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Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads)

trying to run ads as a new shopify store owner can get expensive really fast, but thankfully, there's a few ways to get sales for a hundred percent free, and from using these methods i'm generating an extra three thousand dollars a week with my shopify store. in this video, i'm going to share my exact free traffic methods and how you can set them up yourself and start making sales this week. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my e-commerce brand. so if you're interested in starting your own online store and you want to support your boy, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. all right, let's get started. before we get into the methods, i just want to show you the results that i'm generating using these, so let's take a look. so this is my profit dashboard on shopify and, as you can see, in the last seven days, my store generated around twenty nine thousand dollars in sales, with seventy two hundred dollars in profit. now, some of these orders obviously came from my ads, but if you look at my analytiks app, which shows where my traffic comes from and where i'm getting sales, you'll actually see that the ads only contributed for sixty percent of the sales. there's another thirty to forty percent of sales that is coming from free traffic. if you look, this first method has brought me in three thousand dollars, the second method four hundred and ninety dollars, and the third method almost twelve hundred dollars, and this is all without spending any money on ads. so what are these three methods? the first method that i'm using to generate free traffic is affiliate influencers. now, you might not know what this is, but it's really easy to set up and i'm gonna explain it to you in full detail. the second method is viral content on instagram and tiktok. this method is wildly underrated and surprisingly easy to set up, as long as you have a little bit of work ethic, and i'm even going to show you a brand that's doing six figures a month, with primarily viral content and next to no ads. and the last method is organic search traffic on google. alright, let's begin with the first method: affiliate influencers. basically, all this is is sending out your product for free to influencers that have a small to medium sized following on youtube. along with the product, you provide them with a link that gets them 20 to 30 commissions on every sale that they generate. this is exactly what amazon does with their affiliate program, and this program generates billions of dollars per year for amazon. there is a ton of people who make these type of videos and they're constantly searching for new content. as long as your product is somewhat cool and unique, there's a very high chance that they're actually going to be interested in doing a review. you're helping them out in two ways: you're giving them a product that they can make a video off of and you're providing them with a link that they can make money with. ideally, you want to look for smaller channels that don't have a big following, because they're easier to get in contact with and they're not going to press you about a big upfront payment. this guy's actually a really good example: road gear reviews. i just saw him on the search tab here, so this is a great example of one of his videos. he literally put the product link and his special discount code right there and he's making affiliate commissions on every sale. this is an absolute no-brainer way to make sales without spending any money on ads. you're gonna have some failed attempts, people aren't gonna reply to you, they're not gonna hit you back, but all it takes is five to ten people that post videos about your product for you to be consistently making fifty to a hundred dollars a day with no ad. the app that i use to manage all this is called go affiliate pro, and if we look at the dashboard, you'll see that in the last 24 hours i made around 196 and in the last seven days i made around a thousand bucks just from these free affiliate videos. so don't sleep on this method. take some time, write out a list of the top 50 people that might promote your product and start hitting them up today. when it comes to viral content, this is something that i'm still getting better at, but there is so much potential if you have even an ounce of creativity. i know you guys are sitting watching tiktok videos for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day, and there's so many trends that are popping off every single week. if you're able to ride these trends and attach it to your product in a creative way and you hit that for you page, you can take your brand to the next level without spending a penny on ads message. i think the best example that i've seen of this recently is from this brand called zen bodies. they sell this shower head that has been around in the drop shipping space for years. it's nothing innovative, but they make these really sick pieces of content. check this one out. you see this. we want this, we love this, we need this. but this, yeah, we don't need that. they're literally just going off the trend from other videos, but they're relating it to their product so it fits with the tiktok landscape, but it also markets and sells their product. this is another perfect example of them riding a trend. they're literally taking a style of video that's already working on tiktok and applying it to their product [Music]. you get the point. like i said, this is something that i'm still trying to master, but this alone is making me an extra 100 to 300 a week and is super underrated. tiktok literally shows you the trends that are going viral every single week. you just have to take them and apply it to your own brand. i would highly recommend that you guys go check out this brand- zen bodies- and get some inspiration from them, because they are absolutely killing it. and then, for the last method, i'm using organic search traffic. this