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Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping is dead. this is a phrase that I've heard countless times over the past few years. it has caught so much confusion and it's time for me to clear this out. selling things on the Internet isn't going away. what's popping YouTube? my name is Nathan Nazareth. welcome back to the channel. I've been doing e-commerce and drop spring for over three and a half years doing multiple seven figures in online sales, but, like I said, there's a whole host of problems doing things this way. the reason people have this common misconception About Drop Shipping is due to scammy looking websites, low product quality, long shipping times and all the other major hassles that you have to deal with when you're working directly through a product page on AliExpress to fulfill your orders. and one of the most important, if not the most important, things that I learned along my journey was to establish a private supplier right from the job. establishing a relationship with a private supplier has never been easier, yet people are still doing it in very, very incorrect ways, so I'm going to be clearing all that up and showing you guys exactly how to get a private supplier in this video to Jump Right In. AliExpress sucks, as a supplier. using AliExpress simply limits your growth and will not satisfy your customers. two main reasons why AliExpress fails to be good supplier is won the long shipping times and two, the poor product quality. customers just don't want to wait three to five weeks for their product to arrive at their house anymore. I don't blame them. we're in the era of Amazon Prime, where things are literally showing up the day. people order them now. not only will these long shipping times overcomplicate the process, causing you more money, since customers will constantly be emailing and you'll have to respond, taking your time or hiring somebody to respond to all these issues- but they'll refund orders along the way. they'll open chargeback requests, which will not only charge you fees, but they'll also hurt your payment processors, which means that they'll essentially start holding all the money in, which will really start to inhibit your scaling potential. another main issue about going through AliExpress is that there's pretty much no reliability. you're using this one product page and you'll be left never knowing if your orders went out on time, if the boxes were all damaged, if the products were broken, if the consumers actually received the product that they paid for. this is exactly why Drop Shipping gets a bad name. when I first started dropshipping, I ran into countless issues. on multiple occasions I found out the supplier actually shipped the product to the wrong address and when I would reach out to them about it, they would either deny it or not answer me altogether. punch you on the face- so bad right now. another common issue these suppliers will get you on is actually sending lower quality products to your consumers. they have little incentive to communicate with the people who buy from them, so, in other words, they're kind of just sending out whatever to your customers because they don't care. they've already made the money terrible business. now that I've gone over why AliExpress is just not sustainable in the long run and it's potentially holding back your business from getting to the next level, I think we should tok about some of the key benefits that come along with having a private supplier and why you literally need one right now. so, starting off with a private supplier, you can achieve shipping times much, much faster. in many cases, you can actually get two to five day shipping, which is typical for domestik suppliers, in other words, suppliers that hold your inventory in the United States, if that's where you're selling to, or in Europe or in Canada, and so on and so forth. another bonus of working with these private suppliers is usually the potential for white labeling, for custom packaging, logo, those and just creating an overall, more unique and branded customer experience. a private supplier would also be willing to negotiate with you for lower prices, for faster shipping, for cheaper shipping, depending on how many units you are actually selling. that way, the more successful that you become and the more volume you start pushing through the supplier, the more likely they are to reduce some of the costs per unit, thus increasing your profit margins over time. you're going to need it now. at this point, you're probably saying, okay, I'm sold, but how do I actually find these private suppliers to work with now? this can be a tricky task if you don't know where to look and there's lots of misinformation on it, and also many suppliers are reluctant to work with drop shippers, especially relatively inexperienced drop shippers that aren't pushing a lot of volume. however, there are a few crucial methods and things that you can do to increase your chances in working with a top tier supplier right off the bat. firstly, you can try reaching out to suppliers that specialize in a product that you're already selling. these suppliers are more likely to be familiar with the niche, the industry that you're selling my products in and you can immediately start toking with them and asking them questions, which makes you seem more experienced and makes you seem like you're