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shopify security badges

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads


welcome back graduates. today I'm going to show you something really pretty cool. it's called value props. at the same time, it's also called cold trust badges. now, the reason why people have customers like seeing this is because it gives a little sneak peek and snip it on to as to what your business is about. you know, right over here on my coffee brand it's saying free shipping on all orders. you know it's a hundred percent protected payments and it's trusted by 50 000 users. now that might not be, but um, it's. it's good to show, it gives a little value and it gives a little more trust to your store. this is displayed on all product pages, um, underneath the add to cart or buy now button, just like this as well. um, this, this code you know we've written for you. it's very simple and easy copy and paste, but if you do need help, we do have an installation as well for you. so let's get right to it. three, two, one. so what you're gonna do is you're gonna go into the back end of your Shopify store and you're gonna be given, um, a file- you know the file that you have always gotten before when purchasing your Snippets- the HTML file and then also the actual section itself. this is what it's going to look like. um now we also notiked that Don has released a 6.0 and a 6.01 version, uh. so when we write our Snippets, we like to do them on the latest version, because that way, if it works on the latest version, it works on the uh previous versions as well. so, with that being said, it does work on four and it works on three. it works on all the versions that you've seen. now, if you here's a little um nugget here now, if you are on a 4.0 or you know earlier than a six, um, scroll down here and this is what's going to allow you and this is what it's going to say: it's gonna notify you that there's a don version 6.0.2 available and what you can do is just, you know, add this to theme library and then you'll have the latest uh Dawn theme. so it's going to give you that notification right here. if you're not on the latest version or if there is a latest version for you to update, when that does, when you do click on that, it's gonna just, you know, show up right here, right here. so what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you that in real time. I'm just going to get the free theme. this works on all the other free themes as well, but we like Dawn a lot, so we're just gonna do this for Dawn. and right now, you see it is being installed. this is showing that there is, uh, no Snippets involved. I just want to show you that it does work, um, and how to set it up and and everything. so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go into the edit code of that new theme that has no, um, no Snippets. I'm going to go to my readme file that you'll be, that you're going to be given in that zip and under footer. so the first thing it says is: go and open your theme, dot liquid, and under footer, add this section. so I'm just going to copy and paste that section into my code. so this is the new one that I just uploaded. I'm gonna go into themed out liquid and I'm going to scroll. you can scroll all the way down or you can type in search, control F, and type in footer. I'm just going to paste that right there. so it's going to look like that. then the next step, the only last step I have to do is take that section and I will edit that. but I but create a section right over here, new section, and name it exactly as how you wrote it in the EG in the theme that liquid. so EG, Trust, the Aging badges. now what I'm going to do is take my file here. I'm going to open the RTF file, I'm going to open that close out of it- I don't need that anymore- and I'm just going to paste that and Save. so now, what I want to now what I want to do is Click customize and once I'm in here, it's going to look pretty, pretty clean and similar. what I want to do is go at the very bottom here where it says EG truss Badges, and this is where it's going to be. uh, those that's where the settings are going to be placed. I'm just going to go to a product page so I can see it in action right over here, scroll all the way down to an edit- and sometimes I don't know why Dawn does that- glitches out like that. so, scrolling down here, I'm going to add from my sections a block. I'm going to add three blocks and we give you by default in placeholder, just this, so you know what it looks like, and I'm just going to click save, and now it's gonna. so once I click save, it's gonna um populate right over here and we gave placeholders like this. so what you want to do is go into here and you can change out the text- uh here, and then you can change out the SVG. you can have your own custom SVG or you can go and uh, get you know free uh svgs from this library right here where I just clicked. so once I'm in here, I'm just going to scroll and I'm gonna find- let's say I want to find, um, this heart. I'm just going to take this heart, I'm going to download this heart and I want to download this. so once I open this, it's going to give me this tiny little icon here and what I'm going to do is inspect elements and what you're going to see is this. so what I want to do is I just want to click the SVG and I'm going to do edit HTML. when I edit HTML, it's going to give me this string right here of SVG. that's the code I want and I'm just going to copy and I'm going to paste it right into the, the second, this segments right here, this section. so I'm going to paste this and then I'm going to save and once I save that, you'll notike that it's small. it's pretty small on, unlike the other ones. when I go into the second block here, you'll notike that the width and the height are 30 and that's the size I want to keep consistent with all my icons. so I'm going to go back to the first one and just change out 16 to 30.. I'm Gonna Save it and then see the change here. I don't know why Don does that sometimes. but there you go, now it's the same size. um, using that awesome, clean SVG and then change out text. I can say um from loving customers or whatever text you want this is. you know you want to give three value um, value bombs or not value bombs, with three value reasons why they should come to your store. you know, um, loving customers, fast support, anything like that. you know this is a place to put them right here. and then you have a boatload of icons as well to choose from. which is um. you can even have a cart here and easy, simple checkout, things like that. uh. so if you haven't subscribed, please like And subscribe to this. uh, to this channel. we really appreciate it. it helps with the YouTube algorithm. it does, and then we can, you know, show more videos like this. if you have any comments, please comment down to the you know comment section below. if you want more videos like this and want more how to's, definitely leave a comment as well. thank you so much, and I hope this works out really well for you. thanks,

