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shopify paystubs

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to create a paystub - 10 Best online ways

hello guys, welcome back to our channel. what want a tiknology vlog for how to, videos, tips, reviews and much more? are you running a small business? are you searching for the best pay stub creator tool to generate pay stubs on your own? then this tutorial is for you. in this tutorial, i am going to show you 10 best ways to create a pay stub. first, you need to know what is pay stub. a pay stub is a record or a written pay statement of an employee's current pay. pay stubs are also known as paycheck stubs or wage statements. simply, it is a form provided by the employer that breaks down an employee's pay for a specific period. the pay stub provides to the employee through physical paychecks or online. if your business provides paychecks, then the pay stub is attached or include with the check. if your business uses direct deposit, employees may have to access their pay stubs via an online portal. the pay stub includes all the details like company details, employee details, income information, number of hour the employee worked, deductions and deduction amount, etc. without any delay, let's see how to create a pay stub. number one: paystub 365. paystub 365 is a pay stub generator that displays all the information. it is very easy to understand and generate the pay stub. it also offers the auto calculator feature to simplify payroll process. it is a very fast and secure online tool. you can get your pay stubs within few minutes and download them instantly. it provides strong protection to your data with 256-bit encryption. the cost of the pay stub starting at 8.99 and the cost varies based on the template. let's see how to create paystub using paystub 365.. visit the paystub 365 official site. check the description for the link. select the generate the pay stubs option. you will redirect to select a template page. you will find several templates on the screen. select the template that you want and click on continue option. once you click on continue, the pay stub form will display on the screen. firstly, enter the company details, like company name, company address. click on the upload logo option to upload your company logo. next, enter the employee information, like employee name, id, address, allowances, etc. enter the payment details, like how you are going to pay hourly or salary. if you select hourly, enter the hourly rate in total hours. now select the number of pay stubs that you want and enter the last pay date. you can observe the cost of the pay stub at the left. click on preview option. you will redirect to new interface. check the details that you entered. click on check out. you will redirect to new interface. enter your debit or credit card details and click on pay option. finally, download the generated paystub. that's it, number 2, paystub creator. paystub creator is the online tool used to create or a paystub. you can download the created paystub instantly. you need to pay some amount for each pay stub. it provides strong security and customer support. it offers pay stubs for 8.99 each. let's see how to create pay stub using paystub creator. visit paystub creator official site. check the description for the link. once the pay stub creator opened, click on the creator- your pay stub now option. you will redirect to new interface. first, enter the company details, like name, logo, address, phone number and email id. click on employee information tab. the second step is to enter the employee information. in the third step, enter the details like salary information. finally, preview the created pay stub, pay the amount and download it. you can pay the amount through paypal or credit card. number three: checkstub maker. checkstub maker is one of the best online paid paystub generators. it offers a pay stub for 8.99 each. if you are not satisfied with the generated pay stubs, then you can get your money back. the watermark on the pay stub will be removed once you purchase it. let's see how to create paystub using checkstub maker. visit checkstub maker official site. check the description for the link. click on build your pay stub option. checkstub template will appear on the screen. firstly, select the state marital status. how are you paid? select the hourly payment or a salary. if you select the hourly, then enter hourly rate in total hours and many more options. now enter the company name, address and click on the upload company logo to insert your company logo. enter the employee details like name, ssn number, reporting period, pay date. enter the income details in income section and deduction details under deduction section. select the number of stubs you want and click on the preview to check the details that you have entered. finally, make the payment and download your pay stubs instantly. that's it, number 4 paystub maker. paystub maker is one of the best pay stub generator. you can create your pay stubs easily within few minutes. it provides the auto calculator to make calculation easily. it offers strong protection to your data. let's see how to create pay stub using pay stub maker. visit pay stub maker official site. check the description for the link. once the pay stub maker official page opened. click on make your pay stub now option. you will redirect to new page. you will find the pay stub template on the screen now. enter the details like state, marital status, how are you paid, hourly payment or salary. if you select the hourly payment, then enter hourly rate and enable the auto calculation option. next, enter the company name, address, employee name address, social security code, pay period, pay date, etc. select the number of pay stubs you want and click on the preview option. check the details that you have entered before going to buy the pay stub. finally, make payment and download the created pay