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shopify site down

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Multi-Million $ Founder Breaks Down YOUR Shopify Store Websites 💻| With Gretta Van Riel

so we've reached out to some of you guys for feedback on your ecommerce website, so i'm gonna go ahead and break them down for you now. [Music]. so the first site that we're having a look at today is cove, and i really like the cover image. it looks really great. the surfboard is eye-catching as well. probably my first piece of feedback would be that i'm not exactly sure what you're selling like. it's clearly something surfing related, but i always like on all of my sites to make it really, really clear exactly what we're selling for someone that's landing on your site for the first time. so i mean i'm just looking at this now that i imagine it's like surfing accessories or surfboards. so having, like the us's favorite surfing accessories brand, shop now, or some sort of unique value proposition of what makes your brand different and better than all the other surfing accessory brands that they might have landed on as well, but just making it really clear with a button for shop now and having that somewhere that's accessible when you first land on the site, just because see how it says shop now and view collections- i'm not really sure like what i'm shopping for. so clicking through to shop now- okay, i thought that was a button as well just here, because it's a box. so i tried to hit that and it wasn't a button. so that's the button, but that looks like a button. the shop now hitting view collection and have a look through. so we've got t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks, long sleeves, accessories. let me tap through to one of the products so that we're able to check out kind of the product page as a whole. for that i like that. it's a nice simple product page, like the reviews are clearly displayed at the top. the add to cart's quite clear. i would probably- and this is probably going to be the case for every site that doesn't have this- have a fixed add to cart button so that you're able to directly navigate. so as i scroll down the page, the add to cart comes with us down the bottom of the page. so we always want the main call to action everywhere on the site to be add to cart, of course, or shop now, depending on the page you're on, but on the product page the call to action's always going to be to add to cart, so we want to keep that visible at all times. so i'm scrolling down like this is probably enough details in terms of product details. the main thing with clothing and what differentiates clothing, i guess, is obviously design and fit. that would be the two main differentiators when it comes to like anything fashionable clothing related. so what i would definitely want to see here: it's great that you've got customer reviews- and there's 18 reviews for this, like classic soft, yellow crew neck, super soft tees and designs, dope. that's great. but the thing that i would probably add in here, too, would be photo reviews, like everybody, especially in fashion, wants to see you know what it looks like worn. so even just here we've got the product image, but we don't even have necessarily it on. anybody doesn't even have to be a model. it could be send the product out to 10 micro influencers on instagram and ask them to do stories and content. that's one of our new kind of deliverables throughout our influencer campaigns. micro influencers are less likely to just do a feed post in return for a product these days because they're becoming increasingly aware of their value. so what we do is we ask them to do like a four panel story, which could be like an unboxing, and then toking about their experience with the product or some of the features. so yeah, just sending out to 10 micro influencers to get some content and then you just ask them to submit the content directly to you and you can use it across your website on your socials. just make sure the influencers are aware of the usage rights there. so that is what i would do with this brand: i'd send it out to some micros and get some more user-generated content to display, like how that product is being used or worn. so that is what i would do for cove. moving on to jandit, this is a beautiful, beautiful site. i love the image when you first land on here. i love that i can tap this button just here. i love that there is a pop-up. if you do not have an email pop-up on your website, you are losing a really, really valuable revenue stream. email marketing accounts for about 30 of the revenue of all of my brands, so you definitely want to be capturing as many emails as you can throughout your site, so having a really engaging offer. so join our inner circle. i like that. that's like an exclusive sign up to our newsletter for 10 off your first purchase. i would have 10 off your first purchase as like join to 4- 10 off your first purchase, rather than join for the inner circle up here. so, just in terms of communications, always making that towards how you can save on your site as well, because people of course, like with online shopping, love a discount. again, i would say i'm not exactly sure. you know it's a really beautiful, engaging image and site, but again, i'm not exactly sure what you're selling just on landing straight on the site either. so it says: view our summer collection and summer collection of what sort of things? so i'll scroll down and we can come up with you know what we could put in