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shopify dropshipping vitamin supplier

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How To Start A Supplement Dropshipping Business! (Suppliers, Ads & Funnels!)

in the next 10 minutes, i'm going to show you exactly how you can start your very own online supplement business. [Music]. [Applause]. now, guys, before we get going, in today's video, i'm going to show you exactly a to z how to build your own supplement brand: 100 online and 100 dropship. i want to welcome those of you tuning in to the ecommerce empire builders for the very first time. if you're brand new here, we are on the road to 100 000 subscribers in 2021, so do me a huge, huge favor: head down below, hit the subscribe button, notification bell, and make sure you drop a comment down below for your chance to win our ecommerce empire starter pack course, completely for free. to enter that, all you have to do is be subscribed to a channel and drop a comment down below on today's video and, of course, make sure to tune in to that next video to see if you're that lucky winner. but, guys, today we're toking about a very highly requested video on how to start your very own supplement business. okay, now a few things are going to go into this. i'm going to try and go over exactly everything you need to know, from picking out the actual supplements- a drop shipping, a supplement supplier- to actually starting to make sales and learning about the traffic, how to actually get traffic to your, to your supplement business. but one thing i do want to warn you guys is, if you are a total and complete beginner, supplements do have a couple legalities that go along with it, uh, so if you're trying to go, you know, first swing it back to get into supplements, i probably wouldn't recommend it. i'd recommend you go check out some of the other content on the channel. we'll leave some stuff in the description that's a little bit more, uh, cost effective. however, those of you that want to get into supplements or and you have a bit of a budget to get started, this is the video for you. so let's get into right away. toking about the supplier, so two suppliers, uh, that, uh that you can leverage, that i've kind of had communication with. i have a private supplier that i i use those of you inside the commerce empire academy have that contact details. i can't publicly make it available because they don't really do it anymore. however, i've been working with them for, you know, a few years now. uh, so i'm still a client of theirs, and any of our students inside the academy. however, i have toked to these two manufacturers in the past and vetted them, and they are very, very good. both of these are called ship offers and this one is called smpnutracom. now, both of these are called drop shipping suppliers. these are think of aliexpress, right? except these are for supplements. right now, how does a supplement drop shipping supplier work? well, let's take a look at you know supplement manufacturing partner smpnutracom. right now, we can head over to their actual catalog and we can see what kind of products they have. you can see right here at the top that they have 242 different supplements that you can actually private label. so that means let's, let's take an example here. right, they have a ton of stuff. uh, let's see one. uh, what is this? this is okay. so, apple cider vinegar gummies- right, apple cider vinegar gummies? we can click into this and take a look at this product. now, it'll have the all of this science behind. it is completely done. uh, and this is why i want to stress to you guys, you have two ways to go with supplements. you can go white label or you can go like we did for ontap focus. now, ontap focus is completely, you know, it's a custom formula, so it is more expensive to create this as opposed to going and doing a, a private label like this where you know the science, you know all the ingredients, everything is already done with a custom formula. it's kind of brand new, right. so there's a lot more testing, it's a lot more you know you actually have to purchase inventory. so if you're trying to get into supplements, you know it depends on kind of what your risk profile is. for me, i had the money to invest into a product that i really wanted, so i did the custom formula. um, however, if you're just trying to get into supplements and already sell proven, you know ingredients, products, all that right, you could just use their default kind of private label version. so, for example, this one: all natural apple cider vinegar gummies, all right, vegan friendly, and it gives you all the like a nice little uh offer stack image of the product and then obviously, most importantly, uh, it has the supplement effects, right. so you can go through this, check out the supplement facts. always sell, especially with supplements. at least this is my opinion. always sell stuff you use. i literally take antifocus. literally for the past three years i have been taking this product each and every single morning. okay, so i personally come from the frame of mind: no matter what i'm selling is, i want to make sure what i'm selling to people, right, i actually use myself. again, i know some people out there will be like, oh no, just sell what i already said. do what you want, i just like to. i i like selling stuff that i personally use. okay, so, uh, right here you can obviously see the supplement, um, supplement label. you can check that, make sure it