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shopify free photos

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

5 BEST FREE Shopify Apps for Product Pages: Look Professional & Increase Conversions!

in today's video I'm going to share five free apps that will completely transform your product pages from spammy looking and conversion killing into professional, High converting product pages. before we get into the video: if you like videos about winning products, Drop Shipping, Shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. alright. the first app is Viva reviews: product reviews by sell the trend. true story. someone I know spent a thousand dollars on paid ads and made zero sales. when they confronted the company who ran the paid ads, do you know what they said? they said the reason their product likely didn't get any sales was because they didn't have any reviews. [Music]. think of yourself. when you're looking at a product on Amazon or even AliExpress, you normally go for the ones with a high star rating and a couple hundred or a thousand reviews on the listing. when you see a listing with zero reviews, it feels like a risk and no one wants to be the first to try and potentially be disappointed with a product. it would be an absolute shame to invest time and money into video ads, generate hundreds of leads to your store and then lose them because you don't have any reviews. now, if you're thinking, well, I don't have any reviews yet that's exactly what this app does. it Imports reviews from AliExpress onto your website. I really like this app, specifically because it's a one-click import. you have control over the types of reviews you import and you can choose photo reviews only if you prefer. I did a whole video on it, so if you want help getting it set up on your store, watch that video. I'll have a link in our description box. the next app is G variant and image Swatch. this app turns your text variants into professional looking swatches, just like the vessi's website or many of the paid Shopify themes. you can do color swatches, half and half swatches, image swatches, and there are also other options such as drop downs or buttons as well. this app really elevates and makes your product pages look professional, and not only that, but it saves you space as well, which is really important. you've likely heard the term above the fold. if not, it's a term that's used for newspapers and it's referring to the text and images that are visible when a newspaper is folded. with websites, it's all the text and images you see before you scroll. this area is your most valuable space, so you want to protect it and make sure everything in this area is the most important. if you have a long list of text variants, it's going to take up all that valuable space and you can't see any other and arguably more important things like the buy now button. so this app is not only just aesthetik, but it's also a space saver and will help you get more into to this valuable area. I've done two videos walking you through how to set up both the color swatches and the image swatches. both of those videos are linked in the description box as well. app number three, in no partikular order, is Ultimate trust badges by conversion bear. with this app, you can add badges to your product pages. you can display things like payment types, you accept free shipping, money back guarantees and they also have more specialty badges to State your products are vegan, eco-friendly and Etc. there are hundreds to choose from, so whatever you need, it's likely an option. the other thing I really like about the app is the design control. you can change the alignment, the size and the colors that it perfectly fits with your theme. I covered the setup of this app in this video, so if you need help getting it set up on your store. check out that video. the next app I want to tok about is bundler product bundles. this is a volume discount app that helps boost your sales by offering your customers a discount for buying more product. if you've ever been at a store where you see a buy three get one free offer or a buy one get one fifty percent off, that's essentially what this app does. you can incentivize your customers to buy more products by offering them a percentage off or a set dollar amount. it's completely up to you. if you sell any products where a person might want multiples, or maybe you offer different colors or designs, you should absolutely give this app a try. it has the potential to boost your average order size and, in turn, increase your profits. last but not least, we have globo stiky add to cart. typically, when a person Scrolls down to read the product description or see more photos, they move away from the add to cart button. you want to make it as quick and easy as possible for the customer to make that buying decision and get to checkout, and that's what this app does. instead of needing to scroll up to find the add to cart button, it follows the customer around as they scroll, so the moment they make the choice to purchase, they just tap the add to cart button and they are on their way. if you like this video, do me a favor and give it a thumbs up, or leave me a comment down below, and, if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe. we post a lot of time sensitive content, such as winning products, on this channel, so make sure you have notifications turned on so that you can be one of the first to Market when we post those videos.

