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Shopify Swatches: A Code for Color Variety

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In today's video, we built out some cars for Kate and instead of drag and drop down, we have die skalavon buttons in Monza. When you click on one, the end changes and entsteht das was arrested videos. So konnte vor der input zu heftig die os x disclaimer wie costing das ist eine band tutorial. And if you seek the death simply copyright by using a team gemeinsam basic understanding vor javascript html dass dominik des aim prozess will den energieteam austria und ried anyone to train your thing.

Bullet Points:

- Understanding how die setcard mechanisms work is very important to understand how every product hesse unique id wird dir kein feind in der URL.

- Mac die scala switches work is very important to understand.

- Building kallas watches der able to update des master select in der sameway that this drop down skindred diesingle option selected combined into the master select.

- For the next step, we start with the assets fuldatjs and search for the very very inspektor slack change and exchange von berlin change am keywords live search query and maybe solitude oder variance action script and description ist in h ndels change events for the very end inputs witches brew promising.

- To build des watchers we have to make some changes to take everything goes the template folder and search for the project dort liquid und in der jugend c bet most of that actually like the section control act as templates section vollerdenn search for the product template and that while the search for the single options electronic search for single option.

- Selected options with the parents and distance to match the team s like the way i and as and blue matches selected options.

- Search for single option right here i can select the single option selector plaste session id and then we can go back to the product template action live die von selecta exactly that css sektorweit hier selbst single option direktorin der session id bereits kopierter ist ua in putbus cs s class davidnikcithe front and the page.

- Wrapping abt power one container we can do divbavarian switches1 11 der fall erneut team dort css oder es hie es working spaces fulda in der scs custom css.

In conclusion, we have learned about die skalavon buttons in Monza, die setcard mechanisms, and building kallas watches. We have also learned about selected options with the parents and distance to match the team, search for single options, and wrapping abt power one container. By understanding these concepts, we can build more efficient and effective products.

Make Your Shopify Product Page Look PROFESSIONAL with Color Swatches, Tabs & Metafields!

In today's video, we will show you how to transform your Shopify product pages from basic to professional without any coding or app purchases. This tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their online store.

- We will guide you step by step on how to create meta fields, add trust badges, star ratings, customer reviews, and color swatches to your Shopify product pages.

Creating Meta Fields:

- Meta fields are a great way to organize and store product information without cluttering your product description box.

- We will create meta fields for materials, care instructions, and description.

- You can add multiple lines or use the new modified list feature to make it easier to read.

Customizing Product Page:

- Customize your product page by clicking on your theme and selecting products.

- You can add collapsible rows to organize your information.

- Remove unnecessary blocks to save space.

- Add star ratings and customer reviews to increase trust in your brand.

- Use the Ultimate Trust Badges app to add trust badges to your product page.

- Use the Global Color Swatch app to add circular color swatches to your product variations.

- By following our tutorial, you can easily transform your Shopify product pages into a professional-looking storefront.

- Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more time-sensitive content and winning product ideas.

How to add Shopify Color Swatches on product page 2022

In this video tutorial, we learn how to add color swatches to our Shopify store using the Turbo theme. This step-by-step guide is perfect for beginners who want to build their store without relying on anyone else.

- Welcome to the video tutorial on how to add color swatches to your Shopify store using the Turbo theme.

Step 1:

- To begin, we need to find a product with multiple variations of color and import it from Oberlo to Shopify.

- Once imported, we need to add the product to a collection in the store.

Step 2:

- In the product's back-end, we will see a list of variations, but they are not yet defined by color swatches.

- To fix this, we will go to the supplier's store on AliExpress and take screenshots of each color variation.

Step 3:

- We need to upload these screenshots to the product in Shopify and give each one a unique name using lowercase letters and a .png extension.

- These unique names are necessary so that Shopify does not confuse the color swatches with existing color names in their system.

Step 4:

- Now, we need to access the coding area of the Turbo theme and add these new assets to the assets folder.

- Once uploaded, we can refresh the page, and the new color swatches will be visible on the product page.

Step 5:

- However, the color swatches are still not visible on the collections page.

- To fix this, we need to go to the theme settings and disable Kwik shop and show product information on hover.

