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shopify rebellion rocket league

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

FaZe Clan vs Shopify Rebellion l NA Fall Open l Playoff Bracket

phase. just another day at the office, another top eight. but a new Challenger approaches in Shopify Rebellion, a familiar org mini to many people but with a whole new face. memory, the only returning member of the old Shopify Rebellion roster, now also supporting two-piece, and park James. and you know this Shopify Rebellion team has had a few facelifts but now they're back on top. you may remember them, uh, best from the when beast mode was on the team. beast mode rapid in memory. they had a lot of quality results and now with this lineup, like you mentioned, jorby, the addition to two piece is really what has elevated the Shopify, Shopify Rebellion team. see if they can keep that success going. phase with mist has been looking dangerous- certainly has, and when phase did make that change and people were wondering where Fey is going to go when they found out it was missed, the reception was largely well. this is going to be great because first killer is always going to deliver this kind of performance as he gets the first goal, and it was a nice setup for Miss as well. but that is how deadly phase is. on offense, you see two piece, he was flailing but there wasn't much hope. first killer was in full control of that ball after that pop from it. now this move for phase is a we tok about them being a perennial top four team. they want to be top two or better and still missed. making this move thing makes them a little more reliable in the rotation, maybe not, uh, competing philosophies individually, as they may have felt that they had with AJ, first killer and typical but now missed. I'm set up over one typical can set it up. but I think a lot can be said about the Shopify Rebellion team with two Young Guns like parth, who has that flip reset two-piece up immediately puts an eye memory still in control. light flick for him. how about the story of memory, James? do you ever expect to see memory in another top eight again? after all of the crazy things we've seen, what do you got a guy like two police on your team. it helps a little bit. well, I feel like two piece after we've seen what he can do on randoms with some surprise results. young player coming in, he really does breathe the new life into a memory's career who you would mentioned has been around for a long time. you remember him teaming up with latimir all the way back in the Universal open Memory has been competing for so long and you do Wonder. with players like memory who've made it to the top, then they struggle to get top 16, struggle hanging out near the top if their days are numbered. but no memory has been a fighter and it's paying off once more. it's definitely worth noting too, because a lot of players have fallen off James that you know, and then they either retire if they can't get top eight again. but memory has stuck around for so long and where a lot of other players would have quit, memories still grinding. I do remember the whole way back as season three on set to destroy when that team couldn't get anything done. we're toking about memory being one of the best defenders in the world on how often he racked up staves. you know enough of the Time Capsule. we're right here in Shopify Rebellion. they're playing Phase quite closely in fact. give me a couple of nice transitions. another demo for phase will open a gap, a big gap as well. and the infield pass was there? another demo from mist swatting into this roster. nicely, you can tell space team so comfortable with one another and that's that shot was perfect. first killer lays on off the second touch so that mist can take this shot and you can start froze memory in two piece. they were thinking just for a split second maybe first killer will get a double touch, but no, it was a perfect pass ultimate after they shade one player and what they're trying to do it's been the best way to freeze Defenders. we saw version one early on to it against optik, or not optik, excuse me, uh, against Genji. you saw them linking up on a lot of these fake shots and we've seen it before. but I feel like we're seeing so many more teams go to those aerial fakes to try to open up the defense because defense has gotten so good all across the board in both regions, not just North America, but Shopify Rebellion trying to punch through and get that tying goal. well, honestly, I feel like North America is a bit of everything now. it's true, everyone's called her Melting Pot in terms of how many different regions are represented in North American rocket league. but you're right, you have to be more creative now in today's game with how good defenses are and you think of players like nollie who are so good off ball, getting bumps, getting demos. you know going for The Fakes just being unpredictable and that it certainly comes with a premium. if you can add that to your game, you'll have much more success, especially at this level. Rebellion hunting for their goal memory opened up a gap with a demo and they're shot from. barthy hit him with a change up and it completely Disney the face defense. yeah, let's look at the clock on that one clock's been at 23 miles per hour. the change of heart knew you had to go low. Miss was too far back in net and despite Rebellion, uh, fighting from behind for a majority of this game. now they're back out into