Security Badges For Shopify

hi guys, this is chris and welcome to conversion chef. in this channel, we tok about shopify applications to increase your conversion. if you haven't subscribed yet, hit that subscribe button so that you won't miss any of our youtube updates. you may also check the description below for the links of the application's review. please also visit our review blog, conversionskitchencom and mailingleastconversionchefclub. let's jump into the video [Music]. in this video, we are going to tok about ultimate trust badges by conversion bearer. this application increases customer trust and increase your sales. these trust badges let website or store visitors know that your store is legitimate and that any data they share will be collected through secured third-party service providers. this is a very straightforward application because it lets you select the trust budget that is applicable to your store, customize the section design and easily adds it to your store. there's no unnecessary sections. thus it has a great user interface and not and is not confusing. let's add our trust badge to see what i'm toking about. so we are now on the dashboard of the ultimate trust badges. as you can see, you have to enable the trust badge so that you will be able to add it on your store. on the left side, these are your customizers and on the right is the preview of the trust badges that you have selected. now let's create our trust badges. to select a trust badge, you can select here on the bottom select badges. there are many available trust badges on the on this application that you can add to your store, such as there are the master cards, amazon pay, apple, visa and you can also add the bitcoin and many more badges. so let's just say that these are the badges that is applicable to my store or supported on my store. so it depends on what are the badges or payment methods that is supported on your store. so for now, let's say that we have this six badge. so just click save to proceed and you can customize your badge or the preview of your badge on this section so the header settings can show header secure, check out with your font. so just play around this area and and customize it according to the store design. you can also select which badge style will fit your store. you may select that as a black and white on a card or according to your preferences. you also have here the animation slide in. you may play the animation to see how it looks there, but for now let's say there's none and the bar placement. if you want to show the bar on your product page, just click that, and to display the bar in a custom location on your store, just follow or just place the following code inside the template file: so on the template file. so this is how your product template looks like. the time product template differs on the theme of your store. so for us, this is the product template of our store and i would like that to based on the different section of my store. so just go on and paste the- the given code on your desired position of your batches. so you need to copy this. and if you need a step-by-step guide, you can always refer to this video. so i would paste it here and save. so let's go to our store. here you go. the- the payment method badges has already been added. so that's how easy it is to add the trust budgets, or payment method trust budgets, on your store. so go on and install the ultimate trust badges by conversion bear by clicking the link on the description below, and i guess that's everything about the ultimate trust badges by conversion bear. i hope that you have learned something from this video. thank you for watching this video. please don't forget to like and share this video, and we are happy to hear from you on the comment section. visit our youtube channel, conversion chef, for more videos about reviews of shopify applications that can help you increase or boost your sales. you may also check the description below for the links of the applications and our mailing list. if you haven't subscribed yet, just hit that subscribe button as well as the bell, to be notified with our new updates. i hope to see you on the next video. bye.