already pushing units or you're ready to start selling thousands of these things. and remember they're going to get excited about that because they want to make money just as bad as you do. you can also try contacting some smaller suppliers. they might not be as reputable yet, but typically they'll be more flexible with their terms and willing to take on new partners, as they are trying to seek out as many new clients as possible because they're just getting their business going. also, if you urgently need private suppliers and you want to shortcut some of the time involved with actually going out there and finding a list yourself, you can click the first link down below, which will be an application link to my mentorship program inside of my education company. in here we have lists of vetted suppliers that I've worked with for years and built up amazing relationships with. on top of that, you'll be seeing a holistik picture into how I do Drop Shipping in 2022.. we only have a few spots left, so hurry down there and see if you can pick one. know now, when you're just starting Drop Shipping, it can be difficult to go straight into finding a private supplier. the easiest way for people just starting out is to actually go ahead and get their hands on an agent. an agent essentially works as a middleman and has experience working directly with all these different manufacturers and suppliers. this will save you a ton of money and hassle in the long run, because the agent will be able to get the best quotes for you for tons of different suppliers and they'll essentially do all that work that is really time consuming on your end. oftentimes, these agents, or even third-party platforms that do this service for you, will actually try to drop ship on top of that and add more additional costs along the way. so it is vital to speak with multiple agents and making sure you're not getting drop shipped or further ripped off along the process, if that makes sense now, when trying to find one of these agents, there are a few different websites, for example Alibaba, where you can start going and just messaging every single supplier, though more often than not, that's how you're going to find the actual suppliers and manufacturers. so my preference is to use Auto DS, which will actually connect you with an agent associated with the supplier themselves, or you can go to an agent directly, who will go to their suppliers and find you the best deal for your product. now, autods actually aims to be a full service automation dropshipping platform but, like I said, one of the best things about using the platform Auto DS is that they can easily integrate and connect you with some of their top suppliers and get you the best quotes. I've.

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

in this video, i'll be revealing exactly how i'm drop shipping with less than 10 day shipping times from china, without using aliexpress, that have allowed me to hit results like this. so, as you can see, i'm right around that 275 000 in sales right around in the last six months. i'm gonna go ahead and refresh my screen because we already know it's no cap. so right around 275 000 in sales, 102 000 store sessions, nine percent customer returning rate and a great conversion rate of around 2.7. so this store's been going absolutely crazy and i would not have been able to accomplish this without the supplier that i'm using today. there's many options out there to speed up the shipping process, so not only will i be showing you what i'm doing to get fast shipping times, but i'll also be giving you some viable options that you can be using today on your store. this is to make sure that your customers aren't waiting decades for their product, like most people who are drop shipping or just officially getting started. so let's get that competitive advantage without further ado. let's go ahead and jump right into it. i need to know everything. who in the world and where. i need everything. what's going on? everyone. my name is ac hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer and coach that teaches people how to test, build and scale profitable e-commerce brands. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure that you have your notebooks ready, because the value in this video is going to be limitless. if you're a part of my supreme family who comes back each and every week for this value, then thank you so much for tuning in and always showing love. now, before we get into exactly how you can be getting a 7 to 10 day shipping on your drop shipping store today for cheaper than aliexpress. you all know that each and every week, i hand out an absolute free consulting call to one lucky winner to streamline their success with e-commerce. if you want the chance to win this giveaway and you want to get all of your questions answered, all you have to do is three simple things. the first thing you must do is, in the comment section below, comment the word supplier and what your biggest take away from this video was. the second thing you must do is head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and go ahead and give me a follow. and the third thing you must do is smash that like button below and subscribe to my channel, as i have never missed a single week on this platform. make sure you follow and do all three instructions, as i'll be checking and make sure that they're all done to enter you in the chance to win