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shopify one page checkout

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Best Shopify App for Fast Checkout In One Click ✅ Shopify App Tutorial

hi there welcome to industries today i'm,going to discuss,about first checkout in one click,in shopify so if you are shopify users,and looking to,high conversion rate apps and increase,your,on ourselves then you can continue this,tutorials,in this tutorials you will get a full,review of the best,app for your shopify online store so,let's get started here is the apps that,i am going to provide review,first checkout in one click by sweet,ecom,so this website already have 300 plus,review almost 500 and it,has free plan available as a trial so,you can try this,app for five days as a free trial,so here are the main picture no more,card page,actually if you use this app then,you no need any card base because you,can directly,check out with one click so it's,absolutely increase your sales,conversion,rate and of course increase your,business,product selling rate also you are going,to get,animate by now button animate buy now,button,so it will draw by retention and help,them make a decision,faster because animate show a,special effect on your eye and you,get impressed to buy this product,quickly and fully customize customized,for your store so you can use this,app on your restore without any,coding skill just drag and drop,so you can know more about this app on,the,checkout praise details about fast,checkout in the one click,and here the sum media gallery,what you get from this app simply go to,the apps,and settings then click select on the,enable,you can change the buy now text button,also position and prop up pop-up title,pop-up disk description and pop up,continue shipping button also,so absolutely everything is free and,without any,coding skill next,here the simple button by now not,checkout,so user can quickly buy this product,without going to checkout price,so that absolutely need for increase,your sales conversion,here the your card and directly checkout,you can also add to cart and buy now,button in a,same time so it make your website,more user friendly and user can use any,button to cart or buy now,and it's fully responsive so you no need,to worry about your oil site,or mobile users visitor,so here the pricing you can start five,day free trial,and if you want to for unlimited then,you have to pay,monthly four dollar 49 cent,for month and if you pay yearly then you,have to,pay 3.74 billion,so unlimited product option button,customization card pop-up premium,support so everything is okay i think,for your store,and you can start building this,website with this picture to get more,sales conversion so thank you for your,time to watch this video,if you like this video then click on the,like button have a nice day

Fixing Your Checkout Shopify Conversion Hacks

hey guys cristian here and today we're,going to be toking about the three,conversion killers and what to do to fix,them let's get started,over 60 of buyers leave their shopping,carts without completing a purchase and,they don't come back to complete the,checkout unless you incentivize them to,do so what you don't give me,but we don't want to just end up giving,away discount to all these customers all,the time instead i want to show you some,simple ways you can fix your checkout,process so you could reduce a cart,abandonment and boost your conversion,rates so coming in at number one is your,add to cart is not visible you'd be,surprised how often an interesting,shopper brought to your store picks an,item actually adds it to the car only to,forget all about it 15-20 minutes later,the fault usually lies with a shopping,cart button that's barely optimized and,it doesn't turn attention to itself when,someone adds to cart,so you need to make sure that the theme,you selected has an obvious add to cart,animation as well as a stiky cart if,that's available so the best ones are,going to be the ones that you click add,to cart and it will show you the,animation maybe the side card pops out,maybe a little pop-up then it has a,button to continue shopping etc or a,number a tally number at the very top on,your on your carp that shows you how,many items are in your cart now before,we move into number two i just want to,say welcome to everyone who knew my name,is christian pinyon one of the,co-founders here at bay branding we've,been helping frustrated store owners,since 2015 become impactful store owners,through tutorials tactiks and strategies,and again the one way you can support,our channel is by hitting the subscribe,button and turning on notifications now,number two is that you're making them,register,25 of shoppers abandon their purchases,because they are forced to create an,account people want instant,gratification not a commitment to your,brand before even making a first,purchase so make sure that you go to,your settings and you set account,registration as optional now we're gonna,jump into the computer and show you,exactly where that's at,all right so we're here at our,littlebitstreet homepage we're gonna go,to settings and then we're gonna go to,checkout and right off the bat the,second so style and then you have,customer accounts this should be your,second option here and it shows you,accounts are disabled customers will,only be able to check out as guest you,have optional and then you have the,required we would highly recommend to do,optional optional still gives your,customer the ability to next time they,come back they have an account with the,with you so they just input their email,or potentially their phone number and,they just can check out a lot quicker so,i would highly recommend to do accounts,are optional after you do that you want,to click save,and that's it all right and the third,conversion killer is shipping costs,personally i'm not a huge fan of,discounts in general and i think it,cheapens the brand a little bit think of,a jcpenney's never-ending sale so the,best alternative is to offer free,shipping so charging for shipping can,cost you a lot it says 61 of customers,said that they would cancel an online,order if it not offered free shipping,now if you have to charge free shipping,let's say you're selling,i don't know the big blue locker you,normally see behind our uh bags in the,videos and it could cost i don't know,200 and to ship it it could cost another,10 15,then you do have to be upfront about it,so you would probably want to include,the shipping cost and information in the,product page so that has to be a must,but the number one thing that's probably,causing people to leave is that you're,not offering free shipping so consider,doing that and,consider watching our next video so our,next video here is going to be how to,set up your shipping information on your,shopify store,but wait i have a bonus the fourth way,to increase conversion rate is to hit,that like button just do it we,appreciate you thank you so much,all kidding aside thank you so much for,watching we'll see you on the next one,you