is basically people that are just looking up your brand and trying to find your product. now, the other two methods that i shared fuel this one. if you crack the code on those two people are going to be looking up your brand constantly because they're not going to be able to get away from it. the best tip i can give for this is using a unique brand name that doesn't have much competition. if your brand name is very similar to a competitor that's doing well, it's gonna be so difficult to rank and compete with him. your goal is ideally to rank on the first page for your brand name and for the type of product that you're selling. this just happens over time from running your business and getting more traffic, but there's a couple things that you can do to accelerate the process. this app right here called seo optimizer is super helpful. it literally adds a bunch of different things to your site. that gets it to rank higher in google, just like that. and also a real cheat code is getting as many people as possible to post your product, because what happens when somebody posts your product on a youtube video or a blog post is that google creates a back link for your product. the more back links that you have, the more trust that your brand has in the eyes of google and the higher that they're going to rank your product, so hopefully you can now see how these all go hand in hand. you should be sending your product out to influencers hoping for them to review it. you should be making viral content to build your brand identity and get it to blow up and, in turn, people are gonna know about your brand. when they search for it, they're gonna be able to see people reviewing it, so it's legit. and you're gonna pop up on google, which creates this perfect storm that allows you to make a bunch of money from free traffic. now, none of this can happen overnight, and that's the benefit of running paid traffic. if you launch a facebook ad, you can start getting sales as soon as 30 minutes to an hour, but not everybody has the money for that, so this is a great way to get started with free traffic for your store. there's one mor.

How to Connect Shopify to Youtube Channel Shopping - Sell Merch

hi, friends, we are back again today for another tutorial, and today is exciting. it's about a brand new feature that allows you to connect your print-on-demand merch store with a youtube channel. so, whether you've got your own youtube channel already and an audience where you want to start a youtube channel, grow your organic following and get sales that way, this is a step in the right direction. this is the way of the future monetizing your audience. so let's jump into this tutorial and show you how you can get started with your print on demand merch store on your youtube channel [Music]. so to set this up, firstly, you do need to be eligible, or you do need to be approved for monetization, which means you do need a thousand subscribers, and there's a couple of other little requirements, but the main one for the shopping is a thousand subscribers. so when you've done that and you've been approved for monetization- which is really easy- i'll put a link in the description which shows you a little bit how you can do that. you need to come down into, you need to come into your youtube studio, down to monetization, and then you'll be able to click on the shopping tab. now all you need to do then is to click connect store and that's going to ask you what type of store you want to connect, and you just say shopify, obviously, and then what's going to happen is you're going to be directed over to the shopify app store, where you need to actually install this google sales channel app, okay. so what that's going to do is that's going to help you connect your shopify store with your google account. now, youtube is obviously owned by google, so it's all run through the same backend when it comes to ads and promotions. now the other thing you're going to need is a google merchant center account. now, it's easy to set up, doesn't cost you anything. i'll leave a link below for you as well for that- but you need to come over and create a google merchant center account. so that's going to help you, especially if you want to do shopping, ads or anything like that. but that's going to help you with the integration between shopify and your youtube channel. so what i think is really cool about this is, on your youtube channel, you can actually have a shopping or a store tab, so then you can have all your products there that you would have synced over from your shopify store. once you go through that setup plus, you can also do things like put them on what's called your shelf, which is on an individual video, so above the comments, just sort of below where your description is, so then people can select from stuff there. you can also put them in what's called your end screen. so that's the. you know the last 20 seconds of the video as well. you can have proper uh products appear there. so there's a lot of placement options with this, which is really really cool. and obviously, when it comes to your iop plus catalog, no matter what you add in here- t-shirts, our all-over print products, face masks, whatever it might be- once they are published on your shopify store, you simply sync them over to your google merchant center, which is going to push them onto your youtube store, obviously once you've got all that set up correctly, but it won't take you much time at all. so, my friends, we are at the end of another video. hope you enjoyed that tutorial. we'd love to know in the comments below if you have actually already connected a store or you're thinking about connecting a store to your youtube channel. make sure you drop a comment below about anything at all. we're here to help and, of course, like this video, subscribe to our channel and make sure you check out the other videos. we put out a tutorial every single week and we hope to see you very soon again back on our channel. so thanks again, guys. see you later.

