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shopify pacific theme

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

5 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping 2023 (HUGE UPDATE!)

today we're going over the top five themes that you should be using in your Shopify Drop Shipping Store to explode your sales in 2023. having the right female layout for your store is crucial. let me show you why. this is one of my Brands. it's at 879 000 in the matter of months, with a 2.78 conversion rate and 28 000 orders. now that's pretty sweet, and for all the doubters and haters out there, let me go ahead and refresh. and there you go with that. let's get into the top five themes. now, these five themes- some of them are free, some of them are paid. there are thousands of themes out there, so I want to break it down into these five and I'm going to show you at the end of this video which one I prefer out of all these. each one has pros and cons, so pay close attention. the First theme on my list is the sense theme. this theme is free and is on the Shopify theme store. this is a demo of the store itself and this is how your store can look. obviously, when building a Shopify store, you want it to be as clean as possible and as brandable as possible if you want to succeed with Shopify Drop Shipping or building your own eCommerce website from scratch. you must make sure that your store looks super clean and professional, and therefore that's why I love this sense theme right off the bat. it gives me a very calm feeling. you can replace this image with whatever your brain is all about. I love this Banner right on top. usually I'll do something like 50 off and then right here you can put all the products, Collections and whatever you want. now, moving on, the home page looks super, super cool, clean, as you can see. it just looks like a real brand. you can put images of the products, you can put product links. you can even put a few things that your brand is known for, as well as a few collections that people can click and right away see. having clean collection pages are great for raising your average order value. an average order value is how much a customer will spend on your website, and if you show them a bunch of different products, they will then ask themselves: maybe I need more than one. that's why I love collection Pages. usually on my websites, I start with just one product and then I add related products so people can buy more than one at a time. if you can get a customer buying two to three different items, then it will be a win for you. as you can see, look how clean the product page looks. it's super, super easy to maneuver. you can put the description in here and they have a really cool option of putting drop downs. look at this. all you do is click it, boom, just like that, and you can fill out that information. I like the images super clean, straight to the point, and this product page is out of this world, highly recommended for any e-commerce seller. to start off with the sense theme. but we're just getting better every single time. let's move on to theme number two. theme number two is a paint theme and we're gonna get into the pricing in just a second. I'm going to compare it with you and we'll see if it's worth it. so the debutify is a great theme because it looks super clean on mobile. as you guys know, most of your traffic will be on the phone. that's usually how it works. most people are scrolling on tiktok, they're scrolling over and they see your product, they click in it and they go to your website. so having a clean website like debutify is important. the beautify is a great theme for any mobile websites. okay, it's perfect for beginners, easy to use. the bounce rate on these stores are much lower because it just looks professional. it's a much higher potential to sell globally because I believe debutify has an option that will automatikally change the price. so, for example, let's say I live- I live in New York, but let's say I lived in Australia. I can literally go on any website that uses debutify and it'll automatikally change the price to be in Australian dollars. okay, the customer support is great for debutify. obviously it's a paid theme and this theme we scaled many stores with. we used to use this theme a little while ago. um, I'll tell you guys in a little bit of what theme I use right now. but they beautify, crush it for us and I still recommend it to all my students today. so if you go to the debutify website, I believe you can try it for free. there's also a pricing model. I'm not affiliated with them. I'm not a partner with them. what I would do is I would start with the free option and it should give you exactly what you need. you can always upgrade at any time, which they give you add-ons and stuff like that, but usually the free option is just enough. here's exactly how it looks as you can see, it's like super, super professional. they also have the drop down buttons. personally, there's a little bit too much going on, so I like to remove as much as I could like. remove this stuff, remove this stuff like too much going on on this page itself. however, if you look on how it looks on mobile, all you gotta do is press right click and then inspect. okay, this obviously looks gorgeous, looks really really nice on mobile. so, overall, this is a great thing to use and that's why I put it on my top five themes to