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4 things to change on your Shopify Checkout page

What I would want to,Christian here.,Did you know,Shopify sets,a bunch of limitations,on your checkout page?,We probably know that.,But why the limitations?,Well,,the limitations are in place,because of regulatory,security and compliance issues.,That means that,they have to restrict,how the checkout page can look,and function.,Now, if you want a,better flexibility,,you can always upgrade,to Shopify,Plus, which starts around $2,000,a month. Crazy.,So let's go over three things,you can change right now,that we believe,will give you a little boost,in conversions,in your checkout page.,And it will probably alleviate,a little bit of the headaches,that some customers are getting.,All right. So first off, is change,the or text line.,If you have the express,checkout buttons enabled,,that's the Apple,Pay Shop Pay, Google Pay, etc.,Shopify places a branded buttons,at the very top,of the first page,on the checkout process.,However,,if your customer prefers,to pay,with an actual credit card,,it is sometimes difficult,for them to tell,if that is actually possible.,They may abandon your,your checkout, assuming that,you don't accept,other payment methods,besides what's,shown at the very top.,So to,make things a little bit better.,Shopify puts the word or,in a rather,very small and light,type under the alternate payment,buttons.,The problem,many store owners face,is that not all customers,see this or understand that.,It means that they can enter,credit card,number later in the process.,There is, however, one,alternative to this,that can often help,,and that is changing the word,or to be a little bit,more detailed.,So, for example,,you may change it to something,like or continue,to pay with your credit card,or something similar.,You can use also,or use,Visa, MasterCard,,or American Express or Discover.,So let's go into our store here,and let me show you,where you can actually,change this.,A lot of the changes,that we're going to make,today are based on language,that will make,,we believe, the process,of the checkout,a little bit easier,so let's go into that right now.,All right. So to change the or text,,we're going to go to our store,here.,We're going to go to settings,and then,scroll down to languages,and then in here,,your default language, English.,We're going to change,the theme language.,And then,this could be a little bit,tricky to find.,I know I had a little bit,of a hard time,trying to find,exactly where it was.,The best thing,is going to be going,to the three little dots here,,click on the checkout system.,And then in here filtering,,I believe I did alternate.,Let's see, that works now.,Actually as alternative.,So if you type,in alternative, oops,,let me just do I'll turn it,there.,If we have the alternative.,This will show up,,which is the vortex right here.,So it's the or,and now we just have or here.,So instead of just having,or let's do the or continue,to pay with,your credit card.,Now let me show,you exactly where this is at.,So if you see right here,,the store has the express,checkout button shop,pay and Apple Pay.,And then it has the little,or right there.,Now, depending,on the color of your,this is a little bit,more notikeable actually.,But depending on the color,,your background,sometimes is this,or can get very, very lost.,Right. So people,just assume that this is,are the two options,that they have with credit card.,So instead of just having that,or we're going to add some text,so that it's a little bit,more notikeable right.,When people are looking at that.,So let's do that,and then click save,and then let's see if,we refresh this,All right. So there we have it.,So we have the express,checkout button up here,and then the or continue to pay,with your credit card,text right underneath it.,So and we've actually had,several customers come to us,and say that some people,I mean,,some people just don't realize,that they have the opportunity,to input their credit card,information