fits, kind of what your brand is and what, what kind of stuff you want actually in your product. and then you can do a send inquiry or order a sample. now i always recommend just reaching out to them. you can give them a call here right away and speak to a representative. they'll usually give you the sample completely for free. uh, and you could just, you know, start the conversation, start building that relationship, get an understanding of how their dropship process looks like, depending on the inventory levels that the supplier has. some of them will make you buy like a minimum of 100 units at a time to drop ship instead of doing like on-demand. so just be aware of that. some of them might do, you know, at like one at a time for you, depending on their inventory. but remember, right, you're white labeling here, so usually they will make you buy a you know a couple hundred units because this logo, right here, right, right here, it's good, that's their logo. so they're gonna need to put your own logo and they can help you design all that stuff. you can always, you know, outsource it and get somebody to create your logo for you, but they're gonna need to, you know, print this out and stik it onto the bottle here, right for you, because you're white labeling, it's a private label, right? so that's where they're gonna have to have a moq, unless you just sell their version, where they can do ad hoc. but i always recommend, especially if you're going into supplements, get your own logo, get your own branding on that product. really start creating your own brand, right. same exact thing goes for uh, ship offers as well. ship offers is also great for those of you doing like aliexpress, alibaba- they actually offer fulfillment services as well- and great people over over there. okay, now next thing, right after you do this, i always recommend: how do you actually sell this? now? you guys know that as the empire builders, right? we have a kind of a quadrant here that we follow when we build any sort of online business, the first thing is the niche. right, because now we already understand: okay, we want to sell- kind of like the sovereign- but what's the niche we want to sell to? and that's really important, right? specifically, who's the niche? right, when you look at my funnel for untappd focus, you can head over on tapfocuscom check it out. right, i'm only toking to entrepreneurs. right, i'm only speaking to entrepreneurs. if you're not an entrepreneur, just get out of here. all right, guys, we're going to quickly flash our last video giveaway winner right there. if that is you, email peter ecommerceempirebuilderscom to get your free course. and don't forget, if you want to win a copy of our ecommerce empire starter pack, completely for free, all you have to do to enter is head down below, drop a comment down below in today's video and, while you're down there, of course, smash that.

Dont Sell Supplements On Shopify

don't sell supplements on Shopify. here's why, in early 2017, Shopify payments change their policy when it comes to supplements. what that basically means is they decided to cut off all merchants on their platform specifically using Shopify payments from allowing them to sell supplements on the Internet. the reason being is the company that actually powers Shopify payments is stripe and stripe, due to pressure from Visa and MasterCard, decided to no longer process transactions for the supplement industry. the reason why is because credit card processing companies like stripe are required to review supplement products, much like cosmetik products, to make sure that they're not making any direct claims on the effects of those supplements that are not backed by the FDA, or at least don't have studies that can prove the direct claims and they can cite that, or they have a legal opinion that the direct claims that they make are legitimate. those direct claims have to be taken into consideration when facilitating transactions for supplements because cause a lot of charge backs. charge backs are basically when a cardholder, a consumer, buys a product. if a whey protein guarantees that you're gonna put on 20 pounds of lean muscle and in three and three week, that's obviously gonna be a problem, because if you know anything about health and fitness, I personally am really into health and fitness, you'll know that's basically impossible, so if you sell a product guaranteeing that outcome, you can definitely bet a lot of people are gonna call their bank and say, hey, I want my money back. you know you'll get lucky if they call to get a refund on the product. the worst thing that can happen, though, is that they call their bank or their credit card company and say, hey, I want my money back. I bought this product. it guaranteed me 20 pounds of lean muscle in three months. it did not do that. I want my money back. chargebacks are, you know, one of the worst things that credit card companies have to deal with when facilitating transactions, especially over the internet. Visa and MasterCard require that credit card processors have 2% or below of a chargeback ratio per transactions over their whole portfolio of merchants that they facilitate transactions for. you know there could be 10, 10,000 - you know, hundreds of thousands of merchants that credit card processing companies like striped process for on a monthly basis, and if they have a ton of merchant selling products that are very prone to getting chargebacks because of direct claims, well, they're gonna