use. now, moving on to the refresh theme, as you can see on the image right over here, refresh looks super, super clean, super nice. again, you're gonna see constantly I'm going to tok about having a branded looking website and this is a perfect brand. if you're gonna build a brand, you can use refresh. very, very brandable. okay, it's perfect for health and beauty products. that's what we see a lot of the refresh websites using. it has a bold, eye-catching design, which is great, and it has a lot of different layouts and sections that you can edit. okay, there's a lot, a lot of great features on refresh. as you can see, we're gonna go to the demo store super quick and it just looks like a brand. okay, if you have any different- um, you know, health and wellness- type of products, you should be using this theme. let's go to the product page and see how it looks again, super, super clean, like I love these themes. you can see your boy, Sam, is hooking you up, so make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit that like button if you're enjoying this video. speaking of enjoying this video, I'm gonna make it a little sweeter for you. I want to say thank you to all the support. therefore, I'm doing a giveaway. all you got to do is comment the word Shopify in the comments below to be entered. I'm gonna be giving away a custom made website and chosen winner product by myself. I'm literally gonna build you the website and choose the product for you. I got the best team of developers, so we're gonna make it awesome for the winner. all you got to do again is comment the word Shopify and you'll be entered. let's continue, okay, and finally, these are the last two themes that I personally use for my stores. these are my favorite. again, they're a little more advanced, but just take a look on why I love them so much. the first one of the two is solo draw. solo drop is the best hands down theme, in my opinion, for one product stores. it's easy to understand. I love the color schemes, it's very eye-catching and it has ink cart discounts, which is great. it's optimized for one product store. so if you have a one product store, then definitely recommend you use solo drop now. the solo drop theme is not free now I do recommend if you're a beginner you stik to the first few themes that I recommended. but if you already have gotten sales in the past or your little pasta beginner stage and you want to level up your stores, then you could definitely try out the solo draw theme again. I'm not partnering with them or anything like that. I just use them in my stores in the past. so that's why I want to recommend it to you guys. now the solo drop theme is lit. let me show you why and show you a few demos, as you can see a lot of different examples here. we're going to go into the gel Blaster store and I mean: just look at this store. it's gorgeous. okay, you scroll down, you know. just looks like a real brand. it shows, you know rea.

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

in today's video, i'm going to show you how you can make one of the best online stores out there with ecommerce themes that are a designed to be fast and also high converting. so shopify has rolled out five new free themes and 65 updated paid themes that work with online store 2.0 features- literally so exciting. so i'm going to take you guys through some incredible shopify themes so that you guys can decide which one is right for your business in 2022.. each one of these offers industry leading performance and deep customization. but can we just get a little sneak peek here? okay, let's look at some of these amazing themes. so, first of all, look at this one- this one's called context, and i just feel like it would be perfect for someone who is starting like a clothing store but maybe wants a bit more of an editorial vibe. and then this one over here. look at this one- this one's called loft, and i feel like it would be so good for anyone selling home goods. so that's just a little preview, but definitely stik around till the end of this video, because i'm going to go through a ton of themes and just discuss the specifics on who they're good for and how they can work for you and your business. [Music]. okay, guys, so what exactly is a theme? so, if you think about it, themes are kind of like the skeleton of your online store. it's just going to define what your store is going to look like. so, for example, in this theme over here, this has one main image for the banner, but if you look at this one, it's going to allow you to put two images for the banner, and a theme is also going to define some of the functionality of your store. so, for example, when i click the cart on this theme, it pops up as a sidebar and then when i click the cart on this theme, it's just going to take up the whole page. so, if you guys don't already know, when you create your online store with shopify, you can choose between either free themes or premium themes, and it's really nice because there are more and more free themes that are being released recently. so there's tons of options there. and then, as of now, there's also 60 paid themes and you can find a theme that works really easily for yourself because you can narrow it down by industry price and then just basically find the design that you're after. okay, i know you guys are wondering: are shopify themes better than other themes out there? and i just want