afterwards.,So the express checkout,could be a little bit confusing.,Now, if you don't have,express checkout,,you don't necessarily,have to worry about this one.,Now, before we move on,to the second one,,I just want to say be,many of those.,My name is Christian Opinion.,One of the co-founders,here at the branding.,We're an e-commerce growth,that specializes in helping,clothing stores,grow and scale,profitably online.,We have new videos every week,,so make sure that you hit,as a scrub button,and turn on modifications,so you don't miss out.,Now, the second,one that we want to change,is the continue to payment,method button,,like the solution before.,It's just another way to signal,that you accept other payment,methods is to change that text,on that large button,on the first checkout page,to clarify,that you accept credit cards.,So you can change it,to something like enter,your credit card next.,So let's take a look,at that button right here.,So if we scroll,right here on the checkout page,,it just says Continue,to shipping.,So again, it doesn't make it,inherently clear,that on this next step,you're actually going to,be inserting,credit card information.,So instead of,continuing to shipping,,we want to change it,to enter your credit card next,So let's go back to our,language and let's look for,a you continue to shipping.,So,so you type,and continue to shipping,and you should be able,to get the,yeah. That button right here.,So we're going to type in here,,enter your credit card next,then we're going to click,Save on that,we're going to refresh this page,So again, the,the fix in here,is to make sure that,the customer knows,that they can insert,credit card information,and that these are not the end,all, be all,when it comes to this process,right here.,Obviously,,there are some customers,that are smart,and they can figure this out,,but others need a little bit,more guidance. Right.,And that's what,we're trying to do here.,So we've added the or continue,to pay with your credit card,right here.,And then we've,also change this button,right here,,which it says,enter your credit card next.,So that gives them the,the next step is going,to be your credit,card information.,So even if they look at this,and maybe they're confused,,they scroll down to the bottom,,they like, okay,,yeah, you can actually put,credit card on that next step.,So I'm good here.,So you know,,what else is,not very good about the checkout,page and conversions,is now being able,to actually track,those conversions,based on your marketing effort.,We're using a tool called,Triple Will for all of your,for all of our client,and group Virgin members.,And this powerhouse of a tool,allows us to see the lifetime,value of a customer,at 30, 60, 90 days.,But what we're most,excited about,is the,estimated action of customers.,Imagine being able to send out,emails or run ad campaigns,to customers,who are likely to buy from you,a second or third time,and knowing,when to actually send,these marketing messages,It's super, super powerful.,If you haven't,checked out triple,,well then you need to do so,because it's going to help you,and your marketing efforts today,and moving forward.,Make sure to check out the link,in the description below.,So another thing,that a lot of people ask for,within the checkout page,,and it's something that,you can't do,is to add logos,or trust marks on the page,where users,enter the credit card numbers,and assure them,that it's a secure transaction,and whatnot.,This usually comes from,other stores or,other platforms,like WooCommerce,,where you may have the ability,to add,trust badges,and things like that.,But when it comes,to Shopify, again,,they limit,what you can do within,the checkout,,except if you have,the Shopify Plus,,which again,,it's like $2,000 a month,and nobody has time to pay,for all that money.,So when it comes,to these badges,,again, it's,something that you can't,necessarily do.,But Shopify does output,the all transactions are secure,and encrypted,message,,and it's just above where,shoppers enter

