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shopify free plan

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

✅ Shopify 3 Months For $1 🔥 How To Register For Shopify $1 Dollar Offer & Free Trial [2023]

Shopify free trial: three months for one dollar of Shopify. so, yes, you can tell by the video title and tell by everything in today's video that I'm going to be showing you how you can get the Shopify free monster Shopify for only one dollar. so you basically pay one dollar a month for three months of Shopify, which is an insane deal, and I had to make a video for you guys on this new update Shopify on here on internet website so you guys don't miss out. so, um, if you do want to take advantage off the bat of this offer, I'll provide a link Down Below in the video description so you can instantly get access to that right now. and also, if you do want to see if this still is actually available whenever you're watching this video, I'll provide a link Down Below in the video description so you can go ahead and actually check to see if this still is going to be available whenever you're watching this video. so this video can be, you know, a year old, two years or anything like that, and the links down below will get you the best deal that is available for Shopify, regardless of when you're watching this video. so, yeah, the first step to begin today's video is to click the top link Down Below in the video description. and, um, just to clarify, I'll give you some context on how insane this deal is in terms of saving. if we go over here to shopify's pricing plans right here, you'll see that they have free, even price, implants. so normally, well, just with their um bare minimum like pricing plan right here, off the cheapest plan right here, they have on their website um the basic plants. so you normally have to pay 29 a month and you'll be able to get again right here, three months of Shopify for one dollar on select plans. so that's crazy. and again, like I said just before in the introduction, Shopify does, like you know, do different deals and change their trolls from time to time. so, um, normally they have a 14 day trial, but for some reason it's like only a three-day trial. so, um, again, I will be updating the links down below to the best troll offers, because they even had like 90 day free trials in the past actually. so if there are like any new trials like that, I'll update the links down below for you. so, again, like I said, regardless, when you watch this video, you'll be able to get the best trolls and the best deals for Shopify. but, like I said, the premise of today's video is to go over there three months to Shopify for one dollar, which is crazy. so let's click on sign up and I'm gonna go through the exact process so you don't miss out, so you can skip all these like little Nitty Gritty steps. so it's just basically like a survey for Shopify really. so it doesn't really affect anything. so I'll just click on skip, skip and skip and then what you can do right here: if you do have a name for your store, you can put in a name for your store right here. so I'm going to put in a minute website and just a random text, I guess. so let's just click on next. put in your location, just click on next should be like automatikally, like I said, to your region as well. then you'll click on like how do you want to create your Shopify account? so your free trial, and if we just want to click on whatever you want to do, so I'm going to click on the email. once you put in your details, click on create Shopify ID and there you go. once all this is set up for you in the background, you'll see that you come to your Shopify dashboard right here and, as you can see, build your dream business at your own pace. enjoy three months of Shopify for one dollar a month when you sign up for a monthly basic or starter plan- crazy, crazy stuff, guys. so if we go over here and we also get this prompt right here at the bottom right hand of the um web page right here on, your troll just started. but, of course, if you want to enjoy free monster Shopify for one dollar a month when you sign up for a monthly or basic plan, you can either click the top call to action right here inside of the dashboard or the bottom call to action on the bottom right hand corner. so if you click on pick a plan right here, this is again, so you can activate your Shopify three months for one dollar deal. so, as you can see, this is going to be the deal right here. so only a dollar USD a month for the first three months, which is just absolutely crazy stuff. so enjoy three months Shopify for only one dollar a month on select plans. so obviously you can't do this with the Shopify or the advanced Shopify plans, unfortunately, but nevertheless the fact that we can actually go ahead and do these for the basic plan. again, if we go over here to the pricing plan, you normally have to pay 29 a month for the basic plan right here. but with this deal right here, you only pay a dollar USD for the first three months of your Shopify account, which is just crazy. so you can click on choose this plan right here. so let's choose this plan, okay, and then you can see that you will be able to go ahead and choose this billing cycle: so monthly, one year, or dollar USD for the first three months, which is an amazing deal. so I still, honestly, couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this- that Shopify was doing this promotion. so, again, I wanted to definitely make a video for you guys, so you can definitely