to say really quickly, just want to say this from the jump: shopify themes are amazing. they're amazing. first of all, if you are not tik savvy, shopify themes were going to be perfect for you because all of the features that you need already come built into your theme. you're probably never going to need to hire developer because 99, if not 100, of what you need already comes built into your theme. but but if you are a perfectionist like me and let's say, you do want to do like a little tweaks and like edit, you can edit your store without touching any code. so let's just look at my screen here for one sec, because i actually do think this is really important. so if we look here, you can see that i can easily edit these sections and these blocks to look exactly how i want and i can add apps, and i can add apps through app blocks. like there's so much flexibility here. obviously, hiring a developer can get really expensive really quickly, so this is a really good option if you are just starting. maybe you're trying to save a bit of money. and another thing that i really like about shopify themes is that you can get set up in literally less than 24 hours, like that is not an exaggeration. it is so fast. you could get set up between zoo meetings. you can get set up while your bagel is toasting. you can get set up before your roommate is done with the shower. okay, i don't know, probably not that fast, but one thing is for sure: you can definitely get set up before the pandemic is over. that's a little food for that. so this could be your sign to get going. so it is really quick to get set up. but it's also really good at getting your vision into the real world. you know when you have like an idea in your head and then you're like, okay, like i know what i want this to look like. i have this idea in my head and then you put it out into the universe and it's just like not really what you were hoping it would look like. i feel like that's definitely happened to me before. but i feel like with shopify themes, you can. you can get your branding and your vision out into the real world because you just have so much control over styling, over everything. and have you ever been on a website on your phone? and it's just like not as good as it would be on desktop. but with shopify, since themes are responsive, i feel like that just pretty much guarantees that your store is going to look dope, whether it's on the phone, whether it's on the desktop, wherever. we've all gotten to be very impatient creatures and, let's be real, no one really has the time to wait for even like four seconds for a page to load. but with the online store 2.0, let me tell you the speed and performance. it's good, as long as we don't overdo it with the heavy videos and like heavy images and that kind of thing. these themes are going to be so fast, guys. not nearly enough people pay attention to this, but shopify's themes are going to be highly accessible by design, and i think this is really important to me because everyone has different abilities, like, for example: some people might not be able to read small type, maybe they're just unable to see, maybe they're color blind. some people are unable to use a mouse to click on products to purchase, so they're going to rely on a keyboard alone to navigate the web. and with any shopify free theme that you choose, or paid theme, you can be sure that it's meeting the latest accessibility standards baked in by default. shopify actually requires the people who are making these themes to make sure that users can navigate through an entire theme with only a keyboard and a screen reader. i love it. i'm here for the inclusivity. last thing that i really like about the new online store 2.0 themes is that you are fully covered when it comes to support. like, if you decide to get any free shopify theme today, you would get an hour of free design time and in those sessions, the support advisors just have tons of ideas on how you can get more sales. and if you got a paid theme, you can chat with someone who can give you ideas on how to get sales too. so, literally, support in every direction. all right, guys, this is the age-old question: should you go for a free theme? should you go for a paid theme? all right, here's the t. so i feel like if you are just starting out, if you're just getting your feet wet, a free theme is a good option, because there's going to be light, they're going to be flexible and if you're looking to have the ability to tweak, the ability to get your theme super on brand, you can definitely do that with a- a free theme you can get so granular to the point where, like, you can choose whether your buttons are going to have rounded corners or sharp edges. you know what i'm saying. so i do love a free theme, but nothing hits like a good paid theme. this is just my opinion. i find that with premium themes is just such a breath of fresh air because you have so much more control. you can get really granular with your settings and your designs in a way that's just not as possible to that level with free themes. for example, you can add animations, you can have product details pop up on hover, you can even change the spacing between letters, and those are just to name a few. and i think i mean these themes aren't just made by random people. they're literally made by shopify's theme store partners, who have been building themes for over a decade. developing good themes for you is their entire business, so they always want to ensure that their themes are on point, that they're giving you incredible customer support. so, yeah, there's just nothing like a good premium theme. so if you are new, a free theme is going to be great, but if