stub. that's it, number five. one, two, three pay stubs. one, two, three pay stubs is the best online paycheck maker app. it is also available in the google play store. you can download it on android device and use it for free. you can get your first pay stub for free. it costs 3.99 per pay stub from the second pay stub. it provides different templates for your pay stubs. the preview option is available to check the format and details before going to download. let's see how to create pay stubs using one, two, three pay stubs. visit one, two, three paystubs official site. check the description for the link. click on generate paystub now option. the pay stub form will be displayed on the screen. enter the details like company name, address, upload the company logo and select the template that you want in the company information section. in the employee information section, enter the details like employee name, id, ssn number, address, wages, marital status, payment type and many more. next, enter the earnings information like pay schedule, set the pay period, start end and pay dates. once you enter all the details, click on calculate option to calculate the amount. select the number of pay stubs you want and click on the preview pay stub option. once check the pay stub, make changes if you want. finally, download the generated paystub. that's it. you need to log in with your email id and create an account to download the created paystub number 6. shopify shopify is the best free and online tool to create a custom pay stub. it easily creates pay stubs that you can download, print or send online. there is no need to install or buy complex and expensive software. the created pay stub will send to your email. you can download it later. let's see how to create paystub using shopify. visit shopify paystub generator official site. check the description for the link. scroll down to see the paystub template. first enter the details like company name, email address, company address, etc. next, enter the employee details like name, email id, employee id number and address. in the third step, enter the income information like pay date, pay period, end annual income, how are you paid, and check number. in the fourth step, enter the deductions information. click on add deduction to add another deduction. finally, tap on create pay stub. that's it. within few minutes you can.

How do I make a paystub?

one of the things that people ask me about the most with paystub depo comm is how do I build my pace top? well, it's very simple. you go to pay stub depo calm, click here to build your pay stub. you choose the state that you're living in, choose your marital status, how often are you paid, if your hourly, your salary, you enter in your pay rate and you enter in how many hours you work a week. you the pay stub depotcom website automatikally calculates the pay period year-to-date, assuming that you've been employed for the entire year. if you're a contractor, you click on the contractor button and pay stub. depot com doesn't remove, does not deduct anything, doesn't today take any deductions, and the calculation automatikally updates. and if you have the exemptions- say you have one exemption- the exemptions effect immediately take effect and change your federal tax withholding. and if you live in a town that has a local income tax, you can enter in your local tax rate and pay stub Depot com calculates your local tax in your years, a total for you. you entering your company name, your address, you entering your name, entering the last four digits of your social security number, you can change the reporting period, you can change the start and end date and you can change the pay day. um, you can change the starting check number and you can change your employee number. pay stub Depot's automatik calculation engine automatikally fills in everything else for you and then you scroll down to the bottom and you decide how many pay periods do you want to get paid pay stubs for. one pay stub is seven, ninety, five, and we have a sliding scale where the more you order, the less you pay. ten pay stubs is forty, nine, ninety, five, which is only $4.99 per pay stub. most people will need six pay stubs for a biweekly pay period because most, most people want to see three months worth of your payroll. so six pay stubs is usually what most people will end up needing. tells you how much you've earned and then you click on the preview button. once you've clicked on preview, you see the preview of your pay stubs and you can see all six pay stubs that I chose. so the reporting period dates keep going earlier the pay date is calculated for you and your year-to-date totals add up properly. so your year-to-date totals continue to decrease as the earlier pay stubs go. if you decide that you are happy with your pay stubs, you can just click here and enter in your email address and then click on buy now to take you to the paypal site to pay with either a credit card or, if you have a PayPal account, you can pay with your PayPal account directly. if you look through your pay stub and you determine that you made a mistake and the totals aren't correct, you simply click on the edit button, go back and I forgot. I'm really paid seventeen fifty instead of fifteen dollars an hour. and then I click on preview again and I scroll through and everything is updated with the correct pay rate and the correct number of hours and all of my pay stubs look perfect to me. at this point I would click on the buy, I would enter in my email address again and I would click on the Buy Now button to be taken to PayPal. once I pay for the pay stubs, I check my email within minutes. the pay stubs are delivered directly to my email box as a PDF file and I can immediately print them out and turn them and take them to my landlord for my apartment. that is all there is to it. generating pay stubs is quick, easy and only takes a couple of minutes. thank you very much.

