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shopify custom order

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to Create Custom Orders Using A Shopify App

hello, so welcome to this video. i'm going to go over how we set up our custom orders on our website. now, uh, disclaimer, we use shopify as our web host. we also pay for the app that i am going to show you. again, we do pay for it- i believe it's like 14.99 a month- but it pays for itself because it allows you to make it available for the customer to customize everything about their bag, from hardware, lining, exterior, etc. and it just makes it very easy. uh, the initial setup can be time consuming and tedious, and going in there and changing stuff can be tedious, but once you get the hang of it and once you get it set up, it's actually very easy to maintain. after that- and we haven't after we introduced it- we haven't gotten many questions. uh, now that people are are used to using it. so, yes, again, you have to have shopify for the way that we set it up, as we don't use etsy to host our ready to ship items, um, so i just wanted to throw that out there, but we're going to get into it. i'm going to show you the app that we're going that we use. i'm going to show you how we set up our fabric listings and i'm going to show you what it looks like at the end. so thank you and come along. [Music]- so we're gonna jump right into how i do our custom orders. again, we pay for the app that i'm going to show you and we use shopify as our web host, and this helps us create a listing for each bag that we offer [Music] and for our rotational fabric. now i will throw this out there. please list as much information as you can for your custom orders. it will alleviate questions, it will cut back on time that people are looking for information, as you can see- and again, please take this with a grain of salt, as this is how our business runs, and every business is different, so ours is. you know, all of our bags are lined with waterproof canvas, with pockets. there are many available options for fabric. and then here- please note this is very important, you need to have this everywhere- our turnaround time for custom orders is two to four weeks, and then i do have this that we just leave in here: that we cannot guarantee time. delivery would turn around on most items after november 1st, just because of the postal service. now, when you are using shopify, again, this is the way we set it up and it works for us. it might not work for you. it might work for you. you can try it out and see every bag that we offer as a custom order, as we don't offer every single bag as one, it's just too much. um, i make its own listing. so, right here, the this bag, right here, i can't pronounce name, so we just call it the rudy bag. it's a shop favorite, so i made it its own custom order or custom listing, and then i add all the information in here. again, i also reiterate what uh was on our collection and then, you know, i put the information, what it comes, standard with all that good stuff. um, you add the pictures in here, the pricing, yeah, so each bag that we offer has its own listing and then all of these actually go into a collection. that just disappeared. so, as you can see, here's our collection. um, that's just how shopify works. it's easier for us to keep up with. so, again, all of our bags have it. that we offer have its own listing. and then, as of two weeks ago, i now offer our rotational fabric as its own listing, because we were getting a lot of questions about what fabric we have what fabric we offer and stuff like that. so i like to buy fabric with stuff that i- you know that i liked. i think my customers are gonna like, and it is hard to keep up with on facebook and always making sure our fabrics are being shown. so we created a listing for our fabric again. we put notes in there that says this is for woven fabric. they can choose their option. the fabric is rotational and not guaranteed, so once it's used up it i can delete it. and then that they have to have this in with the custom handbag. so they can't just like buy fabric, because actually we list our fabric as free, because they're not buying fabric, they're buying the bag. so if they just add one of our fabric listings to their cart and check out, then you know they don't get anything. that's why we put that in there, so we do have fabric listings. so when they actually go into- and i'm about to show you our website- when they actually go into right here, design my own [Music], again it has all of the information that they need. right here, here is our fabric listings so they can click on it. if they want flower fabric, they can come over here, add to cart and then that fabric is guaranteed for their bag and i list my fabric as one each. that way i don't oversell any fabric and if i have any extra leftover then i can just, you know, keep adding like one at a time until it's all gone. so they would add the fabric to their cart and then they would add, you know, pick out a bag that they want, so then they would add this bag. if this is the bag that they want- the pelican tote- then they would add that to their cart