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Premium Themes by Shopify VS. Other Shopify Themes

what's up everybody? welcome to a new episode of theme rhino, where today we're going to be toking about the shopify premium themes that shopify offers. so tok about debut theme, brooklyn theme. uh, those are free themes, but here we have modular theme, pacific theme, trademark theme. all these themes are essentially vetted and approved by shopify. okay, and then we're gonna be toking about custom themes. which ones are you going to want to go with? are you going to want to go with a premium shopify theme or a custom premium shopify theme, which i would say is something like wolf of shopify? so for those who are beginners and who are not really sure kind of how the structure works, is that shopify is a website where you are allowed to build an e-commerce store very similar to the ones that you're seeing here on the computer. okay, now, whether you want to sell t-shirts or headphones or dresses really doesn't matter. shopify will allow you to build to sell these kind of things. now you have to ask yourself: what kind of design do i want to present in front of customers? now, there's a lot of questions that go into why you would be asking that, but it all comes down to your conversion rate optimization. you want to realize that whatever you're presenting in front of the customer, whatever website you're presenting, that you have the largest chance to turn that website visitor into a customer. remember, that's called conversion rate optimization and, in fact, it's something that you should uh search for, should study- at least that's what i have done when it comes down to my personal studies in shopify and in building just businesses in general, not just shopify. okay, now, with that being said, there's a whole lot of different themes out there and there are a lot of different theme creators. now, something you want to be aware of, as not every single shopify theme out there is vetted by shopify, so explain what i mean by that. shopify has this- i guess you could kind of say store where you can buy shopify themes very similar to the ones you're seeing here, and it's a very limited amount. okay, it's a handful. i'm not sure how much. it's probably like close to 20, 20 to 30 themes. okay, so you could see them here on the website that shopify offers and these themes are. they go through an approval process through shopify. it's very, very rare that a creator can just uh put in their, their, you know, not very rare, it doesn't happen, it doesn't exist where any creator can just um post a shopify theme on the shopify quote-unquote marketplace. when you buy from shop vines, shopify has its stamp of approval. that's why they're very, very limited here. these designs and these designs that you're seeing here are not only approved by shopify, but shopify takes these, these designs, and they put them out there to the shopify world. when you click on that button that says view more themes or purchase a theme or visit shopify themes, they're going to take you to a page like this that has these exact shopify themes for these prices. so you're looking at about 180 dollars per shopify theme. now, these shopify themes are. they're nice, they're attractive, but they don't serve everybody's purpose, and so that's why creators who are- uh, i guess you could say- savvy in the coding world will create different themes that serve the needs for different people, and i've actually taken the time to buy real, uh approved shopify themes and custom themes. okay, and i personally believe that these custom themes offer a better approach to your shopify store, simply because they're more versatile. that is the only reason why they're more versatile. there's more things that you can do with them. okay, they save you more money in the long term. i'll explain what i mean. if we click on this uh, this modular uh design here called shopify theme. it's a hundred and eighty dollars. okay, if we hit try theme, okay, or view demo- rather, because i don't want to try the theme but view demo- this looks like a a quote-unquote, not ordinary, but there's no really uh standout features. with a shopify theme like this, it looks great, don't get me wrong. the images are perfectly viewable, but there's no real customization. you know, for example, if you guys are familiar with the wolf of shopify theme, on the wolf of shopify theme we can add things like timers, product timers, add to cart, timers for scarcity, for uh incentivization. these are different biases that we use to motivate a customer. and if you haven't seen my youtube videos on wolf of shopify, i've put them in the description box down below and um, you'll get to see all the different videos that i've created, uh toking about how to design a shopify theme to boost the amount of sales. see when we tok about things like incentivization or, you know, cart timers and and all this different jargon in shopify. basically, at the end of the day, what these features do that are built into a theme, they help boost sales and they're not going to be quote-unquote, vetted