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shopify loyalty app

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Best Loyalty Program Apps for Shopify 2022 - Loyalty Program Shopify Apps

[Music]. what's up everybody. it's jamie here from shopify masterclass and in this video we're going to go over the best loyalty apps for your shopify store. loyalty apps are important for your store because they're going to let the customer feel recognized for their purchase. they're going to make you feel a little more connected to them and going to give them rewards, which is going to encourage them to shop more. this is why many retailers in brick and mortar stores offer rewards cards or point cards, such as if you've ever been to a cineplex or a movie theater. they always have a rewards program where you get points for seeing movies and the more points you accumulate, you might get some free stuff here, but the point is they want you there as much as possible, so they're going to incentivize you to come back and purchase movie tikets because you're getting points which you can maybe later redeem for certain prizes or gifts or, in that case, great movements. so with ecommerce, you want to use a shopify app to give you a loyalty program so you can start incentivizing customers to come back, boosting your customer lifetime value. before we get into these apps, i just want to quickly thank our sponsor [Applause]. so so this list comes from our blog, e-commerce educated, where we have the best 38 loyalty program apps for shopify, and in this video i'm going to go over the top five from this list to give you an idea of the pricing, what they look like and different features and benefits of reach out. so the first one here is loyalty programs and wish list, like grow wave and it's a loyalty program. here's their app store listing here and it's going to let you create a loyalty program with all the same features of all-in-one. it's got good rewards. customers customers can create a wish list to boost automated reminders. it's also going to let you collect emails, clicks, user generated content. so overall, this loyalty app is almost all one here because we do quite a few things together. in terms of pricing, they have different plans based on other orders. you do so up to 100 orders, i believe. this is on a monthly basis. it's 19 all the way up to up to a thousand orders and it's gonna be a hundred dollars. so overall it's a super cheap plan. but you can easily justify this in the sense where you get extra revenue from these loyalty programs and it's worth it there. so the next one is gift cards and novelty program. so this app not only with, doesn't only work with just loyalty programs. it also has gift cards. you can actually buy physical gift cards as well as digital ones. so, as you can see, it's got a good loyalty program. it's proactive, it's gonna boost lpb, gonna ask for referrals as well. you can also set advanced rules to incentivize customers, such as credits, or maybe they purchase a certain amount or a certain product there. it also has a really good gift card program. so in terms of ui, it's really clean overall. i mean this is more of a summary of the ui, but it has a lot of integrations and so it's good overall that. in terms of pricing, it's a seven day free trial and a little more costly than the previous app, as the base orders are almost the same and it's going to charge you a little more based on the number of orders above those base orders. so you get 100 with a 1999, with the plan and so on. so there's a seven-day free trial as well. so, as with any of these apps, i encourage you just to download them, try it out for a few days and see if you like dui and the features it has. almost all apps in the shopify app store have free trials, so it makes it really easy to start. so the next one here is troy loyalty program. it's free, so it is really good overall for that and it's really good if you're setting up a basic loyalty program. the reason why it's free is this company here provides different apps for the app store, so this is probably a magnet for them to get free customers. that will probably advertise their other apps. but for you as a shopify merchant it's great, especially starting out, because it is free. oprah's got a basic ui in terms of loyalty. it's going to sync with your shopify store nice and easily be able to set different rules there on how to incentivize your customers to come back. but overall, if you're starting with a loyalty program or maybe you're starting out with your shopify store, you really don't want to put a lot of money up front to creating one of these loyalty programs, especially on a monthly basis. stik with jordan loyalty program, as it's completely free to use. so the next one here we have loyalty programs and rewards and referrals and it's got a generous free plan here, which is really good. it's not completely free. it does have a generous free plan. as you can see, 800 monthly orders included, which is a far cry from 300 monthly orders in other plans. but once you do exceed that, it does get quite expensive. so i think that's why they have such a generation replay. in terms of the ui, it's really good. it's clean. i think most shopify ops, most immersion developers, do a really good job at developing these. but in terms of benefits, they have really good points for world referrals, vip program and they have a really good free plan, as mentioned before. so this may be another option as you're looking for different tiers or girls in your loyalty program. so next one here is loyalty rewards and referrals. so this is very similar to all of them above. the kind of the title doesn't really match what's in there, but overall it's got a really good plan to start with and even at their most expensive plan it's only forty nine dollars a month, which could really be a deal breaker for the other plans and it's gonna be really advantageous for this ones. and in terms of the ui, it's clean and it seems to be effective, although there's not that much in there. i thought there would be more items, but overall any of these programs could be really good and i apologize, this is kind of repetitive, as most of these loyalty programs offer the same thing and different ways. i'm doing it. it might come down to pricing for you, or maybe a certain ui you like more. so, as i mentioned before, be great. you just went through these apps, download the free trial or the free plan and see how much you like it there. i definitely encourage you, at the very least try to join loyalty program, as it's completely free. it'll be great for your shopify store. so, overall, this concludes this video on the best loyalty program apps for shopify. i really hope you get the loyalty program started and you start to see your lifetime value increase over time. if you like this video, i love you. smash that like button below any questions. leave a comment. if you haven't yet, please subscribe, because it really helps the channel out. thank you for watching [Music] i.

