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shopify dropshipping tools

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Top 11 Dropshipping Software and Tools To Scale Your eCommerce Store

drop shipping software, tools and services are a great way to help us escalate and skyrocket our drop shipping businesses. that's why, in this video, i'm going to be going over the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for you guys to use that will help you with many things like product research, product importing, automatik orders, price and stok monitoring, knowing how to handle your finances and expenses, optimizing your product pages and getting videos for your products, and so much more. so, if you want to scale your drop shipping business, this is not a video that you want to miss. quick intro and let's go. [Music]. hello everyone, i'm lewand from autods, and in this video, we're going to go over the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for you to use to escalate and scale your drop shipping business. we cannot handle all of the workload on ourselves, on our own, because we are just one person. even if we have virtual assistants that help us run and automate some of our daily tasks, we still need the help of drop shipping tools and software to really help us scale our drop shipping businesses and reach new heights and new profits, month by month and year by year. by the end of this video, you will see exactly how all of these drop shipping software and tools can help you escalate your drop shipping business. so, without further ado, let's jump straight into the action, but one second before that. if you are new to our channel, subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that are coming out in the world of drop shipping, along with so many drop shipping tips and strategies to help you run a successful online business. having said that, let's go ahead and get started with the video. everything that i'm going over, by the way, you can read about it in the blog, which i will leave a link to right below this video. so go ahead and check that out if you are the type who likes to read. so what are the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for 2022? let's take it from the top. the number one tool that i want to recommend in this video is none other than auto ds, and the reason behind that is because auto ds is really the number one e-commerce platform for drop shipping that you have out there today. you have so many things included in auto ds, like automatik product importing, automatik order fulfillment, automatik tracking, number updates, price and stok monitoring over 25 reliable drop shipping suppliers, compatibility with the top selling platforms like facebook marketplace, ebay, shopify, wix, amazon and so much more coming soon, so you can drop ship and have full automation from over 25 drop shipping suppliers, giving you access to millions and millions of products that you can then resell on those selling channels that i just mentioned. and, of course, you can do it in multiple regions worldwide. so if you see someone- one of your competitors- doing a really good job on a specific market, you can do the same thing on a different market around the world, so you don't always have to drop ship to only one region, like the us. you can also drop ship in different regions like uk, australia, new zealand, germany and so many more countries around the world. those are some of the things that help rods stand out so much more. we also have a great blog page that's updating at least twice a week, with new artikles coming out that will help you out with dropshipping tips and strategies, product finding, case studies, success stories and so much more, and an updated youtube channel with videos such as this one to help you gain more knowledge in drop shipping and, of course, help you scale successfully. if you don't know about auto ds yet just head on over to autodeskcom see all of the features and benefits. try out your one dollar trial and see how it works for you. i'm sure that you will like what you see. one of the things that's worth mentioning is autods's new product research tool that simply helps you find the best products to sell on your stores, and you can simply import it in just one click from the auto ds system to your drop shipping stores with full price and stok monitoring automation, quick product importing, as i just explained, and, of course, automatik orders and automatik tracking number updates. check out the new product research tool because soon you're also going to have private wholesale drop shipping suppliers that only you can work with as an auto ds member. this is going to be an exclusive benefit and will give you the drop shipping contracts that many drop shippers are looking for and, once again, to work with private wholesale drop shipping suppliers, so you can work with retailers. you can work with private suppliers. you can work with whatever you want and scale your business to new heights. everything is very flexible on auto ds and if you're ever having any trouble with anything, we have full live chat support and a tiket system. if you do