this top section, but we just want to make it really, really clear exactly what you're selling here and i'll go through a couple of sites, maybe at the end of this, that do this really well, so that you guys can have a look and see what i mean by having your uvp and exactly what you're selling right up the top, because people need to understand exactly what your story is as soon as they land on it. so scrolling down: okay. we've got accessories. these are beautiful. the product is great, the product imagery is beautiful, like you guys have done an incredible job. i'm just going to exit out of your pop-up, but great job with the puffer, okay. so we've got bags. we've got african jewelry. okay, beautiful, gendered mission. we aim to bridge the gap between africa and the- i don't know if i can say diaspora, i think it's diaspora. so, basically, i think that this should be at the top, taking something like your mission and having that maybe as the smaller text section and having a really large text saying african accessories, african jewelry, bringing africa's finest jewelry to the world, something like that. so that is what i would do for jandis. moving on to our next store, okay, we've got lavistique, i believe, and look at this. okay, we've got, we've got a winner. i know what this site sells. the place to turn your pet into a unique work of art. okay, i do know what the site sells, but it says your pet twice. the place to turn your pet, your pet- into a unique, a unique work of art. okay, it's repeated for some reason, so i would just correct that there. and it's a really good image here. actually, i love that you can see the dog on the left and you can see the after. it's like a clear before and after, like any time with any brand that you can illustrate a transformation, so like a before and after using your product and really show what that user experience is or what the end result of that product is going to be, is an absolute win. so i love that you've done that there. so that is what i would do for lava stik, just correcting some of this wording here. and, yeah, i really love the before and after. so, moving on to our next brand, we have my little nappa, which i love the brand name for one. it's a. really i often do like descriptive brand names. think of some of my brands in the past. so skinny me t- very descriptive detox tea. we've got the fifth and we only sold on the fifth of each month for five days. other good descriptive names include calming blankets. so my business partner, davey and some other benches, has a brand called calming blankets and they're like weighted blankets that help calm me down. those are all extremely descriptive. you don't always have to create- you know a name around- something that descriptive, but i do like that when a brand name can kind of just conjure exactly y.

Shopify Banned And Blacklisted Me... (10 + Stores Shutdown)

hey everybody, welcome back to another video, and today i got a pretty depressing title, you know. um, yeah, so this time around, shopify actually banned me, and not just banned, they actually blacklisted me. so this is something that probably don't happen to like every other dropshipper. you know, this is a very unique situation and it's my first time experiencing it, so i want to share with you what actually happened and how shopify banned me, the things that i did wrong, because i'm not going to be like the guy that'd be like, oh you know what? i'm totally innocent. i woke up one day and showed me why i started my stores. nah, i mean, i made some mistakes and i learned from them and, um, hopefully, by actually you watching this video, you don't make the same mistakes that i did. and, um, you know, don't get somebody's position because it's a really, really shitty position. so let's get into the video, all right? so, basically, what happened for me? um, if you actually follow me for a while, right, i made a video like one year ago, sharing how shopify actually banned me. so, one year ago already, you know, i was really having issue with shopify, but, above time, shopify will only be banning like one or two of my stores and what will happen is when i have, you know, when i set up like a store and when i enter like a certain table mentor, using like my card, they'll just instantly shut down the store because i think they blacklisted the card or something. so, even when i was setting up my paypal account to collect payments from my customers, when i entered this partikular um email address, they immediately just shut down the website, and this happened like so many freaking times. there was one store that i had over like 500k in sales. you know it was a great store we were selling. i was making a lot of money from that. then i decided to actually- um, i don't know what i was thinking. right, i disabled a paypal account and then i entered a different, you know- paypal email address to collect payments from our customers and immediately the shopify site got taken down. i was like, holy, what has happened? that really shocked me. i tried to contact support and unfortunately they did not actually help me out. um, so i kind of got, like you know, messed up from that situation. i'll share a link like what for on on a partikular incident one year ago on what happened, so you can also learn from that partikular incident. but today's video it's a bit different, because this time around, shopify decided that they not only banned me but, um, they blacklisted me. meaning, you know, at about time it was just with one store. right now it's