get rid of those merchants on top of the direct claims that are not backed by the FDA, that supplements- and the supplement industry is known for making you know certain shady companies do market their products in a very dishonest manner. we have to also take into account the actual ingredients in the supplements. I've toked about this in other videos. if you watch my other videos you kind of know there's a database that the whole credit-card processing industry is required to use per Visa MasterCard Rules. so it's called legit script and this database has all of the flags that the FDA has made when it comes to consumable products, topical products, prescription online pharmacies, etc. a supplement has to be reviewed as far as the ingredient and, one by one, every ingredient needs to be logged into this database, much like a Google search. that ingredient that needs to be placed into a spreadsheet and if there is a flag on that ingredient it has to be listed and it has to be a taking account for if the flag may or may not apply to that merchants product, either because of the way it's being marketed, or if it's a red flag, that obviously can cause whether or not a merchant will even be able to get an account with a credit card processor, let alone with stripe. so stripe basically is a very big payment processing company. I would say probably 90% of the transactions that flow through Shopify's websites are done through stripe and we all know how huge Shopify is there- probably I would say the number one ecommerce platform out there. there's definitely, you know, big commerce, Magento, but I'd say Shopify, especially as of the past three years, is be kind of dominate the, you know, entrepreneur, internet business sort of market, because it is an easy way to get set up, to start selling online and start your own online business right. basically, has decided it's easier to just turn down business than to spend money to gather more resources and hire more people to review every single product being through their platform and every single ingredient and then go through all of the marketing, product labels etc. to make sure there's no direct claims being made. so, early 2017, they started sending out emails letting merchants know that they had 48 hours to get a new credit card processing solution. I personally have built a really good contacts throughout the years I've been in this industry of credit card processing for about seven, so Shopify has sent me a lot of these merchants directly: merchants that had already been using the platform and merchants just signing up to sell supplements online. now this problem is not only with stripe or Shopify payments. this is with many credit card processing companies. many credit card processing companies just flat-out do not want to work with supplement companies. it's too much of a risk. there's a lot of shady stuff out there. I mean there's supplements that contain steroids. there's a you know pseudo pharmaceutikal- you know ingredients that are actually a steroid, but they're masked and renamed as something else. there's a lot of banned stuff by the FDA. I mean there is constantly- I think monthly- new and new things that are being labeled steroids. there's, you know, constantly the you know the database to legit script when it comes to supplements and what people buy in the health industry is constantly growing. so it's just way too much of a hassle. way too much resources need to be allocated by credit card processing companies in order to mitigate the risk that they have when they facilitate transactions for the supplement industry. if you're one of these merchants that's wanting to sell supplements online and you have any questions or you want help, there's three things that I can offer you as far as getting you started with your business, or, if you're already running a business, what I can help you with. now. my email is gonna be on the description box below, as all my videos do. you can reach out to me via email and I'd be more than happy to jump on a phone call with you, but one. I can go through your website and your product labels and really see if there's any direct claims that a credit card processing company might have who would even be willing to consider your business type -. I could definitely assist or facilitate the product review, which we'll review every ingredients and make sure there are no flags. now I'll kind of go over the flags real quick because I missed it earlier. there are three major flags that you need to be to be aware of. one is just a green flag means that it's a perfectly okay to sell. no, no problem. I mean something like I think vitamin C is probably green flag, I would imagine the second thing that is flagged is it's a yellow flag. a yellow flag means that this ingredient is not an issue to to consume and sell and buy. it is an issue, however, how this ingredient or product set to contain this ingredient or marketed. I believe green tea extract or green coffee bean extract is one for all use. for an example, a lot of companies have used that partikular ingredient or products containing that and made a lot of direct claims on weight loss. you have to really be careful on how you market weight loss. it's a very problematik in the supplement industry, specifically when it comes to getting subjects of credit cards. you can't make any direct claims as far as how much weight you might lose. it becomes a very tricky subject. so you, you know definitely, you have to be aware of th.

