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shopify technical challenge

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

48 Hour Shopify Dropshipping Challenge (From Scratch)

in this video, i challenged myself to make money with a brand new shopify store inside of just 48 hours. we have three people on the website, from product research to actually bringing traffic to the website and getting sales. but, most importantly, can we do all of this inside of 48 hours and be profitable? [Music]. now, prior to starting the 48 hour timer, i did a little bit of research on what product to sell. i myself have found success with selling personalized products and in this video, we are going to take the same path, although my experiences have shown that these kinds of stores peak during the q4. but nevertheless, i feel really confident going into this challenge. our objective for day one is to find the product, build a store and publish the ads. okay, so first things first. we need to decide what are we going to sell now? yes, it is centered around personalization, but what kind of product will actually be interesting enough in the middle of summer, when people are not looking for christmas gifts? well, after few hours of research, googling and fiverr browsing, i think we have found something that might be worth a try. so this is the product that we're going to sell, and it's essentially a drawing of your pet in this disney looking art style. oh my gosh, that's so good. oh my god. it looks just like us, doesn't it? oh, i think it's pretty unique and i haven't came across a lot of sites that are selling this art style. so, yeah, i think we have found the winner here. after digging deeper into this website, i notiked something interesting at the bottom of the website. there stated that petunias is a brand owned by p2 local ou, and that the company is registered in estonia. that's the country where i am from. so i quickly hop over to google, entered the company name and found out that they are pulling pretty impressive numbers. for example, in 2021 q4, their turnover was 2.3 million euros. now, i don't really know if this is all from selling these disney pet portraits, but it really got me to the edge of my seat. now that i know that this product has a huge potential, i feel even more confident going into this challenge. after studying the website a little more, i found that they claim to have only one artist named irene. stop the cow now. i am not sure if this is some kind of marketing trick, but i can assure you that if your revenue is over 1 million euros, it is impossible to draw these orders alone. now, if i would go out there and create a similar store targeting worldwide audience, my chances of success would be slim, if not zero, because this company has spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on marketing. but if i create a similar store targeting a specific country that this store is not targeting, my chances of success are highly increased. in fact, i have created my own personalization stores using the same tactik. usually i use a chrome extension called koala inspector to spy on what countries visit the website the most. with this store, we can see that most of the audience is from india, mexico, bangladesh, hungary and united states. this means that we cannot target these countries. next thing, i hop over to facebook ad library and search if they are targeting my home country, estonia, with their ads, and luckily they don't. so without further thinking, we now have a product to sell and the country the target. if you are enjoying this video, then please consider subscribing and also smash the like button for the youtube algorithm. but now back into the video. okay. so first things first, we need someone to actually throw these disney pet portraits. for that, i hop over to fiverr and keyword search: disney pad portrait. sort the results by best selling and select few promising designers. shoot them a message saying: hey, we are a company selling disney style pet portraits. would you be interested in joining our team? we are in a need of new designers as soon as possible. we are in a 48 hour time span, so i told them to get back to me as soon as possible. now, while we are waiting for the responses, i will start building up a new shopify store without borrowing you too much with these tasks. i chose a plan, filled out my personal information, installed few apps, created our store legal pages, added our disney pet portrait product and, finally, the store layout. now i am almost finished up with building our store, but there are few more things that we need to do before the launch now. usually before launching any new store, i make sure to have at least 100 reviews just to give a customer the feeling of that it really is safe to order from this website. looks reviews is the application i recommend for that. while i was generating the reviews, i got a message back from one of the designers and luckily he agreed to work with me. we agreed on a price of 5 euros per drawing. now we are going to sell it as a frame poster, so we need to add 19 euros for the frame and 3 euros for shipping. it makes our total product cost 27 euros. now if we look at petunis, they are selling it for 90. i mean, that's crazy, but i will set our price at around 60 euros, which leaves us 33 euros profit per order. since we are in a 48 hour time span, we need the customer to have a feeling that they need to buy this product right now. for that, let's create the limited time discount using a application called countdown timer. bar website is all done and we are ready to move on to the next step, which is advertising. for that we are going to use facebook ads. our objective for today is to get the ads in review so they can start running from tomorrow morning. so, without wasting any time, i hopped over to facebook ads manager when i realized we don't have any ad creatives now. i always advise to shoot your own ad creatives, because they are naturally going to perform so much better compared if you would just copy paste your competitors at creatives. we are in a really tight schedule here, so i reached out to our designer