literally any store that i deal with- shopify they just get, they just shut me down, all right. so i want to share with you a little bit of like, um, what actually is happening with my current situation. so right now, all right, um, in the bus, uh, during this year, um, i was facing a lot of shopify issues. they were just like shutting down my store. so i thought that you know, i can actually circumvent the situation because you know, i'm like- and i've been doing this for so long, i'm so used to like circumventing, like different situations and i thought i'd be able to get this over and done with. but unfortunately, you know, like i i've been battling this for like three months, or like two to three months or so. right, i have, because i have like a few stoks that i want to test and every single time i launch these stores um the the funny thing is shopify, they don't immediately ban me, so only after that one or two weeks of like getting sales. then they banned me. so it was really, really, you know, messed up, because every time i thought, oh, you know what, this store is finally gonna work, i'm not getting any issues. finally then they'll just literally ban me. and then i also have like some older songs that was running like there were banners, all the stars as well, and i was like, damn, this, this is crazy. it was like going too far. so, after getting like over 10 stars shut down, um, you know, you can say i'm a little bit stupid because i've been, like you know, testing over and over. i the same thing was happening over again, but i wasn't, like you know doing, i wasn't like making any like course corrections. then i decided, like you know what, i gotta do something about it. so that's when i spoke a lot of friends and they actually recommended me to like get a new macbook, like you know, get like a new boxes of. i actually tried a lot of things, right, i tried like the new boxes of server, like a new ip address, but now that actually works. so the great thing about shopify- they're really interesting- about shopify is they actually have a very, very strong um, you know, they, they, they, they have a very strong what they call it like a threat frog prevention system, right. so if they kind of like got a mark on you right, they blacklisted you right, then you're basically, you know it's like really tough. i can't get around it because for me, right, i i tried like basically everything. i got like a new bare metal card i use like a new wi-fi network. i even got like a new laptop. i use my friends like you know card. i use my friends like i'm building address and everything. um, eventually they still crack down me and, um, they managed to like shut down the stores and that's when i kind of had enough. so right now i'm moving on to like different platforms. so now that you know my story, i want to share with you like what i actually did wrong, because i'm not gonna, you know, act like i didn't actually do anything wrong. so the biggest mistakes that i made, um that actually led to me getting shut down by shopify to the extent where they actually put me on this like crazy blacklist- is because, um, in my lifetime, you know, i have around right now i currently own around 130 plus domain, so i probably have, um, i probably created like 100 stores with shopify, right, and i generated over like 5 million dollars in revenue. i think that's just with shopify alone, right? so i, i, i, that's a lot of stuff to shopify, i ran a lot ads for them and all these 100 stores, i, i don't. i'm not a perfect dropshipper and sometimes i'll let the grid get the better of me right? there's some products that i know i shouldn't be selling, but because it's make me money in the moment, i kind of get caught up with it and i'm like you know what? um, i'm just gonna deal with the dispute, screw it, i'm still gonna sell the product. and many times, because of the mentality, right, the it led to my shopify payments account getting shut down and then they telling me that they don't wanna work with me again and, um, then and above them, they wouldn't bend my shopify, like my shopify website. but i think, because this happened like over and over again, i may be like five or six times- i had like a few five or six products off, like maybe 20. i'm selling shopify. they were like kind of like low quality, they were getting high track rate rates that they were like: okay, you know what this guy is doing. these guys up to something here and they perhaps assume that maybe i wasn't like running across my customer. they thought i was like you know about like some sort of like fraud network, so they decided to like blacklist me. all right. so what you can actually learn from the experience is number one. okay, i learned this the hard way and hopefully for you don't actually make the same mistake i did so. don't value short-term profits over your quality of your business, and here's what i mean. right in the past for me, when i was running my drop shipping business, i was very profit driven. right now i'm still very profit driven, but it's coming from a different place, right, so i'll go. it will go to the extent where, if a product was like doing really well- and i know that maybe there's a low quality product that might give me some issues with processors- i will still continue selling off like great off. like you know, everyone wants instant gratification, everyone wants the money right, but what this actually happens is over time. you keep doing this over and over again, not just shopify right, even like the payment pr.

