- Encouragement to leave questions and comments for further assistance

- Reminder to like and subscribe to the Bitbranding YouTube channel for more helpful tutorials.

Shopify Order Confirmation Email Template - Free Custom Template

How to Update and Customize Your Shopify's Order Confirmation Email

Elliot Bell, an email marketing strategist, shares his knowledge on how to update and customize Shopify's order confirmation email.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go to your Shopify store's settings notifications section to view all the email templates triggered by different events.

2. Click on order confirmation to view the generic HTML code that Shopify sends.

3. Preview the email template by clicking on the preview button.

4. Update your logo and brand colors by clicking on the customize button.

5. Set the width for your logo and choose your preferred branding colors.

6. Delete the current code and paste in the updated HTML code.

7. Preview the email template and send a test email to the linked email address.

8. If you're not satisfied with the changes, revert back to the default settings.

Customizing Shopify's order confirmation email can help improve your brand identity and customer experience. With Elliot Bell's guide, it's easy to update and personalize your store's email templates.

SHOPIFY : COMMENT personnaliser FACILEMENT tes e-mails

In this video, we will learn how to personalize the emails and notifications that are sent from your Shopify store to your customers. Default notifications can be unappealing and unprofessional, but with a few simple modifications, we can make them more visually appealing and engaging for our customers.

Steps to personalize notifications:

1. Go to settings and select notifications

2. Choose the notification you want to modify, such as confirmation of order

3. Customize the notification by adding your logo, changing button colors, and modifying text appearance

4. Use HTML code to format the text and add line breaks, bold, and underline text

5. Save and preview the modified notification

By personalizing the notifications that are sent from your Shopify store, you can create a more engaging and professional experience for your customers. With a few simple modifications, you can improve the appearance and effectiveness of these notifications, leading to more satisfied customers and increased sales.

Customize your Shopify Email Notifications | Shopify tutorial for beginners 2022

Have you ever noticed the standard and boring order confirmation emails that Shopify sends to your customers? Well, not many merchants know that they can actually customize these emails. In this tutorial, I will show you how to customize both the text copy and the design of those emails so that they are on brand with your business.

- Customizing order confirmation emails

- Importance of brand consistency

- Step-by-step guide


1. Go to Settings and find Notifications

- Customize all order and shipping notifications

- Interested in order confirmation email

2. Open the email and preview

- Look for text to modify

- Edit text using code

- Preview changes

3. Modify button text

- Preview changes

4. Customize email design

- Click Customize button

- Choose logo and accent color

- Preview changes

5. Send email through Klaviyo

- Use Shopify Plus

- Email Shopify support to turn off order confirmation

- Create new flow in Klaviyo

- Edit language and design

- Customizing order confirmation emails is easy and beneficial for brand consistency

- Using Klaviyo allows for more freedom in customization

- Don't settle for standard and boring emails, make them on brand with your business.

Klaviyo Shipping Confirmation Email

How to Customize Your Shopify Shipping Confirmation Emails

In this video, Dan Nickers explains how to change your transactional emails in Shopify, specifically the shipping confirmation email. While Shopify's customization options are limited, Dan offers a workaround using Clavio to create dynamic, branded emails with socials and extra messaging.


1. Create a Clavio account and integrate it with Shopify.

2. Go to email templates and click create template.

3. Select Shopify notification templates and choose the shipping confirmation email to modify.

4. Use the pre-populated dynamic elements and add branding, socials, and extra messaging.

5. Export the template and copy the body.

6. In Shopify, go to settings notifications and scroll down to the shipping confirmation email.

7. Highlight the body and paste the new email template, then save and preview.


- Don't change any of the dynamic elements in the email.

- Add seasonal or promotional information to keep the email dynamic.

- Customize all transactional emails to stand out from the competition.

- Use Clavio to create dynamic, branded emails for all transactional emails.

- Attend Dan's automated email profits workshop to learn how to automate your emails for profits.

Customizing transactional emails in Shopify can be limited, but using Clavio offers a workaround to create dynamic, branded emails. With socials and extra messaging, these emails can build trust and connections with customers. Don't miss the opportunity to customize all transactional emails to stand out from the competition.

How To Set Up Shipping Confirmation Emails With Tracking In DSers | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

In this video, Alex will be demonstrating how to set up shipping confirmation emails with De Essers so that customers can receive tracking numbers automatically. This will save time with customer service emails and is easy to set up. Follow the steps below:

- Setting up shipping confirmation emails with De Essers


1. Log in to De Essers and click on the settings tab in the lower left-hand corner.

2. Click on shipping confirmation in the left panel and turn it on for the store.

3. Select the shipping carrier and tracking URL (recommend using 17 track for dropshipping).

4. Edit the contents of the shipping confirmation email by clicking on the blue button to take you to Shopify's notification settings.

5. Customize the text and contents of the email to be branded to your store's needs.

6. Include relevant information such as tracking links, shipping times, and policies.

7. Get creative and add upsells to increase revenue.

8. Look at an example from Chewie's shipping confirmation email for reference.

- By following these steps, you should now have your shipping confirmation email set up and ready to be sent out.

- Don't forget to leave a like, share with others, and subscribe for more ecom resources.

How to Turn Off Shopify Transactional Emails?

How to Turn Off Transactional Emails in Shopify

If you are using a different email service provider (ESP) like Clavia, Active Campaign, or Mailchimp, you may want to disable transactional emails inside of Shopify. In this article, we will show you how to turn off transactional emails in Shopify and use a different platform to send them.

Steps to Turn Off Transactional Emails in Shopify:

1. Build Transactional Emails in Your Other Platform:

Before turning off transactional emails in Shopify, you need to build those emails inside your other platform. This includes order confirmation, shipment confirmation, fulfillment, out for delivery, and other emails.

2. Turn Off Transactional Emails in Shopify:

To prevent sending double emails, turn off transactional emails in Shopify. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off order confirmation in regular Shopify unless you have Shopify Plus. Contact support to disable order confirmation on regular Shopify.

3. Check Shopify Notification Settings:

Log into your Shopify account, click on settings, and then notifications. You will see a list of transactional emails that you can enable or disable. The order confirmation email cannot be disabled, but everything else can.

4. Use Clavio to Send Transactional Emails:

If you want to use Clavio to send transactional emails, you need to disable them in Shopify first. This will ensure that customers receive only one email, and it will not create confusion.

5. Contact Shopify Support for Help:

If you want to disable any other transactional emails like order confirmation, cancel order, and so forth, you need to talk to Shopify support and ask them to disable it. Keep in mind that order confirmation can only be disabled on Shopify Plus.

Turning off transactional emails in Shopify is easy, and it will help you send emails from a different platform like Clavio. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you will be able to disable transactional emails in Shopify in no time. If you have any questions or need help, contact Shopify support.

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