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How to add Trust Badges to product pages in Shopify 2022 [Under buy buttons / add to cart]

hello and welcome everyone. this is daniel from section store, and in this video i want to show you how you can create these truss patches and add them to your product pages on shopify. okay, so first you want to go to the shopify app store and download the app called section store. it's here. all right, here we go. so i know some of you might be hesitant of downloading apps for such a small features because it might slow your store down or whatnot, but i guarantee you that this app will not slow your store down. actually, it just extends your theme and, if you prefer it, you can uninstall the app after and still have these trust patches, uh, on your store. okay, so let's get to it. i'm on, i'm in the app, here on one of my test stores and you want to go to sections and find the section it's called trust batches, below buy buttons. click it and click get free section. it's gonna be free for one week and after that i'm gonna put a price on it and it's gonna be most likely nine dollars. it's a one-time fee and once you have it, you're gonna have it on your store forever and you can add it to anything you like on the store. so here now it's under my section and i'm just gonna add it to my dawn theme, which is the live theme right now. click here, all right, and then click theme editor and you're gonna be redirected to the theme editor of your live theme. okay, so scroll to the bottom here. oh, actually, first go to the product page and it's just gonna show me this one and click add section- oops, and it's called trust section- store trust batches, click add and there's gonna be some default settings. so let's just save it and see how it looks for now, all right. so here it is. and yeah, so the section have some different settings that you can play around with and make it look as you want. let's, just for fun, change the text and icon color. so every time you update anything in the settings, you, for this section, you need to click save before you can see it. so here's see that the text color and icon color was changed, all right. so maybe let's go ahead and change the text for one of the icons. so, secure payment, why not? all right, secure payment. so obviously you can also change the icons. the icons are made as svg code, so let me just show you one example of how you can change it. so [Music], let's find an icon of some people here and then go to this thing called copy html and click the small icon here. then you copy it, bring it in here and paste it in this text field. also, the default width and height for the icons are 30, so just change that as well here to match the rest of the icons. and let's just change the texture again- trust it by thousand plus, click save and let's see it here. you go. all right, that's it. thanks for watching. i'm gonna put a link to the app in the description and yeah, that's it, bye.

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hey there, and welcome to another video with me. in this video, i'm going to show you how to add a payment trust badge on your shopify store. so an example would be like this: so at the bottom of your product, you do have a trust batch that says the payment systems are secure, so they are guarantee a checkout right. so this is just an example that i've added for one of my clients, but i'm gonna illustrate one for you. one of the common issues that i've come across while reviewing some of my clients website is they do post the cost patch on every single product, at the bottom of every single product, when uploading the product on the shopify store. i would say there's nothing wrong with that. you're absolutely doing a great job, but it is an inconvenient with doing that way. so i'm explaining myself what happened. if you have 500 products, you know 100 products, 200 products, a thousand products- are you gonna spend time to post the secure batch on every single product? yes, you can do that, but it's not a very scalable way and it's not and at the same time, it's not a very productive activity. so you know, today i'm going to show you how to get that secure batch on all of your products that you add on your shopify store without having to do that manually all the time. so let's go. uh, the very first thing you need to do is you need to log in at the back end of your shopify store. you need to have this specific. i will give you this specific code, right, this is a code that i'm gonna give you. you know, this is a secure batch, right? secure with paypal, visa, american express and so on. uh, if you want to have a batch like this, you can just go on google and type trust batch. right, this is a cost patch. i do have many trust badges, um, you know, you can basically download the trust batch. if you want to download the trust batch and then come here on your shopify store. come here on your shopify store, click on settings. on settings, you need to click on files. so, on files, you need to upload the trust patch that you have. so, in this case, i do have the trust patch on my desktop, right? so i have many trust badges. by the way, i've already uploaded this specific trust badge, so all you need to do is you need to upload that, but make sure, when you download the trust patch from from google, make sure it's png- right, it has to be png. and once you do that, you need to upload that png truss batch into your shopify store, as i've done here. so once you've uploaded every trust batch right, every file that you upload on shopify has a url, so you need to head down, head up here and copy the url. this is a specific url that you need. you just need to right click on it and then copy. so, basically, you're going to head back into your word document and where it says insert, where you know it start where the brackets. are these brackets, right, these two brackets? so you're going to copy from the end of this bracket up to this point and then you're going to paste that specific url there. okay, awesome, you've done that. i'm going to leave the link of this specific url, of that code snippet, in the description below, so you won't have any issue with that. you can download it. and once i've done it and i need to head back into my shopify store and then click on online store and once you're online store, you need to head here to actions and click on edit code. once you're in this specific area, you need to head down to section, click on section and on section you will find product templates. so you click on product template and then you will have this specific page and once you're on the on product template, you need to click control f in order to get the search button. if you're on a pc, you need to click uh control f. if you're on mac, you need to click command f in order to get that, to have the search button. i need to type here product dot description. right, so before i even type the whole thing, as you can see down here there's product dot description. so now what i would do is where, where you see the division tag where i've printed my- uh, my mouse here, you need to hit enter to give a bit of space and then you head back into your your word document file, copy the whole code and then paste it down here so, as you can see, everything has been placed down here. and once you've done that, you need to hit save, so it says asset save, use. so, guys, this is just an example on how to get the trust patch on your shopify store. you know it's not as complicated as you think. you know, if you want me to review your shopify store, uh, you know, after you build, or you want me to build your shopify store for you, you can reach out to me. i'll leave a link of my contact form down below. if you also need help with advertising on facebook, google, instagram, i mean you name it- reach out to me. i'll be more than willing to help you, and thank you for watching this video and i'm looking forward to hear from you. take care bye.