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hi everyone. its Mike, with launch of startups and in today's video, I want to teach you how to start a six-figure clothing line. the reason why I chose clothing line is because I want to show you guys that it's not about finding a or reinventing the wheel, it's finding. it's looking what works and then tweaking it so that you can be profitably, you can find a good product. okay, so, with t-shirts or clothing lines, I feel like there being a new company or new brands being made every day and a lot of them are actually successful. a company that if you're actually into, if you watch YouTube videos and you are into fitness, it is something like alpha, so alpha, we athletiks. if you follow him on, if you follow Christian on YouTube- I've seen some of his videos- is that he's created this brand for his clothing line and he does really well. you know, probably sales from millions, millions of dollars worth, because he does these certain launches and just kind of figures out what his demographic of customers who want. well, what I want you guys to know is that he didn't. he didn't then you know, the sweater or the t-shirts or anything like that, but he created a brand that were a niche that was being underserved in the market. okay, and he does fairly well. so it's fairly easy to create a six-figure company from a clothing line if you know how to market it and you know how to find a demographic that's being underserved. so I mean, like, let's take a look at his hoodies- there's not a specific design to it. he doesn't have, he doesn't flash a certain logo or anything like that, it's just the name and actually, if you read the comments and in his YouTube videos or like Instagram posts or anything, people want the clothing line that has no brands. I mean, that's the thing right now is people like to wear clothing that doesn't have any brands, but you know he's can still sell it for fifty two dollars and the brand is located back here. so when my hoods down, you can't even see the brand. but he's been able to create a brand around alpha Lee and athletiks and you know these styles could be easily found on Alibaba. so that's one thing that I want you guys to really focus on and really think about is what you don't need to come up with these really cool designs of t-shirts or anything like that, but I mean when he first started- yes, like, if you wanted, like I know I use live fit apparel, so they're there more so on the fitness online. but in terms of designs, so let's take a look at men's t-shirts so you can see, like, look at their designs. you know cool designs and they hit the demographic of that California skater that also likes to work out and that's the demographic that they found. and these guys are also a multi-million dollar company. so if these guys are multi-million dollar companies, you guys can create an easy six-figure income from creating a clothing line. if you can find a demographic or a market that's being underserved, okay. so if you, if you do the hard part of finding that market and find branding it in a way that reaches us specifically to that demographic, then you can do well. and what I want you guys to do is actually go on printful. so I've toked about this before. they they take your products or they have these certain products right here that are like pillows, hats, wall, are all over t-shirts and what they do is you choose whatever t-shirt you want to sell and then they actually you upload your design. so if you wanted to go like on, you know, lift it and you created this specific design right here- nothing, stuff, twenty-four dollars and then you upload it here and you actually attach it to your Shopify. so they integrate really well with the way the Shopify that now you could put that design on this t-shirt and, yes, the price is fairly high because these are print on demand services. so for nine dollars and selling it for twenty four dollars a pop, it's not bad. okay, that's not bad. but later, once you get enough sales and you feel like you can order that bulk order to get a cheaper price, then you can go to Alibaba. okay, but doing it this way you will not have any upfront costs. okay, so this will help you build some upfront cost prior to actually ordering that bolt case or that bulk, the bulk orders from Alibaba to get a cheaper price. so you can see here is that they have t-shirts, hats. you could develop that whole brand, a whole logo and all that specifically for all these products. I mean they got socks, they got leggings for women, they have all over printing tanks, pillows. you could develop this whole brand, okay. so the cool thing about that- I you know like this, like I said, they integrate well with all these types of platforms, Shopify specifically- you can go down here to what I love about them is their branding services. okay, so they include a branding stiker free on all your packages. so as long as you upload a logo for your products, they can slap that on to the box and they have no idea that it actually came from printful. okay, they also offer inside shirt labels. so inside this shirt will say your logo. again, they have no idea that it's coming from printful and they think that it's coming directly from you and they. what's what I love about this, compared to drop shipping, is that you, you can offer next day, you can offer standard delivery. you know, three to five business days. when you dude drop shipping, sometimes their products will