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shopify orders page

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How To ADD Order Tracking Page For FREE On Shopify | In Just 2 Minutes!

hey guys, welcome back to the channel. in today's video we're going to go over how to add tracking your Shopify store. this process hundred percent free, no need to download any apps or anything whatsoever. so without further ado, let's go straight to the video. alright? so once you've log in inside your Shopify store, the first step is to create your order tracking page. so to do that, click online store, then click pages, then click Add page. so now we have to name our page, type in track your order, then click Save. so now that we are done with creating our order tracking page, the next step is to edit the script for, or order tracking page. so to do that, you have to copy the script from the Google document, which I'm going to link below in the video description. all you need to do is click on the link below and save it as your own copy. so inside the Google document you would scroll all the way down on the tracking page script. click over here and make sure you copy all of this too. right click copy. so let's go back to a Shopify store, click show HTML, right-click and paste, then click Save. alright, so now we have to go to our store to make sure that everything was modified and updated properly. so click view page. ok, good. so now, as you can see, this is our new order tracking page where our customers need to add their tracking number. click track here. are going to see all the updates for a package straight from this page. so before we move onto the next step, what we need to do is copy the direct link for the tracking page. copy and open a new tab. click here, right click paste. just leave it here for now. you're gonna see why in a second. let's go back to a Shopify store. ok, so now that we've created our order tracking page, the next step is to add or order tracking link in our main menu. so to do that, click navigation, then click main menu, then click Add menu, then click over here on the link, click pages, click track your order and then, as you can see, it automatikally generates the name for us. click Add, click Save. and now let's click on our store to make sure that the link is shown properly. so click here and, as you can see, there it is. now the last step is to modify the scrip for order shipping confirmation email. so to do that, let's go back to a Shopify store. click settings, click notifications. now scroll down all the way to shipping. click shipping confirmation. so this is the original shipping confirmation email that our customers get before we make any changes to the script. so let's click preview. as you can see, this is what it looks like. let's close. so now let's update an ad or new script. so let's go back to our Google document, scroll all the way up. as you can see, in this section right here I have this part highlighted as your store comm. so this is the reason why we needed to save the direct link run or auto tracking page earlier. so let's go back to where we save that link. click here, right click copy. and let's go back to the Google document, select all of this over here and do control V. ok, so now that we've added the direct link for auto tracking page, let's go back down and select here from the bottom and go all the way up until you reach on the replace confirmation email, right click copy. let's go back to a Shopify store. click inside here to control a or command a if you're on a Mac or Apple computer- and delete. then do right click. then we go into paste or new script. scroll all the way up, click Save. okay, so now that we've added the new script, let's click preview and see how it looks. okay, so this is our new order shipping confirmation email. as you can see, it's showing the new tracking number and this is the track your order length. once they click, that link from the email is going to send them directly to our order tracking page. at the bottom it reads: if your tracking number isn't working, please wait five to ten days and try it in. in most cases, your order is underway, but the system information is delayed. so before we end this video, we just got to go back to our website to make sure that our customers can track your package without any issues. so right click open like a new tab. click over here. let's click on track your order. so ok, now that we are inside or order tracking page, I have a tracking number over here that we did test. right click copy. let's go back to our auto tracking page. click here. right click paste and then click track and then, as you can see, everything is working properly with no issues. this is very convenient for you in the customer. once you fulfill their orders and they've received their orders shipping confirmation page, you can just click on the track your order link straight from the email. it will go straight to this website. paste in their tracking number, which is already showing in the email. click track and they could see all that information straight from the page. also, always make sure to send yourself a test email. just click send test email and it's going to send it straight to your email. and make sure they click track your order. go through all the process to make sure that everything is working properly. all right, this video is so. make sure to smash the like button and subscribe. hit the notification, though, see, don't be silent or videos really obsessive. the YouTube algorithm is free. also, make sure to comment and come slide in economies and come scribe. for a chance to win a free one-on-one call would be, Chris, where we're going to go over your store. if your amazing tips, income secrets and much more also, you can let us know below in the comments. without like to see on this channel we have a lot of amazing fire video coming up from the best part of research that's working right now in 2022, a proven Facebook ad and much more. all right, guys, hope you all staying. see cancion nsv.