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HOW To PROVE INCOME As A Business Owner Without A PAYSTUB...😎

hi everyone, it's your girl designer, so box, and I am back with another video. so in today's video, I'm really excited about this video. I really want to get right into it. I have been posting videos about business credit and I've learned that a lot of you have businesses, so we're trying to get into business credit. so I wanted to make a video on how to prove your income as a business owner, which will allow you to get approved for loans or real estate and funny it funding and many more. so, if interested, stay tuned. so first let's just tok about what types of income can we use to prove our income. so first there's earned income, which is income that's usually from working a job. then there's profit income, which is usually from income that's from buying and selling. so if you have, so, if you have a website or a business, that's usually when you're buying stuff, buying stuff for the wholesale, wholesale price and selling it from profit. so you're making income from buying and selling. so then there's interest income, which is similar to the how banks lend money, so similar when you have a, a lonesome bank, and they give you an interest rate and the banks make money off the interest rate- so similar to that. then there's capital income, which is assets that I crease in this value right. so if you have any assets that you have been sitting on over time, it should increase in value, which is good to make the income, which is good where you can have income- all always because as your assets increase in value, your, your income increase is as well. then there's dividend income, which is usually income from owning stoks. so you know, if you're in a stok market or you're investing in the stoks- which is, which is really a great time to do during overnight- is to invest in stoks because they're really low right now. so I recommend that you know. however, I'm. however, also, if you want to get a free stok, I have a free stok link, always in my description below. so if you're one, again two stoks. I'm gonna learn more about stoks. I can do some videos on that, but I do have a stok link where I'd I currently trade with Robin Hood and I do stoks, I do options and I also do dividends. so you guys can take that link in below and then you'll get a free stok when you sign up, and now I also get a free stok. so it's a win-win situation and, believe it or not, a lot of people they're free stoks are like Tesla and Apple and those are the great stoks that have. so a free Tesla stok is like $1300 right now. even more I think it's like $1500 right now. so those are really great stoks to have in your portfolio. so just a side note, the link is in the description, so make sure you check that out. I always have it there. rental income is really good. also, it's income from renting out a property that you may have. so if you own property, then you can rent out and you can reap the benefits of making income. if you have property that you're currently not living in, so that's really good. then roti income is income from using basically your idea. so you can get like royalty income that you usually like like royalties, like if you have music, if you have like like if you have like a really good idea and you want to sell it, you can get royalties off that. there's like tons away. they do royalty income, but that's basically coming from your idea, so that's really good to have. if you're like a person that always thinking of ideas and stuff like that, you might want to think about how to use your ideas and how to make royalty income from your ideas. and then there's a residual income when you continue to get paid after you've done the work. so, for instance, if you want sell something like a ebook and then you've done the work once, you can sell it over and over and over again and get residual income, so that's really nice to have so proving income that helps you. so, basically, if you proof income, this, this is a couple of ways that can help you get a proof for stuff so you can get a proof or a business loan. you can also get pre-approved for a mortgage and you can also get proof for a car loan. so in this video I want to go over how to do, how you can do that and what are the steps for you to do that. so what is the proof income? it's basically a document that someone saw, such as like a lender or a landlord requests for you to verify your income and verify that you have that ability to pay them. you know whether it's a monthly, monthly payment or a yearly payment. they want to make sure that you're able to, you know, make the payments. so they need a proof of income. so what most lenders want to see, most lenders want to see two years of tax returns. they also want to see a credit report. so that means that they're gonna pull you credit. so you just want to make sure your credit is in good shape. I want to make sure there's no negative, nasty items on there. you want to make sure that you have