this free consulting call. but if you are looking for more one-on-one help to help you through starting and scaling up your online brand, make sure you dm me the word mentorship on instagram at ac underscore hampton, so i can reach out to see if you'd be a good fit for the four limited spots that i have for all of january. now, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. as i'm sure you all know, aliexpress is not the most sustainable way to scale your online business, especially with the fact that it's taking 30 to 60 days in order to get the product to your customer. in my opinion, one of the only benefits of using aliexpress is when you're testing products. this is because there's a ton of sellers with all kinds of products that you're able to find and add to your store to quickly test and find out if it's going to be a winning product for you or not. but when it comes to finding that winning product and scaling using this platform will not be sustainable for your business at all. there is a couple other things that play into the reason of aliexpress not being the best platform to use for scaling a product outside of just the shipping times. a couple of those reasons is product and quality and communication. there are major variations between the suppliers, shipping times and product quality, so what that basically means is that it is a random game of product quality and how well your supplier is going to do when sourcing and shipping your product, and, as that is not enough of a hassle, it can take days to have a conversation with the suppliers, as they are likely in a different time zone as you, depending on wherever you live. so, with that being said, my one suggestion during this testing phase and using aliexpress is: make sure that you're doing supplier validation heavily. you should be looking for a 98 or a higher store rating, with a 4.7 rating or higher for the communication product as described and the shipping times along with that. you want to make sure that they have a couple hundred reviews and orders and have been in business for at least over a year to know that this is a supplier that you can at least test with and regardless of the fact that it can take days to hear a response. when you find a supplier that has what you're looking for, make sure that you still message them, start communication and make sure that it is someone that wants to help you grow. now i just want to reiterate that aliexpress is used solely for testing, and once you've found a product that is selling well for you, it's time to move on, to get those faster shipping times so that you can continue to grow and scale your business. so, with that being said, i'm going to recommend you two different sites that you can be using today to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service and you're not getting angry emails and low feedback ratings that can ultimately give you a restriction very quickly. efficiency is everything for your customers today, especially with competing with platforms like amazon and other drop shippers in the space. customers like to have their product in a hurry, and these two suppliers can help you with exactly that. now, the first site that you can be using is cj drop shipping. cj drop shipping is just one of the top picks due to the fact that they have warehouses all around the world to ship to other countries. this is the ideal situation for local and worldwide drop shipping so that you can make sure that those shipping times are competitive and something that your customers are satisfied with. so if you're someone who is currently struggling with chargebacks and refunds because customers are unhappy with the shipping times, then cj dropshipping can really help you with these issues. many of you have heard of cj dropship and you may know their fulfillment center for any products that you might want to be selling, but you may not know all the benefits that can come from using them as a supplier, so let's go ahead and jump right into it. so here we are on cj drop shipping, and you can see they have a lot of products that you can sell and a lot of products that they can fulfill as well, and, honestly, this is just great because, just like aliexpress, they have almost everything that you can think of. so you could even start off with testing products with cj drop shipping and use that same supplier to scale up the products with even faster and better shipping. now, one of my favorite parts about cj drop shipping is that you're able to get faster shipping times at a lower cost. so let me just go ahead and show you an example of this. now i'm just going to pull up a product on aliexpress and, as you guys can see, i went ahead and chose a dog harness. if you guys have been drop shipping for a while, you know that this dog harness has been going absolutely crazy year after year and it's always a product that you can sell on aliexpress. you can see that we're going to get this item for 11.95. this is for the large variant, with free shipping being estimated. delivery of march 5th. now today is january 18. so this is almost 45 to 50 day shipping on this product if i go ahead and source it from aliexpress. but if we head over to cj drop shipping and we look for that exact same product, you can see that is three dollars and 81 cents for the large variant as well, with the shipping cost of six dollars and 23 cents, which gives us a total drop shipping price.

