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Shopify Course Module 17 - Facebook Ads Part 3

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

Shopify Course Module 17 - Facebook Ads Part 3

The above is a brief introduction to Shopify Course Module 17 - Facebook Ads Part 3.

Let's move on to the first section of Shopify Course Module 17 - Facebook Ads Part 3!

Shopify Course Module 17 - Facebook Ads Part 3

hey what's going on everyone Nick here
this video is going to be another add
video and it's not going to be a long
one I just really want to uh I need to
go over the next step it's kind of an
extension of the last video where we
toked about custom audiences and look
like them I'm going to show you using
look like in this video and I'm also
going to update as well in the beginning
here I think at this point of the videos
this is video number 17 so in keeping up
with our progress and just showing you
and really proving your strap shipping
business model I wanted to take a minute
in this video just to show you what's
going on here with the store this month
so far you can see it's two eight four
twelve hundred dollars in sales
I had a one-load day in here for sure
that forty seven dollars but right now
basically now this days not over so if
we take the last week well okay so if we
go to twelve hundred divided by eight
that's still pretty good all right so
we're averaging 150 $2.00 days right now
okay in sales and that is outstanding
because basically what that means is
videos 1 through 17 if you're brand new
alright here you know a lot of times we
get focused on the big screen shots
right we see everybody including myself
that has posted shots of your background
of making just massive amounts of money
in a short period of time you know like
doing doing 80 90 thousand dollars a
month to something like that with
Shopify and of course those numbers are
possible and what you should be striving
towards even even if that much money is
not necessary the point is that you can
do that with this if you find the right
products and it can take off that
quickly so you know you should keep that
in your mind as those are the goals that
you're working towards but at the same
time this is where it all starts right
every Shopify stores can start with
those hundred dollar days and then move
up from there
so I'm really happy to be at this point
with you guys in videos 17 and showing
that we're consistently doing basically
fifty two dollars a day right now mostly
on autopilot from the two products I'm
running as you can see here the only
products I have gone are these two which
are my top two products I did have this
running up until just like a day or two
ago because it too kind of fizzled out
but I've had some random sales here and
there in my store from just you know
different ads I've run in the past and
things like that but for the most part
at this point we're narrow looking at a
hundred and fifty dollars a day with an
average of right around $40 ad spend
we'll say I'm going to round it up
actually I'm going around a third pot
that's like right in the middle of what
we see here so let's just say we're at
$35 that's them and we're doing our $150
an average alright so we're at four
point four times as Spencer over four
basically which is to it and the reason
that I'm stressing that and breaking
these numbers down because I don't want
you to base anything in what you've
learned off of my opinions all right I
want it all to be based off of facts and
results and the facts and results right
now are that using modules 1 through 16
you can get started and get yourself to
one hundred and fifty dollars a day
which is for almost four and a half
times I've spent and basically at that
level what that needs you're probably
making about fifty to sixty dollars in
cash a day all right so that's starting
to approach a full time income online
$50 a day is not quite a full time this
time I mean you're looking at like
$1,500 a month but you're getting there
you're getting closer and here's the
process really just becomes repeating
this all right there are every now and
then those products that you can scale
large vendors continue to scale the
mermaids like it maybe something like
that I've seen a lot of success with
this so far and starting I have a look
like I created I'm running this at $15 a
day with there's a lot of room to
stretch here I'm barely I'm I've reached
15,000 people out of my original
audiences like 800,000 I think down here
I've barely reached any and this is also
a really good start so there are
products that you can
scale and do well which I will continue
to try and see all that end the week
stoks are will continue to scale and
hopefully I can take that up to maybe
$500 days would be awesome if I could or
that would be the next model still
really but for getting bigger sales you
know really just comes down to having
the more winners you have going to
better you are you know you can't count
on that one winner to find that and get
that home run you're counting on home
run this game may be a lot more
difficult for you saying it can't happen
but more than more often than not the
people you see out there that are doing
very well are showing multiple items now
they might be selling multiple is a
niche where they might be selling
multiple related items but chances are
there are it's not just one or two
products that are making a ton of money
now yeah that can happen that way where
one product unique you twenty thirty
thousand dollars I just saw a post from
somebody the other day one product made