Shopify improving the Thank You Page (Order Status Page)

hey, das ist jan from let's build off in today's videoweb sandkasten content to the others, dead space oder displays am information for the customer, der customer lifetime value, bei oftringen diskont vor den experten, so erklingt. das ist er in letzter zeit so vor. das video über das start up, the default checkout page elizabeth ii. beim eckenfest purchase leidet die vierhändig system. orders weekend simply open man ab, denn josephs more action tab einigen simply good to be. or does this page and we bring you the exact same page. orders page is part of it. check out. we can't modify das template wurden, but what we can do is simply red klick eingriffe, inspector, music, google chrome, and here we can test und debug javascript-code breit in den browser und diskothek kieler orders des page you have access to object wird das simply call shops. entwickeln sie eine little bit sowie ken read das bett. ihr kennt sie das objekt contents lot of information regarding der shop entdecken oder if you are interested in the chicken, simply klickt dazu. but what to say? that the function metlife within shopde kaut m access ist capitalde case when i kostet properties, so shopde kaut dort. orders des dot at content box and, as the name suggest, funktion viletta, content box with the well we put into the function rolex implied test and execute the function mackenzie new content box. wir denn alle orders page simply by calling des method and things am perimeter, euro zone, coole bootes. funktion ist, werdet not limited to plaintext. essen entweder argument entwickelt, ob es am eml markup, so letzte recall des function and instead of history the right one in the world und kloster admont eck, juni genau aussieht des hedging ist display in den content box. die familie hätte texten in the image, just make sure to snap the ice baby damit behandelt and play around with the line manager. basically use any auf dieses elements form des text in thun henning, level one and in the same way creative content that used in den beginning auf das video und wenn ja, dann mit simply switch to date tml mode right here and copy olde markup. du ja klitschko, ein dummy. back to the front and and we can call des messaging ist der peter niemeyer. instead they used optik sandy sarikaya, because we have multipel 1 auf marx ab. i don't want a used to wait what they don't want to use single-coach, but i want you back tiks instead. in between mit page dsl-markt executed van gent, denn die wette content ist, rendert entweder new content box perfect, but one thing on the refresh des page, olle, content that we just create. your browser cannot be me to work on making des permanenten, simply kopilas execution wendige back to the shops veideman dashboard und navigate to check out settings. die content box for edition script: bonn ots am skript takes the script und klose die gern die vier euro. die heads am content in here. i can just add: the script takes to the bottom und in between days or want peace tower content box gibt tolle cebit, us airways der orders, paper, co, tec, security, medien des content is now its your customers perfekt. ok, sommer. bevor befindet die video. let me you some inspiration und how. you can't even proof of what we've just bild in das tutorial der volksschule editions. cryptbox is able to execute the wait, liquid kritik, das statement. we hope to see you back soon. enrico red for example die brackets erste mal dort first anders kommen. so sinkt die brackets and save changes norderstedts page hinaus. jan, wie hobbys you back soon. die kosten, customer first, nation, value added und diskus, heidi, personalized experience. and this is just the tip auf die eisberge. reading in der video: description of the customer: object: die order: objekt entdeckt, objekt, ein exempel, an idea, award informationen. dieses objekt holt in der customer officer customers are. we have the customer dort account, so you could give discount. call. evans ist der tour de france customer in die order. object: we have something like: it may be distributed, only displays an information is packed with, it is used. look at the total preis. in hollywood ist der rohstoff dollar ist and the chequered object wasting light, building address the line items security products in den gips am information discount die pending und produktion decken. die uci will adoption of information possibility. say you say nothing at creative director, at creating. think you have found some value. das video wirklich liebe, like any questions lief dem dorf kommen. section ariba sourcing gekommen and i haven't met. you can stop skeptiker channels, jedoch mit future videos and energy und demnächst bei.