Shopify Images Tutorial for Speed & SEO

whenever i'm doing speed or seo optimization work for a shopify store, i always start with checking the images. this isn't the most important thing for speed, but it is the absolute easiest thing to fix, and it's actually a very common mistake on shopify stores to have an image that is either way too heavy or not saved in the right format. so in this video i'll show you the steps that you need to take in between getting the images from your camera or from your photographer and actually uploading them to your shopify store. so there's only like three steps basically. first you need to save your images in the right image format and size, next you need to compress your images and then you just need to add some seo information. so first i'm going to show you how to do this manually for every image, and then i'll show you how to do this in bulk if you have a large store with hundreds of products and probably thousands of images. but first there is just a little bit of theory that we need to get through and it'll make everything much clearer for you and much easier. if you really want to skip the theory and get right into the image compression, then you can just use the chapters and skip to the part about image compression. so firstly, let's try to understand what your goal should be. okay, your goal is to get the image file size down to as small as possible. and what do i mean by file size? i don't mean pixels, i don't mean the dimensions of the image, although that's related- but i mean the file size in kilobytes and megabytes. that might be obvious to you, but i want to be very clear. so, if we really simplify it, as a general rule, your images should be no more than about 400 or 500 kilobytes at most. okay, and this is for a full screen large hero image or banner image. that is the full size of your browser. and, in general, if you're using jpegs, you should never really have an image that is more than a megabyte in size. if your image is over a megabyte, then you're doing something wrong and you need to fix those images. now. i'll tok about jpeg versus png just a little bit later. but the same is true for png generally. if you're using pngs for the right purpose, which is for things like icons and logos, you won't really have an image size that is bigger than maybe a hundred kilobytes. okay. so now let's tok about image dimensions, because it's something that my clients ask me about a lot, but it's actually something that you don't need to worry about too much. it's definitely not as important as file size, although it is related to file size. but okay, to get straight to the point, i'll say that around 2000 pixels in width or in height, whatever is the most- usually in width, right, that's the largest that you really need to have any image on shopify. okay, 2 000 pixels. and, that being said, there isn't really much harm in uploading a larger image than 2000 pixels, say, if it's 5000 pixels, because shopify does something called image scaling, which is where it resizes the image to the size that needs to be for your design, for the theme that you are using. okay, so it's pretty smart like that. now, images that are not full screen, that are not hero images, they can be even smaller than 2000 pixels across. don't go too small either. like less than 500 pixels is like too small, unless it's just an icon or something. if it's a product image, yeah, just keep it at square images, 2000 by 2000. but remember this: it's always better to upload an image that is too large rather than too small, because it can be scaled down by shopify, but an image that is too small cannot be scaled up right, it'll just be pixelated, okay. so the last bit of theory that i need to tell you about- we're almost done- is jpeg vs png and when to use each, because this is actually the most common mistake that i see on many shopify stores: not using the correct image format. and if you don't know the difference, i actually have an entire video on this topic and i'll link it somewhere at the top here and in the description, and in that video i show you a lot of examples and demonstrations. so i recommend checking that out to really understand this topic, but i will summarize it briefly right now. so, firstly, the image format is very important, because the file size of your image largely depends on what format you save it in and what type of image it is, so you have to use the correct format for the correct type of image. jpeg should be used for photographs. okay, that's the general rule: jpeg for photographs and png for computer graphics like logos, icons, anything with text in it and anything that doesn't have many colors. photographs have thousands of colors or millions, and png is not going to be good for that, because the file size is going to be very large. so, jpeg for photographs, png for computer graphics. but there is an exception to this rule and that is when you need transparency in your photo. okay, so photographs like a product image, for example, that has the background removed. okay, that's being cut out and the image needs to have transparency. you have to use png for this because jpeg doesn't support transparency. if you try to save an image with a cut out background as a jpeg, then it will actually have a white background. okay, it'll be like a white square, so it needs to be png and the file size will be large. basically, what you need to keep in mind is that if you use this kind of image in your design- so, like the apple store, for example, really uses that a lot- they remove the background on images of the macbook or the iphone so that they sit really nicely on top of the background of the website- if you have this kind of design like apple, understand that they are making a compromise. they are trading the speed, the loading speed of their website for that aesthetik of the images with transparency. okay, they've actually made that choice and the images on their website are quite large, and so the most common mistake that i see on shopify stores is that the hero image or something, a large image that is purely a photograph that doesn't have transparency. for some reason it's saved as a png and it weighs like four megabytes. this is the most common mistake that i see. yeah, it's just so easy to fix by simply changing that image, re-saving it as a jpeg. all right, so now we're at the good part. i hope i didn't bore you to death with that theory, but i hope now your goals are clear. you want to use the correct image format. your images are less than 2000 pixels across, so now you can compress your images. so i'm going to show you the manual way first, and then i'll show you how to do it in bulk for images that are already on your shopify store. so i use a tool called squash. you can just type in squooshapp in your browser. it's a free tool and all you do is drag your images in and download the compressed version. there is another tool that does basically the same thing, called tiny png, but i prefer squish for a couple of reasons. firstly, it gives you sliders so that you can choose your level of compression, and secondly, it shows you a before and after review of what the compressed image is going to look like. so, basically, i can get more image compression by just using my eyes and playing with that slider to get the maximum compression before the image starts to lose quality. now, on the other hand, the advantage of tiny png is that you can drag in multiple images at the same time, so you can drag in up to 20 images and it'll compress them all, and then you just download them all. so this is maybe faster than squoosh, because in squoosh you need to drag one image at a time and, by the way, with tiny png you can ignore the name, because it works for jpegs as well. now, after compressing and downloading all of your images, you're going to have to re-upload them to shopify. now this involves going into each product in shopify, uploading the new version, deleting the old version, hitting save, going to the next product. so, depending on how many products you have, this might take a lot of time. so i actually recommend using an app called crush pi.