consistency, which are payments, there's no late payments and there's not too much- you know- negative stuff on there, your utilization is low and that you're able to pay back your debt. so you just want to make sure that your credit report is nice. then, also, you want to make sure that you have consistency which are business, which is why we're doing this video on how to show consistency which are business. if you already have- because it's the consistency which are business, but it's a but it's hard for you to show- then this is the video you need to be on, because I'm going to show you how to do that. also, you you also need usually lenders or landlords will ask you that they need proof of their verifiable income within three to twelve months. so that's usually you know. you know- proof of income, basically paper trail that shows that you've been getting income from your business. so what do you need to do to start your proof of income right? first, you will need an LLC or in the ein number. okay, so I'm not gonna go in a lot of detail on to do this right here, but I do have a video on how to get your business running in trying to get the LLC, an EIN number, and I will link that right now to your right of your screen. if you click- if you click that little I icon, it will show that video. then also payment sites. so this is good for basically how you're doing your payment. so if you're an online business, you will want to use like payment sites like stripe, PayPal, Square. okay, you, all you want to use payment sites like that. if you do use cash apps or VIN, Mon, stuff like that, you want to make sure you get you. you can do that. the only thing is that it doesn't offer any like tax forms at the end of the year. so you- this is why you want to get everything direct it and do direct deposits to your business account, like if you are doing online business, online business or transactions through cash app or vamo- just make sure you get a transfer to your business banking and not your personal banking. okay, that's the business, so that it can leave a paper trail. okay, so that you can not get in trouble at the end of the year. then you will want to do business baking. so you also want to create a business banking account and you want to make sure you do that with your LLC. or your escort, all your Sikh or whatever you. whatever you, your business is, you don't necessarily the LLC, but I'm just saying in general, usually people have LLC's, but you usually you can do an S corp or a secret as well, whatever your business you know is or whatever you want to define as then personal banking. so you always want to make sure you have a personal bank account that you're using as well, because you will need to pay your as an employee- sorry, but you're also the employee as as well as the CEO. then you can also do a tax preparer and then this basically is part of the person that you were. at the end of the year you would give them all the documents from your payment site, from your business banking and your personal making, and then they will do your taxes for you and just make sure that everything is aligned correctly and then if you need accountant, please do so. you know, if you know.

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Shopify Payments Setup | Super SIMPLE Tutorial (Step by Step)

hey guys, this is Jake Alexander with casual e-commerce, and in this video, I'm going to be showing you how you can set up your Shopify payments account so that way you can start receiving payouts when you begin making sales with your Shopify store. so, in order to get started, you just need to log in to the dashboard of your store and then we're gonna come down here to settings and then, once where its settings, we're gonna go to payment providers, and this is where we can go ahead and choose which payment providers we want to go ahead and use, and you can see that there's a lot of options here. now, really quickly, before we do this, I do want to scroll down and just confirm that your payment authorization is set to automatik. this makes things a lot easier and it also saves you the hassle if somebody, for example, purchases an order and you know you fulfill it accidentally before you actually get the payment and then you never just get the payment. so it's a lot easier to just keep this at automatik. so, when it comes to setting up your payment providers, there's really only two that you're gonna be using. one is Shopify payments into his paypal, so we're gonna go ahead and get into Shopify payments here. so, if you don't know, Shopify payments is essentially just stripe. it's just Shopify has partnered with stripe and it's kind of a custom setup of stripe. but tripe is a third-party payment provider and they process credit card transactions. so Shopify payments is literally just stripe. so they've just partnered together. so Shopify payments is the easiest one to set up. there are others you can do if you go to change provider. you can select a third-party credit provider here and you can