again. it has all of our information, and all of this right here comes from the app that i'm about to show you and and it even tells you right here. read the full listing. please choose your options below. this listing is for a custom order with a turnaround time of two to four weeks. choose whether or not you want a full faux leather exterior or an inspired exterior, as shown in the example picture. our business model is a lot about books. we do a lot with um, book fabric and book launches. so we found that this was the easiest way. so they can go in here, choose inspired- that's just a pop-up- and they can choose fever and see it even pops up little pictures that they could see- highlander, sjm inspired and golden girls. or they can choose full faux leather exterior and then they choose whether they want just a plain old color or a croc faux leather. then i also have a little note box in here because if they don't see any fabric that they like or they don't want an inspired fabric, they can put notes in here or extra notes from toking to us and they can write it down on here so it's part of their order. again, they can choose any of their lining colors. we just use waterproof canvas, so i just use the basic colors right here. if you use cotton, you can do just like i did for the inspired fabric: you can add a snapshot of the fabric right there, or you can create listings for your linings, just like i did for the exterior. and then each bag has different things that we offer. so i even say in here: this bag comes standard with one external zippered pocket and you can choose an additional exterior pocket below two zipper pockets: one slip pocket, one zipper pocket or two slip pockets, like one on each side. then they can choose their colored hardware. the thing i like about this app as well is like rainbow. it automatikally adds the extra amount because we charge extra for rainbow and we charge extra for pockets, extra pockets, anything that's not standard costs extra and this app allows us to charge that extra. and then i can put in additional options: internal zipper pocket, matching key fob, rush, internal slip pocket, and again, all of those add extra money and it adds up. we also offer says on shop pay. so that's what that is. and then if you go down here, it has all of the information. again, i cannot stress enough to have as much information. that way they cannot come back and say they did not know and they want to refund. and, as you can see, here is the total after adding all of those extras. so i'm going to go into the app and show you how it's set up. so the name of the app is variant option, product options- right here. again, it's a paid app. i believe it's like 14.99 a month, but it is completely worth it. so when you get the app, this is why you have to create listings for your custom bags, because the this app runs off of listings, as you can see. here's all of my listings: key fobs, zippy clutch, lauren tote- all of these are my custom bags and you don't even you can use this for more than custom bags. if you sell something other than bags and you want to offer different options, you can use this.

How to create customizable products in Shopify (FREE)

nein, das ist jan from letzte top five days video: how you cannot customizer ballacks, tor, schoss, tor, so dass der user can make it takes to the product, or even uploaded foto des videos inspired by leighton tailor e-shop artikels. so will find links to go. description: hawaiis, aberglaube headline show. you can create template manager. uk is custom user inputs. der template david teague des css wird so wird dies in puts mit joachimsthal und last but not least, bibel hello, kitty kat page und die oder konfirmation e-mails, just to make sure, der die special properties will be displayed, der switch off an ok sowie fenster und das green light of mine development stores, erste hälfte der wm ins tor sb. check the front and you may notike. werden made to me customisation sites that most important for home and garden kategorie entlang des ripley potreck. hier wird das pure play ist product and straight haushalt want to customer ist, dass babys am onlineprinters nahm und ist klettert oliven könnte foto, officetok und displayport und ist es endlich wieder implement und das paraquay gewonnen, das top-team, falls wohlig, can be done by pressing das little action button red hier entdeckte ring of fire, dem falter template folder and create in new york die template override julihälfte default projekt template, which is right now ableitet to any projekt in der story. we are going to create new template for products and they call it custom. that i can see. the default, djokovic, ist kopie der original page template, opera template des zufalls, artikel weiter. but what we can do, you know, is to products, dance, electro pop and used the correct custom template, david, simon, stephens in the front and because they are very soon the code editor, let's take a look at this content auf. das freie content of this field is not act or ändert, indes feiert ist coming from der section der das goldprojekt template section, section used to add settings, tut das spiel live customizer, bad