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Optimize Product Photos & Videos To Speed Up Your Shopify Store ASAP

hey everybody, justin cener, here i'm going to show you how to immediately speed up your shopify store and increase conversions. when you do so- and this is really because every second means dollars and revenue for your store- you have slow speed, you're gonna have slow sales. it's the bottom line. seventy percent of consumers, at seventy percent, say that store speed matters when they're making their buying decision. and did you know that even the fastest internet connection speeds have latency issues? latency is basically the time it takes for the content to start loading and the latency will delay products loading, prices, imagery, all the important stuff that customers need to see to make that decision. so we need to make sure that our site loads as quickly as possible. again, 70 of consumers say that speed and latency issues can kill your store, and each additional second of load time equals a 4.42 drop in conversion rate. the bottom line is: this matters a lot for your revenue and your overall profit and the shopify store. your theme is not automatikally optimized for load time speed. you need to use an app to do this the right way. the app needs to be incredibly simple to use and it needs to have no requirement for prior experience or tiknical skills. and, most importantly, the app needs to optimize all of your content, especially images, product video, product imagery- without losing a quality right there's. no, we don't want blurry images, we don't want low quality images, we don't want slow loading images. we want to have an experience and a site and a store that is going to give us the highest conversion possible, and that's why i'm making this video. i want to show you fast shop. this is exactly what i use. this is what i recommend to all my students, is what they use. this is how, in just a few clicks, i'm going to show you over the shoulder. this is going to be exactly how you get your shopify store to load way quicker and therefore increase your conversion rate. and you see the link directly below this video. i highly recommend fast shop. we're going to go over the shoulder and i'm going to show you more. first, i'm going to show you over here. this is the fast shop site and a lot of great reviews over here toking about speed score increasing 13 points in just a day. toking about a lot of different optimization apps out there, but fast shot being by far the best and incredibly simple. save half a gigabyte of image size from their store. and you know we're not toking about storage on your hard drive, we're toking about needing to load, in this case, half a gigabyte of images every single time the store loads. that's too much. fast shop optimized that and they can really speed up the site significantly. see tons and tons of assets: optimized images, videos, stores- 118 gigabyte total savings. think about how much faster your site can run and really avoiding that four point four, two percent drop in conversion rate. so here is the fast shop app. it's going to allow you to optimize all of your media incredibly quickly and very, very, very high quality. we're not going to see any type of loss of quality over here, and fashop is the only video optimizer available on shopify today. fashop optimizes both images and videos in the paid plan, and videos are really, really, you know, getting more and more important. they're always responsible for those higher levels of engagement. they're getting more and more important for higher levels of sales as well, whether we're toking about unboxing videos or installation videos, 360 videos or even user generated content and reviews- very important to have that dialed in as well. fastshop handles it, no matter what. even further, fashop is going to scan product galleries literally every single day to perform those daily optimizations. so anytime you upload new media, you're gonna make sure that it gets optimized, and once a week, fashop sends out a little quick email summary of the big savings that you get. we're gonna get better load times, faster load times and a higher conversion rate. we're going to make more money. we don't need to spend more money on ads. we don't need to drive any more traffic. fast shop is going to help us quickly and easily make our site load that much faster. it's going to take a couple clicks to do this, so we're going to go over the shoulder. you'll see exactly what this is looking like again. you'll see, in this case, 84 file saved without losing any quality at all. that's the power here, and we're going to allow that to happen across our entire site. all we need to do: come over here, press the add app button. this is going to bring us back into our shopify store, where we're going to be able to go ahead and select our plan. click install app first. now we're going to be brought into our dashboard. we'll be able to get back over here inside of the apps section. all you need to do is just click right back on fast shop and we'll run through the onboarding over here, clicking with get started. it's going to start to automatikally apply what they call their magic- the optimization in to the imagery into all of our media and we'll have the pre and post results just in case we want to go back and forth here. it's going to be really about how many product images do you have per day or per month? i should say the pro