come from, you know, within a month and that can really aggravate your customers. so, especially during the holidays, everyone's trying to get it before Christmas and if you have a drop shipping site and they don't order by December 1st, good luck getting their product and look how much of the sale you're gonna miss from this. you know, after December 1st, first, leading up to Christmas, you're gonna lose a lot of sales. so these are just other branding services that they offer. they are, you know, this is. this is what they can actually have- return addresses they can put when I love. another thing I love for 75 cents is these packings that you could put so you could put like a 20% off your next order. so it's like these really unique branding services that you cannot do when you're doing drop shipping. okay. so this is a great way to get started. if you have no up for, if you don't have money to fork over that bulk order purchase from Alibaba- okay. so if you go to Alibaba and then you type in t-shirts and what I like to do always check these three trader shirts- gold supplier and assess supplier- these are the more well, the more legitimise legit suppliers that Alibaba has actually checked out or you know, like assessed, or their gold supplier, because they sold a certain amount and there's there's just a little bit more of an assurance when searching for a supplier, as long as you check these three and then you're not worrying about unbranded supply or anything like that, okay. so look at this. you find when you're looking for a supplier after you feel like there's a good demand based on you doing it through printful. you take a look at their transactions. these guys are doing 80 thousand dollars in the last six months. maybe you can find something bigger than that, like these guys are doing it- five hundred dollars. and then you their t-shirt manufacturer companies and they can make these t-shirts that originally were there for, you know, eight dollars. I believe that you can get it for as cheap as five dollars a pop and then sell it for $25 or upwards, and then now you get five times the amount of what you are paying it for. okay, so that's, and this is a great way, and this is the little trick that I want to show you guys- is the difference with everyone else trying to create a clothing, clothing line or any anything that comes with dropshipping, is that they they don't know how to have the pictures. they don't know how to create pictures for their clothing line. so this is a little hack, a little trick that I found. okay, nobody really knows about this. it's called place it, place it, dotnet, okay, so you know, place it down it and you can click up he.

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How To Make A Shopify Store For Your T-Shirt Business In 10 Minutes (Printful Print On Demand)

what's going on, guys? in this video, i will show you how to make a shopify store for your print-on-demand t-shirt business. let's not waste any time and get right into it. alright, guys? so making a shopify store is something that is super easy to do, but a lot of people are having trouble with this, so i'm gonna simplify it in this video. so shopify is by far the best and easiest way to make an online store. the first thing you're going to do is go on shopifycom and sign up for a monthly plan. their plans cost around 30 a month. all right, guys. so after you register for a shopify plan, the next step is to buy a domain name. you're going to go on this main shopify page right here, and you're gonna click on where it says domains. you're gonna click buy new domain and right here, you're gonna type in the name of the domain that you want to buy. so we're gonna do surfingmergecom and, as you guys can see, the domain is gonna cost 14 a year. so after the domain is purchased, it's going to be automatikally linked to the website. if you guys don't buy your own domain name, shopify is going to assign a domain with a myshopifycom at the end, and you guys don't want to use that. you will not get any sales like that after the domain is purchased. the next step is to get a shopify theme. we're going to click on themes. we're going to scroll down. we're going gonna hit explore free themes. we're gonna scroll down again and we're gonna click venture, click, add theme to library. the theme is now added. let's click customize and right here is our empty shopify store. all right, guys. the next step is to get all of our website assets, such as pictures and logos for this website. instead of using a logo, we're going to use a custom font. so we're going to go into google, type in surfing font and download this font right here in photoshop. we're going to make this file with the clear background and save it as a png file. the next thing we're going to do is get pictures for our website. we're going to go on istokphotocom- since this shopify store is going to be a surfing t-shirt store, we're going to type in surfing. let's go ahead and do that, hit search and right here you guys will get thousands of different surfing pictures. we're going to find one that we like and use that for our website. so this one right here looks pretty good. let's click on it. so this picture right here looks perfect. it's gonna cost you around twelve dollars to purchase. now the next thing we're going to do is go on a website called playsetcom. with this website, we can make professional looking pictures without using professional photographers. this website has tens of