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How to Start a Vitamin Shop Business Online ( Step by Step ) | #vitamin

hi everyone. welcome back to another episode of what's your game plan. today, I'm going to give you a quick start guide on how to start a vitamin shop Business Online. the vitamin industry has always experienced steady growth year over year and it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon. if you're looking to make some money and make a difference in someone's Health, you should consider starting a vitamin shop Business Online. foreign [Music]. so the reports say 60 of adults aged 20 and over in America are taking at least one supplement each and every month. globally, the vitamin supplement Market is expected to reach 25 billion dollars by 2025.. health conscious Baby Boomers continue to be the driving force behind all of this demand. you can buy immune boosting vitamins in bulk for as low as two to three dollars per bottle and resell them for 15 or more. so where's your piece of this pie? our world population will continue to age and people are looking for Reliable companies to buy their vitamins and their health supplements from, and that's where you come in. so how do you get started? let's Jump Right In. so there are two methods to start this kind of business. you can set it up as a Drop Shipping Store, where someone else is responsible for shipping all the vitamins and the supplements to the customer, or you can buy, store and ship out your own inventory from your own Warehouse. once you choose what you want to do and pick a method, you can now proceed to Step One. if you have no idea how a vitamin store actually operates, or your first time online business owner, I recommend getting a business plan from Fiverr. what they'll do is create a custom business plan that outlines exactly how your business is supposed to work and what you should expect. so whether you choose a drop ship method or to buy and hold your own inventory, the supplier research process is still exactly the same. you're going to need to find a supplier for the vitamins and the supplements. so if you want to get started right away and you don't have a lot of money to buy inventory, you'll want to head over to Google and type in these words: vitamin Drop Shipping supplier. this will give you access to thousands of products to selling your online store right away, without actually needing to buy any of them. if you do have some money and you want to manage your own inventory and keep products in your own Warehouse to ship out, just Google the words wholesale vitamins or wholesale supplements. as you can see, the listings will actually change and from here, you can find a company to buy and bulk from. now, when you've got all this sorted, it's time to officially register your business. you won't be able to buy wholesale vitamins or even work with a Drop Shipping supplier until you complete this step. you need to register and apply for a federal EIN number and form an LLC or a corporation, and, depending on what state you're in, you'll likely also need a reseller or retail merchant certificate as well. this is going to allow you to buy all the products tax free. I recommend using my Corporation, as I do have a wide variety of packages to choose from, but their most basic package will get you started right away. now, since you're going to be getting all of this money, you're going to need somewhere. to put it, it's pretty easy to open a business bank account, but they won't actually get you set up without having that legal incorporation paperwork or the EIN number that I just spoke about. you can work with a local bank that you're already using, or you can just choose a new one. if you've not heard of square before, they also have a small business banking Department who can get you set up with a checking account right away and the best thing about it, it's free. so the next step in the process is to buy website hosting. you can use any provider that you're familiar with- and I know that there's a lot of providers out there- but I always recommend choosing blue hose because, to me, they're the most reliable for e-commerce websites and startup stores. with them, you'll get a free domain name, a free SSL certificate and you'll get access to 24- 7 tik support, so you really can't beat it. once you pay for the planet Bluehost, what they'll do is send you login credentials. you'll want to save that information and then deliver it to the website designer in the next step. if you don't know about Fiverr, it's a company that sells affordable website development and marketing services that get done really, really quick. all you want to do is go to their website, type in what you want in the search bar, and it will reveal a ton of people who are willing to help you get your website set up in less than three days. I'd highly recommend that you make a list of vitamin websites that you really, really like and then send those to the website designer to get a quote once you choose the person you want to work with, go ahead and give them those Bluehost details and communicate your vision and your plans for the web site while they're working on your new website. you'll need to activate a merchant account for your customers to actually pay you through. many businesses use PayPal, square or stripe. again, I personally like Square. they make it super easy for me to accept payments online, via email, my website or even over the phone, and the account with square is absolutely free. so once you sign up, give these details to the website designer to complete the payment integration process. finally, you'll need to start spreading the word about your business, and a good place to start is to get a logo designed, business cards and online marketing materials created. for this. I've got three resources for you, and you can choose what fits your budget and what fits your timeline for Branding. I recommend choosing 99designs because their process is pretty quick and they'll actually give you what you want. there's another company that's called envato. their website has tons of graphics and flyer templates for each and every single kind of business, and then there's canva Pro, which is a graphic design tool for beginners which comes with a lot of templates, so you can just go ahead and create your own logos, your own banners, your own marketing materials on the go. okay, so now that you're all set up, how will you actually make money? here's what you need to know in order to take a check to the bank. since you now own a Vitamin Shoppe business, you can choose from a variety of items to sell. can you guess which ones are the most popular and profitable here? they are multivitamins, Beauty supplements, joint support vitamins, anti-aging vitamins and immune boosting vitamins. vitamin shops are making the most money by selling these types of products, and you can too. to bring in some extra cash, you can also start selling Fitness supplements, gut repair drinks, exercise equipment or even accessories. now I know what you're probably wondering: what's the price tag on this baby? startup costs for this kind of business using the Drop Shipping method are usually anywhere from around seven hundred dollars to two thousand dollars on average. but if you're planning to fund and buy your own inventory and ship out of your own Warehouse, be you prepared to drop the big bucks. if you like this business idea and you want to know where to get all the products, the vitamins, the supplements from at a discounted price, the link to the vendor list is at the bottom of this video. I'm also giving away my new marketing strategy book series for free. if you want it, just go to my website, enter in your email address and I'll send it to you right away. if I can help you in any single way, please let me know. and if you have a minute, go ahead and leave me a comment on this video. each and every single comment helps boost the video up in the YouTube search results. if you know somebody who's thinking about starting a business and needs to see this today, tag a friend, hit like and please give it a share. and until next time, guys, take care foreign. thank you, thank you.