take advantage of this offer while still available. Okay, so you will be charged one dollar and obviously, after the three month period, you will be charged fully, which is going to be 29 a month. so do keep that in mind, Bob, this is going to be a special deal where you get it for three months for like one dollar. so once you go ahead and choose your billing Cycles- so let's just choose that- you'll need to put in your business address or your details right here. so you're putting you choose your region, you'll choose, you're putting your like your first name, your last name, your address, all that type of stuff. then you'll go ahead and choose how you like to pay. so you can pay via credit card or PayPal, both options obviously going to be up to you, but you have both options available. so if we click on credit card right here, you're put in your details here here and all that type of stuff- your region, your name, your address and all that type of stuff. then, with the PayPal, you can just connect your PayPal account and use it to pay your bills and you'll be redirected to PayPal to add your billing information, which is pretty cool stuff. so it's very, very simple to do and very, very simple to actually activate your one dollar a month times three months plan. so basically, you only pay a dollar per month for the first three months, all the basic Shopify plan, which is crazy stuff, an amazing deal to take advantage of. also, if we go over here to pick a plan, like we just discussed through the middle part of today's video, as you can see, the most popular is going to be the basic Shopify plan and you can't obviously choose the one dollar a month plan for the first three months for the Shopify plan, for 79 a month, or the advanced trip of my plan. but you can do this with the basic Shopify, again for 29 a month, which you normally have to pay, but like you only get it for like. you can basically pay like one dollar a month for the first three months for the basic Shopify plan and you can do the same thing for the starter plan right here as well, which would normally cost you five dollars a month. but you can go ahead and pay one dollar a month for the first frame for the Shopify starter plan, which is going to be up to you as well. but obviously, if we go up here, the best Shopify plan a transaction fees for all third party payment providers is two percent, and the same with the currency conversion tree right here, which is going to be two percent. in terms of features, you get two staff members and up to four locations and shipping of right here after 77 discount. then with the starter plan right here, the payments. so when it comes to third-party transaction fees, if not using Shopify payments, it's five percent and online credit cards, which is going to be five percent plus this given amount, right h.

🔥 Shopify Starter Plan Review ✅ $5 Shopify Starter Plan 2023 Pros & Cons

Shopify startup plan review. so, as you can tell by today's video title, we've got some exciting news because Shopify has a new plan called the Shopify starter plan where you can actually sign up. again, I'm going to provide a link down below to this as well, by the way. but essentially you can start up and get started with Shopify for only five dollars a month, which is absolutely crazy. so I'm Gonna Leave a special link Down Below in the video description for you. but basically, to the best of my knowledge, it seems to be at their replacement for Shopify live and it's just crazy, crazy news because, again, if we go over to shopify's original website and if you do want just a free trial of Shopify, just their regular plan, I'll put a link down below to that as well- but if we go over to the normal price and like the most popular plan, like basically the cheapest plan, normally is only going to be 29 a month. so the fact that you can get Shopify a startup plan right here for only five dollars a month, which is going to be their new plan, it's just absolutely insane. again, if we go to the website, which I'll provide Down Below in the video description for you, this is what it looks like at the time of recording today's video. you can get started right here for free and you can start your free account so you can start up a phrase- what they're saying right here- so you can put in like where your business will be located- so in the United States in this case, as an example- and then you can create a Shopify account. you can continue with email, Apple, Facebook and Google, but I'll get back to that in a second. actually, I want to scroll down below right here so it goes over local information right here so you can jump straight into selling. so we've started. you can. your store is ready to go in just a few clicks and selling power powered for social. monetize the link in bio, grow as you go. it has a bit of FAQ right here as well. so what is the startup plan basically? well, the starter plan is the easiest version of Shopify. at five USD a month, you can create a starter store in minutes, powered by shopify's industry best checkout experience. startup plan is ideal for selling products for social media- email, SMS, WhatsApp and anywhere else you might want to share, get a link to the product. plus, you don't have to spend a lot of time, effort setting it up and with optimization for mobile devices. the startup plan makes it easy for customers to make purchases wherever and whenever they find your products. you can obviously upgrade. so they go over- kind of upgrade- to other Shopify plans