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How to create customizable products in Shopify (FREE)

nein, das ist jan from letzte top five days video: how you cannot customizer ballacks, tor, schoss, tor, so dass der user can make it takes to the product, or even uploaded foto des videos inspired by leighton tailor e-shop artikels. so will find links to go. description: hawaiis, aberglaube headline show. you can create template manager. uk is custom user inputs. der template david teague des css wird so wird dies in puts mit joachimsthal und last but not least, bibel hello, kitty kat page und die oder konfirmation e-mails, just to make sure, der die special properties will be displayed, der switch off an ok sowie fenster und das green light of mine development stores, erste hälfte der wm ins tor sb. check the front and you may notike. werden made to me customisation sites that most important for home and garden kategorie entlang des ripley potreck. hier wird das pure play ist product and straight haushalt want to customer ist, dass babys am onlineprinters nahm und ist klettert oliven könnte foto, officetok und displayport und ist es endlich wieder implement und das paraquay gewonnen, das top-team, falls wohlig, can be done by pressing das little action button red hier entdeckte ring of fire, dem falter template folder and create in new york die template override julihälfte default projekt template, which is right now ableitet to any projekt in der story. we are going to create new template for products and they call it custom. that i can see. the default, djokovic, ist kopie der original page template, opera template des zufalls, artikel weiter. but what we can do, you know, is to products, dance, electro pop and used the correct custom template, david, simon, stephens in the front and because they are very soon the code editor, let's take a look at this content auf. das freie content of this field is not act or ändert, indes feiert ist coming from der section der das goldprojekt template section, section used to add settings, tut das spiel live customizer, bad exchange server video unter uns. so letzte und very too much about sections know. what we have to do ist kopie des file level, link one of its template to one of section 1 of modified customs action mit origins hauptes, den computer products template, das custom and annual paid content from the originals action interviews, fires were. last thing we have to do is linker newpark template des action-adventures created with this product template custom, so entwurf bekennt. donau ist made. customization stewart custom productions erfolgs ampel, ecke de-test right here at the front and julie der distel test will appear an der place pages at any other product page des tests not be displayed back in. the very first thing we can do ist, claude out all the veils. we don't just leave the rug template, custom that liquid. die autoren eine vergütung für das ländle. testet hier so das papier von der front and check, perfect, catch and create a very first text input field which could be the name of der user. entertainment findest du oder displayport sollen fingerdick position vor, dass text fehlt es in between the buried select right here and go. kart, bahn sowie stu elements will be a reference hälfte feind in der teamfabrik ingo hätten search for das hat mit button, hat mit so dass ist der tecart button auf die etiketten error message to be displayed, when things very high quality selector, which they disable, kritisiert in der front end bei der good bee, and here we have to select in betrieb. die selecta rente berlin select taste test. hier ist. das ist gerade das motto, the way you will get out produkte. wie ändert. so let's check es bietet es twilight here and now. it's no top 15 der leyen battis ist youtube styling aspekt. so das ist korrekt. position in general sowie have to replace the fittest wildauer input field and generate der input viel trubel. heavily modified user element generator. weekend feinde. link to the description: bistum max. super easy, fast generate all necessary code, der die hälfte auf dem festival overview an der zeit. hier die verfaulte settings: sie kennen: selective, soffin, puls, media, note text, medialen text group auf checkbox und optionsrechte: pc entwickelt, check wandert dieses abschnitts entwickeln. jackpot des property display jacob prozess endete preview of what is user element. weil user input we look like and down here we have rolle code generated von sap und open stage ecken anschickt. die option kostet, so vor der versammelten kind du bist. create text input und petty ford des labels jay, which is perfect, because we want to user to end has. no, we can't make des frequency. wohne jacob prozess, solecki disco tour clipboard. denn back to the team files and replace the test. thursday just two bietet das to increase the ability safety and let die haut des looks at the front and refresh defensives little test des neuen place to the future in put. so was not. what does not perfect about the step der input? das sind die matches, teams. teil 1 ist: hätte etwas cs s klasse be ok, just mensch so weg in der team- falls hätten diese im internet sowie ken read. this is, where we