- Then, we can enable the option to show color swatches on the collections page.

- Adding color swatches to your Shopify store is a simple process with the Turbo theme.

- By following these steps, you can customize your store to your liking and improve the user experience for your customers.

How To Add Color Swatches To Your Shopify Product Page

- Did you know color swatches can increase conversion on your product page?

- Adding color swatches can make it visually easier for customers to scan your product page.

- In this video, we will teach you how to add color swatches on the Dawn theme for Shopify.


1. Changing code in the backend:

- We need to change two files, the main product liquid file and the base CSV file.

- Search for the position of the option label and delete it.

- Replace it with new code.

- Add more code to the bottom of the base CSV file.

2. Creating metafields:

- Go to settings and scroll down to the bottom to find the filter.

- Click on variants and add the finish, in this case, color.

- Change the namespace and key to color swatch.

- Select color as the content type.

- Add a URL for the image.

3. Adding products with swatches:

- Create a product and add images.

- Add color options and assign the metafields to each variant.

- Adding color swatches and image swatches to your product page can enhance the visual experience for customers.

- Although there are a few extra steps involved, it is worth it in the long run to improve conversion rates.

- Check out our other videos on the Dawn theme for more tips and tricks.

[Color Swatches Shopify] - How To Add Color Swatches on Shopify Dawn Theme

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to add swatches on the Shopify product page. By adding a small piece of code, you can make your product page look more attractive and professional. You will be able to add color swatches that change when you click on them. Let's jump into the code and see how it's done.


1. Add the product with variations

- Go to your Shopify dashboard

- Add a product (e.g. t-shirt)

- Add in the main media file and set the price

- Click on options and checkmark this product has options like size or color

- Click on add and add in color as an option

- Add in the values of the color (e.g. black, white, red)

- Set the main image as the red one

- Click on done and hit save

- Switch the product to active and hit save again

2. Add in the meta field

- Go to the settings page

- Scroll down to meta fields and click on variants

- Add a definition by clicking add definition

- Name it color and add in color.values as the namespace

- Select color as the content type and hit save

3. Add the images for each variant

- Go back to the product page

- Click on each variant and select the corresponding image

- Scroll down to meta fields and select the color of the variant

- Hit save for each variant

4. Edit the code of the liquid file

- Go to the online store and click on actions

- Duplicate the theme before editing the code

- Click on edit code and search for main-product.liquid file

- Find the add to cart button code and replace it with the swatch code

- Save the file and check the product page to see if the swatches are showing up

By following these steps, you can easily add swatches on your Shopify product page and make it look more attractive. It's a simple process that can be done by adding a small piece of code. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the video below and share it with your fans. Have a great day!

How To Create Color Swatches for Product Variants in Shopify (Dawn Theme)

In this video, we will learn how to create color switches for Shopify product pages using the Done theme. We will first set up the meta fields and then use liquid to access the meta fields to create the color switches.


1. Access the meta fields page in the settings and create a new definition for the variants.

2. Create the values for the variants by selecting a product and changing the meta field values for each variant.

3. Open the main product.liquid file in the code editor and search for the variant picker.

4. Customize the labels for each option by adding a style attribute with the background color from the meta fields.

5. Add a condition to check if the meta field value is set and only apply the style if the option is color.

By following these steps, you can easily create color switches for your Shopify product pages using the Done theme. Remember to set up the meta fields and customize the labels with the background color, while also adding a condition to avoid styling other options. Have fun customizing your product pages!

Shopify theme development - product swatches, variant Images, and more! Product page dev In-depth.

In this video, Robbie covers the Shopify products page in more depth and shows how to turn a boring product page into a cooler one with thumbnail product image selector, swatches, compare app price, and more. He uses the default Shopify dawn theme as an example and demonstrates how to turn the default select into swatches and hook it up to a hidden input using JavaScript. He also shows how to update the URL with query parameters and replace the URL without refreshing the page using the url-parse library. Additionally, he demonstrates how to change the product prices based on the selected variant using JavaScript and a custom format money function. Finally, he hides the compare at price if it's not greater than the price using a conditional statement and a hide class. Overall, the video provides a comprehensive guide to customizing the Shopify products page.

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