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New Shopify Checkout Option! (FASTER CHECKOUT)

so in this video i want to tok to you,about a new,shopify checkout option that can let,customers get even faster through your,checkout process so they can make an,order on your shopify store,very key so make sure to stay tuned,so if you're selling products online,through your shopify store obviously,your biggest goal is to get people to,actually purchase from your site right,so imagine spending all this time and,effort and maybe even,add money of sending people to your site,just to have them,add a few products to their cart and,then leave it's,super disheartening and it happens so,many times of just abandoned carts,something can happen in just a split,second that can take away their,attention,to something else or they just get,distracted or anything could happen,so having a fast checkout process is,really key to making sure that you,convert those,traffic and interested potential,customers,into sales so there is a new,shopify checkout option called shop pay,that just launched and it's available if,you have,shopify payments enabled for your,shopify store,so if you don't have shopify payments,enabled and you're using another payment,provider like authorize.net or paypal,you sadly won't be able to use this,specific functionality,however if you do have shopify payments,set up for your shopify store it's,really easy to enable and we'll show you,how to do that in just a second,so what is shop pay so shop pay,is a new experience and i'm going to,call it experience because it comes in,two parts,so the first part is actually on your,shopify store,so it has a button and it's called an,accelerated checkout,so on your actual product page you can,see this,pay button and it quickly as soon as you,hit this button,it quickly takes you through your,checkout process,now what's really cool about this is,that if someone has already,used shop pay on another shopify store,then,it makes all this pre-filled information,already in there,so it's even faster if they've already,used this functionality on another,shopify store,and of course shopify is one of the,leading e-commerce platforms,they have over a million stores,worldwide so the likelihood that someone,may have already actually,input their information on another store,and have that,already auto populating into yours is,pretty high,so it can make the checkout process even,faster,and you can easily convert them into,sales so the second part of this is an,app for customers that they can actually,download so if you go to shop.app you,can,download the app there but what this,does for customers is a it lets them,see other potential shops that they have,similar products that they might like,so you get some extra visibility there,but it also lets,customers see all of their information,together so stores that they've already,purchased from,in the past as well as they can see,those past orders and easily track them,all from one space so they don't have to,have all these different tracking codes,and information,through email form it's all in one place,in this app so,they can easily manage their orders that,they've purchased online,so it makes it a really nice seamless,process for the customer if they've,decided to,download the app but even if they don't,do that they can still get faster check,out in your shopify store so i'm going,to,show you real quick how to set this up,it's super easy all you need to do is,log into your shopify store backend and,go to settings in the bottom,left hand corner of your screen once,you're on the settings,main page you'll then click on payments,so once you're on your payment,options and you see your shopify,payments area you're going to hit manage,in the top right hand corner of that and,you can see all the different,credit card options that you have,enabled or disabled,and you can see it right there from the,list so it may actually already be,enabled by default on your store,but i definitely recommend that you go,in and check and make sure that this,functionality is enabled for your,customers to,start using today now again people may,still actually abandon,their cart order and still not go,through the checkout process however,since it is a faster process and their,information's already auto filled in,hopefully it can bring to a higher,conversion rate for your shopify store,so i would love to know what you think,about this new,checkout option so make sure to put your,comments below,or any questions that you have as well,and we would love to help,also check out some recent videos that,we've done over here about shopify,and more ways to grow your online store,thanks so much for watching and i'll see,you in the next one