necessarily by shopify. now, shopify is going to give you the most- uh- i guess you could say- corporate looking business that you could have, right. so something very basic: right, you have your image, you have your add to cart, right. you scroll down, you have your reviews, you have some more images, right, and you have some related products and all of that comes out to a total of around 180, from what i've seen, on average, most of these uh, premium shopify themes cost 180. that's going to be one of the drawbacks for a lot of the beginners. they might not be able to spend a hundred and eighty dollars necessarily on a theme and they could start with a cheaper theme. that's maybe 125 or maybe even a hundred dollars if you use code, for example, warrior. so for those who don't know, i have created youtube video tutorials on me designing different stores. so, if you're familiar with alfleetcom, i showed people how to create the alphaleadcom website. if you're familiar with one or active, i showed people how to create the one or active store. and, like i said, all these series are here on my youtube channel so you can click on those videos and watch me step by step create shopify stores that look very, very professional and it's at, uh, you know, almost a fraction of the cost, because people would use my discount code, called warrior, at checkout when, when we're toking about, for example, wolf of shopify, and they would get the theme for, let's say, close to 100 or a hundred dollars, because it's a 125, sometimes even cheaper- um, and they would walk away with a, a very custom theme, for a hundred dollars, as opposed to paying 180 for an, uh, a shopify approved theme. okay, now, something that i want to clarify is: just because the theme is shopify proof does not mean it's better than any other theme out there. that's something i want to be very, very clear on, guys, and the reason why i want to be very clear on that is because there could be this mystique. if you're a beginner, you might think that that's the case, but it's really not, guys. it has nothing to do with it. um, just because a theme is approved by shopify doesn't mean it's necessarily better than any other theme out there. it's your job to do the research when you decide what theme will work for you. okay, now, when you purchase a shopify theme- whether it be the ones that are sold by shopify or by sold by private creators, understand that every shopify theme is not created equal. they're all different and you guys who are consistent watchers of the youtube channel know that. i've said this before, but i'll say it again: when you buy a shopify theme, guys, no theme is created equal. you can't expect, for example, this modular theme to have the same features as a custom theme like wolf. so, for example, wolf theme- that's a hundred dollars- would blow modular out of the water simply because of the amount of features it offers, right? uh, you guys know the add to cart, the scarcity, the people amount viewing on the website. once again, if you don't know what features i'm toking about either, a you could just go on the website with shopifyco.

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Theme customization support options || Shopify Help Center

after you select a theme for your store, you can customize it to build brand identity. while many customizations, like editing colors and fonts, can be done through the theme editor, you might find yourself looking for extra customizations. subscribe now to learn about the support options available to you when customizing your theme. hey everyone, i'm ellie. when you're customizing your theme, the type of support available to you depends on the theme you have. there are two types of themes: free themes, which are created and supported by shopify, and third-party themes, which you pay for and are created by other companies. today i'll show you how to find support for each type of theme. but first, how do you know if you have a shopify theme or a third party theme? start in the shopify admin and click online store. then click customize on the theme you want to edit. on the new page, click theme actions. here you can see the theme's name, the version number and the designer's name. in this example, the ali athletik store is using a free shopify theme named supply. the help artikle for supply is listed here as well. if you're not using a shopify theme, then you see the name of the third-party theme designer with any links to their documentation and support if you're using a free shopify theme and you need some assistance using the features in the theme editor, then shopify support team might be able to guide you. you can also find help artikles about the theme editor listed below. but if you want to customize your theme beyond what the theme editor is capable of, then you should consider the following options. first, if you're using a free shopify theme, then you might be eligible for complementary shopify design support. if you're on the shopify basic plan or hire, then you can receive up to 60 minutes of design support for shopify supported tutorials. to see if your store qualifies for design time or to make a design request, contact us directly at helpshopifycom questions. if you're a more advanced shopify user and you're comfortable editing the code of your online store, then you can find the theme customization tutorials at shopifydev tutorials. when