the lead. but this could be a kickoff goal. tough play for Park, but he does play it well to the corner. things have largely been The Gatekeepers in North America. they do not lose to up-and-coming teams. they've been very consistent with that. first killer just above the bar. parth gets in the way. Shopify Rebellion starting, certainly trying to test that moniker that FaZe have built up over the last year. first killer broken up by memory phase on more defense, clear out for now. this two-piece plays it right back to his own end with memory things, not to be plus by the situation, even with the ball right in front of the net as two-piece gets the lead for rebellion and you just tok about the impact that two-piece he's having on this team and that effort from Park as well. missed was good. he was outsped, outclassed in the corner. parth- wonderful pinch out there. and also you have to give credit for two people for being there and being ready. when parth first joined this Rebellion roster he came in to replace beast mode, which you know big wheels to fill, uh, but he was plotting in pretty nicely. you know he was in the places he wanted him to be. maybe he wasn't extremely effective behind the ball, but you liked how he was positioning, you liked his game stem. and now that he's had some more time in the kettle with this team he's looking more and more like- almost like- a centerpiece. obviously you have two piece who is their linchpin memory sending it across. you'll love how part has looked so far on this team. it's almost like he's chilling. you know it's yeah, it's good when you first make it, but somehow when you let it sit for a while it just keeps getting better and better. he's living up to it now and that goal pretty much securing the game for rebellion and all the face sending the house on that one. two players going for the corner boost one going for a bump. Nobody seeing parth in the Midfield easily sends it away and puts game one likely Out Of Reach. here for phase, I guess. spicy chili as well, Jordan, everyone. you need the sweet and sour. you know you ever go to those chili cook-offs, James, you get the spicy one, you need the sweet one to chill off a little bit. that's parth and two-piece as Rebellion take the first game and you know I was hearing Gibbs speak about this in the green room and he's like that it's gonna be a quick sweep. yeah, he was like: yeah, 40 face here, right, guys? no, no, no, no, I mean you have. you seem Rebellion, this is trust, a new team, and you know I'll. I'll be the first to say I doubted this Rebellion team and when they got the 17th seed in the, when the top 16 teams were uh seated and they didn't get invited to the qualifier, they obviously didn't like that too much and felt like they deserved that 16th seed over dignitas. now they've proven it wi.

rle gg $12,000 Roster Royale l Complexity vs Shopify Rebellion

orange. the two teams have seven games to decide who makes it through this bracket and who is going home. single elim means this is not just Cutthroat: you make a mistake and it may be the ending result for your team overall. so let's see who plays a more perfect game here and walks away the winner. and it was already a good start for complexity off the kickoff. this is getting real close, but thank God at least complexity got there first. but with two piece removed, at least the offense can go away for a second. parth actually had a good uh robbery too, as kind of that kickoff Was Won by complexity. parth went and stole it away and already put on some initial shots for Shopify Rebellion. now here's a shot for crr, but the 50 didn't go his way, as it's just been challenge after challenge, as parth has another chance- not a lot of boost, though, and that's easily this way what they're gonna have to take this all the way back into their own half memory. not in a great position in the corner here, not a good first touch and raise bull Can Come Away with a ball, wants a drop down pass, he will get it. but crr was expecting the 50-50, so he decommits now, all of a sudden, complexity go right back into their happens when you start their offense. yet again, both of these teams looking a little bit passive so far here through the first minute. neither one of them want to over commit, and for good reason. we saw so many Breakaway plays yesterday due to rosters just misrotating that. you do not want to see the same thing happen again today. that was a good back wall pinch by two P's. see how kind of this upcoming backboard play from complexity. and now Shopify Rebellion can go back on an offense. but that same defense is responded to by crr and while he's been removed. so Shopify Rebellion want to keep this going. three on two parts was trying to cut the path from ajg and it doesn't seem very easy for Shopify Rebellion to find any Gap, even throughout- I mean the demo that they created. they're making the space and removing bodies where they can and the ball is back in Shopify rebellion's hands. let's see if two piece or even memory, but he sounds like he's disengaging as it's up to part to see if he can really Park the Seas. this trying his best right now kind of feels like it's heavy touch after heavy touch. neither team really getting that extended of a stay on either side of the pitch here. Midfield presence definitely a worthy battle, but no one really coming away the winner quite. yet part of those Come Away With The Ball here gets to 50: 50 to keep it in the box. but crr should be