How To Make a One Product Shopify Dropshipping Store 2022 (FASTEST WAY)

so you're trying to make a Shopify one,product one click checkout Shopify Drop,Shipping Store well you've come to the,right place this is by far the easiest,video that will get you a working,Shopify Drop Shipping Store so without,further notike let's go to the study and,let's get working on this store what we,need to do is we need to get some apps,to run on our store first app you want,to get is called Luke's reviews it is,9.99 for a whole month but once again,you have a 14 free day trial so if you,do cancel any time before the 14 days,you get it for free after that you want,to go back to home browse Shopify Drop,Shipping apps and search instant,checkout now this is the app we want the,only downside to this app is that it's,only a three day trial although it's,only four dollars for a month normally,people also use an app that transfers,the data from AliExpress onto your,Shopify store although I personally,don't use apps like that I just copy and,paste it and then change change the,words in the description myself so now,you want to go to customize theme you,come here to add theme and visit theme,store now the theme you want to search,is refresh this one right here is what,we will be using for the website today,try theme once you do scroll down you,will see that it is loading you just,need to wait for it to load and shortly,after you can add it to your store once,it is done you do just want to click,publish so just click customize and now,it brings you to this page here so to,start off I have changed up this left,side here and I will show you exactly,what I have done so with the slideshow,you want to have two not showing so how,you do that you just click the not,showing button but you still have one,you get rid of the featured collection,you have a featured product here how you,do that is you scroll to the bottom add,a section and click featured product,after you've done that you just drag it,up here using this under that you'll,have an imagery text and then have a,multi-column the thing with this,multi-column instead of having all four,showing you want to only have two,showing remove the image with text,remove another image with text the,featured collection Rich Text remove all,of them now there will be an imagery,text up here what you want to do is you,want to drag it down under the rich text,you're going to have the multi-column,showing but only have one showing,instead of all four hide the blog post,and also hide the email sign up after,you've done that your website should,look something like this,after that you want to go to Colors now,something you want to take into,consideration when choosing the color is,the product of your color because these,colors will overall be the colors for,your page now you go to Accent 2 and you,change this to a dark grayish color you,want to copy this code right here scroll,down to text change it to the same code,and scroll down to outline button and,change that to the same code remember,this is my example so you don't need to,use the exact same colors as me the gray,I do prefer you using but with accent,one change that color to the color that,represents your product now onto the,page you want to come to announcement,bar and go to welcome to store and,provide them a discount so straight away,I just write ending soon 60 off so they,come in the store and straight away see,that there is a discount now with the,header you're probably thinking how do I,make this look better now what you want,to do is go to a website called canva,they do provide you with either a free,trial you can use it for free but have,limited did access or you can pay for an,account what you do here is you come,click create a design custom size and,just put 500 500. you come to these,elements click the square and now what,you want to do is you go back to your,website come to the color theme get the,accent 2 color code and put it in this,color code here so now the background,for your page would look like that for,this example I will be doing something,pretty plain although you can use your,creativity and create something a lot,better here I have downloaded some text,you can download text if you want for,this one I'm just going to use Arista,Pro trial fat and just put LED boxes now,with this text here you want to go back,to your website get the accent one color,code color that go to the color for this,and then put in that code here so now it,will look something like this you won't,save it you'll take a screenshot and you,just hover over it like this why we're,doing this is because if you save it the,proportion on your web website will look,completely wrong and the logo will be,very small and you won't even be able to,read it once you do all of that you can,come back to your website go to default,logo change select image and you'll have,to add in your image here as you can see,ours is right here you just click that,and you got your logo right there you,click select and what I like to do is,just put this all the way up to 250. so,now it looks something like this once,you do that you get out and you go to,slideshow and click on this one right,here and select an image I do recommend,before you start making your website get,all of your images ready and upload it,to this part right here I do highly,recommend that you get gifts as well the,way you can get gifts is you just write,in your product on Google and you put,gifs at the end go to images and you,have a whole bunch of gifs here boom now,I've added all of my gifs or images in,here for the top part I like to use a,gif purely just because it grabs the,customer's attention here for the,heading you want to write something that,will entike your audience since I'm,using a Galaxy Star projector I will,write turn,any room into,your own personal Galaxy get rid of the,subheading and instead of it saying shop,now make it say buy now now with the,button link you click it and you want to,go to products you see here there's no,products so now we step back from our,website make sure you save exit and then,go to products now you want to go to,AliExpress and find your product once,you have found your product in,AliExpress you come back to your ad,product you write in your product name,this is a Galaxy projector what I like,to do after the name is go write TM,click on this one bonomark.com you want,to double click this TM sign,go back to your products,and paste it right there for your,description you come to your product you,just scroll down you read Show Yourself,start projector Yep this is a bad,example normally they would have a lot,more information you can either copy and,paste and change it up a little or you,can write your own description for it,this is the description I came up with,now for media you can go to your,AliExpress supplier and you can,screenshot these images simply just by,either going here right clicking save,image as although you will need to,message your supplier and make sure that,you have their permission to use their,images however a better way I like to do,this is to get an image put it into,canva and put your own label on it for,the sake of this video I have done this,prior so this is how the image looks,although if you would like a detailed,video on how you can brand your own,products make sure to let me know down,in the comments below and I will make a,video for you guys now you come down to,price what you want to do is you want to,look around for your competitors and see,where they are pricing their product at,and with that you will want to lower,your price so you have a greater chance,at selling your product for this I will,put 36.99 make sure you always end your,product in 99 as it is a psychological,trick on making people more entiked to,buy your product for the compare it,price this is a number that makes your,item look like it's on sale so for this,example I'm just going to put 99.99 do,not charge tax make sure you're not,tracking the quantity this is a physical,product and that is about