just implementiert. aber very first, custom input ist der most of them have: container auf tauwetter, das ist der tecart button oder der quali in put your kam, wurde container of death and error zur hälfte des cs s class of product for the next day: nodes ist der summer of the more, zur hälfe modifier class auf. volk sagte contis, elektro heißt korrekt form des quality, die ec-karten, hessen plattform item der stadt mit der payment button, container auf tief ins dorf, paragraf android and simply kopie des css. klar, motto nodes ist der die input vor der krise lag tor zu hessen der cs s class auftrag vom input oder die azubis cs s class service tested mit intercitys das rekord ebit. ein letzter check: the front and side mackenzie ist der input matches, teams teil jetzt still not occupy gefolge auf der offline, so dass we can just in der vw kojak haut des ettu cup button ist bekamen. so let's get click and inspect des web. bringe chrome developer tools ad hoc bord in der last video weekend check der container vor der abfahrt button sowie also wie hey leitet in der website the new hanover des container mackenzie modifier klassikers zorn des cssb fleck spaces of one hundred präsent, sodass something wie man etwa container sowie kinder objekt oder dem files and gefährde modifier class sowie tobias s class nsa modifier 1: media. we can say, das ist product for me der custom, ja, dann vergeht. das little dort right here is used as the final break. let's check the front and again, as i can say, nothing happens, das ist perfekt. [Musik] offer to print sanfter icons, anders klettert der user kennt, wants to print, threesome flowers also print sowie contact project ries, flowers and harz entweder und wanted to be required ist es total. die optional solecki okotie clipboard, ein kompaktes team fall reiht below are: very first in first look at the front. ok, jetzt not to bed bath der fürstlichen usa pleite sehen container class ist vor ort sowie meist ohne gift. das container auch teil des dort zu wenig wird der cs s class of project for the front and inspect select a new american test samt css schulzeit in der display letzten space between mobile workers and [Musik] collected im fall des vom check box der tsv produkt, das von weitem thk front and justike for news. es ist eine optionale selection, which is nice, cool, ok, belasten montaseri ist der input of hifi zusammenhang und absolute foto. jul discover very soon der dieses nordwinde default options auf die ul amin generator sowie die option to select input hier bei handballs. not too much of the problem wie carsten potthoff. file is very similar to the one of type text suite in. just go to the files and copy der input auch text ist labels. change das foto in dem wir als elfter das label ist vor der element, wird der foto input type text anymore. zb file table und checkte frontend- so cool, we have to use file oder foto in. puts the wanted andere projekte schon giftes holding little test der one very important thing to tell you, when you a

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HOW TO ADD A FREE TRACK YOUR ORDER PAGE ON SHOPIFY IN 2022! (Full Tutorial) #Dropshipping #Ecommerce

i'm gonna show you guys how to set up a track your order page on your shopify store with no shopify apps, and it's a hundred percent free. what's up you guys? my name is jaden, and welcome back to the youtube channel. i appreciate all of you guys for coming back for yet another video. this is gonna be a really quick tutorial on how you can set up a free track your order page on your shopify store. it's 2022 and if you do not have this on your shopify store, you're making a huge mistake, because customers want to know- you know- when their order is going to arrive to them, and they shouldn't have to contact your customer service team to be able to find that out. also, you're going to be saving your customer service team a lot of time if you have this on your shopify store, so that way, they won't have to reach out and answer questions that could just be answered by simply just going on your website. so if you're excited for that, make sure you go ahead and drop a like that lets me know that you guys are enjoying the content here on the channel, and also hit that subscribe button. we just hit 600 subscribers and we're on our way to 700 subscribers. i appreciate all the support that you guys have been showing me. you guys have been absolutely killing it and, without further ado, let's go ahead and hop right into my computer and get started. all right, you guys? so hopping right on my computer. like i said, i don't want this to be, you know, too long of a video. i don't want to waste up too much of your time, um, but anyways, this is the exact store that i used in my previous video. um, if you guys haven't checked out my previous video, it might be my most value-packed video i've ever dropped on my youtube channel. um, it's 40 minutes of straight value. i literally walk you step by step on how to make a drop shipping store. i go through all the online store settings. i mean, this video is crazy. so, um, if you want to check that out- i'm not sure what side is going to be on, but all you have to do is click the link and it'll take you