not want to wait for the live chat, or if it's not available at the moment, you can always open up a tiket and, of course, any problem that you're having will get resolved as soon as possible. head over to autodscom. see everything that's going on over there and then you'll know exactly what i mean and why i put us at number one on the list. number two on the list is oberlo. oberlo is another drop shipping automation software that will help you with things like price and stok monitoring, help you semi semi-automate your orders, and that's pretty much it. you can only integrate oberlo with shopify and aliexpress as your supplier, so it's pretty much just limited to that one supplier, aliexpress, and that one selling channel, shopify. so if that is what you're looking to do and you're not looking to expand your drop shipping business any further, you can give that a look. one of the things that's also worth mentioning about automatik orders: they're using your buyer account to purchase your product for you on aliexpress. so, for example, you imported a product from aliexpress to shopify and now you got a cell on your shopify store. somebody purchased that product. now oberlo can help you fulfill that order and fulfill it for you automatikally, but they're going to use your buyer account on aliexpress, meaning they're going to need your login details and they're going to use your credit card or whatever payment information you submitted in aliexpress. so the credit is on you and that's what it's like using the automated orders method, on or below. when you compare that to auto ds, autods can also help you semi-automate your orders using your buyer accounts, but better than that, there's also the fulfilled by auto ds service, which completely fulfills your orders- 100 automatikally, not using your buyer accounts, meaning rods has enough buyer accounts of their own and they will use them to fulfill your orders. all you have to do is top up your manage balance and enjoy the special benefits that you will get using the auto ds and payoneer partnership. if you want to use pioneer as your payment solution, you can also use paypal, credit card and others with auto ds. but in any case, let's go back to oberlo. so we know that they have one supplier, which is aliexpress, and one selling channel, which is shopify, and a semi-automatik order fulfillment method, and that pretty much sums up what they can do. their pricing for the starter plan starts at five dollars a month, basic plan thirty dollars a month and the professional plan at eighty dollars a month, allowing you to import thirty thousand products, but of course, all of them have to come from aliexpress. those are the top two drop shipping software that you can use to automate your drop shipping business. now keep in mind there are much more drop shipping tools out there, but none of them come close to these. so keep that in mind. and now let's move forward to the best product research and spy tools that will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors, because with these spy tools and product research tools, you can reall.

100.000€ Umsatz Dank Dieser 7 Shopify Dropshipping Apps

wenn nun mit jockey dropshipping staaten möchtest- wir sind ziemlich schnell festgestellt haben, dass es für jedes kleine problemchen eine app gibt, um dieses eben zu lösen. und wenn du deinen eigenen erfolgreichen online shop aufbauen möchte, ist braucht natürlich apps, die auch wirklich gut funktionieren. und heute in diesem video schauen wir uns mal diverse apps an, die ich, aber auch viele andere meiner coaching teilnehmer erfolgreich nutzen, um hochprofitable online-shops aufzubauen und damit online geld zu verdienen. die anzahl dieser apps kann es ziemlich erschlagen zu sagen, weil es gibt einfach hunderte von tausenden von apps, die benutzen kannst, um eben mit shopware dropshipping zu starten, und aus diesem grund sind viele einfach gelähmt und fand erst gar nicht an beziehungsweise wissen gar nicht erst, wo sie überhaupt starten soll. und in diesem video werde ich dir deshalb sieben apps mit an die hand geben, die ich selber eben nutze, um meine eigenen shops zu starten, aber auch apps, die mit meinem mann trinkt teilnehmer nutzen, um fünfstellige im monat zu machen. bevor ich jetzt aber die sieben apps vorstellen, mit denen du deinen eigenen dropshipping store aufbauen kannst, solltest du wissen, dass sich in der video beschreibung einen link hinterlegt habe, der zu einem workshop führt, bei dem ich dir ganz genau zeigen dir, wie du ein sechsstelliges online business starten kannst, nebenbei, ohne tiknische vorkenntnisse und ohne marketing erfahrung: schaut das video bitte komplett bis zum ende an. melde dich es dann an. wenn du daran teilgenommen hast und den kompletten workshop absolviert hast, also den workshop bis zum ende an geschaut hast, schicke ich dir einen kostenlosen ratgeber zum über 257 hoch profitablen produkten, die du sofort verkaufen kannst. schau aber, dass du dich wirklich nur bei diesem workshop angemeldet hast, wenn du dieses video hier komplett bis zum ende angesehen hast, weil die apps, die ich jetzt gleich vorstellen, die sind wirklich essentiell für