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How To Start A Clothing Brand In 2022 | tips, manufacturers, graphic designers, shopify store, etc

what's up YouTube? your boy, Jalen, is back with another video and, as you guys can tell, we are on a new channel. so, basically, guys, the last Channel we had just hit 90k actually got terminated. um, I'm trying to get it back. right now. I don't really know if I will be able to get it back, but I did get terminated and it it does suck. you know, uh, just like I said, hit 90k and it was my mainstream of income as well. we were so close to 100K, so close to getting that plaque- if you guys didn't know, I've been on the platform for about eight years and, um, yeah, it just, it just sucks that the channel was taken down for reasons I'm not really gonna get into. let you guys know, that channel was literally everything- like I did everything on that channel- whether it was Vlogs, how-to videos, skincare routines, different videos like that. so the channel was definitely diverse. there was no one main topic and I know some of my biggest videos were those type of videos: the how to's and um, the skincare routines, the Vlogs, different things like that. so, firstly, the reason that they took it down really doesn't make sense to me. so I'm in the process of trying to get it back. but while all that's going going on, this is the channel I'm going to be uploading on. if you're new to the channel, what's up? uh, my name is Jalen, I'm 21, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I do lifestyle content, fashion videos. yeah, you guys, my my last Channel got deleted at 90k. but but all that to the side, you guys, about this channel, my main focus is this channel. like I said, everything happens for a reason. that's something I preached on that channel a lot. everything does happen for a reason. um, so maybe that channel needed to be deleted for me to go harder or push harder on a different Channel and actually create content that I genuinely want to create. you guys, I do want to say, literally, I'm going to show you guys with this channel that anybody can do YouTube. If you really put your mind to it and you really grind, you really want to do this, you can do it. you guys, and we're going to grow together on this channel and, whether it's slow, whether it's fast, we're going to hit that 100K Mark again. I just want to prove to you guys that you can do this and, like, if you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel right now, get up and go do it. you know what I'm saying. with this channel, like I just said, bro, we're gonna hit 100K. I don't know how fast it's gonna be, I don't know how many videos it's gonna take, but we will hit 100K and I want to just be proof that you guys can do it. so, um, yeah, you guys, as you guys can tell from the times that we're gonna be doing, how to start your clothing brand in 2022? I just dropped some pieces. obvious, you guys know, if you've been on the old Channel, but if you're new, my clothing brand is hidden fours. but with my videos, I like to give you guys everything. you know what I'm saying. I want to give you the step by steps. I want to give you the manufacturers. I want to give you the graphic designers- like other people don't really do that and they like the gatekeeping on this channel- like I'm gonna give you all that. so make sure to hit that like button and subscribe down below. turn the notification Bell so you notified every time I upload a video, because you guys aren't going to want to miss. let's get the tin cab. we're on the road to 10K. you know what I'm saying. I'm pretty sure we will hit it. I know we will hit it. we'll speak it into existence and, uh, yeah, today I'll be putting you guys on to a lot of things. make sure you guys do join the Discord. the link is down below. if you have any questions. you guys do want to ask me on anything, whether it's my clothing hauls or how to start a clothing brand, you can join the Discord and hit me up in there. but, like I said, I'll be giving you guys all the sauce in today's video. so, without further Ado, let's go ahead and get straight into it. all, right, you guys? so first things first. you are ready to start your clothing brand. what I do want to tell you guys is: make sure this is something that you genuinely want to do, not just because you're trying to make quick cash or you see everybody else doing it and you're just trying to do it. make sure it's something you're like. okay, I want to create something that's really dope, really unique, and and have people rock your stuff and and be proud to say it's your clothing. you know what I'm saying. a lot of people take a lot of time on their pieces and different things like that. so make sure starting a clothing brand is what you want to do. but for the first step, you guys, what you want to do is come up with a brand name. now this can kind of be tricky. you know what I'm saying, because there's a lot of names that are taken, um, but you're going to want to get a domain as well. I think you can get one on GoDaddy for really, really cheap. I think that's where I got mine- and in today's video, all these things are things that I've personally done to start my clothing brand. so hopefully, like I said, I can help you guys out. but definitely start with finding a name. you know what I'm saying. any name that you come up with, go try to see if it's available, because that's what's really gonna make your brand stand out and people be attracted to it. so, up, first, figure out what