exchange server video unter uns. so letzte und very too much about sections know. what we have to do ist kopie des file level, link one of its template to one of section 1 of modified customs action mit origins hauptes, den computer products template, das custom and annual paid content from the originals action interviews, fires were. last thing we have to do is linker newpark template des action-adventures created with this product template custom, so entwurf bekennt. donau ist made. customization stewart custom productions erfolgs ampel, ecke de-test right here at the front and julie der distel test will appear an der place pages at any other product page des tests not be displayed back in. the very first thing we can do ist, claude out all the veils. we don't just leave the rug template, custom that liquid. die autoren eine vergütung für das ländle. testet hier so das papier von der front and check, perfect, catch and create a very first text input field which could be the name of der user. entertainment findest du oder displayport sollen fingerdick position vor, dass text fehlt es in between the buried select right here and go. kart, bahn sowie stu elements will be a reference hälfte feind in der teamfabrik ingo hätten search for das hat mit button, hat mit so dass ist der tecart button auf die etiketten error message to be displayed, when things very high quality selector, which they disable, kritisiert in der front end bei der good bee, and here we have to select in betrieb. die selecta rente berlin select taste test. hier ist. das ist gerade das motto, the way you will get out produkte. wie ändert. so let's check es bietet es twilight here and now. it's no top 15 der leyen battis ist youtube styling aspekt. so das ist korrekt. position in general sowie have to replace the fittest wildauer input field and generate der input viel trubel. heavily modified user element generator. weekend feinde. link to the description: bistum max. super easy, fast generate all necessary code, der die hälfte auf dem festival overview an der zeit. hier die verfaulte settings: sie kennen: selective, soffin, puls, media, note text, medialen text group auf checkbox und optionsrechte: pc entwickelt, check wandert dieses abschnitts entwickeln. jackpot des property display jacob prozess endete preview of what is user element. weil user input we look like and down here we have rolle code generated von sap und open stage ecken anschickt. die option kostet, so vor der versammelten kind du bist. create text input und petty ford des labels jay, which is perfect, because we want to user to end has. no, we can't make des frequency. wohne jacob prozess, solecki disco tour clipboard. denn back to the team files and replace the test. thursday just two bietet das to increase the ability safety and let die haut des looks at the front and refresh defensives little test des neuen place to the future in put. so was not. what does not perfect about the step der input? das sind die matches, teams. teil 1 ist: hätte etwas cs s klasse be ok, just mensch so weg in der team- falls hätten diese im internet sowie ken read. this is, where we just implementiert. aber very first, custom input ist der most of them have: container auf tauwetter, das ist der tecart button oder der quali in put your kam, wurde container of death and error zur hälfte des cs s class of product for the next day: nodes ist der summer of the more, zur hälfe modifier class auf. volk sagte contis, elektro heißt korrekt form des quality, die ec-karten, hessen plattform item der stadt mit der payment button, container auf tief ins dorf, paragraf android and simply kopie des css. klar, motto nodes ist der die input vor der krise lag tor zu hessen der cs s class auftrag vom input oder die azubis cs s class service tested mit intercitys das rekord ebit. ein letzter check: the front and side mackenzie ist der input matches, teams teil jetzt still not occupy gefolge auf der offline, so dass we can just in der vw kojak haut des ettu cup button ist bekamen. so let's get click and inspect des web. bringe chrome developer tools ad hoc bord in der last video weekend check der container vor der abfahrt button sowie also wie hey leitet in der website the new hanover des container mackenzie modifier klassikers zorn des cssb fleck spaces of one hundred präsent, sodass something wie man etwa container sowie kinder objekt oder dem files and gefährde modifier class sowie tobias s class nsa modifier 1: media. we can say, das ist product for me der custom, ja, dann vergeht. das little dort right here is used as the final break. let's check the front and again, as i can say, nothing happens, das ist perfekt. [Musik] offer to print sanfter icons, anders klettert der user kennt, wants to print, threesome flowers also print sowie contact project ries, flowers and harz entweder und wanted to be required ist es total. die optional solecki okotie clipboard, ein kompaktes team fall reiht below are: very first in first look at the front. ok, jetzt not to bed bath der fürstlichen usa pleite sehen container class ist vor ort sowie meist ohne gift. das container auch teil des dort zu wenig wird der cs s class of project for the front