them like over two hundred thousand
dollars that's definitely possible I'm
just telling you get in the mindset of
the more products you have running the
more successful you're going to be
because one of those products may take
off and do a monstrous winner but in the
beginning as you're getting started you
want to be looking for several winning
products so you have some consistent
income flowing through your store on a
weekly basis so if we customize this we
welcome us till we go to the last two
weeks which would be eight to the first
to the twenty-fifth
all right you can see we've done $2,300
in that period of time and I'm showing
you this because I want to show
consistency all right so 23 21 divided
by 14 is 165 dollars a day all right so
again that's showing you consistency
because from here I'm not going to keep
making videos going over the same stuff
and that's why I want to kind of wrap a
lot of this up here because the video is
now 1 through 17 are done and they're
not getting changed and they're finished
so if you're having trouble
you're just having trouble on finding a
winning product or you're not
understanding yet like all this there
and it doesn't need to be repeated
because it's all there and it's all
proven to work at this point to get you
to the 150 dollars days on autopilot you
know I haven't really touched my eyes at
all over the past two weeks so that's
that's kind of what I wanted to prove
you and now to get to that next level I
continue to scale these items to find
some more winners because a store based
on to winning items is you know again it
can work but it's probably not gonna
last long so that's really a matter of
just repeating steps 1 through 16 all
right now obviously you don't have to
repeat the steps of building a store all
over again so you're really just
repeating the steps from modules 5 5 & 6
on because that's where it's all ads
about finding products researching
products researching your audience
testing products monitoring your ads and
getting more stuff up that's the same
thing that John that confirmed in his
webinar the other day which was awesome
because it showed me that our systems
are basically the same so what you're
using you can be even doubly more
confident and other than my evidence
that he's using the same thing and he's
undoing the sales and the biggest
difference between him and I or that or
you as well is simply that he tested
more products he launched more products
so he scales more product alright and I
tell you that from experiencing my other
winning items and stores it's a handful
of products that are doing all that and
building on those collections and
telling you elated items and products to
that niche so getting into the ads
showing you what's going on here all the
I was running so this is a fairly newer
item that's sewing very well and my cost
per purchase is much lower than you see
here again it's frustrating with
Facebook not catching everything it's
only showing 26 total purchase now I
don't have my overall orders up for this
but you can see just here my top
products in the last two weeks is 34 of
these or more and it's more than that
for sure so it's only tracking that can
see that's tracking the colors so it's
tracking 34 just between two colors on
this item and Facebook is only tracking
26 purchases so I'm getting screwed a
little bit there because obviously
obviously this ad is working better than
its indicating I mean I'm not getting
screw it's just a little bit frustrating
to have to watch and see that my cost
per purchase and then try to have to
figure it out myself but if we just base
it on a fair estimate of thing I've done
40 total sales on this because we're
already showing 34 and I can imagine at
least eight or six more different colors
probably much higher than that but let's
just say 40 so we've spent so far a
total of 210 dollars and 76 cents
divided by 40 it's five dollars and 27
cents cost per purchase so obviously
much lower my cost per purchases is
awesome right now with you counting if I
order my cost per item let's say my cost
per item which is really what matters
alright it matters how much I'm spending
to get it sale on each item because
that's where my my turnaround is on me
so my profit margin isn't necessarily as
high as I'd like it to be if we assume a
five-dollar cost per item on these right
now and the average sale without a
discount is 2595 then and I'm sourcing
them at $16 then I'm making just under
five bucks on each on each purchase but
again at that point you're still
printing money alright every every five
dollars in is another five dollars in
pure profit out so I will continue to
scale that as far as I can
you know that the price point is based
on where I could get people to purchase
all right you know I wanted to show this
that I would love to sell this debt 30
dollars but I dropped price on it until
I got the 20 and started selling a lot
of on my drop price from 30 to 25 and
then I got the 20 and started selling a
lot and I actually upped my shipping $1
so I increase it a little bit so I'm
making its 595 shipping and $20 on the
sale from making 25 95 on these so
that's that's everything really that I
want to show you here other than I have
the original bodies going in this is a
look-alike audience alright so I showed
you how to create your audiences in the
last video where I took the I took the
mermaid blanket abuse alright so in the
last video I took this audience here
mermaid blanket views I've had 500
people view that product alone and I
created my localized off of that now I'm