your clothing brand name is gonna be. at number two, clothing you want to create- whether it sweats, whether it's hoodies, whether it's long sleeves wearing short sleeves. figure out what you do want to make. you know what I'm saying and, uh, I'm sure you probably have an idea if you are watching this video. but you know what I'm saying. if it's winter, obviously you're gonna go with hoodies and long sleeve summer, short, short sleeves. like I said, winter. you grab your sweatpants and different things like that. I know a lot of people are making the Gallery department type pants right now, so if you do want to do that, I think that would do good for your first star. personally, I think long sleeves, hoodies and, like I said, the Gallery department style or flare uh sweats will do very good right now, when you're first starting your clothing brand next up. it's gonna take some time, but you guys got to figure out what you do want to create and now I will give you guys a graphic designer. you can give them your vision- whether it's skulls, whether it's stars or the case may be- and he'll put something together for you. and he has a very fast turnaround time and his Instagram- I'll put it on the screen- is thriftystd, really, really dope dude. he helped me with my design, which I will show you at the end of today's video. also, he has designs already on his Instagram if you want to purchase them. I know some of them will be sold, because they do sell very quickly, but this is for those people. you know. I'm saying if you have a design in mind or you drew something up, he could bring your design to life. basically, so definitely DMM. you're going to pay him for your design, but in the end, you guys, you got to spend money to make money. you know what I'm saying. so if you want that design to look perfectly, definitely has some graphic designers. personally, I've used Thrifty for my recent drop- amazing, amazing guy creates great designs and for a very affordable price. so, like I said, it is on the screen. make sure you guys DM them. that's one of the graphic designers I've used. last time on my first drop, I didn't use a graphic designer. I actually designed the whole hoodie myself. like I found different pictures on Google, put them on the hoodie, you know, found different fonts and different things like that. but definitely, if you need a graphic designer, hit up Thrifty. I think this is that number one or number two: use a graphic designer or figure out what graphic you want to make. the next tip that I do have for you guys is: you got to create a store now. this is where all of your items or pieces will be sold on. it's very, very simple and know a lot of people make this harder than what it really is. what I personally use is Shopify. Shopify is a very, very easy way to get your shop up and runn.

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How To Find The BEST Suppliers To Source Your Products From (Shopify HACK)

yo, what's going on everyone? Haydon here coming back at you with a brand new video and in this one it feels really good to be back in the studio setup. this is the first video I'm filming after I got back from Vegas, which, if you guys have not seen that video, I filmed one while I was there and then one of like the entire trips. you can go back on the channel and check those out, but inside of this video, I'm gonna go through and actually dive into my computer and go through Aliexpress. so I'm gonna go through, show you a couple different things. and this isn't just like finding the best price point because, as hopefully you know, or at least you will by the end of this video, price is not the only variable when it comes to selecting a supplier you want to work with. so, primarily, this is going to be taking products that we want to sell on Shopify, finding them on Aliexpress. there are principles you can use if you want to sell it a different platform and you're still sourcing from how they express, or even if you're dealing with suppliers directly, because a lot of people don't think about the variables and trust me when I say this, it's the what one of the most annoying. that the most annoying but literally like the most time consuming a headache you will ever deal with if you have an issue with the supplier, like the amount of stuff I have gone through is just ridiculous. so if you can avoid that, do it at all costs. so pay attention inside of this video, you guys. by the way, at the end of this week we are doing a live stream. okay, you could pick one of two times. make sure to hit the link down below. I'm gonna see you guys on there. I'm going through and showing you like a thousand times more stuff than this, stuff that I've never shared on YouTube video and actually never really shared ever anywhere, because it's a lot of new stuff, so very current stuff. I'm do with my marketing, my strategies, my product offer strategies, literally everything. so definitely hit the link. register for your spot inside of there. it's free. so other than that, let's jump inside of my computer. I'm gonna go through and break this down again. if you guys are using like- let's just call it- a different platform than Shopify, so if you're selling from Aliexpress somewhere else, it's still the same principle. or if there's other things you're using, maybe DHgate or any sort of other sourcing place, even dealing with the supplier directly. this still relates. this is how you kind of look through them and find the best, because again, it's more than just price. so I'm gonna throw this