10 Innovative Customer Loyalty Programs (And How To Start Yours)

did you know that it can cost between five and 25 times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one? if you didn't, you are not alone. most marketing advice focuses exclusively on topics like growing your audience and expanding your reach, and while both of those things are certainly important in building your business, not enough is said about the importance of cultivating brand loyalty with your customers. in today's video, i'll be outlining the four most popular types of brand loyalty programs and sharing 10 examples of companies with innovative customer rewards options that we can all learn from. by the end of this video, you'll understand why customer loyalty programs are such an important part of growing an online business, and have the tools and inspiration that you need to create one of your own. [Music]. hi everyone, and welcome back to learn with shopify. i'm your host, stephanie pellet, and i'm a coach for creative entrepreneurs. if you're not already subscribed, take a second to click the button below so that you never miss an episode now. it probably goes without saying that the most important part of creating brand loyalty is to have a quality product that solves a specific problem for your customer. after all, if you were a cafe selling terrible coffee. even the very best punch card program in the world wouldn't be enough to keep people coming back for more. but if you're confident that your product or service delivers on its promise and is a high value for your customer, then creating an accompanying program to reward your clients for shopping with you can be a huge boost to your business. and if you're still not convinced that rewarding your customers for their purchases is a smart business strategy, consider this. according to one study cited by the harvard business review, increasing your customer retention rates by just five percent can increase your profits by between 25 to 95. here's the bottom line: building relationships is good for business, and creating programs that reward your customers for shopping with you is just one of many ways to create loyalty that lasts. first off, let's look at why loyalty programs are such an effective strategy for deepening relationships with your customers. as i've already shared, retaining customers costs a lot less than acquiring new ones, and we now know that customer retention in general creates a huge boost in profits. loyalty programs take this concept of retention one step further by establishing a formal system for celebrating and rewarding your existing customers through some combination of points, discounts or other rewards. when done well, these programs will make your customers feel appreciated, help to build trust in your company and give your audience even more reason to choose you over your competition. not only that, but you'll also be giving people what they want, since consumers are increasingly looking to have a meaningful connection with the brands that they buy from. one recent study from yacht po showed that nearly 70 percent of customers would be interested in joining a loyalty program for a company they like, and almost 60 of those would be willing to spend more with a brand they love, even if cheaper options existed. that being said, it's important to note that in order to create a compelling loyalty program, you will have to be generous with your rewards, which may mean giving something away, such as discounts on products or special bonuses. but remember that your customers are not only looking for coupons here. while saving money is obviously a motivating factor, engaged fans are also motivated by exclusive benefits and perks, like behind the scenes sneak peeks, early access to products and sales, and customized recommendations tailored to them. and it's actually in your best interest to be generous, because what you'll get in return is so much more valuable than anything that you're giving away, in addition to greater excitement about your business and more referrals from your customers. there is a financial incentive to reward programs too. close to fifty percent of respondents in one study indicated that they spend more with the company after joining its loyalty program. while the sky's the limit in terms of ways to reward your customers, there are four major types of loyalty programs that most businesses adapt for their own audiences. let's take a quick look at each one and some of their advantages and disadvantages. the most common option for a loyalty program is a points-based system. customers accumulate points for their actions and trade them in for various rewards, such as discounts or merch. but while encouraging purchases is great, the best of these programs also offer points for other kinds of actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, leaving