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How To Change All Shopify Themes Background Image 2021

okay, i'ma just say it: i don't think you guys are ready for this video. this is about to be the ultimate shopify theme video for changing your background image. so no matter what theme you have, no matter what theme you have, i will be able to change that background. so i think. so let's get into it. we got a bare bones website right here. this is the debut theme. i already did a video on the debut theme, but let's get spicy. let's just we could pick any of these free ones. if you have a paid one and you want to use that, that's fine, but moving a little slow. but i've been hearing a lot of people just complaining about like um, not being able to uh, change some of the uh css on their thing, whatever theme they have. it's like: hey, i feel free, because some of this stuff is like it is hard to find the answers to. i'm not gonna lie, but this little trick should be able to help you with anything you may have. and this is about my second time trying to do this, nope, about my fourth time. so we're gonna see if this works with any of these other themes, because i made one for debut. so let's see any mini mine, emo imma, choose you all. right, we're gonna go with minimal. you may not be using minimal, but it doesn't matter. just follow along. let's use that that look nice. we're not going to have none of those pictures, so it doesn't matter. no, not really. so this is what we're doing. we are going to let this thing load up and then i think i'm making my main, but it shouldn't really matter. let me exit this bad boy out. yeah, it's still like adding it. okay, and it's added. i want to publish this, okay. so minimal is my main one now and we're gonna get right into it. so, to start, we're going to go to edit code and what you can do is: you can come in. well, let me do that. you can come into the assets folder and you can add your own image if you have one. so if you have a little kitten image that you want to add to your website, you can add it here. it's perfectly fine. i won't be doing that. i will be using this website pixels that i use in my last video for the debut theme and i will be choosing one of these pictures of new york and- huh, some nice pictures. i am just going to pick this one nice little picture. we're going to do copy image address in a second. sorry about that, people, i wasn't paying attention. all right, so what we're going to do is we're just going to click on any random white space and inspect that spot, and we are about to find out if this is working or not. all right, so let's open this up a bit. whoa, i think i see it. okay, all right, so you're gonna you want to open up this because it has the blue crap that's showing you that everything on the page is highlighted, and we want to get the section that we actually care about. all right, this could be a little bit more complicated than i thought, but let's try this. so this isn't about to do anything. we're gonna right click this div class, all right, we'll right click on that and then click copy and then copy selector, and then what we're going to do is come back in here and we're going to go to themesc s. so in my debut theme one, you don't have this, the scssliquid, but this should still work- and we're going to paste this in with like control v, or you can do um command v if you're on a mac, and we will be adding brackets and then a closing bracket, and then i'm going to type in background image. we're going to manually insert some code. so at this point you can add your file that you uploaded, if you did upload one. if you didn't, that's fine, but if you did, it will be something it would just literally be the name. so, like that dot, png or jpeg, whatever you have, you'll just upload it right here. since i'm not doing that, i'm actually getting a picture from this website, i'm gonna go to the picture copy image address and then i'm gonna come right there between and then paste my pictures link in there, and i'm also going to make sure there's no repeats. so background repeat, let's about that one a little wrong. and then we're going to type in no repeat semicolon. let me scroll down a little bit for the people who can't see in the back. uh, then we're gonna do this last one: background size and then cover, and that should be it literally. um, let's see if it worked. i mean, i told you i did this for the debut theme. let's see if it works for this one too. make me look good. and it worked. unfortunately it didn't get this section, but that. this is why, if we go back into here. i would probably just have to call it for the body. but, um, first let's see if we could fix this, because i want to make sure you guys get the best video that you can get. so we went for the main right here and that's why it wasn't working. i'm sure if you go for the body, it might be the same issue. let's see copy selector off the body section and then i'm going to come up here and all we're doing is removing this. okay, so let me delete this, let's save, and it should like. it should blend into like up here too, which i didn't want. but we're just trying stuff out so you get the whole page. if you do this, you would just, oh, that doesn't look too bad. you would just have to, uh, remove this background or change the color, the background up here for the menu. but yeah, this is. this. doesn't look too bad. you just got to change the some colors. but i'll show you how to change those colors in other videos. but if this worked for you or your theme, let me know. leave a comment below, like and subscribe and share this on all your social media platforms and help another person out today who is struggling, struggling, trying to find an answer to this problem. no matter if their theme cost 180 dollars or if their theme was free. we all need to help each other out. but yeah, that's it guys. um, i really appreciate you guys checking out this video and i will see you guys in the next one.