see there's a bunch of different ones here. but I would recommend just stiking with Shopify payments. now I am located in the United States, so if you're outside of the United States, in another country, you might need to use something different. so we're going to go ahead and do now. when it comes to setting up Shopify payments, it's pretty simple. you just need to complete account setup in here and now you just have to enter some sensitive information so you can see. here you type in your business type, so most likely you're an individual or sole proprietor, but if you already have an LLC or if you're in a partnership or if you've registered a corporation, you'd go ahead and do that and then you would enter your EIN number, if you have one and then your business address and then you enter your personal details here and then right here is actually pretty important- in product details. so you just kind of want to tok about what you are selling. so in this sample store here I was selling acne products so I could put in online retailer of skin care products. so you just want to put something like this in here: just a little brief description of what you're selling. that way, stripe knows, because they have to have some sort of vetting process, but you know pretty much I've never seen anyone not get approved before, but I still wouldn't risk, you know, putting something stupid in here. definitely just put a nice clean-looking description of what you're selling and then down here you can go ahead and put in- I wouldn't put like a personal number in like this is a Google Voice number. so you can put in a Google Voice number or your business number if you have a 1-800 number, because this information will be shown on your customers credit card statements. so if it was me, I you know I don't like having my personal number anywhere out there, so I wouldn't want that here. and then the statement descriptor right here. you can see if we change it. you can see this is what's going to show up on our customers credit card history. so if you want to put the name of your store here, or you can put the name of like- if you have the actual company name, you could put like, company, LLC, and then down here- you just go ahead and put your information and then complete account setup and most likely you're going to be approved instantly and you'll be good to go. so once you're approved, you're gonna be all set, and then what you'll be able to do actually, once you're approved, is you can edit here and you'll see that you can actually change which types of credit cards you want to accept. so if you don't want to accept certain credit cards, you can go ahead and edit that here. I'm not really sure why you wouldn't want to accept certain credit cards, to be honest, but that is something you can do. all right. so now that Shopify payments is set up, you're pretty much good to go. so I just wanted to quickly let you know how the process works once it's set up and you start to get your first orders coming in. so let's say, a customer buys your product for $30, so obviously you're not going to receive that entire 30 dollars because Shopify is gonna take a small transaction fee and then stripes going to take their transaction fee and if you open this up here, you can see the payment processing right here. so if you were to make a $30 sale, it would. you would lose 2.4 percent of that plus 30 cents. and whenever you upgrade your Shopify plan to go ahead and get a higher pain Shopify plan, what it does is it lowers this processing fee right here. so what I normally recommend is the only time that you really need to upgrade beyond the basic Shopify plan is when you're making enough sales to where you'll actually just make more money to go ahead and get a lower payment processing rate. so that is the main draw of upgrading your Shopify plan is to get in a actual lower payment processing rate, because eventually you do hit a point where you're losing money by staying on the basic plan because of this percentage right here. and as far as the payment delay, payments aren't going to be transferred to the Associated Bank account immediately- know there's a two to three day delay. so normally you will receive all of the money from the sales that you made a few days ago and if you receive any refunds or get any. if you issue any refunds, rather within the products or orders section, it's going to be withdrawn from the linked bank account. it's not going to be withdrawn from the pending balance. it's gonna come from the bank count and if you get any charge backs, that's also going to come out of your bank account as well. so, with that said, I think I've pretty much covered everything in regards to setting up Shopify payments and how it works. if I miss something, be sure to let me know in the comments and I'll try and answer as quickly as possible. if you liked this video and found it helpful, go ahead and leave it a thumbs up, be sure to subscribe to the channel for more content and I will see you guys in the next video.