den shop dropshipping erfolg also springt auf dem bildschirm. und angekommen auf dem bildschirm haben wir auch schon die erste app, die wir nutzen, um eben paypal stelle zu vermeiden, und das machen wir mit der simple selber protection. und wie gesagt, links zu allen apps findest du unten der video beschreibung. und wenn wir jetzt hier diese app nutzen, dann wird paypal mit shop integriert und die tracking nummern, die du eben von einem lieferanten bekommst, wenn automatisch bei deinem paypal hinterlegt, und dadurch bekommst du keine fälle mehr. jedes mal, wenn jemand einen fall bei paypal aufmacht, wirst du nach einer tracking nummer gefragt, wenn diese eben nicht angibt beziehungsweise händisch kopieren muss- für ihn ist, dass er sehr viel zeit, und wenn du sie eben gar nicht erst kopiert, verlierst du diesen fall und somit einfach umsatz. und paypal simple cell protection- hier ist wirklich sehr, sehr gut- und nimmt einfach alle deine bestellung, die bekommen hast, und fügt diese automatisch- immer schön paypal ein. dann kannst du auch sicher sein, dass seine kunden immer ganz genau wissen, wo die produkte gerade sind, und somit wirst du niemals einen paypal fall verlieren. das bedeutet auch, dass ein paypal-konto dann diese sicherheit ist, weil es gibt viele leute, die fangen mit e commerce an und bauen sich erst online shop auch, und auf einmal machen sie umsetze und paypal stärkt die kunden, weil eben keine tracking nummer hinterlegt wurden, sind und alle denken, dass du dann einfach hier ja unrechtmäßig zu geld gekommen bist. und ich hab schon solche horror geschichten gehört, dass leute einfach geld verdient haben, ihre paypal kunden wurden gesperrt, und dadurch haben sie dann umsatz verloren, konnten sich verweigern machen beziehungsweise ihr business wurde eingefroren. und das passiert sehr oft, wenn du ja, wie gesagt, so was nicht nutzt, wie so eine paypal protection. aus diesem grund nutzt diese er. und was auch sehr häufig vorkommen, ist, das zum beispiel paypal hingeht und einfach 50 prozent von deinem paypal umsatz einfriert. und aus diesem grund haben wir hier diese app, damit eben das nicht mehr passieren kann und damit du auch diese paypal fälle komplett eliminiert? als zweites haben mir passen panel, passen panels dafür da, um die tracking nummern von einem lieferanten an seine kunden weiterzugeben und einem dashboard für den kunden zu erstellen, wo eben der kunde nach sehen kann, wo sein paket gerade ist. zeigte das mal eben kurz auf der seite, wie das ganze aussieht. so, wir haben all in one tracking. dann brandet tracking page, dass das, was eben meinte, das sieht sehr gut aus hier mit der karte, mit den einzelnen schritten, mit dem career, mit dem das schiff wird, hier gerade auch mit einem lieferdatum anders denn da ist, und so hast du viel weniger supportaufwand, und das ist mega cool so. da haben wir shipping aviation es. dann haben wir hier analytiks, dass wir einfach selber sehen können, wie lange braucht unsere bestellung im schnitt, bis die beim kunden angekommen ist und es gut ist. es integriert auch mit sehr vielen apps. also wenn zum beispiel das support r passt wie senders, wird das automatisch damit integriert. oder wenn du nicht unbedingt- ich hoffe ich- verdutzten willst, kannst du hier auch vogue hommes nutzen, und bis der sehr flexibel so. die nächste app, die für dich vorbereitet habe, ist gem pages. jam pages ist ein page bilder, mit dem du eben seinen baum kannst, wie der name es schon sagt, die eben aussehen wie jetzt zum beispiel diese hier, und wenn linken der beschreibung klickst- du kannst doch seiten sehen, die damit aufgebaut sind. aber im prinzip ist es einfach nur drag and drop. wenn du zum beispiel ein video auf einer seite machen möchtest, kannst du einfach ein video elemente aufziehende youtube-link dahin kopieren und fertig. wenn du jetzt zum beispiel hier so ein, zwei spalten layout haben möchtest, mit hier links text und rechts im bild, dann kannst du das ebenfalls ganz einfach mit dem spalten element machen. das ist super simpel. die seiten sind schnell. und jetzt das beste, das ist echt günstig: das plugin hier, das kostet nämlich nur 15 dollar pro monat und kannst das auf unlimitiert vielen seiten nutzen. und das ganze ist auch nicht limitiert auf page traffic. es gibt bilder, die erlauben hier zum beispiel 5.000, 10.000, 15.000 klicks pro monat, wie zb klick waren, als diese unglaubliche cap bei 20.000 besucher pro monat. und hier hast du hier 15 us-dollar pro monat. fast komplett funktionieren page bilder, den du in deinem shop, ovi store benutzen kannst. das heißt, du kannst nicht nur einzelne sein manuell bauen, sondern kannst auch seine produkt listings bauen, kann es faktisch bauern, homepages. was auch immer du möchtest, kannst du hier major pages für 50 dollar im monat bauen. so als nächstes haben wir die pvv ist das team, das ich für mich benutzt und was ich auch all meinen männlichen teilnehmern empfehlen, weil es super simpel ist, um eine professionell aussehende marke sich aufzubauen, meinen hochprofessionell auszusehen store sich aufzubauen, und du kannst du dir in der video beschreibungen versichern und man einfach mal hier die bühne ausprobieren. das