able to get up to this one awkward aerial though, so he's not going to be able to get much further than the corner. ajg will come in to try and back him up, but it's not really going to work out. Sierra has to get involved. try and take it through the sidewall. shot on target, easily turned away by two piece. we continue to go back and forth here, a little bit of a ping pong action, as neither team has been able to find themselves that solid of a shot, aside from the occasional one that goes on target. it's been really solid back wall defense from both sides. I mean, I'm seeing both offenses really try to find those bounces and it keeps getting re-angled a different way, and I think that's why you have such a back and forth thing. both teams good at clearing and the follow-ups are immediately met by a 50 challenge. that doesn't go their way as we look through the eyes of ajg stuck in the corner who now, because he kind of got stuck, the defense was able to set up around him, steal the ball away. now we cross back over to the blue end where complexity aren't very threatened. although ajg kind of re-angles the ball almost deposits it in the net. CR tries to cut the angle but two-piece gets there first, just barely unable to find that first goal. we're three minutes scoreless so far here, and definitely not for a lack of trying. both teams have had their opportunities but neither one of them has been able to past the defense. I will say so far it feels like Rebellion have just had more shots on target. meanwhile complexity: they've just been able to get some offensive pressure, but I haven't really been able to do much with it. demos like that are also going to cause even more confusion. although raceball, he reached this place two ways to Sunday, not able to put the shot on target, though tucked away by the defensive rebellion, and they will go the other way with it. two-piece: good 50, 50 heads to the backboard, but there is no follow-up touch memory a bit too late to the ball. that gives chance Raysville to break away and go right back into the offense. 80 Seconds to go here. neither team able to find that opening goal and this one's starting to feel like yesterday all over again. lemon. both these teams are so incredibly evenly matched. yeah, I just can't believe we haven't had a goal yet. there's only a minute left, two pieces had great cross protection and he's going all on for his own solo plays. I like that. both teams are trying to bring more physicality in those demos and again the back wall keeps getting denied. that's a great pass to parth, although he's getting overwhelmed by Ray's bull who wants a deposit this right in front of the net and great defense from the side of Shopify Rebellion to close up those posts and not create any gaps that complexity can find. now, ajg, the raised Bowl. they're just looking for mistakes. they want to draw out Shopify Rebellion every second they can because there just hasn't been any space in the Box to take a really confident shot from and even through the demos. it doesn't sound like a big advantage that complexity could build from that and they haven't really been able to build all too much again. that's the reason why they only have four shots registered throughout this game and they really have been infrequent. at best, rice bowl tries to launch another one on target, but memories on the backboard and very prepared crr in the corner will try and extend the play. but 2p is going to meet him very quickly and try and turn this one away. although Court, very late to that touch, thought he might get caught off guard by an oncoming player in Ray's bull, but instead rays will Retreat, sends himself back into his own half and that ball gets sent to the ground. we have overtime game number one: still no goal scorer through over five minutes of play so far, and the last time we saw these two teams it went to game five. so no surprise, it's as close as this. both teams have done their homework. they've studied the games from yesterday, their weaknesses and their strengths, and we go into overtime: zero, zero, with no weaknesses being exposed and both teams looking at their strongest. now the offense. can it really puncture through the defenses? first off, it's shot, the five Rebellion trying to cross the field. now raise will takes the ball in the air and parth meets him halfway. now this tips over to the blue end where Ciara was busy grabbing booze. is an important touch here to make sure the ball doesn't land centered out in front of the net as through the Midfield it's been back and forth and no signs of really any team getting close to a goal. no one's getting even a shot on target. I mean that's the closest we've gotten so far. crr, though, doesn't get a second touch and it doesn't even really count as a shot. this could be a shot, though memory sends one to the ceiling. two-piece actually Retreats instead, and again the passivity that you and I spoke about before still a very prevalent Factor. as we go a minute into overtime, CR trying to get a bit aggressive on this, one can't find the second clutch out of the corner and Ray's bull has to just kind of poke it away to his own Corner. ajg does the same thing and, oh boy, a lot of disconnected passes in a row. somehow it actually works out to a shot, but two piece: quick to pop that one out to Midfield. and memories: no, it's not. never mind, I thought that one was over and I thought that might end it as well. two piece denied by the line and sa.