thousands of different pictures and video mockups, so let's click this one right here. so the way place it works is that you will select the color of the t-shirt. let's do this color right here, and after this, we're going to upload the design. let's raise it just a little bit, hit crop and now we have a professional looking picture with our design. we're gonna hit download and we're done. so we're going to put all of our t-shirt designs and website pictures into one folder and let's take a look at them real quick. here. we're gonna use this picture for our banner. so here are the pictures right here, so everything looks perfect. so the next thing we have to do is make our collections pages. we're going to go back to our main shopify page. we're going to click on products, we're going to click on collections and we're going to click create collection. you're going to make a collections page for each type of product that you have. so, for example, if you have t-shirts, you will make a collection for t-shirts. if you have hoodies, you will make a collections page for hoodies. if you have tank tops, you will have a collections page for tank tops. so let's make our first collections page. you guys can make a description if you want. we're going to upload an image for the men's collections page. click add image and make sure under collection type you're going to select manual, click save and our men's t-shirt collection is created. next we're going to the women's t-shirts. again, click create collection. we're going to type in women's t-shirts. click manual, add image and hit save. next we're going to make our tank top collection. click create collection and type in tank tops. add our picture, hit manual and click save. click back. now we're going to make our hoodies collection. click create collection. hoodies manual. add image, upload the image, hit save. and now let's add one more collection for accessories: hit create collection type in accessories manual. and for this one we're not going to upload an image right now, we'll just click save. okay, perfect. now we're going to click on online store and we're going to start designing our store. click on customize. we're going to start with our header: click header. we're going to upload our logo and here's our logo right here: click select. now we're going to add our menus. here we're going to click edit menu. we're going to click add menu item. we're going to name it men's t-shirts and for link we're going to add our men's t-shirts collections page. hit add. now we're going to add women's t-shirts: link collections women's t-shirts: click add, add menu item. we're gonna add hoodies: link collections hoodies add. add menu item. let's do tank tops: link collection tank tops add. and let's add the final one: accessories- add menu item. accessories- link collections accessories- add. our accessories- page. click add. right here, if you guys want, you can click on these dots and you can move things around. now we're done, hit save. let's go back to our online store. let's go back to customize and here you guys see all the menu items that we just added. now, if you guys want, you can add an announcement bar. let's click show announcement and let's type in free shipping on all us orders and here you guys can see the announcement bar popped up. now let's go back and let's add our picture slides: click slideshow. all right, guys, now we're going to add our slide pictures. we're going to click on the first slide. we're going to select image. we're going to select our main surfing image, click select and here you guys see it right here. now for heading we can type 10 off. for button label we're going to type all men's t-shirts use promo code summer 10.. i will show you guys how to make a promo code a little bit later. whenever somebody presses here, we want to direct them straight to the men's t-shirt collection page. so we're going to click here. we're going to click collections and we're going to select men's t-shirts, click save and we're done. now let's move on to the next slide. go back, select the second slide, select the image. let's select this girl right here, click select. now for heading let's type woman's t-shirts and again, when someone clicks here, we want them to go straight to the woman's t-shirt collections page. so let's click right here, select collections and select women's t-shirts, click save. now let's make the third slide. click slide, select image. let's select this image right here. and for heading we'll type in t-shirts for everyone and we'll leave this empty for now. save, all right, and right here you guys can see what we just made. so everything looks good now. next let's add our collections list: click collection. click select collection. we're gonna add men's shirts. click select, edit collection, go back. let's do the second collection. let's do woman shirts: click select. let's go back. third collection: let's do tank tops- select and let's add one more. let's add collection and select hoodies. click select and we're done. click save. now let's do this. let's take our feature collection. let's click on these dots right here and let's move it up. let's move right here. let's make our feature collections and men's t-shirts. let's click over here. let's click change. change collection- men's t-shirt: click select and click save. all of the men's t-shirts are going to show up right here now. the next thing you guys are going to do is click on apps. you're going to click s.