asking if he could do two drawings in a matter of hours. few minutes went by and he said, yes, these are the photos i did submit, and here are the results. this is the before and after picture and, honestly, i'm really surprised by this. so now that we have our rad creatives, it's time to hop back to facebook ads manager. let's create a new conversion-orientated campaign with only one super broad ad set without any target and a daily budget of 50 euros, placements limited to only facebook news feeds and, after a little bit of photoshop magic, these are the pictures that we are going to use as our ad creatives and publish. second day of the challenge has started and the ads that were submitted yesterday are now approved. our objective for today is nothing less than to hear that sound. at this stage, there is nothing much that we can really do besides holding our fingers crossed. as we can see, the ads are running and at the moment, we have three people on the website. few hours went by without any sales until this happened. right now, it's around 6 pm. i just checked our shopify store and someone is actually checking out right now, so let's hope they will finish the purchase. i don't know, i'm so excited about this, but we just got our first sale. okay, let's cut the waiting and get to the results. how much money did we actually make? well, we got one sale at around 6 pm and one more few hours later, making our total sales at around 126 euros. if we subtract our expenses to get the store running and our product cost, we are left at around 12 euros in profit, which definitely might not seem like a lot, but considering we had only one day to run the ads, i am really optimistik about the future of this store. so what's the conclusion here? well, overall, i call this challenge a success, because we only had 48 hours to get everything off the ground and running. i think there are a lot of aspects that we can improve on to increase our conversions in the future. that's all for this video, and i hope you got some value out of it. if you did, please make sure to subscribe and like this video, and i will see you in the next one.

Breaking Everything as a Shopify Intern

hey there, if you don't know me, my name is maria and i like to make tiknology videos on the internet and today i thought it would be nice to sit down and tell you about the time that i up. so basically, what inspired this was that i i started my internship in january as a data engineering intern at shopify and in my second week i kind of did something that wasn't great and i learned from it and it was actually a positive experience, so that's why i wanted to share it. and then, a few weeks after that, i had attended an event specifically made for interns that was called like my up story or something like that, where it was a bunch of full-time employees at shopify, even like the vp of engineering, sharing the times that they up and what they learned from it. so that was really cool and i wanted to share with you what i did, obviously more vaguely, because i can't say specific things because it's like internal information, but i think it's still interesting to share. and, of course, i'm wearing my umbaka earrings, so that means idiot in japanese, because the thing i did was pretty stupid. so yeah, starting with the story, what happened in my first week was obviously onboarding, getting started with things and, as you saw in my like first week of a data engineering intern video, i started this thing called a code lab at the end of the week, which is basically a tutorial, so it would help people learn how to set up a pipeline like a data pipeline in shopify, learning some of the tiknologies that we use and things like that. so that was something i was working on. i started it at that end of the day, on friday, and i continued it into my second week. but what happened was that, since i only work a few days a week, my certificate that i had created became expired. so this, this certificate that you needed, which is just like to authentikate that you are who you say you are. so this is where the problem stems, because, essentially, when i was doing the code lab, you create the certificate, but it there's like a command that you type in the terminal and it creates it and adds it to a file like a, an e json file, so it's like encrypted json and then you would upload that to github and then you can like deploy your pipeline and all this stuff. so you have to like get it encrypted. but okay, what happened was that i had done this, i think, on like tuesday or something, and i don't work on wednesdays, i work on tuesday, thursday, friday. so by the time i had come back on thursday, my stuff was expired so i had to do a new certificate. but i don't remember what i was doing on thursday but somehow i ended up doing this on friday, or like i couldn't figure out or something. but end of day, friday is when i was doing this. like i have such a bad memory but i was doing this every day on friday and i was like to my mentor- we were pair programming for this- because i was like i can't figure out why this isn't working. i'm trying to run the thing again because i have the file, i can see it in front of my face. i see it's the, the two old things. like it has a certificate and i think like maybe a key or something like two different things, two different secrets that it will create. and then what happened was that i was like, okay, i'm running this command that i did before. why isn't it changing these files? all it's saying is that these two files are being created on my computer. and i was like, oh, what if i just open those two files and then copy and paste that information into my thing. i didn't tell this to my mentor because he was like, oh, i have to go work on something else. so i was like, okay, i'll do this and i'll tell you how it goes. like like i'll continue working on it. i didn't tell him what i was gonna do because i don't think he assumed that i was gonna do this thing, even though i think now he, you know, thinks a few steps ahead of what i might be doing. so then what i did was like, okay, i'm going to do that. i did that. i was like: oh, this is