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NRG vs SR | RLCS 2021-22 Winter: North America | NRG vs Shopify Rebellion | 18 February 2022

they're gonna have to pull something out of the playbook that we haven't seen. rebellion backs against the stadium wall and, like you said, spaceman, they need some, something different, something different in the juice to get by nrg. whatever didn't work last time, whatever was getting in into the nerves, energy haven't been perfect today, but you think you can take advantage of that. but there's justin and he's on this team and that was a simple 50 for a goal. as much as you want to tok about creative orchestration, how much you can tap into realistikally, you're still playing justin upfield in a 1v1. how often will justin miss a touch? not very. with about 10 minutes burned in the start of this one, it's already one. nothing, nrg. but how quickly does that seep into the mental of shopify? can they bounce back? that's the question. rapid trying to get the reset, but couldn't get his nose on the ball landed back on his undercarriage. that's a good 50, though forces garrett back. rap is already in the air, but garrett had the read: justin's gonna be first behind the ball. so one chance on the pass from shopify rebellion, but having to fight back from the orange half. facilitation for energy is going to be their key to victory in this one. i mean you look at one of the best teams in north america to do it. it is garrett leading the charge as an igl and justin double tap from the backboard almost made it two-nothing. bit of panic on the defensive side. shopify escaped downfield for the moment, but that breather does not facilitate to anything. they lose possession and they're losing boost as well. rapid trying to wait for justin's push. nobody from nrg gonna be there for the rotation, just playing. we're trying to play, keep away from rebellion. they're put back down by memory and letting it go with squishy. justin now's got the pop-up on the ground. hop, air, dribble, save by parth. a lot of wheels on the ground, these players willing to just let the ball sail a little bit farther, no one really pushing the build forward too hard. this is a nice 50 from rapid, but again just kind of slowly inching their way forward as nrg get it back to midfield. and that was one of the complaints in the pregame about shopify being more than willing to let nrg do what they want. do you play reactionary rocket league or do you start to press the issue just in meeting the pass? even these, these small threats that don't always lead to a shot on target. it just means nrg are kind of figuring out the rhythm of shopify. they're dissecting the rotations. you have squishy and garrett pushed up field. justin running point memory gonna recover nicely on this one but has no one else he can find in transition. and these are the moments that really start to scare you if shopify can't find a goal. but parth does work his way around the corner. he's giving rapid a chance with control. rapid right into the net and rebellion are on the board. i want to give a tip of the cap to shopify for making it work. but nrg a little bit weird on the defense. squishy recovers awkwardly and jumped the wrong way. garrett tried to fly across the net to save it. but that's one of those that nrg don't give up. often, luckily for shopify, it pans out to a tie game, something they needed such much time left. yeah, there was that little gap in the rotation thanks to that pass out from part that forced the- or forced the rebound- back over to rapid, and squishy was kind of already turned the wrong way. garrett knew it, tried to make up for it and so a small little gap was found for rebellion. but now you got to do it again and likely some more after that. squishy puts this one up high, garrett can move it back to midfield. energy is one of those teams in north america that you know leading the charge in goals per game, assist per game, great shots as well. maybe justin gets a little high five from squish. he basically steals the goal but nonetheless they get the lead right back rapid. just couldn't get the touch on the back wall. he was looking for poor parth. he tried to react to that one quickly but couldn't get his car behind. it had jumped, thinking that shot was going to come more center on net but squishy actually went near side post and with parts angle he was definitely expecting something a little closer to the center of the net. it's just a little placement for squishy memory gets a hard clear down the field. justin responds with a hard one himself as he pushes it back down to squishy answering the touches at midfield. more shopify, very quickly fixing some of their mistakes. you can see how it's panned out. more pressure on nrg to have to escape through big 50 wins in part punches it off the sidewall, squishy towards the backboard. no one there from nrg and justin will hold back cautiously. i like that play and he's there to get the safe. yeah, good control here from rebellion memory. a little bit of boost, wanted to bump justin out, but justin avoids him. squishy still on the defense. he's got a couple options, but it's cut off and then it's wide open as justin mishandles the ball and memory ties up the game on this circular rotation from rapid right. instead of continuing to follow up, he goes out to meet the extra rebound. if memory misses, if he hits the top crossbar, you have someone there just in case to contest, and that's rapid's job and luckily, of course, your teammate doesn't. his accuracy is good, but it's that extra attempt, that extra commitment to being there for the offensive rebound. those second chances don't come often, but luckily shopify were there and squishy almost made something out of nothing. and i didn't say justin mishandled it. that was misspoken on my part. it was squishy who mishandled it. and we'll get this one back, though for his team two on one, and parth makes the most of it. with that win in the corner, he actually gets the shot denied by