right to the video and you can check that out. so, anyways, um, now i'm going to show you how to put a track your order page on your shopify store, completely, 100 free. so the first thing you're going to want to do is go to the pin comment in this video. i'm going to leave a link, so all you're going to have to do is put in your name and your email, i believe, and that is it. i promise we don't share any of your information. we don't share your email. it's literally just to be added to my email list so that way you can stay up to date with things that i'm doing. i'm literally giving you guys this for free. you can completely trust me on this. um, i promise so. anyways, once you do that, it's going to spit out this document. you can download it, save it, do whatever you want with it. save it for your references, um, whatever, right? um? so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to highlight this entire text. you're going to copy it. then you're going to go back to your shopify store and the first thing that you're going to want to do is you're going to want to go to online store and you're going to want to go to pages, because you're going to need to make the page first before you do anything else. okay, so you're going to want to add the page and then you're going to want to name it, track your track your order, okay, and you're going to want to click this button right here, which is show html. this is where you're going to be able to put the code in, okay, so you're going to want to paste that in there. and then you're going to want to scroll to the top of the code and, as you can see right here, it says: please enter your tracking number below. if your tracking number doesn't work, feel free to contact us at blah blah blah. okay, so you're going to want to delete this part up to the period and put in your store's email address, whatever your customer service email is okay, and then you're going to want to go ahead and click save. now what you're going to want to do is go to navigation. now you're going to want to add this to your navigation on your shopify store so that way, your customers can easily navigate to it. not sure what's going on, why that's not working, um, but once this loads up, okay, here we go- add menu item, and you're going to want to click on the link part. you're going to want to click on pages, and then you're going to click on the page that we just made, which is the track your order page. it's going to update it right here on the name and you're going to want to click add now. you're going to click save menu. now the next thing you're going to do is add it to your footer menu as well. it's just good to have it in multiple places so that way it's easy, easily accessible, um for your customers anywhere on your website. okay, so this is going to add it to the very bottom of your website, so you're going to want to do the same thing: add the menu item, go to link, go to pages- track your order. it's going to put it right there and you're going to want to click add now. you're going to want to click save and you're good to go. so, as you can see, we are on the shopify store from my previous video, um, and now we actually have a track your order button right here which you can easily just click on. okay, and now you have a track your order page. so now what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna actually take a tracking number from one of my other stores, from a customer who purchased from me, and i'm gonna put that in this box, just so you guys can see exactly how it's gonna work. but, like i said, it's very basic, but it gets the job done. okay, so you're gonna click track and now it's gonna bring up a spot where your customers can actually see where their package is, as you can see. here's the update for this specific tracking number and there you go. okay, so this is completely 100 free. now you can't customize this in any way, you can't add your logo or any of that stuff. but i mean, what else do you really need when you're first getting started? okay, but let's just say, for example, you wanted something a little bit more um, you know, a little bit more sophistikated, has more features, more customization options or anything like that. um, you could check out aftershift. i've used this company before. they basically allow the exact same thing. i don't know if you can see this, but it's pretty much like, um, you know what we have on our store, but a lot more customized. okay, so they got like pictures and 25 off gift card, like deals on here, like it looks really good. it also looks really good on mobile as well. um, so you can definitely check that out. that's how i would do it if i was personally doing this. but, um, this is a great way for you to be able to do this for free. it gives you everything that you need. so, yeah, that's gonna do it for this video. like i said, very quick tutorial. check out the pinned comment if you want this google doc that shows you exactly how to do it or gives you the code to be able to do this. um, if you did enjoy the video, make sure you go ahead and leave a like, subscribe all that good stuff. i appreciate all the support and, as always, i'll see you guys next week. [Music].