like, these are pretty big, whatever. like i'll just put it, i'll just push up on github see if it fixes things. because, like, the whole thing was that i couldn't deploy my. the reason why i found out that my certificate was expired was because i couldn't deploy my pipeline. like it wasn't working because the certificate was expired, because it only lasts for 24 hours. so i was like: okay, then i have to fix it. so then i'm like: okay, maybe i can deploy my pipeline. but no, things weren't working. i was like i sent my recent commit to my mentor and i was like what's wrong, like why isn't this working? he was like what, what did you just do, maria, can you explain? and that was pretty funny because basically i didn't encrypt anything and the thing that i missed, like i was trying to go super fast, i tried to rush myself because i was very impatient. because maybe what you don't know is that in my first internship at shopify- like i've done three so far and my first one- i felt like i was doing pretty well and by the end of it i was like a big contributor to what we were working on. in my second team i felt like i just fell off and like i didn't have a mentor. i was just like i didn't feel like i was contributing that much. i didn't. i don't know if i learned as much as i wanted to learn and i kind of like lost the skills i had gained in my first internship. and then this is my third one and i was like, okay, i need to come back and like get things done really quickly so i can be really good on this team and learn a lot. and then i was just pushing myself too much because i want to finish onboarding, i want to start getting tasks done and like getting issues assigned to me. so that's why i was trying to rush myself and that was a bad idea, because i had missed a step, because there were actually not just one command, they had to run in the terminal. there was a second command and i didn't look back at the tutorial to see that there was that second command. so that was pretty bad of me and i had just like randomly thought of this stupid idea to put these unencrypted certificate and key into a file and upload it on github, which is not safe and essentially okay. what actually happened after that was what the more interesting part of the story. so what my mentor first did was in a slack channel which has a bunch of people in the data org, he wrote a message saying that we did something and this is what happened. here's the branch on github to look at it. and then a bunch of people started a huge thread in that slack channel and they started more threads and more threads, and more threads, because they're all trying to figure out: okay, look, what do we do? because why is this a whole problem? it's because i pushed up the stuff that you're supposed to keep actually secret, because that stuff, uh, like the actual key and everything that is being used across all other apps that use this like certificate. so then they would all need to rotate their certificate because this is being put on github, even though it's a private repository. okay, this is private repository, not deployed at all, but it's still on github. and github is now owned by microsoft and even before it was just another company. so it's like another company can access your secret keys, and it's obviously you. we did, and uh, you can't email github and say, hey, can we delete this stuff? like fully delete it. so you don't have access to it. and they did email them, but it's like still, an extra level of safety is to rotate all of your certificates and keys and everything. so that's, that was a plan. and then they had this one guy who was like kind of leading the discussion, but then he had to go. and also the worst part of this was was again, it was the end of the day on friday, so this is like 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm- people were supposed to be going on their weekends and relaxing and then i had calls, this whole issue, that roped in like 30 different people and then a bunch of people who didn't realize that this was gonna affect them, because we took a few like a few hours to figure out like okay, how do we actually rotate this stuff? and

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$0 To $1,000 Shopify Dropshipping - Challenge

last week, I started a branded Shopify dropshipping website around a hot product in the survival niche and I ended up securing at 204 dollars and 85 cents in revenue, or 88 dollars and sixty-five cents in profit, after just one Instagram influencer deal. and now in this video, the goal is to continue building up a Shopify dropshipping brand all the way to a whopping a $1000 in revenue utilizing Facebook Ads at Google Ads, Instagram promo deals and finally, on my mentor Chong the robot, alrighty guys. so right off the bat, on this video, I am going to full-out finesse you guys. I ended up starting a brand new Shopify dropshipping website by the name of spikey bets com. this website sells acupuncture mats to treat back pain, and the reason this product is so awesome is: number one, it's a very unique product you don't see every day. and, number two, it solves an actual problem that people face on a daily basis, which is a back pain. I decided to add a whole nother store to this challenge because it's going to be very difficult to scale the original store from the first part of the series to $1,000 in revenue in just a couple days because, due to the nature of the product, Facebook ads isn't really an option and it takes a little bit more time to scale a product if you're only using Google ads and Instagram influencers. so the plan for this four day Shopify dropshipping challenge is to run Facebook Ads for the website spiky bed com. the budget for this is going to be $50 per day and that is going to be split up across ten different ad sets. each of the ad sets is going to have the same ad and ad copy, but the detail targeting is going to be unique. this morning I ended up putting all 10 of the ad sets on Facebook and I hope that they get approved here in the next day or so of this challenge. and as for the website alpha Trident com, I plan to continue promoting it on Instagram theme pages in the