a review or sharing about the business on social media. these programs work well if they are simple to understand and intuitive to use. when people can see their points adding up and know what they're working towards, they'll have a clear incentive to take further action. but customers can also be cynical about this kind of program, so make sure that yours delivers as promised. i, for one, have had far too many experiences of not receiving points i was promised in exchange for taking an action or making a purchase. you should also make sure that the rewards you're offering are compelling to your customers. if i have to rack up thousands of points just to earn a simple 10 off coupon, i probably won't be very motivated to change my behavior. but if your point system is straightforward, generous and reliable, this can be a great option for motivating and rewarding your customers. in a tiered loyalty program, customers are assigned ranks that net them different benefits depending on their status with your company. these ranking systems are usually based on how much a customer spends or how engaged they are with your brand. the higher their rank, the more rewards the customer receives on an ongoing basis, unlike in a points-based system, where customers trade in their accumulated points for a one-time benefit, tiered loyalty programs are a gift to the customer that keeps on giving. once they've earned a partikular tier in your program, members will continue to get certain perks as long as they shop with you, which can be a huge incentive for your fans. the biggest pitfall with this kind of reward system is that it can feel like a money grab if your tiers are based exclusively on how much a customer spends with you. in order for your customers to feel appreciated. it's a good idea to include alternative strategies for folks to reach a higher tier, for example, taking part in surveys or focus groups, referring friends to your brand or joining your online communities. paid loyalty: in a paid loyalty program, customers pay a one-time or recurring fee for access to instant and ongoing perks from a brand. this kind of program is a harder sell, so the key is to offer benefits that clearly outweigh the cost of the membership. in partikular, customers are likely to be motivated by features like early access to products or events, customized rewards tailored to them or the chance to be part of an exclusive community. paid programs are also typically easier for a customer to understand and engage with, rather than worrying about how many points they've earned or figuring out which tier they're in. a paid loyalty program offers specific benefits in exchange for a simple fee, and if you're able to convince your customer to join your paid program, it's also likely to be more lucrative for your business. one recent report by mckinsey showed that consumers were 62 percent more likely to spend more on a brand after joining their paid loyalty program. value loyalty- the last type of loyalty program, takes a different approach. a value loyalty program doesn't directly reward your customers, but it does allow them to make a greater impact to causes they care about by financially supporting specific charities or nonprofits this type.

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✅ Nueva APP de RECOMPENSAS para tus Clientes (SMILE) Shopify 2022 *Nuevo Marketing* | Tienda Online

en este vídeo vamos a ver una aplicación que va a permitir que tus clientes sean parte del marketing de tu negocio recomendando tu tienda online. esto es algo brutal. es algo que viene con incentivos que obviamente tus clientes van a estar ganando algo mientras va recomendando. es algo que se integra directamente dentro del choque. así que vamos a ver y comprende dores. empezamos con el vídeo y para instalar esta aplicación, como siempre tenemos que irnos al shop y file. no vamos aquí a la sección de aplicaciones donde dice aplicación recomendada o configuración de aplicaciones. cualquiera luego sirve y que le vamos a personalizar tu tienda. apenas cargue y entremos a la app store de shopping file. debemos que dar clic acá y buscar la aplicación que se llama smile. este era una aplicación que ya yo había hablado en un vídeo que lo que dar por acá en de nombró las 10 nuevas aplicaciones de chop y faith. es un vídeo que bueno, que gravedad. hace bastante tiempo, pero nombre esta aplicación y les dije en ese momento que era una aplicación muy buena, que estaba empezando a probar, que te da bastante intenso incentivos y que puede ayudar que tus clientes sean afiliados de tu negocio. es algo brutal. como pueden ver, es una aplicación que crece un montón y tiene 4700 reviews, o podemos utilizar de forma gratuita y empezar a probar, ver cómo funciona y en tal caso, si les va bien, pueden incrementar al plan de 49 dólares al mes, que obviamente dejar mucho más beneficios, sus