✅ What EXACTLY Is Shopify and How Does it Work? (An Inside Look)

what is shopify? hey guys, welcome back to the channel. today i'm gonna be showing you everything you need to know about shopify, and if shopify is the best platform for you to choose as your e-commerce company, so let's get into it now. first off, you're just gonna to go onto shopifycom and you can see that there are quite a few things that shopify does for you, so they have many different tools. the basic tool that most people use shopify for is their e-commerce platform, but you can also make logos, have domain names, have pay stubs, qr codes, gift certificates, privacy policies and all of that other stuff is also available on shopify, and shopify is not available for free. so if you are looking to start your ecommerce store with shopify, you cannot do it for free. you have to opt for 30, 80 or 300 versions, and they all have different features that you can pick from. so if you actually log on to the shopify platform and create your account, this is what your basic shopify account is going to look like. once you subscribe for the 30 version of shopify. you can see that on your left you have your homes, you have your home section, or your basic dashboard, so this is where you can see all of your summaries, your domain names and all of that stuff is going to be summarized on your homepage. then you have your orders section, so all of your incoming orders for any of the products that you have listed on your shopify store are going to be available over here. then you have products, so you can list your inventories, transfers, collections, gift cards, all of that stuff over here. so it's a pretty simple setup so you can just click on add product over here and then you can add images. you can add titles, descriptions, media forms, videos, pricings, cost per items, and all those details can be added over here in the product section. so let's say i'm actually going to take a sample. so let's just say i'm going to sample up a necklace and maybe i'm going to make this a ruby necklace. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to add the title and then, once i have added the title, i'm going to add a accurate description for my product and this description is actually going to appear on my shopify website or my shopify ecommerce store, whatever you might want to call it. so that is why you need to make sure that the description and the title that you're adding is accurate and you want these to be as optimized to seo as possible, because you want these to appear on the home pages of people searches. so i would add, like custom cut ruby necklace, something like that, or after that, i would actually then start adding my media files, and you can add media directly from url copy paste as well. so if you already have a inventory of all of your images, you can copy those from here now. after that, you can just add pricing. so let's just say i would add twelve dollars as or my price for my necklace. what i can do is i can add a cost per item as well. and the reason that i find this feature very helpful, especially in my own e-commerce store- because i run a e-commerce store for scrunchies and i'm using shopify as my partner, and what i actually like to do is i source my scrunchies from different vendors and some wonders sell them to me for eight dollars, nine dollars, and when i'm selling them for 12 to 15 dollars, it really helps me get a good idea of the profit margins that i have. so let's say i actually, uh, buy this ruby necklace for around ten dollars and then i have a sixteen point seven percent margin and i'm making two dollars of profit, but you need to take into account that you're paying for shopify and other services for your business. but this is what you're going to actually start dealing with in terms of your own accounting and numbers, and this is why i find shopify to be such a helpful tool to use, even in my own business. now, after that, you can charge tax on the product, depending on whatever kind of guidelines you are following, and then you have your stok keeping unit. so what is the specific inventory number that you have? you can keep that over here as well, so you can add whatever. it might be like this: whatever your shopkeeping unit is, you can set those up yourself, and then you have your barcodes as well. or you can choose not to track quantity of your inventory, but you can continue selling when your item is out of stok. so if you're doing drop shipping and you're sourcing items and you can order more items, you can click on continue selling one out of stok and you can add the available quantity. so let's say i have 100 pieces of this necklace. what i can do is i can add 100 over here and then i can remove this option. so once my 100 are sold. it's not going to sell more product, but it's going to just automatikally list it as out of stok. but i can do this and then i can order more necklaces and ship them out when they arrive. so this is another way of you to be able to sell products even if you don't have them in inventory, and this is why i love shopify so much. it allows you to save all these customized options for you. so once you have added all of these details, you're just going to click on save over here and your item or your product is has now been saved and you can now start selling this item on your shopify store. now. after that, you even have your customer section, your finances analytiks, marketing, discounts and application as well on your shopify account and you can add different customers and you can do email marketing with your customer list is over here as well. so if you have a csv file, you can click on import customers over here and directly use your excel sheet or csv file. but if you don't have that, you can just click on add customer and you can add individual names and numbers for those customers. especially if you have a customer that is a frequent buyer, i would suggest that you add them onto this section, and this will allow you to personalize your experience to a whole lot better. after that, you have your finances, and in your finances, not only do you have your overview, so you can track your net sales and earnings, payouts, current bills and collected taxes, but you also have your billing section, as i have mentioned over here that if you go on to their free business tools, they generate your order templates and all of those landing bills. those invoices are generated for free by shopify, so you don't actually have to create your own invoices. you're just going to go into the billing section and you can see all the invoices that have been created and you can add many different payment methods for your shopify store as well. now, after that, you can see all of your own personal bills for your shopify statement as well, and on shopify, you're gonna have to pay for the shopify premium version or their basic version, which starts at 29. or 30 once you run out of their two-week trial. now, after your basic finances, you need to go on to your online store, and this is one of the most important things on your shopify store. so what is shopify? shopify allows you to sell your product. it's an e-commerce company, but how can you really run your online store with shopify? or how can you run your business with shopify? what does shopify do for you? once you have all of your products added to your shopify account, you're going to start selling them by your online store and you can see over here that you have this basic sales section and on your sales section you have your online store. so on your store you have themes, blog posts, pages, navigation preferences and you can customize your store according to your needs. so what you're just going to do is you can see that i have added this dawn theme, but i can just click on customize over here and this will open up the basic overview of my homepage. so you can see that on my top section i have my home page, then i have my product selection, that i have my collections, i have my collection list, i have pages. these are all the navigation panels of my website, or my shopify store or e-commerce store, whatever you might want to call. i.