only testing right now the 1% which is a
two million size audience and that's all
I'm testing is just straight straight
look-alike on this so if I open this up
and we look at what this looks like this
is where you choose your local exploit
excuse me when you go to create an
audience you do it right in here you
just type in whatever you're looking for
and it selects from the audience down
here alright and it will give you your
audience size mine's all women of course
because this is a product I wanted the
targeting women since the beginning and
I didn't layer it with anything so if
you were to layer it here was I say I
dislike it what that does is then they
have to be part of this custom audience
to Facebook created and then also match
the interest that you put in here so you
can see it cuts your potential audience
down a lot but it can make it even more
targeted when you do that for this if
it's a more general item I wanted to see
how we did on just the look-alike alone
so I did the look-alike audience by
itself no Larry optimized as always
automatik bid seven making person window
and there you go that's what this is
well this is a nine so far doing very
well in first twenty four dollars statik
I'm sure that I have more than three
purchases on this and of the three
purposes I'm sure several of them fault
more than one because a lot of people on
this alien refining to for three or four
I think my biggest story with sizes on
forcing up seven of them somebody
ordered seven of them at one all right
and then obviously when people order
more I make more on the shipping because
I'm not paying shipping along these
items so the more people order the more
my profit margin Josefa on these all
right so that's the kind of stuff you
need to consider that's going back to
watch selling variant items is good
because it gives people more options
same thing what do we stop you know my
my cost for purchase I'm still just
running this one audience on this I
tested a look-alike or men right here
you can see I tested a look-alike
audience for men but I wasn't getting
any purchases so I killed that so right
now I'm still just running all we'd
magazine and basically just to walk you
through the process here of what I've
the process here is you remember in the
beginning I was testing out both men and
women on the weed magazine all right
over time I narrowed it down to women
were by far in a way purchasing a lot
more than men even though there are
cliffs and their conversions were pretty
close so I ended up starting to focus on
just women after testing men and from
there I started to break out age groups
of women and found that 18 to 21
was it really purchasing much so I also
tested some of the different week
magazines for women as well and in the
end what I ended up narrowing down to
after all that is that the top four weed
magazines all grouped together and 21 to
44 woman's was my audience and as you
can see it's doing very well all right
again with this one month excuse me
my cost per purchase on each item is
much much lower people are ordering you
know there's 34 purchases even if that
was correct this is not correct the
number is much higher than that but even
if that was correct you would be looking
at at least doubling that number because
my actual purchase per order is like at
least two minimum shops there's very few
people I think only a handful of
actually ordered only one shop or more
Paris Park desert said so the rest of
them are ordering double or three or
four or sometimes even up for like 16 or
17 in an order and the shipping first of
all is expensive when they get up to ten
item I'm telling that is like 10 pounds
shipping so that's you know almost 995 I
think or 1095 in shipping so that up
starts to build my profit margin a lot
more because again I'm only paying one
calls on the shipping and then my cost
per purchase is much much lower
again less I'm going to I'm just going
to safely assume that this is at least
75 all right that's a little less that's
more than doubling it so let's assume 65
yeah that's a little less than doubling
it which means my cost per purchase is
going to cut half I don't even need to
do that if I double this this cuts in
half to two dollars and ten
and you know my average purchase even if
they only get one stok is 790 because
it's for 95 shipping on a 295 401 I'm
sorry I gotta add this up I'm getting
confused on myself now for 95 shipping
alone on one dollar fifty suck so 645
and it cost me alright so I'm making at
least a dollar 50 on each with my cost
per purchase being it needs a half way
but my crossbow purchase is honestly
probably under $2 again going hi Elliott
on my cost per item sold is probably
under about you know under $2 somewhere
so again it's not bad this is an item I
can scale I've only reached 76,000
people as an audience at 700,000 so
potentially I could sell another 10
times the 70 stoks that I've sold so
looking at selling 700 stoks times a
dollar 50 is bringing back over a
thousand dollars in profit and that's on
the low conservative end and that's only
with the first audience that's not
localized and that's not going really
brought yet so that's how you can scale
an item and understand where your margin
dress and for the the cheapness of which
I'm getting quick engagement and
conversions you know this is going to be
something that I predict being able to
run a long time my CPM is only a dollar
35 so just absolutely amazing
for all all aspects with this one and
profitable as well so we'll continue to
run this and we'll continue to scale