version going to give you that unlimited amount, tons of value in this pro plan, even if you're not a big store. so much value there. and really the whole idea is that you're going to be able to optimize every single one of your images and you're going to be able to optimize all of your videos as well. incredibly important. and instead of just picking and choosing a couple of different collections to maybe optimize, on the pro plan, you could literally optimize it all, and this is actually super important because you never know the actual customer journey in terms of where they're browsing. you want to make sure whether it's an image or a video, no matter in what collection homepage, any product page, any page at all. you want to make sure that it's optimized. you're gonna be able to do that on the pro plan. that's what i use as well. so once you select your plan, literally going to get you started immediately. and i have a big store, so i pick the bigger plan here and it's going to literally run through and it could take a few minutes, but it's going to run through and literally optimize every single photo and video on your product store. after it does the conversion, it's going to then re-upload the optimized assets into your store. nothing is going to change at all, except that these file sizes are going to be significantly smaller and let your site load much faster. and just like that, we're done. fast shop is going to also continuously work on optimizing the site, making sure everything loads as quickly as possible and really, really powerful. what we could actually do is come over here and take a look at all the original imagery compared to the optimized imagery- and these are all of our products on here. we'll be able to go through literally all 47 pages. we have so many products on this site and we're going to see. on the old asset, we had an 80 megabyte load over here. on the new asset, literally down to 46- almost half- we saved 33 out of the 80 original megabytes. that's going to significantly speed up our site, significantly speed up the load time on our site. and let's compare between the two. you can't tell me that there's any difference between this. one actually kind of looks better. i know it's optimized down here, even looks a little bit more sharp. bottom line is: you're not losing any quality. you could even download these images, put them inside of photoshop and you'll see the huge difference, not only in sizing but in load time over here and again. we can go through every single one. nothing is changing here in terms of the look and feel of your site. same exact product imagery. everything is the same. but you see file sizes: 37 saved, 43 save, 43, 43, 41, right, significant file savings on every single one of these images all.

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my shopify store failed...

owning a successful business is not as glamorous as it's made out to be. now don't get me wrong. i am extremely blessed and thankful for where i'm at in my life, but, just like you, i am constantly taking l's and going through so many ups and downs. i fail and make mistakes all the time in my business and personal life, and my mission on this channel is not to be the world's most perfect business guru that has everything figured out and never makes a mistake. this is not a reality and it doesn't exist. my goal since day one has been to keep it real with you guys and share my entire journey with as much transparency as possible. so in this video, i want to share the truth about my shopify brand. on the surface, it looks great and seems like i'm absolutely crushing it, but over the last two months, i've kind of struggled with growing this company. so let me explain my situation. so over the last year, i've put my entire focus on building one main store and from day one until now, you can see that i've sold almost 1.5 million dollars worth of this product. as you can see, the screen refreshes and all the numbers stay the same, and with this brand, my team and i have even gone on to be the number one competitors in this industry. so on the surface, everything looks great, it looks like i'm not doing anything wrong, it looks like we're absolutely crushing it and building a massive empire. but over the last two to three months, i've kind of let the performance of my brand slip a little bit. so if you look at the first month of the brand, all the way up until the end of the first year, you can see that we were on a steady climb and hit our best month in january of 2021 and from january all the way up until around april, we were crushing it consistently, doing around 20 to 30 000 a month in profit. the month of may was actually decent in profit but, as you can see, the sales were much lower than the previous months and, as you can see, since june we've been on a steady incline with our revenue. as for the month of september, today is the 15th and we've done around 61 000 in sales, so we'll probably end the month around 130 to 150.. on paper, it looks like we are absolutely crushing it. we're making over a hundred thousand dollars a month in sales consistently. problem is, my profits have dropped tremendously, even being unprofitable in the month of july and so far unprofitable this month of september, and it's kind of hard to admit this, being in the position that i'm in. you know, coaching people and teaching e-commerce- but what kind of coach am i if i can't even admit to my own shortcomings? i