How to create a footer with trust badges on your Shopify store

hi everyone, this is coren from speed ecom, and in this new video we are going to see an interesting tutorial that will help you create a footer with trust badges on your shopify store. so first let me show you what we are aiming to have at the end of this tutorial. these are the badges that we will be adding on top of our footer, and they are used to reassure your visitors and try to convert more of them into clients, and you should know that you will find in the description of this video the link to the written tutorial where you will have access to the different codes that we will use in this tutorial. alright, so this is going to be fairly easy. you have to start by copying your code that you have in the written tutorial, and then you have to go back to your theme on your shopify store and before making any modifications, i would suggest that you duplicate it. so you have to click on actions and duplicate, and this will allow you to have a copy of your theme just in case you make any big mistakes and want to go back to the initial theme files. and once you've done that, click on actions again and then edit code. here you will have to open the themeliquid file and scroll all the way down to find the section footer. since we want to add our trash badges above our footer, all we have to do is paste the code that we copied before the line section footer. so i'm going to make some space here and i'm going to paste the code that i just copied. of course, you always have to save the changes that you make and then if i go to my store again, you can see here that the badges are not present and when i refresh the page they appear. and of course, this code is responsive, which means that if i go to the mobile view on my computer, we will see that we have one section per line, which is perfect for mobile devices. now let's go back to the code here and let me explain what potential changes can be made to the code itself. so let's say you don't like the content that we have used to create this footer section, or maybe you want to translate them into another language. so it's going to be fairly easy to modify them. it's fairly easy for the text. just change them as you wish, by making sure you don't touch the code itself. as for the images, for example, if you want to change the free shipping image. here you have to add a new image to your shopify files and then you have to copy and paste the url to that image in between the quotation marks that you can see here. so i have highlighted the link that you have to replace by the new url of your new image. and to continue, let's take a look at the display style of the section. this is the part of the code that helps us make any changes to the style itself. for example, let's say that you have a dark background on your shopify store. i'm going to change the background right now. background, let's make it dark. there you go, you can see that. or maybe let's make it gray. first you can see that we have the text section that is, uh, with a white background, which is not great. so to change that, all you have to do is go back to your code and here in the background you have to type none. so if you type none and save it, it will change the background of the text section. here let me refresh the page once more: change the background. there you can see that we no longer have the white background. and now, if you want to use only three out of the four sections. for example, you can do that fairly easily. you have to go back to your theme and delete a few lines of code. so if you want to delete the secure payments, you have to go up a few lines above it and find the first line that says li, class, equal call item. if you click on it, you will see that we have two lines that are highlighted in beige. so all you have to do is select everything in between those two lines- the lines themselves included and the deleted. and once you've done that, please don't forget to change the width of each section. here you can see that we have 25. so when you have only three sections out of the hundred percent, you have to put 33. then again, you save the changes and you have to go back to your store. when you refresh it, you will see that you only have three sections. now. please note that this section will be displayed in all of the different pages of your store, but if you want to display it only on your home page, you can just make a few changes to the code and it will be limited to the home page itself. for that you have to come back to this part of the tutorial. what you will have to do is copy the first line, paste it at the beginning of the code, and then copy the second line and paste it at the end of the code and, of course, always save the changes. and if we go back to the store, i'm going to refresh the page. you will see that the section is still present here. but now if we go to any other page in the store, for example the collections page, we will see that there is no longer any footer section. let's check the product page itself too. here, there you go, you can see it is no longer displayed. and lastly, if you have a very dark background in your store, you have to go back once more to the tutorial, and here you have another code that you can use. this code will help you change the color of your text into white or any other color that you prefer, and all you have to do is just copy and paste the code itself at the very bottom of the themescssliquid file. there you go. i hope you really enjoyed this tutorial and will find it very useful. please don't forget to subscribe, because we are going to upload more than 50 free tutorials, and also leave us a comment to mention anything that you would want to see you.