cliente y muchas más cosas para que su negocio siga avanzando. y además, si le damos clic a esta sección de acá donde dice ver tienda demostración, no va a salir esta paz en donde obviamente nosotros podemos probar cómo es que funciona este tema de small. aquí podemos ver en los words como nosotros podemos reclamarlo y cómo podemos cambiarlos. ya, yo me crea la cuenta y personales que tengo 1200, como que te cause, que sería la moneda de esta tienda online al final de esto, como una moneda que nosotros vamos a estar dando a nuestros clientes y vamos a poder cancelar por diferentes cosas. como pueden ganar estas monedas en el caso de esta tienda? vamos a ver esto, como ustedes lo pueden configurar y qué otras cosas pueden agregar. pero, por ejemplo, si ellos no siguen esta grande a dar 50 metal point si comparte este post o esta página web o algún producto en facebook, ganar 50 p tapones y poco a poco te van a dar, está que van a estar dando mucho más, por ejemplo, si ellos nos dan su fecha de cumpleaños, no van a dar 200 pre tapones y así nosotros podemos empezar a agarrar estos datos, nuestros clientes, que son valiosos, para después, por ejemplo, enviarle un email en su día de cumpleaños con un descuento para que termina comprando nuestra tienda, o aprovechar que, por ejemplo, ellos vayan y post en algún producto o nuestra página web para que, obviamente, sus familiares también conozcan nuestra tienda. y aquí atrás, si le damos donde dice ways to read in, aquí nosotros podemos ver las diferentes formas de nosotros canjear esos pe. tal como les dije. esto es como que la moneda de esta tienda y esta moneda la podemos cambiar: por ejemplo 500, que todas ponen por cinco dólares menos en cualquier producto, o un 10% menos, o free shipping o lo que tú quieras configurar dentro de la tienda. vamos a instalar esta aplicación y vamos a ver como nosotros podemos configurarla para nuestra tienda online. para instalarlo, como siempre, tenemos que darle click donde dice agregar aplicación y obviamente después seguir los pasos de al instalar y todo eso. ahora, una vez instalemos la aplicación de smile, ya tenemos que empezar a configurarlo. lo primero que tenemos que hacer es colocar hacia que industrias autos estamos en tres y conocidas de la la de ropas y es que vendemos comida, lo que sea. aquí le damos a next y aquí ya nosotros empezamos a configurar el menú en donde las personas van a empezar a interactuar con esta parte de smile, que es para que no se vuelvan como afiliados a nuestra tienda online. importante, lo creo que tengo que colocarle el nombre del programa. que sea un nombre que la gente quiera pertenecer, que es identificada, por ejemplo, si venden ropa de calle, que tenga que ver, algo que ver, que para que la gente se incentive y quiera dejar su email y sus datos y empezar a pertenecer y hacerlos los diferentes puntos para ganar estos récords. entonces, bueno, aquí lo voy a colocar: cualquier cosa acá abajito, importante colocar el color de su tienda en el color principal para que todo tenga que ver. en el tema de white black es, por ejemplo, si quieren que esto sea negro o blanco. en el caso de un color oscuro, lo mejor es que sea blanco y si es un color claro, bueno, pues ya les vamos a hablar. siguiente, en esta sección, no solo tenemos que configurar los beneficios que le vamos a estar dando a nuestros clientes. por ejemplo, si alguno de ellos hizo una compra, nosotros podemos devolverle ese 1% de la compra, 3%, 579, supuestamente. bueno, el más recomendado es el de 5, y aquí te dan un ejemplo como para que se entiendan: si un cliente gastó 100 dólares en tu tienda, la aplicación le va a dar 500 puntos en beneficios para que el cliente, por ejemplo, sus 500 puntos los puedas cambiar por cinco dólares de descuento en cualquier otra compra que haga dentro de tu tienda. estos son beneficios, obviamente, para incentivar la recompra en tu tienda online. eso está súper bueno. y aparte viene con emails ya personalizados para que cuando alguien gana punto, ya viene el ganado a algún punto. esto es lo que ganaste. vente para acá para que veas cuántos puntos ganaste o cómo lo puedes cambiar y al final te re envían a la tienda online para que los clientes sigan pagando. esto es algo súper bueno que ya viene directamente con la aplicación de smile y que está igual. es en la parte de cambio de esta, es la parte de beneficios, todo el punto que vaya ganando, y la parte de trading, que sería para que los clientes cambien esos puntos por beneficio y hace un código de descuento o cinco dólares en cualquier producto. también viene una y media personalizado para eso. y ahora, sí, con estos tres pasos ya tendríamos configurada la parte smile de igual forma. vamos a ver qué más se puede hacer, porque esto es lo importante. le vamos a dar a clic aquí para que se nos abra todo el panel de smile y veamos qué otras cosas existen. vamos a