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How to make AMAZING BANNERS for your Shopify Dropshipping Store 2022

around about 18 months ago, i made this video, which walked you through the process. i used to make professional looking banners for my shopify drop shipping stores. this video went on to get a lot of positive comments and views, so now that we're in 2022, i wanted to go through this process again, using a different niche. the great thing about this process is it's really easy to do. it works with pretty much any product and if you follow the steps in this video, it's guaranteed to look awesome on your store. just for transparency, we're going to be using kind canva pro to build our shopify banner in this video. it just really has one element that needs the pro version, but the rest can be done in the free version. you can grab a 14 day free trial of canva pro using the link in the description below. if you like this content, please leave a like and consider subscribing to the channel. it really helps me out and, without any further ado, let's jump into the desktop for the rest of this video. okay, so we're in the desktop now and the rest of this video is going to be pretty much raw, going through all the steps that we use to make our shopify banner. as you can see, i've gone to aliexpress because it's an incredibly popular drop shipping site, so a lot of the products shopify users will be selling are on aliexpress, so it's a great place to get started. so the very first part of this process is we need to save the product images that we're going to be using. so i'm just going to type ski goggles. last time i did boxing gloves. this time i would just want to do ski goggles to something different. i like skiing, i think it'd be fun to do, and i'm just going to click on the first product. so what we're looking for in terms of the products, by the way, is something with good photography, something with a good product image, and this looks really cool. that's actually a video, but if i click on that, it'll become an image. now the challenge here is you can't save a picture off of aliexpress, or you're not meant to be able to, but i'll show you this little trick. so if you right click here, there's actually no way. if you click save, as this will save it as like a web page, which is no good. that won't work. see, see down here. it says web page complete. that's no good. so just follow these steps to save this image. you can right click anywhere on the screen and click inspect. what this will do is this will open up the coding for the website: on the right hand side, in the top left of that, where there's an arrow with a rectangle. uh, you can click this and then hover over your image. click that. it will jump to where it is in the code and above that there should be a jpeg or a png file. you can right click this and open it in a new tab. what that does is that takes it off of aliexpress and now we can right click and copy image. so you just want to keep this image file open and we're going to come back to it later on. okay, now that we've got the photo saved of the product we want, i'm going to open a new tab and head over to pexelscom. pixels is a royalty-free photo and video site, so any photos or videos on this website you're completely free to use in your advertising or on your shopify stores. so we're coming to pixels because we need a background image for our banner. so i'm going to type skiing, because i'm doing skiing goggles. uh, it would make sense to find a background image of some skiers. what we're looking for here, regardless of what niche you're in, is. we want to show somebody successfully doing what the product would allow them to do. in my case it would be go skiing. so we want to be put that in the mind of the customer of, hey, if you want to be a really good skier, buy these goggles. and it's the same in any niche. if you're doing gardening, you want a nice looking garden. you want the end result that your product or your customer- sorry- is after, regardless of what you go. so my case, i'm going to go skiing. what i'm doing i'll do is i'll go through