this probably to 20 dollars here and
next day and then start branching out
into new audiences some local ice as
well so if I wanted to create a
look-alike on this one I could come here
create a similar
and basically just keep it the way it is
but go look I already tested men so I
already came in here and tested men two
one time
custom audience we use running I want to
localize nothing you all right so I want
don't look like okay so as you can see
right now it's only three hundred thirty
thousand because I have all these main
interests in here
all right get rid of them all I'll be at
1.2 million people on just women that I
can scale this to so keeping all that
the same start at five dollars see how
that does optimized for Add to Cart
still then we'll just test that out and
see if that has some great potential as
well all right moving on
the last one I want to show you is
another one that did not work I actually
created a look like that - it must've
been in a separate campaign but I don't
think it will go I work for this then
unfortunately with this item I didn't
realize when I started selling this l
how many people were selling us already
and some people in the group notified me
of that when of course when they saw me
selling it and they told me even though
I show them some examples of other
people that have sold this so there
could be some chronic blindness on this
because everybody is probably hitting
the same type of market I think we all
understand that this type of market is
Timothy not only people that like
elephants with people that are into that
kind of that hippie bohemian gypsy kind
of deal electro threads you know that's
like targeting those terms of interest
so anyway I just wanted to show you why
I stopped this one all right because
you'll see this - is you're a drug like
I was making sales but it was getting
too expensive
alright now again my cost per purchase
being probably a little bit lower in
this that sold more than eight still at
that level everything else is good but
you guys you have to understand and know
when it's time is shown at all so if
your cost per purchase starts to creep
way into the red you remember we toked
about green light yellow light red light
red light is when it's way over where
you want to be and once it gets to that
level it's not coming back down all
it doesn't matter if you decrease the
budget or what you do it's not coming
back down so you just want to kill it
when it starts getting too high alright
because that's all to be said about this
so this product is done I may go on to
test you some of the other ones says
excuse I separated them all out to be
individual product but I may test it
from a different page I was testing
everything from that page I created
called bohemian style
I may create something more generic of a
page to run these posts in the future
and that's really everything all right
this shows you how you can be running
ads and be doing four or five times at
sin on either low priced products or
high priced products okay this is
something I've been testing out adding a
little bit of exclusivity and the
opening line letting them know it's not
sold in stores calling it a bold and
social exclusive now another thing that
you'll notike and this is where one of
my some of my attention needs to be on
right now is when people start to buy
items they will buy other items along
with it so a good example that is Harold
Hartman here who bought the weed sock
and then he also bought these two items
to go along with it the mini beer bottle
concealed pipe in the mini revolver
place and grinder so that's interesting
to note because one of the things I've
said in the beginning is once you start
finding a good niche and you start
getting a lot of traffic to a certain
item is when you can start adding some
highly relative related items that will
show up at the bottom of the piece so I
actually did that I went into my product
yesterday and I added some what are they
wine bottle version I would need mini
bullets all right now I already had
somebody I was stupid I forgot to set
the price of the mini bullet so I
already had somebody order one but it
was for $0 and I had the mini mine
bottle that I added as well that way now
when people come to the product page and
they go to buy a product I'm not using
an upsell or anything yet they'll see if
they scroll down here I have a really
good related pile and this concealed
lipstik which is great because the
women's product so now I have a really
good related collection that I think
will be highly relevant and appeal to
the type of person that is interested in
weed socks all right not using an up
show app is something I'm simply doing
that because I don't know that they
don't work I have heard that it's hard
to get them to work effectively and
actually increase conversion but the
real reason that I'm doing that is
because I want to show you guys how you
can make the process as simple as
possible and make that front end money
alright so of course I know that there's
upsell apps through email marketing and
there's back end type of ways that you
can start to increase conversion
personally I'm waiting for market hero
which is a brand new autoresponder that
is finishing up with Shopify integration
and it's going to be able to keep it
very cost effective unlike some of these
other ridiculous email things that like
MailChimp and cry though that you can
get for Shopify market hero will do all
the same stuff will be able to segregate
people they into lists based on what
they purchased and then create