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Pet Store Dropshipping (Step By Step)

hey, how's it going? in this video i'm going to show you exactly how to find a bunch of winning products in the pet niche so you can drop ship. you can see here we spend a lot of money on facebook ads, so i'm going to dive right into this and at the end of the video. you know we test so many products that i have a bunch of winning products here for you, and at the end of this video i'm going to go through a couple of these winning products so you can just go ahead and scale them. but the majority of this video i want to show you how to find new pet products that you can scale up. and what i mean by scaling is: hey, i should be able to put a dollar in and get three to five dollars out and then be able to scale that up to a thousand, two thousand, three thousand dollars and spend. so you know, if you've seen other people crushing it with e-commerce and you want to do the same, or you're, you've had some success with drop shipping and you just really want to scale this up into a huge brand. that's what i'm here for. as i've mentioned before, i'm an investor, so i'm trying to give as much information and strategies away that we use within our own ads to you, so you can go build a really monstrous brand and then, hey, maybe someday you'll allow me to invest in you or whatnot. so you want to make sure here, if you want to have a successful pet drop shipping store and eventually a brand, you want to make sure to follow this exact strategy, because when i started, i was dropshipping all types of random things and having some success. but once i started to implement this strategy, i saw, you know, seven multiple, seven figure stores that i was able to build and then i was able to pass it on to our clients as well. so i want to go ahead and show you this is how i find new winning products. and this is a very basic level, but i'll show you how to dive deeper here as well. but i just type in pets like this: i go to aliexpress and i search by orders. this tells me, hey, you know that a lot of people are already ordering these products. you can see two, 21 000 sales on this one, 16 thousand sales on this one, sixteen thousand. i like to find products that have really great pictures, a lot of sales, because that tells me, hey, there's a there's, there's a good demand for this product, right, and you don't want to waste any money and launch products that there's no demand for. so i'm able to see there's already a demand here. but now i'm looking for really great pictures, because to make a really good video, you're going to need really good pictures. now most people they spend, you know, hour, two hours launching the product. so it's really hard to compete against guys like myself who are able to create the video and the landing page and all the ad targeting all the campaigns in less than a minute. so i'll show you how to do that here in a second. i just want to find some good uh products and i like this coat jacket, this jacket for for puppies- that could be cute, and i'm looking for things that could possibly go viral as well on facebook, because that means it's going to be cheaper clicks for you. so i you know, if you're following this method, where you're following the demand that's already putting you ahead of most people, then you look for really good pictures and then you think to yourself, hey, which one could be viral, like what are products that might not be on amazon yet but i could introduce to the market? and these are the questions i really ask myself. and then, essentially, i'm going to set up a campaign that's only going to cost me a few dollars and, like i said, it's only going to take me a minute to set up this campaign, and i'm toking about creating the video, creating the landing page, all that good stuff. i'll show you that in a second. i just want to find a couple more products here that look unique, and the other thing you can do is you can start to get ideas, like, instead of just typing pets up here- okay, well, i see, like dog nail clippers could be a thing- i could put pet clothing in there, right, so let's check out this jacket as well- and you start to like go into sub niches of the actual pet products, so it could be cats, it could be dogs, it could be dog collars, it could be dog toys, and so on and so on. let's see if we can. let's try this fence as well. that's not too unique, which kind of goes against what i just said. but i just want to show you how quickly you can test these products, because from here, essentially, your plan would be: hey, okay, let's set up a store, maybe a shopify page, and let's create the video. let's find the targeting on facebook ads, let's create the campaign and all that good stuff, right? um, and this kind of plays into the point of people are saying drop shipping is dead, and i don't believe it's dead at all. i think the strategy that's been taught for the last couple years is dead, where you go ahead and use oberlo to put it on your store, your shopify store, and you spend an hour, two hours testing each product. that's really, really hard to scale because, at the end of the day, you need more winning products than anybody else and you need to find those winning products faster than anybody else. so i want to show you how to do that really quickly. all i have to do is click this link, click copy and i go over here to this tool. go ahead and pick my page and i just paste it in there and now the product is going to be launched for me. essentially, i just call it a puppy coat. then you can see it picks all the targeting that i want. you can deselect any that you want. three dollars per ad set, which is nice, so i'm not going to spend a lot of money- and i