Shopify Design Lab | #7 Tracking Page & One Page Checkout Hack

[Music],now the first trick that I'm going to,show you is going to save you a lot of,money,starting from $9 a month going to 2,cents per tracking request a lot of,people are going to track their orders,in your store and someday you're going,to go very big and if you're going to,use an app for tracking order so you're,going to pay a lot of money eventually,what I've done is to create a special,code that integrate with 17 track,website where your customer can track,your orders for free and you won't pay a,dime for it so you have a link below,this video for only a one-time payment,purchase of the code of this tracking,page and then you just need to go to,pages and put the code inside in here,and then you're going to click on save,after doing that you're just going to,put this page on the navigation and,every time a customer is going to,purchase product you're going to update,this page into 10 per page and in the,tracking page so every time a customer,would like to track their order they can,do that for free and you won't be,charged for any app and without any,subscription the payment is only a,one-time payment is very cheap and you,can have it for life so this is the,first trick that I have to you today and,I hope you enjoy it,now this next trick is going to be a,major one because Shopify has restricted,any way to design the checkout page and,I found the only way to do so I found a,way to create one page checkout page in,Shopify yes I'm going to repeat myself a,one page checkout page in Shopify in a,way that we can customize it also,beneath this video you also have a,direct link to the app it's not my own,app is an app that a colleague of mine,created and you also have a link for a,one-time payment if you want to me to,install it and design it for you,you can do it yourself you have a,direct link to the app and you can,purchase the install service only if you,want to so this is how one check out,page in Shopify looks like you have the,shipping address and benefit the,shipping method and benefit the payment,method every time your going to put your,information in one of the sections the,other section is going to open,everything is going to be on one page,and the settings and the payments and,everything stay the same you don't need,to install your payments from another,place you're going to use the same,payments that you have in your Shopify,store it's not going to change this app,is 100% secured and everything is,continuing through Shopify the only,thing that is happening in here is that,the checkout page design is going to,change and that's it and everything is,going to be centered in one page you can,change the design in any way that you,want through a JavaScript file which I,can design for you if you want to,purchase the install service so this is,a major hack I can tell you that a lot,of the stores got a conversion rate,sky-high doing this kind of hack so you,can use that you have a link below this,video and this is going to be the last,trick for today and I'll see you on the,next lectures and I really hope you,liked that one Cheers