these. i'm going to pick maybe three designs that i like the look of, and what i'm really looking for is a good shot that resonates well with the product. and i'm also thinking- starting to think about the banner- as to some dead space. so, for example, this one probably wouldn't be very good because that skier is focused in the middle. where is the product going to go in that picture? and maybe this kind of shot would be far better, just because i can have the product here, some text here, that kind of thing. so you want quite a lot of empty space, but the main thing is it's showing that desired end effect, okay. so i just wanted to quickly show you the three photos. i picked out all of them. you'll notike a landscape because we're making a landscape banner in this video. so this one was just a general: nice snowy photo, nice sky. so it's a pretty photo. it's got tons of space to work with, so we could pretty much put the product in the text anywhere on this photo. so i like that. the only problem with this photo is it's not actually showing a skier. whether that matters or not, i'm not sure. this is next one. okay, it's a snowboarder, but, um, i thought you know this big space over here is good to put the product and, again, it's got plenty of space on it, but it's showing the desired effect. and this is the exact same. it's got this big space on the right hand side. it's got this guy on the left. i think this is probably the one we're going to use, but we'll see how we go. okay, so now that we've got our product and background images ready, i'm going to head over to canvacom. as i mentioned at the start of this video, i have a pro subscription to canva, which you can get a 14 day free trial of using the link in the description. but you can pretty much do most of this process in the free version, but i do rec there is a step that does need the professional version, and that's just removing the background on the product image. so i'm going to come up to you to create a design and we're just going to go custom size. now. i quite like 1280 by 460 for banners on shopify. i think that's a good size. uh, on both desktop and mobile works really well, and i'm going i want to go a little bit uh taller in this one, so i'm going to keep it at 1280.. that's a good number regardless, and i might just go 600 just to give me a little bit more space. but you can use whatever you want. you can play about with the dimensions, but 1280 is a good width for your shopify store, and so once that loads up, this will open up the canvas here so you can actually get rid of that tray. uh, if you've never used canva before, it's a great uh, really simple, beginner friendly photo editing tool. so that's why we're using it for this and you'll see the canvas is here and we need to start dragging in our pictures. so, using our tab from earlier. we can just copy this image and you can just paste it in here, like so. and i'm going to make this bigger by dragging the corners, like that, and what i'm going to do in my case. i need to actually get rid of some of the things here, so i'm just going to drag that down a bit and i'm going to drag that up a bit and then, once that's done, on edit image, in the top left you get what's called the background remover. so we want to use background remover and hopefully this will just work really nicely. but let's see how we go. it takes a wee second to go through, but that should remove the background nicely. and what i just want to make sure it's not quite removed that section there, but the rest of it looks absolutely fine. you're not going to see those areas. so that's okay. i'm just going to hit done and that's fine. so i now have my product photo with a blank background and that was what we're going for there. now, there, we've got our product photo in there with no background. we need to drag in our background image. there's a number of ways you can do this. i prefer the old-fashioned route of just grabbing it off the desktop, covering it over google, chrome or whatever web browser using and just dragging it in there. it'll take a wee second to upload, especially if you got