How To Design An Ecommerce Store THAT SELLS

people judge your online store the second they land on it and, what's more is, having a strong website design increases the perceived value of your product. so if you're not presenting visitors to your online store with the best ecommerce website design possible, you're literally turning away customers. hey, my name's ali. i'm a designer at shopify, and today i'm going to walk you through how to design your online store so that you can create a seamless and memorable experience for your customers. in this video, you'll learn tikniques for customizing your shopify store's theme and optimizing your content so that you can build your website the way that you want it. i'll cover the shopify store design essentials, including picking the right theme for your brand, using theme settings to achieve the look and feel that you want, using meta fields to enhance your storefront with richer content and, finally, custom page templates. [Music]. welcome to learn. with shopify, we're all about teaching you how to start, run and grow an online business. anything you want to learn about being an e-commerce business owner you can find right here. so if that sounds like something you need in your life, hit subscribe. so let's jump into picking the right theme for your brand. the shopify theme store has tons of free and paid themes to choose from. if you don't have a shopify store yet and you'd like to follow along with me step by step, you can get a free trial on shopify by clicking the link in the top corner of this video or in the description below. today we're going to be designing a store for these shopify apparel products, and so right away i'm going to head to the all theme section of the theme store and apply a couple of filters to narrow down my options. first up, i'm going to check out the latest releases. shopify is always releasing new free themes into the catalog and premium themes from our partners. if you already have a theme installed that you like and you want access to the latest settings and features, you may also be eligible for a theme update right from your admin. so now i'm going to go ahead and pick clothing and accessories to filter these options down further. there's lots of great options here and, depending on the kind of aesthetik, layout or features you might be looking for, there may be a specific theme here that makes sense for you as a great starting point for your store. investing a bit of time at this stage is really valuable because if you can find a theme that's already set up in the way that you need it, either from a visual design perspective or content layout, or both. it can save you a lot of time. shopify supply just dropped this new collection of products and did a photo shoot for them, and there's a free theme called color block, which is perfect for showcasing fresh collections as they come out. so we're going to go ahead and install that using theme settings to achieve the look and feel that you want. okay, so here we are in the theme editor with a fresh install of color block, and what's really nice is that it comes pre-installed with all of the sections and blocks that we saw in the demo store. so to make it really feel like our brand, the first place that we're going to start customizing is theme settings. so go ahead and click on theme settings. there's a lot of different options in here to make the theme feel like your home base for your business and to really tailor the brand experience for your customers. so for this store, we're going to change a few things. so, first off, i'm going to change the color palette. i'm going to use black for the text, off white for our first accent color, light blue for our second accent color blue for our buttons. and then, finally, we've got this really bright green for when we want a strong pop of color. if your brand has a limited color palette, you don't have to use all of these colors, and you can, of course, set some of them to be the same color. or if you don't have a color palette yet, i definitely recommend checking out coolers, which is a really useful tool for generating beautiful color palettes. so now in our sections, we can choose how we want to combine those colors. so if we want this announcement bar to stand out a bit more, we can use that bright green that we set for background. two, by going into the announcement bar section, clicking on the text block and then changing the color scheme. heading back to our theme settings, there's a lot more here that we can customize for our typography. color block uses futura, which is a great typeface, but we're going to go with something more neutral and change this to helvetika, and then we're going to bring the scale down a wee bit to 120. so now it's really feeling quite different from those few changes that we've made, and there's a lot more settings here that we can tweak and play with if we want to. we can change the spacing of elements. we can change the corner radius of buttons. every theme has its own options for customization, so you can really tweak the settings to get a look and feel for your store that feels great for your brand. at this stage, though, i think it's useful to move on to some real content so we can really get a feel for how that's going to be represented in our theme. so we'll move on to adding some of that real content, and i find that, with themes, if there's