at you pretty fast. we're gonna move through to good pace. let's jump inside of my computer, alright. so now that we're inside here again, we're just on a regular Aliexpress page. I'm not even logged in so I'm on an incognito tab. you have so many different options, so I'm gonna go through and we're just going to look at a couple of random ones. let's see kind of what's moving on. this main thing we can do the fishing Nisha. it's not gonna matter. this is the whole principle behind actually finding it. so it's gonna be the same strategy, no matter what your niche is, what type of product you want to sell, literally anything like that. so yeah, I guess we can take the fishing niche. all right, let's just. let's go with that. we're gonna type in fishing and we can actually go ahead and find we're gonna take one specific product. so you don't just find one supplier typically for anything you're doing. so if you're running something that's like you have the fishing niche, there's all sorts of things you need different baits, spinners, you mean line, you need a reel, maybe a rod, like anything, like all the other gadgets and stuff. I don't know- I don't really fish too much- all the different stuff that goes into there. typically you're not going to take it all from one supplier. if you can, that's great, but, um, oftentimes it's not going to be the easiest way to do it. so what the oh? this is why we love Aliexpress. let's just go through and take lures- okay, fishing lure- and what we're gonna do here is we're gonna kind of find similar ones and figure out which one would be the best offer. so you want to find essentially ones that are the exact same with different suppliers. so let me actually pull up a product that i know has like the same ones, just with different suppliers. just to make this go a lot faster for you, let's go up on necklace. for those of you who don't know, I've never really shared this. I did have a store selling these that was doing extremely well. it was like a 40 to 50 km on the store, literally just with that product. so, as you can see here, these have a lot of orders. there's multiple different suppliers. so we're gonna do, we're gonna go ahead and open these up in new tabs. I'm gonna show you exactly how I actually filter through this. there are a couple. there's two different variations of this. if you look closely, see how this one has like a gap like these have little gaps in between there. there's some where it doesn't have this gap. okay, so where's one like that? there's a few, so you just want to make sure you have the same variation of it again. there's gonna be a lot. so what kind of look through these two? I'm just gonna show you how I look at it and how I filter, because there's a few things you have to worry about and this is not something you have to think about. you have to worry about this when you're dealing with suppliers. first of all, the packaging that it comes in. okay, what does it look like? there's a Chinese writing all over it. that's not gonna look good for you. do you have the option with that supply? you should contact them. do you have the option down the road to do any sort of custom pack? if you're willing to pay more, ask them that you know, ask different things and say: look, if I'm, you know I'm a very even if you're not. if you've never done shop fire any sort of selling online, tell them you have and say you know this is gonna be another big product. I want to blow it up when I do so and show you a lot of orders. are you willing to drop the price? because, if not, I have other people who are willing to do that. so that's kind of more of like a negotiating standpoint. that's a really good stance that you can take, but I'm being able to find the right suppliers- absolutely huge. so one of the first things I look at is not just price. so, yes, you see the price up here. one of the things I see first is this: okay, four point seven, five hundred fifty six votes. we're gonna go through that. it's had twelve hundred orders, whereas this one's had forty-three hundred. so this is telling me that people take this one more. why is that? let's take a look. the price here is fifty one, okay, and they get free shipping. that takes about three to four weeks. now this one over here is same shipping time- free shipping, but it's 45 cents. so it's pretty much the same thing here. now you can look at their variations. do they both have gold and silver? yeah, both gold and silver, 45 centimeter. so it's the same thing. so essentially this one's just better, simply because of price. but what you can do is you'll go ahead and open up ten of these or whatever you know from like the same product, use different suppliers and different postings, and you're gonna scroll down and what you're gonna do is you're gonna go here to feedback and you're gonna kind of look through and see exactly who has the best radiant cuz back to the whole packaging thing and issues with shipping or having to take a long time. that's one thing you want to look at. so this one's got 83 percent up top, this one's got 85. okay, that can be a possibility because this actually has less orders in total. so it's kind of a skewed ratio. it's not an exact 97 percent positive feedback. this one has 96 point. it's like the same thing. so at this point you can clearly tell this supplier is better simply because they have more orders to. they've had more orders, they have more experience, more people are trusting that. you can be sure of that. now one of the other things I look at real quick.