darle aquí a quitar todo esto y vamos aquí a la sección de programas, que con las cosas que nosotros podemos agregar a nuestro panel, a nuestro menú. por ejemplo la forma de ganar. por ejemplo, haz una orden y te van a dar cinco puntos por cada dólar que tú gastes dentro de la tienda. si le queremos agregar más cosas, como pueden ver, podemos agregar la parte social, que sería darnos un like en facebook. comparte esto en facebook, agrega no en instagram. sencillamente, déjanos tus datos, que sería el think of y crear una cuenta en nuestra tienda online. déjanos tus datos para después nosotros hacer team en marketing. obviamente esto no se lo vamos a decir. danos tus datos para seguirme en marketing, pero es algo. si los clientes nos dan sus datos, nosotros podemos empezar a hacer campañas pobres. también podemos dejar para que el cliente, desde su fecha cumpleaños, como les dije anteriormente, nosotros pues podemos enviarle un email con algún descuento, con alguna promoción porque su día de cumpleaños. esto es algo muy bueno que convierte bastante bien y todo esto de igual forma se puede modificarse. por ejemplo, yo quiero modificar esto y en vez de que cinco puntos sea un dólar, a mí me parece que esto es demasiado, por ejemplo, y yo creo que en verdad 100 puntos sea un dólar, porque bueno, así soy yo, yo lo quiero guardar, sencillamente todo esto, como les dije, se puede modificar. aquí nosotros estamos modificando todo lo que tengan que ver con los puntos, tanto por ejemplo, como, como nosotros vamos a cambiar. estos serían las formas de nosotros ganar estos puntos. aquí nosotros podemos cambiar por descuento un porcentaje extra, free shipping, un producto gratis, pero obviamente aquí ya tenemos que incrementar el tema del plan que estamos p.

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Launch a Loyalty & Rewards Program on Shopify in Minutes | Smile.io

hi, I'm Paige from smile and in this video, I'm going to show you how you can launch a smile loyalty program on your Shopify store in minutes. if you're looking to build a powerful loyalty points or referral program, boost repeat purchases and build a brand community that keeps customers coming back and spending more than keep watching, ok, let's get started. we're going to be able to add a real-time rewards program right to our Shopify store. first, let's head on over to the Shopify app store and we're going to search for the app smile and we're going to add the app to our store. next, we're going to create a customer account, so add your email and make a password. and now it's time to name our rewards program. so our stores called maple rose home quality goods, so we'll name our program Rose rewards. make sure to get creative with this, and you can choose a brand color. so I'm going to pick a nice rose color, and you can also change your text to black or white, but we'll stik with white because it contrasts nice on the background. now it's time to choose our average order value. so, because we're a home good sword, the orders are a little bit higher, so we'll choose 150 - 350. you can either start with points or referrals to get started, and whichever one you don't choose, you can always add later. so we'll stik with points to start. you can see the customer journey here that they'll experience with your points program, and here are the different ways to earn and redeem so far, and we can add more later. so currently, if a customer places in order, they'll get five points for every dollar spent, and a hundred points is equal to one dollar. you can also preview the email notifications that your customers will receive, like points earned and reward redeemed. now let's launch our points program. awesome, so at this point our loyalty program is now live on the store. so let's go take a look and see. and there it is, right on the right-hand side. before I dive into the panel, I want to quickly show you around the dashboard and then I'll dive into what the panel looks like on our store. so let's head on over to the branding section. in the branding section you can edit the look and feel of your loyalty program, so you can come in and edit colors. you can edit the policeman of your panel and the visibility. currently we are on the free plan, so once you upgrade to a paid smile plan. you'll get a ton of new features in this section. you'll be able to add a banner image and more colors. now let's head over to the program section. so, as you can see, our points program is enabled and you can actually add more ways to earn in this section. these are all of the different ways you can add your customer to earn points and you can also add more ways to redeem. another great feature is you can name your points currency. so, because our programs flower themes, let's name our points petal points. now let's head over to the referral section. as you can see, referral programs disabled