and inspect select a new american test samt css schulzeit in der display letzten space between mobile workers and [Musik] collected im fall des vom check box der tsv produkt, das von weitem thk front and justike for news. es ist eine optionale selection, which is nice, cool, ok, belasten montaseri ist der input of hifi zusammenhang und absolute foto. jul discover very soon der dieses nordwinde default options auf die ul amin generator sowie die option to select input hier bei handballs. not too much of the problem wie carsten potthoff. file is very similar to the one of type text suite in. just go to the files and copy der input auch text ist labels. change das foto in dem wir als elfter das label ist vor der element, wird der foto input type text anymore. zb file table und checkte frontend- so cool, we have to use file oder foto in. puts the wanted andere projekte schon giftes holding little test der one very important thing to tell you, when you a

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Custom fulfilment in Shopify (Shopify How To)

welcome back. today we're going to be toking about how to set up a custom fulfillment service inside of Shopify. so let's jump into it. setting the fulfillment so that it happens automatikally when someone purchase your product is super easy to do inside Shopify. it's a question I get asked quite often when toking to merchants is: how do I set it up so that when someone orders a product it automatikally notifies my distributor to send that product out? so I'm going to go through how to set that up inside shelter by so that you can, very busy a, notify them when someone purchases. so we're on the dashboard here and he go down to the very bottom and we go to settings. if we run the settings page, we need to set up shipping. no, shipping is what we're going to be basically toking about, so big sunset of some of the shipping navigation. so if we go to shipping, there's a bunch of options in here and I do a full video on how shipping works, all the individual pieces in it. but for this video we're gonna jump straight to fulfillment. so if we go break down to the bottom, let's see we have additional shipping methods. this additional 15 methods has custom order fulfillment. so to add a custom fulfillment. you can add fulfillment service. so we're gonna put in jeonse link as our fulfillment person and we're gonna put in is email. unclean my email so that you can see what happens when I didn't purchase in the safe back and now I've got a custom fulfillment service setup. okay, that as many fulfillment services as I want. now the question I get next is how do I assign that to product? well, in Shopify fulfillment is based on the variant level. so if you have a look at a product related setup, first is the product, then is the variant and the shipping is setup on the variant side of things. now you can have up to 99 variants fond of product inside Shopify. there is a way around the 99 variant limit of about from adapting a separate video. so let's move to hop over to products and let's pull up our bag organizer. okay, so on our bank organizer. if we scroll down to the bottom we can see we now have this fulfillment service in your septa manual. if we drop it down, we now have John Smith as our new filament service. so now when somebody purchases, give, they take a fulfillment request and send that off to John. this fair way to get Sid rate. now let's go and test it. so let's go include reporter order. I'm gonna send this to any other customer. as we get that bag organizer clip in a kind of to our order, we're gonna mark it as paid and now that it's been sent as an order and then create the order I'm going to hit for classical color. so, now that it's been requested, who can now go over to fill items once we hit fulfilled tracking? and then you can go and check our email for the order fulfillment. so we have a look at our email. here you can see we've reached the one or you could receive a one order fulfillment. let's burn our dental storm. and under it it has a breakdown of the items that need to be fulfilled. so we have items to be filled. the shipping address- they should be massive. the tracking number is one was supplied when we put them on fulfilled and customers email. so now know your fulfillment service has everything we need to know in order to fulfill the bag for you. if the fulfillment service that you're using has a tracking number that will supply me once they'd shipped it out, that's when you can go and add the tracking number in here and then notify the customer that it's on the way. now there are other options for from it some fulfillment services. if you're using the service that's warehousing, all your products have the that is specifically designed for Shopify. that will allow you to communicate back and forth. if you have a public service that is open to developing an integration for Shopify is something that we can help you with, but for the most part but base fulfillment- can be done through email. thanks for coming by. I hope that this was helpful if it was at the like button, the subscribe button, if that's something that you're into and we will see you in the next one.