just click add to later and boom, i've just launched that product. now i want to launch this second product here and, remember, at the end of this video i'm going to be showing you some winning products that you can go ahead and scale, as i, as i mentioned, you know, i am looking for really, really good founders, so i want to give as much as possible and then eventually, hey, maybe we'll work together down the road if you do raise money or anything like that. so let's click add to later and boom: second product launch. so you can see, this is so much faster than going to your shopify store and trying to set up each product, trying to make the video. you know, this tool makes the video out of these images for you, so i'll call this, uh, dog hoodie, and then it finds all the targeting that you need and you just select which ones you want, like dog breed, dog training, dog food. that's probably good. you can pick the age and gender here. you could change this up, and then i didn't even mention this, but it makes your store for you as well, so i'll show you that. at the end, i click add to later and now i just launched three products. so i just click upload changes. you can't see it on the screen. but now it's gonna do all the work for you, it's gonna create the video for you, do all the targeting, create the campaigns and all that good stuff, and then, uh, over here i'll be able to see that it's launching into these, into my actual ads manager. and then you're probably asking: okay, well, that's cool and all, but how do i? you know, what do i do next? well, essentially what i do is i i'm able to baseline. if we take a look at, like these older products that i tested, for example, i just launched three products and they're they're working right now. they're uploading, creating the video and all that. but if i launch these three products or four products here, i can easily see, okay, well, this product right here had 85 view contents, while this one had a dollar 22.. these, actually all four, had really good results. but what you want to do is really compete with yourself. it's not about competing so much with other people, but it's about competing with yourself. so if you could launch 10, 20 products per day and you see, okay, this one has 85 cent view contents, i probably want to focus on this one and try to scale this product up. as you can see, the add to carts were 2.85 cents and, as i mentioned, i wanted to show you a couple winning products. so here's actually a winni.

Best 3 Medical Suppliers Dropship Suppliers - Dropship Downunder - Drop Shipping Australia

all righty, welcome to the video, guys. today i'm going to be giving you my top three medical uh type niche suppliers: the aussie suppliers. i know it's a unique kind of a niche, but it's booming, uh, obviously, for many, many reasons. so with that, let's rip into the video. [Music]. alrighty, okay, quick, really quick, guys, before we kick off, if you're just starting out, make sure you check out our free training in the description below: two hours of awesome content that will really fast track everything you're trying to work on on your drop shipping store right here in australia. so check it out in the description below. all, right, so ripping into the video. look, yep, three top medical device slash suppliers, drop shipping suppliers- um, unique niche one, one that you maybe not thought of before, um, but there's some high-end products and obviously it's a booming niche right now, like i said before. so with that, with no further ado, let's just rip in and i'm going to share the three best, right? so here we are in the first one, guys: ape, medical uh retail and wholesale products for, obviously, professionals in sports medicine and rehab products. um, it, obviously, you know this is a very, very unique kind of a niche and not everybody is going to be all about it, but these guys, they've got a lot of products. they've got everything you could ever need, you know, as you can imagine, for, uh, sports related injuries, uh, physiotherapy type gear, everything like that. i mean, if you're a trainer, or in sports medicine, you're a doctor, physio, chiropractor, anything related to that, um, and even if you just wanted to supply that general market, um, these, these people are your absolute go-to giant range of products, very well established um, they're, they're literally the go-to brand um for some of the biggest teams in uh in australia. so you know it's an interesting niche. a little bit different, um, they do. they have a very comprehensive drop shipping program, as you can see here. um, so you know you don't have to stok any products. uh, i mean, obviously you're going to need to get approved. this is probably, again, a little bit more tiknical niche, not as easy as, say, selling dresses or, you know, kids toys, but it's a very unique niche with some very high profit margins. super, super interesting niche. i find it interesting anyway. so, yeah, ape, medical, um, well, worth checking out. that's the first one. next one is: uh, dear jane. these ones are a little bit more simple to sign up with not as much paperwork, so to speak, but again they sell some other different things, um, huge range of all sorts of different things. this is sort of more aimed and angled towards aged care, i feel, um, but again they're all medical. they're you know, they're all medical devices. you can see the all sorts of um, you know aids and things like that, hospital aids, you know things to help with um aged care. but again they do sell stethoscopes, all this kind of cool stuff, all sorts of different products. so again, these guys are drop ship suppliers. i'll just go into the drop ship program really quickly: um, fairly simple to sign up with them. so