right now. so let's add this to our loyalty program right now. if a customer refers a friend, their friend will receive a fifteen dollar off coupon, and if that customer makes a purchase, then the refered friend will also get $15 off. so I actually like this setting. so we'll keep. we'll stik with this. here is where you can edit the text for social sharing and down here is where we can enable our program. once your programs live and members start joining, you can take a look at your analytiks in the performance section and in the notification section is where all of the customer emails live. so when your customer completes an action, they'll receive an email notification which looks something like this, and you can either enable them or disable them in this section. here I want to make one more edit, which is under the laundry section, so we can actually change what our launcher button looks like on the site. so I'm gonna add Rose rewards and I'm also gonna change the icon to the crown, which looks kind of like a rose. let's take a look at what our loyalty program looks like live on the site. so it's here in the bottom right hand side and it's fully responsive, meaning it scrolls with your website, which is great for visibility because any new visitor will be able to see it and engage and join with your program. so when you open up the panel, there's a clear call-to-action for members to join. existing members can sign in and they can get educated on your program. I already have an account, so I'll show you what it looks like once you're logged in. once you're logged in to your customer account, you open up the panel and you'll see the member view so you'll be able to see the different rewards you have- of course, I don't have any yet- and the different ways to earn, and you'll also have access to your unique referral link, which you can share with friends and family, and that's the end of the video. yes, it's really that easy to set up your own smile loyalty program on your store, so make sure you head on over to the Shopify app store, where you can install smile and check it out for yourself. thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time.

Top Shopify Rewards Program Apps 2022

what's going on everyone? it's Jamie here from Shopify masterclass and today we're going to look at the top reward program apps for your Shopify store. we'll be looking at free and paid apps here and take a look at the description cui, the reviews, the pricing. so make sure you stay at the end of the video so you can have an easier time deciding which we reward program app you want to use today. before I dive into it, I just want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, the one click profit calculator app available on the Shopify App Store. it comes with a 15 day free trial. it's going to allow you to skip those spreadsheets and get back to Growing your store. there's a link in the description below to access that trial. there also going to show a quick video detailing their full feature set. are you a Shopify business owner who spends hours doing your accounting? have messy spreadsheets kept you from growing your business? discover profit cap, the affordable and easy to set up Shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard, so you you understand your business in real time. start for free on the Shopify app store today. the first app we're going to take a look at here today is going to be smile loyalty and rewards by smileio. it's going to make it really easy to create your loyalty, referral and VIP program for your customers, which are going to create more loyalty to your brand as well as increase your repeat purchase rate, which is extremely important, as when we looked at our Trends video, we knew that ad costs are increasing, so increasing your customer engagement and loyalty is going to be essential to staying profitable in the next few years as ad costs are increasingly Rising. so, in terms of the apps UI, you can see it's going to create a reward button on your website. it's gonna be easy to style and panel to make it match your Shopify theme that allow you to increase customer engagement by making it easy for them to become a member of your loyalty program. it's also going to give you analytiks so you can measure how successful these programs are, instead of give points to everyone, not just people who have registered, which is going to be important them, as it's going to allow them to encourage them to sign up for this loyalty program so they can access the rewards. it can be done by a points system as well, which is a pretty common way to do a loyalty program. it's really popular with services such as Starbucks, where so many points and get you free items in the store, and so people want to collect those points and build those up so they can buy items they want. so, in terms of pricing, there's