Meeting My Shopify Dropshipping Supplier in CHINA

and is that before you come here, he are the most handsome guy in this town, but you come here now, he's a pickle. how much did you pay for this? bush? we got a pretty crazy tonight. [Music]. good morning guys. I am here in the middle of China, in a city called yee-whoo Yiwu. I had never heard of it. on a map it's like a little dot, but what's really interesting, that little dot is the size of Philadelphia. I'm here in the shangri-la hotel- surprisingly cheap for shangri-la hotel. it's always going on my dreams to stay at a shangri-la because they are amazing. I mean, just look at this room. it's absolutely absurd. but yeah, I'm really excited. parent Li, they have the biggest wholesale market in the world here and I'm gonna go and check out so many products. tok to my supplier, who I've been working with for the past three months with a partikular beauty product that I did five hundred thousand dollars with. we're gonna be chatting about long-term business goals and white labeling and I'm going to visit his factory and he's going to show me their whole production process, how I can get cost down and I'm just really excited to see the whole manufacturing culture of China because it definitely feels very industrial here feel like I'm in a communist little bubble. it's gonna make sure they aren't monitoring me. [Music] to try the country social smoking out here in China. yeah, we can smoke everywhere, yeah. so I'm here with my buddy, Johnny, and he's saying he's going to show me his store right now, which is upstairs in the fifth floor, but they are the sole supplier for, as seen on tv, products which I'm sure you guys are very familiar with. he's very famous here in China and not very famous just doing this. learn the business. I'm favors, yeah, this man of business. so I'm excited to see what they got up there. and we're going up to the fifth floor to beautiful sleek young lady. they're very beautiful, almost empty here today. so now, after touring his store, were going to his factory. we're sitting here in his portion. he was saying: how expensive Porsches are here in China? how much did you pay for this Bush? 200, two hundred and twenty thousand euros, dollars in his currency, that's 1.5 million RMB. that's just ridiculous. the same car in the us- I'm not a car expert- probably be around 70 to 80 thousand dollars. what kind of Porsche? Panamera? okay, car guys dropping the comments below, but that's pretty expensive. I'm pretty sure to let me know. so right now factory is in Ningbo, which is about three hours by car, so we're gonna go there grab some dinner and be as well be dinner time by the time we get there, actually see the production of my product and all those other products. this guy's impressing me. he basically supplies the entirety of. has seen on TV that store that I showed you before. that was in a showroom in the city. very impressive story. right now we're at Johnny's factory that makes appliances, stuff like nutribullet, vacuum cleaner, fryers, stuff like that. this is cultural, I guess, in business, where they make tea for guests. so we're making some tea right now. how could I have water than that? oh, my shine, watch how I wash. I have used other fun tornado, mm-hmm, very good, thank you me. and he said before you come here, he is the most handsome guy in this town, but you come here now he's the second one [Laughter]. so over there they're making a heater. yeah, he wasn't making arts in air, which I'll link right here. very popular as seen on tv products. my maiden, yeah, yeah, yours- include um well, beam, well, host Imam, there's the Steam Mop. so this product alone right here sells on Amazon for around 69- 70 US dollars. the factory here sells at wholesale for 16 US dollars, so that's quite a Marco. this machine here actually makes the case for the Steam Mop of your soft stand. it takes around 30 seconds to make one one. it's about the job. so, apparently, in this area, seafood is very famous, happens. so we're gonna be eating fresh seafood here tonight. that's a very traditional meal that we're going to be out it. we literally came to this restaurant and they brought us into, they're back in the kitchen, which is choosing me what to eat tonight. it's that simple. so here's this little private dining room that we have all set, so we will hold assortment of foods here. I just watched this partikular district economy. Wow, guys, we're done with dinner. that was a lot to handle. the snake was very good, etc. etc. are you come with us? and yeah, yeah, he's gonna come to floss. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is China, Chinese food. I like you in America, in China you make me nauseous, so I must go to bed now. this.