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How To Customize 'Order Confirmation' Email On Shopify

here's how to customize the order confirmation email and a couple other things on shopify. what's up guys? this is the bib branding channel. welcome to everyone new. my name is christian pinyon, one of the co-founders here at bitbranding. we've been helping frustrated start owners 2015 becoming packed full store owners through tutorials, tactiks and strategy and, as always, if you find something of value in this video, consider subscribing and turn on notifications. it really helps us out. let's get started. so we're going to jump into our little bits: treats: test store account. again. don't follow us. this is just a play store. you don't have to go in and act all crazy. you want to go to settings. we're going to go then to notifications. inside of notifications, you will see all the types of email notifications and sms notifications that you can manipulate in here. it would actually give you the name and the definition of what exactly is that partikular notification or message. right now, there's two things you can do. here is order confirmation. that's the one that we're gonna manipulate, but, just like i said in the beginning, there's a lot of different things in here that you can manipulate, so i'm gonna show you how to do the order confirmation one. if we click on order confirmation. it's gonna give us all this html stuff which could be a little bit confusing to a lot of people, totally understandable, but what you can do here is actually change the verbiage or the copy of that partikular email. so, for example, let's say: so, we have a little bit streets, which is a dog treats, right, a dog tree store. so i want to say it just says thank you for your purchase. right in between the brackets and the percentages and the weird html stuff, i want to say wolf, wolf exclamation, thank you for your purchase. right, it's a little bit more on brand because we tend to bark around here a little bit. so, wolf, thank you for your purchase, beautiful. if you want to change any other things within the text right of your email, then you just want to scroll down in here and look, for example, let's see whenever we see any sign of actual text. so it's going to be text that's like in between the brackets right or the other brackets, the carat brackets or the other brackets, and that type of text is the text that you can actually manipulate a little bit so that it sounds a little bit better. you'll probably find it. yeah, towards the beginning. you'll receive an email when the order is ready for pickup. boring, so let's change it to: you'll receive a quick. let's do a quick [Music] how your package is off the leash- parenthesis- ready for pickup, because that may not be clear enough. beautiful, you see. so it's very easy to just change a little bit of the verbiage. another thing that you want to consider is the subject line. this one says order name. so it's going to pull up the name of that person. order name confirmed. that's it again. you can get a little bit more creative here and write a couple of things. maybe get some emojis in there, maybe like a doggy one or like a paw- super cute. you can get very creative with it, depending on your industry, obviously. and then also you have sms. um, yes, i want to leave the page without saving. i do that sometimes. um, you want to definitely click save on that button before, uh, you move on to anything else. so sms again. just the order message is going to be right here. you can change some of that verbiage again. don't mess around with the things inside the brackets. just play with the text that's outside the brackets right now. in order to manipulate this a little bit better, we can go into the customize button right here. so the customize button is actually going to give us an actual preview, right, of what this email is going to look like. so we're going to hit on that customize button right here on the left hand side and it's actually going to show you an actual preview- not any of that html stuff- of how the actual email will look. now this is the order confirmation email. so it's going to say order number confirmed, right, and it has little bits treats and just text boring. again, i want to add my logo. so i'm going to go choose file and do the logo. i'm gonna do open. boom, it's right there on the right hand side. it doesn't update automatikally over here for some reason, but i'm gonna click save and then let me switch between this and the other one. oh there, it is already. boom, perfect, um, now we have the logo right there. we can also manipulate the width of the logo so we can make it bigger. let's make it 200, 200 pixels. and then the accent color. we can actually change the accent color. let's say, maybe you want to do a little bit of red? yeah, just click on save and again, it might not change initially on that preview, but you go back and forth a little bit and that should maybe hopefully do the trick. reorder- nope, let's go back. and let's go back in to customize. and, um, the accent color didn't change. let's change that again. let's click save. okay, now it's saved, let's go back. let's go into customize for the third time. boom, there you have it, red button. okay, besides making those tiny changes, we can also go through all the email templates. so, like i said, this is the order confirmation email. with this little arrow here you can actually see your other email. so this is, uh, the email that shows them that something has been updated on their order. this one is the payment needs to be updated on that order. so i'm again. there's a bunch of emails that you can you can see and customize in here and that you can edit. so please go through these. if there's any verbage or any colors or logos that you need to add, go ahead and do so, because that will help your cohesiveness right of the whole store and help your brand as well. it will help you feel a little bit, just a little bit better. it's that extra touch, that just chef's kiss. i'm passionate about what i'm doing, so i'm just moving my hands like this. it makes everything better. there you have it. that's how you customize and manipulate the order confirmation email and any additional notifications or emails or sms text messages that shopify sends. thank you so much for watching. i want to hear from you. leave some comments down below. if you have any questions that you may have, we would like to answer them for you. and if you like this video, make sure that you hit that like button- like like, because that will alert the youtube algorithm unicorns to show this video to other people. alright, see you next time you.