and they say: when you and your business are ready for more selling features, customization and sale channels, you can easily upgrade to different Shopify plans that fits with your needs without losing your orders, data or settings. so if we go over here, like I've said during the start of today's video, there's all the different plans you can upgrade to later on. but, um, the fact that there's like a five dollar a month plan is pretty crazy and obviously it goes over like: yeah, basically the five dollar a month plan and the transaction fees are only five percent when you use Shopify payments. so, yeah, let's go back to this section right here and just sign up. so this is what it looks like and I just want to go for a bit of an example. so I'm just putting the email right here and I'm gonna put in an email address right now, click on create Shopify account and there you guys go. as you can see on the screen, we have a free trial for the Shopify startup plan and obviously, after troll period, it's gonna be like five dollars a month for this partikular plan, but isn't that just insane? though, like right off the bat, I've just shown you basically that you can get a free trial for the five dollar a month plan, which is just again, just so crazy to me that you can get it for that cheap. if we go over here, we can obviously customize our online stores. we have a preview of the current theme and we can actually manage to Brand it as well, so we can customize our store and make it our own. so we got our logo and all that type of stuff right here: change the colors, the cover, image, slogan and short description- so we can do all these little things to basically customize our own store, which is excellent. and if we go back over here, there's a lot of other different features we can do here as well: marking, analytiks, finances, customers, products, orders- so very, very, very, very cool stuff. and we can obviously remove the password for online store as well, if you're looking to get started doing that. and yeah, there's lots of different things we can do to customize the store- we can obviously put in our own title in the description. this is all pretty basic stuff, but I just want to go over it briefly as well so you can like have a bit of a preview and see what is actually inside of this plan as well. so, yeah, very, very cool stuff. you could obviously go through all this, you know, in time. so it's a bit like a setup guide as well. so add your first product, name your store, add brand assets- that's very, very important- to set up Shopify payments. remove your store password, like I just briefly went over before. you can remove your store password and then you can share your products to the world, basically whether that's through tik tok, Instagram- uh, you know- YouTube or anything like that- anywhere where you can basically like get your message and your product out there to the world, you can go ahead and share your products and you start collecting sales and potentially earning, you know, some money um off your brand new store inside of Shopify. now what I also wanted to go over in today's video, which I think is very, very important, is the starter plan and the basic plan. so if we go over here to the upgrade, we obviously cover this in today's video already and we've kind of went over the pricing plans right here. it's free from pricing plans with different benefits, so the more you pay, the more features and the more benefits you get. if we have other videos on the YouTube channel that go over the different pricing plans, for sure to find a lot more details, so feel free to watch those videos after watching this. but if we go back over here- and this is what I wanted to cover in today's video as well- is: how is the startup plan different from the basic plan? well, Shopify slider plan is a lightweight way to launch a business or test sales idea is, without spending too much time or startup capital or building a full website. so if you're doing like a Drop Shipping product or, quite frankly, you just want to, like you know, test out a product in the marketplaces to either converts, well, whatever your attention may be, I think the startup plan would be a great way to go ahead and do that for the cheapest price possible, without investing too much capital in the software. and then, as you gradually like, growing your business, you can easily upgrade to other different Shopify plans and you can shop, upgrade to the Pasty Clan if need be, and even to the other Advanced fans right here in the future. if that's what you want to do and you'll be able to get more different like benefits and features of each individual one, you can definitely consider doing that. okay, so, getting back over here, with a startup plan, you can get access to essential features like product pages, check out, inbox and Link pops so you can start selling right away, even if your only device with a smartphone. and then, once you've established a custom base and proven that there's demand for your product, again the whole purpose, in my personal opinion, to go with a starter Planet inside of Shopify is to really see if there's going to be demand for your products. so really just put it out there in the marketplace, see if it's getting the results for you. then you can obviously expand and grow your business by upgrading to the existing Shopify plans if that's what you want to do. so, getting back onto this, you may want to explore the Shopify basic plan, which includes valuator features like t.