something that drew you towards the theme in the first place, it's good to work within some of the constraints that the theme provides, because constraints can be great for creativity. they give you boundaries to operate within and for color block. the thing that prompted us to install it was the ability to prominently feature a collection with lots of imagery from that collection, and here we have the pre-installed sections that will help us do that. so let's go from the top here. shopify is the entrepreneurship company, and one of the products we have here has entrepreneur written right across the body. so for our headline here we're gonna go for entrepreneurship capsule and for the description, a clothing collection designed for bosses like you, okay, and we're gonna link right to the collection from this description. something that's important to consider is the different device types that visitors will be using when they come to your store. so whether your customers are on their laptop or a mobile device, your store needs to look just as good as it did on the device that you used when you designed it. so to ensure that our site looks as good as it can on any device, we can modify the preview type right here in the storefront editor, and this is a seamless way to toggle between simulated devices and view your content exactly how your customer would. so we can see here that this copy isn't working perfectly across mobile and desktop, so we'll go ahead and edit it slightly. we'll then use the preview switcher to go between mobile and desktop views, and there that's looking much better. and right after that we have a collage section with three images in it, and this is where we can embrace the constraints we've been given and get creative within them. so what we can focus on here is the journey we want to take our customers on as they browse through this first part of the homepage, and how best to tell that story with the assets that we have from our photo shoot. the main two products on show are this green hoodie and the cream crew neck. so i think what is going to work great is if we showcase one of the products in the first collage and then the other product in the second collage, and you'll notike that as i upload these products. the collage will adapt smartly to best fit the images i choose, and it's also going to crop them appropriately. so then, moving on to this next section, what we've got here is a multi-column, and what's interesting about this multi-column layout is that there's only text in the second column, and that creates this kind of offset effect, which is a nice way of breaking up your page. and all of shopify's free themes have the multi-column available as

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella. i am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses, and today i'm gonna be showing you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars, without shopify and with zero ads. so that means zero dollars that you guys can start this store with, and you will not have to worry about dumping any money to start this project. i actually care about your pockets. a lot of gurus on youtube recommend using shopify, which i do not recommend, since they do have monthly fees. i don't recommend getting shopify or using shopify unless your business is already a six figure earning business. there are so many free website hosts out there that you guys can use for free, which i'm gonna be showing you guys how to utilize one of those today. so people do charge over thousands of dollars for courses, just like this one. so in exchange for this information today, i just ask that you hit that like button and subscribe to my channel so i can continue to make videos like this for you guys. so why should you start a drop shipping store? is this the right business model for you? i recommend drop shipping for those that are just starting out selling online, that don't want to invest any money up front that you want to start a side hustle. and the great thing about drop shipping is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. you can target the united states and be in a completely different country, and then you don't have to worry about inventory or shipping products yourself. in this video, you will learn how to find winning products to sell, to find your niche. you're going to learn how to create a free logo and name. i'm also going to show you guys how to set up a free online store- zero dollars monthly- that you guys can use. i'm also going to show you guys how to add the products to your online store, how to fulfill your drop shipping orders once an order is placed, how to market your online store for free- never buy ads, guys- and i'm also going to go over this one thing that a lot of people don't go over, which is kind of just the legal side of drop shipping and the tax basics of drop shipping, which it's not going to be advice. with that point, i'm just going to tell you guys what i personally did. nothing in this video is actual legal advice. this is just what i personally did. so let's find a product to sell and let's figure out what your niche is going to be. so i utilize a couple different ways and you guys can do this either on your cell phone, on your smartphone, or you guys can do this on your computer- it doesn't really matter- and when i'm researching products to sell, i use tik tok, i use aliexpress and alibaba to