How To Add Order Tracking Page On Shopify | Step By Step For Beginners

how to add order tracking page on Shopify, step by step for beginners. hi everyone, welcome back to another video. I hope you are all doing great. in this video, I will be showing you how you can add your very own tracking order page on Shopify. now, what that's going to do? it's going to basically create a tab on your main Shopify page which will basically allow the customers or users to track their orders from wherever they are or wherever they're present at the moment. so, basically, the basics that you need for all this is obviously a fully set it up and accessible Shopify store. so, yes, you'll need to log into your Shopify, obviously, and once you've logged in, you're just going to go on setup guide and complete your setup. once it's completed, all you're going to need to do is a few easy steps that I'm gonna guide you through right now and, uh, just keep watching and by the end of this video, you will be able to add a track your order page. so, first of all, what you're going to need to do is you're going to go on online store now. once you've gone over there, you're going to go to pages. so, once you go to pages over here, on the top right in the green box, it's going to say add page. so you're going to click on that. once you do, you're going to create a page over here by any type of name you want for your tracking tab. so I'm just going to name it order tracking. you can name it anything else. so once that is done, you're just going to go and click on Save. now, once it's saved, what you're going to need to do is open the Google Doc that I have mentioned in the description below. so here's the Google Doc, and I will have mentioned it in the description so you can just go and get it. okay, so you need to have this Google doc because this has the most crucial steps and codes in it that we're going to be using in our Shopify HTML codes. so, first of all, when we are over here, we're just going to go and click on show HTML. now we're going to go here, and down here it's going to say tracking page script. so we're just going to copy all of this copy. we're going to go ahead and paste it right here. now, once we've pasted it, we're just going to go on Save. now, once we've saved it, what we're going to do. if you want to see how our page looks like is that we're just going to go on view page. it's going to give us a preview of how our page is going to look and this is how it's going to look. it's going to say order tracking- enter your tracking number here to see your order status. so that's the basic interface. now, if we want to add the tab over here, along with home catalog and contact on our store, what we're going to do, okay, so first of all, something I forgot to tell you: you're going to copy this link. for now, just copy it and go and paste it in some other Tab and just keep it there. trust me, you're going to need it. so we're going to close the top for now. we're going to go back to our Shopify. now we're going to go in navigation and once we're on navigation, we're going to go on main menu. once we're we're there, we're going to go in add menu item. so here you're just going to go on link. once you click on link, you're going to see many of these options. you're just going to click on pages and once you click on that, it's automatikally going to give you your order tracking page. so you're just going to click on that and once you've done that, you're going to click on ADD, and once you've done that, you're going to click on Save. now I'm going to show you what it's going to look like. as it's saved, I'm just going to go on online store and I'm going to preview it and look at that. the order tracking tab is up here and if you click on it, look at that. that's the interface. so we're just going to close this. and now what I'm going to show you is the delivery script, that the tracking order. when someone triggers a tracking order code from their, a guest or a user, that triggers it, basically the message they're going to see. now I'm going to show you how to add that. so you're just going to need to go on settings. so once you're in settings, you're going to need to go on notifications. it's right down here. once you're on notification stations, you're going to scroll down into the shipping section and in the shipping section, you're going to go on shipping confirmation and once you're there, you're going to see this entire body of HTML. so we're just going to go and copy it all out, because we need to delete all of this. so copy, delete. now we're going to go here, scroll up and in the replace confirmation, Evo, we're just going to go and copy it all. now, before copying it all, I have to tell you over here I have this yellow highlighted link and this what you're going to do: in these annotations, we're going to add this link of ours, so that's why I had you keep this in a separate tab. so right now, let's go ahead and copy the link. let me just copy it all the way down here. make sure you copy all of it. here we go and we're going to copy and we're going to go and paste it right here. so when you go on around the 100 and second line- yeah, there you go in the 100 and second line, you can see there's the highlighted section. so we're just gonna go here, we're gonna copy this link of ours, which is going to be our tracking order link. we're going to go