follow-ups for them and broadcast
through all kinds of stuff I need to
tell you your customer value and
everything that MailChimp can do but
cheaper and more intuitive looks like
and same thing would cry though as well
so I'm going to be using that in the
future and we'll probably tok about
email marketing some other stuff at at
certain point but the most important
thing for me in the beginning we're
getting you guys to a point where you
saw how to start doing hundred dollar
days consistently
the first step in e-commerce right $100
days thousand dollar week and then
starting to focus on getting to that
next level of $1,000 days or $500 days
or I celebrate the halfway point on ways
it's a big jump all right it's certainly
not it's not difficult but it's
certainly not easy either you may have
to test a lot of products but right now
I'm letting my stuff runs and recouping
money that I lost in advertising in that
first month when I went really really
hard to testing a lot of products now
I'm operating here for TANF ties are a
lie so you know give it a week and I
made back double what I've spent already
you profit by getting a thousand dollars
in sales so that's kind of the way that
you can even out when you're testing to
getting a winner or two and letting you
know that that money does come back to
you in the winter and then once you're
at a good place again where you you've
got a few Shopify payments dropped in
your bank account and got your money
back then you can start testing again or
some new products which is really we're
on that going to be testing some new
products testing the look like audiences
as you can see on my winning product
creating highly relevant collection the
mermaid blanket may be difficult because
I don't know I'll probably go to Amazon
and see what comes up as a cross sell or
an upsell when I type in a blanket I
don't know what will but adding some
highly relevant to collections for the
traffic already coming at this point you
could consider you could consider trying
an upsell as if you wanted to or a
crossbow app I just personally again my
purpose here and in the store is to just
showing you guys how to get to that
front end making sales and being
successful because then the back end is
just extra ensure you can make more
money on the back end but at this point
you have an e-commerce district building
all right you've seen it live as we've
done it it's building it's getting
getting ready to go to the next level
starting to do 500 hour days by simply
adding a few more winners and scaling
the ones we already have and then when
you get to a point if you have a bunch
of winners that all have good-sized
audiences you've been scaling them for a
when you start to break into
thousand-dollar days right and it just
keeps going from there it's an ongoing
process you will find products that have
a huge audience potential and a lot of
time to be run you'll buy a product to
just get you a couple sales and you're
done but all that's going to contribute
to your your daily your weekly in your
marketing olds and you need to figure it
out based on what your goals are so you
know if you have monthly goals of of
being at a certain level of say doing 5k
a month then you can see right here I've
shown you at the bare minimum that two
products can make you 1k a week all
based on low selling you know $20 $25
sale and uh generally I mean we tok to
range anywhere from seven to seven to
twenty five dollars as well but low-end
sales doing 50 or doing a thousand
dollars a week with two items all right
so that's four thousand dollars a month
at that Reed so really just adding a
third item would get me to five thousand
a month so you can see how you got to
test them where you got to be you know
if you want to get to ten thousand a
month then you should probably start
focusing on doubling your efforts and
having at least five or six good winning
products that are running and has decent
million sides plus audiences that you
can scale into collecting those
look-alikes and building that out all
right yes every now and then you will be
able to find that more products that can
make you 10k mark on its own I'm just
saying that that's not the more likely
course of action you are more likely to
find that product in all your testing to
find your five six seven eight nine ten
solid winners you know and just remember
doing I would make a really good goal
for you if you really want to wrap this
up and take it to the next level ten
winners to have ten winning products
running maybe not all at the same time
but to have them like within you know a
month span getting a pending winning
products going and think about it to do
that based on our 80/20 rule that means
you're probably going to have to test
like 50 products at the minimum to get
20% of them being winners so that's a
lot of products to test if you're going
to test 50 parts over the course of a
month that
you're testing about 12 to 15 a week
alright so you know that that that takes
effort that means you're putting out
assuming you own work during the week
day then that means you're putting out
two to three a day and getting as much
on them alright so you get into a cycle
add two three products to your store and
then launch two to three products each
day and you can kind of have a rotating
basis as you go and that way you're
going to start scaling and building
alright so that's everything I had for
this video you saw how I scale and
basically I just will continue gradually
increasing these audience's my daily
budget all needs until you know the