How to fix image alignment on Shopify store collection page for FREE

[Music]. hi everybody, this is marwan. today i'm going to show you how to fix the image alignment on your shopify collection page. so if your collection page doesn't look great, for example, this image here is too big compared to the others. when you can see, the title is a little bit moved to the bottom. so in today's video i'm gonna show you how to fix this, and for free. so to fix this is pretty easy. we just need to uh, pick the images that doesn't look aligned with the others and resize them to fit the others dimensions. so these three ones are good. so, first thing, we need to check the one of the images size. so let's go to the product. we pick this one, for example, and we're gonna see the dimension. as we can see here, it's 800 by 800, which means it's square. the ratio is one by one. but this one which is not aligned we're gonna check it's the image dimension. i'm just gonna copy the title of the product. so the image dimension is 800 by 1000. so this is why the image doesn't look good on the collection page. so what we need to do is this image needs to have exactly the same ratio, which is one by one. so either we make it 1000 by 1000 or 800 by 800 or, for example, 600 by 600, the. the importance is that the ratio need to be one by one. the width must be equal the height. so let's upload this image. once uploaded, we're gonna use this free tool, click on create photo editor, then we upload the image. okay, once we have uploaded the image, we need to crop it. so in this example, i'm gonna crop it to make it 800 by 800 and on the viewer, i'm gonna check if. if the crop is great, so apply save. i'm gonna name it cropped and save it. so i'm gonna remove this one and i'm gonna upload the new one. so, once it's uploaded, i'm gonna make it on featured image. let's save it automatikally. then i'm gonna refresh the page and the issue is solved. all the image now are aligned. so the trick is you need to make all your image to have the same ratio. this is the trick to solve this issue and, as a bonus, in order to speed up your shopify store and make it more seo friendly, don't forget to compress the images. you can use this website or this tool to make it. you have just to upload the new image that have been cropped and it's gonna be compressed, uh, automatikally. using this tool, as you can see here, we have saved about 15 percent of its original size, which gonna make your shopify store faster and, by classical, by consequence, more user friendly and more seo friendly. so thank you for watching this video. have a good day. [Music] you.