survival niche. and on top of that, I also plan to continue running both Google search and Google Shopping campaigns at a budget of $20 per day. I have been running Google search campaigns since yesterday and since then it has resulted in a one sale for the business, cash money baby, bringing us to a total of two hundred and eighty four dollars and eighty cents in revenue, or $119 and 61 cents in profit for this challenge. with that all being said, guys, I will keep you guys updated on how the business goes in terms of both revenue and profit. today, the goal is to get to one hundred and twenty dollars in revenue across a both of the websites for this challenge, but only time will tell if we're able to achieve that goal or not. alright, guys, so it is currently a 9 pm at night and, as of right now, we have gotten a whopping zero dollars in sales. yeah, guys, that is right. we made absolutely nothing today and I think the main reason for this is today was a mostly just a set up day. the Facebook Ads: it just went live like a minute ago at a budget of $50 on a daily basis and so far, and none of that daily budget for the Facebook ads has been spent on top of that, and none of the Instagram influencers I reached out today to a for the Alpha Trident brand have responded back to me. and finally, guys, as for the Google Ads, well, they suck. they haven't generated any sales whatsoever today, and that is because the Google ads are still optimizing. when you run Google search ads, it takes a little bit of time before you see consistent sales, because it takes a while for the ads to optimize for conversions and target the right people. so far, we have seen a total of 12 link clicks on our google adwords experiment, but luckily, only eight dollars and 76 cents out of our $20 daily budget has been spent. with Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks from the ad onto your website, so that means at first, when your ads are still optimizing, you will spend away less than your daily budget. this is good, but it means your growth and revenue will be way slower for your product in the first couple days of ad testing. with that all being said, guys, that things are about to get absolutely crazy with this whole experiment as soon as the Facebook ads or really get rolling and as soon as I make some big-money moves with so Graham influencers. on that note, guys, I will see you guys tomorrow. hello everybody. it is now the next day of this challenge. it is currently at 9 pm at night and unfortunately I haven't had any time to update you guys throughout the day since I've been non-stop working on the drop shipping business and also some other videos for the financial wolf channel. as always, guys, I have some good news and I have some bad news to share with you. which news do you guys want to hear first? good news, good thinking, Google Translate. the good news of this whole experiment is I ended up closing an Instagram influencer deal on a page by the name of yoga daily improvement. this page has over one hundred and sixty-three thousand followers and the engagement is pretty decent on the page. I mean, the engagement is definitely not good, but it's not bad by any means. when I first message the Instagram page at yoga daily improvement and asked what the shoutout rates were, the page owner responded with a price of $70 and guess what, guys? she didn't get it. I was able to finesse the price for this shout out all the way down to a staggering of 53 bones and the shoutout goes live at 9 am tomorrow. now, guys, as for the bad news of this whole experiment, both the Facebook and Google ads are not performing it too well. for the Facebook ads, I have spent a grand total of twenty-five dollars on ads so far. just to get a grand total of you guessed, it is zero dollars in sales. now, for the Google ads, I have spent 46 dollars and 82 cents on ads and so far that ad spend has resulted in a 1 sale for the business my alpha Trident com and that sale took place like two days ago now. but, guys, we can't get worried just yet. I still have a lot of awesome stuff in the works for the business and hopefully that will generate us some sales in the next couple of days. with that all being said, I will see you guys tomorrow and hopefully we have some better luck then. yo guys, what is good? it is now day three of this challenge and, well, I am in an absolutely amazing mood and that is because the paper is starting to come in. this morning I have already gotten a sale for alpha Trident product, and that is tiknically from zero dollars in Google ad spend. I just found out today that the first 100 dollars you spend on Google Ads is 100% free because of a deal Google has going on right now. so shout out to Google for letting me promote my business for free on their platform and also paying me thousands of dollars per month to make youtube videos. on top of the sale, we got four alpha Trident comm. this morning we also got a mega sale on the website spiky bet comm. that totals 100- $19.97 and I believe that sale came from the $50 Instagram promo deal we did for the product that went live this morning. so I guess it's pretty clear that all of the hard work and late nights my boy Chong the robot and I have been putting in these past couple of days is finally starting to pay off. funny enough, I am actually going to be going on a little camping trip with two of my good friends tonight and it will be interesting to see if some sales start to come in, as we're just hanging out and having some fun- and you guys can bet I'm going to be bringing you with me on this camping trip and we can celebrate together if some sales come in. and before I knew it I was off on a camping trip along with my friends, with my Shopify drop shipping business running simultaneously. I did end up getting a one sale for my website, my alpha Trident comm, totaling $79.95, and other than that I kind of forgot to film anything else. throughout this four-day Shopify dropshipping challenge, we earned a total of five hundred sixty four dollars and 71 cents in revenue across a both of the stores for this challenge. that number is quite a bit lower than our original $1,000 go.