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Shopify Plan Features || Shopify Help Center

shopify offers plans with different features to meet your business needs. keep watching to learn about the features and benefits to each plan so you can decide what's right for your business. the cost of your shopify plan- transaction fees and credit card rates- depend on the plan you choose and where your business is located. then visit helpshopifycom and open the help artikle on plan features. here you can find detailed descriptions of all plans. no matter which plan you choose, you always have access to help resources and free 24: 7 support for business coaching, troubleshooting and any questions you might have about using shopify. if you're not using shopify yet, then sign up today for a free trial. during your free trial, you can prepare your store by adding products, organizing product collections and setting up your shipping rates. during the free trial, your store isn't live and you can't process orders. when you're ready to open your store, select a plan and make your store live so you can start making sales. if you select a plan during your free trial, then you will not be billed until after the trial period is over. let's start with the shopify lite plan. this plan is for anyone who wants to sell products without an online store. the lite plan might be the right choice for you if you want to sell through your blog or personal website or if you sell in small retail settings like pop-up shops or markets. if you choose the shopify like plan, then you won't have a shopify online store or website for customers to visit. instead, you can use the shopify buy button to sell products on a website outside of shopify. think of it as a shortcut for buying your products. when a customer clicks a buy button, it opens a checkout page so they can buy the product immediately without going to an online store. if you use the shopify buy button, then you also have access to abandoned cart recovery. this feature is useful for recovering sales by sending customers a notification if they left items in their cart without completing a purchase. the shopify lite plan also comes with shopify's standard features for point of sale, which is great if you're selling at pop-up shops or markets. in the shopify admin, you also have access to the overview dashboard to monitor performance and the finances report to track sales and payments. if you want to have an online store, then consider one of the following plans. first, the shopify basic plan. this plan is ideal if you run a small business that is new to shopify or if you have a limited budget. the basic plan includes an online store with access to free shopify themes that you can easily customize to build your brand. this plan also includes inventory tracking from multiple locations. locations can be a warehouse, office, brick-and-mortar store or anywhere you store products. with the basic plan, you can track inventory in up to four locations. if you have staff and would like to create an individual login for them, then the basic plan gives you two staff accounts with permissions that you can customize. in addition to finance reports, the basic plan also includes acquisition reports, behavior reports and even a marketing report. this information can give you insights into your online store traffic to help you expand your business. the next option is called the shopify plan and is ideal for growing businesses. the shopify plan includes five staff accounts and inventory tracking across five different locations. through the shopify plan, you get access to lower credit card and transaction rates than the basic plan. the shopify plan is best if you're experiencing an increase in sales, so you can offset these fees with lower rates. the shopify plan includes all the features from your basic plan and gives you greater insight into your sales trends and access to more reports. these reports include a website cart analysis to understand shopping behavior, and reports covering sales, retail sales and profit. there's also more in-depth marketing reports to understand if campaigns and activities helped generate traffic in sales, and customer reports highlighting average order and expected purchase values. the next option is the advanced plan. this plan is a great option if your business handles high order volume and if you want to use analytiks to look for new growth opportunities. the advanced plan contains all the features of the shopify plan and has lower credit card rates and transaction fees than both the basic and shopify plan. the advance plan also comes with 15 staff accounts and can track inventory across eight locations. you also get access to carrier calculated shipping to show your shipping carriers negotiated rates at checkout. this is especially valuable if you live in an area that is not eligible for shopify shipping. finally, the advanced plan includes custom reports. this allows you to modify default reports and create custom reports using shopify's filtering and editing features. lastly, the shopify plus plan is the enterprise solution. shopify plus is the right choice if your business has high volume sales, you have a large social media following, you work with well-known influencers, or if you're ready to scale globally with stores in many different countries. with shopify plus, you have access to an enhanced admin to manage all of your stores from one location. you also get the tools to automate your most complex processes and manual tasks across stores and apps. some other great features include a customizable checkout expansion stores, unlimited staff accounts, access to exclusive apis and much more. at shopify plus, you also have dedicated support to get you online faster and access to the merchant success program to help define your business goals so you always get the most out of the platform. now that you have an overview of shopify's plans and features, we hope it provides you with more confidence to choose the right plan for your business. don't forget to visit helpshopifycom for more resources and information on getting started with shopify.