team ist kostenlos, und wenn du das pack haben möchtest mit ganz, ganz vielen addons- das irgendwie 50, 60 stück- dann kannst du dir hier einen plan bei den auswählen. ich habe, glaube ich, bei mir 27 oder 28 apps aktiviert, die eigentlich monatlich kosten, und hast du dann noch so ein paket, mit dem du daneben arbeiten kannst, wie zum beispiel hier dieser kino, das ist dabei hier dieses, dieses cookie banner. die haben noch ganz viele andere sache nicht mehr runter scrollen. hier haben die zb an imagination shack teams automatische geo location. das heißt jetzt zum beispiel mit aus einem anderen land kommt, dass dann die währung angepasst wird. du hast sachen wie card absatz, also wenn er zum beispiel der shopping cart rauskommt, kannst du dann noch ein appell anbieten, oder dass die savings anzeigen lassen kann, doch zum beispiel card gold anbieten. das bedeutet, wenn du zum beispiel möchtest, dass jemand mindestens 50 euro ausgibt in dem store d.

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Shopify: How I Found A $1M Dropshipping Product In 10 Minutes (Product Research)

a ton of reviews, obviously making a lot of money: 213 000 a month. the leather toiletry bag on amazon is making over 960 000 a month and, by the way, this is accurate. hey, what's going on? welcome back to the channel. in today's video, i decided to do another product research video specifically for shopify, and i woke up today. i woke up this morning. i was like you know what, let's make a video and we are going to be going deep into some shopify live product research, finding profitable products to sell and to build successful shopify stores from, so you can follow along and you can also see the absolute best ways to actually find a profitable product, as opposed to so many other videos out there. i don't, uh, show bs research methods. i show things that i actually do myself and that i would do if i were to find a new product. you know right now, so let's get right into it. i'm super excited today. i honestly love doing product research. i love seeing all the different kinds of products out there that i can sell and potentially make six figures and seven figures in passive income, because you know, you find one product, uh from any of these methods and you go and you build a brand around it. you build a store around, and i'm going to tok about how to do that. um, it's not super hard. i think it sounds a lot harder than it is, uh, but you do that and you can really take one product and build it into a six-figure, multi-six figure and seven-figure empire, and that's what so many people around the world are doing with e-commerce every single day. um, you know, and every single month, every single year nowadays is because e-commerce is booming, it's rising. there's never been a better time to get into e-commerce, get into shopify, no matter where you're from, no matter how much experience you have, no matter if you're from canada, the states, from europe, from asia, right, online business and the internet has opened up a world of opportunities to people all around the world. so i'm happy you're here with me today. as you can see, i am excited. if you don't know me, welcome to my channel. my name is dan vass. i do e-commerce. it's basically what i've been living and breathing for the past four years almost. i've been selling products online on amazon, fba and shopify, building physical product brands since 2017, when i first got started. reason why i got started is because i wanted financial abundance in my life. i wanted to make passive income and i also wanted location independence most of all, and these three things i've achieved, and much, much more, and i honestly love it. you know, i love my life. i'm very happy, like right after i film this video, i'm about to take my motorcycle, i'm gonna take it to las vegas and i'm gonna go and bet 5 000 on black on the roulette, and i'm gonna film that as well, so you guys can watch that video as well. um, but you know, it's allowed me to have this freedom where i'm able to just take my bike, cruise across the desert and just hit up vegas whenever i want, and that's just one of the things. right, it's also allowed me to become a multi-millionaire early on in my 20s and, uh, you know there's, it's a huge accomplishment, it's massive. this is something that, if you really wanted this for yourself, if you have that desire- and that's what i had when i started- i had this deep, deep desire to succeed, to build a successful business, to get rich and to have financial abundance so i never have to worry about money for the rest of my life- uh, if you have that deep desire, that's the first step. now the next step is to actually, you know, put it into practike and follow um in the proven steps of people who have, who have done what you want to do before, which i have done what a lot of people want to do. you know i've sold millions of dollars in physical products online. uh, i just recently posted up one of our brands. uh, we posted up the numbers, the revenue numbers. we did like 2k- 1.5k a day and we also recently hit a million dollar evaluation. the brand is called bro day. you can check it