maximum allowed was a for the audience
that I have which on both of these
they're both like $800 in size audiences
on the original so I should be able to
scale them you know 2530 dollars a day
easily as long as the cost remains
consistent and the purchases remain
consistent and then finding a few more
of these and scaling them the same way
that's the process guys it's simple you
know yes there are certain items you can
scale art or more aggressively and some
that will go really big for you but we
have up to this point now proving the
business model and what we can do just
using the microwave set theory where
we're starting with small budgets where
you can test a lot save money not be
blowing a lot find your winners find
your niches start adding more related
items scaling those gradually building
your custom audiences and local like
finding your new interest to new ad sets
and keeping pets that don't overlap the
existing ones you already have you know
for example with the lead Sox like
if we wanted to break into a test a
different audience for example now I
have to look like on so I don't know I'm
going to do this but what I mean by
don't overlap is you can do this to the
quiz first of all don't target the ones
you are already targeting but what I can
do is copy them I can put them in the
exclusion mark but there's a lot of weed
magazines right so I can just go to we I
guess the weed block is not something
that I had in there so I can do the weed
blog for 20 friends cannabis world maybe
some smoke weed interest cannabis planet
throwing a bunch of stuff in here
smoking weed in this planet TV so this
isn't a very big audience on building
here right now I'm not digging too deep
I'm just looking in a suggestion but
basically I could just continue to do
that and I could build out audiences
like that and just test different assets
based on different interests and if
you're worried about them overlapping
then you can narrow the audience but are
not narrow arms you can exclude people
based on your original one now you might
find out as you do that obviously that
it's going to make this only smaller but
that's not a bad thing because that lets
you know you're not hitting the same
people by doing that so that's one way
you can do it or you can just test the
bigger but for me that's personally a
lot of times why I let the original run
for a while before branching into a new
bigger ad set unless I'm running a
look-alike because I want my focus to be
on finding new winning products all
right that way I can have several
running it once and when I have several
winners running and they will all
continually scale and now I've set
myself up like I showed you at the
beginning and like I'm actually doing a
living right now where you can be making
but for example I have my other store
running and it's not going to last
forever I mean no product is generally
going to left forever unless you just
down the gold and dreams of e-commerce
so you know I have my products running
though and that scaled them all to like
the 15 to 30 dollar a day range with my
highest ones I think he had a $40 a day
right now and it's bringing in a
consistent 2k a day right and so I'm not
really doing much of it at all a mighty
8 mm/s the order is a customer store was
checking in on the emails every now and
then while I focus on another business
rod focus on another opportunity and do
whatever I want to do all right so
there's different ways you can make this
a smaller work for you I'm showing you
one that I feel like is a very
low start high gain type of business
model you can run with e-commerce the
only trick is you can't be lazy you guys
continually try to find some winning
products and once you do you know once
you have right on the other floor I
think it's 10 to 15 win across that I'm
running on the audience's that I have
some of them into their local life some
of them not none of them at did a third
level or the fourth level of feeling yet
then you could have those consistent
months coming in where you're just
making that money on autopilot and you
work on other ideas but really you have
to remember in e-commerce that there is
no shortcut secret people want to say
well just eking out a scam I'll make a
lot of money it's really not like that
the people making a lot of money and
ecommerce more often than not are
shelling multiple products all right yes
there are the tremendous product line
launches you'll see that do very very
well but those are also the fewer you
know just because you see the screenshot
doesn't mean that a lot of people are
having those same results that one
person did and they're probably one of
the handful of people that are having
those types of results so you know let
it be that motivation that that is
possible of course invest
something that anybody should strive for
I haven't you know I did some products
that have sold like 25 30 40 thousand
dollars I have one right now that's on
its trajectory to do that alone themself
thirty five forty thousand dollars worth
of product on one item but as far as its
store goes and doing consistent you know
to two or three K days you want to rely
on because a lot of times those people
that have those giant like supernova
they're supernovas because they burn
quickly and then they're gone right and
then it's on to the new product because
they burn through your audience as quick
as possible to get those really big
paydays again there's nothing wrong with
that because it's a lot of money at once
but it also is a lot of editing once
it's a ton of orders to manage so you