am not the perfect entrepreneur, so i'm not going to get on youtube every week and pretend like i have everything figured out, because, truthfully, losses are inevitable in any business or journey that you're gonna pursue. thankfully, i'm able to take a step back and get a really solid understanding of my situation and what's going on, so i know exactly what needs to be done to fix it. so let's break down the three reasons that this business has been struggling, so you don't make the same mistakes in your business, and what i'm working on right now to fix it, so i can have a successful q4 and go into 2022 with a ton of momentum. i always film these videos inside, but today i want to change it up a little bit, so let's go out for a walk. [Music]- all right, so i honestly feel like there's a few things that i can improve on, but the first area is in my personal life. so over the last year i've been able to grow a lot financially and this has kind of caused me to become a little bit more complacent and not work as hard as i should be. now that's not the case in all aspects. as you guys can see, i've been posting videos every single friday. i haven't missed a single week, but juggling three different businesses and spreading my focus has allowed me to not be able to be as productive as i want to be. this is not the end of the world, but this has been one of the biggest things that i feel like has been holding me back because i'm working on so many different projects. it's been hard to devote the proper amount of time towards this brand, but i don't think that's a fair excuse because i don't feel like i've been giving my best effort personally. i've been staying up pretty late. i've been sleeping in. i haven't been as focused in all aspects, so i understand that it's going to be impossible to fix my business if i can't fix my personal life first. that's where the majority of my energy is going into now is taking care of myself and getting back on track in that aspect, because i understand that if i'm in a good position personally, the business will be able to thrive. but even if i have my personal life in perfect condition, there's still huge problems with my business that i need to work on, so let's tok about them, okay. so the second issue that i've been having is that my business is entirely focused around paid ads, and my ads have kind of died off a little bit. i mean, we're still selling a lot of products- you saw the numbers. people are buying this thing consistently- but the problem is they're not as profitable as they once were. i think one of the biggest reasons why this has happened is my video has fatigued, meaning that people have seen it so many times. it has over 10 million views and it's just not hitting the same anymore. even though i've tested over 50 different videos, i've yet to find one that popped off as good as the original. okay, not to mention, i've also built up a bad habit of not checking on my ads every day because we've been selling over five thousand dollars a day or more of this product, and sometimes i don't even need to look at the ads for that to happen. but as a result of not testing enough videos and not working on my ads every day, this is where i'm at, so to fix this, i actually decided to hire an agency to run and optimize my facebook ads on a daily basis. this will give me the freedom to focus entirely on creatives and making the best video content that i possibly can, and i feel like this is going to truly allow us to flourish, because we have a high level person that's even more talented than me focusing on it and i can put my energy into the thing that i love the most, which is the creative side. now, it wasn't easy to let this go, because i've been running my own ads for over four years, but looking at everybody around me that is more successful than me, they all build teams and they all build systems, and that's what allows them to get to the next level, which brings me to my third and final problem. i realized to run my business at a higher level, i have to approach things completely different. i can't keep running my business the same way that i've been running it for the last couple of years. everybody that i know that makes over eight figures a year has teams and systems for every aspect of their business. they are the ceo. they are not the person that is wearing all the hats and from running three different businesses, i find myself trying to be that guy, which is not sustainable and i feel like is going to me from reaching my highest levels. so i'm working as hard as i can to fix this. you guys heard that i hired the agency. i also hired a team to fully manage my tiktok content creation. i hired a new person on our team to manage the day-to-day operations and i'm really trying to build out as many systems as possible so i can hire the best people and i don't have to be the one there to work on everything every day, and i feel like this is going to be the thing that truly allows me to break through the previous levels that i was at before. it's pretty insane to think that you could do the same thing and expect to get better results. i have to make changes in the structure of my company for me to really be able to grow. the last thing to mention is that i've pretty much been running up two products on this store for the whole year. i recently have stumbled upon two more products that i feel like are a gold mine to expand my business. we can sell those products.