One Week Shopify Dropshipping Challenge to Prove It’s Not Dead

Shopify Drop Shipping, one of the fastest growing business models on the face of the Earth- we do have a lot of orders. is it possible to hop on a trend and make a lot of money with Drop Shipping in a one-week time frame? well, I decided to find out. look, when it comes to making money with Drop Shipping, where the competition nowadays is more Fierce than ever before, selling personalized products is what I see to be one of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself from the competitions: human to human personalization scalably, especially now when we are at the center of Q4, where people are actively looking for all kinds of gifts. personalization stores are thriving, and I'm saying this based on my own experience. yesterday, we made 1.1 thousand dollars in sales, but let's face it, if I made a video saying you should consider personalization, it's just a tok right. so I thought I will just start again and document the whole process of creating a profitable personalization store in a one week time frame, in an attempt to help new dropshippers discover another way of doing things. let's get going. this is our to-do list for the next seven days. but firstly, I decided to set some goals. my goal here with this one week challenge is actually to make a lot of money, but rather to Kickstart a long-lasting brand and, to be honest, it's just a piece of content that I would like to see on YouTube. my first objective is to find a product that appeals to a larger demographic. I want as many mega fans of the product as possible, because these guys are naturally going to be more likely to purchase the product. these guys are dedicated in every sense of the word. for us, it means we have to spend less amount on Advertising to get the results we want. for example, this custom bed portrait immediately builds a very strong connection with the potential customer who already owns a pet. so I hopped over to my computer- Etsy, Fiverr, Google- and after hours and hours of research, I came up with nothing- well, at least nothing that matched our criteria. I was just about to lose hope on finding the product when I had a brilliant idea. hear me out. I am currently running this yellow character store in my home country, Estonia, and this store is fully in Estonian language. I have even been on The View with this store and I have been able to generate over six figures in Revenue. what if I take the exact same product, but just bring it in front of a new audience. would it work well? let's find out. so my next step for now is to find a country to Target with this product. if I would go out there and Target big countries like United States or, let's say, Australia, my chances of making this work would be very slim, because there are many established stores already selling this product. my objective is to find a smaller country and create a new Shopify store fully in that country's native language. not only will this give us a fighting chance to make things work, but it's actually a method that I have been using to create my own stores successfully. so I opened up Google Maps to search for a potential country to Target when I remembered that I actually have a really good friend of mine living in a country called Finland. this country is actually really close to Estonia, so I decided to pay my old friend a visit just to get to know more about Finnish Market. let's go what's up, meet Samu. he's just a wizard when it comes to making money with Drop Shipping, so I wanted to hear his opinions about this idea that I have now. we did have a pretty long conversation, but here are the key takeaways. we have seen a success in Estonia with this business, so I think you are going to crush it. in Finland, when I was young, everybody was toking about Simpsons, and when I went to coffee shops or more, there were Simpsons playing. so I think everyone knows what the Simpson is, and that's going to really help you. and that, right, there, was the last green light that I needed. so we are now finished with Samo. I will now go back to Estonia and get to work. with all this information, I feel even more confident to merge myself into this Market. but first things first, we need to have a name for our store, and this took me not more than five minutes to figure out. I hopped over to canva to create a logo for our store. our next step for now is to start building the store, and this is what we want our store to look like. so I hopped over to Fiverr search for a Shopify coder and asked if we could create the exact same layout for my store, and we had a deal. while the coder was doing his thing, I downloaded some apps, created social Pages for our store and, lastly, set the store language. to finish, I have just finished with setting up the store and now it's just a waiting game until the Fiverr guy delivers our custom theme, and already, 24 hours later, we had the store almost fully set up. shout out to this guy for delivering it in such a timely manner. now all that's left to do is to have my Finnish friend, Samu go over the website to check for any grammar mistakes. once we had a green light from Samo, it was time to start the advertising process, but before that, Samo actually gave me advice that changed the whole trajectory of our website. yeah, I had almost forgotten that people are highly more likely to purchase the product if they have a good reason to buy. some who told me that in Finland there is actually Father's Day coming in a week, so I immediately had an idea. we can easily capitalize on Father's Day in two ways. a: we can offer Father's Day related designs of the product on our website. B: we can give the potential customer a Father's Day discount code. these two combined will give the consumer a good reason to buy our product, not to say there's Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner. these are the Father's Day related designs that we are going to use on our store. one of them is saying best father in the world and the other. well, Super Dad, and for the discount, we are just going to add a countdown timer bar to our header with a message saying that get, your Founders can give 20 off by using Code that 20.. I am 100 sure that this will increase our conversion rate, and this is a strategy I am using on my main store and, as you can see, we do have a lot of orders now. this is a high tiket product, which means our cost per conversion will definitely be higher than usual. I will set the price of one person throwing to 45 dollars and our own cost will be six dollars, leaving us with around 40 dollars in profit, which is crazy, but all of the bigger companies are doing the same, so why not? now, when it comes to fulfilling the orders, you can find so many talented artists from Fiverr, and if you want your artwork printed, framed and shipped to your customer, feel free to use any crypto demand company. personally, I like to use printful and at that point, I felt really confident of what we had accomplished so far. as you can see, this is what our homepage looks like, and it has a step-by-step guide on how to make an order and, most importantly, reviews on the product page we have different variant options which customers can use to personalize their order. we had everything ready for advertising in just under two days, meaning we have five full days to Market our product. for advertising, I like to use Facebook ads, targeting smaller countries. with the ads, you will see mind-blowing results. just look at this traffic campaign on my main store that has a CPR of 12 cents per link and it's mainly because there are less advertisers in smaller countries, meaning you will have to pay less to get your advertisement out there. for the most part, USA is too expensive to test anything, so I recommend going to another country, because the traffic is there more cheaper and you are getting more results, more data for your buck. now, before we hop into the ads manager, this is my friend tombert, and he has made over half a million euros in sales selling this oversized hoodie, which took the Estonian Market by the store. but how well, just by not Reinventing.