going to be a free plan. it's going to be at a very expensive end at 5.99 a month, but that's gonna be for unlimited orders here and the number of Integrations as well as an API integration. but at the free plan they have a points program, a referral program. there is going to be basic branding, default reward emails and an analytiks overview, and that's up for 200 orders. once you go to the 49 a month plan, you do get unlimited orders and one integration and the removal of The Branding. so in terms of reviews, it's sitting at a 4.8 stars with over 4 100 5 Star reviews, or that's exactly 4 100 at the time of recording. but a lot of people love this app to build loyalty programs that are right for their brand. next let's take a look at review rewards loyalty program. so again, it's going to allow you to increase your customer retention as you do things such as create a dedicated rewards page for your customers. you can customize different widgets and emails to match your shot branding, making it easy to join the referral program as well. with another pop-up. it's going to allow you to launch us in a few hours and not months, so we're going through an easy embed. there's gonna be translation. there's going to be points. again, you can set how many points you can get for doing different things. so you can see, sign up here is worth 150. there's points replacing an order. those points are creating the referral. there's points for shopping on Instagram, so it's going to make it easy to get your customers to take those actions you would want them to take anyways. in terms of pricing, there's a seven day free trial on the paid plans. there is a 100 free plan here with 250 monthly orders, your loyalty and Rewards program, your referrals program and unlimited members and emails. when you go to the 34 a month plan, you get 500 orders along with different pop-ups and one integration, and at the very top end, it's 429 a month with 2500 orders, as well as unlimited Integrations and sitting at an excellent 4.9 stars with over 1100 five-star reviews. our third app: here let's take out Loyalty Rewards and referrals by Seal app. again, it's going to be a long-term loyalty Builder here, making it easy to create a loyalty program. you increase traffic with limited time offers, points and referrals, so you have different points that you get by purchasing in different time periods. there's a drugstore located near me and they offer a point program in which different periods they'll have increased points, so it's going to encourage people to shop, maybe at the off times, and attach more points to certain items maybe they're trying to get rid of. so it's a great way to increase purchases by giving higher rewards for points as well as rewarding your customers. and they're gonna have pre-built themes here, so seven elegant themes that can be autofilled with your widget that are going to fit your store. you also get free design, colors, icons and Etc. again, here you can earn points by completing different actions. in terms of pricing, right now it looks will be completely free, which is kind of amazing given what they offer. they're servicing over 25 000 Brands here. in terms of reviews, they're sitting at five stars and 115 five star ratings. lastly, we'll take a look at Joy rewards loyalty program. again, it's gonna be very similar to the other ones here, but you can create an engaging on-page pop-up to encourage customers to join the Loyalty program. you can have VIP tiers and branding. it's going to manage customers points so they get points for completing different actions. you can set up a referral program. that's really powerful. you can also control your membership status so you can see all your members and then edit them when necessary. in terms of pricing, they're gonna have a free plan and it's gonna be capped at 29 a month with unlimited orders- which we haven't seen in any of these other apps- via custom email Styles, as well as unlimited earn point and redeem programs, and on the completely free plan it's gonna be limited to 250 orders. in terms of reviews, it's sitting at a nice five-star rating with 589, 5 Star reviews, so perfect rating here at the time of recording. so this concludes the video here on reward program apps available on Shopify. we went through four different apps here. let me know in the comments what you think of these apps and if we shouldn't added any more. if you enjoyed this video, I would love it so much if you hit the like And subscribe button below, as that would really help the channel out any questions. leave a comment. and lastly, I want to mention our sponsor Prof account again, the one click profit calculator app available on the Shopify App Store. it comes with a 15 day free trial and there's a link in the description below. thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in our next video, foreign.