again, this is probably one of the most established. these guys have been around for as long as i've been drop shipping. so, um, yeah, easy to sign up with and you know you can get started. there's no minimum orders, uh, obviously, and you know dropshipping is drop shipping. so all your questions are answered here. you just fill in the, fill in the details and, as far as i understand from people who have signed up with them, it's been very, it's been a very straightforward process and they're uploading products in no time. so that's the. that's the next one, dear jane, medical. so, yeah, as you can see, lots and lots of cool gear, um, yeah, they've got everything you could ever want. again, high tiket, high quality items. um, you know, big margins. all right, the last one, last but not least, aero healthcare. so these, um, these guys mostly sell first aid kits and you know things, things like that, uh, things that help for, uh, businesses and kits for businesses. again, you got your mannequins, you know, for training, cpr, all that good stuff um, medical, a aed solutions. um, i can click into the first aids. first aid is such a big niche. um, you know you could even have these kind of, this kind of equipment added on to a store. um, if you had an issue you're working towards with this kind of stuff. um, but yeah, they're really cool business tools. you know, nice little packs, easy to ship out, high margins, um, obviously you've got to set up a, an account to see all the prices and what have you? um, but that's reasonably straightforward. uh, but you need to be a little bit more established to sign up with these guys. i'll let you know straight up. but you click into their resellers part and it just sort of goes through: um, what you know how to become one. what? what have you? custom branding? they can do with custom branding if you really wanted to do that. custom support, you know it's all that's always, uh, always handy. online marketing: they help you with some of your social media templates and things like that, which is cool and you can see here. you know they work with individual entrepreneurs, small business owners, all the way through to. you know, big medical shops and fortune 500 companies. you know they can. they can help with it all and um, you know they. you know that they- they handle drop shipping, which is the main thing. they, you know, require drop shipping solutions. so you don't need again need to hold the stok, which is the main idea. so there's the top three guys, really real high quality australian companies: ape medical, um, dearjaincomu, and also aero healthcare, so aerohealthcarecom. so there you have it, guys. guys, our three top medical type niche drop shipping suppliers. that was a mouthful, um. so we'll wrap it up, guys. look, if you're loving the vids, make sure you give me a thumbs up, subscribe, hit all, all the bells and all the whistles. you know how it goes, um. and if you're just starting out, make sure you check out our free training in the description below: two hours of awesome content that will really fast track everything you're trying to work on right now. it's all step by step. well worth a look. um, yeah, click the link below. all right, we'll wrap it up. have a great day. keep living the dream. see you in the next video. cheers [Music].

The TOP Medical Supplies To Dropship | BONUS Suppliers List Included! 🤫

hey, dropshippers, and welcome back to our YouTube channel where we teach you everything you need to know about Drop Shipping and in today's video, if you're wondering if it's a possibility to Dropship medical supplies, the answer to that is definitely. I'll be walking you through the top 10 medical products and the best supplies for Drop Shipping medical supplies. so hit that subscribe button, have your notes ready and stay tuned. let's get it. [Music]. thank you, okay, so let's first start off with why Drop Shipping medical supplies would be a good idea for your Drop Shipping business. so, as we know, Drop Shipping in general is a profitable e-commerce Venture because it requires no too little upfront Investments. it's also a low risk business model because you don't have to maintain physical stok. so when you combine this business venture with a popular Niche such as medical supplies, you're able to drive way more sales, and an interesting statistik by a market research company called nmsc shows that the Disposable medical supplies worldwide markets can reach your revenue of up to- wait for it- 56 billion USD come 2030. with the Drop Shipping model and this statistik in mind, we know that Drop Shipping medical suppliers will help us build a lucrative business in the long run. Okay, so we've taken a look at why Drop Shipping medical supplies is a good idea. let's now take a look at the target audience that we should be aiming to sell these medical supplies to, so the common end users of job shipping. these products include hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostik laboratories, nursing homes, Public Health institutions, evacuation centers and, of course, disaster risk management offices. if we aim for these end users as our target market for Drop Shipping medical supplies, we know that these clients would likely have repeat purchases of medical supply products. this, in turn, helps us attain long-term success via Drop Shipping businesses. Okay, so we've taken a look at why you should consider dropshipping medical supplies. we've also taken a look at the Target audiences who should aim for when Drop Shipping medical supplies. now we're going to take a look at what products you should avoid selling when Drop Shipping medical supplies. so, first off, you need to avoid reselling regulated and life-threatening medical