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Extra Profit Shopify New Starter Plan [2022]

All over one Christian here. Shopify just released a new plan. I mean, I say just, but maybe in a couple of months now, for only $5 a month. Let's get the full details and my thoughts on this toward the end. We're going to start a trial version so you can actually see how it looks. Think about: the Shopify starter plan is for new sellers who want to sell to their customers through social media platforms or messaging app without actually maintaining an online store. Started plan enables you to create product links which you can share on social media, post or in messages or DMS, and you can get started selling immediately. You can share product information with just you. So let's go over what exactly included with the $5 a month. So they have a list of everything that all plans include, and there's going to be a couple of extra features that are included with this starter plan. now, features that are included on all plans: obviously, unlimited products, So the number of products that you sell on the actual Shopify store isn't restricted, So you can have as many as you want. unlimited bandwidth, So you can't charge based on how many people are coming into your store. Again, all Shopify stores. the ability to have Shopify posts, online sales channels, brand assets, fraud analysis, manual order creation, abandoned cart record- all this kind of things are included in all plans. Now, what's included with the starter plan more specifically and things that you want to know? Number one: transaction fees, transaction fees. on a starter plan, because it's just a $5 a month, the transaction fees are going to be a little bit higher. So the transaction fees for the credit cards are going to be 5%, And what you typically see on the regular plans is the 2.9% plus the $0.30 and I think 2.6 plus the 30%, And then the other ones, like 2.3% plus the 30%. So again, it's just a significantly higher percentage on a per transaction basis. You also get what they called the START theme, and the START theme is just ready to use, So you can't make a lot of changes to it and we can't make it. You can't make any changes that cannot be edited, So it's just a basic framework for your online store. Essentially, you get reports so you can actually track your business performance. with reports, You actually get a good chunk of the reports that you normally would get, So you're able to track a lot of different things, like you know: consumer behavior, inventory reports, marketing, finances, etc. And then the last thing is international commerce. So the starter plan actually supports international selling, So it's not just for US based businesses, and that it's through their Shopify markets. So we'll probably make a video in the future about Shopify markets, which is a sort of a newer thing that they're rolling out. So if you want to learn more about Shopify markets, let us know in the comments below and we'll make sure to make a video on that. Now, before moving on, I just want to say how many of those. my name is Christian Pinion, one of the co-founders here at bay branding. We're an e-commerce growth and she specializes in helping clothing stores grow and scale properly online. We drop new videos every week, so make sure that you hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss out. Now it's not included with the plan. again, No full website builder. So again, you start with that starter plan: no custom domain support, no discount codes, no gift cards and no abandoned cart recovery. So these are all things that, again, you would typically have when you have a full fledged website store. you do get the the typical DOT, my Shopify, ICOM link, but you don't get that custom domain and the functionality of having a full fledged website. Now, how much does it cost? Again, the starter plan. it costs just $5 per month. There's actually replaces the- I believe it was called Shopify Lite, which was $9 a month, And again, the transactions fees for this new starter plan are 5% when you're using Shopify payments. Again, this type of starter plan is probably ideal for businesses that want to run tests on products. Maybe you're an influencer and you want to sort of delve your hands into, maybe potentially sign some products, but you don't want to necessarily go on with a full fledged store and go through that all that process. You want something a lot simpler where you can just showcase products and that's it. Then the starter plan is ideal for you. Obviously, you can. you can't do the starter plan If you already have a different upgrade plan. you can't sort of degrade to that And I would also say for Shopify Lite users that will probably deprecate that eventually. So you will probably get bumped up to or bumped down. since you're paying $9 from 5 to 5, you probably get bumped down to the starter plan in order to kind of keep moving forward. I believe everyone on the list as of right now still can use the lite plan. no problem, But, moving forward, from the time they watch this video, probably the Lite plan will not be available anymore and you will just only have that starter plan for the $5 a month. Now I also do want to mention that it doesn't include Shopify posts, So if you want to use the POS or create the online store again, you'll have to upgrade to the basic Shopify plan or higher that do support the Shopify POS, So you can't do invoicing or card swiping or anything like. that is exclusively for online sales and more space. even more specifically, for those people who are truly taking advantage of their social media platforms. Maybe we have a great following on their social media platforms and you want to start trying to sell some products and test it out- I would highly suggest to just start with the starter plan and then potentially move forward with it. Now, I know you're just starting out, but moving forward, you want to make sure that you're tracking all your data. Now, if you're using the starter plan, you're probably just starting out, But moving forward, you want to make sure that you're tracking all your data. We're using a tool called Triple Well for all of our clients and group coaching members, and this tool allows us to see lifetime value of a customer at 30,, 60 and 90 days. But we're also super excited about the tool with a feature right within it with the estimated action of customer. So imagine being able to just send out emails or run ad campaigns to customers who are likely to buy from you a second or third time and knowing exactly when to send these marketing messages. This is a very, very powerful It will centralizes these metrics from all the tools that you use. run to your pocket. They simplify, inform and save you time. Make sure to check out the link in the description below. Now, how is the starter plan different from the next plan, which is going to be the basic right? So the starter planning is a very lightweight way to launch a business or again test a sell idea without spending too much time or startup capital on building a full website. With the starter plan, you get access to the essential features like product pages, check out inbox and link pop, which, if you don't know about, link pop is basically a link tree on steroids for Shopify made by Shopify for Shopify users. So you want to actually check out that video right here. We made a full video just on Link Pop and all the features. You don't need the starter plan. start using link pop. Anyone can use a link pop, so make sure to check that out. But starter plan. with link pop you can actually start selling right away, even if you only have a smartphone. And obviously, once you've established a customer base and proven that there is demand for your product, then you want to explore the next plan, which is the Shopify Basic Plan, which includes the value added features like the theme, editing an actual full website, blog, post cards, swiping, potentially posts and a lot more. Hey, if you like what you see, plea.