How To Make a quick Paystub FREE

hi and welcome. to pace up direct. uh, we're making this video to help people try and make their own pay stubs. uh, we, of course, do it for you. uh, we are actually, i think, very cheap. uh, we are probably the cheapest online, but some people still are cost conscious or weary, so i do want to show you how to make one. i'm going to try and make it as quick as possible. this is going to be about a 10 or 15 minute video and i think i'll make a four part series to delve deeper. if you do really want to take the time and make your own pay stub, in practike it's quite easy, but- or in theory it's quite easy, but in practike the details are the things that kill you. so, first of all, what is a pay stub? and basically a pay stub is just something that shows your pay, detailed, uh, per pay period. so if you, for example, get paid every week or two weeks or months, it shows at the time you worked and your pay rate and then your all your deductions written on there, basically just a receipt, and so you can make a real simple one, which we're going to show you now, and then i'm going to show you how to do it on our site as comparison, uh, to make it look professional. so what you can do is use microsoft excel or if you don't want to pay for that, you can just do, uh, google docs. so you go docs and do a search. there you go and, uh, you actually what you want to do, actually not even docs, they said that wrong. it's actually in sheets. basically that's a spreadsheet and, um, you can create a new one here. you do a blank and, uh, you just create a paste, uh, payslip, so you call this a pay stub with a title and you put in how many hours you worked. so let's say, you worked, um, uh, you know 40 hours, 40, um [Music] hours, and you get paid, uh, 25, uh an hour. and what is your pay? so, uh, here's where it kind of starts having a problem, right? so if you use excel, you would simply go equals and then you multiply this. uh, multiply, as you can see, i'm kind of. it's the c6 multiplied by this number here, d6, so times d6. or you can just click on it would be fine, it breaks well. why is that? well, number one is because you put in hours into the text, so i need to know. it's a number. so if i remove that, then it shows you, okay, well, there's your thousand. so 40 times 25. well, did that mean you worked 25 hours or 40 hours? uh, or 25 hours at forty dollars, pay, vice versa. so you know, you have to put labels, of course. so you put in a um, say, call this hours and you call this rate, okay, and uh, so then this is your total. to make it pretty, i would make this, uh, bolder and larger. i'm going to call this and be uh, 12 and um, you can center that. there you go and also center these, make that nicer, pretty and make them bold as well. and uh, here's your, your rates, maybe also enter so we can kind of keep it clean. so this is gonna be for only one pay period, to remember that. so this is how much you made. you made a thousand and then, uh, you know we also want to put in a total hours rate. uh, see, called dollars, um, dollars, like that, and then, uh, total and dollars, just to kind of show, let's show that. okay now. so this is your income, right? so we're going to call this income or pay, rate, pay, and now you have your withholdings with whole things. okay, so now your withholdings are going to be your taxes. well, to do taxes, you have to figure out number one, which state. so you basically need your personal information. so on every pay stub, you need personal permission. so now we start with this. let's clear this out and move this right to the bottom, or it's a little lower, and we can put in your, your, uh, your, your company info and call this your personal info. okay, and so now, uh, it's uh, let's say abc co, uh, one, it's on one, two, three street, um and it's in um, it doesn't matter, new york, uh and uh. you know, the zip code is one, two, three, four, five. okay, it doesn't matter. and now here is your personal offer. this is big the employee and this is what the tax should be based on. so it's uh, your name is uh. first, oh, nemo and name only. and then we uh, you're, you live on 987, other