know there's a lot of different
perspectives on it but I think at this
point I'm really happy closing out this
video and what we've learned is what
we've accomplished to this level and
again just letting you know to get to
the next level to get from one hundred
to two hundred dollar days up to four
hundred to five hundred dollar days it's
just a matter of continuing the scale
what I have and getting a couple more
winning items is this line up here
having five top five winning items here
all running at five to 15 dollars a day
you know bringing in consistent sales
ideally more probably rollover running
like $15 a day you know all of them down
around a four or five dollar cost for
purchase adding up to be like 25 to 30
sales today bringing you in anywhere
from 500 around 500 dollars of revenue a
day alright and then you can see how it
continues to scale you just need to know
your numbers and understand the numbers
in this business and you'll be able to
set your trajectories that your goals
for where you want to grow and once you
start having some niches you can start
focusing in on those niches as well
building relevant collections which will
get you more money coming in test out
some upsell apps if you want to I just
haven't personally and
remarket new products to those people as
you know that there are already fires on
all you cheap and selling if it's
something that's highly related and
relevant to what they are involved right
so that's everything
I have for you in this video please let
me know if you have any questions about
anything based on this or or are really
up to this point because the next video
is going to be on custom merchandise
I'm not redoing that video for customers
that because it's the same exact thing
same guidelines for every single type of
product himself alright I there one of
the reasons that I use the general micro
a set theory is because it works for all
different types of products and
businesses all right if you use
something like manual click for example
manual clips are very specific I think
towards like apparel items in customer
conduction and that's fine but this
strategy this ad strategy will work on
anything and that's why I use it so
there's not going to be another ad video
as they request the merchandise is
different I just want to do custom
merchandise because the salt process is
a little bit different and the designing
process obviously would ask to use how
to create the shirts and get your ad
ready all that is a little bit different
because you're showing apparel and I
want to tok about the benefits and all
kind of stuff like that as well because
customer tchen doses where I think the
biggest opportunity in e-commerce is
right now even though it's a little bit
higher of a barrier to entry because you
have to have some design skills or be
rolling out sorts of designer which is
cost money so that's that's what's
coming next in an answer that's an
outsourcing video and then after that I
believe I'll have a closing thoughts
video on like growth and expansion so
this is you know really it up to this
point proving your dropship my business
model work and then in the future I
as in store progresses I might be able
to create a new video updating as you
know if we get some bigger ads running
or we have a lot of products running
once you know maybe when we get to that
thousand dollar day or something like
that so because I do want to keep
running the Bulls in social store but as
I mentioned in the video that I posted
in the group recently right now I'm
going to be focusing a lot of my
attention on a new business which is I'm
excited about I'm really excited about
it I'll just call the domain name today
getting everything launched and ready
you can shop by with it but it's a much
bigger opportunity
anything I'm working on right now so I
the bulleted social store I want to keep
running for the sake of the group and
because I want to see I would love to
get higher numbers in a live audience
type setting to really do some good in
the e-commerce industry and do something
different it's not being done in the
e-commerce industry but at the same time
my my biggest return on my time is going
to be spent in building this new
business because that's something that
is just a monstrous opportunity Multi
seventh in years I see over the next
couple years hopefully is that that's my
intention and where I see the
opportunities being now you know I just
got to execute on that plan and on that
growth with my two business partners
that we form LLC together so that's
that's kind of where my head's at but of
course at the same time er I will try to
continue running some new stuff on the
whole social store to see if I can get
some some other winners running on here
see if we had five winners I think that
would be ideal and I got two so I just
got three more pumps as well so anyway
again I'm done now you have any
questions or anything feel free to drop
that below otherwise it's been awesome
teaching you all this and going through
all this up until this point there's a
lot more coming but I'm kind of wrapping
up the the drop shipping business model
and next we'll be getting into the
custom merchandising and finally like I
said outsourcing building your team and
really kind of just rounding out this
entire course so we are getting to the
end but because the merchandise is going
to be a big video and I look forward to
going over that with you so I will see
you in the next one tok to you later
have a great day

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