Shopify Starter Plan Review: Pros and Cons

hey, what is up, guys? it's Brennan here, and today we're going to be going over the Shopify starter plan, doing a Shopify starter plan review, taking a look at the pros and cons and really how the Shopify starter plan Stacks up compared to regular Shopify plans. and the great thing about this plan is, as in the making of today's video, it currently stands at just five dollars a month. after that, a free trial period or discount period that Shopify May currently be offering. so, regardless, it's a lot cheaper than the typical basic, standard or Advanced Shopify plans that run generally anywhere from 29 a month and up once again after that, either trial period that you are currently in, depending on whatever Shopify is offering. so now, guys, if you don't already have a Shopify store, I do want to mention the first link down in the description box below will take you right over to a Shopify free trial. we're going to start with the Shopify starter plan. uh, for free, they do. you currently have a five dollar a month. of course, that's what the starter plan is after a three day trial. so, depending on what plan you end up going with, it can be a dollar a month or, you know, depending on what Shopify is currently offering. that is the first link down in the description box below bradleskicom. Shopify will take you right over to a Shopify free trial being a start with Shopify today. so going more in depth, specifically on the Shopify starter plan, so Shopify has always offered a variety of different plan offerings depending on your specific needs for your eCommerce store. now, typically there has just been, you know, the regular basic plan, the Shopify plan and the advanced plan, which typically the basic plan is 29 a month. of course, these prices are all accurate as in the making of today's video, even with the starter plan at five dollars a month. that's current as of the making of today's video. but regardless, it's still gonna be a lot cheaper with the starter plan than and what you would be paying with the basic Shopify or Advanced plan. now, Shopify did used to have a light plan, but that is now rebranded and the brand new plan is the starter plan. so this is what you want. if, ultimately, you're planning to just sell on social media, right, you don't need any code, no code set up and is really good for selling within social media if you don't really need all the other features and benefits of having a complete online store and really everything else that a regular Shopify plan would come with. so, yeah, once again, that first link down in the description box below will take you right over to the Shopify free trial, But ultimately that's the really the biggest difference is not having a regular online store. now, the other way that the Shopify starter plan differentiates itself from the other plans is: well, of course, you know, sell for five a month is a lot cheaper, but it's really good for just selling on social media. even if you are doing Drop Shipping, print on demand, no matter what types of products that you actually plan to sell within your online store, the starter plan can be good, because if you're just going to be promoting through social media anyway, or if you're running paid ads on tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, no matter where you're promoting your products, if you're going to be doing that type of social media selling, it makes a whole lot of sense. maybe you're an influencer as well. it makes a whole lot of sense just to go with the starter plane because it's a lot cheaper. if all you really need is that add to cart button, the checkout features and the ability to sell your products online and you're not re, you don't really need all the extra features of a fully customizable website that the higher tier Shopify plans have to offer you. now, diving into even more of the specific details of the starter plan, you know some common questions as well with it- is that you know, really it is designed specifically for social media. of course, you can easily share products on Instagram, WhatsApp and other places. so, and another thing that the Shopify starter plan gives you access to is their newer feature called link pop. so this is a competitor or competitive offering compared to maybe some of the other Lincoln bio type apps that you see. you also get link pop as an ability to monetize your Lincoln bio. so that also comes along with the Shopify starter plan. if you check out link pop, as we can see here, you know this is buy Shopify as well. so it's a Lincoln bio that helps you, you know, earn money and because it's supported directly through Shopify, you know you can sell right within your Lincoln bio for that Shopify starter plan as well. so it Compares with link pop or it pairs with link pop really well as well for selling on Shopify and having that simple checkout through social media. so, once again, if you're an influencer, if you're big on social media or if you plan on doing paid ads, this can be a good way to do it and save a lot of money on the Shopify plans that you would typically pay for a full website. that's not really what you you need. if all you need is the ability you know to sell. uh, if you're just driving traffic to a you know Lincoln bio page such as link pop, for example, with Shopify, then the starter plan can be really good for you as well. you know you can customize that page as well