24 Hour Shopify Dropshipping Challenge (Product Revealed)

in this video I'm gonna challenge myself to find a drop shipping products, build a website for it, create some advertisements and then market the product, all in just 24 hours. I'm gonna go through the whole entire process. let's get into it. [Music]. she always good, you guys, it sure would be- has a posted up in the stew. back in it again. you already know what's up today. we got a topic that actually hits very close to home for me. it's close to my heart. we're gonna be toking about drop shipping, which, for those of you who don't know, is actually what I do full-time. it's my main source of income. it's what I'd be doing. I create these beautiful Shopify websites and then I market them through Facebook ads and other forms of social media marketing. and a quick, five-second summary of what dropshipping is for those of you who have not yet been enlightened: it's when you find a product online, usually from a Chinese supplier, let's say the product costs five dollars. then you build your own website and list the product on there for twenty dollars. you do some beautiful branding and you do some marketing and then you sell that product for twenty dollars. so, on this customer orders from your website. they gave you $20 and their shipping information. you put that shipping information to the website that sells the product for five dollars. you pay them the five dollars and they ship it over directly to your end customer, so you never actually touch the product. you're just kind of like the middleman. this is also called marketing arbitrage for those of you who are men of culture out there. so in that scenario you got paid twenty dollars, you bought the product for five, so that $15 you keep for yourself. now there's obviously a bunch of fees and different things you got to pay for, and a big chunk of that fifteen will go to marketing. but that's just kind of how this business model works in a nutshell. okay, so let us get into this challenge. the official start time: 7:32 am. actually woke up a little early today that I can finish all the website designing and all the product finding and whatnot and get the add up somewhere around the afternoon. that way we can get the whole day to get some sales. so step number one: we got to find a product that we can sell now for the purpose of this video. I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel and I'm just gonna go ahead and find a product that's already selling. that's already a good winning drop shipping product. there's a lot of different ways you can go about finding current winning products, but they all kind of revolve around the same thing, which is you go on Facebook or Instagram and you look at what people are currently advertising, because if people are spending a ton of money advertising a product, then that means it's selling. now I'm gonna go ahead and use a little piece of software here that's gonna do all the looking for me, so I'm going to what it finds, go through the products. I'm gonna take some time, find a good one and I'll be right back, okay. so the biggest issue I'm currently running into is the fact that, because I'm doing everything in 24 hours I can to ship the product to myself, create some good content for it, take some nice photos, go out and create some nice advertisements. so I basically have to build the advertisement around photos that the seller gives me, which makes things a lot more difficult and kind of narrows the type of products we can sell. but I think I found something, and that is this fishing rod and tackle bag right here. now. it sounds a little wacky, but hear me out on this one. there's a couple of different reasons why I chose this product. first of all, people who fish- not all of them, but most of them- like to spend a lot of money on different fishing gadgets and whatnot and - according to the product description and from what I read up online- this does solve a real problem, which is that people coming from their car to their fishing spot have a lot of difficulty because there's not a lot of bag bags that the fishing rods. so this thing will fit all of your rods, all of your tackle and everything into a nice organized little backpack which solves the problem of kind of lugging all your gear from your car to the fishing spot. three, this product has a pretty high perceived value. I mean, if I personally walked into Bass Pro Shops and I saw this bag and it was priced at $64.99, I wouldn't be shocked or surprised about that. I mean, regular backpacks cost like $60, but this products only $20 on Aliexpress. so if we can sell it for 50 $60, we're gonna have some pretty solid profit margins. now, if all that wasn't enough, on top of everything, I actually personally caught a fish a couple years ago. so I mean, this product is right up my alley. and this product also actually passes one of the biggest winning product indicators out there, one of the most important ones. if you look at the Aliexpress page and you scroll all the way down and look at the reviews, you can see here that this guy from Russia said: order received, great thing. thank you, seller. and he actually attached a little thirst strap right here. so I mean, just just take a look at this. this has to be a winning product. I don't know why this has me so weak that this guy decided to add a little selfie to this review. but let's get on with the video. okay, so it's currently 804. the whole