research, i use amazon just to see trending products and then i also use google. so you're gonna be using these four things today that you guys can all do from your laptop or phone. so what is drop shipping? i'm gonna tok about this quickly, just for beginners that are unsure about the drop shipping model. so a customer will place an order on your website, on your online store, in order for 200. obviously we don't work with these big numbers. typically they're smaller products, but this is just an example. so the customer places an order on your store for 200 and then you're going to go to your supplier. you're going to find this product online for cheaper, so you're going to charge 200 in your store for this product, but you found a supplier that has it for 150.. so you're going to place the order for your customer for 150. you're going to take their 200.. instead of you shipping the product, the supplier is going to ship the product and then the supplier ships the product directly to your customer. so your store is just the middle man between the customer and the supplier and for doing this, you get to keep 50 profit of this sale. so if you guys are familiar with my channel, i always say it's 25 the product and 75 how you market it. so the questions to ask yourself is: how entertaining is this product? can you relate this product to your own life? what content can you actually create with this product and how much content can you create with this product? because the marketing side of it is more important than the product itself. so the top niche categories for 2022 and probably beyond 2022 is beauty, pets, tiknology, kids, gifts, photography and fitness. i'm going to show you guys a couple of examples and let's dive right into this tutorial and i'm going to show you guys how you guys can find products to sell in 2022. so i want you guys to go on to google and type in tiktok- trend discovery. we're going to search for that right now. so it's this one right here: trend discovery, hot content on tiktok. click on this. tiktok is definitely the most popular social media right now, meaning that there are people that are running ads on it. although we are not going to run ads on it because we don't have to, tiktok shows your videos without you having to pay for ads. that's the beauty of tiktok. so, but we're still going to use what people are running ads as, just as a reference to see. so i'm just going to click select, all here. i'm gonna select united states, because i personally target the united states when i was drop shipping, and then go ahead and just scroll down and we're gonna try to see and look for products and you guys can see a lot of these um, people, i think they're selling mostly digital products or apps. so you guys can get a lot of different ideas of things that people are selling on tik tok and what people are actually buying ads for, even though you're not going to buy ads. what's crazy is that all of these things- the people that they bought these ads- they didn't have to do this, because tiktok pushes out your content. if you have good content, it'll push it out. this is actually the type of product i recommended in one of my previous videos on my youtube channel. people really love anything that you can create content-wise, that's something satisfying and that also adds value, which is why i love this person's content, how they're promoting this product again. they could have did this without buying ads and could have made their business viral without buying ads, which is how i grew my business on tik tok. but you guys know that if you've watched my other videos, i don't recommend buying ads because it does harm your profit margin, and i tok about this more on my youtube channel if you guys want to get a reasoning of why i don't agree with buying ads. so i found this smart hula hoop on tiktok. it was a trending item, so i decided to look into this product and because this stuck out to me as a drop shipping product, i decided to base this video on this product today, just as an example to show you guys. now, obviously, with this kind of product, you do have to show your face because you're showing off a fitness type product. as you guys can see, there's so many products across tiktok that you guys can still sell without showing your face. if you guys are unfamiliar with my business, this is my e-commerce story body fold that i grew just from tiktok without paying for any ads, as you guys can see- the link is in my bio right here and you guys can see how i did my bio and everything. but you guys can see that i sell and i make sales. this one got one million views and i don't even show my face. now i do sell products that i ship myself, which i explain why i do that on my youtube channel. but i just want to show you guys an example that you guys can sell products online without showing your face. i hardly ever show mine- very rarely do i show mine like right here, but that's a very rare occurrence and my most viral videos don't include my face, and one niche that might work good for one person might be different for another. so the first thing that i do when i find a product that might be a potential product to sell is i google it. so i typed in hula hoop exercise to see what would come up, so you guys can see right away. this dh gate listing came up and if you guys are unfamiliar with dhgate, dhgate is very similar to aliexpress, so obviously