and make it sort of like a mini website for people on social media and just make it a lot easier to share and to get your stuff in your store up and running a lot faster as well. so you have some flexibility here. uh, as far as you know what types of products you can add to link pop as well. so that's sort of like the website version of the Shopify starter plan but also gives you other flexibility. so of course, you know you can design and sell, merge, do, Drop Shipping products and or affiliate money that they currently have. that's in beta right now. the Shopify collabs. of course. I tok a lot about Drop Shipping products on this channel, so feel free to watch my other videos if you're more interested in Drop Shipping or even some of the print on demand type stuff, like designing and selling your own merch and how print on demand works. so that's specifically within the link pop, which is a separate piece, but it pairs really nicely to the Shopify starter plan. so I figured I'd mention that to give you more of an idea of things that you can still do with the Shopify starter plan is using link pop in combination with it to help sell your products. now, in addition to the specific uh other features within the Shopify starter plan, of course, you're able to do order management right so you can receive, manage and fulfill orders all from a single place within your admin. so you still have access to that in your Shopify admin. if we take a look at here just what the Shopify admin looks like, you can still get your orders as well within your Shopify store. you can take a look at analytiks, so you still get to see- you know- sales analytiks specific to your customers and your customer data as well. so you're still building out the back end of your Shopify store. as you can see here. this is like what a typical overview could look like with total sales and the order history and the top products that you're currently selling. all you have to do is just link out to those products. so if that's all you're going to be doing- is just linking directly to the products, it makes a lot of sense to save money on that whole, you know, basic plan or not needing the whole website and just foregoing that and going with the Shopify starter plan now, additionally, once you have that set up as far as other FAQs, right, so what is a starter plan? I'm going to be answering some additional questions. so of course, Shopify has this listed, as was the starter plan. of course, it's an easiest version of Shopify. you can create a Shopify store in minutes for a checkout experience. of course, it's ideal for social media email. you know social SMS, so texting, WhatsApp, basically anywhere where you're just sharing a link to a product s.

Ways You Are Overpaying For Shopify Without Realizing It

when it comes to starting your own online store. shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there, but the main problem with shopify is that it can be hard to decide which shopify plan to go with, or how much it really costs when you factor in the cost of third-party apps. now, the right shopify plan for your online store depends on a variety of factors, which include your monthly revenue, your required feature set and your customization needs. now this video will enumerate all the costs and benefits for each shopify plan and prevent you from wasting money on unnecessary features, and my ultimate goal here is to help you understand how much shopify costs and choose the cheapest possible shopify pricing plan that meets your minimum requirements. now, the first question i always get asked is: is shopify free? shopify is not free, but they do offer a 14 day free trial, and during this free trial, you can build an online store and have access to all their tools. however, in order to take transactions online, you have to sign up for a paid plan, and right now, shopify offers five plans. there's shopify lite and nine bucks a month, shopify basic at 29 a month, shopify regular at 79 a month, shopify advanced at 2.99 a month. and shopify plus, which costs over 2 000 a month. now, which shopify plan should you choose now? the following table here is actually taken directly from shopify's website and enumerates all the features for each pricing plan. if you look at this table, you notike a couple things. first of all, the shopify lite plan and the shopify plus plan are missing, and the reason is because the shopify plus plan and the lite plan have very specific use cases which i'll discuss in depth later on this video. second of all, there's actually very little difference between the basic, regular and advanced plans outside of a couple of features and processing fees. so, as a result, your decision between shopify basic, regular and advanced primarily depends on your monthly sales volume and how much you value the extra features versus paying for third-party apps. alright, so here are the features available on all shopify pricing plans. now they all offer abandoned cart recovery, and abandoned cart recovery is a feature where your shopping cart automatikally reaches out to customers who abandon their cart and convince them to complete their purchase. now, shopify's built-in abandoned cart recovery feature is extremely limited because it only allows you to send a single email to customers and, realistikally, any serious ecommerce store owner will use a third-party abandoned cart recovery solution, like clayview. all shopify plans