justin. nrg gonna march down the field again. here's garrett on the flip reset, gets underneath rapid justin gets up to this quickly, doesn't want to give parth an easy clear. but an easy clear comes regardless. not really sure what rapper could have done in that situation. i mean, if you bring it down to the turf and you try to work your way up the sidewall, you're going to get challenged. you probably lose that 50 and then you're playing off the back foot to recover. so giving possession away to energy might have helped things, actually, because memory can sit back and wait for his turn to come up on the ball. rapid gonna play through the corner and memory will get full boost. so resources here for shopify, but they're not able to make much out of it. again squishy, clearing the way for energy. to get back to midfield. it's these extra touches from nrg to make those counter attacks on the other side so much more dangerous. but the small touches from rebellion have been good enough to start winning them. some of these midfield challenges. look at par setting up rapid, but it's taken away by justin. still keeping with the play coming off the wall, garrett comes to cover garrett. now with possession back over to justin on the 50. he's got one beat towards the net here. he comes, go. he does it time and again. you could roll it back a thousand times and it would never get old. the story's the same. just in zero seconds is mine. they might as well be married. i think we've seen cave paintings of justin scoring at zero seconds and then the second eclipse comes and humanity relinquishes their power because he's just clinical man. every single time he's up in the air with zero seconds, someone better be up there to challenge him. rebellion played good for four minutes and 59 seconds. but what happens at one final second? justin still has possession and unfortunately that means energy. have a chance. they get it done. justin with a hat trick in this one, and his patience paid off in the end. he was so keen on playing goalie in the last minute. nicely done with four shots. i mean, what more do you want? if you're an nrg fan, you know. you know quantum mechanics should suggest that justin should both have two sc.

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SSG vs Shopfiy Rebellion In Under 5 Minutes (SSG RL Highlights) | Fall Open | Rocket League Esports

and um, you know now, they haven't lost the Series yet either. that's why we're playing them. yeah, keep that in mind. with swift stage guys like juicy is trying to get missed. what is that? oh good, we got stations by Daniel. what a cut off. LJ puts it up, it's off the backboard, dangles on zero boost, though he's putting the pass down for LJ, and we see again LJ just meshing so well with Daniel and Arsenal, just in sync. he was there immediately. he knew what was going on. it just turns into magic. so keep that up. here we go, Daniel. oh, Daniel's just playing mind games waiting for Arsenal. can we just forfeit? just go next? oh, here we go, Daniel. oh, oh, one for the road, Daniel, and two feet. cuts that one off. Arsenal's on zero boost. that's the demo man. that is, uh, that is risky place to be. okay, I think. oh, that's a shot. oh, no, this is that happy flip. stop reading twitch chat, Rooney. I'm sorry, I'll never do it again. that's like, oh, what a saved by LJ. uh, this one over, but they're getting a lot of chances. they are getting a lot of chances. they just need to find one. maybe a well-timed demo might be what they need. oh, Daniel, we're hitting the ceiling shot. this is right in the Midfield and Arsenal hits The Equalizer. and are we gonna get another overtime? oh, oh, come on. oh, LJ, oh LJ, please, LJ, please, LJ, please, Daniel, please, please. nobody gets the space station a map. dude, that was such a hard shot. I don't, I don't blame him at all. that was actually so close, I know. but for the memes, Randy, for the memes on the rebound, yeah, I know he's a terrible player, I agree. okay, oh, my gosh, okay, space station is giving cosplay. oh no, oh, Dad, Dad, this is not good, oh, really good. redirect there by LJ. that's smart, or, you know, maybe shopify's just playing that well, a little bit High. oh, my goodness, LJ potentially getting demo there, he goes for the demo himself. a bumper is gonna be open. what a leave. oh, have there been no goals yet? we are coming up on just a minute in the game Left defense. this is a game only a coach could love. something was weird there, though. holy Master, curse. yeah, two-piece puts that at Mid. Shopify takes a shot. and what a save by Daniel. LJ is up. does he have the time? does he have the mechanics? is Daniel dare to meet it and that's gonna touch ground. dang, make sure I've got all the other things exited out. close, all right, here we go. it's so close they just will not stop yelling the, the crowd noise. I can't be the only one that hears that. oh, and that little lob almost goes in. but memory there to stop it. Daniel gets the flip reset, gets it off backward. LJ diving in for that one, not able to connect. oh, Arsenal, come on, come on. oh, oh, it was fondling the top. um bar gets down. dv's gonna put this one downfield. LJ removes party. it's open. Arsenal's there. he's got zero boosts left, not able to connect. so close again. Arsenal's just getting robbed today. yeah, we'll find a chance. we'll. arson will find a goal. so you guys wait again. a minute left, no goals scored. Arsenal's got other plans and he gets them. he falls on it and gets the goal. uh, oh, it was close, close. uh, kickoff goal there for Shopify SSG with the lead only a minute left. and this is if Shopify doesn't stop him here. uh, space station moves on. oh, my goodness, okay, that was memory. oh, it's Daniel's last man. nice save there. with seven seconds left. do we still need an overtime or can one of these teams ended here. another OT, no pressure, my heart's racing a little bit, though looking for play goes over him. LJ, the Deep third doing his job here. oh, Arsenal, Arsenal.