out, brodaycom. we're all selling on amazon, so you can check that out on my youtube. it's in my community tab, um. so you know, i'm always investing in new brands and growing new brands, so this is kind of what i do on the side of the youtube thing, but, uh, cool, i'm really excited. let's get right into it. alright, so for today's product research, we're going to be using a free tool called ecom radar. this is a tool that our software team created at econ freedom, which is my company, where we help people all around the world start successful online businesses with shopify and amazon, and you know we've been in business for several years. we've helped thousands of people around the world. so i actually created this tool- for free, honestly, because for my own product research. there were other tools out there- uh, there's like turbo ad finder that existed before. they were really buggy and glitchy, and so we have a world-class software team, we have incredible developers, and so i just got them to build this. it's completely free, so make sure to grab it. the link is down below. so, once you have it, the next step is to go on facebook, which i'm on, and then you just want to click on ecom radar and it's going to ask you to create an account. so you can just fill in your information to create that account. and, again, we never abuse your personal information. believe me, i hate spam. i hate, uh, all that bs and, like you know, we don't clog up people's emails. i'm not about that. uh, you know, if we are to send you an email, it's gonna be pure value and it's gonna be. i basically send, like once a week, i send it an email of pure value, of like things that actually are helping me in my own journey to um, to success and increasing my success and, you know, growing my e-commerce empire as well. so, um, there you go. so let's go ahead and enable e-com radar, and what this does is it will only show us ads on facebook. this is basically the opposite of ad blocker. most people, they don't want to see ads on the internet, but for us- e-commerce entrepreneurs and e-commerce sellers- aspiring e-commerce sellers- we want to see ads because ads are, um, the best way to actually find new products that we can build shopify stores from. so right away. i already see a product here: uh, looking for a better way to declutter your bathroom. let's check it out. okay, so it's a stiky shelf boom. it's 59.99. it's a great price. so you know what you're looking at is you're looking at the website. you're looking at how professional it is. so this one looks like it's brand new. they just launched the homepage is pretty nice. i'm pretty impressed. so, uh, one amazing tool that also you're going to need to use that's going to really help you in your product research journey, is alexa site rank. so it looks like this: now, what alexa side rank is is it's amazon's free tool. you can also just go on google and type in alexa site rank and what that does is it shows us the traffic rank of the website. and why that is so important is because, basically, how it works is it ranks all of the websites around the world from a scale of one you know, up until like in into the millions, however many websites there are. so if we see that there's an alexa traffic rank of 180 000, well, that means that you know we can. we can kind of say that yes, this website could potentially be making money. the thing about shopify is that with this tool, we don't know exactly how much money a website is making. there is no way for us to actually see how much money any shopify site is making because obviously store owners aren't making that information available. that's why we want to use something like alexa site rank, which basically gives us a binary answer, meaning that either the website is making money if the traffic rank is decent- and decent means under 200 000- or it's not making any money, meaning that the traffic rank is going to be above 200 000. so if the site rank was like 500 000 or 700 000, we can assume that the website's not making any money and the product potentially could be a no-go. but in

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Top 10 Shopify Dropshipping Apps 2023: Must-Have Shopify Dropshipping Tools This Year🔶E-CASH S3•E78

if you have a shopify store and you're looking for an app for shopify drop shipping, this is the video for [Music]. kind of you. this thing is: [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome sort of kiwi show. how are you today? hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you ever ask me if you are doing as great and blessed as i am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka. let's roll in today's conversation. i want to tok to you about the top 10 best apps for shopify drop shipping. this is really important number 10. we have auto ds drop shipping. our score: 7 over 10.. so when you think about this, this auto ds drop shipping app, what we love is that they are actually. this app allows you to automate the full az drop shipping process. okay, from a to z. so i'm toking about importing products to auto fulfillment and they're doing this over uh for over 25 us, china, uk and worldwide