back to Shopify and here, right inside the annotations, we're just going to go and paste our link. once we've done that- we've successfully done that, we're just gonna go. it's gonna give us a safe prompt. we're just going to save it. and once all of this is done, in Dandy, we're just going to go on preview to see what it's going to look like. and look at that. this is what the message the user or the customer is going to get once they enter any tracking number, for example this number. if they enter it, it's going to say: your order is on the way, good news, we have to shipped out your order and they can track their order with this button and the down here. it's going to show them the item they send the order for, the tracking order for. and if you just want to be sure, if you want to have a second Assurance, you can send yourself a test email to see how it looks, and I'd recommend you do this because it just gives you a little bit of a confirmation and, yeah, just helps you, it gives you ease. so basically, as you can see, once you've added all of that, your page is going to look amazing and extremely presentable. for example, if you come here- I showed you this before, here's going to be your page- outlay your interface, just go on order tracking. once you're there, you're going to add any type of random order tracking address and basically it's going to give your order status. so if I add any random address and track it- I showed you the interface it will give you. and yeah, that's basically about it. and, uh, you can also set the theme of your order tracking page, but obviously that's this in this place. you can set different types of themes, because obviously right now it looks very Bland, but you can add colors. you can add different themes even in your alert message for the tracking order which the customer is going to receive once they put in the code. you can change the color and I'll lay up that as well. so, yeah, if you want to know how you can do that, please tell me and I will upload a tutorial for that too. so, yeah, basically that's uh about it. so that's how easy it was and nothing too difficult. and this was the Shopify how to add a tracking order page tutorial. so I hope this tutorial was extremely helpful to you and if you need any more videos like this, please do tell me. I am always available and I will give you the easiest step to step guides for any type of videos that you demand. and, uh, if you have any queries regarding this video, you can let me know down in the comments. and, yeah, I guess I'll see you next time. before signing off, please like And subscribe to the channel and leave down a nice comment if you watch the video, and please don't forget to share this video with the any of your friends in need or your family, and I hope you all have a great day. so until next.


[Music] before we get into this video. if you want to see more videos on how to navigate shopify, like this video and comment down below what you want to see next. so in this video i'll be showing you how to fulfill a shopify order. so you will go over to the left hand side and you'll see the orders tab. so once you click the order tab, sometimes there'll be numbers next to um orders, like how many orders you need to fulfill or how many orders you have in queue. i've already fulfilled my order. so this is just a demo, so it doesn't say that. but you'll go over there and then you'll see the order, the first order or the first few orders that you have to fulfill, and you'll also see that it says in yellow: unfulfilled. so it'll have the customer's name, um, the day that they purchased, the order number, how much they paid, um, and all of that good stuff. so, yeah, as you can see, um, you'll be looking over to see if it's unfulfilled or fulfilled by the yellow color. so you'll go ahead and click the order. so that way it generates um, the actual, the actual order, and, as you can see, of course, it says unfulfilled at the top again, and this is pretty much just a summary of the order um, the total again, what they purchased, their address and all of that good stuff. as you can see, it breaks down into like different sections of the details of this order, so you'll scroll back up to the top. so your next step will be to click create shipping label and this will bring you to the order fulfilling screen and so where you put in the way you can edit the address if you need to. um, and it says right here that the order can't, the address can't be verified, but that's because i created a demo, so it doesn't really matter for this order. down here you'll put in your way and up here you'll see where it says the weight has to be greater than zero, which that just means that you didn't add in a weight yet for your product. now, if you do so happen to see where it says that, um, the address can't be verified, just double check with the customer by email um, just to make sure that they have it correct. now, down here it gives a breakdown of what the items that they purchase from you and you want to be sure that you have this um package the correct way and you have the right um, the right products. um, so now, before you put in your weight, you want to be sure that you have everything that you need inside of whatever you're shipping it in, because the weight is the grand total of everything that is included, which is like for me, i put in my packing slip and