SR vs FaZe | Shopify Rebellion vs FaZe Clan | RLCS Season X - Spring: NA Major (23 May 2021)

i absolutely love this, johnny. we played through so many tournaments, we went through so many matches and still we managed to get to the point where it's straight up: beat this team. you get yourself through. yeah, this, i mean, this is the greatest thing about this format, is it all comes down to this, quite literally. what dream to have them matching up against each other in the quarter finals when we announced the format- is that we get something like this. you don't actually expect it to happen. oh, you know it can happen, but for it's happening this early is ridiculous, because we needed one of them to finish outside of the top two in their group, and that was. it was phase yesterday. i think their group was harder, but well played to shopify rebellion, taking down envy. i'm making this just a little bit more in their hands. i've put it back in, though. i think they've had the more impressive playoff runs for me. dan face, who i have i've seen, you know, making a few mistakes here and there. when the pressure reaches the climax, and that is going to be- uh, what happens here? pressure will not happen this side throughout the entire season. oh, huge demo as well. that's going towards the backboard. difficult read for aj and he decided to get it off the block. those of you that are going to be joining us just as this series begins: best of seven. winner of this heads through to the north american championships. both teams have got access to one timeout that they can use in between games. outside of that, it's what you can do on the field. that's rapid double touch sets up some space for memory. and aj, yet again he's been so sharp defensively so far. aj just running out of boost there so he couldn't really do anything with the possession that he'd accumulated, but actually beast mode missing his aerial off the back wall. this is a bit uh unusual to see. and beast mode is highlighted by chicago as a one player. he didn't want to say scariest player, but he did say the best player. um, in this lobby. here he is again, memories lurking at that back post to block any clear in this direction. rapid also making a move over there. bays have got to stay calm. they've got aj um, with that pop-up ability, evolution can produce what he did yesterday as well. they are absolutely over the shot here. but no, it's rapid. best chance of the game. aj pre-jump saves it. unbelievable defense once again. but we know aj can pull off amazing feats and the offensive side of the field- the fact that he's playing this good defensively as well- is gonna be a huge plus sign for them. well, you don't want to see too much more of this defense. thus far it has been just oh, shopify, as they are looking to continue putting that pressure on gyro space over to illusion. but there wasn't much of it. well, we thought maybe this would be a little bit of a nervy start. you could definitely make that argument right now for faze, although they might get older. so far, aj fakes out, tries to keep possession of the ball. oh, the team's coming so close. yeah, we are yet to see one of these actually go in resolution in field. gyro's back down face need to be careful when they're clearing the ball. we've got a v formation, a very wide uh formation from shopify rebellion on their attack. they've already got somebody over on that far side every single time that the ball comes across. now, if bayes can change up the direction one or two times even, that'll get everybody on the wrong side of the ball in an instant, because they're they are covering a lot of area to the left and right, but they're also having to move very far upfield to do so. so look out for those hard clears, look out for the passing and defense from face. well, there is aj now moving on up. has he got the reset? no, he hasn't. instead he wants to don't touch and it just skips away from him off the backboard. but that is going to be the major threat when you're running that sort of formation. but yes, you're covering a lot of ground. but if it ever pops over to a player like aj- if we see allusion to what he was doing yesterday and they just pop that ball up for the air dribble, you're not gonna get there early enough before they get it under full control and you're going to deal with what they can put together mechanically. the first one didn't quite go in as we still looking for that first goal. lucian, already up, wants to grab it on the way back down, wasn't challenged for a while. beast mode- very brave to let that one be played for a little while. extra rap is going to go for a zone attempt. that's not the easiest one to control. keeps it away from aj. it should be very well dealt with by illusion. very deep defensive line for faze. you know, shopify could take a bit more time on the ball. they don't want to make those mistakes with the soft touches, with the accurate touches, and that's always a scarier thing to do. now can aj save the scene once again. he's bought them a little bit of time, not much, though. gyro's with him. the stakeholder side of the ball bay's doing enough here. they've tied it up- the