place, drive, and you live in california. because you work online or whatever you are, you know, influencer or entertainment, doesn't matter. the company here is uh, somewhere else and you're here. so, okay, great. and then you put a uh, 90210. it shows you what my age is. now, first of all, again, it doesn't look nice. so we can make this bold, make this bold and then put this all center to the left so we kind of make it look nice. can we do that? yeah, and same here too. okay, and the layout here, of course, you know you have to kind of work on uh. so now, uh, your taxes are going to be based on um, uh, so on your state and, of course, the country. so federal is federal tax and here is going to be your estate tax, okay, so to get your federal tax, um, you want to go to your what is the federal, um tax rate? let's go 21, make it easy, okay. well, the quick discussion is that there is actually a bunch of different ones and uh depends on which you are: if you're single, married, filing jointly, or widower and or a head household. so you have to go and get these tables and you get this from, uh, let's say, tax brackets. you can, we'll just do it, okay. so here's the three rows and you can kind of copy this. oops, that's not what we wanted. uh, let's do it in easy. so i imagine your rates are lower, so i'm not going to go the higher, but here's your rate. so if you want to just do it for yourself, uh, ours obviously does it for everyone, but if you want to figure it out for yourself, it's actually not that hard. you can simply go in and find out what you uh how much you make. so let's figure out how much you make. uh, you said you made a thousand per week. okay, so that means you uh make 52 000 dollars a year. so this is uh year to date. uh, and uh is this. and then, uh, just on the side here, i'm gonna put uh, what your yearly rate is. just as, just for our information for later. so you don't need this on the pay stub. but so it's the. let's say this is in february. uh, and or let's call it, uh, you're eight weeks in. yeah, so you are, uh, you've made eight thousand dollars. i'm actually gonna make this easy as well. i can do this and make this into a. um, wait, there's a way of doing that. make it into a dollar. there's right there. so now, this is the dollars. okay, so that makes it even prettier, okay, so now, uh, we, you made eight thousand dollars this year. so that means is you would go here, right, you figure out 8 000.. no, that's wrong. you have to project it. what you will do, uh, so you will. you are taxed based on what the projection is. now, of course, let's say you lose your job or you get a raise. well, all those things change your tax rate and you have to uh account for that. that's why you do your taxes in the year. if it was all straight would be really simple. you were already taxed at 52 000 a year. you were taxed that the whole time by your company and you had the proper amount withholdings uh set. but if the things change, then you have to kind of figure it out at the end of the year. so let's say you uh you lost your job middle of the year, so you only made 25 000. well, you would be taxed in this range right here, even though the whole time you were being taxed at this rate. so you would get basically a ten percent uh reduction on the half uh. so now, that being said, you can uh use our calculator to figure this out or you can do it yourself. make it nice and easy. uh, if we're just doing what, 1000 at um, at uh yearly at rate, is fifty thousand, fifty two thousand, fifty two thousand dollars. so that is your tax rate. you figure out your tax rate here at: figure out where you fall in. so your federal tax rate is between this amount. it's 22 percent, simply. so now, uh, your withholdings federal tax, uh, we can call it at um. let's see, call it rate again, rate, we can call this amount and year to date. okay, and your federal tax is, uh, 0.22 um, and you're being taxed on 52 000. so i'm just going to use this here. so this equals this rate times what you're projected to be making at. okay, oops, sorry, did i do that? i did it wrong. equals this times this, and so that's what you're going to make. sorry, t.