you're on the page, scroll down to the theme section. here you see a list of more custom tutorials so you can make changes that are outside of the theme editor's capabilities. i'm going to open the tutorial. hide sold out variants. here you see a note telling you that shopify might be able to help you with these customizations if you're eligible for design time. some tutorials are not supported by shopify, which means that shopify can't support or assist you with the customizations. when a tutorial is not supported, you see a caution note, like in this example, this means that the tutorial does not qualify for design time and shopify is not able to support any changes you make. to see a list of unsupported changes that are commonly requested, read the design policy linked below. the list includes examples of some customizations that shopify cannot assist with. you can also learn more about basic and advanced theme customizations by visiting communityshopifycom has many helpful links and forums to learn from other shopify merchants just like yourself. next, if you don't have access to design time and you're not comfortable editing code, you might want to consider hiring a shopify expert. experts are trusted third party agencies and freelancers who can help you modify your store to suit your needs. the cost of hiring an expert varies, so visit expertsshopifycom and look for store setup experts. you can browse through a variety of services, including theme customization. look through the available providers and contact them for a quote. now, if your theme was not made by shopify, then it was made by a third-party theme developer. you can find your theme's support contact information using the theme editor shown earlier. you can also visit themesshopifycom. search for your theme name in the search bar and open it. here you can find the theme developer support contact details and available documentation. it's important to note that generally, third-party theme developers are not able to help with customizations. if your theme developer can't help, you consider hiring a shopify expert to edit out and build your theme to serve your business best, and no matter what theme you're using or customization you're planning, it's best practike to duplicate your theme before making any changes. duplicating your theme acts as a backup in case you ever need to start over again. now you know where to find support for your theme. don't forget to subscribe to keep up with the latest tutorials from the shopify help center, and for more information visit helpshopifycom.

Sunrise Shopify Theme Review

hi there everyone. this is taken from Shelby hunt. I'm here with my husband, Gabriel, hi guys, and we're reviewing another Shopify theme today. this one is called sunrise and sunrises- $160 and uplift. it's a responsive, certified team and apparently loops girl i / iphone- we haven't checked your iPad or iPhone- and yeah, then let's review. this is in the category of kids, aren't toys? yeah, and for that category, I think it's perfect. so I really like it. it's bright, it's fresh, it's fun. it's got that real kitty sort of feel. okay, your pre pump about this. okay, so there's actually four styles. there's a spring, heart, vitale and uplift, and clearly this is the uplift that you can see it here. it looks like um, what's that moving? no movie that keeps coming up. Ice Age looks like his eyes change the commentary or get a-movin. so let's have a look at these, because I really know that we're going to disagree with this theme. okay, so sunrise, click on the demo and let's get started. okay, so here's got to be the team and I dislike this. okay, so I really don't like this menu. this one reminds me when I used to develop websites in the 90s, and this kind of thing is a killer for me. I don't like the navigation on top. it seems to me kind of like an argument: you will not remember these, but these seems to me that is like a very old version of WordPress, possibly from my, my limited experience. I like this it's, it's bright, it's in your face. I'm not going to get lost using this. okay, it's a good point. okay, that's a good one. this is actually for, I mean, any mom that hasn't slept okay for four days. they will be able to find the product. let's click on one of the products here: animals, these, the ice age guy- uh, okay, you go straight to the point. go and see the products pops up here. the navigation: that's not bad. I like that kind of thing. the navigation, yeah, yeah, you know the category you're in. okay, we should do. you want again? oh, the little crocodile alligator bath toy. okay, for $19. it's like spazzy for a bath toy. I think Springs present, right, Oh, possibly, okay, so here's the plug there and you can see it. you can't sue, mean, I like being able to zoom. okay, I know you like that. yeah, especially for jewelry and fashion. and this information here: not a lot to describe upon an alligator bath toy. it's waterproof, okay. uh, yeah, those information. the bronzer here, uh, I guess it does the job. I mean, if you want a toy store- this is a theme- right, well, that's it. and and if you're a mom that has limited time to get on here and have a look for something to buy, you can see it quickly, you can buy it quickly and you can get back to your kids that are making a mess in the lounge room. okay, so here are the is we can see the news. test Vimeo, because you can