How To Temporarily Close Shopify Store For Maintenance 2022

hey guys, welcome back to my youtube channel. i know long time, no see you guys don't know. last video i was pregnant, shared with you guys that i was pregnant, had my son. we definitely have been enjoying him and we are back in business. now i'm back on youtube, um, if you guys are interested, i shared my birth story, um. but here we are. i am back, just getting back into things. so i wanted to share with you today how you can put your shop on vacation mode, so this will make your shop like unavailable. it will pop up a little screen, um, that your your shop's like under construction or something, because it does not look good. if you go to someone's website and they have things that are all out of stok or just there's like nothing available or it's disorganized. this is definitely great if, one, you actually do go on vacation and you want to close your shop. or two, you want to go and fix things on the back end and you don't want your customers to see. it's super easy, free. but i will show you guys how you can pause your shopify subscription if you need to. but you guys know how i do. i will go step by step. i'm going to jump into my laptop, show you guys, step by step, how you can do this. but i wanted to give a special shout out to for sending me a weekly planner. this one's actually really, really cool. i will leave the link down below for you guys to check out. so let me show you some specs on this and we're going to jump into the video. and so here is my premium weekly planner. i personally received the color rose gold, ordered from amazon, so if you need a planner asap, you can grab yours via amazon and i will leave the link down below. but it also came with stikers that you can put in your planner and i wanted to open it up to show you guys that you can write in your goals, um, your vision board. you can definitely get really specific, which i really really like, especially being a new mom, a small business owner and i work so managing appointments and everything. this is just so great and this is my go-to planner now. i absolutely love it. so thank you, cleverfox. again, you guys, the link will be down below, okay, so i am in my shopify store. all i did was click under the online store and click on my preferences, so you're going to scroll down to password protected, and here is where you're going to click enable. so you're going to type in your password. um, that is actually the password they provided me. you type in your message that you want your visitors to see while you are gone. you're gonna save those settings and this is what your store will look like. it might look a little bit different, especially depending on what you use, but with shopify and the settings that i have, this is what mine looks like. what's really cool. you can also kind of use this for exclusives. if you only want to give the password out to certain customers, you can do that too. so i went ahead and took mine off, but i want to show you guys also if you need to pause your paid subscription, which is super important. i have used this in the past as well. so you're going to head over to your settings and you're going to click on plan, which is right here at the top. i personally use the basic shopify uh plan, which is about thirty dollars a month. that is what i use, and you're gonna click on pause or to activate store. so, depending on what you need, you can click on that and you can learn more of each. just really depends on what you need. but it's very simple to pause your store. it looks more professional, trust me. i'm sure you've seen other pages do this before and you're like: how did they do that? this is how you do. that works great. if you're going on vacation or whatever you need to do, get done. work on the back end helps you look a lot more professional. thank you guys, so much for watching. let me know what other shopify small business videos you guys want to see. i'm excited to be back. i will catch you in my next one. bye you.

Shopify Dawn Theme Customization - Dawn Theme Design Tutorial (OS 2.0)

all right, what's up guys? this is jake. in this video, i'm going to be showing you how you can go ahead and customize and build a store using the dawn theme with shopify. so dawn is the new default theme whenever you set up a shopify store. so we're gonna go ahead and take a look at how you can set it up to make your store look good. so first thing you need to do, if you don't already have a store, you can go ahead and click the first link in the description and you'll be taken to this page right here and you can just enter your email address and go ahead and start your free trial and we can go ahead and get started setting up your store. so once you've went ahead and started your trial, you're going to be taken to the back end of the store right here, and we can see that, by default, the current theme is going to be dawn. so what we're going to go ahead and do first is take a look at the base template of this theme and then we're actually going to start building it out. so i'm going to come over here to actions and click on preview, and now we can go ahead and take a look at the base skeleton that dawn provides us. so we can see here that we have a little announcement bar up top, we have our logo, we have our menu and we have the cart and search icon. we have a nice header wallpaper right here, along with a call to action. right here we have another little call to action with some information right here. we have four featured products right here in this section, and then we have a media collage that includes a video, a collection and a product, and then we have a video section down here and then we have a multi-column section which includes three different text sections right here, and then we have the footer. so this is how dawn looks out of the box and we're going to do a couple small changes to it, but mostly we're going to be building out this store using the base skeleton of the theme to keep things as simple as possible. so, with that said, we're going