How to add a trust badge or an image on your shopify product page

hi everyone, this is karen from speed ecom. in this video, we are going to learn how you can add a trust badge on a shopify product page. before we begin, please don't forget to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on the many great tutorials to come. firstly, you will find in the description of the video a link to the written artikle where you have access to the different codes that we will use for this tutorial. also, before you start making any changes to your theme files, i would suggest that you make a copy of it. so you have to click on actions and duplicate, and this will allow you to go back to the original theme files in case of any potential mistakes that you can't undo- but there is also another way- and that you can just go back on your modifications directly in the theme files. so i will show you how to do that in a moment. all right, now let's go back to the tutorial page, and you can see that the first step is about getting the image itself that you want to add. below your um call to action buttons, you can either pick one of the three images that i have uh provided you by just uh right clicking and saving them to your computer, or you can go on google and find one of the many badges that they have there. you should also know that you can use this tutorial to add any type of different images, even custom ones. it does not have to be a trust badge, and once you have chosen the images that you want to use, you have to add them to your shopify files. you can do so by going to your shopify settings, uh, clicking on files and then on the upload files button. you can see that i have already added the images to my shopify store. so let's go back to the next point. next you have to go back to your shopify files and pick the image, so you can copy and paste the url of the image in a txt or a word file, whatever you prefer. here you can see that i use a txt file. this link will give you access- direct access- to the image itself and you will see how we are going to use it next. so go back to the artikle page and also copy and paste the code that you can find below the fifth point here, and once you've copied it, just paste it below the url of the image. next you have to copy the url of your image once more and paste it in between those quotation marks where i have written ad here, the url of your image. so of course, you have to delete that and paste the url itself. so this is the final code that will uh that we will use in the tutorial. uh to add that specific image underneath the call to action buttons. so now you have to copy the final code and go back to your shopify admin page, go to your online store themes, click on actions and edit code. then on the left column, here you have to scroll down and open the sections folder, scroll some more and find the product template that liquid. this is where we are going to add the code that we just copied. don't be scared, there's a lot of code, but the tutorial is fairly easy. i'm going to show you exactly what you have to do. so, depending on the theme you use, you may find that the uh file itself is named a bit differently, but in general, uh, mainly all of the themes use the same way of naming their folders. so it's probably going to be product template. but once you're on this file, you have to find a line of code that says end form: uh, you can see there's a lot of code, so we are going to use a shortcut. uh, just click on control f on your keyboard and it's going to open a shortcut where you can just search for end form. there you go. you can see, it brings us directly to the line of code that we need. the next step is very easy as well. you just have to paste the code that you copied right before the end form. of course, you also have to click on save, and here i have a product page with its default settings. there is nothing changed in this product page and if i reload the page, you will see the image that we just added. lastly, at the beginning of the tutorial i said that you have to copy your theme just in case you make any mistakes. but you should know that you have a button here that says older versions and all you have to do is just click on current and pick any of the versions. here you can go to the original theme file or you can go to any of the previous modifications that you have made. there you go. i hope you liked the video. you should know that we are going to add more than 50 different free tutorials to this channel. we already have them in our french channel, just in case you speak french, so you can find us, uh, with speedy com in the search bar, but we are slowly translating these tutorials to our english channel. so please don't forget to like and comment and also subscribe, so you don't miss out on a lot of good content that we are preparing for you. [Music] you.