drop shipping suppliers. okay, so you have access to a large inventory and this app allows you to drop ship and save time managing your stores- if you have one store or two stores or whatnot- that you are able to import products to your stores in one click. okay, this is really important, important. and you have 24: 7 price and stok monitoring. this is really good. and you have automated orders included, so you actually are doing things automatikally. you don't have to manually import or order anything at all. and if you the thing is autods wants you to have, i want you to think of them as an all-in-one drop shipping solution so you don't run multiple apps for your drop shipping business. okay, from everything from draft management to in-app product optimization. we're toking about images, prices, titles and descriptions. those things are really cool. what we love with autods drop shipping is that you are able to manage multiple drop shipping stores. this is where it really it's really adding value. so this is pretty cool. and for the pricing- you can see on the screen here- the pricing model number nine- we have a model- is drop shipping. our score: 7.5 over 10.. so when you think about, when you think about, model s, you are thinking about a great solution for for beginners and also advanced uh shopify or shopify entrepreneurs. what we love is that you have a. you are able to see on the app. you can see the trendy drop shipping suppliers. they have product listing customization, automatik orders, status notification and profit calculator. what we love with the model is that you are able to see things in real time. this is really good, and they've been doing this for a while. okay, they are the official partner of aliexpress and aliexpress drop shipping program. we love that. and actually they offer one of the biggest selections of products to sell on the internet. they have a gazillions of products- really, i'm toking about billions of dropship products that you can add to your store instantly. actually, they have a chrome extension that you can download and install so you can actually use it to add a product to your store instantly. okay, and you we're toking about name brands. okay, we're toking about regular brains. okay. and the other features on model list include: you have live chat and email support seven days a week, automatik inventory and pricing updates, product listing customization. you have profit calculator. you have automatik orders routing and so on and so forth. in terms of pricing, you can see on the screen their pricing model. as of the date of the show number eight. we have importified the. the name. the official name of the app is called importify: easy drop shipping. our score: 8 over 10.. so when you think about in 45. we're thinking about a player that is a recent on the drop shipping scene, but there are kicking ass, okay, they're really keen as, and they allow you. the app allows you to find products from various wholesalers and you can add. you can add those products to your shopify store instantly, okay, the cool thing here is that this is another app that allows you to automate things. okay, so you are able to. to explain, instead of spending hours and hours doing things, you are doing things in minutes. now, this is really cool. and you are able also to uh, to take advantage of the main features of importify. what are those? well, you can find drop shipping products to sell instantly- i'm toking about, you know, doing things instantly- and- and a variety of from a variety of products, everything from uh apparel to clothing, to fashion accessories, beauty jewelry, toys, kate's baby, pets and whatnot, which we're speaking about- home garden gadgets, electronics, watches and more so. you have a variety of niches, okay, and you can import products to your shopify stores instantly. they have semi-automatik order fulfillment. they have the override function. we love what they call the price markup system. in other words, you are able to adjust your prices in real time according to what the ins, the, the competition, is doing according to market trains and they have custom product description. so this is really good. and you can migrate from other apps too. you can migrate from uh, cj, drop shipping, auto ds, sprockets, modelies and so on and so forth. in terms of pricing: you can see the pricing on the screen. number seven: we have ali orders, aliexpress dropship. our score: 8 over 10.. and when you think about this, uh, this app is a great app that allows you to easily import products from aliexpress and you are actually automatikally fulfilling all this with simple clicks. okay, you're getting everything from aliexpress. there's no manual input here. everything is done automatikally. what we love with this app is that it has some pretty good, pretty pretty good features. you can, for instance, you can, merge multi-product into one. you can automate the aliexpress drop shipping fulfillment, you can auto update product price and stok, you can auto update shipment tracking. so this is really good. and, and one thing we love is that we also love the fact that everything is done automatikally. but