Send Custom Invoices (Shopify Basics)

welcome back. today we're going to be going over draft orders, how to set up an invoice and how to do all of this while on the phone with the customer. so let's jump into it. let's tok about order once you've got your site all set up and your checkout process is in place and you can now add your payments and everybody can go and give you the money. you are now up and rolling. but in business there are always edge cases. not everybody is going to go through your website. some people are not at a computer when they call you that they want to. they want you to send them in invoices, aid. these are things that show up and Shopify can handle these sort of things. so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through and show you how to set up a draft order. essentially, a draft order is a customer service order when someone is on the phone and you need to put them together an invoice quickly and send it off to them so that you can capture that sale while you're toking about. if your product is that a stok and you want to get them hooked up on another product that's similar that might be better for their needs, this is where this would come in. so if we have a look at the dashboard and we go into orders, now orders are gonna invent, are gonna automatikally filter in as people check out through our online process. that's the idea of online e-commerce. but underneath all orders, there is another tab here called dress, and if we click on drafts, drafts are orders that we're going to create on our own. so, starting off, let's click on the create order in the top right hand corner. this is essentially going to give us our order page. this order page is where we're going to search for the products that we're going to add to the order: add a customer, email invoices, take payments, that sort of thing. we can do that all from this page. so if we click on products and we're gonna sell one of our bag organizers, we can just start typing in the field and it will start populating and searching. we add the product and we say how many that we're going to. we're going to sell those persons. so we're gonna say we're gonna sell them to three because they're purchasing a bulk number of them. we can add a discount for them because we're working in control of what sound being sold here. so we're going to give them a 10% discount and we're going to say it's for a bulk purchase and we're gonna apply that discount directly to the order. this means we don't have to set up any discount codes, have them checkouts. we don't to set up a discount codes and then the link: have them check out. it makes the customer experience very easy. okay, so we have our items put together. we need a name. now you need to pick a customer so we can either create a new customer or we can pick an existing customer. let's take me as the existing customer. it's already got my shipping address. I had it in here. we can add any notes that we'd like to the order. so a customer called in for bulk discount and then what we can do is we can hit on email invoice. now, typically, the next action on your page is going to be highlighted in blue, but because there's got a couple of options here you have can either save the draft order, so let's go and do that. let's save the draft order. so if it's something that we want to work on and then come back to later on, you know, maybe there you need to get in and through, maybe because she needs to get us an answer on something. we can go and put that together and then what we can do is we can hit email invoice. now, when we hit email invoice, you'll see what'll happen is it's going to come up and it's going to have invoice name and then it's going to have a place for us to add in a custom message to the customer. we can edit these templates in notifications, which I go into in another video, but for right now, please see the attached or your all bag organizer. you can pick who is it coming from. this list pulls up from the settings on the account pages. so whatever pieces you have in here are going to pull into the from, so you can say that it's coming from anybody in your organization. and then we can hit review email. so now it's going to give us an example of what the email is going to look like and then, once we hit Send notification, it'll actually send it to the customer. now the way that this is set up is so that the customer gets the email. they click on complete your purchase and then it takes them to the payment page, so that you don't have to capture any credit card information with them over the phone and you don't have to worry about. you know, any security. they have all of the security because they're going through a secure checkout. everything is encrypted and it will capture all of their stuff automatikally, making it very easy for them to get it in their email and complete their purchase suite. hit send notification. okay, so the invoice has now been said on their hands in order to do it now. let's say, for example, this is another edge case where they call and they're like my credit cards not working. is there any possible way I can pay? I interact, direct transfer. you tok to the customer. you come up with a payment method. they sent you your payment. you can now go mark as paid and what this will do is it will actually take this draft order and move it into your orders list. so when you hit this, this is when any fulfillment that you have set up. so if you have connected to any drop shippers or if you have any apps that trigger on when an order is created- this is the point that it's going to do that. so I'm gonna hit create order because I've taken payment and now this order has now switched over from a draft order to an actual order. it does give you an idea that this was being created from draft overs orders, so if you're wondering where it originated from inside your dashboard you can now see it. and now we're into the regular flow of marking it is fulfilled and fulfilling it to the customer, which again I'll cover in another video. but for the most part, this is how you create a custom order inside your Shopify dashboard, making it very easy for you to do customer service over the phone when you have a customer on the line. thanks for coming by. 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How To Create Draft Orders || Shopify Help Center