supplies. these supplies include vitamins pulls, diabetik test strips that are not authorized for sale in the US and, if the a determined, high-risk products, that such as ear candles and zappers. if you'd like to go into more detail about what medical supplies you should avoid selling, I suggest checking out Amazon's medical devices and accessories guidelines. take note that these policies are applicable especially when Drop Shipping in the US, regardless of who your suppliers are or what selling channels you are using. just remember: if you go against any policies when Drop Shipping medical supplies, it can lead you and your account to Serious consequences. for example, your online Source can get suspended indefinitely for selling prohibited medical Goods. likewise, you'll probably be required to settle Financial penalties as sanctions. the worst thing that can happen is that you'll be faced with a lawsuit for illegally Drop Shipping regulated Medical Products. when this happens, unfortunately, your e-commerce business will 100 fail. you're also not Professionals in the medical field, so you cannot promise your customers definite results in the healthcare sense. so always be well aware of the medical supplies that you sell and advertise in order to comply with standards in Drop Shipping. okay, let's dive straight into the 10 best medical supplies for Drop Shipping. first up, we have emergency survival kits. we know that emergencies can happen unexpectedly, so nothing beats being equipped with proper supplies for when the emergency arises. keeping Essentials in a portable emergency kit at home is convenient because it's right there, available for us as soon as the situation calls for it. so emergency survival kits usually include various medical supplies. some kids have compartments for food, water, personal hygiene, prescriptions, documents and other Essentials. so you should drop ships more options with basic supplies and big options with more product variety. when Drop Shipping these emergency kits, also think about the portability of these kids so that users are able to carry around these emergency kits easily. consider both waterproof and heat resist assistant medical kits options. you can also sell different closure types, such as zippers, clasps and snaps. our next medical supplies product is adhesive bandages. so these bandages are a no-brainer and can be used for about several purposes, from simple injuries at home to surgical procedures at hospitals. these bandages have got you covered and because they're in such high demand, they will 100 help you to gain those substantial profits. so when Drop Shipping these adhesive bandages, make sure they include features such as durability, breathability, adhesion and waterproofing. you can also drop your plastik clear or sheer variations, depending on the protection coverage and absorption capabilities. you can also offer Island pads and full pads. make sure to also offer a diverse selection when it comes to these adhesive bandages, such as various sizes, shapes and Designs. our next trending medical supplies product for Drop Shipping are, of course, crutches. these functional supplies serve as walking aids from those who suffer from Mobility limitations and physical dysfunctions. therefore, dropshipping a medical supply like crutches will definitely help us attain competitive Advantage due to its Market values. so, as we know, crutches come in various types, and some of the well-known ones that we can drop ship are under arm, forearm and gutter. you should also ensure that you offer various crotch lengths that are adjustable to cater to different heights. make should also offer different styles and colors of crutches that will provide buyers with more options to choose from for pattern cover materials. make sure you offer gel, non-latex and fleece and, finally, make sure that the grips of the crutches are sturdy and durable for the safety of your customers. our next medical supplies product to Dropship are weekly pull organizers. for those who take quite a lot of vitamins and medication regularly, having everything in one container and knowing when to take it is extremely convenient, and that's exactly why we have the weekly poll organizers: to help customers easily take their medication or supplements on time. when Drop Shipping these weekly pull organizers, you can choose from color codes, printed days of the week or graphic designs. we all know that the most common material for pool organizers is plastik. however, you can also sell options made from glass. regardless of what material type you choose, you should ensure to offer food grade and BPA containers. remember that you can also offer various shapes, sizes and colors of these weekly pull containers. keep in mind, too, that these weekly pool containers can come with specialized flashing lights or beeping alarms, which help remind users of their scheduled intake. our first medical supplies product that we can, of course, drop ship are first aid kits. as we all know, having a ready-to-use first aid kit for injuries and emergency situations is a must. so we all know that first aid kits consist of basic agency needs, such as bandages, antiseptiks, medicines and other tools. since first aid kits are basic necessities at home, at the office and other facilities, chart tripping these medical supplies will 100 attract many customers. so the first thing that every seller needs to understand when Drop Shipping first aid kits is the different classifications that address diverse needs. we have class A and Class B first aid kit types. these types, of course, depend on the injuries that the kids can cater to. make should also offer various first aid kit types according to portability and mounting requ.