Design Landing Page and Add FREE Photos Shopify 2022

in this video I'm going to show you how to get your landing page up and running by starting out with a design, finding some free images and adding them to your page and then adjusting them to the appropriate size. so if you've been enjoying these videos so far, please like, Please Subscribe, please leave a comment and that will help me make many more thanks. so I made a mock-up in Adobe Illustrator of what I want my landing page to look like when I'm done. this will help me just kind of organize my thoughts and be able to go step by step and gather the resources I need to make it look like this. I can see that I'm going to need a big hero image. I'm going to want some icons for SEO, speed automations- just a code icon, icon for slideshows, subscribe and custom menus, an icon for Consulting, and that's about it. so now that I know what images I need, I can go out to the web and gather those up. so I already got all my images. but I'm going to show you a couple resources and I'll put the links in the description for some places where you can get your own images, and first and easiest is straight from Shopify. so I'm up here on my slideshow or not, or my image Banner, not my slideshow, and I'm going to choose first image, and I can actually choose free images, and my whole thing is kind of a map. so let me just look for a map. look how cool this is, look at how high quality of an image that is right off the bat, um, so I could use that. or another free resource is, uh, pexelscom, so these are free as well. oops, so I'm on paxonscom and I'm going to look for a map on here and, as you can see, there's some really nice map images on here as well, so this is one I could use. um, you know, one of these- really a lot of these would be- would look really great. and one I just found is you X-Wing. so these are all free icons, um, and they're pretty big too, which is nice. so if I just look for, uh, let's say, support, I have an icon and then I can download this full-size PNG. so I used a bunch of those for my design. so between those three free resources, you should be able to find enough images to get up and running. so now that I have an idea what my layout is going to look like, I can go through removing sections I don't want from my landing page and add in sections I do so: featured products, nope, Rich Text. get rid of that and remember I can always just add these back in if I change my mind. so I'm not doing anything permanent here. I'm going to delete this whole section and no video and none of this. and what I'm going to do is I'm going to now click add section and I'm going to add a multi-column. there it is. so, as you can see, in my design it kind of repeats I have just one hero and then it's multi-column image, text, multi-column image with text and a contact form. so that is the plan I'm going to follow. so I'm going to add another section and choose image with text and then add another multi-column and then another image with text and then, below that I want to have my contact form. I'm going to click save and then I can start filling these out. so, as you can see, we now have replicated what was in my illustration. there's no proper text yet and no images, but we have laid the groundwork to start adding those. so I'm going to start up at the top of my hero image and I'm going to do first image, and I'm going to upload an image I made with illustrator, and I'm probably going to hire a graphic designer to make this look actually professional, but for now that is good enough. for the hero it looks great. so I'm gonna make sure you hit select and then I'm going to see how this looks on mobile, and that looks good on mobile as well. now a couple of things. if yours doesn't look like this, I have a dab section height to first image size and look, if that's unchecked it looks terrible. and then I also have show container on mobile, and so, as you can see, it looks way better to have the text in the button below it, so that whoever is using mobile can see the entire picture and understand what my website is about. another thing that's on by default is the image overlay opacity, and that just makes for, at least for my purposes. it looked really bad, so I turned that all the way down. I have this Banner height at large, and so now we can see that it looks good ish on desktop and on mobile. so we are good with our hero. I'm gonna go ahead and click save and move on to the next section. so now, if we choose multi-column. we can see over here in the left pane we have three columns, which is good. now I actually want to add an image and, looking back at my illustration, I want to do SEO, speed and automations. so I went ahead and downloaded these ahead of time, so I was going to use this icon for SEO. see how this looks. that looks good. so I'm going to go to column two- oh, I didn't save classic, got to make sure you save, so you gotta select save. and now I'm going to move to um column right here and do the same thing, and that looks good. so I'm going to move down to column three- select an image for that. and I now have my three icons. I'll come back through and update all the text later. I'm just gonna finish saving these changes and move on to the next section, which will be the image with text, and my next section was custom code. so I've got the image with text selected and so over in the right hand pane I'm going to upload another image, and I thought I had a code one. I guess not, but it's okay, I can just download one from uxwingcom and that looks pretty good. so now move down to the next multi-column and upload those images. so here I am working in the left pane right here and selecting the column, and I'll just add these. I think you're getting the idea by now. so I added those and we are ready to move down to our next image with text and I'm gonna make these alternate. so I'm going to do image second and Save and select my image and I want this one to be Consulting. so I'm going to add the Consulting icon, select and Save, and then we are down to our contact form. one of the things I notiked is my images are a little bit aggressively large. so on this bottom image of text, I'm going to see if I can make that look a little bit better. if I mess with the height, it's going to squash. it doesn't look great. I'm going to leave that as adapt image. but if I mess with a width and make it small, it looks a lot better. so I'm going to go ahead and save those changes and then do the same thing wherever else I can, and this one is just not playing nice. so I'm going to change the image a little bit and I'm just going to go over to canva and I've got this blank design right here that I'm going to resize to 512 by 512.. and then I'm going to go ahead and drag one of those images right onto it. canva is pretty amazing, I have to say. and now I'm going to not take up the whole screen, I'm just going to put this right in the center and then I'm going to download this. keep a transparent background, why not? and that just was exported as Untitled design six. so now I'm going to upload that and see how that looks, see if that looks better. change, upload, Untitled design six. and that looks a lot better. and I think I'm going to go through and do the same thing for these. these are just a little bit too in your face for me. I have like those all to be about half the size, so I won't make you wash that. you can go ahead and look back at what I just did in canva and I'll go through and do these myself and, as you can see, that is significantly less aggressive. so I'm going to go ahead and give these three the same treatment. so that is all done and we now have all of our images uploaded and we have the layout just how we want it for our landing page and next we can start going in and filling in the text. so that is about it for this video. if this was helpful, please like, Please Subscribe, please leave a comment. that really helps me and thank you for watching.