product finding process took me a little longer than I expected, but that's okay. now it's time that we build a Shopify website for this product. so I'm gonna go ahead and probably do like a little time lapse or something of me building it. so that will start right now. [Music], [Music], [Music]. okay, so it's 946 am. I'm completely done with a website. I designed everything. I put in the shipping disclaimers, the shipping pages, tossed in the Aliexpress reviews. I'm I'm slurring my words because I just spent two hours designing this website. you know what I think? I'm gonna need a second coffee here. it's only 9:30, 6 am, but I'm sorry I got to do it a noir bag baby. so let's go ahead and get into designing these advertisements that I'm gonna post to Instagram, since that's how I'm gonna be marketing everything for this drop shipping store. so I'm probably gonna go ahead and double dip on that little header I designed for the website, for the homepage, and use that as slide one of our advertisement, and then I'm going to design some something else right now. [Music]. okay, so I got our advertisement done, this picture right here. it says: don't take two trips. what I mean by that is like don't take two trips from your car to the fishing spot and back and there to get all your fishing gear. instead, buy my product and then you can do it all in one trip. and then I got the second image right here and that just kind of shows the details of the product and what not. I think it looks half decent for the amount of time I spend on it. it's currently 1004 and it's time that we get these advertisements in front of some fishing enthusiasts. being that I only have 24 hours for this little challenge and the fact that I don't plan on scaling this store, I'm just gonna go ahead and use some Instagram fishing theme page shoutouts to get some sales. so this should be step number four. but I actually pulled a quick one on you guys and reached out to a bunch of these fishing themed pages earlier on today, right when I found out that I'm gonna be selling a fishing product. just because they can take a while to respond, so I wanted them to be ready to post as soon as I had the advertisements done, which was a good call, because some of them did take a couple hours to respond and the cool thing is normally to get 10 different pages to post your post. that's gonna take a long time to find all those people, but luckily I found a guy who owns a bunch of different fish and you know doors pages and he's giving me a bundle deal, or for eight of his pages he's charging me a hundred and eighty dollars. so I'm gonna take him up on that offer and have him post this advertisement on all of his pages. okay, so that pa.

24 Hour Shopify Dropshipping Challenge Product Revealed

in this video I'm gonna show you guys exactly what I did to find a product: research the market. I made a store, get a domain, make an ads account, make creatives and test products. that's exactly what we're gonna do in this video. we're going to start from zero. let's see how many sales we can make in exactly one day. so I started the store today and I'm using the refresh theme for the current store. one quick tip for you guys: to start testing a product, make sure you have a simple page. so exactly explain your product, have a good price, have a good description, have some good quality pictures and that's it. you don't have to add these fancy icon, these fancy pop-ups- spin to win or like choose to forget. don't add any of that if you're testing your product. keep it simple. so I'm gonna show you the criteria I use for finding products. it's you just five simple steps. check all of these and your product should be good. first criteria: broad product. you have to be able to Market it from people from 18 to 65. that's usually what I go for. I don't want to go for kids toys slash like kidney. basically, broad products. just make sure you can sell it from 18 to 65 year old. great profit margins on this product. I'm currently selling it for 49.95. I had the sale badge here. pretty simple, clean pictures, nothing too fancy. good description question: make sure you include this free shipping and returns. and then I just kept the simple. the products got FAQs, reviews at the bottom, pretty simple story, nothing much at all. so back to the criterias. great profit margins: 25 to 50 bucks is usually a good profit margin. if you're selling a product for 20 bucks, you buy it for 10- 10 profit margin. you're not going to be profitable on tiktok ads. tiktok ads CPA, which is your cost per action, is usually around 10. it could be 10 to 30ish depending on how much your product is. so make sure you have a good percent margin so you can mark up your product. sell more, make more profit. trending, getting views and sales- usually what I recommend you guys. I'm gonna show you guys a program in the middle of this video, best program I use. I pay 79 a month. I'm not sponsored by them, but it's literally. I'll show you guys after. just sit on this one for now. just make sure your product is getting views, getting sales. you can find other websites that are generating sales with the same products and that usually is a good sign that you can do the same. make sure it's problem solving. if your product is literally just there, it has no, no meaning for you to buy your. your customer is not going to find an urge to buy. so if your product is, let's say, let's say, this little plant, your product is