to go ahead and come back over here and, really quickly, we're going to take a look at the things you're going to need to go ahead and build out your store using this theme. so the first thing you're going to need is a logo, if you don't already have a logo for your business or your brand. you can make one over here at logomakercom, or you can come over here to fiverrcom and search for a logo designer and get one made for relatively cheap. the next thing you're going to need is some wallpaper photos, because we've seen, especially on the header, you're going to need some photos to use for that. so these are going to be pictures that are related to your brand or your product, and if you don't have any of those yourself, you can go ahead over here to pixabaycom or unsplashcom to look for free stok photos that are related to your product or niche. and then, obviously, we're going to need product photos as well as product details. so this is something that i assume you would already have. and then, in this case, we saw that there was a video section, so you can also optionally have a video of your product or maybe like a testimonial or something that we can use to throw in there. so once you have these things ready, we're going to go ahead and actually get started with the customization. so we're going to go ahead and just click on customize on the theme and go ahead and get started, and we're going to go ahead and start from the top to the bottom. so the first thing we're actually going to do is edit the header. so i'm going to click on header right here and the first thing we're going to do is we need to go ahead and put our logo in here. so i'm going to go ahead and click select image and i'm going to go ahead and upload an image. so in this video we're going to just be making an example- clothing store. so we're going to go ahead and use this example logo here of abc clogan and we're going to go ahead and put that logo in right here and we can go ahead and select a custom logo width. so right now i think this looks a bit small, so i'm going to make it a bit bigger and if you thought that was too big, then we could go ahead and shrink it down a bit more. so in this case i'm going to keep it at 210, and then we can change the logo position on large screens to be the middle left, the top left or the top center. in this case, i'm going to go ahead and keep this as middle left and then right here we can see we have our main menu right here and we can go ahead and change which menu this actually is. or if we click on this right here, we can actually edit the menu links. but we're not going to go ahead and do that right now and then down here we can choose to enable stiky header. so what this does is this means that the header will show up on the screen as customers scroll up. so, as we see, if we scroll down, the hair goes away. but once we scroll up, the header comes back. and if we were to get rid of this and we scroll down and we scroll up, the header is not showing up. so in this case i'm going to go ahead and just keep the stiky header on. and now i'm going to go ahead and just click save. and whenever you're making edits inside of the theme editor, you're going to want to save pretty often, just in case your internet cuts out or there's something wrong with your computer, so that way you don't lose your changes. so the next thing we're going to do now is head over to the announcement bar. so this is going to be what's up here, and we can go ahead and click on this right here to go ahead and edit it, and this is where you can go ahead and put in any text you want here. so if you were having a sale, you could go ahead and say like 50 off the entire store with the coupon code or anything like that. in this case i'll just keep the text default as of right now, just for the sake of this tutorial, and then you can go ahead and link to a specific product or collection if you want as well. so if you wanted to go ahead and have people be able to click on this announcement bar, this is where you put the link right here. so let's say you wanted to link to a product, you could go ahead and search for one right here, and in this case we can just make it link to all of our products. and now you can see it has a clip clickable link and we could see type in something like browse our products and then the color scheme. right here. we can see that we can. it's by default set to background one, and if we change the background too, we can see that the color is actually changing. we have accent and accent too. now the thing is is we actually are going to have to go in and edit these different backgrounds now to go ahead and make sure that all of our colors align with our branding right here. so i'm going to go ahead and click save. and now we're going to go ahead and get into some of the theme settings. we can actually make sure our colors align with our branding. so i'm gonna come down here to theme settings and i'm gonna click on colors right here, and the first thing i am going to do is i'm going to make accent one. so this is going to be a lot of the backgrounds right here. i'm going to make accent one, this blue color from our logo right here. so what you want to do normally is you want all the colors in your store design to match up exactly with your branding, and normally your branding is going to be based off the logo. so you want to make sure you get the hex codes from your actual colors right here. so if you don't have photoshop or any way of getting this, you can go over to imagecolorpickercom and upload your logo right here, click on the color you want to use and then you can grab the hex code right here and we'll be using this throughout the store design. so i'm gonna go ahead and change accent one to that code and you can see that that changed our button color right here and i'm gonna go ahead and make accent two black, which is the second color in our logo. so, depending on what colors your branding is using, that's going to determine what you're going to be using here with accents. then we have backgrounds here by default.