Turn 14 on Shopify - Manufacturer Part Number Quick Tip

hello, this is jay, from data here to there, and today i'll be showing you a quick tip about how to enhance your product displays using the term 14 app for shopify. and so we're looking at a test store here where we've loaded in a number of products and we can click on the view and online store icon here to just show what it looks like on the front end, and so this is what a shopper would see. so they see the title, the images, the pricing, description, fitment information. but let's say you want to add some more. maybe you want to put in the manufacturer part number, or maybe you want to put in a comment for special order products that says: you know, please allow more time because it's a special order product, so you can do all of these types of things using the shopify liquid code, and so we're going to do today is show you exactly how to do that. [Music]. so let's pretend to be web developers for a minute and, uh, we'll go in and add that manufacturer part number to the product displays. and uh, now, before you get started, you'll need a few things. so you'll need a shopify store. uh, you'll need some basic knowledge about themes and then copy and paste skills. so let's take a look at the product here. that's first on the list. so, scrolling down, you'll see on the right hand side that there's a number of tags available, and so we've added these on purpose. we've added these so that you can enhance your displays on the front end, independent of what kind of theme you have. so there's some useful things in here, like whether or not the product requires a prop 65 warning, uh, whether or not it's a ltl product, uh, so if it needs like extra shipping fees, also if it's a special order product, so it might take a little bit longer to get going, so you might want to have a display in your product about that. but also there's the manufacturer part number. so we've got this text in front here that says mpn colon and then the original manufacturer part number. now sitting here in the tag is not too useful, uh, just hidden on the back end. so let's actually go into the theme. so that's on the left hand side of the menu and we go to the online store and then there's a. there's a button here where you can customize, but don't press that one. that's the one that goes into the front-end editing. we actually want to go deep down into the tunnel of editing the code. so click the edit code button and this is now going to show us the liquid code. so this is the machinery behind the theme, and you want to go all the way down to the product template- liquid- and there's going to be a lot of code in here. what i'm looking for, basically, is this: the title. now, every theme is different, so you might find it near the beginning, you might find it in the middle. i'm just going to keep looking. there's info about media. oh, there we go: product single title and product price. so that's where i want to put it. so what i'm going to do is give myself some space and i'm going to copy over some special liquid code and this is going to show the manufacturer part number tag. so you can get this from our support group. you can just email support data here to therecom or we can maybe include that for you on the video link, but i'm just going to paste it right in here so we can also format it a little bit better too. but this is just quite a simple um edition. so what this is doing is it's saying uh, for each of the product tags that are included. look for the mpn and, if you find it, then add a new item called manufacturer part number. so i want to save this now and then if i go back to my products i can do a preview, and so when i go to the preview now we should see manufacturer part number. voila, here you go. so now you can do the same thing. you could add, let's say, a bit of text about uh special order and whether or not it's going to take some extra time. or you could put like a prop 65 graphic, uh for the products that have prop 65 warnings. so there's quite a lot you can do here. if you need any help, uh, feel free. uh, give me an email or give me a shout and we'll help you out.