Best Loyalty Program In Shopify - How To Use Smile.io | Smile.io Tutorial Shopify

hey there guys, my name is marcus and in this video i'm going to teach you how you can easily use smile eo, or just smile- for rewards and loyalty as application in shopify. so the first thing, what i'm going to do, i'll just click here: add application. when i'm going to click add application, i'll just install it and let's go so. when it's going to load, i created a fake store so, as you can see, i will just guide you through it all. i'm just going to click get start here. enter your email, like this password: create account. tell your customer experience to your brand. let's start by giving your program a name. let's say, let's just write here, copy x, and then you just select a language. your customers will see english. click next, let's choose your uh brand color. i'm going to leave it as it is, like let's say: widow, is this blue color? no, it's not, maybe it was, i don't know, but let's go with this color. i like it. now select a color for your icon and text. i'm going with the white and let's click next what kind of product do you sell? and you just select an industry here. so let's go with. i will go with the food and drink. click next, you just choose your. what is your average order volume? let's go from 15 to 25 and you just choose yours here and just wait. and now preview your points program. so customer journey: creates a store account. earns points on every order, redeem at points for discount at your store, uses the discount on their next order. and now ways to earn: place an order free: points for every one euro spent. ways to redeem orders: discounts: 100 points of one euro. and now what he can do, so a ways to earn: you can edit then, so points amount for every one year spent. it's going to be, let's say, five, then waste to redeem or the discount: click edit custom redeems: increment of 100 points. customer gets one euro: okay, we can have it. you can edit it by yourself. then communication email: reward redeemed: you can preview it. you will unlock reward congratulations. you're under the reward reward name and this will be the reward code and they can use it. and then points earned: you've earned. this would be his name or her name. nice work you got and earn, let's say, 50 points. then we can click here, launch points and let's say that i like how it is okay, and here we go. so when you would enter. a welcome to your smart home page. this insight into program partikipation show your progress towards a happier model. lower customer base. new members with a smile points program member can earn points with every purchase. rewards given understandable brand. advocate: traffic is a count of visitors sends your website view through referrals. this is an indicator that you are growing your community, but at almost no cost done so. how it actually works, uh, when you're gonna have a referral, uh, you will just give a link or something: 10 off and they'll refer to someone else. so, first thing, first, let's enable it and that's how we're going to start with our referral customer journey. advocates your referral url with a friend. friend claims five euro of coupon. friend places an order with their email or uses the five euro of coupon. advocate gets five euro. so now you get a reward. and now friend claims discount value: 5 euro. minimum requirement: minimum purchase amount: 20 euro. so when they are going to get 20 euro, they will have the reward value of 5.. okay, advocate gets also five of coupon and i can enable it. your customers can start referring their friends and i can add also view different recommendations. so this is how we can do it and what you can achieve. let's click here on program. so first you're going to see the points. i see the y one point here: add a ways to earn. and now you can add multiple ways to earn: celebrate a birthday, sign up or social. we're not going to share on twitter, follow on instagram. so let's say follow on instagram and now i will just add of instagram follow here and they would get 50 points. so that's how we can work with instagram. again, let's say sign up. so when they are going to sign up, they will get 200 points and i can create it. okay, and you can see right here ways to earn. sign up again. i can add like on facebook, share on facebook, follow on instagram, share on twitter. reading points. i can add multiple ways to redeem, so i can redeem it as amount, discount, percentage of free shipping or shopify post, post amount discount or post percentage off. i mean, that's pretty much it. i mean it's straightforward. so i can add the free shipping and now point cost to 25. euro is the maximum shipping amount and you need 1 000 points for that. and now i can just simply create. when i go to points, i can see the reading points for free shipping upon 1000 points and they will get a coupon. points branding. name your points currency to match your brand: smile pawns- you just edit it. i'll just leave it as it is, but you just edit your like the currency. how it called points expire, expiry- manage when customers points expire, expiring points is an effective way to engage customers. this is a really great thing and i recommend upgrading your account for it only because- let's say that they are going to save it only for two months and believe that this is going to be convert so much because people are so heavily focused on when- okay, i have only two hours until it's going to get off. i need to buy it immediately. it works for me. it works for people. you should definitely use it. referrals and a coupon: this is what i was toking about: that you can create and edit your referrals here. so this is pretty straightforward and pretty easy. you can really play around it. then you get like vip. here i need to upgrade. give your best customers the vip treatment so when they are like top notch and they're ordering a lot, you can upgrade it and then you will like activity here, where you find the data etc. customers. you can adjust points total performance branding: this is something that we added in the beginning. so changing the colors here, placement where you want to have it. visibility: you can hide it on mobile. so launcher customer email and now points earned: this is something that you can edit how it looks like in their email. now just send on site reminders to increase program engagement and integrations. and these are the integrations that you can use with small eo- pretty easy and pretty straightforward. so if you're gonna have any questions, guys ask me down below in the comments. i'm really happy to help you and provide you some guidance. you know how it goes, you know how it works. so, yeah, thank you very much and have a great day and goodbye, see ya.