actually put video. the blog is not really work. in pity, I don't like a latest post. what happen? okay, test blog English. this thing on that. okay. so this is a conventional blog. there's nothing unusual about this team and it's pretty funny. I feel like this is the kind of team that I will be developing. if it was the first time, I'm a developer team. so super basic. the DN reinvent the wheel. I guess it does the job right. let's have a look at different styles of this team. of the sunrise team, this is the uplift and let's click on this. one is called the beach hot. what would beach hut? okay, definitely, English speaker here, not, okay. so this is all mine. same deal, okay. I don't really like these, but I get what they're trying to go. not my cup of tea, but I know these feats a lot of brands out there, skateboarders, I mean surfing boards, this kind of fashion, hippie fashion that you love so much. yeah, and, and it's a great sort of theme for a beginner and I I just think the, the simplicity and maybe the big look of it. you know, everything that's sort of there in your face is easy to find. yeah, this ball there's. no, it's not. you don't put me to work here. it's actually easy to find information. I click on something, go to a category, everything is clickable. we go like the theme and, yeah, so the theme is called sunrise. I think there's a job in loosely on a mobile and this is produced by the guise of roaster and web design and illustration. we've got the four different styles: spring beach, hut, digitally and uplift. okay, so initially, when I started this reveal already- and I'm a team, I still don't have a team- bad, my job is to review these as a function and I think this team does the job. I mean very practikal for anyone- not my cup of tea as a consumer, but if I was going to develop, I mean a website to deal with kids, toys or any kind of these easy kind of mentality in regarding kind of products. yeah, why not? I'll go for these. I'm going to give these to Tom's, am i? I will also go for two. it's easy to use. it's a great beginner level it's. it's not going to be your chic, beautiful type thing, but it's certainly great for what it does exactly. and the price is one 160. you get four styles and you get, I mean, a fair bit for your, for your money. so, yeah, absolutely so. this another review of here at shopping hunt. if you guys want to find more information of a shopping hunt, please head to go to shopping hunt comm where you can find out more information about Shopify. we've got lots of 101 guides and information. we use small videos rather use yep a lot more. we don't have alligator. about alligator, unfortunately we don't have an alligator bath toy, but maybe after looking at this, we will have one. we may go and buy one, right? yeah, excellent thanks guys. bye-bye, help me.

How to update your Shopify theme without losing customizations

Hey everyone, Thomas here, from Archetype Themes here to tok, to you today about upgrading your theme to the latest version. Now there comes a time in every merchant's journey after they've bought our one of our themes, after they've set it up, it's running, it's making sales, and you let it run for three months, six months a year, and eventually you'll need to upgrade. That reason for upgrading could be one of many. Maybe there's a new feature that's in one of our latest versions that you wanna take advantage of, a new section. Maybe there is an app that you're trying to integrate with that works best with the latest version of our theme. or maybe there's a bug that was introduced, for one of many reasons, that is fixed in the latest version. One of the things that you get when you purchase one of our themes is access to the latest versions for the entire life of that product. Actually, getting that theme installed is another process in itself, And it will vary depending on the number of customizations that you've made and how complex those customizations are. We recommend that you upgrade your theme at least once a year, especially before any big sales season like black Friday, summer Monday. Now, when it comes to upgrading, you have three options available to you: manually updating the theme updater app or hiring a professional. So, without further ado, let's get started exploring our first option: manually updating your theme. The process of manually updating your theme involves copying and pasting configuration files from the old version to the new version. In addition to these configuration files, you might also need to be copying customizations that were done to the previous version, such as styling tweaks done by a developer or modifications made by an app when it was installed, so that it integrates properly with your theme. It's really dependent on your partikular situation and the setup that you have achieved with your previous theme. Let's take a look at how we go about copying configuration files from one theme to another. So here we have our store. as you can see, we- our published theme- has expands version 2.4 installed, And below here we have expands 3.1 installed as an unpublished theme. Now you can see if we were to preview this new version of expands: It doesn't look at all like our published theme. These are the default styles that are provided with expand. So, to get started, let's go to our online code editor, edit code and let's start with the global configuration file, settingsdata. So