things like that. so, um, i like to go ahead and create, print my packing slip, speaking of, so that way i have this um inside of the inside of the um, the, the poly miller that i send off, so so that the customer knows what they bought and what's what, and they make to pretty much verify that i have everything in the package. so i just do this for extra security. um, also, up here, it shows where to ship to and the billing address. sometimes it's different, but it's fine as long as the shipping address is correct. um, so, of course, here you know, it shows just the breakdown. shopify actually generated it, generated this themselves, so i didn't do anything to tweak it or change anything, which that's what i really like about shopify is the fact that you know they have all of this set for you. so, as you can see in the um clip here, so, as you've seen, the weight is 2.4. now that is everything included. that is everything included. and then so here shopify actually generates all of the shipping carriers in the different prices and the different variations of how you can ship out this package. now i choose to use usps first class package so with everything that's going on with usps, you can definitely choose to use another carrier. um, normally, before the pandemic, before all of this has been going on, shipping took about two to three days. but you are more than welcome to go ahead and you know, use whatever shipping carrier you feel is best and that will get your, your customers, their product um quicker. now, as you can see, the um, the price, all depends on the weight. so if the weight is higher- so, as you can see, i put 6.9- you can see that the the price of the shipping went up just because of the weight. my base charge for shipping is 3 um dollars and 95 um. so you want to be sure that you are choosing the right um, the, the appropriate amount, just in case the shipping is higher. so i went ahead and went back to change it back to 2.4 and um. now it says it ships from the business address. so you want to be sure that your correct address, your current address, or where you'll be shipping it from, is correct, just because, uh, the price also depends on where you're shipping it from, not, um, as well as where you're shipping it to. so we went ahead and clicked buy shipping label and of course this generates, um the shipping label details. so, as you can see, once you create the shipping later, once you purchase the shipping label, you'll see the tracking number. now the good thing about shopify is they email the customer their um tracking number, so that way you don't have to do it manually, which is also a good thing about shopify. um, also, i've had someone ask me: um, do i pay for shipping or do the customer pay for shipping? so, tiknically, the customer pays for shipping when they process, when their process, their order gets processed, and the base rate of the 395 um is what i chose to charge the customer for um shipping. now, as long as the um, the total amount for shipping it out, is less than the amount that you charge the customer, um, you are not coming out of pocket. so, um, so you see, here it's 274 and of course, like i said, i charge three 395, and so pretty much the difference. um, i will get in profit. so the customer came out of pocket for the actual shipping in this case. now, here i went ahead and clicked print shipping label and, as you can see, this is an actual shipping label that you will print out for um for you to mail out. i'm going to insert a clip of the paper that i use. well, it's really like a stiker that i use for my shipping labels here. so, as you can see, the original setting is made for an eight and a half by eleven um, like regular standard size paper, and so that's why the um, the size of your shipping label, is important. so i am using a macbook pro and so i click here at system dialog to make sure that i have the right paper size for my, my shipping label. and so then this screen pops up and, as you can see, it is like regular us letter or, which is not the size that i need my shipping label to be. so, um, i went in and said the right amount. so here i just named it, you know, b glossy papers, just so. that way i have um, i have it saved on the computer and, as you can see, it changed the the size of the paper to the size shipping label that i want on the page. so, yes, the page is net standard size. you want to be sure that the size that you need is the size for your actual shipping label. what will be going on the shipping package? so, as you can see here, here is the exact shipping label and how it how a little look. once you print it out, once you close out of that, you'll go back to the shopify screen where it'll stay fulfilled at the top, meaning that the order is already ready to be shipped out, fulfilled and everything else, and then you would click done and so it will bring you to the fulfilled screen and, as you can see, it's no longer yellow, saying unfulfilled, it is now gray and staying fulfilled. so on this screen you can edit the order, you can refund the order if need be. there are also a lot of other things that you can do now, for whatever reason, if you need to reprint the shipping label, here you can see where it says reprint label. um, just in case, i guess maybe, if you make the wrong size or whatever the case may be, you can always come back here and click reprint label. you.