also, you're able to scale. so, whether you have you're toking about one store, one shopify store, two shopify stores, guess what? you are able to do this through this app. okay, and here are some features that we love. other features: drop shipping with ease- okay, you have. you can merge multi-product into one. you can automate aliexpress drop shipping fulfilling. i mean, i'm speaking about doing everything from a to z. okay and uh. their powerful chrome extension is uh is actually great in order to. if you want to scale okay and uh in terms of pricing, you need to contact them, but, based on what we have seen is that you have seven days trial and for the premium program, you pay 19 per month. number six: we have a spreader app. amazon importer. i will score 8.5 over 10.. now, when you think about spreader app, you have to think about, let's say, you want to find products on amazon and you want to. you want to drop ship them onto your shopify store? okay, this is what this app is for, and you do this with a simple flick, a simple few clicks. we're speaking about automating things here. okay, nothing manually. it's done and you're able to uh to. so let's. let me give you a scenario. whenever your shopify store gets a new order, amazon will manage shipping, returns, inventory and customer support for you. okay, so, and the, the spreader app, will actually do things in the background. this is really good and outstanding features that we love. you have an easy product import, consistent store, ui currency conversion and you have auto update price and availability values. okay, so this is really good. when you think about the spreader app now, how does the whole thing work? well, you can import any products from amazon to your shopify store in one click using this app and your visitors can view and buy the products, and orders get fulfilled by amazon. okay, and you can easily import amazon products because because the app is designed to do so in a very fast way and you can actually make money through drop shipping.

The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

tiktok drop shipping is a different game. winning product life cycles are shorter. creatives that are performing very well might only be profitable for a matter of days, and with the amount of people who have shifted their efforts over to drop shipping on tiktok, competition is fierce. if you want to be successful, you must do what others are not willing to do. you must sell products that are yet to be sold by the masses. you must cleverly craft your marketing angle, offer and product in a way that is unique, branded and unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. but on the flip side of things, the amount of users and shoppers on tiktok is growing every day by the second. tiktok drop shipping has taken the world by storm. it's unlike anything i've ever seen before and in a matter of just days. you can build a soar up to multiple thousands of dollars per day, just like this one here. and it all starts with finding the right product. [Music]: what's popping youtube? welcome back to the channel. if you're new here, if you're old here, my name is nathan nazareth. i'm a 21 year old e-commerce entrepreneur based out of vancouver, british columbia, canada, and just before we get started here, i do want to remind you that every single week i do a giveaway for a custom built dropshipping store, built by me and my team. all you have to do to enter this giveaway real quick is go ahead and smash a like on this video, comment something insightful down below and subscribe to the channel. those three things you're automatikally entered for the chance to win your very own custom mail drop shipping store, in which i'll announce in next week's video. now let's get straight into showing you guys exactly how i go and find my seven figure winning products to sell with tiktok drop shipping. all right, so before i show you exactly how to find seven figure winning products to sell on tiktok, first things first, you need to know what a seven figure winning product looks like, and it's pretty straight, straightforward. so we're gonna use this four-step framework that i personally use to validate every single product before i even test it on an initial launch. so, first things first, we're looking for a wow factor. okay, so this product needs to be able to catch somebody's attention in less than three seconds. people have the most ridiculous attention spans now due to tiktok and obviously, because we're advertising on tiktok, we need to really hit home with this product in one, two, possibly three seconds. another point here is: it needs to be easy to market. you need to have different marketing angles and creativity with the product. you need to be able to make really cool and unique video ads. if it's like i don't know, maybe some just basic pen, how are you gonna make a bunch of really cool video ads around a basic pen? i mean, i'm sure it's doable sell me this pen, but the cooler and the more unique the product, that'll also contribute to its wow factor and how easy it is to make creatives around that product. now the next point here is price. typically, we're