also offer a point of sale solution as well. shopify pos, or point of sale, is their point of sale solution that allows you to access in-person payments at pop-ups, markets, fairs and trade shows. and then, finally, all shopify plans offer a free ssl certificate, discount codes, real-time carrier shipping quotes and unlimited products. now let's tok about the plans. if you have a website and you want to sell just a couple of products, then shopify lite is for you, and it's nine bucks a month. so if you run a popular blog or an existing website and simply want to just add the ability to sell a couple products here and there, then the light plan is for you. the light plan costs nine bucks a month. it allows you to sell on facebook and on your own site through the use of custom buy buttons. now, the important thing to realize about shopify lite is that this plan does not provide you with an online store website. in fact, the lite plan is only for people who already have their own website and would like to accept transactions online. so, for example, if i want to sell widgets on mywifecritterjobcom, i might want to sign up for the shopify lite plan so i can include buy buttons on my blog to sell my products. now if i had a popular facebook page or group, i might want to sign up for shopify lite to sell directly on facebook. so bottom line: the shopify lite plan is only for people who already have a website and would like to accept transactions online, and in addition to the nine dollars a month fee, you'll also have to pay 2.9 percent plus 30 cents in credit card transaction fees if you use shopify payments. now, if your online store makes less than 16 333 dollars per month, go with shopify basic and for more stores out there, the basic plan makes the most economical sense until you start generating more than sixteen thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars in monthly revenue. now here's how to calculate the break-even point: the basic shopify plan charges 2.9 percent plus 30 cents in credit card transaction fees, whereas the main shopify plan charges 2.6 plus 30 cents in credit card transaction fees. that is a difference of 0.3 percent on fees. now the main shopify plan costs 79, whereas the basic shopify plan costs only 29, a difference of 50 bucks. now to make up for that fifty dollar difference in cost, you have to process fifty dollars divided by point three percent or sixteen thousand three hundred thirty three dollars to break even in terms of credit card fees. now feature wise. the one major difference between the main shopify plan and the basic plan is that the main plan offers gift cards and an advanced report builder. now, at first glance, the lack of gift card capability sounds like a deal breaker, but there's actually many shopify third-party apps that will implement this functionality for you. so, for example, the bold discount app offers a very powerful discount engine for only 15 a month. now, while the professional reports you get with the main plan are useful, they alone do not justify the added fifty dollar cost of the main plan. now, if your online store makes between sixteen thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars a month- and a hundred and ten thousand dollars a month go with the shopify main plan. in fact, feature wise- there's almost zero reason to sign up for the advanced shopify plan until you exceed 110 000 a month. now, if you look at the main shopify plan, you literally get 99 of the features of the advanced shopify plan for only 79 bucks, which makes this plan the sweet spot for most six and seven figure store owners. now the only reason it's time for the advanced shopify plan at this revenue tier is if you require more than 15 staff accounts, but realistikally a store at this level you're not going to have 15 employees. if you aren't using shopify payments, then shopify charges you a credit card transaction fee, which are drastikally reduced on the advanced shopify plan. so instead of paying one percent in extra fees on the basic plan you only get charge point five percent. if you want to show calculated shipping rates at checkout, then go with the advanced plan. but in my experience showing the exact shipping rate during checkout is overrated. but for some businesses it might be important. now. if your online store makes between 110k a month and 680k per month, go with the shopify advance plan. now. the advanced shopify plan offers the lowest credit card transaction fees of all the main plans, including a couple of extra nice to have features. so, for example, at this revenue level, you're probably already handling your shipping via a third-party vendor like ship station or shipping easy. as a result, it might be nice to show you calculated rates during checkout instead of using a table rate or a flat rate solution. now, if you don't have a bookkeeper or an analytiks member on your staff, shopify's advanced reports will come in handy for projecting your future revenue. but outside of that, you should just stik with the advanced shopify plan until you hit 680k a month in revenue or, if you require the advanced feature set of shopify plus, if your online store makes over 680k per month, go with shopify plus, just for the savings on credit card transaction fees alone. at this tier, your credit card processing fees plummet to only 2.15, which is on par with what you can get with a regular merchant account and gateway combo, but outside