Sometimes you need to manually create an order for your customer. You can do this through draft orders. When you create a draft order, you manually add the products, choose shipping taxes and apply payment. Subscribe now for the next video on how to accept payments with draft orders. Draft orders are useful if you need to Accept payment for an order that you make over the phone or in person. Send invoices to customers to pay with a secure checkout link, Use custom items to represent additional costs or products that aren't displayed in your inventory, Manually recreate mistaken orders from any of your active sales channels, Sell products at a discount or wholesale rate, Or if you need to take pre-orders. There are two ways to create a draft order. You can duplicate an existing order or you can create a brand new draft order from scratch. When you duplicate an order, you create a draft order that has the same items and customer information as the original order. However, discounts and shipping rates are not duplicated in the draft order. To duplicate an order, start from your Shopify admin and go to the Orders page. Open the order or draft order that you want to duplicate. If you’re duplicating an order, then click More actions > Duplicate. If you’re duplicating a draft order. then click Duplicate. A copy of your order opens. Be sure to apply any discounts or shipping rates if needed. To create a new draft order, start from your Shopify admin, Click Orders and then click Create order. A new draft order opens In the Order details section. enter the name of the product that you want to add to your order. Check the individual products or variants you want to include in the order Carefully. check the quantity of products you’re adding to the order. If you add a product that has an inventory of zero, then the draft order creates a negative inventory. When you’re done choosing products, click Add to order. You can also click Browse products to view a list of your store's products and collections. To remove a product from the order, click the X button beside it in Order details section. To create a custom item for the order, click Add custom item. You can manually name and enter pricing details. For example, this customer requested a monogrammed t-shirt. A custom item is created for the monogram cost because it is a special request. Click Save line item to add the custom item to the order. If you want to reserve the items on the draft order, click Reserve items. This temporarily places a hold on the items but doesn't adjust their inventory levels in your Shopify admin. Next, select how long you want the items to be reserved and click Save. You can add an existing customer to the order or create a new customer. You need to add a customer if you want to use a location-based shipping rate for the current order. In the Find or create a customer section, start entering the name of an existing customer and click their name to select them. Click X to remove a customer. If you're creating a new customer, click Create a new customer and enter the profile details. Click Save customer. This customer is now saved to your store. You can organize your orders by adding tags. To learn more about tags, see the link in the description Under Tags. enter tags separated by a comma To select from your previously used tags. click View all tags. Click the tags that you want to add and then click Apply changes. You can apply discounts to individual items on the order or to the entire order. To apply a discount to an item, click the price beside the item's name. Set the discount as a currency amount or a percentage of the listed item price. You can enter a reason for the discount under Reason. To finish, click Apply To add a discount to the entire order. click Add discount. Set the discount as a currency amount or a percentage of the total order price. This discount is applied on top of any item-specific discounts. If you want to enter a reason for the discount, add it under Reason. To finish, click Apply. If the order requires shipping, you can choose a preset shipping rate or create a custom rate. To use a location-based shipping rate, you need to add a customer and a shipping address to your order. Click Add shipping and select one of your existing shipping options or create a custom rate. If you select Custom, then enter the custom rate name and the shipping rate. When you’re done, click Apply. By default, draft orders include taxes based on your store's tax settings and the customer's shipping address. If you don't have a shipping address on file, then taxes are based on the customer's billing address. If you don’t want to charge taxes on the order, click Taxes and uncheck Charge taxes. Next, Click Apply to save your changes. If you’re ready to accept payment on the order, then watch the next video in the series to learn how to invoice and accept payment on a draft order. If you’re not ready to accept payment, then save the order as a draft and accept payment. later Click Save to save the order as a draft To resume working on it later go to Orders> Drafts and click the number of the draft order that you want to open For more videos on how to grow your business, subscribe now. If you still have questions, comment below or contact the Shopify support team directly.