looking for a product that can sell between 15 and 45 with at least a 3x markup. that's going to give us a solid profit margin across the board when selling on tiktok, and what i typically find is anything over 45 dollars. yes, you still can sell on tiktok, but it's very, very difficult, and that's because the large majority of the user demographic on tiktok is younger people, so they don't have the same purchasing power that customers on facebook ads do in general. now, of course, times are changing and older people are hopping on tiktok as well, but it's still the general consensus but lower tiket products tend to serve you better. step three: how exclusive is the product? okay, and by exclusive i don't just mean how many of your competitors are selling the exact same product. i mean, can you go over to your local walmart or target and pick the product up cheaply and easily? and also, do they have it on amazon prime? you know, nine times out of ten your products gonna be on amazon. that's totally fine, but if it's in every single warehouse and everybody everywhere can get that product in less than a day shipped to their house and for cheaper than you're selling, it might not be the most unique and exclusive product. so i'd probably look somewhere else. and then, lastly, how broad is the product? broad audiences have been crushing on tik tok, so that's why i like to keep the product as broad as possible and also have it be an evergreen product, meaning that you can sell it year round and not just in a specific season or a specific point in time. and also no age restrictions. okay, as i said, older and older people are coming on tiktok, so it's not just 15 to 18 year olds on there anymore. so you want to keep the product open to as broad an age range as possible. that being said, you can kind of focus in on the younger demographic a little bit more with your creatives, the way that you're marketing it, but you want to keep it as open as possible in that regard. and then gender: you can sell a male or female product and still find success. uh, but again, the broader the better. now for the methods on how to actually uncover these winning products to sell. you've probably seen some of these before. if you're watching this video, you probably watch other product research videos. so i'm gonna do something different and i want this video to be as valuable as possible for you. so what i've done is i've taken the top three methods that i personally use and i put them through a ranking system so you can see exactly which one will be best for you to use, and i'll show you what i mean. okay, so there's four categories to this ranking system. we have cost, product ease of use and speed. now i'm going to put more weight on product. i'm going to give product 20 points and each of the other categories 10 points. so each of these three methods i'm about to go over will score a total score out of 50, and that way you can easily see which method will be the best, and i'll also have the ranking under each category so you can see which one will be best for you. all right, so, starting with method number one, we have what i like to call the organic method. so this one is very simple. you may have seen it before. it consists of going to tiktok and searching up amazon fines- tiktok made me buy it- and unboxing. those are three terms, or three hashtags that i like to use the most and that i typically find the best products with. now you want to go to the filters and you want to click on most liked and less than one month. so you're going to get all of the videos that have the most amount of likes, that are going super, super viral and that have just been created less than one month ago. so that way, you're going to get untapped fresh winners that you can start selling. i'm gonna quickly run through and quickly run through exactly how to do this. uh, first of all, quick shout out to your boy on tiktok, the nathan nazareth. go toss them a follow. uh, next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna go over to our home page. i'm gonna go to the search bar here and we're gonna type in: tik-tok made me buy it. okay, so from there we're gonna get this top kind of feed here, but what we wanna do is go over to the top right hand corner, to these filters or these slider looking things, and then go to date posted and click this month and then go to sort by and click most liked. then just go ahead and click apply and you're going to see all these product videos that are going absolutely viral right now. so click on this. so one on this one. as you can see, it's some sort of mini home projector with the right creative. obviously this product is going to sell well on tik tok it's going to fly. the next one here is looks like some really cool toy that people can put in their office or somewhere and play with it at home- almost like a fidget type toy, um, but that is pretty cool. like that's going to catch someone's attention. it's catching mine right now. so what you can do is you can just scroll through all these videos.

3 Best Shopify SPY TOOLS #Free [Dropshipping Maroc بالدارجة]

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