what we're gonna do first is select all which is command or control a, and then copy: command C- control C. Next, you're gonna go back to the previous screen, where we saw both of our themes, and go to the code editor for the new version of the theme. Scroll down to the same file- settingsdata. Select all- command a- control a and pace command V- control, control B- and finally we're gonna hit safe. So let's take a look at how things look so far by hitting preview store. So, as you can see, a lot of styles have already been copied over to our theme. Our header is the right color, We have our logo, the fonts have been set and generally, things are already looking really good. If you're running one of our themes that was made before summer 2021, that is, a theme that's not online store 2.0,, then this might be the extent of copying and pasting that you need to do. That's assuming that there's no other customizations inside the theme code. If you do have additional customizations or if you're running an online store 2.0 theme, stay with us. We're gonna keep going down this rabbit hole of manually updating our theme. So, as you can see here, our homepage is styled correctly, but the contents aren't up to date. We have placeholder images, We have placeholder text. let's get the homepage content into the new version of our theme. So to do so, we're gonna go back to our theme page, Let's go back to our old theme and at code, and we're gonna go into the templates folder here and look for index dot Jason. Index is another name that is used for the homepage. Same thing: We're going to command a command C, Go back to the newest version of our theme, Hit code editor, Go to the same file, Command a and command control V to paste in the old contents into the new homepage, hit save and let's take another preview. Wow, Look at that. So now our homepage not only is styled the same, but the contents are there as well. Our slideshow has been populated. All of our other sections are looking exactly how. they Continue the process of copying the contents of these template Jason files from the old theme to the new theme And, before you know it, you should have a fully styled, updated theme. However, if you do find yourself in the situation, after copying all of these template Jason file contents over, that things aren't working as expected- either a section's not configured correctly or something that you click isn't responding- Then it probably means that either there was a breaking change in the configuration between the old version of the new one that doesn't match, Which will require some tweaking, or that there was a customization done somewhere else in a theme code that you'll need to track down and copy from the old version to the new version. The problem with these customizations is that unless you did them yourself and remember what it was and where you did it, they can be really hard to track down. This is one of the biggest advantages That option number two for updating your theme provides. that is, the theme upgrader app. Let's take a look. The theme data app by out of the sandbox makes upgrading your theme even easier by transferring configuration files from one theme to the new version, as well as theme customizations. So those customizations that may have been hard to track down manually are automatikally picked up by this app and transferred to the new version of your theme. Previously, this app only worked without the sandbox and pixel union themes, but thanks to a recent partnership, it now works with all of archetype themes. In addition, all archetype customers receive a 14 day free trial, So you may as well install it on your shop and see if it can help you with your current theme Upgrade. It's worth noting that this app will not be able to help you if you're upgrading from a legacy theme to an online store 2.0 theme. The difference between these two types of themes is just too big Even for the app to handle. Let's take a look and see what updating a theme with a theme updater app looks like. So what we have here is our general interface That's showing the registered themes, the purchase themes, that we have on our store. Here we are going to start by upgrading this theme right next to me here. So to update, we first go and hit the update button And you're about to sell a new version of impulse. Here's the name. It's just gonna tag it with our date and we want to preserve theme file customizations. hit update, There we have it: The theme is updated, Latest version, and all of our customizations from the previous version have been poured over. In most cases, the theme updater app makes it easy to upgrade to the latest version of your theme. But what if you're upgrading from a legacy theme to an online store 2.0 theme, or if your theme is heavily customized? Well, for that we need to look at the third option, hiring a professional. So you've tried manually updating your theme and you've tried the theme, update our app, but both options have left you with a theme That's not quite working like the original. you've now probably arrived at the point where you need to seek the help of a professional, and a professional will be able to specifically figure out what customizations are not transferring and hopefully be able to get everything over to the latest version without any. If you find yourself in this situation, we here at archetype typically recommend reaching