a little plant. what does this little plant do for the customer? is it going to make their house smell better? is it going to make their room stand out? what is it going to do? it has to have some kind of attribute to it to make me want to purchase it. my product solves cramps. that's a big thing for women. once a month for a week. good product on the problem solving and find the marketing angles is the most important one. find who you're going to Market, to be sure of who you're going to Market to, and make sure the audience size is on tiktok. make sure you know your Niche, you know your marketing strategy, you know who you're gonna Market to. okay, so I'm going to show you guys where I got my name from: zafra. I went on namelixcom. I'm gonna leave all these links in the description for you guys. don't worry about it, don't sweat, you guys get all the links in the description. so the product I chose for the store was this pain relief kind of pad for women. so when they're going through their periods they usually feel pain and they're like cramps. so basically the product just heat. it's a massaging slash heating pad that's supposed to help you with cramps. that's exactly what I chose for: simple solves a problem. so basically, this is my store. product name is Luna, instantly sued period cramps with Dynamic heat massage therapy. make sure to include some reviews that I imported from Amazon. I'm Gonna Leave the link in the description, okay, so basically, first thing, you're gonna search for a product. I found my product on PPS. this is only the software I use. this and tiktok, like scrolling through, search up tiktok, maybe buy it, tiktok trending, tiktok products, whatever. search that up, you're gonna find some products. but PP ads is something different. this tool starter is like 79 a month. so usually what I do is I go on product search, I go to Country, said it's the United States. at Impressions I usually keep it around ten thousand to under a million. so that's how many ad Impressions people have been running ads for, how much they paid, how many people viewed the ad like great. I usually set it to 1.5 or 2.. I usually even at two light gray is just the amount of people that like the video that saw the ad. so if it's two percent that's kind of doable, if it's more, even better. but if you have a like percent of what point? three, five percent, then people are not really liking the product, it's not really selling. so usually keep the like percent at two percent. that's what I do for finding products. and here you can see some products. nineteen dollars, let's see how many ads on each product. so let's say, if I want to sell this led flying ball for forty dollars- that's what somebody listed it for- these are all you can see all of them. so I thought this levitating ball cool on the side. here you can see how much the ads cost them. so that's very nice. so you can kind of understand what the product is selling for, understand what are the margins a little bit, and also how many orders they got. so if you come to their store they have the store link, they have the tiktok Euro. you can download the video, the creative, straight from here for testing products. I'm gonna be honest, I use other people's creatives. I just add my own end screen to it, like the little last three seconds of the video. I add my own so people can. the click-through rate is better. but as you're testing a product, you can use other people's creatives as long as you. if the product starts getting sales, start making your own creatives, start doing everything yourself, because then you're getting to get better results eventually. the pp ads include this thing called ppspy, which stays on the bottom of your browser and you could click right here: live sales. it shows you when was the last time the product was sold. for example, the three stores that I used as inspiration, which was no misk: Beauty and parents. I used all three of these to get some ideas and for copy ideas, image ideas. see what works. they're getting a bunch of sales. for example, Maya, they're getting sales every minute and you can see live how many sales they're getting. so you can see this product works. they're selling for 99, which is double what I'm selling it for, and it works today. you can even see there daily. I started tracking them three hours ago and they already generated 27 000 in sales. this other one, Beauty, they're selling every few minutes, still selling after you found your product. you have everything set. you know what you're gonna Market to. you know your audience. you know the age group. you know everything. you have some. you have at least three websites to base your website upon. to get some inspiration. makes everything easier, everything faster, made everything super quick. it took me what? two hours and then I set up my ads account, which is currently running- not the best. I set the ads to run maybe an hour ago. it's getting a 1.66 CPC with a three dollar cost. it's only got two clicks and 176 Impressions with a 19 CPM. so this is a brand new account, brand new pixel, brand new store. for some reason, a horrible CPC, but it's only spent three dollars when the budget is 50.. so what I think I'm gonna do is I'm gonna wait a little bit longer. I'm gonna create more campaigns with 50 budget. it's currently now 5: 14 pm. it's a Wednesday, so usually traffic on a Wednesday is between seven to nine PM, so I can make a few more campaigns, right? no?