early um errors and now they've got a best chance again. again a huge opportunity. that was faze's best. look at it. look at this free jumper, rapid. he's just there as a distraction. a lot of memory to go through. this is such an end to end game because both teams are deserting the midfield in favor of those wide rotations. how many amazing saves are we gonna see in this game? beast mode's given a lot of time to try and set up, but i can't quite find memory resolution with aj in the midfield. instead pops it up. i want to see if the mistake will happen from rapid. it's backwards and i have no idea how. but despite the amount of efforts that both teams have had, this is gonna go to overtime. clutch defense- those huge safes, like you mentioned, have been the key points of the game. i don't know how they managed to read the uh the play going into either the saves. we had aj at one end. um, he's been putting up some really good rates all throughout this tournament. i seem to need him now more than ever. um, he's been the the guy this season for phase, like you mentioned, mostly in offense um getting in the spotlight, but now he's been caught upon at both ends of the field showing up huge beast mode. he has got rapid to work with. who does prioritize boost? that's actually not too bad, considering aj. not his favorite. touch over in the corner now takes the shot. wrap it off the backboard. up goes illusion. what a rapid. and aj have been brick walls on either side of the field. well, both teams have focused up brilliantly here. this is what we were hoping for in this matchup. this is the series to decide who gets a shot at uh being na champions at the end of our lcs season x and two gets a shot to that four hundred thousand dollar prize pool faze starting to have more success with the territorial aspect of the game. they've got um, got the boxed in here. rebellion running out of boost. no hard clear on that ball. aj's on the end of it. but rapping closes him up and still memory stiking around, zero boost. he's got it to wrap it unchallenged and two players needed to keep it out. beast mode shot will not be on target and illusion, despite maybe having a better option to leave for a teammate just didn't want to see that ball inside the field anymore. i can't really say i blame him. coming up now on seven minutes since this series started we have not had a goal just yet. not for a lack of trying so far. rapid just seems to be only staying in this side of the field. aj leaves it. rapid and beast mode chasing the ball down the other side of the field. emery wanted to move forward. instead he is gonna have to try and back down by his team. a bit of time to resubmit that rotation. rapid avoids a bump and still gets the midfield challenge. players have been sufficient so far, shogun. they've not been making big, risky plays, not been the lurking up field looking for redirect options. now here's what memory's there. gyro blocks him. they're cutting off angles. well, whenever the redirects are available for either team. look at that cat.

2021 Year End Reflections with Shopify Rebellion | Rocket League

are you wearing a beanie? are you wearing a beanie? boards, bro? oh my god, yeah. so long, guys. what's going on? yes, sir, welcome to the club. that's real comfy. my ears are real warm. can you put the hoodie up with a beanie, please? do you have a baby? i could, i could do that. i can get a beanie if needed. yeah, how do you have a beanie? you live in north carolina, dude. it gets cold sometimes. what's it looking like? yeah, you need to put the hoodie on over the beanie near rapid. you're pioneering. i am. i'm setting trends base. you need a hoodie, please. i've got a beanie. i don't dress like. i don't wear hats inside like you lot do when you play video games. only right now, it's like the only ones, unfortunately, you think that we all do this, but it's only rapid, dude. there's absolutely no need for this amount of excessive wear inside. you're mad. what is your favorite memory of 2021? honestly, my favorite memory was probably weplay, actually in the summer, because we were grinding for like the entirety of the summer was like two or three months, and then the first tournament that we came back and played, we got second, which stuck kind of was a bad experience for second, but we still did really well with who we've been, so it was a lot of fun. um, yeah, that's probably my favorite memory. i agree with memory. you're gonna speak. wow, you guys leeching off me like yeah, there's no way. you just said, like the best memory, like i don't know, maybe maybe you should go first next time and give it, and then i would be leeching off of you. okay, going to meet with tlo and jeremy for uh for breakfast and sound like to sign a contract for sure. what was so memorable about it would: are you a fan of tlo? uh, i wasn't until i met him because he's really cool, but he's a really cool dude. i don't know, it's just it's a great time, very good time. it toks- i mean, joining rebellion was quite good because it was it look, it was looking kind of dire at that point and it didn't look like we were going to get anywhere. and then we joined and then had a pretty good run immediately. i think about that last normal regional, not the major- was probably one of the highlights of at least my, my, year, because we did, we did, we made a pretty decent run. what's it been like being part of shopify rebellion? i think it's like it's been a pretty unique experience because i've been on some like, uh, the bigger orcs and some of the smaller orgs, so i mean i've just never really been on an org like shopify. it's just different because i feel like we get more support than we would from some of the other orgs because there's not as many teams so not as many people. everyone knows everyone, like we're. we're all kind of in this together. it's it's something different than a lot of the organizations that we've been on in the past. um, so it's it's definitely something that's uh, it's an eye-opening experience, but it's definitely one that's super valuable. the the best order we've been on so far. so far it's been great and, like i don't have any problems, it's been literally anything like the best thing i could ask for. but it's like it's nice to go to an organization where we feel appreciated and i think that's shared between all of us. what is like the thing that you're most proud of from 2021? um, probably bouncing back after winter just because of we had a really good first split ending 2020 and then we turned up in 2021 and we were just well. we only made the major by tie breaker, like we literally had to play a series to make the winter major and we went from that to bouncing back in the next play and just basically bringing back what we had in the first split and almost forgetting about all the bad we did previously and just came in pretty hot into the spring split, probably proud of, like the grinding and the before the we play event, because we all like grinded for like two, three weeks, like just pure, like only playing ranked, only figuring out how to get better ourselves. and i think i'm most proud of, yeah, i think the the resiliency in our team. we've had a lot of bumpy patches in the road and so having the resiliency to keep on going is something that um is is wild after what we went through. um, yeah, resiliency, for sure, that's what i'm most proud of. um, what's something you look forward to in 2022? being able to make main events again, playing in like set, the playoff brackets memory. are you going to leech off of that? yeah, honestly, good, good, good comms are out there. that's a good calm. i think, honestly, it's probably going to be escaping swiss and not having to play swiss anymore and being able to play the groups and double om brackets instead and the regionals and actually making them this time. i think 2022 is just like new beginnings all over again. i think we've got like a not a lot to prove. i think i think everybody themselves will have, you know, their own goals they want to accomplish, but it's almost like back at the start and good old days where nobody's expected anything out of us except for our own expectations, where we've set ourselves the targets, and i think that's what surprises people the most. is there anything you want for christmas? if you celebrate, yeah, may go first. yeah, dude, all right, i want a new pair of shoes on jordan's- what kind, i don't even know. i was like i wanted to be a surprise too, so i can't like pick one, but i just told my mom: jordan's. oh, also 10, 10 timberlands, james hems, yeah, seven foot three do you want? you want some butters or what, what? what kind of terms? i just want beige stems. i don't know if that's disapproval, i can't tell that that. it looked like a little bit. it's just trying to keep straight space. what about you hops? what do you want for christmas? then you want some like very specific jordan: new rip, new rims for the whip, new ribs, new rims- bass got it right down the line. new rims- uh, i want rotiforms on my volkswagen, but they're expansive, so they're coming next month. i'm gonna change my answer. i would love a beanie of the same variety of rapids. thank you, i want some more hoodies. is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and the rebellion community? uh, before we sign off for the year, for those who have stuck with us the whole time, we really appreciate you guys. you guys are the reason why we're still able to do what we're doing now. um, having a really strong fan base, like rebellions fan base- is something that we truly value, and we appreciate all the support you guys have given us this far and into 2022. we hope you that you reside with us again. i really appreciate the support, especially over the past like four months, because it's been pretty weird, uh, what happened in the off season and in the first split. so, um, yeah, appreciative for everyone that is still, uh, stiking around and supporting us. i'm looking- i'm new here, yeah, i'm new here, but i'm looking forward to representing shopify and, uh, i'm gonna do my best, i don't know. thank you everyone for supporting us. i appreciate it. i dig it, it's okay. i can't wait for in-person interviews with the rapids. you've already been, i know i've been there. it was great. it was a great experience you.